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By Brian Grafton

Crafting a destination Bringing brand to the building Atmosphere impacts experience, and it can change everything. Take stouts, which have a nostalgia surrounding them that dictates they are best served with a side of snowy landscapes and a warm fireplace. IPAs and lighter beers, on the other hand, go great with patios and cooling off on a hot summer day. The space and experience you create with your building and beer can be just as important as the quality of beer you produce. As an architect experienced in the beverage industry, we view the building as an extension of a breweries brand. We look for opportunities to market and reinforce that brand in the design and layout of the facility. In many cases, expressions of brand can start before a customer ever even steps in the door: • What does someone see as they drive by the building? • What do they see, hear, and smell as they walk to the front door? • What is their first impression as they walk in through the door?

for your customers and a reason for them to keep coming back. To get started, ask yourself, “What is my brewery’s story?” This might be history in the name, your logo or an entire imaginary tale you craft around the alias of the brewery. Once you have the kernel of your brand formed, drive those aspects into the development of your building through actual features and experiences. Studio Brew, located in Bristol, Virginia, found its roots in the owner’s photography studio. He’s a passionate photographer who took a strong interest in home brewing, scaled up quickly and brought that passion for capturing moments with him. Using its signature motto of “Beer is an Art, a Very Tasty Art,” the brewery’s brand and identity expressed itself in a historical brick warehouse by

In these three moments alone, you have the opportunity to highlight who you are, what your brand is, and set the tone and expectations for what your brand delivers. The experience and sense of place you create is an integral part of the value you create





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