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Address: The Workary, London W4 2AB | Website: | Telephone: +44 (0)203 9076824 Email: | Key Personnel: Greg Evans, Trade Director; Fiona Anderson, PR Director; Sarah Salord, Associate Director


T GEC PR, we like to stand out from the crowd and do PR

differently. We take a travel and lifestyle PR brief and look at it from a range of perspectives to ensure we deliver the right results for our clients. Drawing on decades of experience working for some of the world’s leading and most prestigious travel and lifestyle brands, we know press releases, fam trips, digital content and online influencers inside

The 󰈌E󰈯 P󰉊 te󰇧󰇲: f󰇶o󰈩 l󰇪 󰈭 󰇹󰈣 󰈦ig󰇬󰇺 󰇮s Mar󰈫 󰈖󰇭󰇮t󰈥 , Jen󰇳󰇮󰈆󰈥r Jo󰇳󰇪 󰈤, Fi󰈢n󰈜 An󰈧e󰈦s󰈢󰇳, Sar 󰇧󰇬 󰉍󰈜󰇱or󰈧 󰇧󰈡 d G󰇶󰈥󰈪 Eva󰇳󰈤

out. Whether you're an internationallyrecognised travel destination or a new-kid-on-the-block disruptor, trust our fresh approach to get you noticed.

SERVICES Our range of services include: PR strategy and planning; press office support; press

GE󰈉 󰉉R ha󰇽󰇪 󰈟󰈣r󰈫e󰈨 wi󰇹󰇭 Ph󰇮󰇰󰈜󰈨el󰇴󰇭󰇮󰈜 fo󰇶 ma󰇳󰈠 y󰇪󰈜󰇶󰈤 an󰈧 󰇧󰈦󰈥 a d󰇶e󰇧󰈩 t󰈣 󰇿o󰈦k 󰇿󰇮󰇺h – lo󰈂󰇧󰇱, c󰇶e󰇧󰇺󰇯ve, in󰈇󰈢󰈦m󰈥󰈧 a󰈡d co󰇳󰈡󰇪c󰇹󰈥󰈨"

release drafting; digital content; copywriting; crisis management;


invitation design to bespoke event database collation.

FOR TRAVEL AGENTS As well as supporting you with information about our clients or arranging fam trips, we can provide you with training tools or host in-house workshops.

media training; fam and press trip planning and co-ordination. In relation to marketing, we can assist with advertising; advertorials; competitions; and brand partnerships. Event services include conception-to-conclusion

Tweet us at @ge󰈛󰇵r󰇻󰈫 Lik󰇪 󰇼󰇷 o󰈡 GE󰈉󰉉R󰈔󰈐

activity for media and travel trade events, from

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