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bok tower gardens mission statement To share Edward Bok’s gift of a beautiful and serene garden with music, architecture, and nature so that all who visit will be inspired by his vision:

Wherever your lives may be cast, make you the world a bit better or more beautiful because you have lived in it.

vision statement To offer visitors a unique experience in a world-class garden where one can find beauty, peace, and inspiration.

institutional goals 1. We are committed to promoting our distinctiveness as a large public garden, preserving and sharing the legacy of Edward Bok, and serving as a worldwide source of valued and authoritative information. 2. We are committed to stewardship of the environment through our programs and our practices. 3. We are committed to delivering a high quality of presentation in our core areas of horticulture, conservation, and music, and by exceeding constituent expectations in our customer service, visitor amenities, and programming.

annual report 2013 | bok tower gardens

4. We are committed to promoting and maintaining our relevance in the community in which we operate, among our peers, and among those who attend and support us. 5. We are committed to building long-term financial sustainability by becoming more efficient and strategic financially to ensure the achievement of institutional objectives. From Bok Tower Gardens’ Long Range Fundamental Plan 2011-2015


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Joan Thomas

annual report 2013 | table of contents

From the President


Board of Directors


Administrative Staff




Cumulative Lifetime Donors


The Edward Bok Society


Preserve the Legacy, Steward the Future



Annual Supporters


Share the Gift Annual Fund Donors


In-Kind Donors


Reciprocal Partners


Corporate, Foundation & Grant Support


Honor Memorials




Chad Baumer Michael Potthast Staff & Volunteers


Randy Rupert


from the president Beyond Our Borders Garden borders define and contain the landscape. This year we have sought to go beyond our borders by incorporating native Florida ecosystem plantings and agriculture into new garden areas to give a better sense of place and connectedness to our region. We are also planning educational programs that that will go beyond our borders to connect with new audiences both here and throughout the State.

Design Most notably was the work we began in early 2013 with landscape architect Thomas Woltz and his team at Nelson Byrd Woltz to design the garden projects in Phase I of our award-winning Master Plan. In 2013, this plan received the highest award from the Florida chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)–the Frederic B. Stresau Award. This year-and-a-half design process has pushed the boundaries of our garden both figuratively and literally with plans for a Children’s Garden, Kitchen Garden, Pollinator Garden and Florida Wild Garden, as well as a new circulation path that will provide better access for all.

Education We also began to put a finer point on our new educational partnership with the University of Florida Institute for Food

& Agricultural Science Extension Service. Dr. Cynthia Klemmer was hired as our new Director of Education in September and has been working to create a program called Gardens for Life. This educational outreach program will bring edible gardening to schools and communities in a multicounty region. Florida Extension Service staff will have office space at the Gardens to provide technical, administrative and logistical support to schools and communities. We will also be offering more educational opportunities on site to our members and visitors.

The Carillon Geert D’hollander, our fourth Carillonneur to serve in 84 years, completed his first season with us in 2012-2013. He is truly a musician who recognizes no borders when it comes to carillon music. From his innovative arrangements and new carillon compositions to instructing students, Geert is bringing a new level of excellence to the carillon program. This summer, he traveled extensively to perform and conduct master workshops in the U.S. and Europe.

annual report 2013 | from the president

The Gardens & Conservation “Beyond our borders” was definitely the mantra for our horticulture and conservation staff this year. New plantings expanded our palette of native and blooming plants. A path on the Tower Lawn was reopened after many decades to give visitors a closer view of the brass door. Our behind-thescenes projects included expanding the nursery to begin growing hard-to-find varieties of plants for the future garden expansion. We experimented with bio-char and vermiculture to improve the soil in planting beds around the Visitor Center, and published three research articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Our dedicated conservation team expanded their reach this year with rare plant introductions at four different sites around the State, inluding the first population introduction of a critically-endangered plant onto private lands. The type of research our team is conducting on the microhabitats of rare plants has seldom been done so as to push the boundaries of understanding of what these plants need to survive. Spring 2013 saw the opening of our new 1.5-mile Preserve Trail and picnic shelter along the entrance road, and an outdoor classroom was built next to the Lake Wales


High School on the Bok Tower Gardens Preserve. Interpretive signs and wildflower plantings attracted many visitors to this trail to explore beyond the borders of the historic core garden.

Visitation for 20122013 remained strong at 149,226, and memberships reached 4,407 households.

Retail Services & Marketing

Attendance for our events, programs, and Pinewood Estate tours exceeded all expectations this year. Visitation to Pinewood Estate doubled in 2012-2013, and education programs more than doubled in participation to 3,802 students. The Boktoberfest Plant Sale reached a record high of 7,934 attendees, and our wedding rental revenue exceeded $70,000. We also saw many more tour groups this year – attendance rose from 5,574 to 6,225 people.

Our Blue Palmetto Café and Tower & Garden Gift Shop set a new revenue record again this year by grossing $1.14 million. We released the Rizzoli Press publication Bok Tower Gardens: America’s Taj Mahal in time for Edward Bok’s 150th birthday. I was honored to co-author this book with architect and artist Kenneth Treister, featuring photographs by Dan Forer. The marketing department continued to innovate and extend to the furthest reaches of cyberspace. Among this year’s highlights was the unveiling of a new website with fresh, “responsive design” technology, which automatically adjusts the layout to the mobile phone or device it is being viewed on. We increased our investments in social media marketing and secured grants from Visit Central Florida to promote and advertise several of our major events.

People, Events & Programs Our passionate corps of 375 volunteers donated 48,034 hours of work in all areas of our operations. We could not accomplish all that we do without this incredible volunteer staff. Our Board of Directors have stepped up the to the leadership role in our design planning and fund raising efforts, which is making our future garden expansion a reality.

you know, was wellknown for challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries of conventional thought. As we enter our 85th year as a public garden, the board, staff and I are honored to be stewards and visionaries of Edward Bok’s legacy. We invite you, our supporters and friends, to join us in continuing to push beyond the borders of the Gardens.

Concert Under the Stars found its audience this year by pushing the musical genre boundaries to feature an eclectic mix of “jazz grass” and Americana music.

Philanthropy Our vision for the Gardens to stay relevant and sustainable can’t be achieved without reaching beyond our borders to inspire philanthropy. Staff traveled from Miami to Maine to cultivate support for the future and to cultivate support for our $12 million Preserve the Legacy, Steward the Future campaign. We have made many new friends and revived many former friendships in our travels, which bodes well for our future.

David Price, President

In October 2012, I accepted the DutchAmerican Heritage Award on behalf of Edward W. Bok for his contributions to this country. Edward Bok, as many of

annual report 2013 | from the president


friends of the gardens The Board of Directors, together with staff, deepened our relationships with our Friends locally and throughout the State as we began to grow “beyond our borders” in our philanthropy. We celebrated many new gifts this year for our education and cultural programs, as well as for our Preserve the Legacy, Steward the Future campaign. Our media, program and community partners and volunteers all continue to grow in number. Whether the gifts are of time or treasure, it is truly a fruitful time for giving to the Gardens, and we have you to thank.

Michael Aloian

Board of Directors Michael Aloian, Chair

President, Charlotte State Bank Trust Department Tampa, FL

Cindy Alexander, Vice Chair Community Volunteer, Lake Wales, FL

Tomas J. Bok, PH.D., Treasurer President, Cambridge Analytics LLC Somerville, MA

The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.

