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SUMMER TIME! Feel-good Look-good Swimwear

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LETTER Heather Marie TALKS this season’s unofficial uniform and her personal ode to Summer




y personal ode to Summer! I cannot imagine living somewhere where these warm, sun-kissed days do not last months. In the hot, steamy throes of this bare essential season, what’s most appealing to me is the under the sun fashion. Silky slips, masculine cut white linen shirts, traditional straw hats and of course the unofficial uniform - swimwear. How blessed we are to live in a time with so many swimsuit contours and versatile cuts to choose from - there is a style for anyone and everyone with a tailor-made fit to suit every woman’s beautiful and unique body. Summer inspired labels have traveled far and wide pushing so many boundaries introducing the world to the evolving potential of swim. One suit can take you on a journey to the breathtaking scenery of the Grecian Islands or the iconic sea stacks of colorful Capri or even harmonize beauty and good intentions protecting nature with sustainable silhouettes. Whether the mission is to make a woman feel her most beautiful self or to introduce the current covets to new color palettes, these days almost anything can be given an island vibe.

Editor In Chief: Heather Marie Combs Creative Director: Kaylon Hardman Sales/Advertising: Caroline Penland

Summer is calling and we’ve got you covered

We love and live for summer and we are thrilled to introduce you all to our first special edition Summer Issue. A concept close to our hearts as we await most of the year in anticipation for these few months. Bare skin sports the season glow, blooming colors become more vibrant, music on the speaker feels more alive and all you want to buy is swim, swim and more swimwear. You make plans with family and friends, pack your bags and embark to water front destinations to sip cold wine on sun filled terraces. Summer is calling and we’ve got you covered.

Xx, Heather Marie Combs Editor-In-Chief

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Cover Story Photographer: Emily Abay Cover model: Nonny Mullholland with Chadwick Models Pg. 2-3 Editorial Photographer: Manny Roman Pg. 4-5 Editorial Photographer: Katie Sudekova


heating up with


Temperatures are rising as swimwear’s feminine fashion maven - Amahlia Stevens - talks summer romance, life in the water and the future of sustainability. By Heather Marie Combs



hat began as a consulting firm developing brand concepts and apparel stories for top brands in the surf and outdoor industries like Hollister Co., Patagonia and Levi Strauss and Co., is now a leading pillar in the movement for sustainability. With the motto that “sustainability is sexy”, we sat down with need-to-know founder and designer of Vitamin A Amahlia Stevens - to dive into the waters of this eco-friendly label. Founded in 2000, Vitamin A is a combination of feminine design, made by women for women, with sustainable innovation. “Everything about Vitamin A is quintessentially Californian. Everything from our laid back attitude to our very sexy minimalist and pure design aesthetic to our commitment to sustainability,” shared Stevens. “We’re all about effortless, natural sexiness and that laid-back West Coast vibe that is in our DNA.” Inspired by 70s beach glam and the modern muses who collect her sustainable designs, Amahlia combines her passion for the ocean with revamped design and sustainable innovation to pioneer the perfect bikini: simple, clean, sophisticated and sexy. “The 70s California style,” she mused, “I have this special place in my heart for. I feel like I grew up always looking to that era. It is really free and natural and also sporty. The coloration and the palettes, the mix of brick tones and rusty earthy brights was always really attractive to me and still is. I am also drawn to that jet-set culture of southern Europe in the 70s. Photos of Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin and Kate Moss.” Growing up on the beaches of Southern California Laguna Beach, Santa Monica and Malibu - “I just remember living in a bikini,” laughed the swimwear savant, “My favorite past time is just being outdoors anywhere, but mostly swimming in the ocean.” Swimwear was a natural fit for this beachside beauty, but the journey was a slow start as her years consulting resulted in a resume reflecting mostly sportswear and outerwear experience. “I decided to start designing suits for myself due to my own experience of a void for women, like myself, who wanted her swimwear to reflect her general wardrobe aesthetic of ‘understated sexy’,” exposed the designer. Creating the coveted ‘California cut’, an elevated alternative to the commonly available ‘full coverage conservative’ cuts or the minimal coverage ‘Brazilian thong’, Stevens also pioneered the industry of sustainable swim, introducing a new “hybrid” construction to the industry which is now a standard: “The front panels are clean finished and the back panels utilize a cover stitch to hold things in place while diving through the California shore breaks.”

