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Freedom Goes Global

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Dear Readers, OK! So here we are at the end of 2011 and it’s Christmas day! I wanted to celebrate the re-birth of the Light by sending out the 7th issue today. That is our gift to humanity ;o) This issue is themed ‘Rainbow Warriors’. All the people mentioned in this issue by name, (company or person), I believe have the courage and the faith to lead humanity into the Golden Age, the decade that made the difference (2012 to 2022). So fasten your seat belts! Here we go! ;o) First of all, I have chosen to spend this Christmas with God and my best friends! I’ll be doing a lot of mediation and chillin’, opening up my big heart, and through the healing power of Reiki I will send and receive as much love as is humanly possible ;o) Why? Humanity is on the brink of total disaster. Governments and world powers are steering the people towards a Third World Conflict drawing in Russia and China triggered out of the Middle East uprising planned for years by secret organizations within the British and American ruling elite. Added to this we also have the planned destabilization of the Euro and the fight for a centralized European Bank. This is all part of the New World Order plan for total control and power. But let’s bring this closer to home, because none of this exists without the support of the people. If you find yourself insisting on vigorous rules and regulations to run your life, or are obsessed with controlling other people’s lives or even your own for that matter, then you are part of the problem. If you are using any form of power, financial, sexual, physical or emotional to get your way, then again you are part of the problem. If you are living in any form of fear, rather than having faith in love, then you are also part of the problem. Or better said another way, you are part of the process, are you aware of this? I’ve stopped blaming others or Governments for the mess in this world. We are in the 11th hour and now each one of us has to start looking within, just like I am, and confronting all the issues that we are too frightened to face. It’s our time to learn to let go and go with the flow, and trust in the life force of Gaia. She is here to guide and support us. Because it is in the flow that all our solutions come to us ;o) The world is dying, that is a fact. And it was the Native American Hopi people that prophesized, that when this happened a new tribe of all colours and creeds would rise up. A tribe that put their faith in actions and not words.

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The Bonding Experience In this issue, I have gathered together many people, companies and movements. If we are going to build communities of the future with the latest eco-technology then I feel we have a duty to ensure that the inhabitants are healed or are in a process of inner healing, otherwise consciousness does not evolve. Don’t you feel this makes sense? And for humanity to evolve, I feel we have to find the love within to forgive, to care, to be compassionate and to share. Does this make sense too? Or am I the only nutter who thinks this way? So let’s give it a go? How about if The Venus Project found a way of working with the Interconnectedness Foundation, who can find ways to work with the Zeitgeist Movement, Global Awaken Network, TrueBook and All is One. And what if, friends, family and lovers can forgive each other and find ways to heal the wounds and accept one another for the great gifts you have, that would be a great start! And how about if companies such as Mister Green, Being Development, Permaset, Fertile Ground Studio, De Centrum, YogiYoginPulse and many others could pro-actively support and inspire each other! Yes, we have to be dedicated to our heart work, unwavering in our strength and brave in our hearts. That is what makes us who we are. Universal Co-Creation To co-create the foundation of a world we all want: environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just, then it is up to each and every one of us to start walking the talk. The Hopi People talk of the ‘Rainbow Warriors’ as a tribe who will rise up from Earth’s ashes like eagles symbolizing the re-birth of the Light. These people will bring balance and harmony back to Mother Earth. They, we, are the pathfinders leading a new way to our newly co-created reality. The Hopi go on to say that the Four Sacred Directions and the Four Races of Man are brought together by the Rainbow Warriors, for they are symbolized by the magnificence and glory of the rainbow. The Sacred Circle of Life turns slowly, but inevitably back to the place from whence it came. And with this transformation we prepare to become inheritors of Mother Earth, to become Rainbow Warriors for the sake of our children’s children and all humanity. To be Chosen From my experience during 2011, I can honestly say that if you choose to walk the path of the Light or let’s say in Neo’s case, you decide to choose the Red Pill, then be rest assured, this is only for the brave hearted, the courageous, devoted, passionate and loving. Most people will try and give up half way. But when you/we whole-heartedly live this life and no longer talk about it, then y/our heaven materializes on Planet Earth. Then you are the Master, the Guru, the King or Queen of your Kingdom and to gather, we unite in a free world full of diversity. And so to be a ‘Warrior of the Rainbow’ is a personal choice made by a mind and heart that is free from modern materialism and fear. A mind and heart full of unconditional love, joy and happiness! It is a decision made between you and The Creator of all Creation. Now, let’s make 2012 the best year of our lives!!!! I wish you a very healthy, prosperous and blissful New Year! Love & Blessings,

Richard T. Voller Editor-in-Chief

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Dear Loved Ones – Message from Richard Voller

Xclusive Interviews 7

Random Acts of Kindness – Jasha van der Wel Fertile Ground – Galitta Tassa (You-Tube: Mirror of Love Channel)


Mirror of Love – Lins Vanhauwaert


Global Awaken Network – Manuela Arhire

Xperience 13

Relationships - Living Spirituality in Everyday – written by Piet Linnebank


Food – Global Kitchen – Recipe


The Office – The Playground – Sophia Husbands


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Totem – Eagle


Ritual – Wake Up with DJ Nikos


Technology - Test drive the new Tazzari Zero electric car


Who Am I? Madeleine


Testimonials – Feedback – Thank YOU!


Xfactor 11

Capoeira for Kids – David Ikeuze


House 4 Love - Neville Keith Matroos & Marcel Stoof in South Africa


New Appointment – Heather Odom Appointment


Interview - Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Emilie Smit


Events – World Day of Interconnectedness, 11.11.11 – Leo Sonneveld


Art Review – Freedom Goes to USA – Ken Messina


Tour – Show Your True Colours 2011 – Richart Llover

Xsighted 57

Sex & Meditation – One is the same?


My Visualisation of The Future – By Heather Odom

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The Eagle Totem The Eagle: Messengers from heaven & the embodiment of the spirit of the Sun. The eagle is symbol of the Warrior. A great reminder of your own ability to soar to greater heights. Those with an Eagle totem need to have an involvement with creation; a willingness to experience extremes; a willingness to use your ability even if it means getting "scorched" a little as you fly high; a willingness to seek out your true emotions. A demanding totem, but one that offers so much reward at the end of the journey. Its four-toed feet remind you to stay grounded even when soaring high; its talons remind you to grasp the things of the earth; its sharp beak shows you when to speak, how much, and how strongly. This totem will show you opportunities and how to ride the winds to your benefit. Eagle people can live in the realm of the spirit yet still remain connected and balanced within the realm of the Earth. You must become much more than you ever dreamed possible. Source code:

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Random Acts of Kindness

" An interview with Jasha van der Wel

" The first time that I met Jasha van der Wel, was when we were driving down to an Interconnectedness meeting in Utrecht in the Netherlands. I remember feeling a very strong heart connection and new that it was important to


interview her for" " and share her insights and vision with a wider consciousminded audience.

THE INTERVIEW Rich: Who are you and what is your background? Jasha: “My name is Jasha van der Wel. I am an Amsterdam resident who once graduated in Psychology. For many years I am working in the festival and music business.” What is ‘All is One´? And what inspired you to set it up? Jasha: “All is One’ is an organization I founded together with my sister Isis in the year 2001. We wanted to organize different kind of events in and around Amsterdam; events where the guest does not merely come to consume a party, but where they can active participate and where it’s more about the consciousness that we are all one and connected. In these events it isn’t just about electronic music and the DJ performing, but there are many more art forms to be discovered there. Creativity has many forms. It can be (eetbaar), interactive.”

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“At the time I believed a thing like that was lacking in the Amsterdam scene. We wanted people to leave just a little bit more conscious then when they arrived.” What does collective unity mean to you? Jasha: “In the end we are all part of the same mechanism or system or however you would like to call it. Just like the cells in your body are all part of the same human, all the humans on this planet are part of the same humanity. Realizing that we are all one makes life a bit easier for each and everyone of us. You no longer have to judge or condemn others (or yourself). Once you understand the principle of collective unity life becomes a different ball game.” How does your expanded vision of humanity, as Áll is One´ express itself? Jasha: “I think I became a more pleasant person to be around with. I am another you. Helping one another is helping yourself. What a pleasant realization! I believe in the good of all people, and act accordingly.” How does the higher human fellowship principle of abundance for all align with the concept of All is One? Jasha: “Gandhi said once long ago: “There is enough for everyone, but not for everyone’s greed”. These days times are changing and more and more people start to realize the ‘All is One’ principle. Once in that realm you do not attain pleasure from consumerism that much anymore. True happiness is found in nonmaterial things and experiences shared. In that

way there is abundance for all.”

always emerged from personal

Do you feel the Presence of God in everything? If so, how do you experience it? Jasha: “My parents raised me as an atheist. But seeing all the beauty and perfection in nature I could only start believing in God. Not in the guy with the beard who judges on mankind of course. To me God is Love and Creation itself. It can be found in each and every one of us, happening every moment. Like the cells are part of the body, I believe we are part of the body of God, together with all the planets and atoms etc.” What is your life mission? Jasha: “My life mission is to live in love, contribute to the world by blowing fire into the World Wide Movement that is, thank god ;), happening.” Do you feel that your life’s mission is related to a sense of social responsibility? Jasha: “Of course. I believe that everybody born into a luxury position (so not trying to survive by attaining basic needs like food and shelter) should start feeling this social responsibility. If you can, give something back to the world. Some of us are using up planets resources like there is no end to it. The more conscious ones among us should try to raise awareness of these issues in the less conscious ones among us.” When did you experience your first ´enlightenment´ and what happened? Jasha: “I’ve had a few of these experiences, but the one most drastic to me happened during my Vipassana meditation course. After being in meditation for 7 days I suddenly felt I was levitated, and I felt like a light bulb radiating some white energy, accompanied by a buzzing sound. As soon as I realized this was an enlightened state of mind, I wanted more of it, and logically it went away as soon as this desire arose. I broke down in tears afterwards being overwhelmed.” What are your deeply believed ideals? Jasha: “I believe all people are good (deep) inside. We are all driven by the same desires and fears. Nobody wants to be alone; we all want to be loved.” What are your sources of inspiration? Jasha: “I think the biggest source of inspiration for me is Nature itself. When I look at the beauty there I know everything is possible.” Effective movements in history have almost

) "

Leadership and from the dreams of enlightened individuals who have devoted themselves to some cause of benefit to all. How do you hope to inspire people through your actions? Jasha: “I hope I inspire others by just being myself and with that invite others to just be themselves as well. Once we all start acting from our true authentic selves, things really get going. Then the magic appears ! and good things happen automatically. Then we’re in sync with the Universe.” Rudolf Steiner invited us to live out of pure trust in existence, trust in the ever-present help of the spiritual world. What are your feelings on this idea? I totally agree. Why are the Áll is One events held at Ruigoord? What is special, in your eyes, about this place? Jasha: “Ruigoord is a beautiful little village just outside of Amsterdam. For the last 40 years beautiful people have loaded the village with positive creative energy who have inhabited it. In that way the village of Ruigoord is the perfect free haven for All is One.” Many people associate Ruigoord and other dance festivals with drugs and alcohol abuse. Do you believe it is possible to have high energy dance parties where people can experience the oneness in a drug-free, alcohol-reduced environment? Jasha: “Yes of course this is possible. These kinds of experiences are happening all over the globe. Osho said: “drugs are a shortcut to enlightenment”. The downside of it is that with drugs you can only peek under the veil of enlightenment, what you do with the knowledge

once you’re sober again is a second question. The good side of it is that you had a glimpse of what is possible, so you are able to recognize it’s sooner.” As people all over the world are ´waking-up´ and wanting to live a more balanced and healthy lifestyle, how do you think dance events can play an active role in uplifting people in a healthy and natural way? Jasha: “A dance event is a very special happening. It isn’t for no reason people have been gathering at dance events through all different cultures and ages. Dancing together on the same music brings about this kind of Group Energy. It lifts up the spirit that is living within. People really feel one then. And if you have been to a dance event you know what I am talking about. And if you haven’t, it’s time you should go!”

world’s population.” What does LOVE and LIGHT mean to you? Jasha: “Love is the most important thing. Once you start living in love, life becomes lighter. Light means vision and trust to me.” “The Earth is a living being. It is a whole system. We do not exist upon her- we are expressions of her. As such, we are all no more than aspects of her being. Each aspect is part of her greater whole. She organizes us through subtle means. Stepping out of the illusions of limitation and separation, we find meaning in synchronicity. All synchronicity takes place within her generous body. She is dreaming us into existence.” Below: Rainbow Warriors wristband on Jasha

There are only a few DJ´s and musicians playing music on 528 Htz or 432 Htz (the Love Vibration) that resonates with our hearts and it’s scientifically proven to heal our DNA structure. If all DJ´s and musicians changed to this frequency, we could see a mass healing of the world’s population through dance music. Do you feel that DJ´s would unite together for such a cause and how can you support such an initiative? Jasha: “Nice question. I wish everyone would unite in the mass healing of the world’s population through dance music. DJ’s playing an active role in this scene should take up their social responsibility. They are a role model for some and inspire others.” “And if you are working in another field besides the dance music, you should think for yourself how you can contribute to the healing of the

To learn more about the ‘All is One’ movement, please visit:

* "

( 5?@GRST(( -%+1( ( 7;(N%M3$(( "

" "

BSNGR)NU( Start your day with these great vibes from DJ Nikos Akrivos and we guarantee you will experience miracles in your life! "

VPW(X+CU( This is the frequency that resonates with your Heart! It is the LOVE VIBRATION! It has been proven by German Scientists to heal your DNA structure!

