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Make change happen... Your dedicated guide to onboard sustainability

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Sustainability Summit Collaboration starts here Making a change: Airlines commit to action Opinion: Fabio Gamba, ACA In conversation: James Ball, IFSA Positive partners: Suppliers share their eco initiatives Ocean alert: Cruise sustainability Focus on: Next-gen ambiants Taste of Travel Show preview Green routes: Rail sustainability Focus on: IRGC How to... be a sustainable supplier In conversation: Jeffrey Goh, Star Alliance How to... cut waste with tech Opinion: Marc Warde In debate: With Anne De Hauw Taste without waste: Qatar Airways Focus on: Creative comforts In conversation: Gordon Oakley, Malton Inflight How to... make kits sustainable Focus on: deSter New arrivals: Flexi-Hex


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EDITORIAL EDITOR Julie Baxter julie.baxter@onboardhospitality.com JOURNALISTS Jessica Pook, Sasha Woods & April Waterston

Are you all talk?


nvironmental issues used to be the sole preserve of sandal-wearing hippies but monitor any traditional or social media outlet today and it is clear we are all engaged eco-warriors now.

CONTRIBUTORS Roger Williams & Marc Warde CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Laura Gelder, Andy Hoskins, Jo Austin (For Taste of Travel enquiries) EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Steve Hartridge


Scientists, politicians, celebrities and even school children are falling over themselves to 'save the planet' and increasingly businesses have to respond to that debate too. In the face of growing eco demands, businesses need to understand their environmental impact and identify ways to mitigate it. This has been a tricky topic for the aviation sector, which does not yet have a clear pathway to decarbonisation. It's one that growing numbers of determined minds are taking on and that's why we have dedicated this edition to the sustainability issue. We've looked to see what airlines, cruise lines and rail operators say they are trying to do, and sought out suppliers and solutions claiming they can help. We've found eco commitments and new collaborative actions and we're doing our bit too, printing on recycled sustainably-sourced paper and doing away with plastic wraps. Talking green is easy but it is action that will ultimately count most for our climate and for the future of our industry.

Sue Williams sue.williams@onboardhospitality.com ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER Craig McQuinn craig.mcquinn@onboardhospitality.com

DESIGN & PRODUCTION SENIOR DESIGNER Louisa Horton DESIGNERS Ross Clifford, Zoe Tarrant and Caitlan Francis

Julie Baxter EDITOR Onboard Hospitality




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INDUSTRY UPDATE / 7 Top stories from across the industry




Offsets pledge

UK carrier easyJet offsets carbon emissions from every flight


Solar solutions

Emirates Flight Catering uses solar energy to offset its carbon emissions


Refreshing change

Carlsberg Group is working on the first 'paper bottle' for beer



Eco kit takes flight

Hawaiian Airlines extends its sustainable story inflight onboardhospitality.com

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INDUSTRY UPDATE / 9 Top stories from across the industry

Celebration ups its eco range

Carbon offset plan takes flight

Celebration has extended its range of Enviroware products made from sustainable and renewable materials. Building on a well-established portfolio of products created using renewable sources, the offer now includes new compostable CPLA cutlery and the EcoTensil Ecotaster compostable range made from FSC certified paperboard from sustainably-managed forests. Nick Burton, md at Celebration, says: “Compostable CPLA cutlery offers the same strength and high quality as standard plastic cutlery but is made from natural sustainable resources (not oil) and has OK Compost accreditation confirming that it can be disposed of in commercial composting facilities.” The cutlery is available in black and natural white, and sits alongside cups, food containers and food-on-the-go boxes. The EcoTensil is an eco alternative to the plastic spoon. celebration.co.uk

The UK's largest LCC, easyJet, has become the world’s first major airline to operate net-zero carbon flights across its network. The airline began offsetting the carbon emissions from the fuel used for all its flights from November 19, at an estimated cost of £25m a year. While acknowledging that offsetting is only an interim measure while new technologies are developed, the airline continues to support eco innovation, including the development of hybrid and electric planes, too, working with others across the industry to reinvent and de-carbonise aviation over the long term. Johan Lundgren, easyJet’s ceo, said: “Climate change is an issue for all of us. We are tackling this challenge head on by choosing to offset the carbon emissions from the fuel used and committing to operating netzero carbon flights across our network – a world first." easyjet.com

Gastro Worldwide ceases trading

Inflight supplier, Gastro Worldwide, has ceased trading as of November 29, 2019. “Despite enjoying the best product development and trading performance in its eight year history, the impact of events beyond Gastro’s control, such as major customers and suppliers going into administration and increased consolidation of

the supplier base, has led us to the prudent decision to exit the market at this stage,” says Jacqui Davidson, director of Gastro Worldwide. “We have enjoyed a fantastic relationship with all our customers and suppliers over the years and intend to do everything in our power to ensure the exit is handled in a professional and orderly manner.” Created in 2011, Gastro Worldwide is a specialist in onboard second service snacking. gastroworldwide.com

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10 / INDUSTRY UPDATE Top stories from across the industry

United Airlines feels the force United Airlines has teamed up with the Star Wars franchise to mark the launch of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The offer includes themed amenity kits, facilitated by Buzz, for Business, Premium Economy and Transcon cabins – all including Sunday Riley skincare and Star Wars branded comfort items. A new inflight safety video features characters from the film and Star Wars music plays as passengers board. Guests also receive a commemorative pin, and the aircraft interior carries a themed plaque and headrests featuring the films dueling factions – the Resistance and the First Order. Mark Krolick, United’s vice president of marketing, says: “United Airlines and the Star Wars franchise share a common goal: connect people and unite the world. We are thrilled to join forces and help promote the concluding chapter of the Skywalker story." united.com

SnackBoxToGo opens new innovation centre in The Netherlands

Snackboxtogo has opened a new innovation centre in Roosendaal, The Netherlands. The new centre is fully-equiped with a development kitchen and aviation specific equipment including a working airline oven. A big presentation room will be used to host food tastings and client meetings.

