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Everything under the Sun Toward a Brighter Future on a Small Blue Planet dav i d s u z u k i · i a n h a n i n gto n

A renowned scientist restores hope for a better future with his latest views on environmental challenges In this latest offering from David Suzuki, the well-known scientist, author, and broadcaster explores the interconnectedness of the world’s myriad environmental challenges. The solutions are there, he argues; we just need the will to act together to bring about change. Suzuki delves into such provocative topics as the difference between human hunters and other predators, our dependence on the sun, and what we must learn from Japan’s recent reactor meltdown. He also doesn’t avoid controversial opinion, especially when it comes to taking on those who stand in the way of resolving serious issues like climate change. Everything under the Sun includes telling facts and stats, the latest scientific findings, and examples of the positive actions people are taking today toward protecting what we have. Underpinning it all is the recognition that Earth gives us everything we require to live, under a sun that provides the energy to produce food, transport, and all of our modern conveniences. david suzuki is a Companion of the Order of Canada and a recipient of unesco’s Kalinga Prize for science, the United Nations Environment Program medal, and the 2009 Right Livelihood Award. Host of the longrunning cbc television program The Nature of Things, he is also the author of more than fifty books, including nineteen for children. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. ian hanington is a communications and editorial specialist for the David Suzuki Foundation. A former editor of the Georgia Straight, he has worked as a researcher, news reporter, critic, and editor for various publications and also teaches in the professional writing program at Douglas College in New Westminster, British Columbia. He lives in Vancouver.

environment June 2012 Paperback cdn $24.95 51/2” x 81/2” · 28 8 pages Rights held: World, all languages Published in association with the David Suzuki Foundation 978-1-55365-528-2 Other Formats ebook: 978-1-55365-996-9

greystone books Spring 2012   |  1 

The Beginning Runner’s Handbook The Proven 13-Week RunWalk Program updated and expanded ian macneil  ·  the sport medicine council of british columbia

new edition

Foreword by d r . d o u g c l e m e n t s m d

An updated and expanded edition of the bestselling guide—more than 80,000 copies sold Since it was first published in 1999, The Beginning Runner’s Handbook has helped more than 35,000 participants at community clinics across Canada—and thousands more runners around the world—realize their goal of running 10k. This easy-to-use, practical guide is completely updated in this fourth edition. It now includes a revised RunWalk program that gives runners a choice between running 10k or running and walking the distance, depending on their individual goals and fitness. Tried and tested by thousands of new and experienced runners, the thirteen-week program was developed as a training regimen for the Vancouver Sun Run by SportMedBC in conjunction with sport medicine doctors, therapists, nutritionists, and trainers. A new chapter on preparing for 10k events, including charity runs, reflects the popularity of getting fit while giving back to the community. Expanded and enhanced sections include cross­training options such as trail running, group fitness classes, and boot camp sessions as well as information on running through pregnancy. In this updated edition, there are facts about barefoot running, minimalist shoes, and links to online sources of information and running communities. health January 2012

Combining expert advice, handy training tips, and answers to commonly asked questions, as well as testimonials from runners of all ages who have


met the 10k challenge, The Beginning Runner’s Handbook is like having a

cdn $19.95

running coach in your back pocket.

7 ” x 91/4” · 224 pages 27 b&w illustrations Rights held: World, all languages 978-1-55365-860-3 Other Formats previous: 978-1-55365-087-4 ebook: 978-1-55365-967-9

2  |  greystone books Spring 2012 

the sport medicine council of british columbia (SportMedBC), is a professional not-for-profit society comprising sport medical and paramedical practitioners.

The Power of More Achieving Your Goals in Sport and Life marnie mcbean

A renowned motivational speaker and Olympic champion shares strategies for realizing your ambitions The Power of More shows readers how to accomplish their goals, big or small. Whether you are a novice runner who wants to run a 10k race, a sales rep who wants to increase market share, or an elite athlete trying to conquer the world stage, you can achieve your ambition by believing in the importance of doing a little bit more. With humour and insight, three-time Olympic champion Marnie McBean

f o r e wo r d by Fa m o u s P e r s o n ag e

Marnie Mcb e an

Th e Powe r of Mor e

discusses the importance of breaking big goals down into manageable bits of “more.” For example, when she decided to run to the top of the cn Tower in Toronto for a fundraising event, she focused not on running all 1,776 steps

Ac h i e v i n g

but on running up one step and then one more. The Power of More is about

Yo u r g o A l s

concentrating not on the more you can get but the more that you can do.

in sport

Even when you think you’re done, you aren’t—chances are you have a bit

And life

more to give. McBean discusses the importance of setting goals, the role of communication and teamwork, and the need for motivation, commitment, and accountability. Finally, while she encourages people to strive for perfection, she punctures the myth that we should expect to be perfect and stresses that both confidence and success are the result of preparation. marnie mcbean holds three gold medals and a bronze medal from Olympic rowing competitions and is Canada’s most successful Summer Olympic athlete. She is now a specialist in athlete preparation and mentoring with the Canadian Olympic Committee. She has a degree in Honors Kinesiology from

sports / self-help May 2012 Paperback

the University of Western Ontario as well as three honorary doctorates. She is

cdn $22.95

a member of Canada’s Sport Hall of Fame and an ambassador for Right to Play

51/2” x 81/2” · 28 8 pages

and Plan Canada’s “Because I am a Girl” initiative. She lives in Toronto.

Rights held: World, all languages 978-1-926 81 2-6 4-9 Other Formats ebook: 978-1-926 81 2-65-6

greystone books Spring 2012   |  3 

The Bear’s Embrace A True Story of a Grizzly Bear Attack pat r i c i a v a n t i g h e m · Afterword by m a r g a r e t v a n t i g h e m

A national bestseller hailed as “a testimony of courage.” back in print

maclean’s On a sunny fall day in 1983, Patricia Van Tighem and her husband, Trevor Janz, were brutally attacked by a bear while hiking in the Canadian Rockies. Janz was severely hurt, but Van Tighem suffered even more serious, disfiguring injuries, and that she survived was a miracle. A gifted writer, Van Tighem crafted a vivid and startling account of the attack. But her recovery was just as disturbing. Her numerous reconstructive surgeries were painful; her facial disfigurement, including the loss of an eye, isolated her; and the nightmares that haunted her carried their own psychological burden. The Bear’s Embrace garnered much praise when it was first published, in 2000. With honesty and eloquence, the book tells of the unpredictability of life, of bravery, terror, rage, and love, of what it means to look and feel different in a culture that values perfection. Deeply moving and often astonishing, The Bear’s Embrace is an inspiring story of human perseverance and self-knowledge. Tragically, Van Tighem could no longer live with her pain and ended her life in 2005. In this new edition, her sister, Margaret Van Tighem, writes an affecting afterword remembering Patricia and her spirit and strength. biography & memoir

patricia van tighem was born in Calgary, Alberta, where she began writing

May 2012

in her teens. Winner of a Canada Permanent Trust short-story competition,


she was awarded a scholarship to the creative writing program at the Banff

cdn $21.95 51/4” x 71/2” · 280 pages Rights held: World (except usa, English) 978-1-55365-594-7 Other Formats previous: 978-1-5505 4-875-4 ebook: 978-1-55365-814-6

4  |  greystone books Spring 2012 

School of Fine Arts under the tutelage of the late W.O. Mitchell. Van Tighem trained as a nurse at Mount Royal College and the University of Victoria. Until her death in December 2005, she lived in a small town in the mountains of British Columbia.

My Year of the Racehorse Falling in Love with the Sport of Kings kevin chong

The story of a man, a horse, and a foul-mouthed trainer in the (once) glamorous world of horse racing Kevin Chong has grand plans. He draws up a to-do list of major milestones

Boy meets horse, boy buys horse. Complications follow.

that will give him the life he always wanted—and the life that will inspire awe and envy in his friends. Then Chong makes an unconventional decision: he buys a racehorse. He becomes part-owner. Just don’t ask him which part.

heart of gold. He meets assorted characters who work, live, and drink at the


Thus Chong meets Blackie, the horse that will win his heart, even if she doesn’t always win the race. He meets Rosie, the cantankerous trainer with a

K e v i n C hong s

track. And, one by one, the items on his to-do list are replaced with horse­ related ambitions. Written with keen observational humour, the story is strewn with fascinating tidbits and infused with the excitement and faded glamour of the horse­racing world. Ultimately, it is the moving tale of a young man’s discovery that a meaningful life can arise from the most unexpected of circumstances. “A heart-tugging delight. First novels don’t get any better than this.” kirkus reviews on Baroque-a-Nova kevin chong is the author of four books, including Neil Young Nation—

My year of the

rac e h o r s e s

Fa l l i ng i n l ov e with the Sp ort oF K i ngS


honoured as a book of the year by the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, and Ottawa Citizen and aired as a documentary on cbc’s Definitely Not the Opera—and the novels Baroque-a-Nova and Beauty Plus Pity. He is an editor at and teaches creative writing at ubc.

sports April 2012 Paperback cdn $22.95 51/2” x 81/2” · 24 0 pages Rights held: World, English 978-1-55365-520-6 Other Formats ebook: 978-1-55365-8 4 0-5

greystone books Spring 2012   |  5 

Gardening with Native Plants of the Pacific Northwest Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged arthur kruckeberg

“All in all, this is a fascinating book, full of reliable information.” back in print

the garden, Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society Amateur and professional gardeners alike will find Kruckeberg’s book an entertaining and eminently sensible resource for realizing their aesthetic, practical, and ecological gardening aspirations. Now revised and updated, Gardening with Native Plants of the Pacific Northwest includes new information on native grasses, grasslike plants, trees and shrubs, and more. “Few parts of America have as many native plants that excel in the garden as the Pacific Northwest. But until this year, there wasn’t a comprehensive book on the subject. Now there is. The main body of the book is divided into encyclopedic sections on trees, shrubs, and herbaceous perennials, including information about where they grow in the wild, how to propagate them, and how they fit into home gardens . . . This book contains so much well-organized, well-written material that it should become a standard guidebook for anyone who gardens with Northwest natives.”  sunset “Professor Kruckeberg is a botanist at the University of Washington who has specialized in the flora of the Pacific Northwest for over thirty years. gardening

This summary of his experience, with plants in the wild and in gardens, will

February 2012

be referred to with pleasure for years, not only for the value of its information


but also for the easy style and quiet humor of its presentation.”

cdn $39.95

pacific horticulture

81/2” x 101/4” · 300 pages 125 colour and b&w photos throughout; line drawings Rights held: Canada, English 978-1-77100-016-1 Other Formats previous: 978-1-5505 4-494-7

6  |  greystone books Spring 2012 

arthur rice kruckeberg earned a PhD from the University of California (Berkeley) in 1950; his thesis on serpentine ecology and evolution started him on fifty years of devotion to the ecology of serpentines and a long career at the University of Washington, eventually becoming an emeritus professor of botany in 1989.

