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Overview of the long-stay sector and how it is responding to the demands of corporate customers as business travel resumes •

An update on changes in the way serviced apartment standards are accredited and what this means for buyers



How investment in the latest technology is helping to make it easier to source and book extended-stay accommodation


Why you should be incorporating serviced apartments into your travel programme and how best to go about it

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Your 2022 guide to the serviced apartment sector, from ASAP and The Business Travel Magazine


elcome to The 2022 Guide to Serviced Apartments, produced by The Business Travel Magazine in association with ASAP, the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers. This is our 10th annual guide and is perfectly timed as the world begins to open up again following the end of pandemic lockdowns and easing of travel restrictions. With a sharper focus than ever on traveller wellbeing and duty of care, the long-stay sector is well placed to meet the new demands of corporates and their travellers. Serviced apartments are suiting many of the trends emerging as business travel returns – longer, more productive trips, working from anywhere, and social distancing to name but a few. Thanks to developments in technology and accreditation, serviced apartments are now even easier to source and book – and there are some good deals on offer too. So, whether you're looking to incorporate serviced apartments into your accommodation programme for the first time or take your programme to the next level, read on.

16 Development

Round-up of all the key refurbishments, openings, and those in the pipeline, both in the UK and further afield


An essential list of the key industry partners in the serviced apartments sector to help you choose the best one for you

[ The 2022 Guide to Serviced apartments ] WRITTEN BY Catherine Chetwynd and Bev Fearis Editor Bev Fearis Publisher Kirsty Hicks editorial Director Steve Hartridge Designer CAITLAN FRANCIS Production Manager Clare Hunter Production controller Steve Hunter managing Director Matt Bonner

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Ticking all

the boxes

Serviced apartments are meeting the new demands of corporate travellers as business travel resumes


dditional space, fewer communal areas, keyless entry, online check-in, minimal guest and staff interaction and productive work spaces are just some of the aspects of serviced apartments which have taken on new significance in the Covid era. As business travel resumes, the continued demand for social distancing, flexibility, independence and control is broadening the appeal of serviced apartments among both corporate travellers and managers. Tasked with the challenge of ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of their travelling workforce as they adapt to new ways of working and travelling – while also managing reduced budgets – travel managers and buyers are increasingly turning to serviced apartments to meet their accommodation requirements. The figures, during and since pandemic lockdowns, speak for themselves.


According to global research house STR, demand for serviced apartments was relatively strong during the Covid lockdowns and occupancy levels remain high. “As business is starting to come to life with the return of corporate travel and some conferences, we are starting to see that premium close a bit but people are appreciating the ability to have their own space,” says STR Director Thomas Emanuel. “Occupancy levels in serviced apartments have been quite impressive, with London, Manchester and Edinburgh showing over 80% in September,” he says. Staying Cool figures at the end of 2021 reflected this trend. “Sales are incredibly buoyant, better than 2019 even without the VAT benefit – but they are being fuelled by domestic leisure rather than a sizeable return of the business traveller," says co-founder and Joint Managing Director Tracy Stephenson, with most bookings coming from the creative industries.

Meanwhile, pipelines are astonishing. “Cambridge and Glasgow have more than 50% of their existing supply in the pipeline, and Birmingham and Leeds have roughly 40%; the sector is attractive to investors,” says STR's Emanuel.

Strong collaboration

Industry body ASAP continues to cement relationships with buyers and promote the need to recognise accreditation through its monthly Travel Buyer Forum, working closely with key industry bodies such as the BTA, GBTA, and the Tourism Alliance.

Demand for social distancing, flexibility, independence and control is broadening the appeal of serviced apartments”


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Introduction Introduction Plahutar

city suites

Aparthotel Adagio London Brentford

Soho Lofts by Q apartments

“In the past two or three years, we have got closer to the corporate traveller and as our relationship with buyers is evolving, we are aligning our work to their needs. Collaboration is essential, we need each other,” says ASAP CEO James Foice. “Serviced apartments provide a great deal more flexibility for travellers in terms of the potential space, less restricted operating times, such a restaurant and bars and having to fit into a protocol, so we think the apartment world is going to fare better over the next few years.”

