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Hello! It’s only appropriate that the theme for this issue is celebration! With Christmas literally on our doorstep, the cover shows just some of the gorgeous gifts you could put under the tree for family and friends (and yourself for that matter!). Find out more about how to celebrate in style this Christmas in our section on Favourite Things. We talk to Roberta Faddoul, Managing Director of Quantum Change Seminars,

Jenny Stilwell

who is still in celebration mode after her company’s debut in the BRW Fast 100 list, coming in at an impressive number forty two! In the Personal Power section, we profile Stephen Wiltshire from the UK, who was diagnosed as autistic as a child and is now a highly talented and celebrated artist. Before we enter 2010, I find it’s always worthwhile to look back over the year, and acknowledge your achievements. For me, this year has been an amazing year (in stark contrast to last year) full of many firsts and plenty of changes. This has given me reason to celebrate, and I hope 2009 has been the same for you. We’ll be back in the new year, and until then, have a wonderful Christmas break and a ‘cool yule’! Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a good month!

Jenny Stilwell


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‘Never again clutter your days or nights with so many menial and unimportant things that you have no time to accept a real challenge when it comes along. This applies to play as well as work. A day merely survived is no cause for celebration. You are not here to fritter away your precious hours when you have the ability to accomplish so much by making a slight change in your routine. No more busy work. No more hiding from success. Leave time, leave space, to grow. Now. Now! Not tomorrow!’ Og Mandino, prolific author on sales and personal success and best-selling classic ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’ (1923-1996)

Table of contents Entrepreneurial Insights

4 Roberta Faddoul - Quantam Change Seminars

Favourite Things

6 Deck the Halls... and the Tables

Success Mindset

8 Don't Ring the Bell!

9 Best |nfo


10 How Well do You Recruit and Manage Your Team

How To

12 10 Steps to Improve Your Cash Flow in 30 Days

Business Growth, Mentoring & Coaching

15 Programs

Personal Power

16 His Talents Changed His Life

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Entrepreneurial Insights

Entrepreneurial Insights: Roberta Faddoul – BRW Fast 100 Name

Roberta Faddoul Position

Founder & Owner Company

Quantum Change Seminars Location

Sydney, Australia Website

At 32, Roberta Faddoul is the youngest female to have

“I found I could be creative and help people.” Roberta’s

won the honour of being in the BRW Fast 100 list, which

business, Quantum Change Seminars, started four years ago.

showcases Australia’s top 100 fastest growing companies. Her

Her creativity extended to not only thinking outside the

debut was at the very impressive level of number forty two!

box, but reinventing it! Her company offers what is normally a $4,000 NLP program as a Scholarship – giving people free

Having a great mentor and loving what you do are the

tuition to learn and have access to these amazing life changing

keys to Roberta’s success. With a background including a


law degree, studying acting for two years at arguably the best acting institutes in Sydney with a full scholarship and doing

Roberta has concentrated her entire lifetime in one field:

her ‘apprenticeship’ in the family personal development and

discovering the best methods of creating a more fulfilling and

NLP business, is the journey that took Roberta to branch out

abundant lifestyle – and sharing this knowledge with others.

on her own.

She is a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, and her company has coached thousands of people over the last few years.


BossMentor Renaissance Magazine •

Entrepreneurial Insights

Four years ago, Roberta told her father that she wanted

we get back to basics to make sure we have the foundations in

to do her own thing, and he supported her one hundred

place. I was not a business person when I started – I became

percent. He’s now one of her trainers! The reason for want-

one along the way. It’s about the journey and who you become.”

ing to go out on her own? Watching her father do it made Roberta want to give it a try too. For the first three years she

The company runs its own training programs, but also has

worked out of home with one sister helping her virtually full

relationships with different speakers outside their business as

time, and two other sisters and some close friends pitching in

well, who they promote to their local clients and market. Then

when required as well. Thank goodness for a large and willing

there’s the Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes™ program, which

family! She only decided to move into an office in the last 12

Roberta plans to franchise as a separate business.

months due to exponential growth. And Roberta’s own role in the business now? “Very hands The business name helps explains the company’s philoso-

on and looking at running it to get it to a higher level with

phy. “People talk about a quantum leap, which is a really big

key people in place. We will recruit a very strong team to help

thing, but in quantum physics, the quantum is the smallest

us grow.” Quantum Change Seminars has recruited seven full

particle. We believe it’s the smallest things that can make the

time people since February alone, and is looking for three

biggest difference in life. That’s why we focus on the little

more people in sales. “I’m primarily moving more into the big

things and constantly refine what we do. We want to give the

ideas marketing and strategic planning role, and I need people

client something of quality – it must have real meaning, valu-

to help support and implement my vision. We’re franchising

able content and real substance. People are surprised we give

in 2010, we’ve outsourced legal and franchising consultants

[our scholarship training] away.”