The first to elevate swimwear with neutral color palettes and chic day-to-night pieces, Amahlia just gets it, understanding a woman’s body making fit the most important element in her designs. A testament to her pure know-how, she is the originator of the ultra flattering Little Black Bikini. Foreseeing the future of fashion is sustainability, “It just feels right and natural to be a part of the solution and not the problem;” but it was not always smooth sailing in the journey to sustainability. “At first the challenges lied in just innovating this idea at all,” exposed Stevens. Three years and multiple mills later, Vitamin A finally perfected its sustainable EcoLux fabric. “The challenge then became coming up with something that was truly sustainable, but that also met the aesthetic requirements of my standards. Now that the industry is transforming in this area my latest challenge is to find beautiful cotton fabrics that are made from organic cotton.” Firm believers that style and substance can coexist, the leading brand in swimwear gives back a portion of proceeds directly to environmental organizations who help to protect our oceans. Now lets dive a little deeper! One summer got steamy as young Amahlia spent her sun-kissed days with a young Brad Pitt. Swoon! “I used to drive him to his auditions because he didn’t have a car yet,” laughed Stevens. Now the mother of twin girls to husband Julian, we were dying to uncover her go-to beachside basics: “Sustainability of course! Clean graphic silhouettes, high waist bottoms and sexy one pieces,” exposed Stevens. You will never catch this bikini boss in overly busy prints or suits embellished in bling. Spending summers in Norway and away from her home in South Laguna Beach, “I try to squeeze in a getaway on the gorgeous islands and coastal towns of Croatia, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Mexico is also a favorite as it’s so easy to get to and feels like a complete escape.” Her tip to styling the perfect swimsuit? “Wear what you love and what makes you feel comfortable. Give yourself a break. Don’t judge your flaws - celebrate your curves and if none of that works then get a spray tan to boost confidence while trying on suits!”







hadow PLAY


Photographer: Manny Roman Model: Camille Ringoir Stylist: Alexander Garcia MakeUp: Renee Garnes Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Hair: Ruben Colon Hair Products by R+Co


AMAIÒ An intimate affair where the effortless ease of a day by the water stems beyond the crystal clear coastline as Prêt-à-Porter meets swim, and we are powerless against the lure of elegantly made Amaiò collections. By Heather Marie Combs Strolling down the endless sandy beaches of the Tuscan Riviera. Sipping wine in the countryside courtyard. Sailing down the sun kissed silhouette of the Seine River. All comes to mind when we hear the alluring name Amaiò. Established out of a desire to create transitional swimwear that evokes a sense of elevated sophistication, beauty and fashion, the label brings luxury fashion to swimwear to reflect today’s modern, cosmopolitan woman who is multi-faceted, innovative, timeless and elegant. The journey began while swimwear savant, Samantha Khoury, was finishing her studies in Studio Fine Arts in Paris. At first hesitant to pursue a career in ready-to-wear fashion design, her lust for further exploration of this illusive industry would not have it. “I had always loved fashion and the true creativity that you see from the legacy couture houses is always something out of a fairy tale. I was introduced to swimwear through a good friend of mine back in Paris and something just stuck. I decided to move back to the states, specifically California, to scope out manufacturing,” exposed Samantha, “and by 2016, Amaiò was born.” Directly translated to “Mother-Water”, the label embodies its French/African namesake, a sentiment to Samantha’s influential connection to her Belgian stepmom. “When I started on my journey, we sat down together and began listing all of the words I wanted Amaiò to encompass. Words like: elegance, nature, femininity, and of course, (most symbolically) a connection to water. We fell upon two that truly stuck: ‘Amai’ meaning ‘Mother’ in Shona and ‘Iò’ meaning ‘Water’ in Gallois,” reminisced the designer.



A second generation Lebanese, Swedish and American, the swimwear pioneer remains thankful to be exposed to a multitude of different cultures, perspectives, languages and lifestyles. “My personal style I would say is very traditional with a heavier French influence. I prefer timeless silhouettes made out of luxurious fabrics and classic color palettes,” shared Samantha. “Fashion to me means art. It is another mode of expression and self-realization. It can help reconnect you to those deeper parts of your soul you may be afraid to let out into the public. It transports you and can transform you. Dress to your potential and your dreams, and watch yourself create the world you’ve always wanted.” “Once I was introduced to the industry, something clicked. I felt like I could combine these two sides of myself into one, harmoniously; one that has always loved the seas and that idyllic lifestyle and the other that is very cosmopolitan and artistic, in its own right. The realm of swimwear was a niche market where I was able to dive in, get my feet wet, and learn all the ins and outs of manufacturing, development, etc. while addressing a potential gap in the marketplace for more fashion forward swimwear,” revealed the creative director.


Each soft silhouette and elegant detail seen in the expertly crafted designs of Amaiò embodies delicate notes of 16th and 17th century art, as well as hints of impressionist art and the romantic era. Also drawing influence from ready-to-wear and haute couture brands like “Dior, of course, and more contemporary labels such as Sandra Mansour, Erdem, and Brock Collection, I try to design for the romantics and dreamers of the world. Although there is a very rational side to me, my creative and artistic side is very dreamlike,” expressed Samantha. “I could daydream all day about old English gardens covered in sun rays with jasmine and hydrangeas blooming everywhere. I want to create a collection that inspires women to dream of nature, beauty and elegance and transport and transcend them into that world, similarly to how many 19th century literature pieces did during the romantic era.” Enriched by a multi-cultural upbringing and a world traveler, the swim apparel designer recognizes the contrast in luxe design around the world. “All are incredibly different in design, but each are unique in their own right and each strikingly beautiful. It is fun to see luxury through one perspective and then to switch gears and view it from a completely different culture, language, interpretation and vision.” 27