The new world

The serviced apartment sector is fast responding to changes in guest behaviour, underpinned by wellbeing and duty of care. “As the world emerges from the pandemic, we are beginning to see less frequent but longer stays, which means apartments are evolving from ‘simply an apartment’ to one that creates a superior home-from-home experience – one that encourages and promotes productivity and wellness,” says Clare Barrie, Vice President, Sales EMEA & APAC for Synergy Housing. Check In Apartments (formerly Check In London) notes that during the pandemic apartments have invested in super-fast fibre broadband to support uninterrupted remote working and have also invested in content, creating high quality 3D virtual tours and photography to reduce the need for in-person viewings. "And properties once hesitant to allow pets have now introduced pet-friendly amenities to attract the growing number of

pet parents on the move for work," says Tanielle Pereira, Marketing Director. The sector is also reacting to the stronger focus on guest wellbeing. To that end, Premier Suites across Europe has launched 'A Friendly Face in a New Space', which will see employees inviting long-stay guests to have coffee “so they can meet and chat with a friendly face; we all need a human connection”, says CEO of PREM Group Jim Murphy. And Ascott provides free 24-hour medical and travel security advice, plus mental health and emotional support via International SOS. Like the rest of the travel industry, sustainability is also high on the agenda. Frasers Suites in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Queens Gate and Park International Hotel are now powered by 100% renewable energy, reading matter is digital and employees will soon benefit from uniforms made from 100% recycled plastic. “We have also given our corporate guests and partners information about the environmental impact of their stays and provided practical suggestions on how to reduce their carbon footprint and live an eco-friendly lifestyle during their stay,” says Frasers Hospitality COO EMEA Rebecca Hollants van Loocke. Green credentials are being demanded from buyers, although Situ Managing Director Phil Stapleton notes: “We have yet to see this as a mandatory requirement in an RFP or even an enquiry about accommodation.” But he says this does not reduce Situ’s or any other provider’s commitment to sustainable stays.

The sector is responding to changes in guest behaviour, underpinned by wellbeing and duty of care”


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native mayfair


Recent developments in accreditation means corporates can be assured of the highest standards


hen there was no apparent accreditation system for serviced apartments, ASAP launched what became ISAAP. At its peak it was awarded in 27 countries but, over time, other for-profit entities began running competitive programmes and ASAP, while promoting duty of care, only recognised its own scheme, which was compulsory for members. In addition, the association had difficulty getting corporates to commit to booking only ISAAP approved apartments, while members were questioning the need for it. “There was always the uncomfortable feeling of marking our own homework,” says ASAP CEO James Foice. As a result, in July last year, ISAAP was put out to tender and was bought by GSA, whose main activity until that time had been the accreditation of hotels. “It seemed a perfect fit to have ISAAP alongside GSA so that we could provide


accreditation for hotels and for serviced accommodation,” says GSA Executive Director and Founder Bob Quick QPM MBA. ISAAP has since launched a Security Accreditation scheme for the long-stay sector, audited by UK Government regulated organisation SFJ Awards. "This new service enables serviced accommodation providers to demonstrate the same high levels of security focus as hotels that have been accredited through GSA schemes," says ISAAP MD Steve Martin. "This will allow serviced accommodation providers, large and small, to demonstrate their compliance to the highest security standards.” Synergy was involved in the decision to outsource ISAAP. Its VP Sales EMEA & APAC, Claire Barrie, says making it independent means "we can continue to push, learn and evolve guest health and safety, while our guests and clients can rest assured that apartments are safe, secure and adhering to legal duty of care requirements". martin-dm

Stay with

Fraser Suites Kensington


Our guests and clients can rest assured that apartments are safe, secure and adhering to legal duty of care requirements”








Turin Eddi


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Buyers also recognise the benefit of accreditation. PwC Head of Hotels and Venues, Sam van Leeuwen, says it has reviewed its business checklist for Covid protocols. "We are ensuring anyone on the graduate programme goes into ISAAP accredited apartments," she says.