Frank M. Hunt II, Secretary

Chairman of the Board, Hunt Bros. Cooperative Lake Wales, FL

- Vince Lombardi

Board Members J. F. Bryan IV

The Bryan Group - Jacksonville, FL

William G. Burns

Retired - Lake Wales, FL

Emeritus Members Louise B. Adams Lake Wales, FL

J. Shepard Bryan Jr.

Attorney - Holland & Knight LLP - Atlantic Beach, FL

Nancy J. Davis

President & CEO - McArthur Management Company - Miami, FL

John Germany

Attorney - Holland & Knight LLP - Tampa, FL

Robert Graham

Senator - U. S. Senate - Miami, FL

M. Lewis Hall Jr.

Partner/Attorney - Hall & Hedrick - Coral Gables, FL

Paul Collins

Retired - PJC Partners - London

Frank Driscoll

President/CEO - Driscoll Group - Winston-Salem, NC

Derek Dunn-Rankin

President - Sun Coast Media Group, Inc. - Charlotte Harbor, FL

Chip Elfner

President - Mountain Lake Corporation - Lake Wales, FL

Robin Gibson

Senior Partner - Gibson Law Firm - Lake Wales, FL

L. Evans Hubbard

Chairman of the Board - A. Friends’ Foundation Trust - Orlando, FL

Heather Jordan-Holmes

CEO/President - The Omnia Group, Inc. - Tampa

Joan Wellhouse Newton

Chairman Emeritus - Regency Centers Corporation - Jacksonville, FL

annual report 2013 | friends of the gardens | board of directors

Dick Wood

Retired - Wawa, Inc. - Wawa, PA


Administrative Staff Administration & Finance David Price

Nicole Stewart

Carlos Borja

Rose Young

Stephen Jolley

Larry Blackwelder


Executive Assistant/Human Resources Manager

Receptionist (p) Controller


Money Courier (p)

Carillon Services Geert D’hollander

Director, Carillon Services

Joy Banks

Librarian (p)

Horticulture Greg Kramer

Joseph Hanus

Nassor Williamson

Nicole Sharp

Scott Gabbard

Candy Bowman

Jon Foerster

Connie Miller

Kelly Christain

John Arnett

Bruce Sleisher

Darrell Jones

James Carcano

Gloria Denise Tullis

Katrina Noland

Director of Horticulture Administrative Assistant (p) Mechanic

Nursery Manager Garden Supervisor

Garden Supervisor II Gardener Supervisor Gardener Gardener Gardener

Gardener Gardener Gardener

Groundskeeper Land Steward

Conservation & Endangered Plant Program Cheryl Peterson

Glen R. Bupp

Cynthia Campbell

Juliet Rynear

Conservation Program Manager Rare Plant Curator (t)

Rare Plant Curator (t)

Tian Zia

Conservation Intern (t)

Rare Plant Specialist (t)

Visitor Services & Programs Jennifer Beam

Elyse Gerstenecker Justice

Mary Ann Drapp

Lisa Allen

Doshia Wagner

Patricia Wustefeld

Rita Horton

William Brewner

Joe DiRienzo

Pirjo Restina

Charles Dewey Wolford

Donna Hodurski

Stephanie Eckstein

Sharra Reynolds

Director of Visitor Services & Programs Visitor Services & Volunteer Manager Wedding & Rental Coordinator Adult Education Coordinator (p) Assistant Education Coordinator (p)

Pinewood Estate Coordinator (p) Pinewood Estate Coordinator Assistant (t»pt) Pinewood Estate Caretaker (p) Gate Attendant (p»ft)

Gate Attendant (p)

Gate Attendant (t»pt) Weekend/Holiday Manager (p) Weekend/Holiday Information Host (p)

Gate Attendant (p)

Rachel Henderson

Reservations & Information Desk Coordinator

Education Dr. Cynthia D. Klemmer Director of Education

Wendy Wolford

Education Coordinator

annual report 2013 | friends of the gardens | administrative staff


Retail Services Sandra Sue Dent

Director of Retail Services

blue palmetto café Cory Reynolds

Joseph Carani

Meghan Rigsby

Matthew Fulwood

Jessica Dyal

Jessica Taylor

Katrina Reynolds

Tanika Burley

Aviance Thompson

Rebecca Bowlin

Kayla Croft

Shannon Troutt

Amiee Martinez

Shannon Golden

Mary York

Glen Sprout

Patrick Huff

Tanika Burley

Michelle Gay

Jena Jolley

Café Services Manager, Chef

Café Host (s+p)

Sous Chef

Café Host (s+p)

Café Host (s+p)

Café Host (p)

Café Host (s+p)

Café Host (s+p)

Café Host (p)

Café Host (s+p)

Café Host (s+p)

Café Host (p)

Café Host (s+p)

Café Host (s+p)

Café Host (s+p)

Café Host (s+p)

Café Host (s+p)

Café Host (p)

Café Host (s+p)

Café Host (s+p)

tower & garden gift shop Teresa Hayes

Sean O’Leary

Sylvia Mills

Hayley Ghent

Susan Paetzold

Katherine Trantham

Tina Heckler

John Thomas

Cheryl Waters

Susan Lee

Kathleen McDermott

Assistant Manager

Gift Shop Host (p)

Gift Shop Host (p)

Gift Shop Host (s+p)

Gift Shop Host (p)

Gift Shop Host (p)

Gift Shop Host (s+p)

Gift Shop Host (p)

Gift Shop Host (p)

Plant Shop Host

Gift Shop Host (p)

Development & Membership Joan Thomas, CFRE

Rhonda Todd

Marilyn Richey

Emily Nettnin Earle

Kristin Gamache

Holly Hughes

Christine Foley

Autumn Beyer

Director of Development & Membership

Special Projects Assistant (t)

Development Manager

Membership Associate (s+p)

Membership Associate (s+p)

Development & Membership Assistant

Membership Associate (s+p)

Membership Associate (s+p)

Marketing & Public Relations Brian Ososky

Martin Corbin

Director of Marketing & Public Relations

Graphic Designer

Facilities & Operations Christopher Lutton

Stella Swanson

Larry Brake

John Anderson

John Seymour

C. Michael Manis

Enrique Quintero Garcia

Jeffrey Starai

Director of Facilities & Operations

Visitor Center Custodian

Facilities & Operations Assistant

After-Hours Custodian

Facilities & Operations Assistant p part-time

f full-time

Building Maintenance Technician Tower Maintenance Technician

Weekend/Holiday Custodian (p) s seasonal

t temporary

+ dual-status

» transitioned

annual report 2013 | friends of the gardens | administrative staff


Volunteers For the period October 1, 2012 to September 30, 2013, our 375 volunteers donated 48,034 hours worth $1,063,467. In addition to those below, we acknowledge the Ridge Rangers who have undertaken projects near the Gardens to help preserve the Lake Wales Ridge ecosystem, as well as the Earth Day Environmental Partners and Fairchild Challenge volunteers who assisted with specific educational programs at the Gardens. Listed below are those who completed 50-plus volunteer hours in this past fiscal year. Johnnie Adams, 206

