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Welcome to the crea-ons of   Senior and Sophomore   students of Booker High School   2010 – 2011    Editor : Viet Tran  Sponsor: Miss Harvey 


 By Andrea Castano  


Clairvoyant By Viet Tran    


“Wake up Akira, its -me to go now!” my mom screams from the boLom of the stairs. As  always I’m the last person to get ready for everything, but today is different. Today is the  day we moved out of this house which I love dearly to my heart, it’s our first house that  we ever live, but since my dad have a new job posi-on at different loca-on, we have to  move.   “Okay, I’m coming!”  So we are moving to a middle of nowhere, where there like barely anyone here,  popula-on: 257…plus 4. My brother and I did not agree with this idea but since it for the  sake of my dad career we have to do as to please him. And since my mom give me the  idea of home schooling; it got me, because I would do anything to get out of school.  Riding in the car for 18 hours was a boring thing that I ever done in my life, for a  seventeen year old girl and twelve year old boy si[ng behind the back of the truck with  nothing to do, why don’t they just send me to hell already. Finally we have arrived.  “What is this place?” I ask. “It’s our new home of course” my mom reply, “it look  deserted,” my brother added.   “I don’t believe we have to move out here, what the point, there like nobody here, what  kind of business is out here.” I got upset.  “Now honey, the company your dad work for have a big factory here, and they need your  dad to be in charge.” My mom never cared about our social life or anything, “now be a  good girl and get inside, you too Alan, Go!”  We all ran inside, looking around…apparently there nothing to look at, my brother right,  this place is totally deserted.    “Wow, what a nice place we have here,” sarcas-cally, “Don’t you think this place is  awesome Alan?” asking my liLle brother.  “Can we move somewhere else, I don’t think I can live in this place, or even in this  town?” begging my mother, but of course she would never listen to me. “Akira, I told  you, we are going to live here and that is that, now go unpack you stuff, your dad and I  going to get some stuff for the house so be s-ll, don’t go anywhere okay.” I don’t know  what’s up with parents, they always plant ideas in our head that we don’t even think  about that, which make us want to do it more.    


“Common Alan, let go explore the town” commanding my brother. “But  they said we cannot go anywhere, it dangerous” my brother reply.  “Tskk, don’t listen to them, now you want to stay in this boring house or  come with me?” He reply “Fine, but if we got in trouble, it’s going to  your fault.”   So we finally get out this s-nking place and look around, this town is so  old, it feel like we in some old movie. A small cinema, a local food store,  one Wal‐Mart (which it also small) everything here is small. But there  one building that is easy to spot; it’s the factory that my dad is going to  work at.   “So Alan, where do you want to go, any idea?” I ask. “Well I want some  drink, can we get some soda?”  “Sure, I have enough money”  “Awesome”  As we looking for a soda machine, we catch a sign of this small shed  looking like, mysterious looking. “We are going in there”   “What? Is it even legal to go in someone else place?”  “Ahahaha we just going to check it out.”  As we approaching closer, we no-ce there is someone in there, an old  woman, about mid‐fiey.  “Umm sorry for barging in,” I apologizing.  “Don’t be, it is des-ny that brought you here,” she speaking in a  mysterious voice.  “Umm Akira, we should go,” my brother warn me.  “No, please sit down, it so nice to see young people again.”  Young people? What does she means? She then uncovers a crystal ball  on the table.  “What is that?” I wonder.  “Well you see, I’m a fortune‐teller, I can predict the future, just ask me  anything”  “Are we able to find soda in this town,” my brother burst out loud.  “…yes, I can see it, you will find it over there,” poin-ng her figure over  the street.  “Nice going Alan, okay now my turn, will I ever get out of this horrible  place?”  “…hmm yes you will, but you will regret later on.”  “Regret it, no wait, never, I wish that we have a reason to move out of  this place.”    


“Careful what you wish for.”       There a silent that I’m not familiar with, an unnatural feeling.     “Akira, wake up! It’s -me to go”  What happening, I’m back to my old house? I run down stairs, look  around, I see my brother and my mom wai-ng. “Where are we going?” I  ask my mom.  “To school of course, are you feeling alright?”  “School…don’t we have to move or something?”  “Move? to where?”  “I think she on drug or something mom,” my brother say. “Alan, don’t  you remember, we move to new boring town, then we explored the  town, and you want a soda, and we met a fortune‐teller, you  remember?” I try to remind my brother.  “Like I said, she is on drug mom.”  “I’m not on drug or anything, I’m being serious…”  “Akira, hurry up and let go, we have no -me for this nonsense.” My  mom says.  “Where dad, I need to talk to him,” I asking. Suddenly, it’s silent. For  some reason, I have a feeling that something bad has happened.  “Where is him?” I keep asking.   “Akira, don’t you remember your dad and I,” she irritated “We split up  about few months ago, don’t you remember?” her face seen to telling  the truth. I don’t know what to do, I run outside, run as far as I can,  regre[ng what I wished for. Thinking to myself, how selfish I am, always  thinking of myself, if it not because of my wish, our family would be  together. Suddenly I see image, an old looking woman, in the side walk.  “Hey you!” I yell.   “Hello there young lady, good to see you again”  “You remember me, you remember me,” I’m so happy.  “How are you doing today? Since you have your wish,” She asks.  “Take it back, please take it back,” I beg her.  “Aren’t you happy, you are back to you home now, you should be  happy.”  “No, no I’m not…I want my dad back, he should be with our family.” I  start crying.   “I’m sorry but I cannot do that, once you wish, you cannot take it back”   