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The innovation centre is located near to the train station and the highway with easy access to the airports of Amsterdam and Brussels. It will be used to present new product lines to exisiting and potential customers, and to develop new products for customers worldwide. snackboxtogo.com

22/11/2019 13:52

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INDUSTRY UPDATE / 11 Top stories from across the industry

Green Fibre Bottle progress

Newrest set for growth in Asia

Carlsberg Group is working to create a Green Fibre Bottle, the world’s first 'paper bottle' for beer. Made from sustainably-sourced wood fibres, the bottle is both 100% bio-based and fully recyclable. Two new research prototypes have been created and have an inner barrier so as to become leak-proof. One prototype uses a thin recycled PET polymer film barrier, and the other a 100% biobased PEF polymer film barrier. These prototypes will be used to test the technology as Carlsberg seeks a solution to achieving its ultimate ambition of a 100% bio-based bottle. Myriam Shingleton, vice president group development at Carlsberg Group, says: “The two prototypes are an important step towards realising our ultimate ambition of bringing this breakthrough to market.” carlsberggroup.com

Newrest is developing its Asian market presence with the expansion of its operations in Cambodia and Myanmar through the acquisition of EM Food Services Co., Ltd, based in Singapore. EM Food Services Co., Ltd was founded as a family business in 2009 and now makes €20 million in revenue a year. It has over 1,000 employees in Cambodia and Myanmar, where it specialises in food and beverage services. This strategic acquisition is designed to significantly speed up Newrest’s business development in Asia’s Contract Food Services market and build its bar and restaurant activities under concessions in the region’s airports. newrest.eu

P.O. Box 67, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY11 1WD Tel: + 44 (0) 1691 656092 www.millstextiles.com sales@millstextiles.com InflightDirect 7991 Valentina Court,Naples - FL, 34114 Tel: USA (401) 714-4190 www.inflightdirect.com / sales@inflightdirect.com

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12 / INDUSTRY UPDATE Top stories from across the industry

AR amenities from AK-Service From autumn 2019, young passengers onboard Rossiya Airlines will receive amenity kits with interactive Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities, in partnership with AK-Service. The kit includes board games and an airportthemed activity book, designed to occupy children and teach them about the inner workings of an airport. In each kit there is a playing field and a 3D puzzle, from which passengers can assemble a whole airfield with the airport building, airplanes, helicopter, bus and air stairs. With a downloadable mobile application, passengers can point their phone’s camera at the 3D puzzle to bring the kit to life. Children can then enjoy a game with the augmented reality, making it possible to control their airfield and simulate various scenes at the airport including boarding and disembarking passengers, helicopter manoeuvres and more. rossiya-airlines.com; ak-service.ru

Water brands rethink packaging

Radnor Hills has launched a new range of canned spring waters. The company believes cans are sustainably better being 100% recyclable, easy to transport, leakproof and light-weight. A new canning line is able to fill still, sparkling and infused water products with a direct feed from Radnor's own natural water boreholes.

Learn new skills with Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines is launching ‘Inflight Skills’ to keep passengers entertained during long-haul flights. Travellers will be able to learn, for example, the ancient Asian art of paper folding with specially-designed and sustainablyproduced origami how-to kits. The kit contains a step-by-step guide to five creations, from a plane to a batik print box. singaporeair.com

DRINKS3 is also championing a sustainable change with 500ml servings of mineral water in cubeshaped, eco-focused packaging. The WATER3 carton is made from 100% responsibly-sourced materials 90% of which are plant-based. This is said to cut CO2 by 41% compared to multi-layer plastic bottles. radnorhills.co.uk; drinkscubed.com

Project Sunrise tests continue Qantas has pioneered new research into the effects of ultra-long-haul flying with Project Sunrise. Passengers were monitored on ultra long haul non-stop flights from New York and London to Sydney, to assess the impact on passenger health. Findings will be used to enhance wellbeing and comfort during future ultra-long-haul flights. qantas.com

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INDUSTRY UPDATE / 13 Top stories from across the industry

F.S.P. GmbH Flight Service Products GmbH


Social intelligence spots eco trends

As we are one of the leading specialist for the aviation, express trains, passenger liners and busses we offer a great variety of service products for your passenger.

Data analytics and social intelligence specialist, Fethr, part of Black Swan, reports online conversations around sustainability in aviation are at an all time high. Nearly 20m new passenger conversations were noted in the past two years – up 24% year on year, with 12m of those conversations linked to environmental impact: air pollution, carbon offsetting and fossil fuel emissions. Conversations about carbon offsetting are up 198% year on year while those on single-use plastics are up 32% at 4.3 million, with nearly one million conversations on plastic waste. Terms such as eco-friendly and biodegradable are up 50%. Will Cooper, insights director, says: "Consumers are talking about the overuse of plastic cups on long haul flights and questioning cabin waste recycling. Sustainability is increasingly at the forefront of their thinking. Airlines that make a change receive positive comment." fethr.aero

TA B LE -TOP We manufacture sets, tablecloth, napkins, napperons for the B2B market.


EKFC goes solar to cut carbon

You don’t accept compromises concerning hygiene and cleanliness – especially in the field of industry, gastronomy, trade or medical services?

Emirates Flight Catering (EKFC) has successfully commissioned a rooftop solar power system across its premises. The plant is expected to generate 4,195 megawatthours of electricity annually, allowing the company to reduce traditional energy consumption by 15% across its laundry, food manufacturing and staff accommodation facilities. As a result of this, EKFC’s carbon dioxide emissions are expected to decrease by 3 million kilograms annually. emirates.com

We are the leading producer of traymats and all kinds of paper products designed specifically for use in aviation, rail, cruise and ground transportation industries.


