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FOOD/DINING PATTY’S BURGER TIME—The only Idaho Preferred fast food restaurant keeps it good and local by serving Flying M coffee, Cloverleaf milk and local beef. The early riser menu includes breakfast burritos, diced potatoes and breakfast sandwiches using organic eggs and vegetables. Need more reasons to swing by? Patty’s serves fresh fruit milkshakes with more than 40 different varieties and hosts classic cars shows every Saturday night. 1273 S. Orchard, Boise, 208-424-5073. $ . THE PLANK—Excellent finger steaks and chicken strips to wash down all that beer. A special lunch menu and a punch card for extra lunch savings and a reverse happy hour Sunday through Thursday from 10 p.m. till midnight with $2 bar bites. 650 S. Vista Ave., 208-336SU. 1790. $-$$ RAW—The owners of conjoined and very popular Willowcreek Bar and Grill opened up RAW to sate the sushi cravings up on the bench. Striving for “sushi art in a comfortable atmosphere and promising rolls that make your money worth it,” RAW is a welcome addition to the Japanese food restaurant family in Boise. 2237 Vista Ave., 208-343-0270. OM. $-$$$

ROOSTER’S EATERY— Located in historic Vista Village, Rooster’s offers fine lunch fare. If you’re in the mood for salad, try the San Diego with their own creamy Q-min dressing. For a hot sandwich, try the tri tip melt. For a cold one, check out the albacore tuna. 930 S. Vista Ave., 208-339-9300. $-$$ . SHANGRI-LA TEA ROOM—With their own lines of herbal and organic teas and herbal medicines, Shangri-La Tea Room offers a basic menu of vegan and vegetarian offerings. Some items include five types of soup, pita sandwich and falafel sandwiches, curry and southwestern wraps, and one of the best organic salads in the valley, according to customers. Teriyaki tofu, tea cakes and cookies round out a variety of delightful items. On any given day, choose between 80-100 small batch, limited quantity teas produced on small tea farms. The owners pride themselves on knowing where their teas come from. 1800 W. Overland Road, 208-424-0273. $-$$ OM. SONO BANA—Boise’s oldest sushi joint can still hold its own against more stylish newcomers. Chef Yugi Hagino even offers ginger and adzuki bean ice cream. 303 N. Orchard St. $-$$ SU.

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WILLOWCREEK GRILL—Contemporary cuisine in a casual atmosphere and a fine place to dine with friends and family. The extensive menu features Northwest favorites such as salmon served up a little different in a fish and twigs option, (twigs are fries at Willowcreek). Choose from a selection of yummies like fried portobello sticks and a wide selection of burgers topped with treats like pastrami and Swiss. New to the mix is the addition of sushi in the sister establishment right next door at RAW Sushi. One kitchen serving something for everyone; it doesn’t get much better. 2273 S. Vista Ave., Ste. 150, 208-343-5544. $-$$ OM.

TANGO’S SUBS AND EMPANADAS—Empanadas: an exotic word that roughly translates to “to-die-for two-dollar treat.” At Tango’s you can get your empanadas traditional, fusion or sweet. 701 N. Orchard St., 208322-3090; delivery 1-866-996OM. 8624. $

BLUE SKY BAGELS—Hot Asiago bagels, plus a variety of other flavors ranging from plain to garlic to sunflower seed, plus soups, morning egg combos and lunchtime sandwiches—the real steal is the veggie sandwich stacked high with all the roughage you want (including avocado). 3161 E. Fairview Ave., Ste. 130, Meridian, 208-855SU . 9113. $



ROCKIES DINER—This old school diner blends in with the rest of Overland Road, but once inside, customers are greeted with perky waitresses on roller skates, classic rock emanating from the jukebox and guitars puncturing the ceiling—not to mention the massive Harley mounted above the checkerboard floor. The burgers are big and tasty; we recommend the jalapeno peppers. Even if you weren’t born before the ’50s, you’ll have flashbacks. A DJ booth to boot. 3900 Overland . Road, 208-336-2878. $ SU

STAN’S CHAR-BROILED HOT DOGS—New York hot dogs arrive fresh from the East Coast courtesy of Sahlen’s Smokehouse and are char-broiled to perfection by well-trained and friendly employees. Other menu selections include Italian, Polish or white hot Bockwurst sausages and quarter-pound or half-pound burgers. Add a deep-fried accompaniment such as Stan’s famous onion rings or fries. All the usual sides necessary for serving charbroiled meat are available in addition to a super-secret, coveted Bronco Sauce. The recipe for the sauce took years for Stan to pry out of the hands of a fellow hot dog purveyor. New York frozen custard in vanilla or chocolate is a delicious treat any time. 818 S. Vista Ave., 208-342-1199. $ SU.

FLATBREAD COMMUNITY OVEN’S LUNCH STEAL Flatbread Community Oven’s $8.95 lunch special isn’t for the non-committal. Not only does the lunch special—any two half-portion items off of the pizza, flatbread, salad or sandwich menus—pack so much grub that you’ll likely be snacking on it all day, it comes in its own obscenely large plastic to-go suitcase. If you think about the deal mathematically, with 19 personalsized wood-fired pizzas, six salads, four sandwiches, six woodfired flatbreads and one pasta to choose from, that equals 1,296 different lunchtime options. Let’s say one day you’ve got a hankering for hearty fare and feel like a personal-sized maple-fennel sausage pizza with caramelized onions and a pile of gooey mac and cheese. That’ll be $8.95. Or maybe you’re in more of a watching-the-waistline mood and have a craving for a veggie sandwich with artichoke pesto, portobello, asparagus, zucchini and goat cheese on rosemary-parmesan focaccia and a fresh tomato and mozzarella salad with housemade pesto and honey-balsamic vinaigrette. Still $8.95. Flatbread’s rad lunch deal is available Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. at all three area locations: Downtown Boise, southeast Boise at Bown Crossing and Meridian. Have a BW Card? You can pick up your new lunch roommate, suitcase and all, for 40 percent off. That’s only $5.37. —Tara Morgan


Boise Weekly Vol. 18 Issue 48  

Idaho's Only Alternative

Boise Weekly Vol. 18 Issue 48  

Idaho's Only Alternative