“But you said you are fortune‐teller, they don’t gran-ng wish or  anything.” Suddenly I feel dizzy, and the old woman is disappearing out  of my sight. I started panic, thinking to myself this must be a dream. I  start to think anyway to wake up out of these hallucina-ons. Then I  looking at the bridge which I didn’t no-ced before, “That is my way out  of this dream.” I ran to the bridge, I look down, and the water is so dark  that it like there no boLom of it.   “Akira!” I hear my name call out.  Looking back, I see my mom, standing alone, wai-ng for me to go back  to her.  I walk closer to the edge of the bridge, thinking that all of this is just a  dream. I leap off the edge. In my mind I start to have all of this image of  my family, it feel so real like all of this is reality, but this cannot be,  because I suppose to be in different town with my whole family. The  water hit my face, and I pass out.      “Akira? Akira?”      “Akira, wake up!”  “Huh?” It feel weird, my skin feel wet.  “Akira, are you okay?” I see my brother above me.  “What happen?” I asked.  “Well you passed out aeer we get out of that woman place, you must  had dehydrated or something”   I get up and run to the woman shed, but all I find is an empty room.  Then the thought of my dad come up to my mind. “We have to get  home now Alan.”  “But what about my soda”   “Let go now”  We run to our home, for some reason I feel good to see it again. We get  inside and nobody there. I look at my brother “Tell me Alan, is dad s-ll  with us?”  “What are you talking about, of course he s-ll with us,” my brother  answers.  I’m so happy that was really a dream, I think I will be get use to this  small town. Then my brother sniffs me, “Why do you smell like fish  Akira?” We look at each other and start to laugh.         ”   


 By Kimberley Harrison 

The Story Only I know By Viet Tran    I learn to live, I learn smile  Pretend to live, in a tragic life  Hope for a quest, takes me away  From all this mess, before it too late.  I see people, which just like me  They cry, they laugh, wish to be free  No one can takes, this pain away  So let me please, and set me free.   


Tomorrow By Viet Tran    When sky turns dark  And the sun disappear  The livings are ignore  And the end is near.  Creature or no creature  Human or no human  No -me for the future  No -me for the present.  No more light in our eyes  No more blood in our body  No more dignify  The end its will be.  Unless we believe  Tomorrow is a new day  The end is an illusion  We will be okay.   


Bald Eagle By Kylie C. 

Being woken up by my chicks chirping gets old quickly. Just  once I’d like to sleep in. Well, at least it won’t be long un-l  their out of the nest.  I slowly stand up, and stretch my enormous wings before  taking flight from the nest. I start heading towards the forest,  but decide to take a detour through the local park to see  what the humans are up to. I fly closer so they can gawk at  the sight of me.  Not sure why they’re so fascinated by my kind. Perhaps it’s  my large size, or my blackish‐brown body in combina-on with  my white head and tail, or maybe it’s just my in-mida-ng  yellow beak and claws. Then again, why shouldn’t they be  amazed? I am a glorious sight to behold.  The bay catches my keen eye and I am reminded of my three  hungry hatchlings. I hover over it in search for the perfect  opportunity to aLack. A couple minutes pass by before I spot  a fish swimming near the surface. I swoop down and glide  over the surface of the water before snatching up my prey  and lieing it into the air. 


Time to head home.  It takes a while for the liLle guy to stop struggling, but his  thrashing finally subsides as the nest comes into view. I’m  greeted by their eager squawks and hurry over to feed them.  I place the fish in the nest and as I land, I ball my talons into  fists so I don’t accidently injure one of them. The squawking  grows louder with an-cipa-on as I tear the fish apart. I coax  them to take the food from my beak one by one, un-l they  are all sa-sfied.  Finally, I get some peace and quiet. Suppose I’ll nap a bit  before my mate comes home.  ZzzzZzzzZzzz. 