to put that in place. We’ll have strategic global partners in the next five years which his very exciting. I’m more the market-

Quantum Change Seminars has an interesting growth

ing person responsible for growth.”

strategy – they give their NLP training away for free! They

offer a $4,000 scholarship program free of charge because they

And finally, what’s the big vision for the future? “Keep do-

want as many people to have the techniques as possible.

ing what we’re doing and inspire more people to take control of their lives and love what they do.”

“People talk about a quantum leap, which is a really big thing, but in quantum physics, the quantum is the smallest particle. We believe it’s the smallest things that can make the biggest difference in life... ” “That’s been a key to success. People in our industry didn’t

like it, but I was convinced it was the way to grow.” As a result of this strategy, Roberta and her team have been able to give people an experience of their brand, and word of mouth has fuelled the company’s growth. The company has a range of training programs, one of

which is Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes™, which is their business program. People who want their own business and want to work their own hours can become accredited as specialists to help people stop smoking. I asked Roberta about her business model now. “We’re

If you would like a free gift DVD, valued at $47, visit the website at

catching up on systems to support growth and it’s important

BossMentor Renaissance Magazine •


Favourite Things

Favourite Things

Deck the Halls... and the Table! For this season’s festive styling, I have chosen a classic colour scheme combining silver, white, glass and black. As always, I combine favourite pieces with new touches from my favourite stores. I adore the layering of scents from the candles and flowers that infuses our home with a welcome and happy ambience. Christmas decorating is the time of the year to celebrate what really matters, being with family and friends.

white to shades of grey and charcoal. Don’t be tied to traditional Christmas colours of red and green (which after all, are

Create beautiful, festive table settings & displays this Christmas. Whether traditional, coastal, contemporary or something

not a great colour combination!).

this special sense of occasion.

Rose St Trading Company – Beatty Avenue, Armadale

Create a Christmas statement by having all your gifts wrapped

magical for the children, you can create the perfect touches for

with a unique & beautiful signature look. Choose the wrapping to coordinate with your overall Christmas theme that

Here you will find all sorts of gorgeous things for Christmas

says ‘uniquely from you’.

– as gifts or signature Christmas pieces for your home, table, or personal wardrobe. Rose St Trading Company also has a

Where to Shop

second store (one in Beatty Avenue and the fashion boutique around the corner in Rose St) where you’ll find a boutique collection of clothes and key pieces of summer entertaining – shoes, bags, scarves, shirts, smocks and dresses. Make sure you have plenty of time as I’m sure you’ll find lots of things

Find the beautiful wooden reindeer that you can see in these photos – for the table or

you love for Christmas!

Peony – Auburn Road, Hawthorn

anywhere in your home that you want to create the essence

of Christmas. Mix and match


your table setting colour

Large statement candles for the table, small signature candle

scheme using napery from

glasses, and beautiful scents will help you create something

BossMentor Renaissance Magazine •

Favourite Things

very special for your table. If you celebrate in the European way on Christmas eve, add a touch of France to your table with some of the pieces profiled here.

Il Migliore – High Street, Armadale & Auburn Road, Hawthorn If you have a long list of family and friends you want to shop for, head straight to Il Migliore. You’ll find a divine selection of biscuits, gourmet hampers, sweet and savoury delicacies and lots to choose from! The store is merchandised in sections for you, based on gift price points. If you want to pick up some little stocking fillers, head for gifts under $10; if you want something that’s a little more special, you’ll find all sorts of beautiful gift options in price points from $20 - $75. The best part is, they will gift-wrap your purchase, and make it look really special with their gorgeous signature wrap (remember to create your own signature look for the gifts under your tree!)

This is an excerpt from a blog that features the latest, and most divine, interiors, lifestyle profiles, design, luxury resorts and new boutiques and products:

“Christmas decorating is the time of the year to celebrate what really matters, being with family and friends. ”

Claire Jackson, Haven Interiors, can be contacted on 0408 363 529, or via email at BossMentor Renaissance Magazine •


Success Mindset

Success Mindset “Don’t Ring the Bell!” Some time ago, I was going through an extraordinarily

Now I understand because I put it in the context of the bell.

difficult time with my business. I felt like I’d tried every-

If you’ve never been standing next to that bell, and refused to

thing, that I had nowhere left to turn, and that the uni-

ring it in spite of your overwhelming desire to do so, then you

verse was telling me to give it up. For every step forward I

probably won’t understand.

made, I seemed to take a step back at the very next turn. I had no desire to keep pushing, and there was nothing left.