Swimwear design has proven to be a natural fit for Samantha as she organically crafted a revolutionary category, embracing the next generation with Après Swim. “I wanted to create a line where swim and ready-to-wear complimented each other – where you could create an entire ‘Swim Couture’ look with every piece. It is why all of our ready-to-wear translates back to swim in order to create this full and complete ‘Nouveau Swim Couture’ outfit,” shared Samantha. And the secret to styling that perfect Après Swim piece? “Monochromatic palettes and neutrals,” advised the swimwear designer. “Throwing a midi skirt or high-waisted capri pant over a one piece or beautiful two piece top is some of the best pairing. Add a swim cardigan and you elevate your look instantly.” Telling an intimate story between textile and functionality, never compromising on craft and fit, each piece is designed to effortlessly transport you from beach, to city, to countryside. “I love pairing our ‘Nathalie Maillot’ in macro tweed back with our ‘Kamille’ dress in Marine. The blues and whites compliment each other perfectly. All you do is throw on the dress and you are ready for lunch in the country or by the water. Another favorite is wearing our ‘Opio’ top with the ‘Manet’ wrap skirt in our embroidered eyelet cotton. It’s elegant, elevated and yet very effortless. The fabric and cut for both pieces speak for themselves,” shared Samantha. With its wide array of equally statement making details, the luxe fashion house is set to launch a Cruise wear collection to accompany Spring / Summer 2020. “I am personally very excited for this collection because I feel the pieces truly pay homage to romanticism in a way I have been only dreaming of. I am so excited to share it all with you and I hope each piece transcends you into a world of mystique, elegance, beauty and wonder.” 28


MONDAY SWIMWEAR Known for its iconic feminine designs, immaculate fit, soft-to-touch feel and enduring quality, Monday Swimwear will have you starting your vacation early in confidence and coveted style. By Heather Marie Combs

Photographer: Emily Abay Make-up: Tobi Henney Hair: Reece Walker 30

It’s time to start cultivating your swimwear wardrobe and beyond colors and patterns, the new focus is swimsuit silhouettes, something the ladies at Monday Swimwear know all about. Founders Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman are known by many as “swimwear connoisseurs,” and we sat down with Aussie bombshell Natasha to talk body positivity, form-flattering cuts and the travels that inspired it all. With years spent on the coast line - Natasha from Sydney, Australia and Devin from Maui, Hawaii, “We spent a lot of time on the beach and in the water so the association was just natural. We want to make women feel sexy and confident in our swimwear. We pride ourselves on being inclusive of body types and aim to build a brand with women in mind,” exposed Natasha. There are high-waist bottoms and high-cut pieces, bra tops and minimal fits, and the swimwear savants are drawn to their travels and the amazing women they met when designing each collection. “We love traveling to Italy, it is definitely our top travel destination. Our ‘Terracotta’ this season is inspired by Greece, our ‘Lavender’ by France, and our ‘Amur Leopard’ by Russia. The silhouettes we design are inspired by women, what will flatter them, what the women that we love ask for, and what we love and feel good in ourselves,” mused the swim designer. With the idea to design a swimsuit that makes you feel like you, the seaside duo advocates body positivity acting as inspiration to women across the world ensuring their designs will compliment and flatter the female form. To feel confident, beautiful, comfortable, whether in the pool, on the sand or anywhere else under the sun. “We love how strongly


our body positivity message comes across because we genuinely do see every woman as beautiful in their own way, and admire inner beauty even more! As cliché as it sounds, we feel the best when we are on the beach wearing Monday Swimwear. Life’s too short to obsess over imperfections. After all, everyone has them. Nothing compares to feeling truly at ease and being able to just enjoy your surroundings. We try to practice some form of self love and care everyday.” “Since Monday Swimwear doesn’t follow trends, but rather iconic classic pieces, it’s definitely swim and beachwear that you can wear all around the world,” noted the Aussie designer. “At the moment, ‘The Balconette’ style and underwire tops have really taken off. Therefore we are more obsessed with our ‘Clovelly’ and ‘Maui’ tops than ever. We are also loving high cut legs and high waisted bottoms,” shared Natasha on their go-to apparel pieces. “Always go for suits that flatter your body and make you feel comfortable and confident.” The coveted summer fashion house has now grown into a multi-national brand, launching multiple collections a year, collaborating with amazing talent and catering to more cup sizes and body types. “We’re really excited for our Summer launch,” smiled Natasha, “It’s already been doing so amazing and we can’t wait to show you what else we have in store this summer. As Monday Swimwear continues to grow, we feel so blessed and excited to be able to share our journey with you all!”