Our big motivation is to raise the value of accreditation to providers by convincing corporate buyers that they need to adopt guidance in ISO 31030”

Managing risk

Accreditation is closely allied to ISO 31030, which came into being in September 2021. ISO has 166 country members and operates under a UN charter; the British member is British Standards Institution (BSI). In 2017, BSI proposed that ISO should develop a travel risk management standard in response to the increasing number of travel risks. The initial draft was crafted internationally by groups of risk and security experts, the corporate sector, and suppliers. A draft was circulated to the travel and corporate sectors and, after revisions, was published as a guidance standard last September.

It covers everything relating to travel, from whether the traveller is fit to undertake the journey to racial, sexual or other characteristics that might put them at risk. “In short, it tells people to substitute assumption for assessment,” says GSA's Quick. “Our big motivation is to raise the value of accreditation to providers by convincing corporate buyers that as part of their duty of care they need to adopt guidance in ISO 31030,” he says. “And that means choosing accredited accommodation or undertaking their own assessments.”

Health and safety

In response to all this, serviced apartment suppliers continue to up their game. Ascott’s cleanliness commitment, Ascott Cares, has earned the SafeGuard Label from certification body Bureau Veritas for Citadines properties worldwide, Flying Butler apartments have two ISAAPs and the CSC Covid-19 accreditations, Native residences are also ISAAP accredited and the

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Discover our growing family of brands.









Turing Locke Eddington, Cambridge

Cove Landmark Pinnacle Canary Wharf, London | | +44 330 123 3480 Accreditation Untitled-1 1 V14.indd 7

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cheval three quays


Bankside property is BREEM certified. Frasers Hospitality uses a patented, chemical-free, child-friendly cleaning system and has global certification from SGS, plus local certification in each country. Situ has been assessed and accredited to ISO 9001, 27001 and 14001 standards, and works with accreditation bodies such as ISAAP, Greengage, I-PRAC and Quality in Tourism. The company is also certified carbon neutral and is committed to the UN corporate responsibility initiative principles. Synergy developed its own health and safety programme, SynergyCares, but wanted third-party objective proof to its validity, so sought to gain accreditation. It chose Bureau Veritas and was approved after meeting rigorous criteria. "With the accreditation, Synergy guests and clients have that sense of control, and therefore peace of mind, knowing guests are staying in apartments which are safe, secure, and sanitised to the highest standards," says Barrie. "Accreditation creates distance between credible professional operators and those who aren’t. Working towards accreditation


Fraser plaCe canary wharf

also helps us to learn and enhance initiatives, such as SynergyCares. Such accreditations provide value in that they help us to improve, teaching ourselves and other industry players to eventually push the entire industry into a better, safer place for our customers."

Holistic view

The pandemic has raised operators’ and buyers’ awareness to an acute degree, ensuring that employees are looked after both physically and mentally while travelling – a holistic approach being the healthiest. For example, travellers at Zonal Retail Data Systems had been giving negative feedback on the technology company’s previous supplier, so once the pandemic hit, Travel Manager Ann Patton looked for serviced apartments that were clean, secure and run with good health and safety protocols for the Executive Board Members and Directors, who travel regularly to its head office in Edinburgh. She found and inspected Mansley Serviced Apartments near the Zonal offices. “They came up trumps," she says.

The pandemic has raised operators' and buyers' awareness to an acute degree, ensuring employees are looked after both physically and mentally”


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Serviced apartments, anywhere you need them When your accommodation needs span from Paris and New York to Mumbai and Tokyo…

Wouldn’t it be easier to have a single provider that can take the stress out of managing your entire extended stay programme? Synergy offers locations throughout the globe, delivering a local touch and in-depth knowledge to make the unfamiliar familiar, no matter where your travellers need to be.