In Pursuit of Garlic An Intimate Look at the Divinely Odorous Bulb liz primeau

A celebration of a misunderstood but delicious vegetable by “a great raconteur and a terrific writer.”  canadian gardening Packed with fascinating facts, practical advice, recipes, and engaging personal stories, In Pursuit of Garlic is a paean to this spellbinding, versatile, and tasty little vegetable. For much of the past century, garlic has been dismissed by many as vulgar. Today it is undergoing a renaissance. Not only are more people cooking with it, but they are also growing it in their backyards. And scientists are increasingly interested in garlic’s antibiotic, antifungal, and antiparasitic qualities, as well as its potential as a treatment for cancer. Bestselling author Liz Primeau’s love affair with garlic began when her


p u r s ui t of


Liz Primeau

teenaged boyfriend took her to an Italian restaurant. Now she leads us on a tour of garlic’s role in history, art, medicine, and science. She also discusses the many varieties of garlic—from Russian Red to Kettle River Giant—visits garlic fairs in search of France’s elusive L’ail Rose, and explores the issue of the ubiquitous Chinese garlic. Inviting us into her kitchen, she shares garliccentred recipes, tips on growing your own, and the secret of the knife smack. liz primeau is the author of numerous books on gardening, including My Natural History and the bestselling Front Yard Gardens. She is also the founding editor of Canadian Gardening magazine and the former host of Canadian Gardening Television on hgtv. She frequently gives talks at horticultural society meetings and garden shows across Canada and the United States. She lives in Mississauga, Ontario.

food & gardening March 2012 Paperback cdn $19.95 51/4” x 71/2” · 192 pages Rights held: World, English 978-1-55365-601-2 Other Formats ebook: 978-1-55365-602-9

greystone books Spring 2012   |  7 

Polar Wives The Remarkable Women behind the World’s Most Daring Explorers k a r i h e r b e r t · Foreword by j o n b o w e r m a s t e r

The compelling stories of seven adventurous women Polar explorers were the superstars of the “heroic age” of exploration, a period spanning the Victorian and Edwardian eras. In this engaging book, author Kari Herbert explores the unpredictable, often heartbreaking lives of seven remarkable women whose husbands became world-famous for their Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. As the daughter of a polar explorer, Herbert brings a unique perspective to these stories. In her portraits of the gifted sculptor Kathleen Scott; eccentric traveller Jane Franklin; spirited poet Eleanor Anne Franklin; Jo Peary, the first white woman to travel and give birth in the High Arctic; talented and determined Emily Shackleton; Norwegian singer Eva Nansen; and her own mother, writer and pioneer Marie Herbert, Kari Herbert blends deeply personal accounts of longing, betrayal, and hope with stories of peril and adventure. Previously consigned to historical footholes, these women were vibrant, strong-willed individuals in their own right, playing essential roles in supporting, publicizing, defending, and even financing their husbands’ expeditions. Their stories take us not only to the polar wastelands but also through war­torn Macedonia, the lawless outback of Australia, and the plague-riddled ancient cities of the Holy Land. With extracts from previously unpublished journals and letters, Polar Wives will appeal to everyone from travellers and polar enthusiasts to those travel March 2012 Paperback cdn $22.95

simply fond of a good story. kari herbert’s father, pioneering explorer Sir Wally Herbert, took her and her mother to live among the Polar Inuit on an island off Greenland when she

6” x 9” · 36 8 pages

was just ten months old. Today, Herbert is an acclaimed author, photographer,

10 b&w photographs throughout

and speaker. Her work has appeared in such publications as the Sunday Times,

Rights held: World, all languages

the Telegraph, and the Guardian. Her first book, The Explorer’s Daughter,

except German and Polish

was a bbc Radio 4 Book of the Week. Herbert is the founding director of the

978-1-926 81 2-62-5 Other Formats ebook: 978-1-926 81 2-6 3-2

8  |  greystone books Spring 2012 

independent publishing company Polarworld. She lives in Cornwall, England.

Long Beach Wild A Celebration of People and Place on Canada’s Rugged Western Shore adrienne mason

An intimate look at Long Beach’s dramatic landscapes and colourful characters Each year, close to a million people visit the spectacular sweep of sand that stretches along Vancouver Island’s west coast between Tofino and Ucluelet. In Long Beach Wild, long-time resident Adrienne Mason uses her intimate knowledge of the area to explore the region’s rich natural and cultural history. Rarely seen archival photos as well as contemporary nature photography illustrate the interplay between the region’s wilderness and lively culture. Mason shows how Long Beach was shaped by many forces, including glaciers, torrents of water, and hurricane-force winds. She describes how First Nations people found inspiration and sustenance in the area for thousands of years, hunting whales on the open ocean using harpoons with mussel­shell blades and great lengths of cedar-bark rope. Mason also introduces some of the colourful characters who have found their way to “the end of the road” over the past 150 years—gold panners, loggers, w wii airmen, back­to­the­landers, surfers, artists, entrepreneurs, and dreamers. She spent many hours interviewing people who arrived at Long Beach and never left. Although now protected within the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, the Long Beach area is inevitably influenced by the countless visitors who flock there each year and the residents who call the region home. Long Beach Wild is a perfect visual gift for tourists, while its historical aspect will appeal to locals. adrienne mason has lived on Vancouver Island all her life and spent twenty years on its west coast, first in Bamfield and then Tofino. As well as writing a local history column for Tofino Time, she is the author of numerous books

nature April 2012 Paperback cdn $21.95 6” x 9” · 192 pages

and magazine articles about science, nature, and West Coast history. Her titles

4 0 b&w photographs throughout

include The Nature of Spiders, shortlisted for the Canadian Science Writers’

Rights held: World, all languages

Association Science in Society Book Award.

978-1-55365-34 4-8 Other Formats ebook: 978-1-926 81 2-6 8-7

greystone books Spring 2012   |  9 

Seeking Sickness Medical Screening and the Misguided Hunt for Disease alan cassels

Everything you need to know to make informed choices about medical screening. Medical screening for prostate cancer, breast cancer, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and other serious diseases and conditions seem to make sense, and some types of screening are indeed useful if done on the right person at the right time. Many other such tests are questionable, however, and can even be harmful. Yet every day there are new claims of one medical screening test or another. In this book, Alan Cassels discusses the most common and recommended types of screening and weighs the pros and cons of each. Do mammograms save lives? Is a colonoscopy necessary for everyone? Is it worth it to fork out thousands of dollars for a whole-body scan? In addition to exploring these and other questions, Cassels discusses the role of practitioners and profiteers in selling us the mantra of “test early and test often.” This succinct yet authoritative guide cautions that we must go into any type of screening with our eyes wide open and gives us the tools and information we need to make informed decisions about medical screening. alan cassels is a drug policy researcher at the University of Victoria, in British Columbia, and has lectured widely on medical media in Canada, health April 2012 Paperback cdn $16.95 51/2” x 81/2” · 160 pages Rights held: World, all languages 978-1-77100-032-1 Other Formats ebook: 978-1-77100-033-8

10  |  greystone books Spring 2012 

the U.S. and Australia. He is the co-author (with Ray Moynihan) of Selling Sickness, which was an international bestseller and was published in fourteen languages.

Fraser Bear A Cub’s Life m a g g i e d e v r i e s · Illustrated by r e n n é b e n o i t

A beautifully illustrated nature story of a bear cub’s life in the new in paper

Pacific Northwest, from a multi-award-winning team Fraser Bear is the exciting and moving story of a black bear cub’s dangers and adventures in his first two years, uniting the intertwined cycles of bear and fish. A map, facts about bears and salmon, and a letter from the Pacific Salmon Foundation complete this true-to-life nature story for young readers. This book is based on the top-selling plush toy created by Pacific Salmon Foundation and Rocky Mountaineer Vacations. “Maggie de Vries deftly weaves an engrossing and often suspenseful tale out of the facts, while Renné Benoit’s paintbrush provides full-colour visuals of bear, salmon, river, meadow, and forest, which make the spirit soar.” globe and mail “Highly educational without seeming so. The text is concise and interesting, and the illustrations are subtle and captivating.”  san francisco book review

Maggie de Vries Illustrated by Renné Benoit

Fraser Bear

a cu b ’ s l ife

maggie de vries is the award-winning author of several children’s books, including Tale of a Great White Fish, a Silver Birch Honour Book and winner

children’s nonfiction

of the Christie Harris Illustrated Children’s Literature Prize and the spca

April 2012

Henry Bergh Children’s Book Award. Her adult nonfiction title Missing


Sarah won the first annual George Ryga Award for Social Awareness in B.C. Literature for 2004. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. renné benoit is an award-winning artist who has illustrated many books for children, including Tale of a Great White Fish and Lily and the Paper Man, which won gold as ForeWord magazine’s Book of the Year. She lives in southern Ontario.

cdn $1 2.95 8” x 10” · 4 8 pages Full-colour illustrations throughout Ages 5-9 Rights held: World, all languages 978-1-926 81 2-95-3 Other Formats previous: 978-1-55365-521-3 ebook: 978-1-55365-91 2-9

greystone books Spring 2012   |  11 

Living Me to We The Guide for Socially Conscious Canadians c r a i g k i e l b u r g e r · m a r c k i e l b u r g e r · i l l u s t r at e d b y m a r i s a a n t o n e l l o

me to we


Everyday tips for effecting change in one handy guide, from the New York Times-bestselling authors of Me to We After fifteen years travelling the country and advocating for social justice, Craig and Marc Kielburger became inspired to give you the practical


tools to do one world-changing, but not life-changing, act every day. The result is a beautifully designed, extensively researched, and engaging book— just for Canadians.

The Guide for Socially Conscious Canadians

Laid out with dynamic illustrations and clear, everyday tips, Living Me to We provides easy steps for anyone who wants to lead a more socially conscious lifestyle or who’s had even the slightest urge to start. Here are facts and best practices for how to recycle your cellphone, conserve water and energy, make ethical investments, seek out carbon-friendly vacations, and get involved in the community. Through interviews of Canadians across the country, you’ll meet the people in your community who are taking small steps to a better world. You’ll also get to know a new side of famous Canadians, such as Margaret Atwood, Rick Hansen, and George Stroumboulopoulos, as they recount their personal tales of lighter living. Finally, a resource guide lists websites, books, magazines, and city-specific stores and organizations to start your own movement.

self-help / social studies April 2012 Paperback with flaps

craig and marc kielburger, brothers and founders of Free The Children, are two of the world’s leading figures in youth empowerment. Free The

cdn $19.95

Children is the world’s largest network of children helping children through

7 ” x 9” · 208 pages

education, working with more than one million youth every year. Craig and

full-colour illustrations with photographs throughout Rights held: World, all languages A Me to We publication, distributed by Greystone Books 978-0-978 4375-6-5 Other Formats ebook: 978-0-978 4375-5-8

12  |  greystone books Spring 2012 

Marc Kielburger are internationally syndicated columnists and co-authors of the New York Times bestselling Me to We: Finding Meaning in a Material World and The World Needs Your Kid: Raising Children Who Care and Contribute, which won a Mom’s Choice Award Gold Medal for Parenting Books and features a foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Everyone’s Birthday m a r c k i e l b u r g e r   ·   Illustrated by m a r i s a a n t o n e l l o and v i c t o r i a l a i d l e y

A birthday celebration in Thailand changes the course me to we

of a young Marc Kielburger’s life When he was a young boy, Marc Kielburger saw the problems of the world as too big. He didn’t know what he could do, or even where to start. But it was then that he was invited to leave his home and go volunteer in distant Thailand. Faced with stark poverty for the first time in his life, Marc wanted to leave the community of Klong Toey after just one day. But as he packed his bags and called his mom, a group of street youth nearby got ready for a unique kind of birthday party. When their paths crossed, Marc had no idea that this celebration would forever transform his understanding of poverty—and his whole life’s journey. Follow a young Marc Kielburger in this true story about discovering the meaning of friendship and the power that one person has to make the difference of a lifetime. marc kielburger is the co-founder, with his brother, Craig, of Free The Children, a unique international development and youth empowerment organization, based in Toronto, Ontario. Free The Children has become the world’s largest network of children helping children through education, having built more than 650 schools and schoolrooms in 45 countries, providing education to more than 55,000 children every day. Marc completed a degree in international relations from Harvard University and went on to complete a law degree at Oxford University. Marc is a syndicated columnist carried by the Toronto Star, Vancouver Sun, Huffington Post, Halifax Chronicle Herald, Edmonton Journal, and Victoria Times Colonist. He is also a New York Times bestselling author who has written five books, including Me to We: Finding Meaning in a Material World. Marc lives in Toronto.

children’s June 2012 Hardcover cdn $19.95 81/4” x 103/4” · 36 pages full-colour illustrations throughout Rights held: World, all languages A Me to We publication, distributed by Greystone Books 978-0-978 4375-7-2 Other Formats ebook: 978-0-978 4375-8-9

greystone books Spring 2012   |  13 

s c i e n c e / n at u r e / e n v i r o n m e n t

mike berners-lee “I can’t remember the last time I read a book that was more fascinating and useful and enjoyable all at the same time.” — b i ll bryso n

rowboat in a B AT E M A N N E W W O R K S

julie angus “Laugh-out loud funny.”

my amazing journey across a changing atlantic ocean

va n c o u v e r s u n

Confessions of a Herpetologist

How Bad Are Bananas?



