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Animals Farm

George Orwell Martin Secker & Warburg 1945 In this political fable , the author imagines that Ehglish farm animals are against humans . They want to establish a new society to govern themselves … This story takes place in the English countryside . It happens in June ,during the summer , in the farm of the Manor. The main characters are : – – – – –

Mr Jones : the Farmer Two pigs : Napoléon and Boule de Neige : the leaders Two horses : Malabar and Douce The white goat : Edmée The donkey : Benjamin

Malabar , Douce , Edmée and Benjamin are the helpers of Napoléon and Boule de Neige. Animals of the farm revolt themselves because Mr Jones, the farmer , wants them to work hard and they are fed up !! They decided to attack the farmer and he is scared . Mr Jones leave the farm and animals are happy and free !!

We think that this book is repetitive and that the story was too slow. But some parts were quite funny. Even if we don't like this book , we can say that the subject is still universal because it talks about the difficulty to live in society. And this subject could happen nowadays. For us, the subject was easier to understand because the characters were animals. However this book is not written for the young children. ZOE & JESSICA 4째 3

Animals farm  

Animals create a revolution in their farm to contest the farmer's power

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