+44 (0)20 3900 2021 London | +353 1 485 1014 Dublin |

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Booking tools

Southwark Residences by Q apartments



Developments in technology are making it easier for corporates to source and book 1 princes sqaure apartments


Real-time availability is now becoming more of a norm across the whole sector, as is the expediency of apps”


he need for online and live bookings has long been on the corporate agenda but this requirement hasn't always been met in the serviced apartments space. Aparthotels behaved like hotels and provided this booking convenience, not least because many are run by major hotel groups, but realtime availability is now becoming more of a norm across the whole sector, as is the expediency of apps. For members of its loyalty programme, Ascott Star Rewards, Ascott launched the Discover ASR mobile app last year, allowing guests to search, redeem points, perform check-in/out and make contactless payment. Latest features include the ability to earn ASR points if they opt out of housekeeping service (part of the group’s Go Green initiative). Flying Butler’s website now shows live availability and has opened distribution channels to support the leisure market. “Serviced apartment operators are increasingly aware of how channel managers increase the capacity to attract bookings and maximise profit,” says the group's CEO Dominic Sherry. AI and machine learning are also beginning to feature and Frasers Hospitality

recently introduced an AI-powered digital concièrge service, allowing guests to access personalised recommendations and hotel services from mobile devices such as checkin/out, finding local restaurants and sustainable supermarkets. SilverDoor is also making good use of the tech, says Chief Information and Technology Officer Hanish Vithal. "One of AI’s strengths lies in its ability to learn by collecting vast amounts of data from its operations, classifying it into common sets and recommending change actions based on its analysis and data model," he says. "This is how SilverDoor intends to use Al to monitor, predict and reduce emissions to meet its carbon ambitions."

Direct benefit

House of Fisher saw an impressive increase in direct bookings thanks to installing a booking engine from Profitroom in 2018. “We had 115% growth in direct bookings; in 2019 a further increase of 30% and our projection is that this will increase again from 2019 to 2021 by 35%,” says MD Trine Oestergaard Stafford. Customers wanted immediate booking and confirmation. “Having an online facility for this has become a must in the industry.”


Booking V11.indd 10

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One of AI's strengths lies in its ability to learn by collecting vast amounts of data from its operations”

reside-quarter-page-ad-print.indd 1 Booking V11.indd 11 undrey

Booking Booking tools

At Profitroom, Director of Business Development Samantha Williams explains: “We integrated our Booking Engine 360 into the website to deliver lowest available price guarantees, while allowing availability searches across multiple properties in all House of Fisher locations. "The tool automatically suggests alternative dates or locations if initial preferences are unavailable. The engine also allows for special offers and promotions and displays prices, photos, maps and other information for easy comparison of apartments and location."

capital apartments

Mansley Serviced Apartments are available via GDS and self-booking tools but forthcoming tech upgrades will allow bookers to self book on the website too, via a unique code. “This will give them access to past, present, and future bookings, statements and invoices, direct booking rewards and place new bookings with negotiated or dynamic discounted rates,” says Head of Sales and Marketing Clive Dlima. Tech provider res:harmonics is also pushing out the boundaries. Guests can currently get a quote, book,

06/01/2022 10:46 1/31/22 02:15 PM

Booking tools

communicate with staff in many languages and pay in several currencies – all from their phone. “We are partnering with external providers so that if a guest needs an extra bed for a child or a standing desk, for example, operators can deliver that to their apartment in short order,” says CEO and founder Giles Horwitch-Smith. “Frictionless experience is the future." Q Apartments has a new res:harmonics booking platform where clients can book core inventory, while non-core inventory will be visible to buyers in Q2 2022, including API connectivity to OTA channels. Zeevou also allows travellers to book direct for short and long-stay travel, backed by secure payment and a Unified Inbox, which consolidates email, sms and other communications in one place, making management of client requirements easier and more efficient. Clients of Paymán Club, provider of serviced apartments and other short-term accommodation, use Zeevou to book.

Safety compliance

Reside WorldWide’s 3Sixty technology lets travellers view what's available, see images of properties, Geo-map a location, and get the best price through a market bid process. It also does weekly audits of supply partners, ensuring any at-risk partners are identified, while a partnership with Geosure offers destination safety information. “There is a need to have open API integration, self-booking access and options to ensure that a company’s business rules and compliance are available to load onto the platforms, as well as ensuring that all risk elements have been considered," says



Juliet Howie, VP Global Enterprise Sales. "Reside 3Sixty has supported this, especially during the pandemic. Searches are custom to buyers, bookings can take place in real-time and our cloud-based communications and case management systems offer 24/7 support throughout the whole process."