 By Kimberley Harrison 


FOR NORDERON! By Clinton Bailiff Through hoarous waters,  Through armored gates,  Through peasents and farmers,  I shred through in hate.  FOR NORDERON, I GO!  To the asgardian king,  To vanquish the foe,  They haven’t a chance,  To stop thy and thy spear,  Tis quite a dance.  Not a dance they will win  But a dance that’ll cost them their Xin  Xin is a warrior, hard with might  Guardian of the king, a ravaging fight  Though he hadn’t a chance, he rushed to thy death  I pondered, isn’t this as though its Macbeth?  I slayed him anyway, and skinned for his pelt  For shown to the king,  in his kilt, he will melt  And thus a victory, FOR NORDERON! I HAST BROUGHT!  Oh, im so glad thy fought. “Because now i have a Xin pelt  hat  ”, I thought.. 


Wai-ng and Watching  

By Anthony Turner I sit in the stands wai-ng and watching I’ll get up once in a while to  check the bracket sheet just make sure I know who I have. I’ll  watch him during warm‐ups just see if he has any tendencies or  favorite moves. Aeer that I stare at my opponent wai-ng to see his  reac-on. I use this technique to see what his confidence level is if  looks at me and look’s away I’ll know he knows he’s in for a tough  night if he keeps looking away and looking back at me I’ll know  he’s scared and probably knows he can’t beat me if stares right  back I’ll see that he’s confident and thinks he’s beLer than me, I  love when they do that it makes it feel so much beLer when you  put them in their place. So aeer that it’s back to wai-ng and  watching aeer about an hour or two I hear my favorite sound of  the day “Anthony Turner Booker” that means it’s -me to go to  head table to see where I’m wrestling. Once I get there I either  wait for my opponent to show up or he’s already there wai-ng.  They make sure were who we say we are and then they give us the  bout sheet this is the most important part of the match if the  person tries to grab the bout sheet first then there saying I’m  going to win this match if they don’t grab it at all there saying I  don’t think I can win I always grab it first. So aeer we take the bout  sheet to the mat were wrestling on they tell us how much -me  before our match I like to have at least a couple of minutes to  warm up and listen to a song that get’s me into my zone it varies  from meet to meet. Aeer I see i ref call me over to the mat I know  what -me it is I take my sweats off put on head gear and head out  to the match shake hands with my opponent then I get down to  business 




By Viet Tran    Days come and days go Some-me it fast, other it slow Some wish the -me would stop So let me go on and hope.   Wai-ng for yesterday Wish it come true one day From dawn to dust, the -me won’t stop But I’ll go on and con-nue to hope.   Memories start to scaLer The hope become fader The -me would never stop But I’ll keep on and hope.   A thousand years later Stand here wai-ng for her The -me s-ll hasn’t stop So I give up the hope And I go on and sob.


Chivalry Poem  By Kylie C. 

Taking my evening stroll  Along the lit up streets,  I found a liLle girl  Holding up kiLy treats.    She held them high  In the palm of her hand,  Repeatedly called a name  “Zand, Zand, Zand!”    I asked her,  “What’s the maLer, sweet pea?”  Her reply was  “My cat ran up the tree!”    I looked around  In hopes of an idea,  When I saw a ladder  Leaning against our local pizzeria.    I went over to retrieve it  And brought it back to the spot,  Leaned it against the trunk  And suddenly got very hot.    How could I have forgoLen  I have a horrible fear of heights???  Falling off the roof  Would give anyone these frights.   

I looked at the liLle girl  And took a deep breath,  I kept telling myself  “Saving this cat will not end in my death.”    I climbed up  My knees shaking.  I look at the cat,  It seems to be waking.    I held out a treat  And caught its eye.  The cat begins to move  From where it lies.    It stalks toward me  Looking a bit wary,  I reach out my hand:  His tail is quite hairy.    I grab the liLle guy  And descend down the ladder.  I reach the ground  And have never been gladder.    When I gave her the cat  She looked at me with so much glee.  I couldn’t help but smile  When she thanked me.   


 By Kyle Rice 

 By Viet Tran 


By Staline  What’s happening to us?  Day by day,  the world becomes worst…  the things I see in movies…  I ask myself,  how did this became reality?  Blood, blood, blood  all over the world…  and yet we fail to see,  that we are not  cats and dogs…  or  gold and silver…  if one of us had a price  it would’ve [...] 


Life of our Nature By Mekala Jones Birds sing the coming of dawn Praise to a new day Nature is blue Nature is green Nature is every color possibly seen Nature must be love for it is made by god above Nature dances to a rhythm of her own. She sits proud and confident upon her hefty thrown Forever is the life of nature but the trees and flowers must die within her.


