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ADVISORY BOARD Isyol Cabrera - Edible Arrangements

Jason Miller - JCPenney Company

Mike Clancy - FMI

Jeff Montang - JLM Retail

Randy Danielson - Shakopee

Steven R. Olson, AIA - CESO, Inc.

Jason Kraus - Kohl’s

Seritage Growth Properties

Jeffrey D. Mahler, AIA - L2M, Inc.

Brad Sanders - CBRE | Skye Group

Mdewankaton Sioux Community

Charles Ross -





Andy Bohon legislative@retailcontractors.org

David Martin memberbenefits@retailcontractors.org


Hunter Weekes membership@retailcontractors.org


Jay Dorsey recruitment@retailcontractors.org

Eric Berg safety@retailcontractors.org Mike McBride Justin Elder scholarship@retailcontractors.org


Phil Eckinger sponsorship@retailcontractors.org


Eric Berg Carolyn Shames training@retailcontractors.org

OFFICERS President - Steve Bachman

Secretary/Treasurer - Eric Handley

Vice President - Ray Catlin

Immediate Past President - Rick Winkel

Retail Construction Services, Inc. Peinado Construction

William A. Randolph, Inc.

Winkel Construction, Inc.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2023 Steve Bachman

2022 Eric Handley

2022 Eric Berg

2021 David Martin

2022 Ray Catlin

2021 Mike McBride

2021 Jay Dorsey

2021 Carolyn Shames

2021 Phil Eckinger

2021 Hunter Weekes

2023 Justin Elder

2023 Rick Winkel

2021 Jack Grothe

2023 Andy Bohon

Retail Construction Services, Inc. Gray

Peinado Construction Triad Retail Construction, Inc. Eckinger Construction Co. Elder-Jones, Inc. JG Construction

William A. Randolph, Inc. H.J. Martin & Son, Inc. Westwood Contractors Shames Construction Weekes Construction, Inc. Winkel Construction, Inc. Westwood Contractors

PAST PRESIDENTS David Weekes 1990-1992 W. L. Winkel 1993 Robert D. Benda 1994 John S. Elder 1995 Ronald M. Martinez 1996 Jack E. Sims 1997 Michael H. Ratner 1998 Barry Shames 1999 Win Johnson 2000 Dean Olivieri 2001

Thomas Eckinger 2002 James Healy 2003 Robert D. Benda 2004-2006 K. Eugene Colley 2006-2008 Matthew Schimenti 2008-2012 Art Rectenwald 2012-2014 Mike Wolff 2014-2016 Robert Moore 2016-2017 Brad Bogart 2017-2018 Rick Winkel 2018-2019

About the Retail Contractors Association (RCA) RCA’s mission is to promote professionalism and integrity in retail construction through industry leadership in education, information exchange, and jobsite safety. As part of the RCA membership process, we vet contractors with a thorough review. Qualifications for membership include: • General contractor with significant business operations in retail construction, for a minimum of five years. • Excellent reputation in the industry; at least three retailer references are required. • Properly licensed in all states where the contractor conducts business. • Insured in accordance with industry standards. • Favorable EMR rating. • Able to provide Performance and Material Payment Bonds from an AM Best carrier rated A- or better. • Submission of an AIA 305 qualification statement. These rigorous requirements are reviewed regularly. For more information and the most up-to-date membership list, visit retailcontractors.org – click on Find a Contractor.



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