Carla Calvert, 119

Jeanne Gayhart, 205

Patricia Jones, 720

William Adams, 211

James Carley, 150

Donald Gill, 452

Iris Karickhoff, 122

David Albertson, 239

Belva Carley, 154

Lynne Grady, 226

Marvin Karickhoff, 310

James Anderson, 152

Barbara Cassidy, 200

Brenda Gregory, 69

Eileen Katz, 54

Susan Banta, 95

J Chandler, 111

Bill Gregory, 102

Shirley Keller, 100

James Barber, 64

Marjorie Chandler, 126

Mary Grindol, 224

Jim Kellermann, 538

Louise Barber, 64

Carl Crenshaw, 55

Sylvia Griner, 55

Rose Kellermann, 595

Cindy Barney, 71

Andy Cubit, 69

Ronald Gruener, 68

Jim Kendall, 232

Gayle Barnum, 382

Paul Dawson, 85

Dale Gruhn, 318

Susan Kendall, 260

Diane Bauman, 255

Kay Dawson, 110

Margaret Haddon, 209

Peter Kessler, 391

Lois Bice, 328

Diana Dean, 66

Halle Hahn, 96

Mary Koloze, 57

Dianna Bishop, 68

Richard Diener, 194

Kenneth Hall, 211

Anne Kynast, 230

George Blackstone, 338

Jean Donaldson, 108

Lynn Hamel, 541

Debbie Lane, 363

Jim Blenkhorn, 270

Roberta Douglass, 58

Cathy Hammel, 115

Cristopher Leshnick, 92

Jere Blenkhorn, 273

Edwin Douglass, 253

Donna Hammel, 250

Al Lewis, 98

Tom Boerger, 202

Lois Duel, 61

Patricia Hancock, 71

Sarah Lingwall, 874

JoAnn Bohart, 86

Joyce Duncklee, 919

Kathleen Hargett, 104

Carol Livezey, 320

MaryLynn Brady, 144

Barbara Dutcher, 87

Merry Hart, 238

Ralph Ludwick, 140

Beverly Brady, 700

Jackie Ellis, 77

Dana Harvey, 113

Judith Luko, 164

Donna Brown, 76

Carol Engwall, 153

Alice Hearn, 116

Dianne Macko, 67

Dale Brown, 240

Jeanne Evans, 179

Jane Henderson, 259

Jeanie Madaus, 68

Linda Brown, 265

William Evans, 210

Linda Herrick, 59

Dick Madaus, 81

Wilma Brucker, 51

Kent Faughander, 265

Shirley Hertzog, 219

Sandra Madden, 89

Val Brucker, 167

Rebecca Faughander, 469

Joanne Hittner, 213

Nancy March, 163

Marjola Burdeshaw, 68

Joann Fischer, 82

Michael Hittner, 255

Barbara Marksbury, 82

Lynn Burdeshaw, 91

Jerome Fischer, 90

David Hodurski, 297

Audrey Marshall, 424

Dorothy Burger, 428

Jeanne Foster, 106

Shirley Holloway, 58

Kathy Matteson, 303

Thomas Burrows, 224

Jeffery Fredin, 62

Shirley Hopp, 367

Marian Mazur, 84

Robert Burt, 340

Doris Freedman, 99

Duane Hull, 652

Rick Mazur, 88

Elaine Butterfield, 171

Victoria Garman, 79

Donald Jones, 376

Carmen McCarty, 103

annual report 2013 | friends of the gardens | volunteers


Volunteers (continued) Virginia McGrath, 99

Mary Rezek, 111

Norma Stwalley, 78

Birdie Wolford, 162

James McNamara, 130

Ed Rezek, 119

David Stwalley, 84

Gloria Wurth, 101

Sharon Miller, 283

Barbara Rhen, 65

Curtis Summers, 53

Barbara Wustefeld, 214

Albert Miner, 288

Linda Richards, 111

Donald Suter, 60

Becky Wynkoop, 90

Dianne Miner, 511

Donna Richert, 100

Ann Suter, 143

Gloria Zeigler, 137

Betty Montgomery, 51

Kermit Richert, 118

Mariela Taggett, 51

William Zeigler, 137

Mary Neal, 257

Nancy Robinson, 62

Betty Taylor, 60

Joyce Nelson, 65

Janet Robinson, 154

Suzanne Threadgould, 65

Pete NeSmith, 257

Cynthia Rowland, 106

William Tierney, 62

JoRene Nevitt, 186

Jane Saks, 89

Carolyn Todd, 121

Ronald Nordman, 68

Carolyn Sand, 416

Paul Todd, 346

Ted Odle, 597

Norma Schaffer, 75

Verena Tonon, 54

Gwen Odle, 607

William Schaffer, 80

Dennis Tuggey, 377

Eleanor O’Neal, 84

Sara Schilg, 71

Dave Turner, 71

Paul O’Neill, 334

Wendy Schwendler, 54

Kathelia Turner, 141

Donald Onsager, 131

Richard Schwendler, 129

Shirley Ussery, 104

Linda Osborne, 153

John Scott, 110

Alice Van Asdale, 79

George Osborne, 230

Janet Seitz, 206

Gayle Van Asdale, 81

Jeanette Padgett, 218

Thomas Seitz Sr., 212

Edwena Van Deree, 181

Elana Parker, 51

Gwendolyn Seliga, 1500

Ralph Van Deree, 247

Kimber Pepper, 50

Gail Shearn, 203

Mark Vickers, 207

Mae Peterson, 148

August Sheets, 64

Ruth Wagner, 92

Nancy Pladziewicz, 84

Anne Sheets, 401

Betty Wagner, 245

Kim Potter, 74

Mitchell Sheets, 1009

Elizabeth Webber, 52

Donna Potter, 172

Barbara Shields, 111

Bob Webber, 73

Shelba Powell, 166

Celia Siemsen, 267

Mary Weimer, 233

Fred Powell, 175

Nicholas Smith, 132

Kay Weiss, 332

Robert Propes, 88

Langston Spell, 53

Nora White, 91

Norma Putnam, 53

James Spence, 56

Eileen Whitman, 53

Devon Quintana, 91

Kathi Spence, 62

Michael Wilkins, 111

Frances Rae, 83

Terry Spinos, 61

Laura Williams, 233

Marilyn Randolph, 91

Allan Stanford, 84

Mary Windisch, 257

Mickey Reed, 219

Geraldine Stevens, 125

Judith Winter, 51

Rebecca Reeves, 100

Joyce Stombaugh, 70

Becky Wolf, 163

Kenneth Reid, 143

David Street, 284

Joseph Wolf, 511

Carole Reid, 162

Anne Stuart, 454

Irene Wolf, 627

annual report 2013 | friends of the gardens | volunteers


Donors Your support is important to us and is much appreciated. If we have unintentionally omitted, misspelled or misrepresented your name on any of these lists, please accept our apology and call 863.734.1233 to help us correct our records.

Cumulative Lifetime Donors Bok Tower Gardens gratefully acknowledges individuals, organizations and foundations that have made cumulative gifts and pledge commitments of more than $100,000 to the Gardens as of September 30, 2013. The generous support provided by these donors over the years is critical to the development and success of Bok Tower Gardens. Edward W. Bok, Founder

Mrs. Ruth Hubbard

A. Friends’ Foundation Trust

J.N. McArthur Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Bryan IV

Mr. and Mrs. L. Patton Kline

State of Florida – Division of Historical Resources

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Burns

Mr. and Mrs. H.F. “Gerry” Lenfest

The Marion Stephenson Estate

Center for Plant Conservation

Mr. Henry McCance

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Stokes

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Collins

Mrs. Joan Wellhouse Newton

Ting Tsung and Wei Fon Chao Foundation

Mrs. Ruth Conn

The Abby and George O’Neill Family

Mr. and Mrs. A. Bronson Thayer

The George R. Cooley Estate

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Mr. and Mrs. Francois de Saint Phalle

Polk County Board of County Commissioners -Tourist Development Council

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Driscoll

State of Florida

The Olga Hernandez Estate

State of Florida – Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Mr. and Mrs. L. Evans Hubbard

State of Florida – Division of Cultural Affairs

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Wood Jr.

The Edward Bok Society Honoring the extraordinary gift of Edward W. Bok, a growing number of friends support Bok Tower Gardens through their wills or other planned gifts to ensure the continuation of Edward Bok’s commitment to excellence. The Edward Bok Society was established to thank and recognize friends and members who wish to offer their support through deferred gifts to special programs, the carillon, the endowment or to the permanent asset of the Gardens. Ms. H. Abigail Bok

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Goodwin

Gwen and Joseph Seliga

Curtis Bok and Sharon Bailey-Bok

Mr. P. Timothy Hartsfield

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan A. Shaw

Ms. Linda L. Browning

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Hoppe

Mr. Rick T. Short

Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Bryan IV

Mrs. Ruth M. Hubbard

Mrs. Dorothy Suchner

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Burns

Mrs. Lois E. King

Mrs. Joan A. Thomas

Mrs. Ruth F. Conn

Mr. David Lingard

Ms. Cindy Turner

Martha T. Edwards

Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Little

Ken Endline

Mr. Charles Eric Matheny

Ms. Carol First

Mrs. Marilyn Newell

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford C. Freund

Enid Curtis Bok Okun

Mrs. Jeanne Gayhart

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Price

annual report 2013 | friends of the gardens | donors


Preserve the Legacy, Steward the Future We honor and recognize the following individuals and organizations who are helping us realize our Master Plan vision with a special gift to this capital campaign. This list reflects gifts and gift commitments made from the beginning of the Capital Campaign through March 31, 2014.

visionaries circle - gold State of Florida

visionaries circle - silver William and Margaret Burns Mr. and Mrs. Paul Collins

visionaries circle – bronze Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Bryan IV

Mr. L. Patton Kline

Robert G. and Patricia K. Stokes

Ms. Ruth F. Conn

Mr. Henry McCance

Ting Tsung and Wei Fong Chao Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. François de Saint Phalle

David M. Milton Charitable Trust

Jeanette and Richard D. Wood

Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Driscoll

The Abby and George O’Neill Family

leadership circle – gold Robert and Eugenie Birch

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Friedrich

Mr. Richard Littleton

Derek and Sissela Bok

G. Arnold Haynes

Mr. Julien L. McCall

Mr. and Mrs. Tomas Bok

Jahna Foundation Inc.