Beautiful, Black and Bold By Bianca Sumter 


Is it the color of my skin that scares you?  I am a somebody how dare you     Do my strengths make your run?  When I look at you with piercing eyes like the sun     You can feel my anger inside  My respect for you at last has died     Beau?ful Black and Bold  A dime a Jewel and a piece of Gold     I am special and I am bright and   If you don’t see this lose your sight     You look down on me but how could this be?  What do you see? I see a more confident side of me     My voice may not fear you  But I know my words do     My gender may not in?midate   But, I know this world is wai?ng for   me to strike like a powerful earthquake      Beau?ful Black and Bold  A dime a Jewel and a piece of Gold     I have integrity and you’re filled with stupidity  But I will once again hold my head high with dignity     I will make my stamp on this world  Because I am a precious pearl     I will break your judgment link by link   And I will do it all dressed in pink     Beau?ful Black and Bold  A dime a Jewel and a piece of Gold 


 By Andrea Castano  

Nature By Alex Greenfield   Nature is the purest and most natural element of  today’s life.  Every day that passes mankind takes  away something that can’t be given back.  Nature is  like a box of chocolates once you take one you want  more, once you run out you have nothing lee.     Skyscrapers are only appealing when kept  maintained; nature is even more appealing when lee  alone.      The unknown will stay unknown, even though we  surround ourselves with Familiar manmade crea-ons.  Nature is the unknown. The fear of not knowing  keeps us Building and trying to discover; when  Building takes us further away from the truth.     At the start of mankind one was far more in tune  with nature. When manmade discoveries were  found, nature started to deplete.     What now?     26 

Got Fish?

By  Sarah Giacomoni 

“Yee Haw” said the fishermen, as the boat headed  out into the majes-c blue sea. Their all ready for a  great adventure to occur. All the fishing poles are  set, the boat is fueled and excitement is pouring  out of the crew.     The men go fiey miles out hoping to catch a  monster a monster fish. Billy has been fishing with  these men for only a few days, but he feels right at  home. “Whoa” one of the men blurts out as he  gets the bait ready and is stopped by the smell.     The race begins! As the men drop their fishing lines  into the water, only a few minutes pass when  suddenly…… Billy is brought to his feet, when a  powerful beast takes the bait. This epic baLle last  for three long grueling hours.     Then the amazing beast emerged out of the  glowing blue water. A whopping 1,000 pound  sword fish is the winning catch. As the sun sets the  boat starts back to the shore. While Billy sits with a  grin on his face and with his prize winning fish by  his side.    27 


Life is a Road  By Shandrica W.  

Twists and turns, ups and downs  Different choices, paths to pick  Over hills and down flat land, rocks and tar  I chose mine, now you choose yours.    I run; run from fear,  You walk; walk like nothing ever happened.  Mine is bumpy; hard and difficult,  Yours is straight; easy and fun.    I travel up and down hills,  Yours is for the most part straight.  I have to keep on guessing my path everyday  You always know which way to go.    The way I chose has only once been straight;  Has only once been perfect and happy.  Yours has only once been rough;  Has only once been hard and lonely.    Maybe someday,  We will cross paths  And you will finally see  How hard life can really be? 


The BiLer Truth  By Shandrica W. 

You say one thing  Yet you mean another  You try to be up front  While hiding beneath a cover    Why are you so selfish?  And why so ignorant?  What exactly does love mean to you  Or should I say, meant?    I’ve never known someone so fake  Someone who can’t speak the truth  Someone so terribly insecure  Someone so cruel, someone like you    Why did you have to be like this  You started off quite fine  You would always say how much you care  I guess that was just another “line”    I just sit around and remember  Of how much I used to enjoy your name  And how I so dearly loved  To play your liLle game    But now finally I know  That you aren’t at all what I thought  And its a damn shame too,  Because I really liked you a lot. 


Avory LaValliere

  The way she looks the way she turns‐  she s-rs and whirls  Why don’t you understand.  He sings and squeals, screeches to the pierced ears  insanity strikes leaving no man behind  We climb the ridged walls.  trapped inside, screaming, being,  these words shall not be repeated.  underneath the figures.  these figured in which we call man.  we shall always be together. grow old,  moldy, disgus-ng and gruesome.  cuts, fights, and reputa-on‐  the green grass seals.  feel, unreal, what is reality?  dreaming, seeming, feeling, believing in excuses to be  alone‐  isola-on, no need to breathe  Combat boots, the feeling of supremacy.  She falls and falls, hits the underneath, nothingness and unknown.  understood, unbelieved, unrelieved, deceived,  Heartbreak, heart stops and the craving sets in.  Underneath once again, she turns to scream, helpless  Hopeless, restless, beginning to feel beyond   Mo-onless‐  strangled inside for what we know could kill.  stab, bloody, purple, iron and rust.  It all feels, sees and seems the same.  Numb as her body screams‐  uneducated in self worth.  ‐ why cant you understand me?! 



