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By Eric Balinski

‘Unseen Is Unsold’ A look at the art of craft beer artwork

In visual marketing, the axiom that "Unseen is Unsold" suggests that products that are not noticed will not get bought by customers. This notion rests on the idea that the consumer's choice process is heavily influenced by their visual search. With huge craft beer sections in stores these days, standing out may not be so easy. Online, people use search engines to find what they want. Searching in a store, people's saccadic eye movement is a key search tool. You will see the relationship of eye movement and memory as you read on. Visual marketing for craft brewers starts with significant work and imagination that are part of creating a craft beer label. Craft beer labels are much more than product identification, as it often expresses the craft




brewery's brand identity, story, and even its ethos in compelling artistic imagery and words. The brand imagery is often created by local artists, a brand design firm, or even a brewer with a passion for art and beer making. The resulting outcome of a craft beer label is an important component for branding as well as merchandising with its merchandising significance becoming greater as a brewer expands distribution. The challenge is standing out among all the other craft beer labels from other brewers who put in as much work, passion and imagination into their labels. (For tips on what makes great brand identity and design, see the "The Fine Art of Label Design" in our digital issue at