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where the cannabis market is heading and how THC is making carving its niche.

GIVE US A SNAPSHOT OF YOUR BRAND. The Herbal Care Center (THC) is a licensed dual operator dispensary serving both medical and recreational customers near downtown Chicago. THC offers the most cannabis products under one roof in Illinois. Our commitment to providing world-class customer service has made us Chicago’s top-rated dispensary. We are proudly veteran owned and continue to hire from the local community.

WHAT TYPE OF CONSUMERS ARE YOU TARGETING? THC targets anybody 21 or over looking for a cleaner, safer alternative form of relief through cannabis. We tend to serve people interested in combating their daily stress, sleep problems or pain relief, to name a few. Being veteran owned and our close proximity to the Veteran Affairs (VA), we serve a large number of veterans as well. Our commitment to service will never change.


throughout the building, a temperature scanner before entering our showroom, routine wipe downs of surfaces, and masks and gloves for employees. Our commitment to health and safety will always be our priority.

WAS YOUR OPERATION DEEMED ESSENTIAL DURING THE LOCKDOWN? HOW DOES THAT HELP THE CATEGORY’S STANDING IN THE MARKETPLACE? We were fortunate enough to be deemed an essential business for both medical and recreational sales. Being one of the few

Being one of the few essential businesses has shined a light on the cannabis industry and garnered curiosity among people.

essential businesses has shined a light on the cannabis industry and garnered curiosity among people. Cannabis has become a staple commodity in people’s lives.

WHAT TYPE OF AREAS DO YOU LOOK FOR WHEN SEEKING STORE LOCATIONS? We look for properties that have ample enough space to safely service our customers, parking and curbside access for rideshare, and areas with a high volume of foot or car traffic. Our goal is to work in a neighborhood that is open to welcoming a cannabis dispensary, and in return reinvesting that support back into the community.

WHAT’S YOUR SHORT-TERM STRATEGY? LONG-TERM? Our short-term strategy is to continue to build our base of loyal medical patients, while transitioning to the opening of our second location, which will be recreational customers only. A medical patient benefits from not paying the high tax percentage on recreational customers, priority in line, and access to all products we offer. Our longterm strategy is to develop into a lifestyle brand that people can rely on. Our hope is to one day get involved on the growth side of the business as well.

Our state-of-the-art facility promises a clean, safe environment. You feel like you are at a spa or wellness center, rather than a cannabis dispensary. Our goal is to make sure our customers leave feeling comfortable with their experience purchasing cannabis. THC is Illinois’ largest dispensary servicing medical patients. Carrying the state’s largest inventory, there is something for everyone here.

WHAT KIND OF ADJUSTMENTS HAVE YOU MADE TO TODAY’S SHOPPING LANDSCAPE? We have continued to adapt throughout these unforeseen times by taking safety measures such as installing plexiglass at each POS station, social distance stickers



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