CCR Issue 9

Page 49

Open 24/7 When you contact us anytime, we have a Chain Store representative (never an answering service) available to expedite your service request.

Day + Night Trades The CSM team is available to provide H.E.L.P. (Handyman, Electrical, Locksmith, Plumbing) Trades for standard or EMERGENCY facilities calls spanning the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico, and Guam.

Experienced Contractors A key component of qualifying our contractors are experience in their trade and experience working in an active, operational environment.

Services: • Handyman • Backflow • Pest Control

• Electrical • Locksmith • Plumbing • Pest Control • Restaurant • Special Projects • Backflow Prevention • Fire Extinguisher Program

Contact us anytime, we have customized our systems to accommodate your emergency and standard facilities needs.


Live Customer Service Reps 24/7/365 800-888-1675