Now you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to experience miracles, would you?

For more information: !+ " "



! "#$%&'!()*+'&'!,'-%)./'!0%/!1.2# By Instructor Carranca - David Ikezue Capoeira is an exciting and challenging activity for kids of all ages. It allows the individual child to develop his/her coordination, rhythm, balance and a musical sense. It is a fighting game where the children will work in pairs and as a collective. The game, which is how we refer to it in Capoeira, takes place in a circle where everyone has a task to perform in a relaxed and informal environment. This will allow the kids to develop aspects of their physical and mental skills. In each class I will endeavor to incorporate the aforementioned.

Personal Bio: My name is Carranca in Capoeira tongue J, but my real name is David Ikezue. Originally I come from Nigeria but I grew up in London. The last 9 years of my life have been living and working in Holland. In this time I have practiced Muay Thai kick boxing, but somewhere along this line I found and fell in love with Capoeira. I have been practicing Capoeira now for 7 year, with the Escola Senzala in Amsterdam under Mestre Claudio Samara. In the last 4 years I have assisted in his workshops and have on many occasions been a replacement for him in several courses and trainings he has offered throughout the Netherlands. The Senzala school of Capoeira in Amsterdam has been working with kids since its beginning over 2 decades ago and currently has strong relationship with the A.I.C.S Amsterdam International Community School. At this point I am currently teaching the Senzala adult group in Leiden and regularly give the advanced kids class in Amsterdam on Friday. You can find information about the group at Contact: David - or call Mobile: 06 275 456 55

!! "

" " " " " " " " " " " " "

! ! ! ! ! ! !


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:;2"<218./=7>;/?" ,-./012"34"5/2."6/7723879"! My good friend Richard, Mr Bonding Experience, Voller asked me today to write a 1000 word essay about "the spirituality of everyday" and with his request he immediately managed to lift my spirits. I mailed him back to bring him the happy tidings that I would gladly sink my teeth into this very honorable assignment My first thought about the subject would be, and I know it is a cliché, Is there any other kind? The spirituality of every year maybe? But then Christmas comes to mind and even just the thought about this dreaded turkey of a holiday depresses me and if there is one thing that is more or less exactly the opposite of spirituality it is depression. I think. The spirituality of everyday. Well, Richard brought a little sunshine into this day which wasn't exactly filled with spirituality, me and the missus had just returned from a party week in Amsterdam and we managed to piss each other off to the extent that we do not really enjoy being in each others company at the moment. Not very spiritual. And we both were doing so much our best not to let it come to that. And because we did our best so much and still screwed up we are more confused now so that it is harder to let it go. Because we still

!$ "

don't know exactly what happened. So I think it is fair to say that doing your best, doesn't help in the S.O.E. (spirituality of everyday) department. In each others Ass It is also possible that we were too much in each other’s hair the last few weeks or as my girlfriend would say in each others ass. That's always a tricky one. You like each other a lot and enjoy each other’s company so much that you spend too much time together. It is a very slow process. In the beginning it is really nice and everything goes by itself. In the middle it is still very nice but you start making efforts to keep it nice and you are very happy that you both manage to keep it nice although you have to make compromises to keep it nice. Which towards the end becomes really tiresome and suffocating and suddenly it explodes over nothing. The trick is to get out of there before this moment comes. And believe, me it will come. It always does. So now she has gone off to work, without saying goodbye, slamming the door on her way out. Just two days ago I was the best thing that ever happened to her, the man she was always


looking for and now I am dog shit under her shoe, or to quote her as she was trying to put the car right, lots of cars honking behind her on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam "You are even less than dog shit" And I felt it. Because I love her very much and thinks she is the best thing that ever happened to me. Thinking in silence what it could be that was less than dog shit. Because that's what I was. Smelling a rose To use another clichĂŠ, they say spirituality is living in the moment. Smelling a rose. Admiring the butterflies dancing in the sky. Children playing in the sunshine, enjoy their laughter. Helping an old lady carry her bags across the street, smile though your heart is aching, Life's too short, you only live once, which I by the way seriously doubt. No we have to come back. I've been to India several times. I've been to ashrams, I've learnt to meditate, yes. And it helps, all those things they help. Believing in reincarnation helps. It takes away the time pressure. It makes it easier accepting ones imperfections. And those little imperfections always have a tendency to pop up at the worst possible moments. You know, Murphy's law.

When I walked out of the shower on Saturday morning a day before we were going back to Brussels she was rolling a joint in the sunlit living room. "Please will you please not smoke that joint?". I guess, despair was coming out of all my pores. "I was preparing it for this evening but because you ask it like this I will smoke it now.!" She hissed back to me. I saw my hand grab the joint from hers and throw it on the coffee table. This was the moment. I felt my heart beating in my throat. She got up from her chair, big-eyed and threw my clean folded green pants at me. I think she missed me. They ended up between the folding bikes that had been there for more than a year

So there I was earlier today, walking around on the streets like a zombie feeling sorry for myself, although the sun was finally shining after one of the shittiest summers in western European history. I didn't want to meet people. I hated the fact that my girlfriend was angry with me and that it seemed like she was nurturing her anger, holding on to it. It seemed very selfish. She did organise a surprise party for my 50th birthday a week ago. Big red, blue and orange balloons are hanging on the doors. The fridge is still full of beers and cake. And she did go with me to visit all my relatives in Amsterdam. Which was very nice. She almost looked like family. And slowly all my energy had vanished. I felt empty and afraid. Not very spiritual.

Instead of wild sex for at least six weeks she went to see her Israeli all day dope smoking friends. Guys, sitting together all day in coffee shops or at home smoking dope and besides playing records or watching movies growing shit or making plans to grow shit and make lots of money, groovey!

How it all began 'I need you and I also need not to need you' I wrote this sentence down on a drawing I made in my notebook a few months ago. To not forget it, because it seemed like a nice line to use on a painting. After I kissed Helena for the first time almost two years ago, our relationship did not really take off the way I wanted. Instead of having wild continuous sex for at least the next six weeks she somehow made herself very scarce. With great effort on my behalf I managed to maybe see her once a week. Like she was avoiding me, which she was, of course.

!% "

A few days after I kissed her for the first time in the middle of November, I bought a plane ticket to India. I never bought it that much in advance, but it made a big difference in the price, at least Euro 200 euro. In January I went for three whole months. I mailed her several times but I never got anything back. I was hyperventilating in the ashram not hearing from her. After a month I gave up. And I started having a great time in India. And after a while I started going out with a hot little number in Calcutta half my age. Not going all the way. But still very nice. You can't be too sure nowadays. And the fucking surplus benefit of my self endowed freedom was that I was much more in a forgiving state of mind when she told me towards the end of my vacation when she finally picked up the phone that she had more or less done the same thing. Well, not with a hot little number from Calcutta. I did not really want to know about the details. No, thanks.

Being a moron A wise man knows when he is acting like a moron. I was a moron. I am a moron. Far from being a wise man. Who was I to criticize her behaviour? Especially after she had done so many loving things for me like organizing a beautiful surprise party, inviting people she did not even know, making cakes and buying all these drinks and gifts? And standing by me meeting all my family members instead of hooking up with all her friends she hadn't seen for such a long time? Me, who has never shied away from all kinds of enlightening substances, but not during the day, I never liked that. Other questions were going through my mind like have I already written a thousand words? Would I have to count them one by one to come to some sort of estimate? Thousand is a big number. But also not that big. Like for instance when you have a thousand euro, you could consider yourself rich but also rather poor. The thought of having to count them all one by one, like making 100 little piles of 10 one euro pieces, but then with words, somehow it seems a bit tedious. It does to me. But on the other side it sounds like some street bums wet dream. Well, he probably has a lot of them anyway and not necessarily only the nice kind. More of a wet reality than a dream. My little sugar pumpkin All this happened a few weeks back when yesterday Richard who himself is leading quite a wonderful life asked me how I was doing and if I could send him my story by the 28th of October. So I put my own glamorous and wonderful life on hold for a short period of time to finish this little story of mine. And I am glad to inform that it has quite a cosy ending. We have moved on quite a bit into the fall the days are getting shorter, the leaves are falling and the dreaded Christmas season is approaching. My dearly beloved Helena is already making all kinds of plans and I am getting better and better at not get them to bother me, ignoring would maybe describe the situation better but that is probably a word she would not approve of. She does not like to be ignored. I can understand because I do not like to be ignored, even when I say or do things that would not be her idea of 'a good idea'. Slowly we are finding the balance between being involved with each other and letting ourselves be free to lead our own lives. "You know Piet when I really fell in love with you?" "No, my dearest"

!& "

"You remember when you were in India and you called me and I told you that I had met someone else?" "How can I forget, my little sugar pumpkin" "And do you remember the next day you called me again and you said that it wasn't such a big deal and you hoped that we could still be good friends?" "Yes" "That's when I really fell in love with you" "Aooh!" Photograph by Annemarieke Moes.

Editorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Note: Although I asked Piet for 1,000 words, he actually sent me 1,800 words. If you know anything about spirituality, then you understand that there are no conditions with love. Piet is a very valuable and good friend. These are his words, uncut! Thanks brother for sharing your life with us all so authentically and openly.

518(=0%$'(O3#,( .3&'(/%L,0+%3*Y((


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new appointment @28.;2-"AB"CD=E" (

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( G&'*+$(20*0F',(


B3#!1'6(L8(?,+( FFFB:=G0;2D34,-.B=-H""

( It gives us great pride and honour to announce that Heather V. Odom has agreed to be the Events Manager for Touched by Art. Heather successfully coordinated the Venus Project World Tour in 2010. Richart Llover is now gearing up for events in: the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, UK, USA and Ibiza in 2012. Get ready to be touched by art! ((((!))))(

( H''(X%>(0+(5''M'*6$U( T%CC0(GI[,'$$(,'$+0#,0*+\(+1'(Z,30650"M\(T3,+(H3"'*+\(S@(IJ87KL23M"" X'0"%*F()L%C0('&'*+\()L%C0\(H[0%*(IN84M( "23,'(E3>%*F(H33*](

" L=-"E=-2"/7O=-E8./=7"83=G."3==9/7H>P"" ?128>2"2E8/1"@28.;2-"CD=E"=7Q" @28.;2-R.=G0;2D348-.B=-H""" "

!( " "

( (

N ATURE & F OOD CG-"S=-1D"8."T=G-":8312Q"51872."U8-.;V>"W==9"X==9" Hello to You! I hope you are feeling well and have a happy, full belly of food. I love food so much; it led to the creation of my cookbook, Our World At Your Table: Planet Earth's Cookbook. Background It all started when I undertook a Diet & Nutrition Advisor certification course and thought more consciously about what I eat. Then I began to think about the quality of food that I eat, and that led to discoveries about food production that both horrified me and clarified my own beliefs and values. It has been one of those life transformation periods, where I have been sorting myself out, deciding what really matters and which directions I want to go in. We can all reach a period in our lives where we feel stagnant and not entirely sure we are happy to meet another day!

!) "

Mission: Now I'm on a personally meaningful journey with my cookbook and you can “Like” the book at There are many hungry bellies out there that desire a variety of down to earth recipes, so let’s spread the word today! And because there are so many hungry bellies to feed, each purchase of Our World At Your Table generates a donation to the World Food Programme. Currently the book exists as a 229-page .pdf, with minimal illustrations making the book more environmentally friendly. However, I know that joy of holding a book in one's hands so the hardcover version with full color photography is currently being developed and will be available soon.


