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Look to the mountains of N orth Carolina for a refreshing and revitalizing weekend get-away. In turn of the 20th century Asheville, N C the mountain air was thought to have remedial properties, and in current day, the effect is still operative and kicks in at the higher altitudes. For a truly elevated experience you must try Asheville, N C?s remarkable Bunn H ouse (

M o u n t ai n Get -A w ay : A sh ev i l l e, NC?s Rem ar k ab l e Bu n n Ho u se By Cathy H. Burroughs

Asheville, NC?sBunn House ? Hospitality Reinvented W ith its exposed brick honoring the original 1905 brick maker/owner Albert Bunn and the newest owner?s seamless virtual reservation service, T he Bunn H ouse thrills us with its impeccable restoration, slew of surprises, complementary and imaginative goodies, high end everything done with gusto, wit, sophistication and a dash of brilliance. Both traditional and contemporary, T he Bunn H ouse elevates all notions of the classic bed and

Travel, Adventure & Luxury THEBUNNHOUSE breakfast; combining historic charm with a heady mix of cutting edge luxury and innovation. As you enter the magnificent, elegant, and mysterious (because you may never actually meet the management) lobby area and proceed to your guest room, you?ll begin to feel the

Cathy H. Burroughshaswritten for a variety of publicationsincludingT he Washington Post, T he Baltimore Sun and People Magazine. She currently writesabout travel and the artsand coversthe SE for Backstage Magazine. She isdelighted to be a regular contributor to BOLD Favor Magazine. Page 49 48

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International designer, poet, and author Norahs Khan graces our May issue as we delve into the components of holistic wellness: living well...

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