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Mission Report

Ugep, Nigeria

“ ... le t

life return to t h e b o d y

A dead boy comes back to life

The Great African

Outpouring A historic harvest

Living a Life of Fire

Reinhard Bonnke’s 70th birthday

Welcome Dear Mission Partners It gives us great pleasure to send you this IMPACT. It has been designed so as to give you an even better idea of the wonderful things that we experience with the Lord in Africa. We hope that you will be blessed as you read it. The Great Gospel Campaign and Fire Conference in the rural town of Ugep in Nigeria were really special. When they came to an end on the Sunday evening, many of our team felt torn between two emotions: “We are going to miss Ugep and its people but we are thrilled by what God has done here. It is simply a miracle!” It is true – the entire region was changed by the power of the gospel. As the team arrived at the campaign ground we discovered that someone had brought an entire idolatrous shrine to be destroyed. We burned it together with idols, charms, fetishes and many other occult paraphernalia, and the people rejoiced. One young mother’s report is particularly wonderful. Her young son had died the day before and was restored to her during the evening meeting. We would like to thank all those who support us and have helped us to bring in this historic harvest of souls! Yours in the love of Jesus

Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda, Evangelists

Receiving a welcome at the regional tribal king’s palace

Ugep is situated in Cross River State, the most south-easterly of the 36 federal states in Nigeria, close to the border with Cameroon; it is roughly as big as Wales. The state goes by the name of The People’s Paradise. In Ugep, an urban settlement area in Yakurr, a tourist spectacle, a carnival-like pagan festival, Leboku, takes place at the end of August and lasts for three weeks. It is the potato harvest festival, during which special tribute is paid to the earth goddess and the spirits of the ancestors. It was time for the clear gospel message to be proclaimed in that town.

to UGEP, Nigeria

FIRE CONFERENCE Ugep is a town in Nigeria that is hardly known outside its immediate vicinity, the Cross River State, but the week showed that it was definitely on the agenda of the Holy Spirit as the CfaN team arrived for a full-scale campaign.

was charged with faith – gripping the congregation as well as the preachers on the platform.

What the CfaN team experienced there in Nigeria almost defies description. It was nothing less than a sovereign outpouring. From the very first minute, the atmosphere

The Fire Conference in Ugep was really “on fire”. During the second meeting the Holy Spirit fell on the Fire Conference before Evangelist Daniel Kolenda even had

Faith breeds boldness. So we boldly pressed forward in the power of the Risen One.

a chance to preach. After the Reverend Peter van den Berg had ministered, the people began to cry out to the Lord and the Holy Spirit swept across that field with a tangible presence. The Evangelist interrupted the normal schedule and began to prophecy over the people, and the fire fell even as he was speaking. Men and woman were lying prostrate all over the stadium and the

Holy Spirit spontaneously filled many thousands of people. He laid hands on a couple of hundred pastors and sent them into the crowd to lay hands on all the people. As they moved through the crowd cripples began to walk and the sick were healed. It was just glorious!

From the very first minute, the atmosphere was charged with faith.

... let life return On the second day Daniel Kolenda prayed especially for those with AIDS and told them to go and be tested again. One young man, who had been diagnosed HIV positive just two weeks previously, was retested and brought his report from the doctor to the evening meeting. HIV negative!

We heard amazing testimonies of healing during the five-day campaign.

and was in his right mind. He told the Evangelist that Jesus had healed him.

One man whose right arm had been paralysed for the past 17 years said that during the prayer he felt something like a wire moving through his arm, into his shoulder, up his neck and into his head. He said that when it reached his brain, his arm was instantly able to move perfectly.

The joy of the crowd reached its peak, however, when a woman carrying her small son gave her testimony.

A woman with breast cancer said that the lumps in her breast had vanished instantly. A lady who had been deaf since the age of three demonstrated perfect hearing and a previously crippled man walked. A woman whose right side had been paralysed demonstrated how she had received full use of her arms and legs.

A woman brought her son, who had been insane for the past 15 years. He had been completely mad, violent and uncontrollable. Now he spoke softly

She said that her son had died the day before and so she brought him to the campaign field. She had laid his lifeless body on the ground during the meeting. After the altar call, Daniel Kolenda prayed full of bold faith for the sick and those in bondage. During the prayer, obviously led by the Holy Spirit in a very special way, he uttered words of wisdom. He proclaimed – without knowing anything about that woman – across the crowd, “If there is anyone dead within the sound of my voice, I command life to return to your body in Jesus name.” Suddenly, she said, the little boy opened his eyes, turned to her and said,

to the body

From the platform, the local curses were called out one by one and their power was broken in the name of Jesus. The joy was uncontainable. The people danced until the sky was thick with dust.

This woman reported that her son had died the day before (see also cover page)

One young man, who had been crippled by a motorcycle accident, jumped around like an athlete. All pain had gone.

“ Mum – I’m thirsty!”

A familiar local figure, a man who has been insane for the past 26 years, was instantly healed.

UGEP 424,600

... people received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and have been entered into the local church follow-up system. An overwhelming harvest!

The Great African Outpouring These are not ordinary church meetings. What is happening in rural Nigeria is an ongoing outpouring, the likes of which the CfaN team has never seen before. On the final night 185,000 people came together from all over the region to join in the Ugep campaign. The entire area received the Word of God with great joy. Many thousands were born again, including a group of young men who came forward to testify that they had been part of an occult movement at the local university. They had now given their lives to Jesus and renounced occultism! We have often been told that the local churches in areas where we have evangelised are filled every Sunday with miracle testimonies of what God did in the campaign, even up to a year after we had left. We are sure that this will be the case in Ugep too. There is no doubt in our

minds that Jesus has done something extraordinary. This year, CfaN has scheduled seven Great Gospel Campaigns in Nigeria. The campaign in Ugep was the first – but not the last. After Ugep, Numan ... Takum … Mararaba … Ogbomosho … Yenagoa … The names of these towns stand for millions of hungry souls, who are ready to take hold of the proclaimed Word with great joy and to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Daniel Kolenda: We are burning with a sense of urgency to reap this mighty harvest while it is ripe. There is no time to waste. In the words of the famous evangelist Leonard Ravenhill,

“The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized in the lifetime of the opportunity.”