Leslie Anthony

The Carbon FooTprinT oF every Thing



978-1-55365-236-6 cloth


978-1-55365-8 31-3

on rare birds

rowboat in a hurricane

978-1-55365-527-5 paper

bateman: new works

how bad are bananas?

Anita Albus

Julie Angus


Robert Bateman

Mike Berners-Lee

$35.00 cloth

$22.00 paper

Leslie Anthony

$55.00 cloth

$19.95 paper

$29.95 cloth · $22.95 paper “I will recommend this book to patients, colleagues, and friends.”


dr. andrew weil


of British

the toxic




F arm

Brian Brett

how to protec t


yourself from e veryday



ColumBia A Journey through Time Ne w editioN Sydney Cannings JoAnne Nelson Richard Cannings

a r ebel history of r u r a l l i f e

environmental he alth ha z ards

d av i d r . b o y d Foreword by

dav id su zuk i

edited b y r ich a rd

c a nnings



978-1-55365-45 4-4

978-1-55365-474-2 cloth


the armchair


978-1-55365-803-0 paper

flights of imagination

geology of

book of gardens

the toxic bullet

trauma farm

Richard Cannings, ed.

british columbia

Jane Billinghurst

David R. Boyd

Brian Brett

$22.95 paper

Cannings, Nelson, Cannings

$35.00 cloth

$21.95 paper

$35.00 cloth · $19.95 paper

Pag e 8 (o u t s i d e b ac k c ov e r )

$19.95 paper

Pag e 1 (o u t s i d e f r o n t c ov e r )


Illustrated with Bill Coster’s inspirational images, Creative Bird Photography is an indispensable guide to all aspects of bird photography, covering such subjects as bird portraits, obtaining great shots of bird

A l l A n Cactivities A s esuch y as flight and courtship, and taking ‘mood’

W a y n e g r a d y

BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY Essential Tips and Techniques

photographs at dawn and dusk.

eating dirt

Will appeal to: 

Anyone interested in wildlife photography.  

Anyone interested in birds.

Travelling birders and photographers.

SPECIFICATIONS Publication date: March 2010 ISBN: 978-1-55365-545-9 CDN: $21.95 US: $17.95 Format: 260 x 220 mm (101⁄2 x 81⁄2 in) Extent: 160 pages Illustrations: 120 full-colour photographs Text: 49,000 words Binding: Paperback Classification: Photography/Travel

charlotte Gill

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An imprint of Publishers Inc. Jour neys into the Soul ofD&MCanada 2323 Quebec Street, Suite 201

a nd l i f e wi th the

Vancouver BC Canada V5T 4S7

tree-plantinG tribe

Bill Coster

CreativeBirdBlad.indd 8-1


great lakes t h e N at u r a l h i s t o r y of a ChaNgiNg regioN

09/09/09 10:06 AM

978-1-55365-308-0 cloth

978-1-55365-5 45-9

978-1-55365-8 47-4


978-1-55365-197-0 cloth

978-1-55365-8 8 5-6 paper

creative bird

creative nature

eating dirt

978-1-55365-804-7 paper the great lakes




Charlotte Gill

Allan Casey

Bill Coster

Bill Coster

$29.95 cloth

$22.95 cloth · $19.95 paper

$21.95 paper

$21.95 paper



Co-founder of

bene ath c old seas

Wayne Grady $49.95 cloth · $34.95 paper

w ith R I C H A R D LIT T LE M O R E

d e s k e n n e dy

pa s s i o n a t e



t h e u n d e r wat e r w i l d e r n e s s o f t h e pac i f i c n o r t h w e s t


of enchantment Lo r ra i ne

davi d h a ll foreword by

christopher newbert introduction by

Jo h n s o n P


life of a ga rden

a y e a r in t he

de s k e n n e dy a d v e n t u r e s of an a rdent green thumb


s arika cullis-suzuki


978-1-55365-4 8 5-8




beneath cold seas

climate cover-up

city farmer

an ecology of

the passionate gardener

David Hall


Lorraine Johnson


Des Kennedy

$45.00 cloth

$20.00 paper

$19.95 paper

Des Kennedy

$21.95 paper

$21.95 paper

14  |  greystone books Spring 2012 

s c i e n c e / n at u r e / e n v i r o n m e n t

J o u r n e y s T h e

C h a n g i n g

T h r o u g h h i g h

a r C T i C

arctic eden J e r r y

K o b a l e n K o

978-1-55365-4 42-1

978-1-55365-38 5-1


978-1-55365-242-7 cloth

arctic eden

a good catch

following the

978-1-55365-452-0 paper

art & nature

Jerry Kobalenko

Jill Lambert

last wild wolves

the last wild wolves

Judith Magee

$45.00 cloth

$24.95 paper

Ian McAllister

Ian McAllister

$50.00 cloth

$19.95 paper

$45.00 cloth · $29.95 paper

A ndre w nik if oruk

Winner of the Rachel Carson Environment Book Award

“A terrific book on A terrif ying subject.”

“Andrew Nikiforuk reveals the true costs of America’s oil addiction.”

John Vaillant author of The Tiger


of the


How the Fight to Save Rural Life


will shape our future

graham osborne

e l i z a b e t h ko l b e r t, author of Field Notes from a Catastrophe


a wilder place


text by richar d c an n i n gs

text by r i c h a r d c a n n i n g s



Dirty Oil and the Future of a Continent

a P h oto g r a P h e r ’ s J o u r n e y t h r o u g h t h e s o u t h e r n c oa s t M o u n ta i n s

wa r in the


r e v i s e d a n d u p dat e d

How Human Folly and a Tiny Bug Are Killing North America’s Great Forests

photography by f r i t z m u e l l e r text by t e r e s a e a r l e

t h o m a s f. paw l i c k

Andrew Nikiforuk

author of

The end of food





978-1-55365-34 0-0


empire of the beetle

tar sands

vancouver wild

the war in the country

Fritz Mueller & Teresa Earle

Andrew Nikiforuk

Andrew Nikiforuk

Graham Osborne

Thomas F. Pawlick

$50.00 cloth

$19.95 paper

$20.00 paper

$35.00 paper

$24.95 paper

“An inspiring trip into the mind and reality of bears.”

foreword by robert f. kennedy, jr.

` Z ^ i ] W Z a a

and eloquently written.” wade davis


wild ern ess



Smiling BearS

a T g h e X ¹f _\g g_XjbaWXef

¹6hX]^aYgZclViX]^c\djgÄghiWZZh!lZ^chiVcianXViX]i]ZWjoo#CddcZ ]VhidiZaajhi]Vii]ZhZWg^\]iXVgZZc^c\Vidbhd[a^[ZVgZb^gVXjadjh#I]Zn ¹6hX]^aYgZclViX]^c\djgÄghiWZZh! VgZi]Z]jbd[hjbbZgVcYi]ZlVgbi]d[]dcZnZYhjc!WjilViX]dji/ i]ZnVahdeVX`VejcX]#G^\]ii]ZgZ!egZhhZY]ZVYÄghi^cidVWadhhdb! lZ^chiVcianXViX]i]ZWjoo#CddcZ]VhidiZaajhi]Vii]ZhZ WZVjin"l^i]"h^m"aZ\hbZZihYVc\ZgbZZihi]ZbnhiZgnd[a^[Z#º ""8VcYVXZHVkV\Z

V c YVX Zh VkV\ Z^hi]ZVji]dg  d[cjbZgdjh^ciZgcVi^dcVaan VXXaV^bZYWdd`hdchjW_ZXihgVc\^c\[gdb cVijgVa]^hidgnVcYhX^ZcXZidedejaVg XjaijgZ#H]Z^hi]ZVji]dgd[i]ZWZhi"hZaa^c\ cVijgVa]^hidgni^iaZh8gdlh/:cXdjciZgh l^i]i]ZL^hZ<jnhd[i]Z6k^VcLdgaYVcY EgV^g^Z/6CVijgVa=^hidgn!l]^X]ldcild HVh`ViX]ZlVc7dd`6lVgYhVcYV<daY BZYVa[gdb;dgZLdgYbV\Vo^cZ^c'%%)# H]Za^kZh^cHVh`Viddc!HVh`ViX]ZlVc#


A Zookeeper Explores I]ZnVgZi]Z]jbd[hjbbZgVcYi]ZlVgbi]d[]dcZnZYhjc! the Behavior >H7C/.,-"&"**(+*"('&". and Emotional Life of Bears WjilViX]dji/i]ZnVahdeVX`VejcX]#G^\]ii]ZgZ! egZhhZY]ZVYÄghi^cidVWadhhdb!WZVjin"l^i]"h^m"aZ\h bZZihYVc\ZgbZZihi]ZbnhiZgnd[a^[Z#º VTaWTVXfTiTZX

 KVcXdjkZg$Idgdcid$7Zg`ZaZn lll#\gZnhidcZWdd`h#Xdb

else poulsen Fo r e wo r d by s t eph en h errero


?VX`ZiYZh^\cWn?Zhh^XVHjaa^kVc ?VX`ZiWZZ^aajhigVi^dchWnAVjgV@^cYZg Eg^ciZYVcYWdjcY^c8]^cV Eg^ciZYdceVeZgi]ViXdbZh[gdb hjhiV^cVWaZ[dgZhihbVcV\ZYjcYZg i]Z;dgZhiHiZlVgYh]^e8djcX^a 9^hig^WjiZY^ci]ZJ#H#WnEjWa^h]Zgh <gdjeLZhi


clayoquot david pit t-brooke

Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson , author of When elephants Weep