 By Kyle Rice 

By Kyle Rice Running through the mainland  The lion will chase it’s prey  Even though the lion has the upper hand  The target gets away.         Into the woods, where they lay  The hunter scouts his way  A shot is fired  And through the disarray  No animal was re-red.         Down by the river  A bear finds trout  He strike with a quiver  This bear leaves the river without.  33 

Sweet Dreams By Shandrica Wimberly .

Motionless bed, completely alone. T.V. beating. The hospital’s black cordless phone lying on the white stiff but heating blankets, waiting for him to call. Razor phone, unavailable at the moment. It does not work. No calls, only texts and who wants to text? Ding dong, the crying begins. Loss of words and the loneliness starts to hit deep beneath my Caucasian skin tone. Old, wrinkly, psychotic woman. Rips and screams. Grey and white wires every single night. Monitors’ beeping furiously before tearing begins. No, don’t roll over. Can’t sleep on stomach. Sleep is nonexistent. Head wrapped in white gauze. Scar. Three months. Bloody ball. Nurse squeezes drain. Please let there be hair. Pray to God every night. Walk and hair. Difficult college. A month. Awful and fast. Strict Mom and Dad. Back to school how? The nurse tells me, “The drain and gauze will be out and off your head tomorrow sweetie…” Chunks of throw up. The nurse comes back. Injection of heavenly medicine in IV. Drifting off to sweetness. A sudden, faint, “Hello.” Blurry sounds. My mom, I love you. Brown eyes peeping open. Shaking. The past is gone. Dreams fulfilled. Smiles and tears. Here I am to stay.


 By Viet Tran 

DREAMS By Jeremiah Jackson

My love for Dreams is so great,  my head full of them ’-l the light of day.  When it comes around they float away,  Flying through the sky, not to be seen.    As I lay my head they come.  Floa-ng through the air around me    They enter my thoughts calming my mind    No more worries no more frowns. 

 By Andrea Castano  

AUTUM [HAIKU] By Jacob Anatra Leaves in piles dead Colors changing all around Temperature dropping Holidays settling in Christmas jingles and food galore All things of fall months

 By Viet Tran 


By Appolis Phillips 

It hurts to love someone that doesn’t love you back                     Some you want to care for you and caress you and pick up   all your slack.                    Like chasing a floa-ng balloon that you know you can’t   catch.                    You lie awake at night thinking of what you could have   had, or could be,        but pray one day would be       You can’t imagine yourself with any other so you grow   old, lonely,              and loveless wai-ng for your true lover.                   Lonely and loveless you now become. Now your heart   feens like        a flower needing sun.                   Nothing can fill the place in your heart but that one. Like   the plant        you once knew your heart will not grow.       But if you wait too long it will soon be night and the sun   will be gone. 


 By Jon TruiL 

 By Keith Summerall  

Nature Sunlight and palm trees glistening on the open sea, these are things that money can’t buy because they are free. Fish flopping all around, while I’m chilling on the ground And then I hear the sound of natures calling. Waves crashing the shore, seagulls chirping all around me. The cool sea breeze gusting gracefully past my body While the smell of salt water fills the air I’m getting sun burnt but I don’t even care Sand stuck between my toes But when am I leaving? Even I don’t know


The person to the right Of me… The person to the right of me always made me wonder. You know like what their childhood was like, were their parent’s nice people or were they just mean. The human mind sometimes can’t help but wonder.... Mr. Tim was an elderly man who was at the age of 96 when he died. But he left behind a lot of sweet filled memories. He was such a delightful man to be around always giving when he was the one who in need. When I say in need I don’t mean money but help. You see Mr. Tim was old and couldn’t quite do for himself as he wished he could. Some time back he had gotten his leg amputated due to medical reasons I Can’t remember. But you could always see Mr. Tim sitting outside on his metal rusted brown chair that folded up. He would sometimes shout over his fence for you to do a simple service like bringing the mail or trash into the yard. He would repay buy giving you quarters I would except until my grandmother told me not too, be being a good civilian is what your suppose to do . I don’t know why but any leftovers of what Mr. Tim had ate would wind up in the road near the curb, where the birds would come dine out on the remainders of a day old meal. In 2004, Mr. Tim finally passed away, when I heard I was shocked and somewhat hurt because I had grown up seeing Mr. Tim sitting outside just chilling on his porch and to know he wouldn’t be there anymore hurt my heart.


