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boiMAG.com "Car Jacking"

It would be great if there was a solution for the increased number of carjackings that we hear about almost daily on the news. It is no longer just a city problem, it is happening in the suburbs, too. In many situations, the victim has not practiced some general safety rules, making them an easy target. Although there are no easy solutions to carjacking, through general safety practices, the number of victims can be reduced. Here are some tips that may help prevent a carjacking crime.

At a stoplight you might want to keep a good distance between you and the car in front of you. This allows you to maneuver your car in another direction if you need to get away. Getting too close to the car in front of you may allow someone to “box” you between cars creating an unsafe situation. Remember that carjackers often work together. If you are involved in a minor accident and more than one person gets out to check on the damages to the cars, do not leave your car. Call 911 and explain that you are concerned for your safety.

Sitting in your car and finishing emails or texts can make you an easy target, so consider spending minimal time sitting in your car, simply go into your destination. Having a phone at your ear means you are distracted. Criminals depend on distractions.

If you are at a gas station, do not leave your purse or wallet on the seat, open and your passenger door unlocked. Do not stand and text while your car is at the gas pump, remember that distractions create victims.

Leaving your car running, even if only for a second, is an opportunity for a crime. Even if you have your fob in hand, do not leave your car running and unattended.

You should pay attention to cars around you. If you think someone has been following you, drive directly to a police station. Do not get out to confront someone.

If you can park closer to a building entrance, please do.

Park your car away from obstacles that will block others view of you or provide a place for someone to hide and attack you.

If you have a lot of packages, don’t walk to your car with both hands full. Ask if you can leave your packages at the check-out counter or at customer service while you move your car near to the building and ask if someone will watch as you load your packages and enter your car. Many store managers are happy to help. They don’t want crimes in their parking lots.

If you do get approached, give up your packages, your keys or your car. None are worth your life.

In general, always be alert. Walk confidently and pay attention to people who are loitering. Use your intuition. If a situation feels wrong, it probably is.