“A wondrous book, an exquisite meditation, beautifully conceived

dch^YZgi]ZWZZ#:fj^eeZYl^i] VWgV^ci]Zh^oZd[V\gVhhhZZY!V ine^XVa]dcZnWZZldg`ZgcZkZgi]ZaZhha^kZh XdaaVWdgVi^kZanl^i]i]djhVcYhd[]Zgh^hiZgh ^cVXdbeaZmhdX^Zin#I]gdj\]Va^[ZheVc i]VihZaYdbZmXZZYhÄkZlZZ`h!h]ZhZgkZh hjXXZhh^kZanVhWgddYcjghZ!lVmegdYjXZg! XdbWWj^aYZg!]dcZnbV`Zg!]dbZ\jVgY! VcYÅdgVa[dgV\Zg# I]^hZmfj^h^iZa^iiaZWdd`Xdch^YZghi]Z Y^kZgh^inVcYW^dad\nd[WZZh!^cXajY^c\ i]Z^geZXja^VghdX^dhZmjVaVggVc\ZbZcih! i]Z^gfj^g`ngZaVi^dch]^ehl^i]ÅdlZgh!VcY i]Z^ghiVgia^c\bZciVaVW^a^i^Zh/l]ViVgZlZ idbV`Zd[^chZXihi]ViXdbbjc^XViZi]gdj\] hnbWda^XYVcXZh4DjgbV^c\j^YZh^ci]^h ZmeadgVi^dcVgZhdbZd[i]ZbdhiVjYVX^djh VcY^c\Zc^djhhX^Zci^hihl]dZkZga^kZY! WZ\^cc^c\l^i]i]ZWZZh¼dlcCdWZaAVjgZ" ViZ@Vgakdc;g^hX]^ci]Z&.%%hVcYXdci^c" j^c\i]gdj\]idi]Z=dcZnWZZ<ZcdbZ HZfjZcX^c\8dchdgi^jbd[idYVn#I]ZWdd` VahdgZedgihdci]ZgZXZciXViVhigde]^XadhhZh d[]dcZnWZZhVcY^hVbjhi"gZVY[dgXdchZgkV" i^dc^hih!\VgYZcZgh!VcYVaadi]ZggZVYZghl]d XVgZVWdjii]ZldgaYVgdjcYi]Zb# :cg^X]ZYl^i]XjaijgVah^YZWVghVcY XdbeaZbZciZYWnZcX]Vci^c\ldg`hd[Vgi! hijcc^c\cVijgZe]did\gVe]n!VcY[VhX^cVi" ^c\]^hidg^XVa^aajhigVi^dch!7ZZh^hVÄii^c\ hZfjZaidHVkV\Z¼hVXXaV^bZY8gdlh/:cXdjc" iZghl^i]i]ZL^hZ<jnhd[i]Z6k^VcLdgaY#

“Lucid and thorough—a fantastic guide to North America’s largest ecosystem.” P u b l i s H e r s W e e k ly

C A N dAC e s AvAg e

Prairie A N At u r A l H i s t o ry uPdated, with a new Preface


BeesJacketFinal.indd 1

3/4/08 10:00:07 AM


978-1-55365-387-5 cloth

978-1-55365-321-9 cloth

978-1-55365-106-2 cloth

chasing clayoquot

978-1-55365-805-4 paper

978-1-55365-531-2 paper

978-1-55365-286-1 paper


David Pitt-Brooke

smiling bears



Candace Savage $34.95 paper

$19.95 paper

Else Poulsen

Candace Savage

Candace Savage

$29.95 cloth · $19.95 paper

$28.00 cloth · $19.95 paper

$19.95 cloth · $19.95 paper

978-1-55365-58 8-6

“A wonderful portrait of a key region of our world.” r on ald Wr i g h t

Harry Thurston Photo gr aPh y by Wayne Barrett


atlantic coa st

a natural history


Wa de daviS


principal photography C a rr CliF Ton foreword dav id Suzuk i | afterword rober T F. k ennedy Jr .

salmonell a

Sacred Headwaters

T he Fig h T To Sav e T he S T ik ine , Sk een a , a nd n a SS

Why our FooD is

Making us sick A Bovine BiogrAphy D r. D a v i D W a l t n e r - t o e W s

f lo r i a n W e r n e r introduction by temple grAndin

978-1-55365-4 4 6-9




978-1-55365-8 80-1

the atlantic coast

food, sex, and

flight of the hummingbird


sacred headwaters

Harry Thurston


Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas

Florian Werner

Wade Davis

$45.00 cloth

David Waltner-Toews

$16.00 cloth

$19.95 paper

$50.00 cloth

$22.95 paper

greystone books Spring 2012   |  15 

biography & memoir W

hy do many hunters feel most fully alive when they are hunting? How is the sport hunter different from the hunter who must kill game to survive? And do women who hunt differ from their male counterparts? These are a few of the questions that David Carpenter ponders as he describes what hunting has meant to him and to others in the past and today. The story of hunting in Carpenter’s own life forms the heart of the book. When he was a boy, Carpenter and his father and brother would head out along the side roads and into the sloughs of their Prairie home searching for duck, grouse, and partridge. Later, hunting became a way to ward off depression. In the end, as a result of a dramatic experience after shooting a grouse, Carpenter gave up hunting for good. Winding through this deeply personal and engaging narrative is Carpenter’s exploration of the history of hunting, subsistence hunting versus hunting for sport, the indifference of some hunters to the plight of wildlife, and the meaning of the hunt for those who have written about it most eloquently. Along the way, Carpenter beautifully evokes the sensual pleasure of holding a gun, the intense relationship between the animals and their pursuers, and perhaps most of all, the transcendent joy of hunting. Finally, he poignantly conveys how for him animals have been transformed from objects of hunting into objects of wonder.

“A sterling hunting memoir that abides love for all creatures—including the human one.” richard ford

author of Grizzlyville

books of fiction, including Niceman Cometh

trevor herriot

Steve Burgess

author of Grass, Sky, Song

and Welcome to Canada, and two nonfiction

books, Fishing in Western Canada and Courting Saskatchewan. His fiction and his essays have won seven literary awards. He lives and writes in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. A deeply personal narrative and wide-ranging exploration of hunting—why many hunters feel most fully alive when they are hunting, how sport hunters differ from subsistence hunters, what connects aboriginal hunters to non-aboriginal hunters, and why so many hunters, including David Carpenter, inevitably give up the hunt for good.

a n e w b io g r ap hy by

David Bret


Who Killed Mom?

d&m publishers inc. Vancouver/Toronto/Berkeley

t he l a dy, t he l ov er , t he l egen d 1932 – 2 011

a h u n t e r’ s c o n f e s s i o n

david c a rpen t er is the author of eight

“The most thoughtful and gracefully modulated yet deliciously ambivalent apologia in defence of hunting I have seen in print.”

n t e r’ s a hu david carpenter con fession

Jacket design by Naomi MacDougall Jacket photos (back and top front) © Tim Pannell/corbis (bottom front) © Warren Jacobi/First Light Author photograph by Stuart Kasdorf Printed and bound in Canada Printed on forest-friendly paper Distributed in the U.S. by Publishers Group West

Jane Christmas au thor of What the Psychic Told the Pilgrim



“You don’t have to be a hunter or an Son’S anti-hunter to appreciate this book. You Meditation on Family, Mortality only need to love fine writing.” jake macdonald and Very Tacky Candles



IncontInent on t h e

contInent My Mother, Her Walker, and our Grand Tour of Italy


[ $29.95 ]


978-1-55365-4 4 0-7

978-1-55365-8 33-7

978-1-55365-439-1 cloth

978-1-55365-4 00-1

jean béliveau

elizabeth taylor

who killed mom?

978-1-55365-825-2 paper

incontinent on the continent

Béliveau, Goyens, Turowetz

David Bret

Steve Burgess

a hunter’s confession

Jane Christmas

$24.95 paper

$18.95 paper

$22.95 paper

David Carpenter

$21.00 paper



$29.95 cloth · $19.95 paper “How rare such honesty is, and how hard-won, and radical, and beautiful!”

A Midlife Misadventure

U r s U l a K. l e G U i n


on Spain’s Camino de Santiago de Compostela


w ith ne w e ssays by

Susan Cheever · Molly Jong-Fast · Rick Whitaker

w h at t h e



tol d the

c a t e r i n a e d wa r d s

beneath the

no te s f rom the bel ly of the be as t

finding rosa

Edited by Lorna Crozier & Patrick Lane


sky a nd c on t ribu t ions f rom

David Adams Richards Peter Gzowski · Sheri-D Wilson

Ja ne C h r ist m a s

A Mother with Alzheimer’s,

Evelyn Lau · Lois Simmie

a Daughter in Search

Lorna Crozier · Stephen Reid

of the Past

Patrick Lane · John Newlove

lo r n a c r o z i e r

Marnie Woodrow

978-1-5505 4-24 0-3

978-1-5505 4-4 61-9


978-1-55365-343-1 cloth

978-1-55365-389-9 cloth

what the psychic

butter down the well


978-1-55365-577-0 paper

978-1-55365-526-8 paper

told the pilgrim

Robert Collins

Crozier/Lane, eds.

small beneath the sky

finding rosa

Jane Christmas

$14.95 cloth

$19.95 paper

Lorna Crozier

Caterina Edwards

$28.95 cloth · $18.95 paper

$30.00 cloth · $19.95 paper

$21.95 paper c444444444444444d


Surviving My Medical Meltdown

t he way of a




Times eighT

finding myself in t h e c i t y of d r e a m s

Most ofMe

a l i f e’s j o u r n e y

Robyn Michele levy

Deirdre Kelly


des kennedy




978-1-55365-26 8-7



978-1-55365-06 4-5

978-1-55365-438-4 cloth

paris times eight

the way of a gardener

most of me

a test of will

978-1-55365-827-6 paper

Deirdre Kelly

Des Kennedy

Robyn Michele Levy

Warren Macdonald

cigar box banjo

$22.95 paper

$22.95 paper

$21.95 paper

$22.95 paper

Paul Quarrington $30.00 cloth · $19.95 paper


A frank and inventive blend of biography, music criticism, and memoir

Introduc tion by L awrence Millman

“An unpretentious but arresting book about life south of nowhere.” Time

Coming of Age with the Music of Bruce Springsteen

A WOMAN in the

Walk like a Man

PO LAR N I G HT Robert J. Wiersema


fingernails A G R AV E D I G G E R ’ S MEMOIR

"It's the humanity at the core of the story— plus Wilkins' gymnastic prose and laughs aplenty—that really powers this book." T H E T O R O N T O S TA R

978-1-5505 4-5 8 4-5 cloth

978-1-55365-5 4 0-4

978-1-55365-8 45-0

978-1-5505 4-701-6 paper

a woman in the polar night

walk like a man

in the land of

the boy on the back

Christiane Ritter

Robert J. Wiersema

long fingernails

of the turtle

$19.95 paper

$21.95 paper

Charles Wilkins

Paul Quarrington $1 2.95 cloth · $16.95 paper

16  |  greystone books Spring 2012 

978-1-55365-8 43-6

$18.95 paper

guidebooks the #1 hiking guide since 1973

jack chris tie

· · ·

103 hikes

· · ·

j ac k b ryc e l a n d a n d m a ry & dav i d m ac a r e e

favourite trips and overnight destinations

new edition

find adventure on the gulf islands or the sunshine coast


escape for a mini-holiday in harrison hot springs or tofino


weekend Getaways

in SouthweStern BritiSh ColumBia


pamper yourself in the okanagan or the comox valley


from Vancouver

from Vancouver

An updated guide to the region’s best parks, lakes beaches, and trails, including the new Sea to Sky Trail from Squamish to D’Arcy

reviSed and updated Sixth edition



978-1-55365-28 8-5



103 hikes in southwestern

british columbia:

roadside nature tours

best weekend getaways from

52 best day trips

british columbia

a natural history

through the okanagan


from vancouver

Jack Bryceland


Richard Cannings

Jack Christie

Jack Christie

$19.95 paper

$39.95 paper

$24.95 paper

$22.95 paper

$19.95 paper tim leadem

. . .

