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Core Communications Ltd



Address: 27 Belsize Lane, London NW3 5AS | Website: Telephone: +44 (0)1923 839 375 / +44 (0)7979 706 553 | Email: Key Personnel: Caroline Corfield-Rose, Director; Angie Colombo, Travel Trade Marketing


ORE COMMUNICATIONS is different. We create a Core, bespoke team of

only the most senior PRs and marketers to deliver exactly the results your business needs. Each member of our team is a specialist in the tourism industry and has over 20 years experience in their chosen expertise of PR, marketing or representation. We don’t employ juniors. We don’t have high staff turnover. We don’t have

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hefty office overheads. What we do have is some of the most experienced people in marketing for the travel industry, delivering your marketing personally and effectively, hands on, for you.

SERVICES Our Core experts specialise in various disciplines, including PR with top media contacts, in digital and social media, in

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advertising, print, design, events,


promotions and travel trade relationship building. We can share with

from our recent work. We set clear measurable goals, deliver results and work on projects or a retained basis.

FOR TRAVEL AGENTS We provide comprehensive information, quality training and support to the travel industry in the UK and Ireland for all the

clients we represent.

you case studies showing development of new aviation routes, introduction of new tour operator product, creative and engaging promotions,

Tweet us at @ca󰇶󰈢󰇱󰇯ne󰇧󰇹󰈝󰈣re

increased sales and unsurpassed media coverage

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