SIREN Photographer: Daria Gladkova Model: Ariadna Gutierrez Make-up: Norma Jane Stylist: Maria Von Sothen 38



Ciao, Bella!


Photographer: Pierangelo Bronzi


From Hollister model to influencer, for Valentina Marzullo, following her passion meant leaving behind the Roman scenes of Italy to experience the world behind the handheld screen By Errin Taylor Maye

“I always followed my dreams and my passions. I saw the future in social media, I believed in it,” chimed Marzullo on how today’s handheld media contributes to her own work. For twenty-nine-year-old Italian influencer and traveler, life on social media is perfectly timed and curated, but for Marzullo, she is conscious of its teachings. One note she makes, lines must be drawn when it comes to life on and outside the handheld screen. “It is very hard because sometimes you feel like your life is all on social media. I just take care of my personal things and I am trying my best to not share all my private life. I find that we should never exceed that subtle threshold between public and private life.” On the other hand, “There are many positive aspects,” exposed the influencer, “like the negative ones. The beauty is definitely the novelty, getting to know so many good people and having the chance to give part of your creativity to brands that believe in you. Invest and marry your image on social media.” Looking at the world through different lenses, Marzullo plays to those advantages, merging travel and fashion into a tangible portfolio. Almost ten years ago, Rome native Marzullo took her fashion and costume studies to the world wide web, launching The Chic Attitude. “It all started with a passion and when I realized that it was becoming a job – and therefore something serious – I decided to move to Milan.” Upon settling in one of the major fashion capitals in the world, Marzullo knew the opportunity presented a chance to showcase her effortless chic style.


Fashion is what calls her identity. “It is how I want the world to look at me.” This comes as a sign of growth for the influencer, from once-upon-a-time working as a model and shop assistant at Hollister & Co. Deemed as her job, and for many like her, creating her blog was just the start of something new. From Paris to Milan to New York, style differentiates person to person, but to Marzullo the scale is expansive. “The difference is immense! Every time I go to Los Angeles or New York, I literally fall in love with their way of dressing, beyond the type of clothing, it’s completely different from the European one. I love the mood of Los Angeles. Then there’s the influential beauty of Dubai. They have a strong self-confidence and a unique way of dressing.” The major takeaway for Marzullo in global styling among all cities, neutrality. “Definitely neutral colors that match my skin perfectly.” One influential location: Paris. “Paris is a great source of inspiration for me! It is one of the cities that I appreciate most for the class and style that sets it apart, it is so chic.” Scrolling through Marzullo’s Instagram and site, followers are more than likely coveting this stylish traveler in none other than her go-to uniform – denim, tee, oversized blazer. A true staple among the social elite. “The perfect piece could be a white linen shirt with a masculine cut, perfect as a cover-up for a day at the beach and precious if enriched with statement accessories for a lunch by the sea. One piece swimwear are definitely my fav, so feminine.” Duly noted!






“It is how I want the world to look at me”


WINONA AUSTRALIA This season’s best accessory is anything WINONA, and at the heart of this Aussie label is the ultimate WINONA girl. By Heather Marie Combs



quintessential Aussie girl raised in the coastal town of Kingscliff, Australia, Alyssa spent her childhood between the holiday house feels of the beach and the rose gardened murals of the countryside. “Even though I now reside in Australia’s biggest city, I am only minutes away from the beach as I can’t go too long without breathing in some fresh, salty ocean breeze,” she beams, all of which is evident in her golden locks and sun kissed skin. A longtime hand in the fashion industry, Alyssa views her career as a way of life, the essence of who she is. “I saw a gap in the market and backed myself on the faith that there was a place for my vision to be brought to life. I felt that it was important to design with integrity. I wanted to create a brand that was accessible to everyone yet has the look and feel of a luxury International brand,” revealed the female designer. “I am proud to be part of the Lady start-up movement taking place, and especially proud seeing this happen in formerly male dominated industries.”

as much more than a beautiful dress. “WINONA embodies different elements of my creative vision, all of which are intended to stimulate a multifaceted sensory experience,” exposed Alyssa. Inspired by anything and everything, the girl boss is drawn to virtual time travel and is always creatively inspired by vintage treasure hunts. “My vision board looks like an artistic version of a mad mathematician’s impossible equation,” laughed Alyssa. “Like many art forms, I see fashion as a mode of storytelling and behind each design is a memory and tale of its own.” Always advocating the authenticity of one’s own style, the tastemaker advises everyone to “be-you-tiful! You can’t go wrong with style, you are limited only by your imagination. The rule of fashion is that there are no rules.” Powerless to the allure of versatility and the ability to adapt certain apparel pieces and sets according to your day to day mood, Alyssa’s go-to fashion movement is the mix-andmatch approach allowing you multiple options from singular pieces; “and that’s what style should be,” shared the designer, “a functional, fluid process that you can vary to suit your needs.”

Celebrating femininity and the strong modern day woman, founder Alyssa Lani Winona Mobbs talks how to acquire that coveted laid-back Aussie chic, that strikes the perfect balance between undone beach hair and effortless glam.