> Route descriptions in both directions > Detailed trail maps

45 fun day trips



for all ages


a pocket guide

[cover copy - cover A]

[cover copy - cover B] P o c k e t G u i d e t o t h e W e s t C o a s t Tr a i l With route descriptions in both directions




978-1-55365-4 47-6

978-1-55365-5 82-4

978-1-55365-08 5-0

978-1-5505 4-976-8


the whistler book

easy cycling

easy hiking

sea kayaking

hiking the west coast trail

Jack Christie

around vancouver

around vancouver

John Dowd

Tim Leadem

$24.95 paper


Jean Cousins

$24.95 paper

$1 2.95 paper

$19.95 paper

$19.95 paper

u p date d & e x pa n d e d w ith n e w h i k e s o n th e h e s q u i at a n d b r o o ks p e n i n s u l a s

th e w e st coa st tr a i l and th e j ua n d e f u ca m a r i n e tr a i l · th e n o otk a tr a i l th e w i ld pac i f i c tr a i l · th e ca p e s cot t tr a i l s th e ca r m a n a h -wa lb r a n tr a i l s

Hiking the

West Coast of VancouVer Isl and

m a r y & d av i d m a c a r e e th e low e r mai n l an d’s m ost tr u ste d


North to South Ti m L e a d e m


walk i n g g u i d e fo r m o r e than 3 0 y e ar s

Maggie Mooney

are you

r e v i s e d a n d u p date d s i xth e d iti o n

· · ·



in Bri t ish ColumBia’s lower mainl and

for the big one?

H o w t o P r e Pa r e f o r a n

e a r t hqu a k e a four-week program to help you and your family survive

tim leadem · · ·


978-1-55365-4 43-8


978-1-5505 4-179-3

hiking the west coast

109 walks in

kayak routes of the

the new savory wild

are you ready?

of vancouver island

bc’s lower mainland

pacific northwest


Maggie Mooney

Tim Leadem

Mary and David Macaree

Peter McGee

McKenny, Stuntz,Ammirati

$17.95 paper

$22.95 paper

$19.95 paper

$22.95 paper

$28.95 paper

978-1-55365-8 50-4

greystone books Spring 2012   |  17 

general nonfiction


d av i d b a i n b r i d g e


Teenagers a natural history


vancouver’s downtown eastside and the fight for its future


B rew

A Liquor-F u eLed Cr iCk e t tou r t h rough e Ast er n eu rop e

of the FIELD


A Th ousAn d

d r e Ams


women archaeologists and their search for adventure

l arry campbell ,


foreword by Gordon Neufeld

lori culbert, & neil boyd

ANgus BEll

Ian Coutts



978-1-55365-4 41-4


978-1-55365-4 67-4

ladies of the field


batting on the bosphorus

a thousand dreams

brew north

Amanda Adams

David Bainbridge

Angus Bell

Campbell, Culbert, Boyd

Ian Coutts

$21.95 paper

$22.00 paper

$22.00 paper

$24.95 paper

$24.95 paper

Wayne Grady / Merilyn Simonds

re viSed ANd e x PANd ed “A f u n n y, r e A d A b l e A n d e d u c At i o n A l


book with A very serious messAge.” the MedicAl PoSt





art hister , md


Midlife Man A Not- S o -thre AteNiNg guide to he A lth A Nd Se x f o r M A N At hi S P e A k




With NeW iNf orMAtioN oN


how sex helps you live longer

rough Am

Travels Th

how to prevent prostate cancer, colon cancer, and other nasty diseases how to hang on to what little is left of your brain

Paul Howard How I Braved Bears, Badlands and Big Breakfasts in My Quest to Cycle the Tour Divide

Eat, slEEp, RIDE


978-1-55365-522-0 cloth

978-1-55365-4 08-7



notes from canada’s

978-1-55365-826-9 paper

the doctor is in(sane)

midlife man,

eat, sleep, ride

young activists

breakfast at the exit cafe

Dr. Dave Hepburn

revised and expanded

Paul Howard

Severn Cullis-Suzuki, et al.


$19.95 paper

Art Hister, md

$19.95 paper

$21.95 paper

$32.95 cloth · $19.95 paper

$22.95 paper R AY M OY N I H A N & DR. BARBARA MINTZES

S E X,






978-1-55365-305-9 cloth



978-1-55365-503-9 cloth

978-1-55365-530-5 paper

selling sickness

sex, lies,

978-1-55365-796-5 paper

a bitter pill

the wisdom of donkeys


and pharmaceuticals

the simpsons

John Sloan, md

Andy Merrifield

$22.95 paper


John Ortved

$22.95 paper

$21.95 paper

$34.95 cloth · $17.95 paper

$22.95 cloth · $18.95 paper t H o m a s F. p a w l I C k

The end of

food How tH e Foo d I n d ustry Is

d e s t r o y I n g o u r F o o d s u p p ly—a n d w H a t yo u C a n d o a b o u t I t


978-1-5505 4-510-4

the end of food

the secret lives of

Thomas F. Pawlick

sgt. john wilson

$24.95 paper

Lois Simmie $21.95 paper

18  |  greystone books Spring 2012 

kids Maggie de Vries

Ainslie Manson

Illustrated by


Illu st rated b y

Renné Benoit

Renné Benoit

of a


Maggie de Vries Illustrated by Renné Benoit

Fraser Bear

R ick H a n s en’s stoRy

a cu b ’ s l ife

[ a S T U R G E O N stor y ]

978-1-55365-521-3 fraser bear de Vries/Benoit $19.95 cloth

978-1-55365-303-5 tale of a great white fish de Vries/Benoit $12.95 paper nominated for the 2007 silver birch award

978-1-55365-427-8 boy in motion Manson/Benoit $12.00 paper

978-1-55365-039-3 wizards Candace Savage $16.95 paper

dav id suzuki wi

messa th a ge




E TH E R ’ S A

w ga




r i m a at h a i





michael nicoll ya h g u l a n a a s

art by

Eugenie Fernandes

978-1-55365-532-9 there’s a barnyard in my bedroom Suzuki/Fernandes $12.95 paper

978-1-55365-163-5 salmon forest Suzuki/Ellis/Lott $10.95 paper

978-1-55054-823-5 eco-fun Suzuki/Vanderlinden $16.95 paper

978-1-55365-533-6 the little hummingbird Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas $18.95 cloth

me to we

978-1-55365-5 86-2


978-0-978 43-750-3

978-1-5538 3-131-0

the world needs your kid

my maasai life

free the children

the making of an activist

C. Kielburger/

Robin Wiszowaty

Craig Kielburger

Lekha Singh

M. Kielburger/Page

$22.95 paper

$20.00 paper

$21.95 paper

$19.95 paper

978-0-978 4375-1-0 take action! C. Kielburger/M. Kielburger $24.95 paper for ages 11–16

978-0-978 43-752-7

978-0-978 43-753-4

take more action!

it takes a child

C. Kielburger/M. Kiel-

C. Kielburger/Antonello


$10.95 paper

$24.95 paper for ages 16 and up greystone books Spring 2012   |  19 

greystone books in print

978-1-55365-522-0 cl Breakfast at the Exit Cafe (Grady, Simonds)  $32.95

bold indicates spring 2012 frontlist titles

978-1-55365-467-4 pa Brew North (Coutts)  $24.95 978-1-55365-052-2 pa British Columbia (Cannings, Cannings)  $39.95

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978-1-55054-461-9 cl Butter Down the Well (Collins)  $14.95


pa 52 Best Day Trips from Vancouver (Christie)  $19.95



pa 103 Hikes in Southwestern BC

978-1-55365-557-2 cl Canada’s Top 100 (Mooney, et al.)  $29.95


(Bryceland, Macaree)  $19.95

pa 109 Walks in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland

(Macaree) $19.95

978-1-55365-201-4 pa Canadian Saturday Night (Podnieks)  $26.95 978-0-88894-489-4 pa Canoeing Ontario’s Rivers (Reid, Grand)  $16.95 978-1-55365-157-4 pa Caribou Hunter (Bouchard)  $22.95 978-1-55054-972-0 cl Caught in Fading Light (Thorp)  $29.95

a 978-1-55365-541-1 pa Abundant Beauty (North)  $19.95 978-1-55365-115-4 pa Addicted (Crozier, Lane, eds.)  $19.95 978-1-55054-911-9 pa Alaska (Grescoe)  $22.95 978-1-55365-320-2 pa Almost Green (Glave)  $22.00 978-1-55054-941-6 pa Amazing Hockey Trivia (Weekes, Banks)  $9.95 978-1-55365-442-1 cl Arctic Eden (Kobalenko)  $45.00 978-1-55365-850-4 pa Are You Ready for the Big One? (Mooney)  $17.95 Armchair Book of Gardens (Billinghurst)  $35.00 978-1-55365-392-9 cl 978-1-55365-517-6 cl Art and Nature (Magee)  $50.00 978-1-55365-446-9 cl Atlantic Coast (Thurston)  $45.00 978-1-55054-447-3 pa Aurora (Savage)  $27.95 978-1-55054-646-0 pa Awesome Hockey Trivia (Weekes)  $7.95

978-1-55365-523-7 pa Chasing Clayoquot (Pitt-Brooke)  $19.95 Chickens Fight Back (Waltner-Toews)  $22.95 978-1-55365-270-0 pa 978-1-55365-297-7 pa Choosing Wildness (Arbour)  $24.95 978-1-55365-827-6 pa Cigar Box Banjo (Quarrington)  $19.95 978-1-55365-438-4 cl Cigar Box Banjo (Quarrington)  $30.00 978-1-55365-519-0 pa City Farmer (Johnson)  $19.95 Classic Hockey Trivia (Weekes, Banks)  $7.95 978-1-55054-561-6 pa 978-1-55365-485-8 pa Climate Cover-Up (Hoggan)  $20.00 Complete Book of the Winter Olympics 978-1-55365-502-2 pa (Wallechinsky) $28.95 Concise Encyclopedia of Hockey (Carroll)  $29.95 978-1-55054-845-7 pa 978-1-55054-811-2 pa Conversations with an Eagle (Cox)  $22.95 978-1-55054-617-0 pa Courting Saskatchewan (Carpenter)  $14.95 978-1-55365-581-7 pa Cow (Werner)  $19.95

b 978-1-55054-902-7 pa B.C. Roadside Naturalist (Cannings)  $29.95

Cowboy (Payton, et al.)  $26.95 978-1-55054-544-9 cl

978-1-55365-507-7 pa Baseball’s Top 100 (Banks)  $15.95

978-1-55054-498-5 pa Cowgirls (Savage)  $24.95

978-1-55365-451-3 pa Basketball Basics (Triano)  $17.95

978-1-55365-328-8 pa Crease-Crashing Hockey Trivia (Weekes)  $10.95

978-1-55054-753-5 pa Basketball Challenge (Vanderlinden)  $6.95

978-1-55365-545-9 pa Creative Bird Photography (Coster)  $21.95

978-1-55365-579-4 cl Bateman: New Works (Bateman)  $55.00

Creative Nature Photography (Coster)  $21.95 978-1-55365-847-4 pa

978-1-55365-441-4 pa Batting on the Bosphorus (Bell)  $22.00

978-1-55365-286-1 pa Crows (Savage)  $19.95

978-1-55054-016-1 pa Beachwalker (Paine)  $19.95

Crows (Savage)  $19.95 978-1-55365-106-2 cl


978-1-55365-092-8 pa Curious by Nature (Savage)  $18.95


Bear’s Embrace (Van Tighem)  $21.95

978-1-55054-875-4 pa Bear’s Embrace (Van Tighem)  $21.95 978-1-55054-877-8 pa Beast Within (Boyd)  $22.95 978-1-55365-531-2 pa Bees (Savage)  $19.95 978-1-55365-321-9 cl Bees (Savage)  $28.00 978-1-55365-860-3