As I relayed this to my coach at the time, the emotion of it all overwhelmed me and I started crying. I couldn’t do it any

“...who knows how far away success is, or that if you just keep going (and going) success will be yours.”

more. I had no more energy to keep trying. It was over. Sometimes you may need to correct course, or change your My mindset at the time was certainly a challenge for all her

perspective, but if you have the mental capacity to not ring

coaching skills! So what did she do? She told me a story. She

the bell, I believe you have the capability to achieve anything.

told me the story of a movie, GI Jane. I hadn’t seen the movie but immediately went out and brought it home. If you’ve seen the movie you know the story, but it’s the visual and the symbol of the bell that’s important. GI Jane, up against the male marines, had it tough (as you would imagine). Anyone who couldn’t endure the test of extreme physical marine training could ring the bell. Once they rang the bell, it signified the end of their test and the end of their career in the marines. Ring the bell; game over. Close to ringing the bell and ready to give up, nothing left, no more to give, GI Jane is about to ring the bell. BUT, somewhere deep within her she finds the mental strength to turn it around and focus on not letting them defeat her. She was exhausted and physically shattered, but her mental power kicked in and she kept going. She never rang the bell and was a stronger human being because of it. I always thought that when people talk of someone who ‘gave up too soon’ or gave up when ‘success was just around the corner’, it never made any sense. I always thought that it was ridiculous because who knows how far away success is, or that if you just keep going (and going) success will be yours.


BossMentor Renaissance Magazine •

Best Info

Great Resources Virgin Expands Its Potential Market

The Dip

Virgin has aimed to not only add more value to a segment

Content Rating

of its customer base, but increase its total available market by targeting those people who are scared of flying.

Seth Godin

Easy-Read Score A little book that teaches you when to quit, and when to stick.

Virgin Atlantic started promoting its classroom-based courses some time ago, but the new level of that is Virgin’s

Quick Summary

new iPhone application just released called Flying With-

Potentially confronting (depending on your current business

out Fear. This now has the potential to reach a far greater

challenges!),humorous, thought provoking (as always with

number of customers.

Seth Godin)

It was developed in conjunction with Mental Workout (in

Promotional Blurb

the US) who also develop apps in the product categories of

‘Every new project (or job, or hobby, or company) starts out

Stress, Happiness, Fears and Sleep.

exciting and fun. Then it gets harder and less fun, until it hits Virtual Resources for Small Business

a low point really hard, and becomes not much fun at all. And then you find yourself asking if the goal is even worth the hassle. Maybe you're in a Dip-a temporary setback that

This resource and self promotion site is like a version of

will get better if you keep pushing. But maybe it's really a for small businesses. It’s a great resource for

Cul-de-Sac, which will never get better, no matter how hard

small businesses to get the word out about their products/

you try.

services, attract new clients, and source suppliers who provide special offers to all fellow-Bizual members.

What really sets superstars apart from everyone else is the ability to escape dead ends quickly, while staying focused and

Great if you have a small business and can provide your service in virtual mode anywhere in the world. A run-

motivated when it really counts.

down of how the system works is here: http://www.bizual.



I would argue that this book actually tells you when to quit The Plastiki Expedition

and when to stick. It seems to tease more than tell. However, the concept is interesting and the book is full of case studies to help you apply

If you’re interested in creative inspiration to help reduce

what Seth is proposing,

our waste impact on the world, particularly in our oceans,

to either your own busi-

visit A group of amazing designers,

ness, or be able to see it in

sailors, environmentalists and artists plan to sail from San

organizations everywhere.

Francisco to Sydney. Their craft will be a 60’ catamaran

It’s a small, short book and

made from reclaimed plastic bottles. Their journey is to

I’d recommend you read

highlight the impact we’re having on our oceans, and to

it. I’m sure it will resonate

inspire us toward more sustainable solutions.

with you at some point in your life!

BossMentor Renaissance Magazine •



Strategy Take the Test: How Well Do You Recruit & Manage a Team?

