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Flagship Consulting


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Address: Coppergate House, 16 Brune Street, London E1 7NJ | Website: Telephone: +44 (0)20 7680 7104 | Email: Key Personnel: Sophy Norris, Director, South West; Belinda Hallworth, Account Director


LAGSHIP CONSULTING connects brands, messages and people

through intelligence-driven insights, inspiring crosschannel communications and dynamic customer experiences which we know drive impact to the bottom line. For 25 years, our travel team has been delivering world class, award-winning work for some of the world’s biggest travel brands and some of the industry's

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most exciting upstarts. We have helped our clients define today’s travel market; changing the way people book, discover and connect with travel brands across the globe.

SERVICES PR has always been crucial to Flagship’s offering, and if earned media is what clients want, then Flagship continues to

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be one of the leading publicity

the right time across every channel and touch point.

FOR TRAVEL AGENTS We connect clients to the wider industry and create brand awareness amongst the agent community with campaigns and communication of news and offers.

generators in the UK. For brands that want to continue to shape the future, we have evolved into a deeply integrated agency, using business strategy, deep data analysis and creative flair to transform customer experiences and

Tweet us at @Fla󰇫󰈤h󰇮󰇴C󰈣󰈡s Lik󰇪 󰇼󰇷 o󰈡 fl󰇧g󰇷󰇭󰇯p󰈛o󰈡s󰇻󰇰󰇺󰇯n󰇫

connect brands with people in the right place, at

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