Beginning Runner’s Handbook (MacNeill, SportsMedBC)  $19.95

978-1-55365-087-4 pa Beginning Runner’s Handbook (MacNeill)  $19.95 978-1-55365-870-2 cl Beneath Cold Seas (Hall)  $45.00 Best of the Decade (nhl) $29.95 978-1-55365-576-3 pa 978-1-55365-256-4 pa Best Weekend Getaways from Vancouver (Christie) $22.95 978-0-88894-420-7 pa Bicycling Vancouver Island (Priest)  $14.95 978-1-55365-119-2 pa Big Book of Hockey Trivia (Weekes)  $17.95 978-1-55365-397-4 pa Big Picture (Suzuki, Taylor)  $24.95 978-1-55365-001-0 pa Big Sister (Boyd)  $22.95 978-1-55365-456-8 pa Biggest Book of Hockey Trivia (Weekes)  $18.00 978-1-55054-565-4 pa Bird Brains (Savage)  $26.95 978-1-55054-997-3 pa Birds of Heaven (Matthiessen)  $26.95

d 978-1-55054-974-4 cl Dangerous Place (Reisner)  $34.95 978-1-55365-244-1 cl Dark Waters Dancing to a Breeze (Grady, ed.)  $26.95 978-1-55365-281-6 pa David Suzuki (Suzuki)  $22.95 David Suzuki Reader (Suzuki)  $24.95 978-1-55365-022-5 pa 978-1-55365-293-9 pa David Suzuki’s Green Guide (Suzuki, Boyd)  $19.95 978-1-55054-576-0 pa Dead Reckoning (Glavin)  $18.95 978-1-55365-546-6 cl Declaration of Interdependence

(Suzuki, Cullis, et al.)  $16.00

978-1-55054-657-6 pa Delgamuukw (Persky)  $19.95 Deserts (Grady, ed.)  $24.95 978-1-55365-326-4 cl 978-1-55365-408-7 pa Doctor Is In(sane) (Hepburn)  $19.95 978-1-55365-454-4 pa Dodging the Toxic Bullet (Boyd)  $21.95 978-1-55054-218-9 pa Doll (Taylor)  $7.95 978-1-55054-790-0 pa Don Weekes’ All-Star Hockey Challenge (Weekes)  $8.95 978-1-55365-204-5 pa Dreaming of East (Hodgson)  $24.95 e

978-1-55365-455-1 pa Bitter Pill (Sloan)  $22.95

978-1-55054-783-2 pa Eagles of North America (Savage)  $19.95

978-1-55365-191-8 pa Born to Be a Cowgirl (Savage)  $12.95

Easy Cycling around Vancouver (Cousins)  $19.95 978-1-55365-582-4 pa

978-1-55365-427-8 pa Boy in Motion (Manson, Benoit)  $12.00

978-1-55365-085-0 pa Easy Hiking around Vancouver (Cousins)  $19.95

978-1-55054-701-6 pa Boy on the Back of the Turtle (Quarrington)  $16.95

978-1-55365-817-7 pa Eat, Sleep, Ride (Howard)  $19.95

978-1-55054-584-5 cl Boy on the Back of the Turtle (Quarrington)  $12.95

978-1-55365-977-8 cl Eating Dirt (Gill)  $29.95

978-1-55365-826-9 pa Breakfast at the Exit Cafe (Grady, Simonds)  $19.95

978-1-55054-823-5 pa Eco-Fun (Suzuki, Vanderlinden)  $16.95 978-1-55365-510-7 pa Empire of the Beetle (Nikiforuk)  $19.95

20  |  greystone books Spring 2012 

978-1-55365-370-7 pa Ecology of Enchantment (Kennedy)  $21.95


978-1-55365-440-7 pa Elizabeth Taylor (Bret)  $18.95

978-1-55365-061-4 pa Hardcore Hockey Trivia (Weekes)  $9.95

978-1-55365-235-9 cl Enchantment of Birds (Cannings)  $29.95

978-1-55054-058-1 pa High Endeavours (Clark)  $26.95

978-1-55365-169-7 pa End of Food (Pawlick)  $24.95

978-1-55365-382-0 pa Hiking the West Coast of Vancouver Island

978-1-55054-882-2 pa Essential Blue & White Book (Podnieks)  $29.95

(Leadem) $22.95

978-1-55054-867-9 pa Etched in Ice (McKinley)  $22.95

978-1-55365-155-0 pa Hiking the West Coast Trail: A Pocket Guide



Everyone’s Birthday (Kielburger)  $19.95

(Leadem) $12.95



Everything under the Sun

978-1-55054-092-5 pa Hockey (Weekes)  $7.95

(Sukuki, Hannington)  $24.95

978-1-55365-044-7 pa Hockey: How to Play Like the Pros

Exploring Algonquin Park (Kates)  $18.95 978-1-55054-726-9 pa

978-1-55054-851-8 pa Explosive Hockey Trivia (Weekes)  $9.95

978-1-55054-645-3 pa Hockey Challenge (Vanderlinden)  $7.95

978-1-55054-711-5 pa Extreme Hockey Trivia (Weekes)  $7.95

978-1-55054-822-8 pa Hockey Heroes: Curtis Joseph (Banks)  $10.95 978-1-55054-836-5 pa Hockey Heroes: Jaromir Jagr (Harling, Harling)  $10.95

f 978-1-55365-369-1 cl Ferocious Summer (Hooper)  $9.95 978-1-55054-415-2 pa Fifty Mighty Men (MacEwan)  $16.95 978-1-55365-526-8 pa Finding Rosa (Edwards)  $19.95 978-1-55365-389-9 cl Finding Rosa (Edwards)  $30.00 978-1-55054-944-7 pa Fishing for Brookies, Browns & Bows (Deval)  $22.95 978-1-55054-881-5 cl Fishing for Brookies, Browns & Bows (Deval)  $29.95 Fishing in Western Canada (Carpenter)  $19.95 978-1-55054-707-8 pa 978-1-55054-564-7 pa Fishing with My Old Guy (Quarrington)  $18.95 Flight of the Hummingbird (Yahgulanaas)  $16.00 978-1-55365-372-1 cl 978-1-55365-535-0 pa Flights of Imagination (Cannings, ed.)  $22.95 978-1-55365-513-8 cl Fly by Wire (Langewiesche)  $28.95 978-1-55054-992-8 pa Flying Book (Blatner)  $26.95 Flying Crooked (Michael)  $23.95 978-1-55365-130-7 cl 978-1-55365-587-9 pa Following the Last Wild Wolves (McAllister)  $19.95 978-1-55365-271-7 pa Food, Sex, and Salmonella (Waltner-Toews)  $22.95 978-1-55054-986-7 cl Foot (Vanderlinden)  $24.95 978-1-926812-95-3

(Rossiter, Carson)  $22.95


Fraser Bear (de Vries, Benoit)  $12.95

978-1-55365-521-3 cl Fraser Bear (de Vries, Benoit)  $19.95 Free the Children (Kielburger)  $20.00 978-0-9784375-0-3 pa 978-1-55365-031-7 pa From Naked Ape to Superspecies

(Suzuki, Dressel)  $24.95

978-1-55365-032-4 pa From the Far Side of the River (Quarrington)  $22.95 Frozen in Time (Beattie, Geiger)  $22.95 978-1-55365-060-7 pa

978-1-55054-870-9 cl Hockey Heroes: Mario Lemieux (Rossiter)  $19.95 978-1-55054-642-2 pa Hockey Heroes: Mats Sundin (Banks)  $9.95 978-1-55054-641-5 pa Hockey Heroes: Patrick Roy (Podnieks)  $9.95 978-1-55054-792-4 pa Hockey Heroes: Paul Kariya (Podnieks)  $10.95 978-1-55054-920-1 pa Hockey Heroes: Pavel Bure (Banks)  $10.95 978-1-55054-793-1 pa Hockey Heroes: Peter Forsberg (Harling)  $10.95 978-1-55054-678-1 pa Hockey Heroes: Teemu Selanne (Banks)  $9.95 978-1-55054-550-0 pa Hockey the nhl Way: Goal Scoring (Rossiter)  $12.95 978-1-55054-549-4 pa Hockey the nhl Way: Goaltending (Rossiter)  $12.95 978-1-55054-864-8 pa Hockey the nhl Way: Hockey Tips from the Pros (Rossiter) $12.95 978-1-55054-791-7 pa Hockey the nhl Way: Power Plays and Penalty Killing (Rossiter) $12.95 978-1-55054-916-4 pa Hockey the nhl Way: Skating for Power and Speed (Rossiter) $12.95 978-1-55365-212-0 pa Hockey the nhl Way: The Basics

(Rossiter, Carson)  $16.95

978-1-55054-644-6 pa Hockey the nhl Way: Win with Defense (Rossiter) $10.95 978-1-55054-146-5 pa Hockey Trivia (Weekes)  $7.95 978-1-55054-061-1 pa Hockey Trivia Quiz Book (Weekes)  $7.95 978-1-55054-452-7 pa Hockey, Hockey, Hockey (Weekes)  $7.95 978-1-55365-563-3 cl Hockey’s Original Six (Leonetti)  $45.00 978-1-55365-660-9 pa Hockey’s Top 100: The Game’s Greatest Goals (Weekes, Banks)  $15.95