At the early age of sixteen, the creative director began crafting her own clothes to satisfy her creative cravings due to the lack of innovative apparel on offer within a teenager’s budget, in a saturated market of carbon copy chain store offerings. “It was a definitive moment that essentially planted the seed and has continued blossoming into what has now become WINONA,” noted Alyssa. “The foundation of the brand is built around the WINONA girl. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and her quick wit will have you in laughter, whether it is at her own expense or at the musings of life. She inspires you to be the best version of yourself and reminds you that that version is exquisitely unique.” An infectious smile, a thought provoking and inspiring beauty with an abundant heart and a positive outlook on life - this label symbolizes the WINONA girl style 56

Like most of us summer loving and sun kissed enthusiasts, Alyssa is not alone on her quest for the eternal summer. So we inquired the coast line elitist for her go-to destination to bask in the summer rays. “Depending on which hemisphere is in the height of summer is where I’m in my absolute element. Specific spots that trigger dreamy summer memories are: Croatia, which is so very close to my heart, Palm Springs for its earthy desert vibes and of course beachside in Australia which is where I feel truly grounded and connected to a sense of home,” she exclaimed with exuberant passion that inspires you to immediately set out and discover your own inner WINONA girl.






Swimsuit: MYRASWIM





Photographer: Manny Roman Model: Dani Evans with Women360 Management Swimsuit: MYRASWIM Location: O:LV FIFTY FIVE Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico 63

Black Bikini Bottom: MYRASWIM 64

Swimsuit: HAIGHT 65

Once upon a Time Photographer: Katie Sudekova Model: Anni Barros Styling: Remy Bernhardt Make Up: Nata Mirkina Hat: Avenue the label White Top: All That Remains Yellow Dress: Sabia Designs 67



ISLAND Photographer: Emily Abay All Swim: Monday Swimwear Model: Tess Jantscheck with Wilhelmina Models


Model: Lauren Searle with Vision Models

Model: Tess Jantscheck with Wilhelmina Models 76

Model:Â Nonny Mullholland with Chadwick Models


Models: Tess Jantscheck with Wilhelmina Models Nonny Mullholland with Chadwick Models Lauren Searle with Vision Models McKenna Kerley with Wilhelmina Models

Control, ALT Australian luxury swimwear label, ALT Swim, takes the Gold Coast global By Errin Taylor Maye


or the past ten years, Alexandra Gordon has been designing whatever her heart desired. That desire: “booty” personalization. “It was in 2017 when the craze of personalization and ‘booty’ development trend was in its prime.” Gordon’s mention of this prime moment is the designer pinpointing Kardashian-influenced bodycon mini dresses and streetwear. “I was scrolling the internet and had a light bulb moment – why not combine the two! Personalization on your booty! I believe the best businesses have roots in areas you are passionate about and growing up in Australia on the beautiful beaches of the Gold Coast, swimwear has always held a large place in my wardrobe. I did some research and couldn’t find competition in the [swimwear] market with this emphasis, so that’s when ALT was established.”

the world are becoming more aligned. Since the beginning of this year, [ALT Swim] has shifted focus from personalization to more original designs and styles. I have spent the majority of my life in swimwear,” shared Gordon. “I’ve always been passionate about fashion – like most girls I know – often dreamt of owning my own brand. Launching into swimwear was an obvious choice for me and we hope to continue to grow the brand on an international scale and keep producing showstopper suits that everybody loves.”

ALT swim is all about making women feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin.

With more than 50,000 Instagram followers, ALT Swim has established itself as the one-stop shop for influencers and the everyday woman. Unapologetically displaying barely-there pieces, bronzed curves and carefree cheeky models, the label exudes confidence. With plenty to choose from - peach, orange, black and red laser-cut, peek-a-boo bandeaus and string bikinis - the Gold Coast is definitely on the radar. Differentiating from swimwear based brands in Europe and the United States, and with the brand’s focus on personalization, being different is not such a bad thing. “With the centralization of social media and proliferation of online shopping, swim styles around


Raised on the beaches of Gold Coast, Australia – deemed by Gordon as the bikini capital of the world – the swim connoisseur is also an avid surfer. With a low-key, coastal upbringing, the woman knows first-hand the importance of minimalist pieces. Stitching the brand’s philosophy and mission into its signature style, the collection is all about the woman in the suit. “Alt swim is all about making women feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. All of our designs are minimalist, cheeky and designed to make you feel your best, whether you are strutting your stuff at the beach or lounging by the pool. I like to create designs that are simple yet unique and highlight the beauty of the human body.” Inspired by the very bona fide supermodel goddesses of the 90s – Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and Yasmeen Ghauri – Gordon’s brand and personal muses stretch across several cultures and decades. Taking on cues from 80s and 90s Italian Vogue, Gordon is prepared to reinvent this era.