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Top stories from across the industry

People on the move

Sleep well with Cathay Pacific Cathay Pacific has partnered with Matrix and sustainable skincare brand, Bamford, to launch a new range of inflight products to improve sleep at 35,000 feet. The products include bedding and amenities for First and Business cabins, plus toiletries for airline washrooms and lounges. First passengers can expect bedding made with 600-thread-count 100% cotton, including a full-size pillow with the option to choose ‘soft’, ‘medium’ or ‘firm’ from the new pillow menu. They will also be given a two-piece duvet with a quilted inner and cotton outer, a soft oversized day blanket, a cushion and a 600-thread-count padded mattress topper. Amenity kits are presented in a vegan-leather travel bag. From the Bamford Skincare Range, the women’s kit features a four-step 'Skin for Sleep'

Michael Coupland JOHN HORSFALL TO: HEAD OF SOURCING & PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Michael Coupland has joined John Horsfall in this newly created role. Michael will be coordinating new product development and driving textiles innovation, building on his previous experience in worldwide sourcing. ritual which includes moisturising lotion, eye cream, lip balm and balancing tonic. From the Bamford Grooming Department, the men’s kit includes a moisturiser, lip balm and hydrating face mist. Business passengers can expect improved bedding and amenity kits with Bamford Botanic hand and body lotion, face mist and lip balm. cathaypacific.com

RMT GLOBAL PRODUCTS TO: OPERATIONS OFFICER RMT Global Products has appointed Robby Erbrick as its new operations officer. Previously working in medical software, Erbrick will help develop new business and support current client projects.

Bernd Koperdraad recovery as standard. The dishwashers also feature intelligent sensors to automatically control the use of water to deliver savings in water, chemicals, and energy. The new facility is an eight-minute drive from the airport and close to the motorway for easy deliveries from all suppliers. gategroup.com onboardhospitality.com

V2 Industry Update - Issue81.indd 15

JOHN HORSFALL TO: BUSINESS SUPPORT EXECUTIVE James Mcdonnell has joined the senior support staff at John Horsfall’s UK HQ, bringing his experience in fashion merchandising to the inflight industry.

Robby Erbrick

Sustainable style in Madrid Gategroup has moved its Gate Gourmet Madrid catering operation to a newly-fitted, 9,600sqm facility at Coslada, just south of Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas Airport. The new production kitchen has been furnished with the latest culinary equipment including digitalised devices which link the kitchen to a centralised recipe library via hand held devices. The kitchen is also linked to a meal assembly area, also featuring digitalised equipment, and will serve more than 12 international airlines and produce 18,000 passenger meals a day. Built with sustainability in mind, the facility features solar panels to generate hot water for showers and sinks, and its dishwashers have heat

James McDonnell

SOLA CUTLERY TO: JUNIOR EXPORT MANAGER Sola Cutlery has appointed Bernd Koperdraad as junior export manager responsible for business development in Europe.

please send your appointment news to april.waterston@onboardhospitality.com

11/26/19 05:47 PM

16 / INDUSTRY UPDATE Top stories from across the industry

SAS launches eco-packaging

SAS has launched a new packaging for its New Nordic by SAS food concept. The new design will save up to 51 tonnes of plastics a year and is one of many steps SAS is taking in its determination to use 100% sustainable materials in its customer offering by no later than 2030. “Every day we develop our service offering and constantly evaluate everything we load onboard. We remove what is not needed and work to find innovative solutions for our materials and packaging,” says Karl Sandlund, evp & cco. The cutlery kit in the cube has also been changed. The new kits are adapted to each meal in order to minimise use of resources, meaning each piece of cutlery is offered only if needed. This will be launched gradually starting in December 2019 and by May 2020 the new cutlery will be found in every cube served onboard. flysas.com

Hawaiian Airlines launches sustainable design collaboration

Hawaiian Airlines has teamed up with WESSCO and Moloka‘i-based brand, Kealopiko, for its new ecosensitive inflight amenities kit. The collection reflects the two brands’ shared commitment to promoting Hawaiian culture and care for the environment. Kealopiko designs are inspired by the natural, cultural and historical landscapes of its

AIX exclusive to Hamburg It has been announced that the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) North America will not run in 2020. The decision follows feedback from customers that there is insufficient demand for a second annual event focusing on aircraft interiors. aircraftinteriorsexpo.com

Newrest Travel Retail rebrand TRE³ has been rebranded as Newrest Travel Retail. The company will focus on the development of innovative products onboard trains and aircraft by capitalising on the experience TRE³ has acquired within its service, logistics and customer management teams. newrest.eu

island base and products use all sustainable canvas and coconut shell button. Bamboo comfort items come in eco packaging. Avi Mannis, at Hawaiian Airlines, says: “This progresses our efforts to reduce waste, bring sustainability into our cabins, and encourage our guests to join us in taking care of our environment." hawaiianairlines.com

Eurostar to plant trees Continuing its 25th anniversary celebrations, Eurostar has pledged to plant a tree for every journey it makes in 2020. It estimates this will equate to just under 20,000 trees planted throughout the UK, France, Belgium and The Netherlands by the end of the year. eurostar.com


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11/26/19 05:47 PM

CELEBRATING EXCELLENCE AND INNOVATION FOR THE ONBOARD HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY IN AIR, RAIL AND CRUISE Get set to vote online and help our elite panel of judges identify this year's Onboard Hospitality Awards finalists. We're looking for innovation, quality, usefulness, durability, and assessing how products enhance the customer experience in categories for: AMENITIES � BEVERAGE � CATERING INNOVATION � FOOD SERVICE EQUIPMENT � KIDS ONBOARD � SNACKS � SUSTAINABILITY � ONBOARD TECHNOLOGY� TEXTILES � WELLBEING � ONES TO WATCH

Time to vote

Your chance to support your favourite entries and help identify our finalists onboardhospitality.com/awards