978-1-55054-042-0 pa Gardening on the Prairies (Vick)  $19.95

978-1-55365-274-8 pa Hockey’s Top 100: The Game’s Greatest Records



Gardening with Native Plants of the Pacific Northwest

(Kruckeberg) $39.95

(Weekes, Banks)  $15.95

978-1-55365-202-1 pa Hollywood and Me (Rothman)  $22.95

Gardens (Simonds, ed.)  $24.95 978-1-55365-327-1 cl

978-1-55365-501-5 pa Home and Away (Bidini)  $19.95

Gardens of Shame (Challen, Vine)  $22.95 978-1-55054-996-6 pa

978-1-55365-371-4 pa Hot Topic (Walker, King)  $15.95

978-1-55054-880-8 cl Gardens of Shame (Challen, Vine)  $34.95

978-1-55365-831-3 pa How Bad Are Bananas? (Berners-Lee)  $19.95

978-1-55365-815-3 pa Geology of British Columbia (Cannings)  $19.95

978-1-55365-825-2 pa Hunter’s Confession (Carpenter)  $19.95

978-1-55365-003-4 pa Glenn Hall (Adrahtas)  $24.95

978-1-55365-439-1 cl Hunter’s Confession (Carpenter)  $29.95

978-1-55054-571-5 pa Goal Scorers (Weekes)  $12.95 978-1-55365-580-0 cl Gold Medal Diary (Wickenheiser)  $29.95 978-1-55365-385-1 pa Good Catch (Lambert)  $24.95 978-1-55054-719-1 pa Gordie (MacSkimming)  $19.95 978-1-55054-752-8 pa Great Gretzky Trivia Book (Weekes)  $7.95 978-1-55365-804-7 pa Great Lakes (Grady)  $34.95 978-1-55365-197-0 cl Great Lakes (Grady)  $49.95 978-1-55054-784-9 pa Greenhouse (Christianson)  $19.95 978-1-55054-849-5 pa Grey Owl (Billinghurst)  $19.95 978-1-55054-692-7 cl Grey Owl (Billinghurst)  $26.95

i 978-1-55054-178-6 cl Ian Tyson (Tyson, Escott)  $24.95 978-0-88833-269-1 cl In a Strange Land (Wright)  $24.95 978-1-55365-601-2


In Pursuit of Garlic (Primeau)  $19.95

978-1-55054-869-3 cl In the Arms of Morpheus (Hodgson)  $34.95 978-1-55365-843-6 pa In the Land of Long Fingernails (Wilkins)  $18.95 978-1-55054-518-0 pa In the Path of an Avalanche (Bowers)  $22.95 978-1-55365-400-1 pa Incontinent on the Continent (Christmas)  $21.00 978-1-55365-200-7 pa It Ain’t Easy (Myers)  $24.95 978-0-9784375-3-4 pa It Takes a Child (Kielburger, Antonello)  $10.95 978-1-55365-093-5 cl Italy Out of Hand (Hodgson)  $26.95

greystone books Spring 2012   |  21 


978-1-55054-693-4 cl Nature of Hummingbirds (Thurston)  $34.95

978-1-55365-149-9 pa Jean Béliveau (Béliveau, Goyens, Turowetz)  $24.95

978-1-55054-847-1 cl Nature of Lions (Grace)  $34.95

978-1-55054-414-5 pa John Ware’s Cow Country (MacEwan)  $14.95

978-1-55054-570-8 cl Nature of Monarch Butterflies (Grace, Paine)  $34.95

978-1-55054-460-2 pa Julie’s Secret (Taylor)  $7.95

978-1-55054-879-2 pa Nature of Penguins (Chester)  $24.95

978-1-55365-296-0 cl Jumbo (Chambers)  $27.95

978-1-55054-085-7 cl Nature of Sea Otters (Paine)  $29.95 978-1-55054-502-9 cl Nature of Shorebirds (Thurston)  $16.95

k Kathy’s Story (O’Beirne)  $24.95 978-1-55365-168-0 pa 978-1-55365-033-1 pa Kayak Routes of the Pacific Northwest (McGee)  $22.95 978-1-55365-401-8 pa Kim Cattrall Sexual Intelligence (Cattrall)  $19.95

978-1-55054-694-1 cl Nature of Spiders (Mason)  $34.95 978-1-55054-621-7 cl Nature of Walruses (Knudtson)  $16.95 978-1-55054-503-6 cl Nature of Wolves (Savage)  $34.95 978-1-55054-562-3 pa Nature Walks around Vancouver (Cousins)  $16.95


978-1-55054-702-3 pa Nature Walks around Victoria (Lansdowne)  $16.95

978-1-55365-433-9 pa Ladies of the Field (Adams)  $21.95

978-1-55365-116-1 pa Neil Young Nation (Chong)  $22.95

978-1-55365-885-6 pa Lakeland (Casey)  $19.95

978-1-55054-179-3 pa New Savory Wild Mushroom (McKenny, et al.)  $28.95

978-1-55365-308-0 cl Lakeland (Casey)  $29.95

978-1-55365-396-7 cl Night (Simonds, ed.)  $24.95

978-1-55054-954-6 pa Last Great Sea (Glavin)  $22.95

978-1-55365-012-6 pa No Place for a Lady (Hodgson)  $24.95

978-1-55365-452-0 pa Last Wild Wolves (McAllister, Darimont)  $29.95

978-1-55054-938-6 cl No Place for a Lady (Hodgson)  $29.95

978-1-55365-242-7 cl Last Wild Wolves (McAllister, Darimont)  $45.00

Northern Wild (Boyd)  $22.95 978-1-55054-824-2 pa

Legacy (Suzuki)  $17.95 978-1-55365-828-3 pa

978-1-55365-237-3 pa Notes from Canada’s Young Activists

978-1-55365-570-1 cl Legacy (Suzuki)  $25.00

Lessons from a Street Kid (Kielburger)  $19.95 978-1-55365-865-8 pa 978-1-55054-705-4 pa Life in the Pacific Ocean (Cannings, et al.)  $22.95 978-1-55365-533-6 cl Little Hummingbird (Yahgulanaas)  $18.95 978-1-55365-953-2


Living Me to We (Kielburger, Kielburger)  $15.00



Long Beach Wild (Mason)  $21.95

(Cullis-Suzuki, et al.)  $21.95

o 978-1-55365-487-2 pa Off the Chain (Rebagliati)  $24.95 978-1-55054-821-1 pa Off the Wall Baseball Trivia (Mackin)  $9.95 Old-Time Hockey Trivia (Weekes)  $4.95 978-1-55054-453-4 pa 978-1-55054-890-7 pa Oldtimers (Mason)  $24.95


978-1-55054-939-3 cl Oldtimers (Mason)  $32.95

978-1-55054-815-0 pa Macular Degeneration (D’Amato, Snyder)  $19.95

978-1-55365-477-3 cl On Rare Birds (Albus)  $35.00

978-1-55383-131-0 pa Making of an Activist (Singh)  $21.95

One-Day Getaways from Vancouver (Christie)  $17.95 978-1-55054-706-1 pa

978-1-55365-158-1 pa Marathon and Half-Marathon (Caron)  $19.95

978-1-55365-058-4 pa Opium (Hodgson)  $19.95

978-0-88833-138-0 pa Marie Anne (MacEwan)  $13.95

978-1-55365-034-8 pa Orca (Knudtson)  $19.95

978-1-55054-568-5 pa Memory Meadows (MacEwan)  $18.95

978-1-55054-569-2 pa Outdoor Safety & Survival (Lees)  $8.99

978-1-55365-377-6 pa Mermaid’s Tale (Adams)  $24.95 Mermaid’s Tale (Adams)  $32.95 978-1-55365-117-8 cl 978-1-55054-416-9 pa Mighty Women (MacEwan)  $14.95 978-1-55365-390-5 pa Mom, Will This Chicken Give Me Man Boobs? (Harding) $19.95 Montreal Canadiens (Weekes)  $8.95 978-1-55054-165-6 pa 978-1-55365-475-9 pa More Good News (Suzuki, Dressel)  $22.95 978-1-55365-632-6 pa Most of Me (Levy)  $21.95 Mother Nature (Savage)  $16.95 978-1-55054-546-3 cl 978-1-55054-636-1 pa Mountains and Northern Forests (Cannings)  $19.95 978-1-55365-063-8 pa Mr. Nasty (White)  $24.95 978-1-55054-105-2 pa Muddling Through (Bowen)  $18.95 978-1-55365-802-3 cl My Maasai Life—Children’s Edition (Wiszowaty)  $19.95 978-1-55365-509-1 pa My Maasai Life (Wiszowaty)  $22.95 978-1-55365-376-9 cl My Natural History (Primeau)  $28.95

p Paris Times Eight (Kelly)  $22.95 978-1-55365-268-7 pa 978-1-55365-375-2 pa Passion for This Earth (Benjamin, ed.)  $21.00 978-1-55365-198-7 pa Passionate Gardener (Kennedy)  $21.95 978-1-55054-828-0 pa Pavel Bure (Banks)  $19.95 978-1-55054-096-3 pa Peregrine Falcons (Savage)  $9.95 978-1-55365-035-5 pa Place between the Tides (Thurston)  $22.95 978-1-55054-547-0 pa Plundered Seas (Berrill)  $19.95 978-1-926812-62-5


Polar Wives (Herbert)  $22.95



Power of More (McBean)  $22.95

978-1-55365-588-6 pa Prairie (Savage)  $34.95 978-1-55054-710-8 pa Puck-Stoppin’ Trivia (Weekes)  $7.95 978-1-55054-876-1 pa Putting a Roof on Winter (McKinley)  $24.95 r

978-1-55365-037-9 pa My Turquoise Years (Farrant)  $22.95

978-1-55054-763-4 pa Rainforest (Osborne, Davis)  $28.95


978-1-55054-505-0 pa Rat (Hodgson)  $9.95


My Year of the Racehorse (Chong)  $22.95

n 978-1-55365-015-7 pa Naked Truth (Gudgeon)  $22.95 Naturalists (Hodgson)  $19.95 978-1-55054-927-0 pa 978-1-55054-599-9 pa Nature of Arctic Whales (Paine)  $22.95 978-1-55054-622-4 cl Nature of Caribou (Russell)  $34.95 978-1-55054-138-0 cl Nature of Coyotes (Grady)  $29.95 978-1-55054-566-1 pa Nature of Foxes (Grambo)  $12.95 978-1-55054-762-7 cl Nature of Great Apes (Gilders)  $34.95

22  |  greystone books Spring 2012 

978-1-55054-757-3 pa Record-Breaking Baseball Trivia (Mackin)  $7.95 978-1-55054-843-3 pa Red-Hot Hockey Trivia (Weekes)  $9.95 978-1-55365-399-8 pa Reflections 2008 (nhl) $28.00 978-1-55365-486-5 pa Reflections 2009 (nhl) $28.00 978-1-55365-960-0 pa Reflections 2011 (nhl) $27.95 978-1-55365-282-3 pa Reflections on a Hockey Season (nhl) $27.95 978-1-55365-378-3 pa Requiem for My Brother (Fraser)  $22.95 978-1-55054-980-5 cl Risking It All (Ingram)  $32.95 978-1-55054-748-1 pa River of the Angry Moon (Hume)  $17.95