The right direction

Also responding to buyers’ need for ‘live and now’, Situ has developed an API that will allow direct access to Situ's data, systems and real-time apartment inventory, enabling them to enquire, book and pay online. The API can also be integrated into other platforms such as International SOS to support traveller tracking and Confirma Pay for virtual payments. Companies not requiring the complete integration package can have a bespoke corporate portal loaded with preferred locations and rates, access to full MI and reporting, plus access to traveller tracking via the International SOS link. Situ is also sewing what3words location technology into its platforms to ease arrivals for guests, ensuring that each site is defined to a T. “Situ will be the first UK agency to offer this capability. We are working with our supply chain to load their what3words and these will show on the Situ website and booking confirmations,” says MD Phil Stapleton.

There is a need to have an open API integration, self-booking access and options to ensure that a company's business rules and compliance are available to load onto the platforms"


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Developments Programmes

check in apartments


Covering all


Is it time to incorporate serviced apartments into your accommodation programme? native mayfair


s business travel resumes, serviced apartments are lending themselves well to the emerging trends. The keener focus on sustainability, wellbeing and duty of care is fuelling demand for longer, more productive business trips, working from anywhere, and for travellers to have more flexibility and control over where they stay. So, it’s no surprise that more travel managers are looking to incorporate serviced apartment options into their corporate travel programmes. Under the guidance of Leigh Cowlishaw, Global Supplier Partnership Director at Advantage Travel Partnership, the former ‘Advantage hotel programme’ has become the ‘Global Accommodation Programme’ to encourage the participation of serviced apartments and to raise awareness. “In the past, people felt it was a complex offering because they did not understand it. Some people prefer to pick up their key and go their room, others prefer to talk to a reception, and both are available. We must make sure we showcase what apartments offer rather than what they don’t,” she says. The move to hybrid working is also a key reason for corporates to expand their accommodation programmes, says Synergy


VP Sales EMEA and APAC Claire Barrie. “The concept of home working, or 'work from anywhere' isn’t going anywhere so it’s imperative travel managers incorporate this into their programme to not only promote productivity, but also enhance employee wellness. Serviced apartments can provide the space for fully-functional, ergonomic working set-ups, in addition to the space to healthily separate work and home life.” Reside Worldwide is also noticing this trend. “We are seeing an increase in different types of apartment requests due to more home working, for example single houses in a holiday destination, or larger apartments to accommodate family members and pets,” says Juliet Howie, VP Global Enterprise Sales.

Forward planning

Whatever your reasons for bringing serviced apartments into the mix, it’s crucial to plan well ahead, says Tanielle Pereira, Check In Apartments Marketing Director. “Corporate buyers looking for more than four or five apartments within the same properties in a prime location must start their procurement process as early as possible," she says. "Six months in advance is recommended, as availability is the biggest challenge nearer to the arrival date.”

It’s also increasingly important to know the preferences of your individual travellers. “Do they want to be within walking distance of the office, do they want washing machines or access to a gym. Knowing all this before the search commences, rather than after the quotes go out for approval, will avoid frustration and disappointment. "Vetting is also key, and we recommend choosing independently-accredited serviced

In the past, people felt it was a complex offering. We must make sure we showcase what apartments offer rather than what they don't”

apartments or speaking to a local agent to find out where similar company profiles have placed their corporate travellers and had great experiences.” CAP Director and co-founder Jo Layton says Covid lockdowns have impacted supply. While some providers saw increased


Programmes-v8.indd 14

1/27/22 05:41 PM


demand, others saw it drop like a stone and scaled back, either by returning units to the landlord or taking long-term lets. “This is causing challenges in availability for corporates and relocation companies who are seeing potential occupancy numbers for operators who have yet to restore their inventory to 2019 levels,” she says, but adds that using an agent will help.

