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Why brands lose customers and what to do about it

When it comes to relationships, breaking up really is hard to do. In the craft beer world, tastes do not so much come as go as people just like to try new and different things. Are breakups inevitable? Not always, but craft beer brands (all brands really) need to understand the four reasons customers leave and how they can avoid them. Sometimes customers break up because they find a better product. They discover something that addresses their needs that is faster, easier, healthier, more effective, more enjoyable or improved in other ways that are important to them. The bottom line is the people's tastes change. Smart brands are the ones that listen to what their customers want, think beyond those demands, and push themselves to innovate and improve. Pay attention. Know what you are selling, what others are selling, and how your customers are using what they buy from you. What would customers buy if you weren’t around? What did they used to buy instead? Challenge the status quo. It’s easier to innovate when you are not being reactive. Do not wait for a customer exodus to motivate you. Innovate before you’re faced with no choice. What could you do better? Leaving for a different product isn’t the only reason customers tell companies goodbye. Good processes count too. Without them, the customer experience suffers. Imagine a movie theater with great films, stateof-the-art sound, pleasant employees and clean facilities. Now pair that vision with long lines, staff members who cannot figure out how to work the cash registers despite their good manners, double-booked theaters and so forth. Would you risk taking someone you cared about to such a place, or would you choose to avoid the headache and go elsewhere? Most people would prefer to opt for a breakup and avoid potential problems. The lesson? At a minimum, doing business should not be hard. If you have processes in place that inflict pain on your customers, don’t be surprised when they bolt the minute they find an alternative. Make doing business easy. Walk in your customers’ shoes, experience your business



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