By Jenny Stilwell

Whether you recruit new members to your team by yourself,

3. Do you consider your offer from the interviewee’s perspec-

or use an external recruitment firm, the same requirements ap-


ply. If you aren’t clear on a new team member’s role, accountabilities, what you’re looking for and what your priorities are,

4. Do you know what questions to ask in the interview to

then don’t expect to be able to find the right person for your

uncover certain capabilities and attitudes?

business. 5. Do you take time to build rapport and employ people you As I always advise my clients, and adhere to myself, it’s really


worth it to invest the time now to think through the exact requirements of your people resources for your business and

6. Do you have a process to assess all the candidates from a

the specifics of roles. Once you’ve done that and involved

consistent perspective?

your team in the process, any new person into your business will be very clear on what is expected of them, who to go to

7. Are you always decisive when it comes to choosing the

for help and support, and how they will be assessed. Your in-

right person to employ?

volvement in getting them up to speed should be considerably reduced, with all-round productivity enhanced.

8. Do you have a way to keep all your people accountable?

Well worth the investment of your time!

9. Are you completely clear on your own role and accountabilities?

Once you’ve got the right team in place, do you struggle with developing and implementing the right processes and guide-

10. Do you have a system that enables you to spend less

lines to managing your team on an ongoing basis?

hands-on time recruiting and managing your people?

The following ‘test’ is simply based on ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. See how well you go: 1. Do you write a Position Description before you employ each new person into your company? 2. Are you clear on what you are going to offer and the benefits for the employee?


BossMentor Renaissance Magazine •

“If you aren't clear on a new team member's role, accountabilities, what you're looking for and what your priorities are, then don't expect to be able to find the right person for your business.”


Rating: Count the number of ‘yes’ answers you have and refer to the ratings below:

8 or more

You are a legend!! Well done. Way above the norm on this particular test…….


Not bad. You’re doing a reasonable job in a difficult management area. If you were to use an easy to

By the way, Question 5 is a trick question!

follow system, you’d make life a lot easier!


Get help!! By not having a system in place you’re making things way too difficult for yourself. Use a step by step blueprint to do it easily by yourself (or delegate it to someone in your team), or get help to set it up.

If your score is low, why don’t you have a look at our 12-Step People Management Blueprint that is a ready-made HR system you can use in your business:

BossMentor Renaissance Magazine •


How To

How To

10 Steps to Improve Your Cash Flow in the Next 30 Days! Increase cash, increase revenue and get more money in the bank! When business owners experience cash flow difficulties, there is usually one of two responses: immediate rallying (some may use the word ‘panic’) to address the situation, or denial. Neither are particularly effective strategies.

owner. Panic is just as bad as it has you clutching at anything in the hope of improving the situation.

Cash flow difficulties only go away if you address them, and there are some simple, proven steps to do that. 1. Assess your current position - do a cashflow forecast • You have to know your exact financial position, so you can manage it • Make sure you know what all your expenses are over the next few weeks • Don’t forget to include those expenses listed in point 9, which you may be inclined to forget about • Know exactly what income you can expect over the same period of time – not when you invoiced your clients, but when you expect them to pay you. You may have invoiced a client two months ago, but know for sure that they will be paying you by the end of the month • Do a cashflow forecast. If you don’t know how to do one ask your bookkeeper or accountant to send you a


I have seen ‘denial’ in action and it solves nothing, actually

template (you’ll pay them later!). It’s simply a spread-

makes the situation far worse, pulls your business back and

sheet by month (that’s usually the most applicable

in some cases puts the whole viability of the business at risk,

timeframe for service based (non retail) businesses)

and does nothing to raise the bar on your skills as a business

that tracks payments expected in that month, with

BossMentor Renaissance Magazine •

How To

payments you will be making. The bottom line is a net surplus or deficit. • If there’s a deficit, you can move payments around by using the next strategy…

2. Track hidden costs • Not hidden but sometimes forgotten auto-

4. Increase fees 10% • This may not help immediately unless you use strategy 5 or 6 and expect to receive income sooner rather than later. • If you haven’t increased your fees for a while, you should do this anyway as good business practice! • Small increases can help improve your cash flow quite quickly, particularly if you still insist on charging by the hour (if you work with me at any point, hourly fees will become a thing of your past!

5. Retainers

matic debits from your

• If you do work on a regular basis for any of your cli-

account/business credit

ents – and ideally you do – you can propose that you


shift your arrangement to a retainer.