The e-book version features one recipe from each country on this planet we call “home”. At USD $8.95 it's a unique collection and available for download purchase here:

vegetarian/vegans out there – it will only encourage your creativity, and I would love to hear back from you on your variations – so please do get in touch. PEACE LOVE AND FOOD! Susan Marie BRAISED CHICKEN WITH DATES & SPICES 3 ! lbs chicken breast halves, thighs & drumsticks 1 tbsp flour, 1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil 2 lbs (about 11 large) shallots, peeled 3 cinnamon sticks, 1 ! tsps ground ginger 1 tsp ground cumin, ! tsp turmeric 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper 3 cups low-salt chicken broth 5 tbsps lemon juice, divided 12 dates, pitted, halved (try to use Medjool dates; if not, it's OK) " cup toasted almonds, coarsely chopped " cup chopped fresh cilantro (coriander) Serves 6 • •

Blogger Our world is endlessly entertaining and I enjoy blogging about food at my blog, . I hope you'll tune in to see what I'm currently talking about. Recent posts include an unusual cocktail recipe called Medicine Man, the Western world's oldest cookbook as a free e-book, and recipes and videos related to Square Dancing. And much more. Saucy Dish In the meantime, I would like to invite you to cook this gorgeous chicken dish from Morocco. I recently cooked this for a friend and as we ate it we were both in heaven, 'oohing’ and 'aahing' so much it was bordering on the ridiculous! If you want to substitute the chicken for firm tofu, by all means give it a try. My cookbook does stick to authentic world food as it would be eaten in the country of origin, so apologies to all you

!* "

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Sprinkle chicken pieces with salt, pepper, and flour. Heat olive oil in heavy large pot over mediumhigh heat. Add half of chicken pieces to pot and fry until brown on all sides, turning occasionally, about 15 minutes. Transfer chicken to baking sheet or platter; repeat frying with remaining chicken. Pour off all but 2 tbsps fat from pot and discard. Reduce heat to medium. Add shallots to pot; sauté until golden, about 6 minutes. Add cinnamon sticks, ginger, cumin, turmeric, and cayenne. Stir until fragrant, about 1 minute. Increase heat to high; add broth and 3 tbsps lemon juice. Bring to boil; reduce heat to low, cover, and simmer until shallots begin to soften, about 18 minutes. Place chicken pieces atop shallots in pot. Bring to boil over medium heat. Reduce heat to medium-low, cover, and simmer until juices run clear when thickest part of drumstick is pierced with knife, about 25 minutes. Transfer chicken and shallots to platter; tent with foil. Boil juices in pot until slightly thickened. Stir in dates and remaining 2 tbsps lemon juice. Reduce heat and simmer gently until dates are heated through, about 2 minutes. Pour sauce and dates over chicken. Sprinkle with almonds and cilantro, and serve.



An interview with Yoga Teacher, Lins Vanhauwaert

Lins created YogiyoginiPulse Community and teaches Yoga at David Lloyd in Rotterdam and at Delight Yoga studio in Amsterdam. I met up with her recently in Amsterdam to get an exclusive interview with her to understand why she decided to become a Yoga Teacher and how she is having a positive impact on humanity.

Lins Vanhauwaert has been a Yoga Teacher for 5 years, working in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

The Mirror of Love

Lins was born in Belgium and now lives in Rotterdam. She loves to inspire her students with creative sequences that are urban influenced. Lins is completing her teacher training with Shiva Rea (founder of Prana Flow Yoga).

Lins: “I asked my students why they came to my class? They said it transformed their lives!”


#+ "

“When I was attending the teacher training, it was the same. I had this transformative feeling that something changed in my life.

I wanted to dive in at the deep end to teach Yoga. In 2007, I met Shiva Rea, my mentor, it was a start for me that really changed my life!” Rich: How did it change your life? Lins: “Before, I was busy with the outer world. How did I look? Did I have enough friends? I was six years in the club scene, you know how it is. You become fixated on the outer world!” Rich: So there was more focus on the ego? Lins: “Yes, and I missed a lot of connection. I would speak with people for about two hours and then it would disappear. Lots of things where happening in my life and I eventually lost the connection with my heart.”

Rich: How do you do that? Lins: “Hahahahaha! You know, the stories of life! I married a person who was not the right person for me and I partied too much! I am happy I was there though, because now I can see the difference! It is a circle, it all started in 2000 and now we are nearly in 2012. I met again some people I know all that time ago and we are all in a really different place now. So in this transition, there is a stronger connection with the heart and as the world never stops turning, so we have a pulse that moves us.” Rich: It is a continuous cycle. Lins: “Yes, continuous movement. You can come back to yourself in the cycle, but if you stay the same you become stagnant and then you are not growing. The thing I like about the style of Yoga I am teaching and practicing now is Vinyassa Yoga; meaning beginning, middle and end. So Vinyassa is a cycle, and on every end you have a new beginning, so there is nothing to be frightened about!” “So the moment you let go, there is a new beginning!” Rich: Well that is quite interesting because people are frightened of letting go! Lins: “Yes, so they hold on and hold on. I had a lot of friends because I was scared to loose the friends. If people go out of your life, there will be others who will come in, because you don’t stay the same person all your life.” “I believe that every time you go through a dark period, it means that you grow to a new beginning.” Rich: “That sounds a bit like a plant.” Lins: “Yes, it is like Prana Flow.”

#! "

Rich: “What is that? Lins: Prana is life force. If you go in the flow and let yourself be guided by the Prana you notice the difference. You might be very anxious, very controlled about things that are coming into your life, but if you soften that or let go and you believe in trust, your life will transform. It starts with trust and security in the layers.” Rich: What layers? Lins: We have the Animaya Cosha, which is the physical layer of your body. But you also have an energetic layer that goes beyond the physical body. And you also have an emotional body and you also have a bliss body, which is more about the Soul. “ “In the emotional body, that is more about your thoughts, beliefs and feelings. And in every layer, there is something going on that gives a footprint on the other layers. So if you are in a state of anxiety, you will have a footprint in your physical body. Rich: Did you ever want to change the world? Lins: ”We call it Dharma. It is a life purpose; why you are here in this world? In this life, because I believe there will be several lives. Your Soul chooses a body, so my Soul is now in my body, but when I am dying, it goes into another body. I believe that, it is the way of Karma. Sometimes you have to go through lessons, because the Soul has a purpose. You have to explore, and the only material thing that a Soul has is the body.” “The most lovely picture of an embodied Soul is the breath. Your breath is a picture of the Soul. If someone says to me,

‘What is the Soul?’, then for me it is the breath.” “And the Soul moves through your body. It connects with the emotion, it connects with your organs, it connects with your joints, with your mind and your brain. So the embodiment of the Soul, for me, is the breath.” Rich: So many people are saying, I’ve got the house, got the car, have lovely children, but what is my purpose in life? What’s this all about? Lins: “The moment I started with Prana Flow Yoga, I came out of a dark point in my life. I wanted to feel again and be with people in a community where there was a lot of love and a lot of compassion, with people that support you on your way. So I asked myself in that moment, “Why did I choose to be a nurse?”… the answer came back ‘for education’.” “If I see my whole life, as a child, as a teenager, an adult, I always have this feeling to help other people. I can help people, but the only one who has to change, is you. The only thing that I can do is to be a mirror or a support in that transformative period.” “And when I was 18 years old, I was thinking about being a Psychologist, but my mother was ill so I could not attend University. So now is my second chance, not to be a Psychologist, but to be someone who helps people on their path to transform. To help them find their own life purpose, to find their own connection with their own heart. Because in this heart I always say Namaste, my God bows to your God.” “A lot of people still pray to the God in the external world, but there is also a connection from the external world to the internal world. In every person there is a

God.” Rich: YES! Lins: “And sometimes people loose the connection through illness, through poverty, through life events.” Rich: Or even through education Lins: “Yes, through conditioning. So what we do is deconditioning. And to feel your own energy moving. There are some ancient manuscripts that support this, like the Sutras of Pantajali, which is a sacred text, and there are some about the tantric philosophy.” “After twenty years of your life, you need to start searching for who you are. You need to build your own story. You need to write your own life and then we come into the heart and that is where we start connecting with other people. If people can’t connect with their heart, then they have problems connecting with people. If there is not a flow in this area, you’ll see that people can’t talk. People have problems with expressing themselves, they stay inwards, they are anxious, and they are scared.” Rich: Yes, that fear closes people down. Lins: “Yes, you are growing and growing as a person. The moment you say ‘I am this person. I AM! Yu are and we are, because in every person there is an authenticity, but at the same time there is the same heart, the same pulse. And when I realized this, then I decided I wanted to build a community with people who believe that it is right, that you can be like you want to be with respect, but with open-heart.”

## "

Rich: So that is your vision? Lins: “Yes, some people will be continuously challenged to live without fear and insecurity. They rather opt for ‘fight and flight’ instead of learning how to handle life.”

Lins; “Yes, the moment you start talking about your life I reflect it back. I know that when something is not flowing how you want it to, you are always questioning yourself. What do I want? Why this? Why that?”

“You know I am teaching in Rotterdam in a sports school which is very challenging because a lot of people are their to build their muscles and look good. But it is ok. And after while of us working together, they start to notice that something changes in their emotional pattern and it their thoughts and they give things back.”

“But at that moment, that period shows you, how you have to evolve. There is always something to learn. For example, if your man, your child or your partner dies it is not always your fault. It is nothing to do about fault; rather it is what can you learn about this situation? There will always be a lesson.”

“I have grown through my students.” Rich: OK, because they are a reflection of you! Lins: “Mhhhh. I see people on the mat and think ‘Oh, I was there four years ago.’ Rich: And this comes from looking inward and being able to see so much that is reflected outward.” Lins: “Yes, and it takes great strength to be able to look inward and see things that sometimes you are ashamed of that you did these things. But if you stay in the same energy patterns and run away from what you did and need a shot of alcohol to face it then you are not evolving, but rather just staying in the same cycle over and over again.” Rich: So people can come to you and you can help them deal with these things that have happened in their lives and doesn’t keep them in fear? Lins: “Well I try to belike a mirror.” Rich: “That is funny because there is a mirror behind your head!”

Rich: I feel that is a good one because so many people tend to finger point and blame others. But you are saying that the answers come from within? Lins: “Yes, I heard a lot about mindfulness. You move and move very consciously in the Yoga lifestyle.” Rich: What does being conscious mean to you? Lins: “It is about seeing life the way it is. Every step that you have made will have a consequence. So if you drink 10 whiskies, that is OK for me, but for you, you won’t be very conscious!!!! Hahahahaha. “Knowing that an action, has a reaction! “ Rich: Isn’t that part of now as we move to 2012, that the reaction to the action is becoming faster and faster. Lins: “All the structures and systems that count on power, but not power in a positive way will fall down.” “And all the structures and systems that are built on freedom and love, will grow. I feel that is the transition of 2012.”

Rich: Yes, and I totally agree on that one. Lins: “We need banks, but the fact that it is possible for 3 or 4 heads can run away with so much money, that is not right. I believe that there will be sub communities that will build up again that will support people who want to grow. Because the change starts with yourself.” Rich: Yes, that is what Ghandi said. Lins: “Be the change you want to see. In this process of transition, some people will die. Some people do not have the force to look inside, and to change. Rich: So the system is going to go through a lot of stress. Lins: “I think it is going to go through a point where it is very confrontational for everybody!” Rich: So that means you are going to quite busy then! Lins: “Well! Then we can start building this supportive community, but one without structure, I feel things will just naturally fall into place.” “I truly believe that in 15 years time, there will be completely new systems on earth. “ “When you look at evolution thousands of years ago, there were communities which supported themselves and they cared about each other without the social security. Old people were care for by the family. But they saw it was good, so they built structures around it. But now we see that the structures are over structured. And that there is a lot of money that doesn’t exist.” It is a cycle, but we can never

#$ "

be again in the energy as then, because the world is changing. We live in a very individualistic world. I am this, I need this car, I need that! Sometimes I say to myself ‘You know Lins you are doing very well from these people.’ And then I also think, I can give something back to them.”

because; I see what is inside of you and want to project this back to you!”

Rich: I think it is quite interesting how we met, because I was on my ‘Show Your True Colours’ Tour around Europe…. Lins: “I said yesterday to a friend, you know I have an interview tomorrow. There was something amazing about how we met. I mean I met you through the social media, and then one moment something happened in your life! And you could see the two different groups; the group that was shooting at you and group that said ‘OK, we can help.”

Rich; “Yes, I find it fascinating because we were going to meet in De Balie and that was too noisy. Then we were going to sit in the other place and now we sit right here, where there is a mirror behind your head! Amazing!!!! Hahahaha If you would like to join Lins’ Yoga class in Amsterdam then feel free to come along to Delight Yoga which is a modern yoga studio in the heart of Amsterdam. They also offer yoga and meditation for everyone, at each level.

“There was something inside of me that said ‘I can eat, I can drive my car.’ Something said, ‘You need to help’. I don’t know why? And something pumped up! I don’t know what?”

For more information, please visit:

Rich: Maybe your heart! ;o) Lins: “Yes, you know! The pulse inside said ‘You need to help this person.’ “And then after a while we met, and at that moment I said ‘Now I know why!’ “Because there is SO much potential inside of you!” Rich: Thank YOU! Lins: “But when you are in your darkest point, sometimes you can’t see it any more. And that is why I say I am a mirror

Rich: Yes, OK! I see! Lins: “And at that moment that you say ‘OK, I see’ things change. Because there were also other people in my life that were my mirror.”


" Test Drive

Tazzari Zero – 4 Souls in One Body Unplug & Play In November 2011, I had the great fortune of meeting with Mark Schreurs, Founder of Mister Green car Lease Company in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Mark had very kindly offered to lend one of his cars, the Tazzari Zero, for it to be present at the ‘World Day of Interconnectedness’ event on the 11.11.11 So before the event, I had a few days to take ownership of the super little sexy Italian sports car. I must admit, that although it is not a long-distance runner, it is a fabulous little run-about!