Keeping her eye on the prize – securing trust within the clientele – Gordon keeps focus on the task at hand, standing out in the crowd and leaving a mark wherever you go with whatever you do. “The fashion industry is super competitive with new brands popping up daily. You really need to find your niche in the market and figure out how you are going to stand out.” With more and more brands opting for more sustainable processing, ALT Swim’s minimalist designs promise to become the staple in every woman’s closet – on the beach or layered in the streets. It was a quote by leading luxury designer Alexander Wang that has been engraved in Gordon’s memory, “Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing;” swiftly becoming the brand’s personal action statement.


“I strongly believe in only designing things you would personally wear. If you don’t truly believe in something, then your pieces will lack true passion and this will ultimately reflect in your collection.” In fashion there are no rules, no right or wrong. For Gordon and many female designers today, the ultimate way of expressing yourself is without having to say a word. Gordon’s mantra for summer 2019: “Don’t be afraid to show some skin. Cheeky styles are more flattering than those with full coverage.” And like any female entrepreneur today, Gordon is doing her best to empower every woman – locally, nationally and globally. Taking on the everyday challenges of being her own boss, she strives to put out her creativity one day – and piece – at a time. “Give every day the chance to become the best day of your life.” 85


atalia Georgala is a normal twenty-eight-year-old. She cannot live without chocolate, her dog Pablo (the second man in her life) or her vintage Levi’s 501. Not quite able to apply eyeliner correctly (what woman can), she dances anywhere and everywhere, and opts for Netflix binging over social gatherings. As a global digital creator, Georgala’s ventures abroad have collectively become the sole inspiration behind her latest content creation. “I am constantly looking for new ways to express my creativity and also monetize my online audience. In fact, I am currently working on a personal design project hopefully launching this summer.”



INFLUENCE In due part to Grecian Island living and a New York State of mind, influencer and traveler Natalia Georgala’s stateside and Euro-centric influence has traveled far and wide By: Errin Taylor Maye

After years of living abroad – in both London and New York City – Natalia has since settled back in her hometown of Athens, Greece. Growing up in Greece, the creative over the years experienced a magnetic pull that inspired the creator to take on bigger and better plans – thanks to Gossip Girl she happily admitted. “My dream was to move to New York (that was the Gossip Girl effect back then), and I finally did it in 2012. I attended Parsons, while also interning at a modeling agency.” Though Georgala has settled back in Greece, her New York state of mind continues to be in full effect. “I miss living in New York so much sometimes, you know. I miss that unique feeling of freedom, the feeling of getting lost in that ‘concrete jungle’.” That same sense of freedom came in the form of designing a brand and life of her very own. America’s epitome of a “free world” is limitless. A melting pot of cultures exemplifying the very need for one to freely express oneself without any judgement, “the unbeatable ‘cool vibe’ that brings the best out of you,” chimed Natalia. Stating the obvious, today’s digital space has provided a sense of community. For many digital creators and influencers, like Georgala, followers become family. “There’s always someone to lift you up, to put a smile on your face. It is great to feel a connection with people you’ve never really met, people from all around the globe who look up to you, care for you and want you to be happy. It’s such a strange and wonderful feeling!” With more than 150,000 members of Natalia’s community, having a social media personality feeds into the professional and the everyday. “What I show out there is my creative side. Instagram is my profession and I ought to act professionally towards it. It’s so funny because in reality I’m such a private person, especially when it comes to my personal life. My boyfriend, family and friends are so sacred to me and I don’t feel like exposing them to 150K unknown people on a daily basis. I want people to follow me because they like my imagery, my sense of style and resonate with me and my overall vibe.” One crucial aspect of Natalia’s avid and curated sharing is her fashion. “I’d always wanted to pursue a career in fashion – in fact I had never thought of doing anything else in life.” From the days of playing dress-up with her mother’s wardrobe to getting her own hands on Coco Chanel, blogging became a new outlet to push Georgala’s creativity to the ninth degree. “Blogging came into my life unexpectedly, as it started as a hobby while I was still studying Fashion Business, but then all of a sudden it turned into a full-time profession.




I didn’t really plan it and to be honest I didn’t realize where my passion of sharing outfits online would lead me. I knew I loved what I was doing. I loved the effect it had on people, the fact that I was building a mini community and so on, but becoming a social media figure was definitely not part of my plan.” Plan or not, Natalia has style. As a social global-trotter, Natalia seeks the Danish as an incredible source of inspiration for minimalist fashion and beauty. “Copenhagen, the Danish people have a really strong sense of personal style and general aesthetics.” A true minimalist, with a focus on clean lines and oversize proportions – much like every 90s teenage girl – Natalia admits a dire love for a floral mini dress and cat-eye sunglasses. For what it is worth,


this influencer understands one-hundred percent that fashion is much more than clothes. “Fashion is an art form, it is a way of life. I mostly see fashion as a universal language, uniting people from around the globe, people from different political and economical backgrounds. It is how we all choose to express ourselves from a very young age and continue to do so at every stage of our lives.” One known fact Natalia voices and ensures anyone and everyone will catch her in: “I always love me a good one-piece – especially in retro-inspired prints and shapes.” Noted!