978-1-55054-660-6 cl River of the Angry Moon (Hume)  $26.95

978-1-55365-555-8 pa Tar Sands—Revised & Updated (Nikiforuk)  $20.00

978-1-55365-288-5 pa Roadside Nature Tours through the Okanagan

978-1-55365-437-7 pa Teenagers (Bainbridge)  $22.00

(Cannings) $24.95

978-1-55365-036-2 pa Temptress (Billinghurst)  $26.95

978-1-55054-903-4 pa Rock ‘n’ Roll Trivia (Harling)  $9.95

978-1-55365-453-7 pa Ten Questions You Must Ask Your Doctor

978-1-55365-336-3 pa Rocket (Melançon)  $29.95

978-1-55365-285-4 pa Rockies (Cannings)  $19.95

978-1-55365-525-1 pa Ten Technologies to Save the Planet (Goodall)  $22.95

(Moynihan, Sweet)  $19.95

978-1-55054-799-3 pa Rockin’ Hockey Trivia (Weekes)  $8.95

978-1-55365-064-5 pa Test of Will (Macdonald)  $22.95

978-1-55054-749-8 pa Romancing Mary Jane (Poole)  $22.95

978-1-55365-532-9 pa There’s a Barnyard in My Bedroom

978-1-55365-017-1 cl Roses (Winterrowd)  $45.00

978-1-55365-337-0 pa Rowboat in a Hurricane (Angus)  $22.00

978-1-55365-298-4 pa Thousand Dreams (Campbell, Culbert, Boyd)  $24.95

(Suzuki, Fernandes)  $12.95

pa Thrilling Ride (Chapman)  $19.95

s 978-1-55365-065-2 pa Sacred Balance Photo Book (Suzuki, McConnell)  $34.95 978-1-55365-166-6 pa Sacred Balance—Updated & Expanded

(Suzuki, McConnell, Mason)  $22.95

Sacred Headwaters (Davis)  $50.00 978-1-55365-880-1 cl 978-1-55365-163-5 pa Salmon Forest (Suzuki, Ellis, Lott)  $10.95 978-0-88833-352-0 cl Saskatchewan (Fieguth)  $19.99 978-0-88833-288-2 pa Scuttlebutt (Degler)  $9.95 Sea (Grady, ed.)  $24.95 978-1-55365-395-0 cl 978-1-55054-976-8 pa Sea Kayaking (Dowd)  $24.95

978-1-55365-199-4 cl Trading in Memories (Hodgson)  $29.95 978-1-55365-803-0 pa Trauma Farm (Brett)  $19.95 978-1-55365-474-2 cl Trauma Farm (Brett)  $35.00 978-1-55365-126-0 pa Tree (Suzuki, Grady)  $18.95 978-1-55365-016-4 cl Tree (Suzuki, Grady)  $28.00 Triumph on Ice (Senft)  $39.95 978-1-55365-657-9 cl 978-1-55365-284-7 pa True Pleasures (Holdforth)  $19.95 True Pleasures (Holdforth)  $32.95 978-1-55365-129-1 cl u

978-1-55054-730-6 cl Seasons of the Arctic (Nicklen, Brody)  $45.00

978-1-55054-675-0 pa Ultimate Baseball Puzzles (Milito)  $7.95

978-1-55054-510-4 pa Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson (Simmie)  $21.95

978-1-55054-755-9 pa Ultimate Golf Puzzles (Milito)  $7.95

Secrets of the Snow (LaChapelle)  $22.95 978-1-55054-884-6 pa

Ultimate Hockey Puzzles (Milito)  $7.95 978-1-55054-647-7 pa



Seeking Sickness (Moynihan, Cassels)  $16.95

Selling Sickness (Moynihan, Cassels)  $22.95 978-1-55365-217-5 pa

978-1-55054-507-4 pa Ultimate Hockey Trivia (Weekes, Banks)  $7.95 978-1-55365-218-2 pa Undefeated (Hunt)  $22.95

978-1-55365-508-4 pa Sex, Lies, and Pharmaceuticals

978-1-55365-038-6 pa Unofficial Guide to Baseball’s Most Unusual Records

(Mackin) $14.95

(Moynihan, Mintzes)  $21.95

978-1-55365-203-8 pa Shootout Hockey Trivia (Weekes)  $10.95

978-1-55365-122-2 pa Unofficial Guide to Basketball’s Nastiest and Most

Simpsons (Ortved)  $17.95 978-1-55365-796-5 pa

978-1-55365-503-9 cl Simpsons (Ortved)  $34.95

978-1-55365-062-1 pa Unofficial Guide to Even More of Hockey’s Most Unusual

Unusual Records (Banks)  $15.95

978-1-55054-130-4 pa Slim the Guide (Bassett)  $14.95

978-1-55365-577-0 pa Small beneath the Sky (Crozier)  $18.95

978-1-55054-942-3 pa Unofficial Guide to Hockey’s Most Unusual Records

Records (Weekes, Banks)  $14.95

Small beneath the Sky (Crozier)  $28.95 978-1-55365-343-1 cl

978-1-55365-805-4 pa Smiling Bears (Poulsen)  $19.95

978-1-55054-860-0 pa Unofficial Guide to the Best and Worst of Hockey Firsts

Smiling Bears (Poulsen)  $29.95 978-1-55365-387-5 cl

978-1-55365-080-5 pa Smithsonian Intimate Guide to the Cosmos (Berry) $24.95 978-1-55365-527-5 pa Snakebit (Anthony)  $22.95 Snakebit (Anthony)  $29.95 978-1-55365-236-6 cl 978-1-55054-825-9 pa Soccer the Winning Way (Mackin)  $14.95 Sockeye Salmon (Naito)  $19.99 978-1-55054-192-2 cl

(Weekes, Banks)  $14.95 (Weekes, Banks)  $14.95

v 978-1-55054-921-8 pa Vancouver (Lees)  $19.95 978-1-55365-470-4 pa Vancouver Wild (Osborne, Cannings)  $35.00 978-1-55054-729-0 pa Vanishing Halo (Gawthrop)  $19.95 w

978-1-55365-241-0 cl Spotted Owls (Hobbs, Cannings)  $36.95

978-1-55365-845-0 pa Walk Like a Man (Wiersema)  $21.95

978-1-55365-951-8 pa Standing Tall (West)  $19.95

978-1-55365-219-9 pa Walking for Fitness (Caron)  $19.95

978-1-55054-509-8 pa Stanley Cup (Weekes)  $4.95

978-1-55365-340-0 pa War in the Country (Pawlick)  $24.95

Stormy Years, 1969–89 (Banks)  $14.95 978-1-55054-673-6 pa

978-1-55365-417-9 pa Way of a Gardener (Kennedy)  $22.95

978-1-55365-127-7 pa Straight from the Top (Milton, Reynolds)  $24.95

978-1-55365-164-2 pa Way Out There (Little, ed.)  $24.95

978-1-55054-457-2 pa Summer of the Mad Monk (Taylor)  $7.95

978-1-55365-240-3 pa What the Psychic Told the Pilgrim (Christmas)  $21.95

978-1-55054-174-8 cl Summer of the Mad Monk (Taylor)  $16.95

978-1-55054-047-5 pa When the School Horse Was King (Charyk)  $16.95

978-1-55054-850-1 pa Superstar Hockey Trivia (Weekes)  $9.95

978-1-55054-995-9 pa When the Wild Comes Leaping Up (Suzuki)  $22.95

978-1-55054-935-5 pa Swan River (Reynolds)  $24.95

Where the Silence Rings (Grady)  $26.95 978-1-55365-243-4 cl

978-1-55365-233-5 pa Sweet Science Goes Sour (Myler)  $22.00

978-1-55365-447-6 pa Whistler Book—Revised & Updated (Christie)  $24.95

978-1-55054-046-8 pa Syrup Pails & Gopher Tails (Charyk)  $19.95 t 978-0-9784375-1-0 pa Take Action! (Kielburger, Kielburger)  $24.95 978-0-9784375-2-7 pa Take More Action! (Kielburger, Kielburger)  $24.95 978-1-55365-303-5 pa Tale of a Great White Fish (de Vries, Benoit)  $12.95

978-1-55365-479-7 pa White Planet (Anthony)  $21.95 978-1-55365-833-7 pa Who Killed Mom? (Burgess)  $22.95 978-1-55054-163-2 pa Wild Cats (Savage)  $16.99 978-0-88826-054-3 pa Wild Flowers of Arid Flatland (Clark)  $7.95 978-0-88826-052-9 pa Wild Flowers of Marsh Waterway (Clark)  $7.95

greystone books Spring 2012   |  23 

978-1-55365-121-5 cl Wild Prairie (Page)  $45.00 978-1-55365-057-7 cl Wildfire (Fralic)  $34.95 978-1-55054-148-9 pa Wildflowers (Osborne)  $19.95 978-1-55054-703-0 pa Wildflowers across the Prairies (Vance, et al.)  $28.95 978-1-55365-089-8 pa Windshift Line (Moir)  $24.95 978-1-55054-223-3 pa Winners (Lang Collura)  $10.95 978-1-55365-426-1 cl Wisdom of Birds (Birkhead)  $14.00 978-1-55365-530-5 pa Wisdom of Donkeys (Merrifield)  $18.95 978-1-55365-305-9 cl Wisdom of Donkeys (Merrifield)  $22.95 978-1-55365-193-2 pa Wisdom of the Elders (Knudtson, Suzuki)  $24.95 978-1-55054-878-5 pa Witch (Savage)  $22.95 978-1-55365-066-9 pa With the Boys (MacDonald)  $22.95 978-1-55365-039-3 pa Wizards (Savage)  $16.95 978-1-55054-175-5 cl Wolf Songs (Busch)  $14.99 978-1-55054-137-3 pa Wolves (Savage)  $24.95 978-1-55365-540-4 pa Woman in the Polar Night (Ritter)  $19.95 978-1-55054-981-2 pa Women Travelers (Hodgson)  $19.95 978-1-55365-067-6 pa Women’s Soccer (Stewart, et al.)  $19.95 978-1-55365-005-8 cl Women’s Soccer (Stewart, et al.)  $26.95 978-1-55365-484-1 pa World Class Hockey Trivia (Weekes)  $12.95 978-1-55365-586-2 pa World Needs Your Kid (Kielburger, Kielburger)  $19.95 978-1-55054-635-4 pa World of Fresh Water (Cannings)  $19.95 y 978-1-55365-476-6 pa You Are the Earth (Suzuki, Vanderlinden)  $22.95 978-1-55054-934-8 cl Young Adventurer’s Guide to Everest (Chester)  $22.95 978-1-55365-945-7 cl Yukon (Mueller, Earle)  $50.00

24  |  greystone books Spring 2012 

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Congratulates charlotte gill and andrew nikiforuk for their award nominations e atin g dirt Shortlisted for the Hilary Weston Writers' Trust Prize for Non-Fiction "In the same spare, unflinching prose that brought her such acclaim for her

eating dirt charlotte Gill

short story collection Lady Killer, Gill takes us into the remote and rarely seen world of the tree planter, immersing us in the unique combination of sweat, fog, heartache and humor that distinguishes it from all other labors."

d e e p f o r e s t s, b i G t i m b e r, a nd l i f e wi th the

j o h n va l l i a n t, author of The Tiger and The Golden Spruce

tree-plantinG tribe

A ndre w nik if oruk “A terrific book on A terrif ying subject.” John Vaillant author of The Tiger

empire of th e bee tle Shortlisted for the Governor General's Award for Non-Fiction "It is impossible to even begin enu-

EmpirE of the


merating the wealth of astounding facts peppering this book, so I will simply note that Nikiforuk artfully breaks up his science with a social history of mankind’s age-old fascination with beetles,

How Human Folly and a Tiny Bug Are

from Aesop to Darwin."

Killing North America’s Great Forests

winnipeg free press c ata l o g u e i s b n : 9 7 8 -1-7 7 1 0 0 - 0 2 7-7

Greystone Books Spring 2012 Catalogue  
Greystone Books Spring 2012 Catalogue  

Learn to run, read about surviving a grizzly attack, and spend some time at the race track with the newest line-up of Greystone books.