#% "

So why do we love this car? • It’s great FUN and it’s electric!!! What are the specs? • Central Engine • Aluminum chassis • Park in less than 3 meters • Lithium batteries with up to 140 km roaming range • 100% electric • Superb road handling • Stability and safety • Rear wheel drive sports car feeling • Maximum speed 100 km • 4 disc breaks with regenerative breaking • Zero emissions Mark explained to me that he set-up the company after working in America in an enclosed area where all the transportation was electric. It

gave him the idea to set-up a similar operation in Amsterdam within the belt of the A10 ring road. I had to meet Mark at the ID&T head office in Amsterdam, so I got the chance to experience the Tazzari both on the motorway and in the town. Motorway Driving Driving around the A10, I must admit that I felt a little bit unsafe as the car reached about 80km per hour. It was the sound of the engine being pushed to its limit and the fact that the car is so tiny, that made me feel uncomfortable in it. But that all changed once I was driving down the Overtoom and into the centre of town. Town Driving Once in the town, the Tazzari Zero seemed to take on a life of

its own! And I quickly noticed that it was attracting a lot of attention! People were smiling and even complete strangers started waving at me! I suddenly felt like everyone was my friend!

For more information, please visit:

And as I was driving down the Singel, I passed by one of my favourite cheese shops, Reypenaers. So I had to stop by and pop in! The thing that I love about this car is that is so easy to maneuver. There is no gear stick, only two buttons; one forwards and one backwards. And the turning circle is excellent, so you can easily navigate your way through the smallest streets in the city centre. Although the boot space is very small, there is enough space for your briefcase and sports equipment. Re-Charging One of the major criticisms about electric cars is the infrastructure. But I must admit, that were I was living, in the Pijp, there were plenty of ReCharging Points. You literary scan your card to get access, lift up the bonnet and plug-in. It is so simple and easy to use and within 5 hours your car is fully re-charged and ready to drive for another 140 km. It’s totally amazing really and it will only set you back Euro 2 for 140 km! This is totally insane! I mean who in their right mind, would want to travel for such a ridiculous price! If you want a fun town car, that is very cheap to run and super cool, then we recommend the Tazzari Zero! It’s a no frills, fun poke-in-the-eye at the global car industry! We LOVE YOU Mister Green!

#& "

Below: Stopping off at my favourite cheese shop in Amsterdam for some Reypenaer’s cheese!



An interview with Emilie Smit.

Rich: Did you see a spark of




spiritual limitations. I am talking

Emlie: “I saw it with my eyes

about the spirit. I was aware of


closed. I was in a state

the thought structures that we

February 2008, because I was

between waking and sleeping

have, that limit us. So I felt like I

crazy in love with someone and

and then I saw it. And then I

was King, a ruler of the world.”

he broke up with me. But

woke up and experienced the

because I knew the right words


to change his mind, we were


back together a few days later to

standing above this three-

give it another try. And so I felt

dimensional world and I was

“And of course, I was having a

like I was Mrs. ‘Know it ALL’. My



psychosis, and getting really

type of psychosis is called a

consciousness and I could

weird. But later on I discovered



see the entire world. I got this

some spiritual books. It stared


insight of the cosmos and the

with ‘The Secret’ and I was so

'knowing' it all are very common.

way things worked and a

interested that I read them all.

People can also suffer from 'fear



And they were talking about the

psychosis’. I was so happy,

everything. But the one thing

way to think in a whole other

I was in that state of being that I




felt a spark of light fall from a

psychosis is that it comes so


planet on to my head.”






psychosis happen? Emilie:




psychosis of




Rich: What do you mean? Emilie: “It was as if I was in another dimension!”







other I


sense is

a You

problem are














unprepared for what is going

“Then I could understand more

to happen. But I had the

about what was going on! It was

feeling that there were no

about the evolution of the Soul,

borders, no limitations.”





Before that I didn’t know about “I am not talking about three

#' "

reincarnation, I didn’t believe in

it! I didn’t even question it. And

have been in my life before! I

is to grow and evolve in spirit.

then suddenly in 2010, I had my

felt that with some people I

We live

second psychosis. I was reading

had been their mother, father,

for that purpose.”

about spiritually a lot and the

child and even lover in former

law of attraction and about how

lives. Later on, I discovered

“So there is a higher purpose to



all of this! But I am not able to

psychosis, because I was too

(Edgar Cayce) and discovered

explain what it is. In the second

absorbed in this new experience



of life. Then I became aware

connected with groups, so

because I refused to take my

that friends and family, ex-

when-ever you fall in-love and

medication for a while. I feel that

boyfriends, colleagues, lovers

it is mutual, you definitely

psychosis is to help you through

and even neighbours that I had

have had a life with them

difficult circumstances, by giving

a connection with, whether good



you insight into your higher

or bad, have been related to me

everything to do with Karma.

purpose while you are still on

throughout centuries. Yes! They

The purpose of reincarnation

this planet.”

hundreds of lifetimes

everything worked. So I was trying to manifest certain things in my life, with success. At some points, you come in the flow when you are connected with your Higher-Self or the Source and in the flow this Intelligence is showing you and giving you the things that you want in that moment.” Rich: So there is actually nothing to fear? Emilie:




inexperienced with it, your life seems like it is in a rollercoaster and your perception of the world becomes so different from what it always has been because I was





insecurity.” “When I could rely on this flow, this Source, I became so happy. But











couldn’t handle it. That is what you

#( "













“But there are also people who

this psychosis to be pushed

Emilie: “Your Soul is recovering



from serious trauma. Maybe you





psychosis and that would be



lived your life, in this lifetime in


people like us have a medical

the wrong way. Just like, I was a

imbalance in our brains.”

serious alcohol addict at some




experiences from past lives, or


medication their

suppressed fears in this life, which





point and so I was neglecting Rich:





my way of life and not finding

recovered from yet. To move on


my true self.”

and leave the past behind, they

Emilie: “Yes, you have your

really have to experience this


once again to come through it

situation. Then you have an

psychosis, you are in a different

and move on.”


reality, maybe you are in other












Rich: That is quite a different


view to most psychologists?



Emilie: “Well, I see it as every

access to different layers of

Emilie: “That is true! And that is

Soul has layers of dust on

consciousness. And it is difficult

the biggest problem! You see

them. The thicker the layer,


you go through an evolution, a

the more your Soul screams

dimensional world, so it is very

process in which you are not the

to get out! It wants oxygen, it

hard to understand other people

same person that you were


and they start to get worried

before because you’ve grown.

freedom to breath. There is

But because they label it, that is

something inside of you that

static. So you are growing,

needs to get out, it needs to

“It was impossible for them to

growing and growing, but the

get out of your system.”

connect to the immense feeling








label stays the same.”

contact with spirits, because I so








about you!”










“What I learned from Tom


“So it is very static how they see

Cruise, the Hollywood actor, is

made me angry, angry because

you and it is not officially even a

that the biggest problem is

of this crazy world and people

diagnosis. It’s a classification.

that anti-psychotic drugs that

living their lives, not being true


they give you, is the worst

according to the role they have

between them. A classification is



been given. This was especially

that they classify you and label

messing with your brain. The

true of the nurses and the

you in a big group. So it has

side effects from these drugs



are much worse than the











whole thing you are going

“In psychosis, fear is really


terrible because you are so sensitive. So everything that has

“It is the collective mind at work. They see you and how you

“I think you should experience

to do with fear or people locking

behave and see you as totally

psychosis, not suppress it!”

you up, immediately causes a





understand that they really want

#) "


can Rich: Why?



wanting to fight back.”


“Whenever you are sensitive

needed a good sleep, the next

3D reality, it is hard to still

you only need support. You

day you can’t feel happy

believe in it because you are not

want a warm loving person that

anymore. You see no purpose


understands what you are going

in life and your ability to be


through, talking to you without



treat you like you have been

thinking you are crazy. Not

medication is just destroying

seriously ill. So you tend to stop

people locking you in handcuffs

the chemicals in your brain,

believing in it and may become

and putting you in a cell! Most



really depressed. The immense

shrinks and nurses do not have



joy is gone. It takes a while to


understand that if patients are


taking these drugs in fear of

experienced meeting the right



people afterwards with the same

Rich: What do you mean, the









purpose of psychosis.”




gone. So


need So



psychosis it




become suicidal!”















healers with the same vision. I also discovered many topics on Internet





Steiner and Carl Jung about the

medication to diminish what you

amazing! So you are saying

relation between psychosis and

are going through, but stop the

in psychosis you actually

spiritual awakening. So I am

medication at a certain point and


back and still working on my

let yourself recover from the

and happiness???



Emilie: “Yes, you are on top of

otherwise it will be suppressed

the world! Then we are talking

Rich: So you can understand

for the rest of your life and show

about the manic psychosis.

your purpose and it makes

up again and again. So you will

But you are also in fear

sense why you are here.

be diagnosed as a patient for

because you don’t know what


your whole life!”

is going on.”

happening in













“Everything your

that life


is to

support you and your purpose. the

“Because there is a purpose

Another problem then is that


to your life, certain events will

after the psychosis you think


appear in it and once you are

that the whole world will treat


having the manic psychosis,

you differently from now on, just

through to your consciousness



how you deserve to be treated.

and it will be resolved properly.

understand what your life is

But instead, the police come to


about and that there is a

your home and they handcuff

subcounsciousness doesn’t talk


you and lock you up!”

to you in words, but in symbols

incredibly happy because you

and visions. Like in a dream.”

feel safe and secure. And you

“And no-one says ‘OK, Miss,

know that spirits are helping

you need some rest, would you

“I know that whenever you take

and guiding you. But because

like something to eat? Take

this medication in a normal

of the (sometimes cruel and

some rest, relax and we will find

state, which I did because I

violent) treatments and the

a solution!”

“Whenever psychosis

you to
















medication, once back in the

#* "

“No-one says this! And the


police treat you like criminals!”

reflection of society as a



dreams things don’t really make

Emilie: “Sure!”

sense. In psychosis you are

“So I feel that whenever people





good just

formulated as




Rich: So does the world

causes major problems. Having

have to wake-up to see what

psychosis, doesn’t mean you

is going on?

are going to die, it is not life






“You become so sensitive in




your higher state of being that

people who don’t understand

everything is going to change

you must be careful. People

anything about it!”

and the world will become a

around you can play tricks and

better place, but it doesn’t so


“So the system suppresses the

now I am going to do this for

system is so open to everything

psychosis through medication


that you really need to be

It to







having a big dream, but you are

are not supported to live their psychosis


is the

only ignorant

“So you are dreaming awake!”





and then the patients thinks that




handled with care and attention

by taking the drugs they will be

Rich: So how should people

OK. And when they stop taking

handle psychotic patients?



Emilie: “I am not talking about

Rich: Is there any help in the


all types of psychosis. I think

world for this?



Emilie: “There is a community in

experience a very frightening

England called ‘Sotiria’ and they

Rich: It feels that the system

psychosis, then there is also a

have houses were they treat

is at fault here, is it?



patients in a spiritual way. So I

relationship for 40 years and

am really happy to see that it

“It is a system of indoctrination.


does already exist!”

The point is that the more


intelligent that you are, the more




you are going to say ‘Fuck You!




I am leading my own mind!’”

neglecting your own purpose,









another psychosis!”












and not brut force!”

have life


Rich: Can you see that one


day there will be plenty of




“Educated and intelligent people

psychosis because there is

Emilie: “Definitely! That would

have a mind of their own, we

always a hidden message.”

be great! And I want to help the people of the world establish

think for ourselves. We don’t let the shrink think for us. That is

Rich: What do you mean, a

the big difference. But 95% of

hidden message?

the patients just take the pill. It’s

Emilie: “In psychosis you are

So what is your vision? What


getting the message through

would you like to do?



Emilie: “I have a clear vision on

Angels. And because your

how to treat people. I can’t

higher self doesn’t have the

understand them all and where








language, which we speak, so

$+ "


Rich: So do you think, we as a collective mind, can actually start to learn from people



psychosis? Emilie: “Yes, definitely!” THANK YOU! Interview by Richard Voller Photography by Carsten “Lumière” Sasse and Kasper Vogelzang (first photo).

they are going to, but I do know

support, just talk to them

that we are all brought up in


system where family, society,

experiencing and ask them


questions. How do you feel?



brainwash our perception of the




What do you think?”

world. And not all of it is true!” “Give them love and support. “As long as you are not acting

You can give them some

out of fear, you can see a

medication, but just to relax

person for who they really are

them so they can rest and

and what they are actually going

clear their heads.”


$! "




B1'(/'*#$(T,3_'!+( "


$# "

World Day of Interconnectedness 11.11.11 Mirror Centre, Amsterdam

Photos by Carsten “Lumiere” Sasse and Michael Jacobs


Interview with Leo Sonneveld, C.E.O. of the Interconnectedness Foundation.

" Rich: What were your aims for the WDI? Leo: “My aim with the World Day of Interconnectedness is to let people experience that they have a choice in life. A choice to be and act from a sense of interconnectedness and love or a sense of separation and ego. Interconnectedness just is. It is omni present. The tragedy is the denial or at least the unawareness of that truth.” Rich: What is your vision?