Living a Life

of Fire

Reinhard Bonnke is

A blood-washed Africa – a continent washed in the blood of Jesus Christ – that was the vision that God gave Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke more than 30 years ago. Since that day he has been filled with a burning commitment to win Africa for Jesus Christ. “Whether I am eating or drinking, awake or asleep, the vision is ever-present, it never leaves me,” he admits openly. Born in Königsberg (Kaliningrad) in 1940, Reinhard, a pastor’s son, heard the call to the African mission field when he was still a boy. When he was 19 he enrolled at a Bible college in Wales and, on completing his studies, spent seven years as an ordained pastor in a Pentecostal church in northern Germany. In 1967 he, his wife Anni and their son Kai-Uwe set off for the mountain kingdom of Lesotho in southern Africa, where his missionary work began. It was many years, however, before his evangelistic activities took on greater dimensions and he purchased a tent which could shelter 800 people from the wind and rain. The Evangelist’s heart ached to see people sitting in wheelchairs as heavy downpours of rain soaked them to

the skin or others listening to the proclamation of the gospel in freezing cold temperatures. In 1974 Reinhard Bonnke founded the international mission organisation Christ for all Nations.


As more and more people came to the evangelistic meetings, that tent was soon not large enough and was replaced by the “yellow tent” with space for 10,000 people. In turn, that tent became too small and in 1984 the “largest tent in the world” (according to the entry in the Guinness Book of Records) was built with seats for 34,000 people.


Attendance at the campaigns grew and grew, and from 1986 onwards the only solution was for meetings to be held in the open air. The largest single meeting to date – during the campaign in Lagos (Nigeria) in November 2000 – was attended by some 1.6 million people. Over the past 23 years some 130 million people have attended the vast evangelistic meetings.


In the first decade of the new millennium more than 55 million people made decisions for Jesus and documented what they had done by completing decision cards. More than 90 million copies of the follow-up booklet in 50 different languages have now been published.


Reinhard Bonnke is also known for his Fire Conferences, the aim of which is to train pastors, evangelists and spiritual leaders for evangelistic ministry. Reinhard Bonnke’s books have been translated into 143 languages and over 190 million copies have been printed.





His latest book is his autobiography “Living a Life of Fire”.


Autobiogr aphy

by Reinhard Bonnke

The amazing life story of one of the world’s most successful gospel preachers.

A significant birthday It is with great joy and deep gratitude to God that we can say …

Happy Birthday, Reinhard E

very birthday has particular significance, even if it is only to celebrate the passage of another year in life, but sometimes a birthday celebration comes around that is way beyond the ordinary. Each “tenyear” anniversary is often viewed as special because it is no small feat to live through a whole decade. Then, for some particular reason, some “tenyear” anniversaries stand out even more than the rest. This birthday of Reinhard Bonnke’s is just such an anniversary. Reaching 70 years of age is in and of itself a wonderful achievement and worth celebrating for that fact alone, as so many people do. There is also great scriptural significance as this is the span of life “promised” in God’s word. In this case, however, there is much, much more.

This particular 70th birthday has all of the above mentioned attributes but it goes far beyond them, too. It calls out to us of a “life of fire” that has become synonymous with soul-winning. A lifespan dedicated to declaring the good news of Jesus Christ that has seen over 64 million people commit their lives to that same Jesus. It speaks of hundreds of thousands more people touched by the healing hand of God himself and multiplied millions baptised in the precious Holy Spirit and with fire. Truly 70 years of great impact. Because of this, we join in praise to the Lord for a life lived to the full, with the salvation of precious souls always in the forefront. We also rejoice with Reinhard over the fact that the harvest is ongoing, with hundreds of thousands still being saved each month as the work continues through Evangelist Daniel Kolenda.

Rev. Peter van den Berg Vice President Christ for all Nations

By our prayers, God brings things about that he would not do without prayer Reinhard Bonnke

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke - Official Page

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More MEETINGS with Reinhard Bonnke

One major lesson that I had to learn on arriving in Africa from Germany was to unlearn the business of questioning God. We question politicians but believe God. For example, Christ said in Mark 16:17-18, “These signs will follow those who believe … they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” It is not for me to consult intellectuals for their approval, but to obey the Word of God, which is the highest authority. I do what God says, and then he does what he said. God changed the polarity of my heart and spirit, and then began to use me to shake whole nations. God used the rod of Moses, and so he uses us when we follow his orders. I see his power at work time after time and the currents of blessing have flowed through my life to millions of precious people to redeem their souls by the blood of the Lamb. The same avenues are open to all servants of God. Dare to do what he says. Reinhard Bonnke

13 May 2010 Mission Festival organised by the Velberter Mission With Reinhard Bonnke Christuskirche Oststr. / Grünstr. 42551 Velbert

16 May 2010, 4 pm Revival Meeting in Tübingen, Germany With Reinhard Bonnke TOS Zelthalle / Eisenbahnstr. 41 72072 Tübingen, Germany Info: +49 7071 35600 /

4-6 Juni 2010 Fire Conference and evangelistic outreach in Kiev, Ukraine With Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda

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Sportpaleis Antwerp (Belgium)

7- 8 mAY 2010 with Evangelists

Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda colourful and exciting

Kids festival evangelistic evening

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