Price points

Compared with hotels, tariffs are generally higher for serviced apartments. “The premium is around £25, which you can put down to space. Space costs money; city centre locations and class also play a part,” says Thomas Emanuel, STR Director. “If you look at the UK, the hotel market has a variance in class and the biggest players are in the budget sector. There is no budget or mid-scale in serviced apartments, so it retains a premium over hotels.” Nonetheless, there are some good deals

The-Business-Travel-Magazine-Half-page-Jan-22.indd 2 Untitled-2 1

Programmes-v8.indd 15

and incentives for buyers with a keen eye. STAY’s subscription scheme allows buyers to fix rates, negotiate flexible terms and guaranteed inventory over a minimum of 12 months at STAY Camden. This takes in utility and housekeeping bills and could include a bespoke welcome grocery pack, pre-loaded Oyster cards or Uber credit, and more. The Fellows House, Curio Collection by Hilton, offers tiered pricing for stays of 14 to 30 nights and in December launched tariffs for 30 to 90 nights and longer. Citystay Group noticed that longer stays got longer and shorter stays shorter, but there was a gap between fully-serviced apartments and private rentals. Its new brand, Checked Inn, plugs the gap. “Through the course of lockdowns, this business model flourished so we developed InnClusive, a corporate and relocation accommodation booking agency that uses a network of partners," says Director of Operations Declan Fitzhenry.

Mansley Serviced Apartments can be booked at a negotiated flat rate on annual contracts and more flexible dynamic tariffs with discounts on best available rate as stays get longer, starting at two nights, through three, five, seven or 14 plus. Guests at Native properties can take advantage of up to 20% discounts at local restaurants, bars and grocery stores and a loyalty programme is coming in 2022. “It wasn't so long ago that it was hard to convince buyers about aparthotels but now they are booming," says Native's Head of Marketing Ranie Sadie. Client demand for temporary housing in less populated areas led SilverDoor to source single units, generally from individual landlords rather than dedicated buildings. TAS saw bookings rise as the US reopened, with mobility picking up faster than business travel. “It's great to see projects and groups having the confidence to book,” says Global Reservations Director Michelle Shepherd.

20/01/2022 11:54 22:07 21/01/2022

1/27/22 05:42 PM


Kinsgland Locke


In the


With confidence in the serviced apartment sector still strong, development continues in the UK and beyond


trong demand for serviced apartment accommodation means new openings, renovations and other investment continues apace, both in the UK and further afield. The market remains attractive to investors, including from the wider hospitality industry. “We’ve been approached by the bigger hotel brands which are watching our industry with great interest to see what investment opportunities are out there," says ASAP CEO James Foice. "I think this interest will grow significantly over the next few years.” Cycas continues to expand across Europe, including a number of its signature dual-



branded properties. Last year saw the opening of The Lincoln Suites in Holborn with 54 units, the 227-suite Radisson Hotel & Suites Amsterdam South, the 127-room Residence graced Brussels Airport within walking distance of the new NATO HQ, plus Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Sion, Switzerland, with 119 units. In Edinburgh, Cheval Old Town Chambers has emerged from an extension that brought an additional 24 apartments, bringing the total to 74; plus a new reception and lounge area, bar and restaurant. Lexham Gardens by Cheval Maison has opened in South Kensington with 30 suites. This spring, The Other House also takes up residence in South Kensington, in the

The bigger brands are watching our industry with great interest to see what investment opportunities are out there”

former Harrington Hall hotel, with restaurant and bar, fitness studio and spa treatments. Sister property Wellington Block in Covent Garden follows in 2023. Other House properties have meeting space, a private dining area and screening room. Citadines Eurometropole Strasbourg opened in August 2021 with 166 apartments, fine dining restaurant, meetings rooms and Sothys Spa. Ascott has also signed Citadines Racine Casablanca (123 rooms) and Citadines Connect Belvedere Casablanca (60 units) in Morocco, and Citadines Danube Vienna (223 units) to welcome guests late 2022. The Regent Hotel in Cambridge is being renovated by Citystay to reopen in April 2022 as an aparthotel with a co-working