Winners announced

Announced at our Hamburg Awards event, March 30, 2020 Entry by invitation only

For further details contact sue.williams@onboardhospitality.com

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Sustainability in action


It’s time to act, and time to collaborate. That was the conclusion of the first Onboard Hospitality Sustainability Summit which launched a new body to drive supply chain change. Julie Baxter reports

ix leading inflight supplier The initiative follows the first Onboard Hospitality Sustainability Summit hosted competitors have joined by Monty’s Bakehouse in October. The forces with airline and Summit brought together nearly 30 airport representatives to representatives from leading airlines establish a new Airline Sustainability including Qatar Airways, British Airways, Forum (ASF) which will spearhead progress towards greater sustainability KLM, Iberia and TUI, and leading packaging, food, beverage and amenity across the global end-to-end cabin suppliers. All had a shared interest in waste supply chain. establishing a better understanding The ASF has tasked representatives from Monty’s of the sustainability Bakehouse, RAP UK, issues facing the Global-C, SPIRIANT, sector and wanted Now, New, Next, and We urgently need to to identify common En Route, along with goals and establish a fully understand and Qatar Airways and binding commitment share the full impact to anti-competitive Gatwick Airport, to of the end-to-end form a working group collaboration as airline supply chain the work of the ASF to define the Forum’s progresses. scope, membership and collaborative steps for a better The group heard hard-hitting facts about aviation’s impact on the understanding of cabin waste impacts. planet from a range of independent It will also develop strategies to improve environmental experts (see page 20-22). sustainable packaging sourcing, off-load Each stressed the growing urgency of segregation, recycling and recoverability. tackling aviation CO2 and cabin waste The working group has now scoped and urged Summit delegates to give the out a mandate for the ASF which issue their determined attention. includes mapping the end-to-end cabin waste supply chain to identify all The Summit unanimously recognised packaging substrates being used inflight, the challenges of finding reliable information and trustworthy, truly with a view to making these more sustainable long-term solutions. sustainable through better sourcing, recycling and regeneration. Delegates agreed the greatest

need was for a leading and globally recognised third party independent advisory body or NGO to guide the sector, and the ASF is now pursuing alignments with relevant bodies, and building on its established connections with Imperial College London and The Grantham Institute for Climate Change and The Environment. Matt Crane, Monty's Bakehouse CEO, says: "The ASF has identified that there is no reliable and independent endto-end assessment of the cabin waste supply chain. This is what airlines and all stakeholders in this complex supply chain really need to properly assess the environmental impact of packaging substrates and products used onboard. With this research we will be able to discuss how to standardise the types of packaging used and thereby be in a stronger position as a collective industry to improve off-load segregation and recycling. We will also be able to lobby international governments for changes in the treatment of off-load waste, directing more to recycling and less to incineration. The ASF will make this research available to all." Updates will follow in the coming months and the ASF will meet again in February. For more information contact: ideas@airlinesustainabilityforum.org


V2 Montys Review.indd 18

11/26/19 05:40 PM


CChallenge current processes Assess global cabin waste

Reinvent se


Prioritise r egenerative processes

CCut weight

Focus on segregation

Retrain mindsets

and e r u s a e M ste a w e g a man

Find upstre sustainabil am ity

ing Find packags solution

The ďŹ rst Onboard Hospitality Sustainability Summit was hosted by Monty's Bakehouse at its Innovation Centre near Gatwick and included a locally-sourced lunch in the forest


V2 Montys Review.indd 19

11/26/19 05:41 PM


War on waste Information is power and as airlines grapple with the growing clamour for environmental change, delegates at the Sustainability Summit got their heads around some hard-hitting eco facts delivered by experts in the field

Think smarter... A&G Jefferson is an independent consultancy specialising in addressing environmental and sustainability challenges. It aims to provide clear, reliable and impartial advice to inspire responsible travel, and has supported the work of Sustainable Aviation for over seven years. ANDY JEFFERSON, DIRECTOR, A&G JEFFERSON "Airlines and their suppliers are facing rising pressures to address sustainability particularly around climate change and single use plastics. Aviation emissions are also growing at a faster rate, up 110% since 1990 compared to just 60% growth in overall global emissions. In addition, an IATA study at Heathrow looked at waste removed from aircraft flights. The results indicated that a typical passenger generates 1.43 kilos of cabin waste per flight. With 4.3 billion passengers carried in 2018, this potentially amounts to 6.1 million tonnes of waste – equivalent to 17,000 empty A380 aircraft! Some 40% of this waste is potentially avoidable with 23% comprising untouched food and drink and 17% of the waste being made up of recyclable material. "Targets are in place to decarbonise the industry, and detailed plans to tackle this going forwards are

1.43 kilos

110% Aviation emissions are growing fast

Amount of cabin waste per person per flight

being finalised. These targets currently aim to halve net aviation carbon emissions by 2050 and develop clear roadmaps that set out the opportunities to decarbonise the industry in the future. "This will depend on smarter operations – more direct routings and optimised flight profiles; new aircraft and engine technology such as hybrid electric planes slated for 2035 and nextgen engineering; a switch to sustainable aviation fuels which can cut carbon life cycle emissions by at least 60%, and investment in the growing green economy. Smarter solutions for managing cabin waste will also be key. The industry needs to invest in smarter cabin product designs too with end of life issues built in, and smarter collaborative workings on waste management across the industry and with worldwide governments." •

PATHWAYS TO PROGRESS We have to face facts.If aviation was a country it would be the sixth largest CO2 emitter in the world onboardhospitality.com

Montys experts.indd 20

11/26/19 05:54 PM


PATHWAYS TO PROGRESS e Knowledge is power, options ar l g tota evolving and it is about creatin r to sie transparency so it becomes ea pick the right solutions

