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ometimes you want to beat the heat with pure escapism. Sometimes you want use your brain, lest it turn to mush in the dog days. Your movie guide for the summer of 2010 is a list of parallel options for each weekend: something for the left brain (more verbal, more linear) and something for the right brain (more visual, more random).

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.//.%+./73!"/540%23)!.#!43 — The most intriguing title of the year. A docudrama about an indie rock band that has to rehearse and perform in secret ... because they live in Tehran, Iran. This is a must-see.

02).#%/&0%23)!4(%3!.$3/&4)-% — The next big Disney franchise. The folks at the mouse house want us to believe that this will become a series of ďŹ lms, i.e. Pirates of the Caribbean). Sure, just like The Golden Compass was.

4(%'//$(%!24 — This one is like Cheers, except nobody gives a crap what your name is. Lucas (Paul Dano), a young homeless man, is taken in by crusty bar owner Jacques (Brian Cox), who shows Lucas the ropes in hopes of turning the tavern over to him one day.

'%4()-4/4(%'2%%+ — The hilariously inappropriate Russell Brand teams up again with Jonah Hill (they co-starred in Forgetting Sarah Marshall) in this ďŹ lm about a poor guy (Hill) assigned to bring an out-of-control rock star (Brand) under control for a comeback concert. P. Diddy stars as a music mogul.

*5.% 7(%.4(%")''%342%,%!3%4()37%%+%.$)34(%! 4%!- ')6%)4!2%34 — Catherine Keener and Oliver Platt 4/934/29— Buzz, Woody and Pixar return in *5.% 0,%!3%')6% in this story of giving to make up for taking. Rollwhat is sure to be a summer blockbuster. ing Stone calls this one “Dazzling, uproarious, rare and remarkable.�

4/5#().'(/-% — The ďŹ lm adaptation of Either You’re In or You’re In the Way, the story of twin brothers’ dedication to the memory of their father who died homeless in a jail cell. Can you say Oscar?


%8)44(2/5'(4(%')&43(/0 — Touted as “The world’s ďŹ rst street art disaster movie.â€? A ďŹ lmmaker tries to make a documentary with grafďŹ ti artist Banksy as the subject but the camera’s lens turns on the ďŹ lmmaker.

This summer’s wild card: The Girl Who Played With Fire. It’s the sequel to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, which was a big hit internationally (including at The Flicks). The movie is expected to hit Idaho sometime in July.

'2/7.503 — You don’t need to know the plot, you need to know the cast: Sandler, Spade, Rock, Schneider. Leave your brain at home.

*5,9 $%#,!2%9/52).$%0%.$%.#%&2/-(/,,97//$2%!$!"//+ — Tilda Swinton in a tightly wound $%30)#!",%-% — Steve Carrell voices a loosely *5,9 )!-,/6% drama set in Milan, Italy. wound cartoon who plans to steal the moon. *5,9

/.$).% — Colin Ferrell plays an Irish ďŹ sherman


-)#-!#3 — A big hit at last year’s Toronto Film Festival, this is a funny little French story of redemption and revenge.

$)..%2&/23#(-5#+3 — A ďŹ lm about friendship,


4(%+)$3!2%!,,2)'(4 — Annette Bening, Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo star in this one about two kids conceived by artiďŹ cial insemination who drag bio dad into the picture.

4(%!$*534-%.4"52%!5 — Matt Damon and Emily

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who, yes, catches a young lass in his nets.

-)$!5'534,5.#( — This summer’s big food

4(%3/2#%2%2´3!002%.4)#% — Nicolas Cage stars in a live-action adaptation of the Disney cartoon. morality and seeing who can bring the biggest dork to dinner. It may be the hit comedy of the summer.

Blunt star in a chase thriller.

4(%/4(%2'593 — This summer’s big buddy movie,

movie. Do not go to this movie hungry.

starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. Do not go to this movie with an attitude.

#/#/)'/2 — Yet another movie about Coco Chanel, though this time it’s about her romance with Igor Stravinsky.

4(%%80%.$!",%3 — Stars Jason Statham, Jet Li and Sly Stallone. Because we should never go too long without blowing up lots of stuff. BOISEweekly | MAY 26 – JUNE 1, 2010 | 39

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Boise Weekly Vol. 18 Issue 48  

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