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Leo: “My vision is that awareness of interconnectedness automatically results in the drive to do good for the whole i.e. a drive for inclusiveness. Based on this drive of inclusiveness, people will act with integrity meaning leaving everyone and everything whole and unharmed. On a micro level this invites people to grow, bloom and bear fruits and enables everyone to manifest from the love that everyone has deep down. On meso level this means that people more naturally cooperate than compete. On a macro level it means real sustainability for all forms of live. In short a shift from Illness to WE-llness towards a World that works for all.” Rich: What happened on the day? Leo: “For me personally it has been a peak experience with so much love, connection, understanding, compliments,

respect and joy! In measurable terms it has also been a peak experience. In the first 11 days of November the central website has been visited by 35,209 unique visitors (of which 11,293 on 11-11-11 only) from 156 countries (+'unknown) generating together 1.26 million hits! What may be even more remarkable is that 104.7% added a link to their favorites (I guess this means more than 1 page per person). And what makes me even more happy is that we have identified and published activities and events with a stunning diversity, contributing to an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence, in all countries worldwide!! In addition 18 worldwide/virtual activities could be published. When we realize ourselves that this is merely a glimpse of what has actually happened on 11-11-11 globally, it fills me with a level of gratitude that I can hardly describe.”

The Angel of Light (painted by Llover) radiates love over the people

“I attended the Mirror of Love Amsterdam. The way we have celebrated interconnectedness there was quite impressive. We had a programme from 11am to 11:30 pm with five rounds of 90minute workshops.” “Altogether, the workshops totaled 33 activities offering a unique opportunity to experience very diverse and high quality avenues to (more) interconnectedness (awareness). Participation was free of charge because every workshop leader offered his or her treasure for free as was the availability of the center! The atmosphere was awesome.” Rich: What type of workshops where there? Leo: After the plenary opening we had a world mediation and then workshops about Chi Neng Qigong, Sustainable Justice and Conflict Resolution, masculine and feminine qualities, African dance and percussion, From Inner-connectedness to Interconnectedness, a 'Be the Change' mini Symposium, 'Surrender to What IS, Interconnectedness across cultures, Balance training,

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Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection, Connecting Spiritually, Feeling More than Fine, Energize!, Tantra & interconnectedness, Faith & Leadership, 'The Gift', Passion in Connection , Singing Bowls concert, Kundalini Yoga , a Concert, The Journey, bio-energetic shake meditation, AiKiDo , The Happy Goddessa - voice and happiness, Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga, Sustainable Storytelling, Kizomba, and healing Dance and House music on healing frequency 432 and 528 htz. The larger part of this event has been broadcasted live in order to enable people worldwide to join in and celebrate with us from a distance. During the whole event, Richart Llover, The Heart Chakra painter, touched many people on their heart with beautiful art. Without expect, it showed their true colours and made them feel uplifted and happy.” Rich: What impact do you feel this event had on

people's lives? Leo: “Some examples of feedback that people left on the website are: 'Thanks for all the great energy on 11/11/11 at Mirror Centre'. 'It was a great experience for me and very special to be a part of the world mediation'; 'Really felt like a blessing to be in such an open atmosphere'; 'It was a beautiful experience and I felt very connected with all the people in the world'; 'it struck me how many people want to shift from I to Wellness'; 'So many wonderful people were there at 11-11-11, we all wanted a different world. It already WAS a different world! It was great to be there.” “And in fact, this last experience says it all: I believe people have experienced how the world can also be, in fact how the world also is when we interact with love, understanding and respect. The higher frequency builds a sort of cushion or foundation allowing for naturally embracing all that is, including that what could be perceived as 'wrong' or 'inadequate' from a lower frequency based on a sense of separateness.”


Rich: What are you planning for 12.12.12? Leo: 12-12-12 will be the 4th World Day of Interconnectedness.â&#x20AC;?


â&#x20AC;&#x153;In addition to launching a new Interconnectedness website that will become the place to be when looking for anything related to Interconnectedness, we will be building upon all that has already been done in the previous years, expand and at the same time stay open for anything that wants to emerge in order to contribute to an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just world. So please save the date and monitor"

Samantha Dubois is touched by art.

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issue of , we put the spotlight on a passionate and loving person who inspires others through their life and work. In this issue we speak with Madeleine, a Dutch Yoga Teacher, living in the Netherlands.


Rich: How would you best describe yourself? Madeleine: “I am one of us. I am caring, loving, proud and not scared at all. I am impatient at times, a dreamer. I am proud a mama of four, a loyal friend, lover and - above all - a part of 'the game of life!” Rich: What are your passions? Madeleine: “My passion is to make life as BEAUTIFUL as it can be; with every step I take, it is my desire to make life more beautiful and the people who I meet happier!” “Being GRATEFUL for everything adds beauty to all.”

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" Rich: How do you inspire people? Madeleine: “I search and find inspiration myself in everything I do, and everyone I meet.” “I believe that what I need will come to me, so that's how I inspire other people: by SHARING my life and my enthusiasm for what came to me.” It only happens by walking the talk and I do this by giving my yoga and meditation sessions full-heartedly!” Rich: What is your greatest achievement that you have helped to manifest? Madeleine: “My greatest achievement was learning to LOVE myself. As I partly grow up without parents, as a child I felt that I was not supposed to

be here. “It took me a while ... and a lot of practice, learning, forgiving, falling and standing up again. And now I am here, knowing my purpose and doing what I have to do! :)” Rich: How do help other people to reach their full potential? Madeleine: “Whilst raising my four beautiful children, I found out that the best thing you can do to help others reaching their full potential is to walk your talk, being an example: living your own life full-hearted and passionate is the best you can do to inspire and help others.” “Also: Love ... , just simply BE love .. Love is the way.” “With my students I am always telling them again and again: do

your sadhana (practice): asana's, pranayama's, meditation and seva (service to society), and be committed to that. It will bring you to your higher self, it will bring you to your soul, to your source, where everything is that you need and where all the answers are.”

really important and never forget that if you have the chance to help, then do it!” “LOVE = ALL” To join Madeleine’s Yoga classes, please contact her on:

“That will make you HAPPY, calm and stable so you can live life to the max in a most loving way!” What does love mean to you? Madeleine: “Love is the highest power. It contains everything: grace, gratefulness, patience, power, softness, kindness, and care.” “It is THE SOURCE, the fuel.” How can we bring more love into our lives in practical ways? Madeleine: “Just do it! Be love. It is just love, give it away! :)” “Be grateful, for everything that is happening!” “Take care, for everyone that is coming to you!” “Be happy, just for no reason, just because you are here, just because!” “Smile! And it is possible to do so, when you are committed to the source, our source, by taking time every day to make the CONNECTION with the source: by doing sadhana (see above), by eating healthy food that replenishes you, by doing things that enrich you like walking in a forest and sleeping, by helping other people. That is




In October 2011, Richart was contacted by Ken Messina (above), from New Orleans in USA. Who is Ken? Ken was born and raised in New Orleans, USA. He has a BA University Degree in Psychology with minors in English Literature and Biology. He works for Folgers, which is the Number 1 brand of coffee in the US, at the largest coffee producing plant in America, which is based in New Orleans. Ken operates/maintains/troubleshoots sometimes curses) high-speed equipment.

(and packing

New Orleans is a very diverse and at the same time a blended city. It is a typical port town. A New Orleans accent would be somewhat comparable to a Brooklyn accent, the melting pot effect.

Ken the Art Llover As for collecting art, Ken has just started anew. In fact, ‘Freedom’ is his first acquisition. Ken explains; “My EX and I split up a little over two years ago and she got all the art, I got the couch. It's all in what we need at a given time in life. I have a couch, now I need the art to make the couch more comfortable.” “For me art is visual emotion. The artist displays his emotions for all to see, soliciting an emotion from his viewer. It then becomes a bonding experience between the two whether the emotional response is reflective of that of the artist or not. The work still touches us in some way. Good, bad, happy, sad. To me art aids in our emotional maturing process. It’s continuous throughout our lives. Art is eternal. It will be here long after our physical bodies are gone. Artists are teachers, mentors who leave behind, not just a mark on canvas or whatever their media may be, but a lasting lesson in human strengths and weaknesses. They visualize and immortalize the spirit of man in a very real and physical form.”



my relationship of ten long before that I had the pictures of the thinking about knew something I needed.”

years dissolved and not a heart attack. In seeing people's faces, without it, I realized it was

4. Did the real painting live up to your expectations? Ken: “Of course it did! Just like a craving for a certain type of food. Our bodies will tell us what we need just as our spirit will, if we just open ourselves. It just fits.”

"It is better to hang one piece of Richart's art, than to curse the darkness." Meeting On FaceBook Ken saw Rich’s artwork on FaceBook and was interested in purchasing a piece. Over the coming weeks they got to know each other on a deeper level as the painting, “Freedom” was packaged and shipped off to America. With the sale of ‘Freedom’ to Ken Messina, Rich fulfilled another dream, that of becoming a globally recognized artist. So now it’s time find out more about Ken and why he chose to decorate his home with the artwork of Richart Llover? 1. How did you hear about Richart Llover? Ken: “Through a FB friend's page. The name touched by art grabbed me and pulled me in. I visited your page and saw the joy and happiness on everyone's faces yet something deeper even. I began to smile.” 2. Why did you choose Freedom? Ken: “It just appealed to an inner sense, maybe something innate, a basic need that I was lacking.” 3. What inspired you to purchase a peace of his artwork? Ken: “In the past 2 years I lost half of my family,


5. What do you feel when you look at the painting? Ken: “I see our expanding universe and it's infinite possibilities. After having been emotionally torn apart by all that happened in the past few years, I was boxed in. Closing myself out. The emotional tear down was also an emotional maturing, an awakening. I decided to renew that void with positive things. I began reading a lot of books, especially the writings of Kahlil Gibran, W Somerset Maughim's" The Razor's Edge', Nietzche, and many others. I was actually beginning to find windows to the outside and to the inside of my spirit. Freedom appealed to me because art is a visual awakening, it's emotional in two directions, that of the artist and that of the admirer. Freedom I found to be a piece of the positive framework I wished to rebuild myself with emotionally.” 6. What would you recommend about his artwork to someone else who might be interested in buying his work? Ken: “The explosion of colour, and the fact that it has been painted with human touch. I can trace with my finger the actual path of creation of the piece. Since I'm not in Amsterdam and cannot participate in a ‘Touched by Art’ experience it is the closest way too.” 7. What does love mean to you? Ken: “Love is many faceted, like a diamond. We accept it and give it in many different forms. I'm not sure that man has quite acquired total love yet. There may be a few of us. Total love would actually not be a good term; to rephrase it I would say ‘Absolute Love’. We love animals, inanimate objects, and art, things that give us joy, yet we find it hard to love one another. Human love is often conditional.”


Below: Cosmic Being (130cm x 130cm)

artwork, simply go to or become a friend on FaceBook: Richart Llover. You can also click ‘Like’ on his public pages ‘BondingXperience’ and ‘The Heart Chakra Painter’. Thank YOU! Customers Every customer who purchases a painting of Richart Llover will be interviewed and profiled in .


‘Freedom’ was hand-painted in 2005, one year before Richart’s mother died of cancer. It was a very important period of time in his life, full of many deep emotions that needed an outlet through his artwork. Online Gallery: To view more of Richart’s spiritual and cosmic


The All-Seeing Eye


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Interview with Manuela Arhire. Rich: What is the Awaken Global network in a nutshell? And why did you set it up? Manuela: "The best way to describe it is that Awaken Global Network is that it's a grass roots, solutions, positiveaction-based planetary mission, addressing some of the most crucial problems in our world by empowering people." "It is an innovated world movement where people can donate to the mission in exchange for the latest, cutting edge, quantum nano technology for self healing. From the donations that we receive, we will in turn donate self-healing tools to sick children, the elderly and animals throughout the world." Rich: How will the Awaken Global Network support this


evolution of humanity in practical ways? Manuela: "The biggest problem is that many people are not walking the talk; people tend to be talking about oneness and togetherness, but not actually putting it into action. So we are presenting to the world a new, action based initiative. A little bit of love, can go a long way." Rich: What type of services and products can you provide the people with? Manuela: "We can supply people with Orgonite devices for planetary healing. Plus Nano, quantum and free energy self-healing tools." Rich: What are Orgonite devices? Manuela: "It is a compound

which balances ambient energy by turning the negative energy into positive energy. It does this continuously, 24/7 without electricity. It purifies the atmosphere, detoxifies water, remedies insomnia and nightmares, and helps plants grow." Rich: How did having a nervous breakdown help you to understand your spiritual mission? Manuela: "In 1988, I immigrated to Canada from Romania. I then spent my first four years struggling to adapt to a completely different way of living, feeling I had failed in numerous occasions to adapt to a materialistically oriented society. I suffered an emotional meltdown followed by a depression, which left me wanting to no longer be on this planet. But, since then my Higher Self agreement is that I am here now for a specific


reason! I have awoken and healed through the deeper understanding that there is no shortcut to learning and teaching. I've passed this exam too and graduated to remember my real purpose here and now. I understood that I am needed here in more ways that I could have credited myself for at the time. And I chose to stay!" I feel that so many people just talk about spirituality, but very few walk the talk, and put things into action. How do you feel about this perspective? "Yes indeed, I absolutely agree, spirituality is our very nature, yet suppressed and forgotten about by many. After a while, we begin to awaken. Then, we start to experience it again. It took unspoken millennia to hide our true spiritual origins and it's going to take awhile before people at large can remember and understand again the true meaning of spirituality. Meditation is great but it needs to be a conscious type of meditation combined with positive action steps in service to Creation and to selfimprovement. Very few know that 'walking the talk' in every sense is part of the package." "I been an activist every since I can remember! As a child, teen and later on adult, I've always found myself being the defender of the defenseless stepping in whenever I've considered it appropriate and necessary." "My work as activist started in 1996 through alternative self-healing modalities, but most


significantly accelerated in 2006 after learning about the New World Order and being part of a 9/11 truth group.â&#x20AC;? Rich: How do you think we can unite the people who are close-minded and living the consumer life, which we perceive as slavery and the open-minded conscious people who we perceive as living in freedom, living a life of love in service to others? Manuela: "It is through experience, which is a personal journey for each individual to do with as they seem fit to do with the new awakening information. Because there are many layers and stages to the awakening process, it's impossible to do it all at once! It has to be a gradual, in a natural manner, in universal timing. I feel that uniting the awakened and the still asleep is a process that may require more patience and time that we initially thought. Because of free will, we cannot impose our insights and understandings onto the world. It is Divine Will that unites all."

