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A visionary beacon

The Momentary’s 70-foot tower serves as a beacon in the picturesque complex, inviting visitors to check out the space. The building is the first to use Bendheim’s glass rainscreen system as a projection surface. The custom-imprinted glass screen features the company’s new LumiFrit™ surface #1 fritted glass. The 6,000 square foot cladding is used as a scrim around a new concrete stair and elevator tower. Patented clip attachments allow each glass panel to be installed and replaced independently to facilitate maintenance and accelerate installation. “This unique quality pushed the owner and us in the direction,” project architect Calli Verkamp says. The glass was installed by Advantage Glass of Tulsa. The front surface of Bendheim’s LumiFrit glass is optimal for reflecting light and can be customized in a wide range of decorative patterns. At night, the white frit pattern bounces front-projected light to create a sharp image. On the back of the glass, the company’s SatinTech® etched finish acts as a dispersion filter for LED back-lighting, turning the façade into a beacon of light. The architects say the façade is designed to “activate the public space.” A façade that doubles as a digital art canvas is particularly valuable in today’s architectural environment, as outdoor venues are becoming a necessity to promote culture in a safer and healthier environment. For The Momentary opening, the vertical dance troupe BANDALOOP staged a breathtaking performance on top of the glass. “This



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