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MotorHolme Perhaps you've never been told these facts The average motorhome sits on the driveway for over 80% of the year during the first three years the VAT, finance & depreciation can cost over £27,354 Vehicle insurance, servicing, maintenance & storage etc. can cost a further £9,399. Now there's a revolutionary new way to enjoy a motorhome for a fraction of the cost!

The facts you need to know about how anyone can afford a motorhome are revealed in a new free Guide. "Motorhome Options" has been created by the hire experts - and applies whether you're thinking about buying a motorhome, never thought you could afford one, or even if you don't have room on your driveway! You’ll find the free Guide contains a wealth of information about how to enjoy a luxury motorhome without any of the hassle. No finance agreement, credit checks or hefty deposit, just one fixed monthly fee - it couldn't be easier or cheaper to enjoy a motorhome!

Enjoy a luxury new motorhome - for free? You’ll be surprised how little money a MotorHolme Option can cost. Using our knowledge, a motorhome could cost from under £6 per day and that INCLUDES cleaning, storage, servicing & maintenance for 3 years! And the free Guide is full of great ideas to help you choose the ideal motorhome. You’ll find what's the ideal size & layout of motorhome that's perfect for your own use, what's included and a cost comparison between buying a motorhome and having a MotorHolme Option (There's no comparison). Most importantly, you'll discover how you and your family can enjoy a motorhome with no strings attached! No credit check, finance agreement or expensive interest payments - it's like owning a brand new motorhome only much, much better! Getting the know-how you need is easy - download your copy of our Options Guide, by filling in the form below. You'll soon know how to enjoy a luxury new motorhome from £6 per day!