Rich: What do you feel are the main issues that humans are facing on planet earth now? And what type of healing solutions do you recommend that must have in place over the next decade to take humanity forward into the Golden Age? Manuela: "After 15 years of activism, I recently came to the deep understanding and insight that the most fundamental, underlying, root cause of most human suffering is our relationship with Mother Earth. Currently many of us live in a consumer based reality with small-minded attitudes towards our daily eating habits." "Our deep and true healing must start from a place of understanding. From here we can see the bigger picture of how our daily eating and living routines influence and shape our thoughts, words, actions, relationships, environments, destinies in an individual, collective, planetary and universal way." "SOULutions are much simpler than we can imagine, starting with vegetarianism followed by veganism, followed by selfsustainability and working in harmonic collaboration with each other and Mother Earth. The world has already started to awaken massively in this direction and exponentially, the only way from here is UP!" "There are abundant quantities of quality educational, awakening materials in this direction all over the Internet, and it is covered in great detail in the AGN VEG GLOBAL RED PILL and AGN GLOBAL RED PILL project."


became empowered as I found myself marching towards him. Without saying a word, I wrestled him to the floor until he surrendered. My mother was watching and had tried to intervene, but the caretakers had held her back allowing me the space to stand-up for myself, for they knew in their hearts that I would be OK and was perfectly capable of handling the situation.”

Rich: You are a powerful manifester, can you give an example of this? Manuela: "I had always dreamed about wanting to live near a huge tree and close to nature. Now my old house is in a beautiful spacious garden with three massive 100 years old trees hugging the old house. Likewise, many other little wishes have manifested almost without even knowing, like wishing that more people would awaken and also wishing to help others heal and so on. The Universe blessed me with means to be able to do it in more than one way, through the materials I've read, insights I've consciously channeled and the energy medicine tools I've been blessed with." "When I was five years old I remember being bullied, I was the quietest child in our weekly daycare centre. The bullyboy was terrifying most other 4-5 yrs olds in our daycare, doing despicable things to them. But one day we were all minding our playful time outside in the beautiful huge garden, when I saw the bully up to his old tricks again, harassing and beating others. As I was watching him hurting other kids, I suddenly


“So, this is my first memory as a child vigilante, doing the unexpected even for me and mostly for my mum! Defending the defenseless is from my past incarnations, and remains in my life today, although I've developed gentler ways to deal with such situations!” Rich: The Church is very powerful in the USA, so how are you choosing to influence and transform the church in USA with your organization? Manuela: “Yes, the church is powerful. And this is the reason I've come to the deep understanding that the core sources of our problems need to be addressed through the most potent, efficient, and central points in our society. Sadly, over many millennia, the original scriptures have been altered in such ways to suit and fit ‘the powers’ to fir an agenda.” “Fortunately, the original scriptural teachings have been saved and now are resurfacing into mainstream. Through such original teachings, important spiritual messages have been passed down to humanity. These messages are about the TRUE relationship we should have with the animal kingdom and how humanity should be

feeding itself to live a healthy life.” “If we help the churches rediscover these age old suppressed spiritual truths, then the churches will in return help millions of others get to know such truths and the awakening will become faster than we can imagine! It is this essential part that I'm forwarding to church leaders in Canada and the US.” Rich: Has this had any effect on the Church so far? Manuela: “Yes, in fact, the process has already started! A Christian organization in the US passed a new official statement encouraging a vegetarian lifestyle for human, animal and planetary healing.” Rich: Great!!! I recently came to the realization, that if I wanted to take my work further, then I would have to first take care of myself, which also meant standing up and empowering myself, before I was every going to do it for other people again. How do you feel about this? Manuela: “Absolutely true in every way. For too long, I've neglected my needs and wants, focusing mainly on the world outside of me. It becomes very easy to burn out, energetically drain off and consume ourselves, to the point that we could become useless to the world and ourselves. Through experiences, I've learned, and not the easy way, that the ONLY way to be able to continue to be of service to the world is to know when and how to take breaks, heal our WOUNDED HEALERS hearts and souls before we can get back at our missions. Taking too much burden on our shoulders will weigh us down and wear us off. Balance is the ultimate key. Once the Light workers understand that taking


time off our daily activism is not selfish, but highly necessary and spiritually, Divinely approved and recommended, we can continue pursue with success, long lasting missions for which we've enrolled during these times.” Rich: How do you perceive the work that you are under taking? Manuela: “As the very soul voluntary agreement with my Higher Self, which is the Soul Purpose of this lifetime. How can it be any different? We are months closer to 2012 and at the door of the Golden Age, which is why I am, we are all here!” Rich: Why have you become so devoted to this cause and how long have you been working on this initiative? Manuela: “Because I feel it is what I've been doing for other incarnations. It is my reason to wake up every day with great anticipation and respect and joy for LIFE. It is the driving positive healing energy behind my existence!” Rich: What is your lifelong passion? Manuela: “Simple! Helping, healing LIFE, creating and music!” Rich: What does love and light mean to you? Manuela: “Love and Light are ONE in the same to me. They cannot exist without each other. The very essence fabric of Creation.”

empower and free each other and to become once again the spiritual family we've been created as!” “In the near future, a healing center will be created in Ontario, Canada where specially designed methods of spiritual, emotional and physical, healing for people and the planet will be provided and taught.” Rich: If you could make a wish to God now, to support you with your business, what would your greatest wish be? Manuela: “To help humanity open their channels in order to receive and perceive the right awakening and healing information, from their hearts and souls to be a part of this project with unlimited potential which can far surpass our immediate planetary healing needs. I ask our Creator of ALL that IS to breathe in each and every soul the desire to wake up, take full spiritual responsibility for themselves, the planet and to feel the pull to reach out, with unconditional Love and Joy.”

For more information, please visit:

Rich: How do you visualize the AGN manifestation-taking place in the future? Manuela: “As humanity further awakens, I visualize more and more people coming to the realization that the power is within and among us, to help and heal one another, and to



The Office: Playground

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a;=F"T=G-":-G2"W=1=G->".=G-"#+!!" " front of an audience explaining the ins and outs of what was going to happen. I think I was one of only 100 people who bothered to watch the whole thing!

By Richard Voller As you may know, from issue 6, that this year I decided to go on tour with my art. To walk the talk! The thing was that I had been talking about spirituality for almost five years. I had read books by Neil Donald Walsh, David Icke and Eckhart Tolle. I had watched so many videos about the human awakening, 2012, and the Mayan Calendar, even sitting through about 10 hours of video by a guy called Ian Xel Lungold in 2008. This guy stood with a flip chart, in


And then came the film ‘Zeitgeist Addendum’. This film woke me up BIG TIME! And that was when I first got to hear of The Venus Project, Zeitgeist Movement, Peter Joseph, Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows. And then in June 2010, I got to meet Jacque and Roxanne on their world tour. I actually ended up interviewing them


for and helped them to promote their event in Eindhoven. This was also when I was introduced to Heather Odom who was the events coordinator. Anyway, to cut a long story short, my being was overflowing with all this information and I had been

talking about how people should face fears and be the change they want to see. I even re-member sending out a video on New Year’s Eve saying 2011 would be the year of the mass awakening! In that video I said we have to face our fears because love is here now. Six months later and my relationship ended. I had collapsed on the floor, my ex had to call 112 and within minutes I had an ambulance crew all around me. I remember asking the nurse, ‘Am I OK?’ and he said ‘Yes! Your body is 100% perfect! I wish I had it!’ Just as one door closed another one opened. My spiritual brother, DJ Nikos Akrivos, invited me to visit him in Ibiza and that was when I decided to take my art on tour and ‘Show Your True Colours’ was born! Like a crazy mad Englishman, I used my last #200 to buy a oneway ticket for me and my #60


mountain bike. I had a rucksack, a sleeping bag and God! That was it! And so the fearless traveler set sail for waters unknown.

friends of Trudy’s who where all models for Boss Model

Paint The World I was so eager to get going and touch the world with paint! I felt like I was on a mission to save the world and it was really, really exciting! I was heading into the unknown, anything could happen! And it did! First of all my phone broke down and I had to get Carsten to call Nikos to let him know that I would be Ibiza. You have to remember that I had only met Nikos twice before, but we have a very strong heart connection and as I do believe in reincarnation, I felt that I must be experiencing what all the books had been talking about. So I trusted my instincts and went with the flow. It was good to be able to have spent time living with Nikos because we got to know each other on a deeper level and we really became good friends.

both at their home interviewed them

and for

BondingXperience. I instantly felt a very strong heart connection with them both, as if we’d know each other for a very long time. Again I started to understand that reincarnation does exist!

Management and where in Ibiza launching a new business to promote their clothing industry. Apparently one of their friend’s was very spiritual and was going to celebrate his birthday at the weekend, so they asked me if I could give him a Blessing and paint his heart chakra.

Private Parties I remember one evening we were invited to a private party SF2 at Maxx’s villa. There was a catwalk with girls wearing swimwear, delicious

Because of the heat and the intense spiritual feeling within, I was painting wearing my afghan robe. One day, I even walked through the streets with Nikos and Oana whilst I was wearing it!

food, club DJ’s and an amazing roof top party. That was wear I got to meet Chris Goodwin, a DJ from Club Eden. I later became good friends with Chris and painted his heart chakra on the cliff edge facing Es Vedra.

Wow!!!! Talk about getting attention, it was as if people had seen Jesus of something!!! ;o)

He was a great help in promoting my hart work on the island and through him I was introduced to DJ Gee and Trudy West. Both Gee and Trudy were extremely supportive and I remember having a fantastic time painting the MAC Opening Party at Es Mirador restaurant over looking San Antonio Bay! It was at this party that I got to meet Toby and Belinda Clarke, founders of Healing Ibiza. It was a very funny meeting, as firstly I found out that Toby’s stepbrother was a best friend with my brother when they were at PierrePont School together and then I had the great honour of painting Belinda’s heart chakra. Later on I met with them


And then when I was at Las Dalias, I got to meet some

And funnily enough there is a village near the Port of Eivissa called ‘Jesus’. That really made me laugh when I saw the sign! Even more so because the 40 speed sign, made it look like a man and it reflected my age limit!! Hahahaha Talk about the


mirror of love! Hahahaha! Anyway, Lloyd Nwagboso contacted me via FaceBook to arrange the appointment. This was the only way that people could get hold of me, as my phone wasn’t working. But it did make meeting up even more fun because you had to have faith that I would appear!!! Hahahaha! So Lloyd turned up and you never guess where we had to meet?? Yes, you got it! In Jesus!!!

After our introduction and a few questions he immediately started to say, “I am God!” Looking back now, I can understand why I met this man. He was a pure reflection of myself. We stood outside in the burning sun, in the place where he had his morning mediations. For about 10 minutes we stood there, whilst I gave him his Blessing. I remember it being a very profound experience. And then just like that, I was standing next to my bicycle once again. It was almost as if I had been picked up by a space ship, taken away to another planet and then returned all in the space of an hour, which seemed like five minutes. It was a very surreal experience!


The guys turned up in this big jeep and we drove to their private villa. The guys were really down to earth and we had a great chat on the way to the villa. You know, one of those conversations about the mass awakening! It was awesome! Any case, once at the villa I was introduced to all the friends whilst still being amazed at the location! Andrew was standing on the balcony. Wearing my afghan, I walked up to him and Lloyd introduced me. I have to admit that my first impression of Andrew was that he looked like me; blue eyes, dark brown curly hair and was smiling intensely.


After spending almost two months on the island, I got to the point when I realized that if I wanted to make this into a tour, then I would have to get moving! Because I was living on the breadline, I had no extra money to fix things, like my brakes on my bike. So I was getting used to the foot brake. Anyway, just before I got to leave the island I met with Sentini Grunberg who I had met through the Interconnectedness Foundation and I also got to meet with Toby and Belinda once again. And this time they also had their daughter with them. I can’t recall exactly how it happened, but I remember that Toby was very surprised to think that I would be cycling across Europe on

my touched by art bike. I think he nearly had a heart attack when he realized that the brakes didn’t work!!!! So like a true English gentleman, the next day he stopped by to offer a helping hand. Thank you Toby, I recall thanking you profusely as I was cycling down the Alpes!