Cheval Lexham Gardens

space; and the £17m The Gresham Aparthotel took off with 121 suites in November in the former Fenwick store, also housing a gym and laundry room. Locke Aparthotels opened six properties in 2021, including Turing Locke in Cambridge (180 units), with restaurant, bar, coffee shop, gym and meeting space (maximum 150); Beckett Locke (241) joined Zanzibar Locke (160) in Dublin; and Buckle Street Studios by Locke (103) in Aldgate, adjacent to Leman Locke in London’s East End, close to Brick Lane; Canary Wharf follows in Q2 2023. Outside the UK, Wunderlocke Sendling (360 units) takes flight in Munich in February 2022, Locke at East Side Gallery (176) graces Berlin in June 2022, Locke at Convento, Avenida da Liberdade, Lisbon (369) in Q2 2023, and in Copenhagen (236) in spring 2024. Edyn, parent company of Locke, has also launched a tech-focused brand Cove and has morphed eight SACO properties into Cove. A flagship Cove has opened in UK’s tallest residential building, Landmark Pinnacle, in London’s Canary Wharf with 162 serviced apartments with uninterrupted views across London. In addition, Edyn has acquired a property in The Hague, which will be converted into Cove with 121 apartments, due to open in March 2022.

Adding to its footprint in London, Living Rooms’ 74-78 Marylebone Lane has seven apartments with concièrge services and high-speed broadband; and Q Apartments opens on Bow Lane in the City in May 2022 with 18 units. Making a green statement is room2 Chiswick, which claims to be the world’s first fully net zero carbon hometel, aided by solar panels, which meet 5% of the energy demand, plus smart lighting, cooling and heating, powerful showers that use less water and “ultra-efficient” energy lighting and appliances. This establishment joins sister properties Southampton Hometel and Hammersmith Townhouse. Room2’s pipeline includes projects worth more than £100m in Chiswick, Belfast, Fulham and Liverpool. Powerhouse Staycity continues to roll out buildings across Europe. Last year alone includes newcomers in Bordeaux, Heidelberg, Manchester’s Northern Quarter, London’s Aldgate and a £203m complex in Paddington, which embraces a 249-unit Wilde Aparthotels by Staycity. CEO and co-founder Tom Walsh said London plays a pivotal part in its ongoing European expansion. "Paddington, along with our other properties in the capital, gives Staycity a strong footing across the city, demonstrating its strategic importance

as one of Europe’s key destinations for leisure and corporate travellers.” In 2022, Staycity opens a Wilde in St. Peter’s Square, Manchester, and in 2022/23, further Staycity properties in Dublin, Frankfurt and Paris, amounting to more than 10,000 apartments. November saw the launch in Camden of STAY with 169 apartments, a few floors above sister company LABS Hawley Lock, which provides workspace to SMEs, where facilities are available to STAY residents. Meanwhile there's also been some significant developments in the serviced apartment agency space, with Habicus Group, the parent of SilverDoor, acquiring long-standing rival The Apartment Service to create the world's largest independent serviced apartment agent. The deal did not include the Roomspace apartment operating business, which has been retained by CEO Charlie McCrow, who will now focus on expanding the portfolio.

Meanwhile, there's also been some significant developments in the serviced apartment agency space” 2022 GUIDE TO SERVICED APARTMENTS

Development V7.indd 17


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Checkin Apartments THE ASCOTT LIMITED +44 (0) 20 3119 3405

CHECK IN APARTMENTS +44 (0) 20 3189 1269

The Ascott Limited (Ascott) is a leading international lodging owner-operator with a portfolio across more than 200 cities spanning over 30 countries worldwide.

Serviced apartment and corporate housing specialists offering unrivalled local expertise and end-to-end booking solutions for safe, cost effective and all-inclusive accommodation.

CHEVAL COLLECTION +44 (0) 20 7341 7052

CITY APARTMENTS LONDON +44 (0) 20 7726 2626


A collection of luxury serviced apartments in London and Edinburgh available to book for any length of stay.

The City of London specialists. Established in 1999, with over 225 serviced apartments exclusively for business travellers. Our ethos is simple: to exceed expectations!