Mosaic Company Foundation

Clark Nikdel Powell

Kline Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. A. Bronson Thayer

Frank and Carol Drake

Marguerite and Gerry Lenfest

Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Trumbull

Ms. Catherine Cotter and Mr. John Finneran

Mr. Clifford W. Mayhall

leadership circle – silver Anonymous A. Friend’s Foundation Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Alexander Kim and Steve Bepler Claudia Conn

Mr. Gordon Henderson Donald and Patricia Jones Heather L. and Clark Jordan-Holmes

Estate of Elizabeth Anne Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Owen John and Mary Wight

leadership circle – bronze Anonymous

Mr. George Eichleay

Mountain Lake Corporation

Michael and Dena Aloian

Mrs. William Gray

Mr. and Mrs. John Oster

Steve and Lynda Buck

Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Hunt II

David and Catherine Price

Pat and Nancy Cain

Sandy and Hugh Lowenstein

Edward and Ann Probert

Martha T. Edwards

Mr. Boris E. Meditch

Ronald D. Risner

Anonymous (2)

Ms. Jennifer P. Beam

J. Davis and Barbara Connor

John R. and Sarah Alexander

Elizabeth W. Brine

Mr. Derek Dunn-Rankin

The Martin Andersen-Gracia Andersen Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis F. Brockelman

Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Elfner III

CapTrust Financial Advisors

Mr. Geert D’hollander

stewardship circle - gold

Nick and Lindsay Baker

annual report 2013 | friends of the gardens | donors


Preserve the Legacy, Steward the Future (continued) stewardship circle - gold (continued) Mr. John Germany

Christopher and Amy Lutton

Robert P. and Nancy J. Sullivan

Robin and Jean Gibson

Paul R. Melichar

Joan A. and John R. Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Hodurski

Clement and Betz Newbold

The Frances Updike Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Hollis

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Rogers Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Updike

Jack and MaryLee Hollis

Gwen and Joseph Seliga

Andrea and Joshua Webb

The Estate of Theresa Hollowell

Mitchell V. Sheets

Bob and Liz Webber

Emil and Marilyn Jahna

Mr. and Mrs. W. Stevens Sheppard

Mary K. Windisch

Steve and Robin Jolley

Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Snyder Jr.

stewardship circle - silver Anonymous

Orion W. Fraiser

Ruth V. Marchione Foundation

Mr. Larry Blackwelder

Sandra Sue Dent

Ellen and George Needham Fund

Stuart and Linda Boyd

Julie Diaz-Nichols

Edward P. Roberts

Jim and Belva Carley

Mrs. Rita DiJoseph Horton

Thomas and Janet Seitz

Paul and Kay Dawson

Mr. and Mrs. Adam N. Justice

Joseph J. Seliga

John and Emily Earle

Lanier Upshaw Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Sleisher

Carol A. Engwall

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh F. Leahy

Chip Thullbery

Ms. Christine Foley

Mr. Clifford M. Manis

Rhonda K. and Steven W. Todd

Anonymous (3)

Mr. Joseph DiRienzo

Paul and Carol Livezey

Mrs. Lisa Allen

Jerry and Joyce Duncklee

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Manning

Jim and Wanda Anderson

Jessica Dyal

Donald McBeth

John Anderson

Neville Dyer

Ginny McGrath

Stacey Bacon

Fiduciary Trust Company

Cassandra McLaughlin

Jim and Susie Bell

Joanne and Jerry Fischer

Connie Miller

Ms. Victoria N. Bailey and Mr. Donald Fink

Mr. Jon Foerster

Sylvia Mills

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Flaglor

Danielle Montero

Scott Gabbard

Jeff Myers

Joe and Tracy Hanus

The Noland Family

The Heckler Family

Ted and Gwen Odle

Rachel Henderson

Marc and Sue Paetzold

Mike and Debra Howell

Natalie Palka

Cassie Jacoby

Marcia Pennington

Darrell Jones

Carmen Pineda

Shirley H. Keller

Mr. Enrique Quintero

Jim and Rose Kellerman

Allen and Violet Remp

Mr. Greg Kramer

Pirjo H. Restina

Ms. Susan H. Lee

Cory Reynolds

stewardship circle - bronze

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Joy Banks Autumn D. Beyer Jason Bleers Mr. Tom L. Boerger Carlos Borja Candy Bowman Mr. Larry Brake Mr. Bill Brewner Cynthia C. Campbell Josh and Stacey Crum Ms. Patricia P. Dalglish Paul and Kay Dawson

annual report 2013 | friends of the gardens | donors


Preserve the Legacy, Steward the Future (continued) stewardship circle - bronze (continued) Katrina Reynolds

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Sichler

Bob and Liz Webber

Bill Schaffer

Nicole L. Stewart

Dewey Wolford

Swanny Seirup

Dick Stouffer

Katie Worthington

Gwen C. Seliga

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis I. Summers

Dr. Mamoru Yoshida

Mr. John Seymour

Ann Suter

Ms. Rose Young

James and Nicole Sharp

Ms. Stella Swanson

Cheryl D. Sheplee

Mrs. Hayley Taylor

Annual Supporters We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals, corporations, and foundations that made unrestricted annual gifts through membership and other programs to support Bok Tower Gardens between October 1, 2012 and September 30, 2013. * denotes Tower Key Society 20+ Year Member

individual donors honorary lifetime members Ms. Suzy Boychuk

Mrs. Ruth M. Hubbard*

Mr. Milford Myhre*

Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Driscoll*

Mr. and Mrs. Duane M. Hull*

Mr. and Mrs. Ted T. Odle

Sara and Dale Fair*

Mrs. Carolyn Kibler*

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan A. Shaw

Mr. Harold E. Glenn*

Mr. L. Patton Kline*

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Sullivan*

Mr. and Mrs. L. Evans Hubbard*

Mrs. Helen D. Morrison*

chairman’s council Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Bepler

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Collins

Mr. and Mrs. George F. Eichleay

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Burns

Mrs. Ruth F. Conn*

Dr. Harold Pontious*

Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Bryan IV*

Mr. Julien L. McCall*

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Wood Jr.

Ms. Nancy J. Davis

Ms. Linda A. Peterson*

Mr. G. Arnold Haynes

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Wight Jr.

president’s council

bok tower club Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Alexander

Mr. Rodrigo Garcia and Dr. Robert Heglar

Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Hunt II*

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Alexander

Mr. and Mrs. Robin Gibson*

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Jahna

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Birch

Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. Giordano

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Jenkins Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Alan F. Blanchard

Mrs. William H. Gray

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. J. Shepard Bryan Jr.*

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hill Griffin IV

Mr. John Joyce and Mrs. Lisbet Joyce

Ms. Gloria Dana

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Guerdon*

Mr. Boris E. Meditch

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Doyle

Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Hackl*

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Mitchell

Dr. and Mrs. Frank D. Drake*

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Hargett Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. W. Tom Dryden

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Hollis

Mrs. Mary M. Pugliese and Mr. David J. Pugliese

Mr. and Mrs. Derek Dunn-Rankin

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Hoover

annual report 2013 | friends of the gardens | donors

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Stokes


Annual Supporters (continued) bok tower club (continued) Mr. and Mrs. Glenn P. Strehle

Mr. and Mrs. A. Bronson Thayer

sponsor Ms. H. Abigail Bok*

Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Foley

Ms. Sondra McLouth

Prof. Derek C. Bok and Dr. Sissela A. Bok

Ms. Halle B. Hahn

Mr. and Mrs. John Oster III

Mr. C. Harvey Bradley

Ms. Marsha Harmony

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Rossi

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Broderick

Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Hollis

Mr. Scott Stieler and Ms. Melissa LaCasse

Mrs. Millie N. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. G. Ellis Hunt*