The Truth By Kay’La Riddle

What are people? To me they are rude unstable creatures, to you they might Be whatever it says in Webster’s Dictionary. They vary by mood, personality, and looks, But at the end of the day they are ran by sinister acts within. They rob themselves of the simplistic beauty placed here by god And replace them with manmade material things… I bet you Webster didn’t tell you that because he was too busy Trying to buy his new Ferrari and he knew you wouldn’t care to hear the truth.... I mean be honest with yourself, isn’t this what the world is turning into Merchandise with a price tag displayed as a beautiful green and blue crystal ball. But when you get it it’s in a hand basket on fire. Why? Because the salesperson didn’t care to tell you it was on its way to hell!


Light that haunts the night By Lexi Harrell Lay there, lay there in shame. Wipe your cheek to rid the tear that haunts Your beauty. Like the light that haunts the night. Lie to yourself like you always do. Self pity, shame, hate, and guilt. When you see them think of me she says. When you feel their touch, remember mine. Why is it when she stands she has such thrilling power To move people. And when she lays it’s a fake cover, A mask, a lonely dream. A colorless dream, no purple hearts, no green tree to Keep a grow. No sight of power. Not a slight ounce of pride. Just a dark broken girl, so dark she seems white, Like that unforgiving light that haunts the night.


Day i dont know By Lexi Harrell Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 5 Day 17 Day 18 Day 19 Day 23 Day 27 Day 35 Day 36 Day 37 Day 55 Day 57 Day 60 Day, I don’t know any more… When I say “there’s no one like you, like my family” I mean it. Now I know why people turn to drugs. Thank god I live for something or I would fall for everything. I blare my music to feel, I dance to breathe, and I cut to know I’m still alive, to keep myself in order. Wishing and hoping one cut will fly me into a dream. Here’s a kid who was shown everything and now sheltered from all. Its funny how people say “I love you” and at the same time they say “I hate you” “how could you” “why?” and deep down they say “I love you” all at once. God these teen years can’t hurry! Every one says “Don’t rush your life kid” Damn, better believe I’m rushing. This is for every kid, every adult, everything who had, have these feeling… Trust me I’ve been there. Ull pull threw… your probably thinking yeah what ever. Its impossible to pull threw this one. Trust and believe you can. We all can.


The Devil That Attacked Her Mom By Alisa Miller You would think that the little girl is too small, You would think that she could never recall this brawl. So you fight, so you argue, while the innocence looks on, So you disregard your effect and the innocence now gone. She knows now and she’ll know then what happened so wrong. She’ll never forget the devil that attacked her mom.

Tree By Stephen Richardson II A tree, big and bold, flourished on the hilltop, overlooking the city like a wooden guardian. A flower, by an other just as sweet, life comes and goes for the flower, just as the human, it sprouts its petals ready to embrace the world and then wilts away, crumbled, in an instant, only to just spread its last life, wherever it shall go, whoever it shall touch. As life travels, from the flower, she strengthens those around her, bringing life in her passing, inspiration to those who carry. In her passing, life carries on her shoulders but, not a care in the world. She would eventually settle down and begin the process all over again, from a small seed, into the legendary wooden guardian, the tree.

Slavery By Dominik Deramo Trapped in, like an animal No air to breathe of your own No money No respect No dignity No house No paying job No life Only beating Only name calling Only whippings Only rapes No Freedom what so ever With chains at your feet And blood on your fingers Hoping just to give your children a better life Sorry, no happening No way out Trapped in, like an animal.


The Nature in my Eyes By: Chacandace Abner I see the leaves blow in the wind I hear animals making noise There is water, nature and girls and boys I feel breeze from the wind I also see palm trees start to bend The grass sways with the light breeze of summer air The grass is messy and wet The flowers are big and tall I can’t believe my eyes I can’t take this all The water is crystal clear It hits the rocks and makes a noise so pure It starts to rain and it gets really cold The rain gets stronger and really bold I need to find I replace to go A place where all my troubles melt like so I find a place and I hide It feels so warm inside I will stay until the rain is done Then get back up and have fun


Depression By Chacandace Abner The TV. Laughed The phone singed But still I sat With my back to the wall Picking through my thoughts as I erased them all This place, this place I call home is Stomping on my brain, So I sink into this depression I feel a strain so I pop one to Many of those things That kills my brain As I drain my pain


Break-Up By CassandraStephens Just a couple of days ago he was hugging me, kissing me, and saying he loved me. 3 days ago he texted me saying “I’m just not sure I want to do this anymore, I’m just not feeling IT like I use to. There’s someone else from my past and I want to make another attempt with us. I’m sorry.” It took 1 year for our relationship to end, 1 year for my heart to break, 1 year for my fairy tale to end and everything came crashing down. 1year for me to find out he was cheating on me with Tess Tyler. 1 year for me to catch them kissing her like he kiss me, holding her like he holds me. It took me one month for me to stop crying in my room, 4 weeks of crying when ever I heard his name, 31 days of heartache, 744 hours to get over the fact that he didn’t love me, 44,640 minutes for me to find my self again, and 2,678,400 seconds for me to throw away all of my picture of him and to sent back the promise ring he gave me in a envelope saying “I don’t want it or you”. He said he will always love me and I will always have his heart. Lies.