àà These could include insurances, memberships, sub-

• This will give you monthly income rather than waiting

scriptions, lease payments (car, computers etc), inter-

for potentially months to be paid after you’ve provided

est payments

the service.

àà I’m not saying cancel them, just don’t forget them àà Some may be more cost effective to pay for 12 months in advance, rather than monthly, when your cash position is good • Don’t forget costs like ATO payments – BAS, instalments etc, as well as superannuation payments • Many of these can be ‘moved around’ – refer point 10.

3. Make arrangements with everyone • You can pay any bill later than the due date by making an arrangement with the service provider • You can do this for the phone bill, the tax office, and most others. Institutional service providers are more lenient as they have thousands of customers; smaller service providers (like your bookkeeper or graphic designer for example) will be less flexible. • By making arrangements to pay at new due dates, you are able to move around your payments to coincide with money coming into your account • Don’t forget about credit rating – you don’t want to extend beyond their timeframes and into what is categorized as being in default. Being in default can potentially impact your credit rating, so make sure you stick to agreed payment plans • Always communicate on an ongoing basis, especially if you need more time, but NEVER stop communicating

• For more on how to do this, and the next strategy, refer to the article in our last issue ‘How to Get Paid What You’re Worth’ • I highly recommend this strategy as a standard business practice for service businesses wherever possible

6. Fees upfront • Fairly common practice, so if you haven’t done it before, you do need to start • A good strategy if you charge retainers • A good strategy if you charge by a project fee – typically a percentage to commence a project and a percentage on completion. • The longer the project, the better for you if you charge more upfront, with one or two progress payments, so the bulk of the fees come to you quickly • Works even better if you combine with the next strategy…

7. Exchange discounts for earlier payment in full • For example, if a client elects to pay in full, you will give them a discount • The size of the discount is directly related to: àà How responsive the client is to reducing their costs àà How large your overall fee is

with your creditors when you have cash flow problems

àà How urgently you need the cash

– that is the worst thing to do.

• This is an effective strategy to improve your cash flow quickly, BUT, don’t be tempted to give it all away

BossMentor Renaissance Magazine •


How To

• 20% works well – it’s enough of an incentive to most clients, plus it is a cost to you but consider it a cost of acquiring cash

8. Set terms & follow up • Whatever terms you decide on, make sure they’re adhered to

reactivate? • Spend some time to think about your client base, and what you can do for them

10. Find your friends • This strategy goers hand in hand with number 9. Catch up with everyone. Where appropriate, ask for referrals

• Always follow up to make sure you’re paid

to increase your potential leads; meet with ‘connectors’

• Some companies will pay their creditors in order of

to increase your contact base.

who is most demanding of being paid!

• Get out there and talk to everyone.

• If you don’t want to follow up, have someone do it on your behalf • If you are a solo professional, I highly recommend that you find someone to follow up on your behalf, so you

Finally, stay calm, stay focused on what you have to do to sort out your cash flow, then focus on getting new business and increasing your revenue in the next 90 days.

can look after the client, have someone else interface with their accounts department

9. Client growth • When you need more business the golden rule is al-

“Happiness is a positive cash flow.”

ways to revisit your existing/previous clients • Do they need a refresher; do you have a new service to offer them; what ways can you add more value to their organization • Do you have any inactive clients who you need to


BossMentor Renaissance Magazine •

Fred Adler, Angel Investor

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BOSSMENTOR Business Growth, Mentoring & Coaching Programs ®

BOSSMENTOR® provides three fundamental levels of

Individual Strategic Mentoring is for business

support for our clients:

owners who want one-on-one advice to fast-track their busi-

• We help you develop the right strategy and structure for growth

ness growth and add depth to their management and marketing expertise, regardless of the size of their company or the

• Our programs provide support & direction on a group

stage of its growth.

or individual basis • Resources to use in your business – via products,

To enquire how you can enrol in one of our programs to get

Renaissance Magazine, BOSSMENTOR® Club, & free

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resources via our website

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it for more

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bossmentor-bigger-future The Strategic

Growth Blueprint™ Program is

primarily for consultants, coaches, facilitators, independent

Other Resources

professionals and service providers wanting to focus specifi-

Our website has a range of business information and resources, covering business growth, management, marketing and strategy. Our Free Resources area has articles and other free information you can access any time:

cally on developing, packaging and pricing their services to generate higher levels of income and fast-track their client growth. If you need to complement your specialist skills with business and marketing skills to grow a successful business or practice, this is the program for you!