Mr. Jack A. Tafel

Dr. Danielle M. Christiano

Mr. and Mrs. Al Judy

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Webb

Dr. Jim Christoph

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kovacs

Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Young Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Elfner III

Ms. Joan Kunzelmann

Mrs. Carol Felker

Mrs. Sandy Lowenstein

patron Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Horace F. Herndon*

Ms. Marilyn P. Rinker

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Armstrong*

Mr. William O. Horrell and Ms. Theresa Huston

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas P. Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. M. Hunt Berryman Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Bogue Jr. Mr. Robert LeRoy Booth Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bostick Mr. and Mrs. Curtis F. Brockelman Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Brown Mr. and Mrs. David W. Brown Ms. Teresa Bruckner Mrs. Michelle Chandler-Raley and Mr. Lindsay Raley

Mrs. Gloria G. Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Stewart W. Hurst* Mr. and Mrs. C. David Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Max E. Linton* Mr. Richard S. Littleton Ms. Mary Ann McCoy* Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. McCutcheon Mr. and Mrs. J. Marion Moorman

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Clapp

Mr. and Mrs. John Motis

Ms. Claudia G. Conn

Dr. and Mrs. David C. Neal

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Connor

Ms. Robin Neel and Mr. Tim Prince

Mr. and Mrs. William K. Davis Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Clement B. Newbold Jr.*

Mrs. Dale Fisher*

Mr. and Mrs. Clark Nobil

Mr. Orion W. Fraiser*

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Nourie

Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Frueh

Mr. George D. O’Neill Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Garner

Mr. and Mrs. George D. O’Neill Sr.*

Mr. James M. Gillies

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Peddie

Mr. Paul C. Good

Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Phillipp

Mrs. Jeanne B. Grumme*

Mr. Dwayne K. Prifogle and Mr. James D. Hunt

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Harding Mr. and Mrs. William A. Heink Mr. Gordon D. Henderson

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Larry P. Robinson Ms. Elizabeth J. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Dane Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Gene Roth Dr. and Mrs. Willis F. Sage Jr.* Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Sichler III Mr. and Mrs. David C. Sinclair Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Strouse* Mr. and Mrs. Neil L. Thompson Mr. Paul Lints and Ms. Nancy Town Mr. James Towne Mr. Arthur Ubbens Mr. James Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wagoner* Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Walker Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Whitman Mr. Wayne L. Whittingham Ms. Freda V. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Wilshere

Judge and Mrs. Michael Raiden* Mr. and Mrs. Lee F. Rathbun*

annual report 2013 | friends of the gardens | donors


Annual Supporters (continued) donor (continued) Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Abels

Dr. Amada S. Bouffard

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Cimini

Gen. and Mrs. James A. Abrahamson

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Bowlby

Ms. TJ Coburn*

Mr. Brian D. Ackley and Dr. Lori Shank

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bradish

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Collina

Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Adams*

Ms. MaryLynn Brady

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Cook Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Brinkman

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Cook

Ms. Rebecca Afonso and Mr. William Afonso

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Broadaway

Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Cook*

Mr. and Mrs. John Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Costello

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Brown*

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Coutu

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Cove

Ms. Bonita Brown and Mr. Willie Quarles

Mrs. Jacqueline Crawford and Mr. Jeffrey Haller

Ms. Joyce L. Ahles and Ms. Ann M. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Russell A. Allan Mr. Charles B. Allen* Mr. and Mrs. William P. Allman* Mr. and Mrs. Robert Alvord Mrs. Helen A. Andersen* Ms. Carol A. Anderson and Ms. Ingrid Lee Mr. and Mrs. Leander H. Anske Jr. Mr. G. T. Aydelotte Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Baker Ms. Shirley K. Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Banta Ms. Jean Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Tom Barrett Dr. and Mrs. William J. Barringer Mr. and Mrs. Mercer B. Barrows Mrs. Delores A. Barton Dr. and Mrs. John Beck Mr. Christopher Bellows and Mrs. Anne Bellows

Mr. and Mrs. John Buhlman Mr. and Mrs. Keith Bunce Mr. and Mrs. James D. Bunch Mr. and Mrs. Lynn E. Burdeshaw* Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Burke Mr. and Mrs. William Burkholder Mrs. and Mr. Kay Burklund Mr. Douglas P. Burton* Mr. and Mrs. Bert Buttriss Dr. and Mrs. George W. Butz III Mr. William Byerly and Mr. David Denton Mr. and Mrs. August Byllott Mr. and Mrs. Luke P. Cain Jr.* Mr. and Mrs. Pat Cain* Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Calkins Mr. Robert L. Callison

Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Bender

Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. V. Paul Benner*

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Carey

Ms. Charlene Bennett

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Carlos

Mrs. Nancy C. Benz

Mr. Eric Carrier and Mr. Greg Brackett

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Bernella

Dr. and Mrs. Eduardo L. Casingal*

Mrs. Ann C. Berry

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Castillo III

Dr. Mary K. Beyrer

Mr. and Mrs. Angelo A. Catani

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Blackburn

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Chandley*

Mr. David Blackmore

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd R. Chase

Curtis Bok and Sharon Bailey-Bok*

Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Cheek

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Borglund Jr.*

Mrs. Janet E. Christianson*

annual report 2013 | friends of the gardens | donors

Mr. and Mrs. L. David Crews Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Crisp Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Croom Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Cummins Mr. and Mrs. Galen Custard Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Daniel Mr. and Mrs. Brian Davis Mr. and Mrs. Grant Davis Mr. Robert E. Davis Mr. Randy Dease and Ms. Claudia D. Blum Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Deedrick Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Deitelbaum Mr. and Mrs. Stuart P. Denton Mr. and Mrs. James S. Devlin Mr. and Mrs. David W. Dey Mr. John DeYoung Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dickey Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Dickinson Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Dommer Mr. and Mrs. Dayl Donahey Mr. and Mrs. William A. Drasdo* Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Drew Mr. and Mrs. Jerry T. Duncklee Mr. and Mrs. George Dunlap Mr. and Mrs. Max Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Dyer Mr. and Mrs. J. Dixon Earley


Annual Supporters (continued) donor (continued) Ms. N. Karen Edmonds and Ms. Delores E. Giannettini

Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Goatley

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Henry

Mr. and Mrs. Amos G. Gona

Mr. and Mrs. Imre Herczeg

Mrs. Sally L. Gore*

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Hewett

Mr. Edward Gorrill

Mr. and Mrs. Erik G. Hielscher

Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Gover

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas X. Hietpas

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Emery Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Graham

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer C. Hill*

Ms. Carol Emery

Ms. Sandra J. Graham

Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Hilton

Ken Endline and Mary Endline

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Grandy

Mrs. Donna E. Hodurski

Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Engel

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gregg

Ms. Theresa Hollowell

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Enz*

Mr. John A. Greiner and Ms. Rosella Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Hood

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Edwards Jr. Ms. Sibyl J. Edwards Mr. Charles R. Elmquist and Ms. Betty J. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Esteve Dr. and Mrs. Edward E. Etheredge Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Evans Mr. and Mrs. William C. Evans Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Dostie Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Faiks Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Utah Farris Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Fauber Ms. Lark M. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Flagg Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Flaglor Mr. and Mrs. John J. Fletcher Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Floyd

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Griffith Mrs. Mary A. Griffiths* Dr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Griner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Guequierre Mr. and Mrs. Erlin G. Guevara Mr. and Mrs. John Gustafson Mr. and Mrs. Gale F. Guyer Mrs. Nancy Haight Ms. Carol S. Hall* Mr. and Mrs. James D. Hamil Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Hammond

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Hoppe Mr. and Mrs. James H. Horton* Dr. and Mrs. David Housel Mr. and Mrs. Michael Howell Ms. Nancy H. Hoyt* Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Hudzinski Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Hughes Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hulen* Mr. and Mrs. Herman E. Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Hunt III Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hunter Dr. Harry R. Hurst Ms. Mary A. Hyser