Dream By Cassandra Stephens “Run . . . run Rose!” I screamed to myself. “Don’t look back. Whatever you do, don’t look back!” I knew if I did then I would slow down, and right now I needed all of my strength, speed, and power to get away. “Rose? Rose, I know you can heart me! He shouted. “Just stop running and everything will be okay. You know I want to be with you forever Rose, I love you.” He continued shouting, “Stop running away from me Rose! I will protect you. Come back with me.” He pleaded. He . .Who was “He”? I did not know or recognized his voice. But regardless, I knew I was in danger and kept running for my life. I was tired, my muscles were sore, clothing torn, out of breath, and I was pretty sure her appearance was horrendous. My throat was burning like fire from the lack of water, my stomach felt hollow from lack of food, and I kept getting dizzy spells every few minutes that was slowing her down. Off in the distance I saw a figure and started running faster towards it. As I got closer I tried to scream, but my voice was stuck in my throat and the only thing that came out was a choke. So I then cleared my throat; gathered as much saliva in my mouth to sallow, stopped running to build up all of her energy that she could conjure up. “Help-Me! . . . Somebody . . . please HELP!” I knew I didn’t have that much time left. I knew HE had heard me and was coming to het me. I jerked my feet forward even though everything in my body wanted to give out, lie down and rest but I knew I couldn’t.


As I got closer to the figured; I could tell it was a male, early twenties and a little over 6 feet tall. He looked like he was scanning the wood looking for something, and I was hoping whatever he was scanning for was me and get me away from HIM. As I came into the small clearing, I saw he carried a gun in his right hand. He slowly turned to faced me and I froze. Silent tears falling from my eyes hoping I survive whatever my fate may lay. Less than 30 seconds passed and I heard rapid footsteps approaching behind me. From the corner of my eye I was him stop less than 10 feet from me. All I could do was stare from one man to the other with fear written all over me. At that time I was sure she was going to die tonight. “Roza.” The man with the gun whispered. He had a strange accent I couldn’t place. I looked at him with confusion in my eyes. I really looked at him; he had chocolate brown eyes, hair that reached his shoulders, khaki shorts, and a white tank top. She looked into his eyes and was instantly drawn in, his eyes reflected hers. He slowly raised the gun right at me and pulled the trigger. I fell on my knees thinking I was shot, done for. I felt numb, couldn’t feel. I retreated back into my mind thinking I was about to die, right there in the woods, where no one would ever probably find me. Dying without telling the people I carried about most GoodBye. 52

I woke up in the middle of the night gasping for air, trying to fill my lugs with oxygen I desperately needed. I was dripping from sweat, my night clothes clung to my body like a second layer of skin. I was dying to feel ice cold water running down her throat. I reached over to turn on the light and laid back down looking at the ceiling trying to catch my breath. Once I returned to my room from drinking a glass of water I lay in my bed trying to figure out what it all means, but gives up thinking it was just a dream.


"Goodbye” By Sydney Deal  

Sydney loved Jake. They had known each other for years. Jake  had become more of a brother than anything else. They both had  an interest in Theater, so they bonded through ac-ng and other  things like that. The two went to school together so they saw each  other in the halls. They talked every now and then. And Jake gave  the greatest hugs. (He was six foot two and she was five foot four.  She always became enveloped in his toned abs‐ she loved it.) The  two had a hidden bond that only showed when they were  together. They had come a long way, considering Jake always had to  leave the state because of his crazy mother. She would move him  back and forth between Ohio, Illinois and Florida. So he would  disappear and re‐apear. But he had promised he would stay in  Florida for his senior year no maLer what. And everyone believed  him. Well, who knew the state would step and and take him away  from his mother? It was a great thing for him though! He was  finally ge[ng away from the crazy women who raised him but, he  had to go live with his dad... In Illinois. Yes‐ Jake would being  leaving the state. But this -me, he wasn't going to be back.  He concealed this informa-on for a long -me. He wasn't  going to tell anyone un-l the day before he was leaving. But he  couldn't keep it in and he explained his situa-on to his class.  Sydney didn't hear about this informa-on un-l the end of the day.  She processed what was actually about to happen, and then she  cried. Not fully‐ there were to many people around. But she  promised she would cry un-l she said goodbye. That would be one  of the hardest goodbyes of her life.   


