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Go tell it on the mountain (and other ways to share your story)


Customer experience. It all starts there. Take a look at anything that’s being written these days about marketing and branding and delivering on your customers’ expectations is the main topic at hand. Your brand—your beer—sits at the top of that list. But there’s more to it than that—and you know it. It can be about the presentation your customers receive when they take that first sip. That’s what makes the difference. “Wow” them and they will tell everybody about you and your brand. Think about it. Every successful craft brewer knows that it all starts with the beer. Generating word-of-mouth referrals happens when you offer a consistently excellent product. Michael J. Pallerino But then what? Do you want the quick answer? You tell that story—your story. And along the way, along with building a marketing and branding campaign that compliments your blood, sweat and beer, you must get everybody else to tell your story. Automated text reviews. Facebook Messenger. Digital marketing ad campaigns via Google, Facebook and Instagram. Each of these channels enable your customers the flexibility and convenience to share your story. And yes, we know, there are myriad new tools and approaches happening out there every day. And no, you can’t try them all. But there are things you can do stay in step. It stars with being a planner. Start by teaching your community of beer drinkers about what makes your brand different from everybody else. What are the three most common characteristics, other than price, that you want your customers to walk away with? This will help guide the marketing direction you want to take. That means keeping up with every way there is to tell your story— social media, local media, customer referrals, etc. On the online side, Facebook can give access to data. Google Adwords is still the place to get questions answered. You can target zip codes there, too, and advertise your name and your answers. As for offline, lean on local media sources such as local newspapers, community publications, direct mail and customer referrals. Your community is there to help you, so let them. People still read their mail, so send them something useful. Hold taste tastings. Give people an opportunity to stop by and sample the merchandise. Don’t be a secret. If you can get to know your customers—their likes, dislikes, etc.—you will start to get to know the lay of the land. One of the best ways is to channel your own experience as a consumer. When you experience these innovations as a consumer, ask yourself how you can employ the same innovations in your own marketing practice. The world of craft beer branding is growing as fast the product landscape. To cut through the noise, so to speak, you have to stand up and shout your story to the masses. If they love your product, they’ll love what you have to say. So, what are you waiting for, start talking...

Along with building a marketing and branding campaign that compliments your blood, sweat and beer, you must get everybody else to tell your story.



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