Barcelona to Turin When I got to Barcelona, I was set to cycle to Madrid see Ilja and then go to Malaga to see Simon, a childhood friend and brother of Emma who I recently met in London. But getting out of Barcelona by bike heading in the direction of Madrid proved a lot harder than it looked. First of all, the only route out was by motorway. Now I have cycled on motorways before, but this time it was at night and at one point the hard shoulder disappeared just as I was cycling over a bridge. Cars were whizzing past at about 180 km per hour beeping their horns. It was f**king terrifying! And just as I got to the other side, the bag slipped off the back and pulled my bike over into the bushes. I was shacking all over thinking that was really a near death experience! Needless to say, I walked the rest of way to the nearest exist and then setup camp in field close by. As I sat watching the stars, I started to try and work out what this near death experience was teaching me.

Donations A lot of people donated money to help me survive on this tour and I am truly and eternally thankful to all of you. When you are on a tour, living in service to all, then it helps to have the support of the people. Sometimes you have to ask for financial support. This was my first tour and many lessons have been leant. Thank you for your


support! And thank you Carsten for the great video, it helped! If you missed it, here it is again:

the process! I will sacrifice it all for the evolution of humanity!”

drinking about six litres of water a day, just to keep everything in balance.

Crazy? Totally!

Anyway, I never made it to Madrid because I got totally lost for about two days in the mountains. At one stage it got quite scary because I only had half a bottle of water left, no food and all I could see was mountain after mountain.

Happy? Absolutely! How to you co-create Universal Awareness about the Mass Awakening? Well, I had said that the mass awakening would happen in 2011, so I became aware that I could no longer talk about it. I had to go into action! My actions on this tour were going to be confronting to many people including myself! I knew I was going into the unknown and I knew that I would literary be in the firing line for all people, friends and family to take a pop shot at me. And they did! But

you know what, with God in my heart, I just thought, “I am going to fucking do this! I will make it through and I will do everything in my God damn power to get the message through! Even if I loose all my friends and family in


Awakened? YES!!!! So I was very greatful to Alex and all for their generous gifts of love! I woke up early and decided to head towards Madrid. I had purchased a map and had managed to find a route through the wilderness, an off the road track that would take me over the mountains. I would be in Madrid in only five days! I re-member just how blistering hot it was in Spain, so hot that the sweat was

pouring off my forehead like an open tap. And I could only cycle for about 30 minutes with the rucksack on my back before I would collapse on the side of the road in sheer exhaustion. I think I was

And just at the point when I had given up all hope, an old guy walked past! He gave me quite a startle at first, and then when we spoke in sign language, because he couldn’t speak English, I became aware of my instincts kicking in. I immediately noticed that the bottle of water he handed me was full and freezing cold. This told me that he must have only been away

from home for a very short time. There was hope! Within a few minutes, I came across black berries and as I stood there eating them, I suddenly heard the sound of an


engine. There was nearby! And voila!



Within no time at all, I was whizzing down a chalky dirt track and soon found myself in a small village. I immediately went to the petrol station and to my surprise found a bar inside! Well, I just had to have an icecold beer â&#x20AC;Ś.. and that went immediately to my head! As I stumbled out of the garage, I saw a sign to Barcelona and realized I was at the bottom of the mountain, exactly were I had started off two days ago!!!!

Thunder Storm When I was cycling around Europe this year. I re-member when I cycled through Barcelona. As I left the city there was a massive thunderstorm, lightning cracked around me and hit a tram cable only metres away. I suddenly heard techno music coming from a nearby building and shot for cover. Within seconds there were gusts of wind and rain was beating against me as we stood facing the sea front. I re-member thinking "Christ! I am standing here right in front of the sea... no protection... if that wind blows up a Tsunami ... I am dead!" I felt real fear run through my body. As I stood there, with the water rising around my ankles and the lightning cracking every 30 seconds ... I said to God "I want to live this life! And I want to live it to the max!" I got back on my back, and cycled straight into the storm! No looking back ... just kept on driving forward.

Under the Stars I have to thank my lucky stars because I did this trip in the middle of summer and so sleeping outside under the stars was very pleasant because it was so warm! I have slept in many places, car parks, park


benches, parks, next to the bumper cars on a Fun Fair ride in Turin, on beaches and in forests of Slovakia. The funny thing is that people are so scared from sleeping outside. But when you think negative thoughts you attract negative actions and likewise, if you are full of love, then you receive lots of love.

Count Your Blessings So on this trip it was time to put this theory to the test. I have numerous examples to share with you, but I think the best one was when I was visiting my dear friends Piet and Helena in Brussels. I had arrived about 10pm at Brussels railway station and new that it was far too late to pop around and see Piet. It is always polite to give people at least 24 hours notice of your arrival. So I decided to sleep outside on one of the metal benches. I used my rucksack as a headrest and tucked my smaller bag between my legs. I was wearing a really thick woolen top that was incredibly warm. It had been given to me by my dear friend Neville. I pulled my sleeping bag over me and drifted off to sleep. I recall thanking everyone in my life and having a short conversation with God before I finally fell into a deep sleep. The next morning I awoke with the clatter of rubbish bins being emptied and people shouting in the streets. There was even some drunken guy, standing half upright pissing against a tree with trousers wrapped around his ankles. As life gently seeped back into my limbs, I pulled back my sleeping bag to find a blue bag had been placed between

my legs! It gave me quite a surprise to think that whilst I was asleep somebody had got so close to me without me waking up! But when I looked inside the bag I noticed it was full of food! There were 4 loaves of bread, 4 pots of honey, jam, butter and marmalade! It was a gift of love! That is compassion! That is giving from the heart! And it made me cry big time ;o) I was so touched that someone could be so kind to a stranger. AMAZING! So I mediated for a few moments and thanked God and all that IS for the love I was receiving. I stood up, packed up my things and went to eat the food in the warmth of the train station. And that was when the next funny thing happened!

Bumping into YOU There I was, sitting in the middle of Brussels railway station eating my jam sandwiches, when whom should I bump into, but my old flat mate Pierre Prately! Pierre is at George Washington University studying Public Health and was coming back to Europe for a weekend to visit his family. He had a special ticket that meant that he got a reduced price if he spent one night in Brussels. And so it happened that our paths crossed on that day. We were so happy to see each other and gave each other a big hug! We had lived together and shared some wonderful moments and this was another!

The Police Station I wandering around the railway station looking for a power point to plug my computer into and I came across the Police Station. Looking inside I could see one! So I politely asked the chap behind the counter if I could


I want to ride my bicycle Once I had left Ibiza, I just wanted to ride my bicycle as much as I could. And I remember that Spain was some of the toughest cycling because it was sooooo mountainous.

quietly sit in the waiting room and charge up my computer. As I sat there, I became aware of the amount of people that were coming into the station to report that they had just been robbed. Many of them were Asians and were in total shock! They had computers, passports, wallets and cameras stolen. And it seemed like it was a double act – one person was asking for directions when the other person pinched their bag. I was also shocked because the Police were very slow to respond by sending people out to stop what was happening. And sorry to say, but the Indian couple who were in a real rush were ignored, whilst a white guy was brought to the front. When I was chatting with one of the Policemen, he said, ‘Well, what can you expect! This is Brussels railway station. It is very unsafe here.’ And then I just had to laugh, when I thought I had slept all night outside and someone had given my all that food! In that case, I must be protected by my Guardian Angels and I must be blessed!


But once I got to the border at Cerbere it then became a lot easier getting to Perpignan in the South of France. But I also remember being quite shocked by the state of decay of this city and Marseille was even worse. It seemed like the heart and Soul had died in these cities. All I could visualize was how beautiful a Venue Project free city would be standing in their place. This is what I find so hard to accept, that when you look at where humanity can be living and you look at where it is now, it feels as if we are living in the dark ages! Anyway, I must have been cycling somewhere between 150km to 250km per day! And the weight was tumbling off. Actually now, when I look back at photos of me before the journey, I can see just how fat I was around the waist and throat. This journey has been an excellent way to get a fit body and that was one of my dreams. Now I can look in the mirror and be really proud of my body! It needs regular exercise and healthy food everyday, but I am very proud to be naked in front of others! And that is something I have never felt before ;o) I must admit that many of the French seaside resorts where all very similar, long white beaches, clear blue sea, and

masses and masses of people packed together like sardines. Saint Raphael, Cannes and Nice, all the same. It was when I got to Menton, that I decided to cycle up through the mountains and these were monstrous mountains! It took me a couple of days to make it through and when I eventually got to the town of Fossano my bike packed up! It was the chain. But I had that fighting British bulldog spirit in me and just knew that I had to keep going. At this stage, my aim was to meet up with a guy called Agape Insitori who was setting up a spiritual community in Slovakia. It was a Sanctuary for Spiritual people. I was so looking forward to setting up and new life and living with like-minded conscious-people who wanted to live in nature. But when I got to Turin, I had an email from his ex-girlfriend, Shanti, saying that Agape had disappeared. I won’t going into any more details than that because we all have problems in our lives and we are all trying to sort them out. As he is doing now. But I had to quickly re-think my game plan. Everything changed in a matter of minutes. It’s good for training the mind. I found that by keeping very peaceful inside meant that I could see clearing and find solutions fast. Because if you start panicking, then you don’t stand a chance! So I contacted my good friend Carsten to discuss what the options might be. When you are on the road, up to your neck in it, it is really helpful to have people you can talk with and get a different perspective. I really valued our private chats and his helpful ideas.


So we came up with a new game plan – in exchange for a hot shower and a warm meal, I would paint people’s heart chakras. And so I decided to make the arduous trip over the Alpes.

in it. So I picked up and gently put if on the back of bike. I

The Alpes All in all, it took me about five days to cycle up the Alpes and about one day to come down! Memorable moments included being stuck underneath a motorway bridge and watching a thunderstorm rolling in. It was the sheer magnitude of the lighting streaks and the cracks of thunder. It really felt like God was talking with me on a cosmic level, it was terrifying and aweinspiring all at once! And then there where other times that I was so hot and I just had to keep on pushing the bike with all my stuff on it, up the mountains. And every time I got around one corner there were another seven ahead of me! I recall one time finding a tiny little blue and yellow butterfly on the side of the road. It looked like it was dead, but I had a feeling that it still had some life


chatted with it and told it funny things and off we went together. It must have been about an hour later, with the blistering heat baking my forehead that I finally collapsed in a heap on the side of the road. And just as I tumbled into the ditch, I saw the butterfly out of the corner of my eye… it flapped its wings and started to fly.

saw a very rare sports car. It was an Alfa Romeo AC Competizione, of which I think only a limited edition of 500 have been made. That struck me as odd, because I like to think of myself as a very rare person and there on the top of the mountain, I met my reflection. I think I even saw Jeremy Clarkson on the BBC’s Top Gear show saying that you are very lucky to ever see one of these cars because they are so rare!

Now that made me smile ;o)

Plentiful One thing that the Alpes does have is plenty of natural spring water! Wherever you are in the Alpes, you can fill up your bottle with fresh water that comes pouring of the mountains and boy does it taste great! It was also funny because when I was on the Alpes, I

Jonny &#

to say that his Grandfather was involved in a secret operation during the war, when he and his best friend had to go behind enemy lines dressed as German officers.

Going down the Alpes was one the scariest trips I have every done, partly because of the state of my bike and partly because of going through very long and dark tunnels with no lights. By the time I was in Oulx the bike was coming to it’s last legs because the brake pads had worn through to the metal and it was metal on metal. Yes, I was literary creating sparks! So when I got the to Chambery, I decided to say ‘Goodbye!’ to my trusty companion that I had named ‘Fairfax’ after the Gandalf’s horse in Lord of Rings. And then I had another one of those wonderful meetings when I was waiting to catch a train from Chambery to Paris. I met an English couple called Jonny and Katherine. Jonny was really jolly and happy and was just full of life! He was so amazed by the fact that I had just decided to go travelling without worry about anything! He wished that he could do the same and then told me this amazing story about in grandfather. Apparently his grandfather had decide to walk from the Hook of Holland to Istanbul, he was halfway there when he bumped into this beautiful Princess and they fell in-love, got married and had children. He never got to Istanbul!!! But he then went on


A few years after the war, the story was picked up and made into a Hollywood movie and his grand father was played by Sir Dirk Bogarde… the film was called III Met by Moonlight and made in 1950. We were laughing so much about it and he said “I wonder if they will make your story into a film one day?’ and ‘Who do you think will play you?’

