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New South Wales It has Australia’s urban crown as its main draw, but visitors who arrive in Australia via Sydney might not know that New South Wales has enough to fill an entire holiday, says Laura Gelder Why sell it New South Wales (NSW) has a long coastline dotted with numerous beaches and laidback surf towns, plus sub-tropical rainforest, a wine region, a red outback and even snowy mountains – in short, plenty for agents in the know to recommend to clients looking to experience the state beyond the city. Most people heading to Australia for the first time are interested in Sydney and may have heard of the Blue Mountains and Hunter Valley, but despite it being home to Australia’s most iconic city much of NSW is usually unexplored. This presents an opportunity for agents – a destination with a famous, desirable and easily accessible gateway combined with a surrounding region which still manages to offer off-the-beaten-track experiences.

Who to sell to In short, everyone who wants to go to Australia. But each region has a different appeal and it will depend on where else in Australia the client wishes to go, how much time they have and if they've been before. The Blue Mountains and outback region of NSW offer old-fashioned charm and historic interest, while the Hunter Valley and Lord Howe Island are great for those seeking indulgence and relaxation. Families will appreciate beautiful beaches north and south of the city, as well as in Sydney itself, but the south is wilder and will appeal to those looking to get away from the crowds.



Selling the city Sydney could occupy travellers for several weeks alone, offering cosmopolitan draws like shopping, art galleries and fine dining, as well its many bays and beaches. Icons like the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge sell themselves, and beaches like Bondi and Manly are always a hit, but agents who get to know the city’s less obvious areas will attract repeat visitors and travellers looking to break away from the obvious. Up-and-coming areas include artsy Chippendale, hip and historic Paddington and foodie Surrey Hills.


Agents can impress clients and up their commission by adding value to classic attractions. A behind-the-scenes tour of the Sydney Opera House with lunch, or breakfast in the koala enclosure at Wild Life Sydney Zoo, are two examples. A more unusual way to see the city is an aboriginal tour with Dreamtime Southern X, where visitors learn the city’s sacred spots and take part in an ancient ceremony.

Selling the coast NSW’ Central Coast, between Sydney and the state’s second-biggest city, Newcastle, further north. Visitors can expect great watersports opportunities, wildlife spotting and plenty of charming towns for swimming, fishing and surfing. Wildlife lovers can head to the Australian Walkabout Wildlife Park and stay overnight in a cabin among the native animals. Close by, the Australian Reptile Park has demonstrations of snake handling and how to milk venom from funnel-web spiders. North of Newcastle coastal stops include Port Stephens, where visitors can tour the towering sand on quad bikes or 4WD; Coffs Harbour which is a jumping-off point for the Solitary Islands Marine Park and scuba diving trips with turtles or dolphin watching;

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