Mr. Paul J. Flynn*

Mr. James Ruddle and Mrs. A. Carol Hanaway-Ruddle

Mrs. Elizabeth W. Folk

Mr. and Mrs. James Hancock

Ms. Cheryl L. Isaac

Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Francis

Mr. and Mrs. Marty R. Hancock*

Mr. and Mrs. Trygve A. Ivesdal

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Frederick

Dr. J. Richard Hankins

Mr. and Mrs. George P. Jackson*

Mr. Darren W. Freeman

Mr. and Mrs. Ted H. Hankins

Mr. and Mrs. John Janusz

Mr. and Mrs. George Fryling

Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Hanrahan*

Dr. and Mrs. William G. Jeffrey

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Gabbard

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hanzek

Mr. Arthur F. Jenkins

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Gadsden

Mr. and Mrs. Chris A. Hartman

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne C. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Galke

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Hasse*

Ms. Barbara B. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Francisco Garcia

Mrs. Jane C. Hawkins

Ms. Peggy Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert B. Gardner

Mr. and Mrs. Spencer G. Hay

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Jolley

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Garfold

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Haynes Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Clark Jordan-Holmes

Mrs. Jeanne M. Gayhart

Mrs. Betty Henderson and Mrs. Phyllis H. Smith

Ms. Bonnie S. Judkins and Ms. Barbara Hartman

Ms. Jeri Henderson

Mr. J. Steve Junkins and Mrs. Judith ClineJunkins

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gillooley Mrs. Martha K. Gleason and Ms. Julie B. Gleason

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Henry

annual report 2013 | friends of the gardens | donors

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Irmler


Annual Supporters (continued) donor (continued) Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Maddock

Mrs. Jodie Moyer and Mr. Franklin Weaver

Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Kelsey

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Maffett

Mr. and Mrs. Wendell B. Mullis

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kendrick

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Mager

Mrs. Robin H. Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Maloney

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Nalker

Mr. Sam Kipe

Ms. Mary C. Ison and Ms. Claire Maltese

Dr. and Mrs. James A. Nelson*

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kirk

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Mann

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Nelson*

Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Knox

Ms. Nancy March

Mrs. Marilyn Newell*

Mr. Ryan Kordek and Mrs. Chanda Bennett-Kordek

Ms. Anne Marcure and Dr. Paul Finnerty

Dr. and Mrs. Seifollah Nikdel*

Ms. Karen Kovach and Mr. Charles McNally

Mr. Francis C. Marsano

Mr. and Mrs. Max E. Norman

Mr. and Mrs. Leon C. Marsh

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Nottingham

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Krezenski

Ms. Jane Martin and Mr. Weslie Santiago

Mr. Edward La Fleur

Mr. and Mrs. John Mastropietro

Mrs. Marisha Nowak and Mr. Samuel S. Thayer

Rev. and Mrs. Hugh Lackey

Mr. and Mrs. John Matteson

Mr. and Mrs. James Lahrman

Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Matthews

Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Laird

Ms. Hailey Matthews and Mr. John Hamilton

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Lambert

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Oakman* Mr. and Mrs. Gary Okrepkie Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Olsen Mrs. Esther Ormsby

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd May

Mr. and Mrs. C. William Ouellette Jr.

Mrs. Winifred McAllister-Rewis

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ousley*

Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. McCord

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Oyler

Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. McCullough Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Pan

Mr. and Mrs. Bill L. McElveen

Mr. and Mrs. J. Clyde Parlier*

Mrs. Catherine R. Layne

Mrs. Lorie McKnight and Ms. Tammy Lamb

Dr. Daniel T. Parnassa

Mr. and Mrs. John Layton

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. McMicken

Mr. and Mrs. C. Bruce Leavitt

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne D. McNutt

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Leggett

Mr. and Mrs. Oswald G. Mechsner

Dr. and Mrs. George D. Leidel

Mr. and Mrs. Vince Mee

Mr. Cecil D. Lettis and Mr. Michael A. Tobin

Dr. and Mrs. Murray J. Miller*

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Lang Mr. and Mrs. John R. Larr Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Larson Drs. Walter and Isabella Laude* Mr. and Mrs. Ken Lawler

Mr. and Mrs. Rock A. LeVasseur Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Lilly* Mrs. Linda L. Lindsay Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Lingwall Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Little Mr. and Mrs. Peter Littleton Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Lukas Ms. Karyn L. Luke and Ms. Judith Luke Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Luther

Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Miller Ms. Diana Miller and Mr. Kevin Kane Mr. and Mrs. Jim Milner Mrs. Stephanie A. Molly Mr. and Mrs. James A. Monahan Dr. and Mrs. John W. Moore* Col. and Mrs. Sam P. Morgan Jr. Mr. Charles Morgan and Ms. Patti C. James Mr. and Mrs. Colon W. Morris

Dr. and Mrs. George D. Lyle

Mr. Anthony G. Morrow and Mrs. Janet K. Morrow

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Mack

Dr. and Mrs. James G. Moyer Jr.

annual report 2013 | friends of the gardens | donors

Mr. and Mrs. Darren Patton Ms. Pamela J. Patton Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Philley Mr. and Mrs. Clifford E. Pierce Mr. Mark Polanskas and Mrs. Mary Robey Mr. and Mrs. Lansing W. Poole* Dr. and Mrs. H. Leonard Porter III* Mr. and Mrs. Fred Powell Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Pratt Mrs. Joan M. Pratt Mr. and Mrs. Dick Prince Mr. and Mrs. James H. Puckett Mr. Carlton N. Putnam Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Quam Jr.* Ms. Virginia Rader Mr. and Mrs. George Rankin


Annual Supporters (continued) donor (continued) Ms. Anna M. Rappaport and Mr. Peter Plumley Mr. and Mrs. Lance Raybould Mrs. Diane K. Reece Mr. and Mrs. John A. Reed Mrs. Barbara C. Reeves* Mr. and Mrs. Richard Reid Mr. and Mrs. Allen R. Remp Ms. Lisanne L. Renner and Mr. Adam S. Grace*

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Schwendler

Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph E. Swider

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen N. Sczur Jr.

Mr. Robert J. Sylvia

Mrs. Jo W. Seaton*

Dr. Bob Taylor and Dr. Billye Taylor*

Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Seckel

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Taylor

Mrs. Swanny Seirup

Mr. David C. Taylor

Rev. and Mrs. Thomas C. Seitz Sr.*

Mrs. Sharon Thames and Mrs. Shayne Edwards

Ms. Gwendolyn C. Seliga Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin N. Selser Mrs. Robert J. Shaw*

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rensing

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Sheely

Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Repke

Mr. and Mrs. John Simpson

Mr. Todd Ribardo and Ms. Arlene Hudson

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Simpson

Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Richard

Ms. Deborah L. Sipes and Mr. Bill Dawson*

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Richards

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Sirbaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Rigel

Mr. and Mrs. Scott S. Sisson

Mr. and Mrs. Randolph V. Rines

Mr. Barry A. Haase and Mrs. Alicia S. Slater-Haase

Mr. B. Earle Roberts*

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Clyde H. Thompson* Mr. Edwin W. Thompson Jr.* Mr. Alfred C. Thullbery Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Tiencken Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Tilghman Ms. Patricia Titer and Mr. Scott Cassidy Mr. and Mrs. Larry Tonjes Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tortorella Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Troupe

Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Sledge

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Trull

Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Smelser

Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Trumbull*

Nanette N. Rodgers

Mr. and Mrs. C. David Smith*

Mr. and Mrs. Champ Tunno Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rodrigue

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Smith

Mr. Roy J. Tyson and Ms. Jami Lewis

Ms. Linda L. Rogers and Mr. Thomas E. Martin

Mr. Joe Smith and Ms. Janeen Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Van de Mark

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Snay

Ms. Gloria J. Van Dyke and Mr. James H. Bovy

Ms. Karen D. Robinson and Ms. Jean Samson

Mrs. Lawanda L. Ross* Mr. and Mrs. Jim Rothman Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Roubos Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Ruthven Mr. and Mrs. Glenn S. Ryburn Ms. Kay Rynear and Ms. Donna Hill Ms. Barbara R. Salvin Dr. and Mrs. James L. Sanders Mrs. Heather L. Sanders and Mrs. Valerie J. Sanders