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LEAD TO LONDON London meets island living with the latest Heidi Klein resort and swimwear collection By Errin Taylor Maye



Inspired by an indulgent holiday trip to the Maldives, Amalfi Coast, Portofino and Positano, creative director Heidi Gosman wanted to incorporate that inspiration into beachwear for the London traveler. “One winter all the stores in London were stocked with boots and winter coats. I couldn’t find beachwear anywhere. This is what inspired my business partner, Penny and I to create Heidi Klein, a place where swim and resort wear can be purchased all year round.” With the majority of clientele ranging from busy mother to international jet-setter, Gosman narrowed focus on fit, comfort, never-before-seen silhouettes and bespoke hand-painted prints. Launched in 2002, Heidi Klein is the senior class of luxury design and continues to breathe new life into the popular jet-set-luxe style and classic beachwear. Ranging from minimalistic to full patterns, the resort collection hosts fully reversible styles from navy and white gingham to solid pinks and reds. Sourced from

Italian fabric, each piece is hand-blended to provide both comfort and support for all. The latest fabric to be included into the line, one-hundred percent silk, was inspired by an affluent stateside marina. Luxurious resort wear in every aspect, the collection seeks to take on new feminine features, styles and patterns for the 2019 season. Body positive, Heidi Klein showcases pieces for every size ranging from extralarge plus to G-cup. Sculpting the most flattering looks for every woman, this season Heidi Klein will be releasing hues in soft pastels, mirroring the warm coastal waters of the Azores and Amoudi Bay. Exploring the story of Quincy Bay – the historic marina of Boston, Massachusetts – Gosman intertwined silk to capture the opulence of hand-painted pieces, including feminine florals. High Summer 2019, or HS19, embodies Quincy Bay with fashion-forward contrasting colors, flirtatious frilled edges and relaxed drapes perfect for coastal strolls. 95

Displaying those same drapes and fits, introducing the ‘Salina’ – one-hundred percent silk ready-to-wear – in bespoke navy reflects the harmonious Aeolian Islands. Featuring elegance throughout every piece, the Salina story explores embroidered swimwear and a new-style square neckline inspired by an old swimwear story, ‘Carlisle Bay’. Reimagining the take on pastel pink, Heidi Klein takes clients around the globe from the mountainous Italian republic of San Marino to the coastal bay of Mombasa to the Mediterranean island of Malta. Choosing between classic rope ties and luxe silver and gold hardware, Heidi Klein HS19, fuses fitted silhouettes and deep ruffles against a crisp white embroidery contrasting with subtle patterns, snake print with a burst of teal and reversible styles, renovating the standard halter maxi dress and tie waist shirt. This collection ultimately challenges the take on traditional print and styles with Gosman’s own eye and inspiration, redesigning the tried-and-true beach attire.



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Photographer: Emma Isabella Holley Make Up: Jenna Nicole Stylist: Giuliana Crescentini Model: Ashley Moore 98



Romantic ruffles, minimalist swim lines, and now, luxury sustainability. Redefining what swimwear means to millennial women, meet Peony, an Aussie label with covetable silhouettes and an international reputation. By Heather Marie Combs Rebecca Morton, swim aficionado and motif maven, founded Aussie label, Peony, in 2012 with conscious creation and fashionably elegant sustainability at the heart of their ethos. “Each collection is based upon sustainable Italian fabrications, exclusive textile prints, textural design detailing and unique yet form-fitting swim silhouettes,” the essence of its inherently feminine charm. “A sense of timelessness exists within each collection, allowing pieces to become treasured mementoes of summers gone by,” expressed the creative director.


A long time passion for creativity and design, Morton would sketch garments on notepapers and napkins, especially drawn to the sun kissed silhouettes of swimwear. Fitting for the Aussie native, she labeled her fashion house after her favorite flower which blooms as the mark to Summer’s start. Away from the rest of the world, so to speak, Australia is viewed as the exclusive and exotic destination with a rugged and natural beauty; “so it only makes sense Australians should create swimwear to match the land’s natural beauty and climate,” shared the swimwear connoisseur, “with a sense of fun and frivolity - probably the result of being immersed in a culture which embraces and celebrates it so wholeheartedly. The duration of wear goes far beyond the summer season and the realm of wear goes far beyond swimming. For Australians, swimwear is not viewed in its purely functional sense – it’s a core part of our wardrobes – so we approach swimwear in a very comprehensive way.” Looking to the past for inspiration and to the future for innovation in design, “inspiration can come from anywhere – forgotten beach towels, swimsuits of yesteryear and embroidered-anythings,” exposed Morton. “I always find inspiration in the relaxed Australian coastal way of life. Whether that be the rugged Australian coast, the smell of coconut oil on skin or the prospect of a languid, summer afternoon spent with those I love most. It’s all of the little moments of summer which inspire me to create something tangible that embodies the intangible.” 105