860 million tonnes CO2 emitted by airline operations

Only 9% of plastics created are recycled

Face the facts... The Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment is one of five global institutes at Imperial College London. It aims to drive forward discovery, convert innovations into applications, train future leaders and communicate academic knowledge to businesses, industry and policymakers. The Institute was set up to create a world-leading centre for policy-relevant research and training on climate change and the environment. ALYSSA GILBERT GILBERT, CLIMATE CHANGE EXPERT "The resea research and climate calculations now conclusively show the change currently underway

is being driven by human activities. Scientists call current times the Anthropocene era: a time during which humans became a major geological force. "Globally, airlines emitted around 860 million tonnes of CO2 in 2017, up 26% since 2013. While this is often presented as 'only' 2.5% of the total global emissions, that is in itself more than the entire emissions of Germany and no one is suggesting Germany should not be making environmental change. While 2.5% may sound small, remember if aviation was a country it would be the sixth largest emitter in the world. Quoting this figure is a weak defence. Aviation also has a specific problem that it is on a growth path, with passenger numbers expected to be up to 8.2bn by 2037, so emissions are increasing and there is no clear industry-wide stategy to achieve decarbonisation." •

Rethink, renew, recycle, reduce or reuse Now, New, Next (NNN) is an independent consultancy firm helping airlines make the right choices for sustainable inflight services. Arianne Van Mancius has years of experience on both the supplier and airline side of the fence. ARIANNE VAN MANCIUS, FOUNDER, NOW, NEW, NEXT "There is no question that we need to cut the use of plastics worldwide. Currently only 9% of plastics created are recycled. Of this, 12% are just incinerated and 79% are discarded into landfill sites or into the oceans. Something has to change and for airlines

the EU Single Use Plastics Directive, banning single use plastics inflight, is driving change. However this topic is so new for our industry that there are bound to be some mistakes made, some green washing. If we are really serious about this change we have to look at the full life cycle of a product, but lifecycle assessments are very expensive and time consuming to complete. "We need to rethink, renew, recycle, reduce or reuse. It is not just about materials used, but also about service and product design. Ultimately knowledge is power, options are evolving and it is about creating total transparency so it becomes easier to pick the right solutions. "Knowledge is power, consumers don’t know what is good and what is not, but with clear transparency across you processes and products you can show them you are doing the right thing. Dare to do something different." •


Montys experts.indd 21

11/26/19 05:54 PM


Cradle to cradle thinking... Rapid Action Packaging (RAP) specialises in delivering consumer packaging to the evolving food industry KEVIN VYSE HEAD OF TECHNICAL "Never has it been a more pertinent time for businesses to embrace the sustainable trade, and packaging is at the heart of that. There was a tsunami of public opinion following the Blue Planet programme but it has led to a plethora of knee-jerk reactions and bad decisions based on poor science. "The evidence points firmly to the fact that, although plastic pollution is totally unacceptable, carbon increase is even worse. In Europe, focus on the Circular Economy means designing single trip products (ie: make/sell/dispose) is now something from the past. All European manufacturers should now be designing for rotability, recycling or composting so long as the net result produces less carbon footprint than previous iterations. "But here we open a real can of worms and we find that many of the so-called sustainable solutions (paper instead of plastic or aluminium instead plastic etc) are far bigger contributors to The amount of airline waste that is avoidable

The percentage of unused F&B in waste



the carbon baseline than plastic. Compostable materials are essentially non-circular materials and so do not move the dial at all from where we started. Recycling has many advantages as it reduces the demand on virgin materials, creates an industry based on material reuse and also keeps carbon demand down. "Thinking Circular from the very start is, I believe, the only way to create anything now. Cradle to cradle rather than cradle to grave. Reusing materials that are already in circulation rather than growing or mining new ones. "The future holds grim challenges. Costs will rise, businesses will come under pressure and resources will run out, so making the best use of human and material resource in the airline industry is paramount. "Some key requirements for a successful future are a single database all parties can use to assess materials used for products; a single standard for plastic used in airline packaging; more designing for circularity and the provision of the right recycling processes; vertically integrated waste management so waste becomes tangible resource; and better public communication that explains that, sometimes, for the survival of the planet, well-managed plastic is the best option. •

PATHWAYS TO PROGRESS Thinking circular from the very start is the only way to create anything now. Think cradle to cradle, not cradle to grave

In action

Aviation plays a role in 15 of the 17 United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals through passenger engagement, education, and wider environmental initiatives

CORSIA, the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation, will mitigate around 2.5 billion tonnes of CO2 and generate over $40 billion in climate finance between 2021 and 2035

IATA targets currently aim to halve net aviation carbon emissions by 2050


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Pure (upper) class Introducing the greenest amenity kit in the sky featuring a ‘goodie bag’ that’s full of firsts for Virgin Atlantic.

Socks by

Skincare by



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a c h g n an i k a




In an increasingly eco-aware world, the aviation sector is struggling to generate good PR. Jo Austin went in search of those airlines that are at least trying to make a change


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he aviation industry contributes between 2% and 4% of the world’s greenhouse gases depending on your source and calculations, and creates 6.1 million tonnes of cabin waste each year (source IATA), a figure set to double in the decade. Beyond the extraordinary tales of biofuels and reducing fuel consumption, there is other good news from airlines making it their priority to change and reduce their carbon footprint.

Air New Zealand

PLEDGE Committed to sustainable sourcing that mutually benefits the airline, its suppliers and its customers. Based on the United Nations Global Compact principles, ANZ has achieved positive assurance from suppliers representing over 93% of its spend that they meet this code, and is aiming for 100% assurance by 2020. ACTION Removing nearly 55 million singleuse plastic items this year while rolling out coffee cups of plant-based material across its network. The first airline to serve the plant-based ‘Impossible burger’. Has converted 52% of its New Zealand ground equipment to electric and aiming at 92% by December 2020.