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sobierajski Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Southern Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sparks Mr. and Mrs. Gary Spohn Ms. Willa Stauffer Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Steckert Mr. and Mrs. Bill Steele Mr. and Mrs. Keith Steverson Mr. and Mrs. Lester I. Stewart Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Julian A. Vault Mr. and Mrs. Keith H. Wadsworth Mr. Gregory Wagner Mr. Vincent Waloga Mr. and Mrs. Carl Walters Mr. and Mrs. William H. Walters Dr. and Mrs. Joe Warren Mrs. Lynne M. Warsaw

Mr. and Mrs. James Sanford

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Stine

Mrs. Nanette Watson and Ms. Quortni Watson

Mr. Richard Schafer and Ms. Marcia Gantz

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Stoeckle

Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Weber

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Schaffer

Ms. Rita M. Strempack and Ms. Antoinette M. Stitt

Dr. Dorothy A. Wedge

Mrs. Helen Schmidt and Ms. Diane Boczkowski

Mr. and Mrs. Albert D. Stuart

Mr. and Mrs. Damon Welch

Ms. Carol H. Schofield

Carole L. Sustak

Mrs. Elizabeth Wernsing and Mrs. E. Paige Singletary

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Schumacher

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas M. Swaika

Mr. and Mrs. David M. West

annual report 2013 | friends of the gardens | donors


Annual Supporters (continued) donor (continued) Ms. Barbara H. Weyrauch

Mr. Jim Wilder and Ms. Lisa O’Neill

Mrs. Betty Wojcik

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis W. Wheeler*

Mr. and Mrs. G. Earl Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Woods

Mr. Howard M. White

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Williams*

Mr. and Mrs. John Wu

Mr. and Mrs. Denis E. Wickham

Ms. Margaret L. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. William Wyse

Mrs. June C. Wiggins*

Ms. Shirley C. Wingfield

companies, foundations & organizations GasLog Ltd

David M. Milton Charitable Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Robin Gibson


J.N. McArthur Foundation

Share the Gift Annual Fund Donors The Share the Gift Fund helps Bok Tower Gardens give back to the community. Gifts support low- and no-cost youth education programs and help us establish partnerships with local service organizations whose clients benefit greatly from visiting the Gardens. We thank the following individuals and institutions for their support between October 1, 2012 and September 30, 2013.

individuals Gen. and Mrs. James A. Abrahamson

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Brinkman

Ms. Abigail Adams-Cheatham

Mr. Darin Briskman and Ms. Vickie J. Gray

Ms. Rebecca Afonso and Mr. William Afonso Ms. Joyce L. Ahles and Ms. Ann M. Davis Mr. and Mrs. John R. Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Duane A. Aller Mr. and Mrs. Kurt A. Anderson Ms. Amanda Angel Mrs. Ada M. Ash Curtis Bok and Sharon Bailey-Bok Ms. Helen M. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Biemer Ms. Holly Bird and Mr. Robert Carr

Ms. Patricia A. Brown and Ms. Barbara A. Carmody Ms. Barbara J. Cassidy Mrs. Carol Chandler Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cherny Mr. and Mrs. Norbert R. Christel Mr. and Mrs. Robert Christie Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Clevenger Ms. TJ Coburn Ms. Joan Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Collina

Ms. Sallyann Deveau Ms. Dayle Dierks Ms. Jinya D’India and Mr. Anthony Hignett Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Driscoll Mr. and Mrs. Jerry T. Duncklee Ms. Shauna M. Dunn Mr. Evan C. Earle Mr. and Mrs. William E. Emerson Dr. and Mrs. Edward E. Etheredge Sara and Dale Fair

Mr. and Mrs. Martin C. Corbin

Ms. Catherine A. Cotter and Mr. John G. Finneran

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Cove

Mrs. Dale Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Joe A. Cramp

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Fitzsimmons

Mr. Beaufort Cranford

Rev. and Mrs. Leighton J. Foss

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Bourdette

Mr. Chris Cremeans and Mrs. Kimberly Cremeans

Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Foster

Mr. and Mrs. Terence P. Boyle

Mrs. Irma A. Dartez

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bradish

Mr. and Mrs. Colin Davis

Dr. and Mrs. Roy Z. Braunstein

Ms. Arabella M. Decker

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Blenkhorn Prof. Derek C. Bok and Dr. Sissela A. Bok Ms. Victoria Bok and Mr. Dick Jones Mr. and Ms. Larry Borsani

annual report 2013 | friends of the gardens | donors

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Frankenfield Mr. Robert Freeman and Ms. Pat Teece Mr. and Mrs. William A. Futch


Share the Gift Annual Fund Donors (continued) individuals (continued) Mr. Jose Garcia

Mr. and Mrs. George Langenderfer Jr.

Ms. Debbie Perry

Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Geehr

Mrs. Mary Kay Langford

Mrs. and Dr. Andrea Pesut

Ms. Andrea Gelfuso and Mr. Kenneth Wick

Ms. Sherrill Latour

Mr. and Mrs. D. Currey Pettus

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Gerlitz

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Layten

Mr. and Mrs. George J. Pinkerton

Mr. John F. Germany

Ms. Susan H. Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Pontynen

Mrs. Sally L. Gore

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. LeShay

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Prince

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Griggs

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Probert

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Guerra Sr.

Mr. Talbot P. Lewis

Wen-Jen Rairdon

Ms. Carol E. Haines

Ms. Margaret M. Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Rampi

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Hamel

Mr. Jack Ley and Mr. John Lasco

Mrs. Diane K. Reece

Mr. John Hart

Ms. Jan H. Liles

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Reed

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Haynes Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Little

Ms. Alma J. Heidenreich

Mr. Richard S. Littleton

Ms. Lisanne L. Renner and Mr. Adam S. Grace

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Henderson

Ms. Ashley Lowe

Mr. and Mrs. Horace F. Herndon

Ms. Karyn L. Luke and Ms. Judith Luke

Mr. Barney M. Herndon

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Malott

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hofmann

Ms. Joyce Matevia

Ms. Theresa Hollowell

Mr. Glenn McCollum and Ms. Doris Knupp

Dr. and Mrs. David Housel Mrs. Gloria G. Hunt Mr. and Mrs. G. Ellis Hunt Ms. Allison Hunt and Mr. Wayne Watters Mrs. Charlotte D. James Mr. Glenn A. Jenks and Ms. Faith P. Getchell

Ms. Pirjo H. Restina Mr. and Mrs. Bill Richard Mr. and Mrs. Gary F. Richards Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Richey Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Rogers Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Froilan Rosado

Ms. Mary Ann McCoy

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Schuster

Mrs. Tara L. McGraw

Mrs. Swanny Seirup

Dr. Thomas C. McLaughlin

Mrs. Nancy M. Sell and Ms. Sue Murray

Mr. and Mrs. C. Roger Meeker

Mrs. Bonita L. Shafie and Mr. Leon Puterbaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Meyer Ms. Sandra L. Miller

Rev. Mitchell V. Sheets Mr. and Mrs. Robert Silhan

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Johnson

Dr. and Mrs. David Misch

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Monahan

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Jolley

Ms. Denise M. Moose

Ms. Ruth Ann Jolley

Dr. and Mrs. David C. Neal

Mrs. Nancy D. Kahler

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Nelson

Ms. Arleen Keiber

Mr. Dale Nettnin

Ms. Susan L. Smith and Ms. Katelyn E. Gray

Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Niemeyer

Mr. Thomas J. Smith

Mr. William Kent

Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Nopar

Mr. and Mrs. Garrett E. Snipes

Mr. Nelson R. Kimball

Mr. Paul O’Neill and Ms. Diane O. Bauman

Mr. Marvin P. Socha and Mr. Daniel O’Neal

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Owen

Mr. Gary Sokolow

Ms. Miriam Pain

Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Southern

Ms. Susan R. Parker

Dr. Phil Spears

Ms. Donna Pearce

Mr. and Mrs. Lester I. Stewart Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kochman Mr. and Mrs. James M. Krenisky Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Krouson Rev. and Mrs. Hugh Lackey Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Lang

annual report 2013 | friends of the gardens | donors

Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Slattery Mr. and Mrs. Dale L. Smith Mrs. Theresa Smith Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Smith


Share the Gift Annual Fund Donors (continued) individuals (continued) Mr. and Mrs. David E. Street

Mr. Danny Underwood

Mr. Michael Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Stubbs

Mr. Ismael Veliz Jr.

