CCR Issue 9

Page 66

County—one of the most expensive housing markets in the nation—to low-income families and seniors.

Fetters Apartments

The first phase in the development, Fetters Apartments, consists of 60 units offered with one to three bedrooms spread across five buildings. An additional community building features amenities such as a communal kitchen, computer lab, laundry room, and a classroom for after school programs. A shared garden further bonds residents, as does a school playground, while a public bike and pedestrian trail encourages outdoor activities.


Fetters sits on property that was once part of an historic public warm spring, nearby the Sonoma Mission Hotel. It sits on a geothermal line that dots communities up the Sonoma Valley. Previously recognized as the Fetters Warm Spring, this swimming hole acted as a large gathering spot for the community. Nearby, the natural geography and biology of extensive vineyards in Sonoma Valley served as the inspiration for the exterior design of the complex.

Celestina Garden Apartments The second phase of the housing development, Celestina Garden Apartments, provides 40 affordable units for low-in-


come seniors, with eight units reserved for homeless seniors and seniors displaced by the 2017 Sonoma County wildfires. The apartments push the agenda forward within the multi-housing industry by providing large units that are attainable for seniors at an affordable rate with connections to nature through outdoor amenities, common spaces, and a shared garden. The shared gardens give residents autonomy and a familiar sense of home that alleviate some of the challenges with moving into an apartment building. When designing the apartments, MBH made sure that all the elements are completely walkable and provided simple solutions for daily activities.