British Airways

PLEDGE Parent company, IAG, has committed to achieving net zero CO2 emissions by

2050. BA's £6.5bn investment programme includes new aircraft, new technology, sustainable fuels and operational change to support the environment. From January 2020, BA it will offset carbon emissions on all its domestic flights. It is reducing single-use plastics onboard, sourcing sustainable alternatives and introducing initiatives to reduce waste and increase recycling. ACTION BA’s new First duvet is made from recycled plastic bottles and its World Traveller Plus amenity kit is made from recycled plastic. Plastic wrapping for Club World amenity kits has been reduced by 6.5 tonnes annually. Retail customers get a discount on tea or coffee if they bring their own cups, and reusable water bottles are encouraged. Bamboo swizzle sticks have cut 25 tonnes of single use plastic annually and World Traveller earbuds are now offered in the Flying Start donations envelope - a change which cut 11.5 tonnes of plastic a year from onboard service.

Bottom left: Meat substitutes such as Air New Zealand's Impossible Burger are putting sustainable ingredients on the menu


Has a sustainability strategy driven by route analysis designed to better match loading to demand. This has resulted in significant reductions in waste and emissions. ACTION 12 million plastic stirrers and 170 million plastic straws are being replaced with bamboo and birchwood. Removal of plastic wrap from international Main cabin cutlery will eliminate more than 300,000 pounds of plastic waste annually – the weight of two Boeing 757 aircraft. The airline is also removing plastic wrapping from Delta One amenity kits, and reducing styrofoam in HQ cafeterias in favour of compostable and/ or reusable alternatives, and sourcing noncompostable plates, utensils, bowls and buffet dishware for its 51 airport lounges. PLEDGE

Cathay Pacific

PLEDGE Committed to 'using resources responsibly, increasing efficiency, and purposefully reducing the waste'. ACTION Has run Fly Greener initiatives tripling carbon offsetting of passengers, and and claims a world first through use of OmniPork, a


for your favourite in Catering Innovation of the Year onboardhospitality.com


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Professional wash-up systems for Inflight Catering 26 / AIRLINE SUSTAINABILITY

Hygiene and cleanliness – welcome on board

Fly on the wings of perfection in terms of cleanliness, hygiene and safety: MEIKO Inflight Catering warewashing systems. Security and safety are the most important values an airline can offer today. A great number of checks are required before the captain and cabin crew of an aircraft are finally able to welcome the first passenger on board. This includes, making certain that travellers will receive a clean and hygienic service. With our warewashing systems for Inflight catering, we at MEIKO stand for a clean and perfect start. Whether you are city-hopping or launching for a long haul flight, MEIKO’s professional warewashing systems are guaranteed to reach the recommended level in purity, hygiene and cleanliness without comprise. This is the reason why you can find our technology everywhere around the globe where reliability, safety and efficiency count – from small business airports to large international traffic hubs. Discover the versatility of our tailor-made warewashing systems. Find out what we at MEIKO call the clean solution. www.meiko-global.com

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11/26/19 01:52 PM 18/10/2019 10:10 16.10.2019 10:20:27

19 10:10 0:20:27


plant-based, climate-friendly pork alternative, the most consumed meat in the world, accounting for nearly 40% of global meat production. Has also been serving Beyond Meat, a beef alternative and has added sustainable luxury skincare and lifestyle brand, Bamford, to its premium bedding, amenities, and washroom products.


PLEDGE In an on going commitment to the environment, the airline will reduce its single-use plastic usage by 80% by the end of 2022, across the entire organisation. It was the first and so far only airline in the Middle East to commit to United Nations’ sustainable development goals (STGs). ACTION Inaugurated a locally-sourced biofuel flight and the longest single-use plastic free flight in 2019. Linda Celestina, vp guest services and delivery, says: The consumer is looking for responsible airlines, we are resource heavy, we produce a lot of nasties, and the key to change is partnerships with suppliers that can help. The aviation sector is very challenging because of fuel burn but we can help empower the guest to ‘choose well’ and if we know what they choose we can cut cabin waste. The amount of waste is mortifying!"


PLEDGE Operations will be as sustainable as possible through initiatives ranging from flying more fuel-efficient aircraft to using washable cups rather than disposables. ACTION Through its LIFE Zero Waste Cabin programme Iberia is recovering 80% of waste product in aircraft cabins for recycling. Initiatives to reduce the use of plastic by 68.5 tonnes include: paper wrapping of blankets and duvets, removing plastic wrap from headphones and children's long haul kits, switching to bamboo swizzle sticks and paper drinking straws.



Launched a ‘Fly Responsibly’ campaign this year encouraging passengers to question how and why they fly and reduce their impact, as well as encouraging best practice operational innovations. It is concentrating on sustainable, fairtrade, welfare certified catering. ACTION All products are registered into roundtable organisations (RTRS=Roundtable

Responsible Soy and RSPO=Roundtable Palm Oil). Says Matrix de Vries, food specialist outstations at KLM: “It’s like buying green energy. We pay extra so we receive certificates. The extra money goes to sustainable farms. Since it is logistically not possible to have a separate supply chain for sustainable soy or palm oil, in this way the volume of sustainably produced soy/palm oil will increase and hopefully one day all of these products will be sustainably produced.” Other sustainable initiatives include: chocolates from CO2ZERO, replacement meat offerings, aluminum and PET recycling, strict animal friendly policies on fish and meat products. Collaborations with Marfo to source locally (max 50km) for around 70% of the ingredients.

Above: Etihad's plastic-free flight saw the Cupffee edible cup take flight

Singapore Airlines

PLEDGE Is committed to replacing single-use plastics with alternative sustainable materials for inflight items and is now plastic straw-free. ACTION Is using data collection, AI and machinelearning to better predict its


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Recognising innovation in the passenger experience This prestigious airline award will recognise cabinwide innovation created by multiple touchpoints. Share your new cabin vision be it in style, service, catering or comfort

Cabin Concept of the Year 2020

onboardhospitality.com/awards onboardhospitality.com

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AIRLINE SUSTAINABILITY / 29 customers’ consumption patterns and reduce cabin food waste. It is expanding its “From Farm to Plane” concept which promotes environmental sustainability and supports local farming communities. Through its catering partner SATS, SIA sources certain produce from local hydrophonic farms. Through an initiative with BUZZ, it has replaced polybags from children’s amenities with recyclable FSC-certified paper packaging, which have been sourced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.