Mrs. Patricia M. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Gus Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Verschoor

Mrs. Mary K. Windisch

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Suter

Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Victor

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W Winter

Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph E. Swider

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Wagner

Mrs. Peggy Wnek

Mrs. Jane W. Terry

Ms. Virginia Walker

Mrs. Freddie T. Wright

Mrs. Sharon Thames and Mrs. Shayne Edwards

Ms. Laura Webb

Mr. Marion T. Yongue

Mr. George F. Weber

Mr. and Mrs. Carl S. Young

Mr. and Mrs. Milan G. Weerts

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Zaorski

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Todd

Mr. Harry S. Westcott and Mrs. Gerd Noyes

Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Zimmerman

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Tonjes

Ms. Ursula N. Whitmire

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tortorella

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wilkins

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Umstadter

Charles Willard

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Thomas Rev. Marion F. Thullbery

Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Zuckerman

companies, foundations & organizations Allstate Foundation

Schools Association Inc.

Macy’s Foundation

AT&T Foundation

JBT Corporation

The Boeing Company Gift Matching Office

Caterpillar Matching Gift Program

Ladies of Grace UCC

Florida Coalition of Christian Private

Lake Wales Medical Center

In-Kind Donors Thank you for joining us in support Bok Tower Garden’s mission: To share Edward Bok’s gift of a beautiful and serene garden with music, architecture and nature so that all who visit will be inspired by his vision.

individuals Estate of Hazel M. Alexander

Mr. and Mrs. Val Brucker

Ms. Gwendolyn C. Seliga

Mr. James G. Anderson

Mr. Dave Halasz

Mr. and Mrs. A. Bronson Thayer

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bellar

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Jones

Ms. Cheryl Waters

Bob Evans Restaurant

Davidson of Dundee

International House of Pancakes

BSD Galleries

Diana Dean

Lake Wales Country Club

Bunting, Tripp and Ingley, LLP

Florida’s Natural Growers

Lake Wales Family YMCA

Chalet Suzanne Restaurant and Inn

Gallery and Frame Shop

Lake Wales Little Theatre

Cliff’s True Value Hardware

Garden Club of Lake Wales

Ledger Media Group

Cornerstone Catering

Golden Nails

Crazy Fish Restaurant

Hall Communications

Lori Draper’s Furniture, Gifts and Accessories

Cute as a Button

Imperial Lanes


annual report 2013 | friends of the gardens | donors

Mayer Jewelers


In-Kind Donors (continued) companies (continued) MOSI

Tampa Bay Lightning

The Lakeland Center

One of a Kind

Tampa Bay Rays

The Oasis Spa

Publix Super Markets, Inc.

Terrie Lobb Catering, Inc.

Tractor Supply Company

Ringling Museum of Art

The Dali Museum


Sea World

The Florida Aquarium


Sun Coast Media

The Garden Artist

Reciprocal Partners We are thankful and honored to be reciprocal partners with other gardens and museums across the state. Members of Bok Tower Gardens receive free and discounted admission to attractions, museums and gardens throughout the state of Florida and more than 300 participating public gardens throughout the United States. Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum

Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

Appleton Museum of Art

Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art

Art and History Museums – Maitland

McKee Botanical Garden

Bailey-Matthew Shell Museum

Mennello Museum of American Art

Beaches Museum & History Center

Mote Marine Laboratory

Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium

Museum of Arts and Sciences

Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Garden

Museum of Fine Arts

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

M.O.S.I. Museum of Science and Industry

Elliott Museum

Naples Botanical Gardens

Explorations V Children’s Museum

Orange County Regional History Center

Fantasy of Flight

Palm Beach Zoo

Florida Aquarium

Polk Museum of Art

Florida Holocaust Museum

Pier Aquarium

Great Explorations Children’s Museum

South Florida Museum

G. Wiz The Science Museum

St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum

Historic Spanish Point

Tampa Bay History Center

Historic Pensacola Village

Tampa Museum of Art

Historic Stranahan House

Vero Beach Museum of Art

Jacksonville Maritime Heritage Center

Corporate, Foundation & Grant Support As the Gardens continues to promote a culture of philanthropy, businesses, corporations and sources of grant funding are just as crucial as gifts given by individual donors. We focus on partnerships that can become long-term relationships and continue to add new partners every year. Allen & Company Mortgage Corp

CapTrust Financial Advisors

Florida Tourism Industry Marketing Group

American Public Gardens Association

Center for Plant Conservation

Florida Wildflower Foundation

Camp Rosalie

Citizen’s Bank & Trust

Florida’s Natural Growers

Captain Fred’s Airboat Tours

Duke Energy

Garden Party Florals

annual report 2013 | friends of the gardens | donors


Corporate, Foundation & Grant Support (continued) Imperial Lanes Lake Wales Medical Center Lanier Upshaw Lori Draper’s Furniture and Accessories Manning & Napier Advisors, LLC Nettle Creek Polk County BoCC – Tourist Development Council

State of Florida – Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

TECO Energy Foundation, Inc.

State of Florida – Division of Cultural Affairs

The Apothecary Shop

State of Florida – Division of Historic Preservation State of Florida – Florida Forest Service Tapping the Vine

Terrie Lobb Catering, Inc. The Chanticleer Foundation Tucker Paving US Fish and Wildlife Service Veterinary Healthcare Associates


Walmart Foundation

Publix Super Markets Charities

TD Bank

Seaside Sisters of Florida

TD Charitable Foundation

Water’s Edge Retirement Community

Honor Memorials Here at Bok Tower Gardens, we are glad to honor the memories of those who always radiated a deep-seated passion for the continuing beauty of our Gardens. in memory of Mr. Rawson Atwood

in memory of David Hodurski

Mrs. Joan Kunzelmann

Ms. Kristy Cornejo

in memory of Margaret and Rawson Atwood

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Funk Ms. Denise M. Moose

Hon. John R. Atwood

Ms. Gwendolyn C. Seliga

in memory of Delores Chaulk

in memory of Betty Pontious

Ms. Susie Nolan

Dr. Harold Pontious

in memory of Robert Finta Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Karickhoff in memory of Anita Francis Ms. Sharon Tollin

annual report 2013 | friends of the gardens | donors


financials Statement of Financial Position financial year ending September 30th, 2013

Assets Cash






Restaurant and gift shop inventories



Prepaid expenses and deposits



Property and equipment (net)



Long-term investments, including designated/restricted for endowments



Other assets



Total assets



Accounts payable and accrued expenses



Total Liabilites






Temporarily restricted



Permanently restricted



Total Net Assets



Liabilities & Net Assets liabilities

net assets

annual report 2013 | friends of the gardens | financials


Statement of Activities financial year ending September 30th, 2013

Revenue & Support


23% 20%

admission, programs, rentals.

contributions, grants.


retail, marketing, visitor services.











fundraising, membership.

other revenue.

Revenue & Support


Investment return: dividends and interest



Horticultural and grounds maintenance






Endangered plant program



Food and retail services

$ 1,138,379




Visitor services



Pinewood Estate and gardens






Visitor services






Food and retail services






Educational programs






Development and membership



Total Revenue

$ 5,175,305

Fundraising, capital campaign



Facilities and operations












Total Expenses

$ 5,756,215

Net Asset Fluctuation Decrease in net assets



Net realized and unrealized gains – investments

$ 3,777,947

The Statement of Financial Position and the Statement of Activities

Net assets – beginning of year

$ 46,876,027

which are part of this annual report were summarized from the audited

Net assets – end of year

$ 50,073,064

financial statements. A copy of the auditied financial statements with accompanying notes, which were audited by Bunting, Tripp & Ingley, LLP, is available upon request to the Foundation. The Foundation’s 990PF return is also available upon request, as provided by law.

annual report 2013 | friends of the gardens | financials


2013 Annual Report  
2013 Annual Report