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Personal Power

Personal Power

Steven Wiltshire: How Talent Changed His Life For most of us, the final moments spent

were of animals, then London buses,

While most of us aren’t blessed with

flying low over a city before touchdown

then buildings, which is where his skill

a gift like Wiltshire’s, nor affected by

are invested in rubbing sleep from our

elevated his profile to the world. Now

eyes, finding shoes lost beneath the seat

he is referred to as ‘savant’ - gifted yet

in front, and contemplating the find-

developmentally disabled.

my-bags-dance to come at the luggage carousel. In stark contrast, for Stephen

At thirty-five years old, Wiltshire is a

Wiltshire, those fleeting last moments

celebrated artist, with his pieces in de-

of flight, looking out over the city, are

mand across the globe. Whether painted

etched on his memory in astoundingly

or drawn, Wiltshire’s artworks have

minute detail.

one thing in common – their stunning

“...those fleeting last moments of flight, looking out over the city, are etched on his memory in astoundingly minute detail.”

accuracy. the challenges of autism, each of us

In 2001, he flew over London in a helicopter and was then able to produce a

In addition to his breath-taking scale

holds our own unique talent, whether

scaled illustration of a four-mile radius

drawing of London from the air, he has

obvious or hidden. For those of us that

in just three hours, which included

now included other global cities to his

know where our skill lies, it’s important

twelve historic landmarks and two hun-

repertoire: Rome, Toronto, Hong Kong,

that we take time out to recognise and

dred other scale.

Tokyo, Madrid, Sydney, New York and

celebrate it. Do you use your talent as

others. Most of these cities he had never

much as you would like? Would you

If you were given five minutes to look

visited prior to his aerial view. His

like to earn a living from it? Could you

around your office, which I assume you

favourite is New York.

develop your skill even more?

know really well, could you then draw it from memory to scale including all the key pieces? How does Stephen Wiltshire do it? When he was just three years old, he was diagnosed as autistic. He didn’t speak and didn’t communicate with other children or adults, but perceptive teachers noticed that he did seem to interact with the world through drawings. At nine, the first word he uttered was ‘paper’. His early pictures


BossMentor Renaissance Magazine •

Personal Power

If you’re not sure what your talent is, why wait any longer to find out? Ask friends and family what they think you’re good at. You may be surprised – and delighted – with their answers. Or make a list of the things you enjoy doing and you might just discover your talent among the list. Just like Stephen Wiltshire delights countless fans with his artworks, books and exhibitions, you too have the opportunity to shine and share what you’re good at with the world. Then, you can follow Stephen’s lead as posted on Twitter on 28 October 2009, “I’ll keep doing what I do best, and never

“If you were given five minutes to look around your office, which I assume you know really well, could you then draw it from memory to scale including all the key pieces? ”



Note: This is not Stephen’s artwork, but to browse through his gallery of prints and originals, and maybe secure your own piece, go to

BossMentor Renaissance Magazine •


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About Jenny Stilwell


Finalist in the Telstra Businesswoman of

Jenny Stilwell is the Managing Direc-

Jenny has a Bachelor of Commerce with

tor of BOSS Management Group. She

a Commercial Law major, and a Bach-

has helped many clients to significantly

elor of Arts with majors in French and

grow their businesses, and build more

German, both from the University of

successful companies.

Melbourne. She is also a Certified NLP

the Year Awards.

Practitioner. Prior to establishing BMG, Jenny was Chief Executive of a publicly listed company (one of only a handful of women heading up listed companies in Australia at the time). Previous positions

Personal Some of the things I love

included general management within both large and medium sized organisa-

The beach, peaceful islands, big cities,

tions, as well as establishing a marketing

London, New York, Paris, Golden Re-

practice in the mid 1990s with a diverse

trievers, Hudson (my Golden Retriever),

client base of small and mid-sized and

Vegemite (my American friends know

corporate clients.

that a taste test is coming – you know who you are…), good red wine, travel,

Very early in her career Jenny advanced

writing, listening to my fave music on

to a senior management position at

high volume, the Northern Hemisphere

Nortel Networks, being one of only

in Winter, luxury resorts, the colour

three women at the time in senior man-

of Autumn, laughing until I cry, and

agement roles within the Asia Pacific

of course, my family and my fabulous



Jenny Chaired the Marketing Women

That’s just a start… there’s so many

network for two years, and has also


mentored several women in careers and in business as a way of ‘giving back’ to the business community and to career women in particular. She has also been a

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BOSSMENTOR® Renaissance Magazine - December Issue  

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