TUI Airlines has pledged to reduce single-use plastics by 40 million pieces by 2020. ACTION Over 26 million single use plastics have been removed since 2018. Children’s activity kits are now presented in a paper envelope and feature eco-messaging, encouraging kids to think about reducing plastic waste whilst on holiday. A new sustainable amenity kit is encased in a re-usable bag made from recycled plastic PET

bottles. 1 million pieces of single use plastic has been removed from the kits. Where packaging is still needed for hygiene reasons, this has been achieved using FSC certified paper.

United Airways

PLEDGE Has an Eco Skies programme covering weight reduction, biofuels and partnerships. ACTION United says suppliers must do their homework and understand an airline’s sustainability priorities. They need to understand the service flow goals, processes and objectives and before they offer a new sustainable option, be sure about the waste stream, the way United will be disposing, receiving or segregating the product at the end of its life. All of this goes into the decision making process. The supply chain is key. The more suppliers understand the airline’s processes the more they are able to help find solutions.

Below: Iberia focuses on greater onboard sorting for recycling; while Tui cuts plastics on amenities

Qatar Airways

PLEDGE Committed to developing a holistic approach to sustainability across its operations. ACTION The development and roll out of the airline's new Economy class product has been achieved with a tight focus on eco options and sustainable best practice. Read more page 62.

Virgin Atlantic

PLEDGE Committed to a sustainability programme which works to drive new ways to reduce carbon emissions, and promotes a responsible supply chain. ACTION Working on sustainable amenities programmes (see page 61) and using new eco tableware, cruites and napkin rings. New bedding, was designed to reduce wash loads. Loaded product weight onboard has reduced by 8% in the last three years - that’s an average of 275kg per aircraft and a total 6,408 tonnes reduction across the fleet. This is said to save 4,260 tonnes of carbon emissions. The airline believes it’s important not to jump to plastic alternatives that may have unintended consequences. Where plastic remains the best current option it looks to reduce as much as possible and use either biodegradable plastics or plastics with high recycled content. •

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catering sustainably

forward together Fabio Gamba, the managing director of the Airline Catering Association (ACA), details his two-pronged approach for a greener future

A paradigm shift has put the environment at the top of the agenda. From movements such as #FridaysForFuture to the most recent EU directive banning single-use plastics, the issue of sustainability cannot be ignored. ACA welcomes the single-use plastics ban, though this and other legislation often does not address our industry-specific needs, such as the international regulations preventing airline waste being recycled or reused. It is in all of our interests to find a sustainable way forward to reduce waste while avoiding negative side-effects such as increased emissions due to a weight increase.

Welcome change

Inflight catering straddles different Teaming up industries and sectors, It is in all of our interests such as transport and The inflight catering to find a sustainable way food, so there are many industry is committed to taking action towards forward to reduce waste ways we can go beyond becoming more cutting C02. while avoiding sustainable. Rather than To this effect, we are increased weight reinventing the wheel, forming a think-tank we are discussing with composed of major stakeholders worldwide around the concept a number of trade bodies – Airport Council of the 'farm to fork' value chain and how International (ACI) and Air Transport Action to streamline it. That includes plastics use, Group (ATAG) among others – to understand along with factors, such as the greenhouse how inflight catering can join forces with gases emitted by our high loaders, the current programmes. The commitment to chemical products we use for washing, and reduce CO2 emissions in 2050 to half cabin waste. We are organising a kick-off of 2005's total, is both ambitious meeting on February 4-5, 2020 in Brussels, and widely accepted and anyone with inflight catering expertise is as an important more than welcome. milestone for the transformation of the industry. Looking forward Caterers operate ACA and its members have an important role a significant to play in driving sustainability but we should number of not overlook the fact that this industry vehicles, so we commitment is relatively recent. Long definitely can overdue perhaps, but ACA has been created contribute. a year ago precisely with that in mind. • onboardhospitality.com

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New IFSA president, James Ball of Flying Food Group, turns the spotlight on industry collaboration


he year ahead is going to be challenging and my goal is to continue the great work already underway at IFSA to increase membership value and promote active membership participation. The mission is to help the industry navigate through the challenges it faces, to be the voice of the industry, grow international engagement and ensure we are strongly represented in government affairs. It has been a long time, for example, since the industry had to face such a big issue as the ban on single-use plastics. It’s a big change and there are no easy solutions, but as the trade association, IFSA can be the focal point, pulling together expertise and helping to find answers. Initiatives were discussed in L.A and we were also pleased IFSA's executive director, Lauren Costello, could join the sustainability debate at FTE-APEX Asia EXPO in Singapore. The educational side to IFSA's activities are also increasingly important as a way

to share best practice among members so we can learn from each other.

Working together

The alignment of IFSA with APEX is very positive and enables us to grow our conference activities and EXPOs to provide more thought leadership and more opportunities to share best practice. While we do so much today electronically, there is still a need and great advantage to sometimes coming together face to face, especially when we are all working on similar problems and working on complex issues. On such issues competitors accept they need to get together and find industrywide solutions to global problems that affect both airlines and suppliers

Looking ahead

For this reason, next year in San Diego, California, the IFSA/APEX Expo will include more speaker sessions, educational presentations and targeted roundtable debates designed to encourage further understanding and debate across the industry. This year’s sessions were of a significantly higher level and relevance to what we have done before and this will continue as we encourage more airline CEOs from beyond the region to attend as well as more key caterers. We fully understand that costs and other commitments can make it hard to attend but our role will be to help demonstrate the value of IFSA and ensure our are 'must-attend' events. •


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eyond the dream of bio-fuels and electric aircraft, airlines serious about sustainability are reassessing every element of the supply chain and onboard product for eco alternatives. Here are just some suppliers trying to help...


