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TRENDING OUT our leaders has been assigned a business leadership coach. We have regularly scheduled meetings to improve our personal and business leadership and decision making skills. Last, our financial staff just is now using some economic and pipeline software to help us estimate revenues. For an interior construction and fixture install company, it’s easy to estimate revenues for the next 60 or 90 days, but after that, it is difficult. We don’t get awards from restaurants, hotels or retail much past 90 days. This tool will help. Isy Cabrera, Focus Brands: As we get closer to the end of the year, my to-do includes finishing our 20 remodels by January 31. We also have 10 new construction stores going on right now, so it's a little busy. Sean Holmes, H2 Hospitality: Currently, we’re in the process of disposing of an asset we own in New Hope, Pennsylvania. We expect to do so by the end of the year. We want to exchange the proceeds of that disposal in 2019, into another asset somewhere in either North Jersey or Manhattan. Also, we’re currently closing on a deal with a church in midtown Manhattan where we will demolish the existing structure, build back a church and expand a hotel over it. It’s an interesting project that hopefully will close by the end of the year. We also have two other mixed-use residential/retail projects that we’re working on in transit oriented hubs in North Jersey. We hope to execute a couple more development deals thru 2019.

savings between the time management and finding a substrate that can really work for the things we’re looking for. We also continue to interview new GCs. Our company is really gearing up for the Taco Bell and the Panera remodels. We’re excited to be looking to see what our 2019 dashboard will look like. Mark Stocker, ConstructionJobs Network: ConstructionJobs Network is a boutique recruiting firm with a focus on finding and placing project managers, superintendents, and estimators with general contractors and developers. As a division of SANINC, ConstructionJobs Network brings over 27 years’ experience in finding and placing top talent. For the past three years, ConstructionJobs Network has been part of Sanford Rose and Associates, the 10th largest recruiting firm in the country (according to Executive Search Review). Along with our decision to join SRA, we have invested and laid the foundation for a national expansion beginning with Chicago. In 2018, ConstructionJobs Network launched the Atlanta, Philadelphia and Miami markets. Over the next 12 months, we will launch markets in Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco and Los Angeles, which will effectively lay the groundwork for national reach.

We’re currently closing on a deal with a church in midtown Manhattan where we will demolish the existing structure, build back a church and expand a hotel over it. It’s an interesting project.

Bibi Sukey, Brookfield: From a developer’s point of view, we have a much larger gamut of coverage to consider. We’re always looking for contractors who can do building shell work. So accuracy is important on the team. We’re lacking in our asset record, so I want to get somebody on board to help survey the space better and profile our building shell.

Rodney Worley, ACT: We are trying to find skilled workers in woodworking, machinist and auto CAD-types. That’s at the top of my list. We’ve actually had to turn down work because we don’t have enough skilled laborers. Coupled with that, we’re develKevin Bales, L2M Architects: Our to-do oping new relationships in Southeast Asia, list and priorities include focusing on Vietnam, Indonesia, places like that. We just improving our teams’ efficiency and focus don't know where the issues with importing related to the client’s needs, as well as from China are heading right now. the program’s requirements. This includes We’re always looking to expand our our move more into building information customer base. We’re seeing that the big modeling (BIM), specifically Revit, which rollouts aren’t happening as much anymore, we’re applying to our client’s renovation – Sean Holmes, H2 Hospitality so we’re doing more smaller projects. This is and our expansion programs. Quality helping to diversify our customer base. control remains one of our core areas of As the owner of ACT, I am trying to bring in somebody to help emphasis and is being implemented internally through a rigorous take some of the load off. We’ve outgrown what our people in our QA/QC program. Having invested in a BIM manager and training business can do right now and we need somebody from the outside for staff, we are optimistic that we’ll have our entire team utilizing to help teach us to grow. Revit early 2019 which has been a pretty healthy endeavor all by itself. Finally, the continued expansion of business is important, and David Shotwell, Flynn Restaurant Group: We have over 800 we are engaged in identifying qualified candidates to increase our stores, so we want to keep growing. We’re always looking for a cost staff / capabilities for all three offices.



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