The day came where Jake had to leave. Sydney came to  school, like any other normal day. She pa-ently waited to  bump into Jake in the hallway. Jake walked around school  that day with a  smile on his face‐ concealing the cacophony  of emo-ons he had in him. He said goodbye to all he saw.  He wanted to leave on a posi-ve note‐ who wouldn't?  Eventually, Sydney and Jake saw each other‐ they were the  only two in the hallway. It was almost like they were meant  to meet right at that moment. Both of them stopped.  Sydney's heart skipped a beat. Jake took off his disguising  smile and put on his sen-mental face. Sydney jumped and  ran into his toned abs‐ for the last -me.  She began to cry. He wanted to cry but he didn't  want to make his leave any more sad than it already was.  She said, "I am really going to miss you." "I'm going to miss  you a lot, too" whispered Jake. Her tears were soe and  gentle, almost saying all the things she had wanted to say to  him since they met. "I know it will be beLer for you up  there, and that's what maLers." she said. Jake responded,  "It's just really hard to say goodbye." The embrace lasted for  a liLle while longer un-l Jake pulled her face up and wiped  her tears away. "For all that it maLers," he said, " You are  the only girl I can be myself around." Sydney smiled a goofy  smile and cried a liLle harder. They hugged one last -me  before Sydney's teacher interrupted and told her to get  back to class. She looked up at him and explained that she  would say goodbye when he really had to leave. They went  their separate ways.   55 

And that was the last -me Sydney saw Jake. He had to  leave for the airport before school let out‐ so Sydney never  got her "later goodbye." Her sister greeted her in the  hallway‐ she had been crying too‐ and told her Jake already  lee without really saying goodbye to anyone. Sydney cried  the hardest she had that day. She already missed him  terribly. He missed her more. Out of everyone he was  leaving, Jake thought about Sydney the most on that long  airplane ride "home." They get the occasional phone call  from one another, they take about as much as they can, and  that's it. But‐ at least they s-ll have their love for each  other. She hopes he will come and visit, and he wants to  visit, but‐ tomorrow never knows.


Eclipse By Stephen Richardson II I am the sun and you are the moon. We are complete opposites you and I. We have different personalities that other people like. I think highly of myself because that’s how other people see me but, you’re surprisingly able keep right up with me, hiding in the dark where people can’t see your face but, just as someone sees you, you sparkle in their eyes with your beauty. One day you might be able to outshine me for a change, maybe. You keep giving me ideas that make me want to stay where I am, away from you, until the next day anyway. You push me away now and again, making me not want to be around you but, there is still an attraction between us that makes you chase after me and me go back to you in a never-ending circle of life between us. But, the weird thing is, even though we’re different we’re also very similar, you and I. We both have an explosive volcanic temper but, at the same time we’re calm like the ocean’s waves. People look up to us for guidance and any sign of truth through the darkest of times, and even the brightest. We’re one of the oldest beings here so, we know things, we’ve seen things, and we’ve been there done that, felt love and then heartbroken like all the other emotions that other people will soon find out enough. Without us there would be nothing. Even though we rarely see each other, alone, face to face, the moment we do, something remarkable happens.


 By Kylie C. 


Slavery By Sandy Forestant Locked up in chains, “Let us go” In a small cell, feels so cold. Why was I captured, what did I do Why are white skinned people so crude? “Slaves for Sale” what does this mean? Why are these people looking at me? Raped, slapped, whipped everyday All my pretty colored pictures are turning gray. Feeling worthless, God please help me When will I be set FREE!!!!!


Monster Essay (Morals) By Tori Floyd

In most cartoons, shows, stories, etc. there are usually monsters of some sort but in reality we too have monsters. And I believe that our worst monsters are actually those you cannot see. I believe that morals are our true monsters. Not morals but the absence of them. Trust, Integrity, Honor, Courage, Respect, Leadership, etc. these morals live in every man and woman but appear to mean nothing now-a-days. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke) I included this quote from Edmund Burke because it is a perfect example of the world today, and the absence of such morals. These used to make people better. But it appears that only few men or women now would protect one another. It appears that nobody would stand up for what is right. It appears that who we choose for the next singer or movie star is more important than who we choose to lead this country and its people. It appears that what we have is more important than what we do. It seems as if people of this world are more concerned about fitting in instead of doing what is right and being true to one self. With the people of the world running around without such morals, what is to stop us from tearing ourselves apart? With no one caring about the effects of what they do or say what is to stop the world from slipping in to total anarchy? Not all people ignore such morals but with the number of those who do growing everyday how much longer can we last? This is why I believe the absence of morals may be the most dangerous monsters ever to exist.


Booker Literary Magazine  

Booker Literary Magazine