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Inside the Catskills Provision Consumer(s) Catskills Provisions products are sold via three sales channels: They can purchase online at iGourmet.com. They can find Catskill Provisions’ products at more than 110 retail locations in eastern New York, Connecticut and New Jersey or at restaurants in the New York, New Jersey or Connecticut area.

Here’s a look at their consumer base: Catskills Provisions social media is focused on an audience of 25 to 54 years old. The audience is 60 percent female and is split into two groups: The Millennial Mindset and older fans. The Millennial Mindset group consumers are defined by looking for simple, natural, no preservatives. They seek to know the maker. As such, they seek to know every detail possible about the products, including such things as how the maker grows the food, the seeds it is grown from, such as Catskills Provisions uses Polish rye non-GMO seeds and where the food comes from. This is the traceability of what, how, why, where that they want to know about They want to know there is fair treatment of the laborers that grow and harvest the food, and the company they buy from is doing something to give back to the world. This audience has an obsession with knowing and tracing that makes them inclined to pay whatever for the products they eat, such as $25 for Chocolate Honey Truffles. As such, this group is pretty fun to sell to because the price is irrelevant. Next is the older fans. That is, younger Baby Boomers and Gen X. These customers are also interested in high quality products but the product must also be a good value as they won’t overpay as millennial are inclined to do. Less interest in traceability and knowing the details, instead, older fans are focused on the end taste and flavor experience they receive from Catskills Provisions products. Catskill Provisions believes in doing good and giving back. Catskills Provisions gives 1 percent to 5 percent of earnings to pollination friendly causes. The goal in doing so is to improve and fix something in the world.

B2B customers are another important group. This is a market very driven by chefs whose restaurants cater to very discerning consumers who are not price sensitive. Chefs seek out products that are all natural, have no preservatives, and products that are handmade, rather than mass produced. They too are quite interested in how Catskills Provisions creates and makes its products. The chefs and their restaurants tend to be socially conscious who serve a more social conscious consumer. The distributor of Catskills Provisions is a specialist in selling these types of products. The cuisine severed by these restaurants ranges from New or Modern American, to Mediterranean and Italian, and Middle Eastern. One of the key reasons Catskills Provisions has been successful with Chefs is they recognize Claire’s knack for blending flavors and finding the right balance between acids, sugars, or bitterness. Like themselves, it is her deep attention to flavor they love to explore with her. All Catskills Provisions products have their roots in bees. Starting with a bee keeper kit in 2003, founder and CEO Claire Marin became fascinate with bees and their importance to the world through pollination while also producing honey and wax. She sees them as super hard workers who are super smart, including their ability to create the perfect structure of a honeycomb that enables them they live a “democratic” lifestyle. This fascination with how they live and worked together lead to the understanding that what we one does is interconnected with everyone else and what we do can influence and be good for all in the world.



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