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Introduction to International Exchange Policies The International Exchange Policies and Quality Standards (IXPQS) have been reviewed and revised by AIESEC International 08-09 and the Exchange Quality Board 08-09, based on network feedback and internal changes in the organization. Who gave input and feedback?  Members around the network.  AIESEC International 2008-09.  Exchange Quality Board 08-09.  Attendants of the Exchange Growth Summit, November 2008, Rotterdam.  Working Group at IC2008 – Brazil. What changes were made from IXPQS 2008v2? To have an overview of the changes made to the IXPQS, please see the outputs of the Global Exchange Summit of November 2008 here. To find a summary of all the changes including a rationale for the changes see here, and the IXPQS Wiki on What is the structure of the exchange policies? The policies are separated into six documents: 01- International Exchange Policies This document contains all the overall policies related to exchange. 02- Statement of Understanding This document contains the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in an AIESEC exchangethe Sending and Hosting LCs, Member Committees, Host organizations, and Interns. All parties must read and agree to the Statement of Understanding prior to signing contracts and becoming formal participants of an AIESEC internship. 03- Complaint Procedures The document outlines what steps should be taken in the event of a complaint against any party involved in an intern. 04- Exchange Process Standards This outlines the minimum services AIESEC must provide to an intern or organization in specific areas of the exchange process. 05- Privacy Policy The privacy policy of outlines the use of information provided by interns and organizations. Organizations shall be provided a copy of this policy as an annex to the contract in order to ensure they understand the use of information by AIESEC. 06- Annual Revision Process Outline the process to review and improve IXPQS. Questions or Comments? Please email Have a nice Exchange Experience. Felipe M. Dalcin ( Chair of AIESEC International Exchange Quality Board 2008/2009

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