Located in the heart of Manchester, CitySuites and CitySuites II provide spacious serviced apartments and luxury facilities, including a spa pool. The perfect home away from home.


EDYN +44 (0) 33 0123 3480

FLYING BUTLER APARTMENTS +44 (0) 20 3743 0331

Corporate Housing Factory is the leading provider of high-quality and centrally-located serviced apartments in the Netherlands.

We provide business travel accommodation for companies of all sizes. With over 80,000 apartments in 260 locations across our brands and partners, we've got your clients covered.

A portfolio of stylish, spacious serviced apartments, perfectly equipped with the furnishings, features and amenities that matter most. Prime locations and a service that exceeds expectations.

FRASERS HOSPITALITY +44 (0) 20 7341 5599

HOUSE OF FISHER +44 (0) 1189 514 151

MADISON HILL +44 (0) 20 8673 6524

A leading provider of premium serviced apartments, hotel residences and boutique hotels with 143 properties across 80 gateway cities worldwide.

Market leading owner-operator with 25 years’ experience, 200 Thames Valley apartments, delivering unbeatable 24-hr customer service and fully-inclusive high standard apartments.

• Safe secure homes with private front doors • Work and outdoor space & parking available • ISAAP Quality & Comfort Certification 2021 • Exceptional personalised service

A sponsored guide to some of the key players in the serviced apartment sector



Directory 2022 V20.indd 18

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NIKA CORPORATE HOUSING +00 (1) 813 857 2211


EXECUTIVE ROOMSPACE +44 (0) 20 8944 3662

A leader in the Florida markets, we provide short, medium, and long-term housing. A proud member of ASAP, we provide a sanitised unit for each new guest arrival.

Reside is the leading provider of professionally operated & managed global alternative accommodations, with a portfolio of premier hospitality and technology brands, including Reside 3Sixty.

Quality. Space. Comfort. Delivering specialist accommodation since 1996 - in the UK, Spain and Portugal.

ROOMZZZ APARTHOTELS +44 (0) 20 3504 5555

SHORTSTAY MK +44 (0) 1908 540 636

SILVERDOOR APARTMENTS +44 (0) 20 8090 8090

Choose from 10 UK aparthotels combining the best of hotel service with serviced apartments space and facilities, 24-hr reception, daily housekeeping and light breakfast

Accommodation specialists offering executive apartments and houses in Central Milton Keynes. For those seeking superb quality, amenities and a professional service throughout the stay.

The world’s leading corporate accommodation agent, SilverDoor provides businesses across the globe with an unrivalled service and intuitive technology for an outstanding booking experience.


STAYCITY GROUP +44 (0) 20 3499 0748

SUPERCITY APARTHOTELS +44 (0) 20 3818 9070

Making booking serviced accommodation effortles since 2008. Our global network includes only trusted providers and our tech makes connecting to them easy. Booking Brilliant!

Award-winning Staycity Group offers quality short-term and long-term accommodation under the Staycity Aparthotels and Wilde Aparthotels by Staycity brands.

A UK collection of stylish serviced apartment hotels offering a level of flexibility, comfort, and attention to detail that only independently owned and operated companies can achieve.

SYNERGY GLOBAL HOUSING +44 (0) 20 3900 2021

UNDER THE DOORMAT +44 (0) 20 7952 1651


Leading international and multi-award winning serviced accommodation provider specialising in providing bespoke, end-to-end accommodation management solutions to global corporations.

Providing bespoke global end-to-end serviced apartment solutions ensuring the safety, security and care of all travellers throughout 85-plus worldwide locations.

Your hotel alternative—providing short- and long-stay accommodation in Newcastle-uponTyne and across the UK.


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TAKE A WALK ON THE WILDE SIDE Wilde brings bespoke creative design led accommodation. Inspired by the wit of Oscar Wilde, it’s where you will escape, unwind, cook and work in beautiful spaces designed to evoke your curiosity. Book now at STAYCITY.COM/WILDE ESCAPE ORDINARY - Berlin - Edinburgh - London - Manchester

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