Burning Man in Slovakia On the way back to Amsterdam a young Slovakian girl called Stanka contacted me. She told me that she had been following my journey on FaceBook and she wanted to invite me to her home in Slovakia. She said she could offer me a shower, warm food and somewhere to rest. After everything that I had been through, she appeared to me like Mother Theresa!!!! Anyway, I opened up my heart and decided to let her in. And about 6,000 emails later we had become very close, open and friendly towards one another. This was the most powerful heart connection I had felt with anyone on my entire journey. There was something totally unique about this girl, for it was as if she was the missing part of my Soul.

was pretty brief, or very long, depending on your perspective!!! But in this time an immense amount happened, and there were some things that manifested in my life that completely transformed my belief and my very essence. And for that I am truly thankful to her. The big question is was she my twin-flame? Or were we just very interconnected? I know for certain that we have something unique and once during mediation together the magic happened. I was in Amsterdam and she was in Slovakia, we had pre-arranged a time to mediate together. I closed my eyes, cupped my hands in the shape of a ball and started to focus on the energy within. I started to see red and orange, then yellow and green flowing into it this inner space. After some time I felt a ball of energy forming in my hand. It was burning hot and really solid! And then suddenly, my third eye began to open and I could see a white light glowing in the distance. It came closer and burned brighter and then suddenly it disappeared. Then something totally remarkable happened. I can still see it to this day! With my eyes closed, I could see the shape of a white baldhead in the darkness. And the person was rocking back

The Light The time that I knew Stanka,


and forth. I was only able to look for a few moments because I was so shocked that I was looking at a threedimensional being that I snapped out of my mediation. Afterwards Stanka explained that she rocks back and forth, when she is doing her mediation. And also her friend, Yesika created an amazing graphical photograph that captures the whole mediation-taking place. It was created prior to it happening. It is the most bizarre and surreal image I have ever seen! Stanka also has a lovely daughter Nela, who someone described as a cabbage patch doll and yes; with her beautiful curly hair she is a lovely Princess. I felt a very strong connection with her too and for the first time in my life I had feeling of being a father. It felt extremely natural and I truly enjoyed the time we shared together. I know that Stanka and I were destined to meet each other; it was written in the stars! And our meeting was explosive to say the least! It certainly caused shockwaves throughout the Universe that was felt and experienced by thousands of people!

Twin-Flame Relationships What I do know is that to have a lasting and worthwhile relationship, first of all you must be able to have a relationship with yourself and enjoy it! You must be able to love everything about yourself and


be best friends with yourself. I have great fun playing silly

because you can feel the oneness of you both together,

games with myself and making myself laugh!! I am quite often laughing in the streets or on the tram and yes people may think I am crazy, but who cares what they think!

within yourself. YES! You can feel the other person within you and the feeling of love, of bliss is sooooooo intense that everything around you starts melting and oozing and radiating towards you. You are the hottest and brightest star in the Universe when you are with your Twin-Flame. You are the ONE.

It is ‘me, myself and I’ supporting each other. And why get disappointed by something? I think it is such a waste of time. If something doesn’t work out how you planned it to happen, then don’t focus on what went wrong! It is far better to focus on making things better! Because within a flash you can completely change the feeling, and before you know it you’ll be laughing again and back in flow ;o) When you have so much love flowing within you, then by universal law you will reconnect with your TwinFlame. It’s quite simple really and the beauty of it is that you do it in the spiritual, nonphysical sense all the time! You don’t need words because you connect through the heart. And you don’t even need to be physically together

And as for the spiritual sex, well that is the best you can ever imagine!!! Hahahaha…. You see, I am doing it again!!! Hahahahaha! Only when you are truly and authentically in this state of being, will your heaven on earth start to materialize around you. When you Be li(e)ve your life, then the kingdom of heaven opens it’s gates to you.

2012 Then when I think about it, there are also other women who I have had an intense interconnection with. Are they all Twin-Flames? Or is it that I am the TWIN that


ignites the flames? Whatever it is, I know for certain I am very much at peace and very much in-love, with myself first of all! Hahahahaha! Because I am already in a relationship with myself, anyone else is just a bonus!!! Hahahaha! ;o)

get!” But one thing is for sure is, my big heart is open for love! ! And I love being with YOU! Backing of the Project and Interconnectedness

Venus the

resources as the common heritage of all the world’s people.” “The Venus Projects proposals are in perfect accord with spiritual interpretations of the world’s religious teachings, i.e.,

Life is all about timing. You get that right and everything magically fits perfectly into place. One thing I feel for sure is that I am blessed. And I am very grateful for all the people who I have met in my life, even the ones who are no longer in it and the ones I am going to meet! I am meeting with some incredibly inspiring individuals, who are re-shaping our world for the better and that makes me very happy indeed! ;o) Freedom is the most important thing in the world to me. And next year, as with this year, I shall continue to live in freedom within my heart and mind. So now my home is becoming secure and I have new Herculean wheels. And everyday the possibilities are becoming limitless. Everything is coming together once again. Thank you all for finally believing in my gifts and talents, as I do, as an artist, interviewer, Reiki healer, writer, teacher, and loving friend! I really appreciate your support and respect!!!! :o) I am now working on writing the book with all the details and I am certain it’ll be a best seller! It’s called ‘Walkin’ … and maybe you’ll see the film starring Brad Pitt as me in 2022! As good old Forest Gump said, “Life is a box of chocolates, you never what you are going to


Foundation The Venus Project and the Interconnectedness Foundation supported ‘Show Your True Colours’ tour. Below Jacques Fresco, the founder, explains more about the Venus Project ( and gives a special tribute to Richard. Jacque Fresco & Roxanne Meadows, of The Venus Project. “The Venus Project presents a bold, new direction for humanity that entails nothing less than the total redesign of our culture. It offers a comprehensive plan for social reclamation in which human beings, technology, and nature will be able to coexist in a long-term, sustainable equilibrium.” “Fresco feels that “if we really wish to put an end to our ongoing international and social problems, we must declare Earth and all it’s

peace, harmony, and love among all people. However, they go beyond the ideal and the visionary, and attempt to achieve an optimal and sustainable symbiosis involving human beings, technology, and nature.” “By working towards a global resource-based economy in which all of the world’s resources become the common heritage of all people, we could easily provide an abundance for everyone and overcome most of the limitations and unnecessary suffering of today.” “Richard Voller lives what he believes in by spending his time introducing to others that a better life is possible. He doesn’t just hope for a more equitable and just world but works towards it through his publications and actions. He is a rare and valued person. We are sure he will touch the hearts and minds of many people through his travels.”


which is the foundation of a world we all want: environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just. He is a true Ambassador of Interconnectedness”. To join the Interconnectedness Movement please visit:

Leo Sonneveld, C.E.O. of the Interconnectedness Foundation !Richard recently painted the heart chakra of Leo Sonneveld, C.E.O. of the Interconnectedness Foundation in the Netherlands, who are organising World Days of Interconnectedness on 11-11-11 and 12-12-12. Leo explains, “Love and light originate from the most intelligent and influential part of our body, our heart. By consciously connecting our Head, Heart and Hara, we are more able to manifest our full potential and ready to share the best of ourselves in service to all.” “Being touched by art is a ritual where I felt uplifted, loved and interconnected. I experienced a deep feeling of gratitude.” “The T-shirt with my own heart chakra painted on it serves as a remembrance of this peak experience. By doing this work, Rich has found a unique form to open and put the focus on people’s heart and contribute to an increased awareness and sense of interconnectedness


The 11.11.11 event: Special Thanks and Deepest Love for all the people who assisted in one-way or another to make this AMAZING experience possible (in random order): Agape Sitori Angel SundariShivali Annemarieke Moes Alex Ter Beek Evita Belgri Carsten “Lumière” Sasse Madeleine Gitana Westerweld Leo Sonneveld Heather Odom Miranda Stierman Manuela Arhire Jasha van der Wel Jacque Fresco Roxanne Meadows Oana Andreea Nikos Akrivos Emilie Smit David Icke Mike Voller Michael Jacobs Stanka & Nela Yesika Ceron Hanni B. Love

Hans Ollers Ivan Lensky Piet & Helena Lins Vanhauwaert Storm Lundall Susan Tracey Neville & Marcel Ferry Reijnders Sam Williams-Thomas Ilka Alejandra Daniella Simon, Maggie & Camara Ortega James Voller DJ Gee Trudy West Toby & Belinda Clarke Sandrine Emmery Chris Goodwin Galitta Tassa Sunita & Casper Lioness Gee Robert Jendayi Peter Taams Joop Tegge’love’ Marlijn Franken Conny Janssen Isis van der Wel Lloyd Nwagboso Melvin Fraenk Ken Messina Terrance Melcher Sophia Husbands Danielle Cornelissen Mark Schreurs Dirk Dekker Vasco Fialho Sander Bouman



Sex and Meditation?


By MindBodyGreen A new study suggests that your brain reacts the same way to meditation as it does to sex. Both dissolve our sense of self-awareness, separating ourselves from our ego. The lead researcher, Gemma O'Brien found that people meditating and having an orgasm both experience "diminution of selfawareness" and "alterations in bodily perception." When you meditate, the left side of your brain lights up and when you have sex, the right side of your brain lights "

up -- both experiences leading to a stoppage of mental chatter in your brain and helping you lose physical and mental boundaries. You can check out more on the study at Scientific American. So what do you think? Who's ready to get their meditation on?!

For more info, please visit:


Recommended by the Editor-in-Chief



MY VISUALISATION OF THE FUTURE By Heather V. Odom It is Monday the 4th of July 2031. I sit on the deck of my Sea Dome off the southwest coast of India gazing at one of our beautiful suns about to dip down below the horizon , I ponder over the last 20 years since I retired from my career in Nursing. Back then it was so strange wondering if my vision for the future of humankind would come to pass and how long it would take us to get there. Now looking back, everything went to plan and even quicker than was ever expected. Once everyone began to realise that the LimitlessNow was for real it was like watching the dominoes fall around us. Life was so exciting back then, jumping on planes, private jets and staying in so many exotic places, making sure that our


events were on track and watching so many new people who had the same hopes and visions as us come together with such ease as if they were parts of a puzzle slotting together. Looking back at the chaos the world was in back then it is heartwarming to see how everything has been turned to beauty as the human race has gone from strength to strength peacefully and in harmony together as one world. It's been 19 years since warring ceased on planet earth and the governments realised that the people no longer had the stomach to go to war against each other. Their is such creativeness and abundance on this planet it is hard to believe that in those times there was more than a billion of us that were starving and living in poverty.

Above: Happy Ivan Lensky, Founder of

With the factory farms abolished and most of us eating nutritious and wellness foods the need for health care as we knew it back then has been forgotten. Now people are so healthy one wonders if death will ever happen.


TESTIMONIALS Heather Odom, Event Coordinator & Public Relations for The Venus Project, The Venus Project “Richard is a true Artist. His Art is unique and he is rapidly becoming one the most sort after interviewers and light workers. His Magazine "BondingXperience" is like a beacon of light and his talents as a Heart Chakra painter are truly amazing. Once you meet him he will forever be your friend and you will come to know him, as someone who can be trusted 100%. He is rapidly spreading Love and Peace wherever he goes. It is an honour to know him.” December 5, 2011

Leo Sonneveld, Founder, World Day of Interconnectedness “I have experienced Richard as a heart working, passionate, spiritual and dedicated ambassador of the Interconnectedness Foundation. He is very artistic with his heart chakra paintings (and bigger work) and has a great sense of humor. I am very grateful for his contributions in many forms. What stands out is the wonderful people he involved during the organization of the 'Mirror of Love' on the World Day of Interconnectedness 11-11-11 and his dedicated multi tasking heart warming presence on the event itself as cameraman, livestreamer, interviewer, heart chakra painter.” December 6, 2011 "

Emilie Reiki.




Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative “Richard is a loyal and positive person. He has the ability to inspire and encourages people to discover and develop their own skills. His creativity and perseverance gives him the opportunity to achieve whatever he wants.” December 9, 2011 Sophia Husbands, Owner, ProActive Vision Training. “I was first introduced to Richard via the medium of social networking. I find him to be very professional in his outlook to work. He is supportive and has an ethical approach to dealing with people and business. That's why I enjoy working with him on different projects -e.g publishing. I look forward to the continuing my "partnership" with Richard; and would recommend his "services". He gets "gold-stars" all the way for work, motivation....” December 5, 2011 Nikos Akrivos, Dj/Producer, ““I met Richard in 1 of the interconnectedness meeting in May 2011 and we connected directly through the common idea we had about consciously healing the planet through

our art. A few weeks later I invited him at a Chakra event in Netherlands to come perform his art on me and on the entire guest who were present. After finishing my set, my energy was pretty low and thought now is the time to see of this really works! Richard started painting my Heart chakra on my T-shirt and only a few minutes later my energy raised up, he ended up painting my pants and my shoes and me dancing to the beats of the next DJ for at least an hour! Richard touching people through his art is the proof that we are healing the world by doing what we love to do most in a conscious-fun way. Shortly after Chakra event, he was joining me in Ibiza where he had the opportunity to perform in various events across the island and where we shared the same roof for at least a month and where i had the chance to know him better from inside: A True Love Soldier, fearless and sensitive searching to share his light with true dedication for his art as it should be for any person that call him/herself an artist. Touched by art is art that cannot be valued only with what the eye can see. Thank you Richie! Awesome invention! Nikos Akrivos” December 5, 2011


BondingXperiece, Issue 7, 2011  

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