Stemming from the teams genuine love for the environment, Peony underwent a conscious shift in development. “Our team is incredibly passionate and dedicated to sustainability. We work with an Italian-made sustainable and recyclable fabrication made from plastic ocean and industrial waste; and from July 2019 all of our styles will have completely sustainably-made, recyclable lining,” advocated the designer. Taking swim apparel to the next level, Peony crafted their art of swim to suit all body types. “All sizes are sold separately and are designed to mix and match. We factor adjustability into all designs where possible. For example, multi-option back closures on all barrettes, adjustable ties wherever possible, removable cups and removable boosters. I always love visibly tactile fabrications and how texture can add depth to a swimsuit,” shared Morton. Meeting you by the water in effortless feminine style, Morton’s go-to vacation destination is Wategos in Byron Bay and Little Cove in Noosa. “Growing up, my family holidayed here regularly and I have so many memories of my three sisters and I running from beach to pool endlessly during summer holiday,” smiled the apparel designer.



TWAVE ribal

Photographer: Olga Miljko  Model: Thais Martins Wardrobe Stylist: Anna Ruiz Make Up & Hair: Julia Brig Assistant: Valeria Scarponi Swimsuit: Solid & Striped, Saks Fifth Avenue Brickell Cover up: Camilla, Saks Fifth Avenue Brickell Jewelry: Vivian Guenoun

Top: Amur, Saks Fifth Avenue Brickell Necklace: Vivian Guenoun Earrings: : DosAcuardado, Antigua Collection Swimsuit: Ley Swimwear


Swimsuit & Turban: Cia.Maritima Earrings: Vivian Guenoun Rings: Juliana Estrada Swimsuit: Zimmerman, Saks Fifth Avenue Brickell Earrings: Vivian Guenoun Headband: Antigua Collection 112


Top: Amur, Saks Fifth Avenue Brickell Necklace: Vivian Guenoun Earrings: : DosAcuardado, Antigua Collection Swimsuit: Ley Swimwear


Swimsuit: Solid & Striped Saks Fifth Avenue Brickell Cover up: Camilla Saks Fifth Avenue Brickell Jewelry: Vivian Guenoun




80s born and strong, today’s leading swimwear trade show exposes future trends, up and coming labels and leading swim savants from over sixty global countries. Executive Director and Miami local - Judy Stein - talks iconic Swim Show. By Hannah Walker

Leading lady of the largest trade show in coastal wear, need-to-know Executive Director Judy Stein had a natural draw to trade show production, but her niche: swimwear. “I was the Advertising/PR Director at the Merchandise Mart and worked closely with the association, actually more so than any other association as they didn’t have an Executive Director,” revealed Stein. “They needed guidance and direction and I was happy to provide that for them. It was incredibly challenging, but very rewarding as they trusted me implicitly and allowed me to handle matters as I saw fit. The association finally realized that they needed an Executive Director and asked me to fill that position. To date, I am the only Executive Director they have had; I guess you could say I am the ‘OG of SwimShow’.” Proven success in her role, the invaluable Stein is deserving of the outer and inner rewards of a job well done. “There is no greater joy than providing the platform for a brand to launch as an emerging designer and watch the line grow, become successful and evolve year after year.” More than a job, Stein is dedicated to Swim Show, bringing her passion to life and fueling her love for the industry. “We work on Swim Show for an entire year, the moment the trade show closes we are already in the planning stages for the next year’s edition. Swimwear, Beachwear and Resort-wear are all obsessions of mine, I live and breathe this industry 24/7,” mused the trade show pioneer.


As the sun kisses the coast and Summer settles in to stay, we ask Stein for some insider secrets to this season’s go-to swim: “Digitally inspired, sensitive, sensual, wearable generated patterns; vintage inspired suits and cut outs are just some of the trends you will be seeing; but the most important underlying factor in swimwear is eco-friendly swimwear taking into account how swimwear as an industry can continue to give back and protect the environment and provide a cleaner footprint.” Taking sustainability seriously, Swim Show intends to put forth an extra effort to utilize the industry in the preservation of our oceans, strengthening its eco-friendly ethos and encouraging that great summer style does not have to come at the expense of our environment. “This year Nu Wave Swim, a division of Swim Show, will transform the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, just steps from the convention centre, into the epicenter of Miami Swim Week,” revealed Stein. “It is a new experience and elevated resource for all swimwear categories featuring various runway shows, presentations and a coveted press lounge with a commitment to sustainability and ocean preservation.” The trade show may only be open to the trade, but the business to business that is conducted here is the first step to your coveted pieces gracing the racks of your favorite retail shops. From Paris to America, to Australia to Milan, this trade show brings our summer essentials to our eager fingertips! 117



Golden Goddess Photographer: Daria Gladkova Model: Uliana Domanova



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