Albéa Travel Designer is the first cosmetic packaging company to sign the New Global Plastic Commitment from the Ellen McArthur Foundation. This sets ambitious goals on cutting new plastics and requires 100% of plastic packaging to be reusable or recyclable by 2025. It also supports SPICE, the Sustainable Packaging Initiative for Cosmetics which is focused on evolving sustainable cosmetics packaging. The company has a range of ‘I was a banana’ kits made using vegetal fibres. The kits use plant-based fibre materials and are part of an initiative to focus on re-using unwanted products. The fibre is made from the waste matter of banana, pineapple and bamboo production. It is also looking at upcycling opportunities to give airline seats, marketing materials or uniforms a second life; and has developed amenity kits using recycled paper, scrap leather, recycled PET and corn starch. Maxime Ridoux, brand partnership manager, says: "Sustainability is not just a trend now, it is an essential part of an airline's brief."

Bayart Innovations

Positive partners

Airlines need focused and knowledgeable partners to support their sustainability efforts onboard. Here Julie Baxter and Jo Austin highlight some of the innovators in action

Bayart Innovations has been looking to the eco solutions of other industries to find alternatives for inflight. It has already launched a new cork kit and ‘click clack’ snap fastenings that require no zips, and has other sustainable kit solutions still under wraps. “The challenge is to go from talking about eco options to actions, and the price is key. We are working on making things competitive by finding new solutions. Pressure is coming from the political side and international legislation but there is still a lot of greenwashing rather than real change. Once you are convinced you have a good solution you can work to educate the passenger and customer to appreciate the change proposed,” says ceo Albert Facques.


Buzz has three principles of conscious design: Designed For Keeps – making products that


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sustainable suppliers / 35

customers cherish and reuse post flight; Better Materials - using more sustainable materials; Better Practices – evolving best practices with verified, ethical and reliable processes. Key achievements to date include 95 million plastic bottles diverted from landfill by the end of 2019 with ecoTHREAD blankets for Emirates and EVA Air; 13 million singleuse plastic products eliminated by end 2019; 11 sustainable programmes delivered globally.


Diskomat and Wexiödisk are focused on developing dishwashers with minimal environmental impact, without compromising on the result. Their new generation of flight type dishwashers feature innovative techniques to reduce energy, water and chemical consumption by 30%. The latest Trolley Washer uses just two litres of water per full cart.

En Route

En Route launched a ‘Four The Future’ strategy at WTCE built on four principles: to reduce unnecessary packaging without harming performance, remove non-renewable materials which cannot be composted or recycled, replace environmentally damaging materials with kinder alternatives, and reimagine service design and delivery to reduce environmental impact. Its customers are placing a growing emphasis on reducing environmental impacts and En Route has implemented environmental KPIs as a part of its process to further drive improved outcomes. Richard Wake, creative and marketing director, says: “It is really encouraging to see that, almost without exception, every brief we receive now

includes a significant proportion on environmental queries and consideration.”

Galileo Watermark

Committed to ceasing the manufacture of skincare packaging with 100% virgin plastic by the end of 2020. Created Virgin Atlantic's new kraft paper Goodie Bags (see page 68); a recycled PET bag for British Airways and supplied bamboo toothbrushes for Air New Zealand cutting over 60 tons of plastic. Kenny Harmel, director of sustainability, says: "This is only the start for us in our ongoing efforts to minimise waste and incorporate more environmentally-friendly materials into our supply chain and offerings. More initiatives will follow.


Equipment subsidary, deSter, is working to create a circular economy in aviation food packaging and equipment. Its whole portfolio will be solely comprised of these products by 2025. Plastic alternatives include fibre-based products and


Below from left: Emirates blankets made from recycled plastic bottles and supplied by BUZZ. And the 100% bio-base cube for SAS, by deSter


WWW.SKYSUPPLY.DE onboardhospitality.com Untitled-11 1 Products.indd 36 v4 - Sustainable

22/11/2019 16:45 11/26/19 01:52 PM

19 16:45


compostable materials. Innovations include the 100% bio-based SAS cube and cutlery which aims to cut weight by 9,7 tonnes and CO2 emissions by 15% a year. It has supplied plastic-free paper cups for Transavia and the industry’s first soil and marine biodegradable cutlery. More on page 69.


Gispol has launched an ‘environmentally-sensible’ line of cutlery and table set-ups, combining recycled polymer and sustainably-sourced wood fibres, said to eliminate 50% plastic use and reduce the carbon footprint for tableware by 55%.


The Global-C team is passionate about striking a balance between quality, function and value. It won an Onboard Hospitality Award for the Qantas ovenable Noodle Box and is about to launch a compostable or recyclable version of this, as well as a liquid-proof Hot Meal Box which replaces the PET coating with a special material that is ovenable, leak proof, food approved and fully compostable. It was also recognised with an award for its initiative to develop a closed-loop recycling programme for inflight food service products which is currently in trial with one major airline.

Global Inflight Products

Designs and manufactures environmentallyfriendly products for passengers. Its Green Is Possible line includes natural, biodegradable and recyclable products, such as birch and bamboo stirsticks, napkins, cups and even rubbish bags.

John Horsfall

Product designers and textile engineers are turning their attention to packaging-free and added-value design detail to ensure onboard textiles have a longer life and don’t end up in landfill sites. While eco-blankets made from recycled plastic bottles may seem a solution, the company highlights the fact that these fleece fabrics, while cosy and serviceable, do shed microfibres into the water supply. The team favours woven fabrics with a higher spun yarn that doesn’t shed and can enhance the passenger experience too. It is pioneering a textile recycling programme through which it takes back onboard blankets and redistributes them to charities or recycle. Many fabrics can have a second life in other industries including within building and insulation products.

IN Air Travel Experience

Has developed the IN.bowl, which rethinks service delivery to offer a larger meal with fewer service items in an holistic, sustainable concept designed to reduce costs, catering, complexity, handling and waste. It is estimated to cut the need for single-use plastics by 55-100%, generating space and weight savings.

Above: Global-C's fully compostable Hot Meal Box. Left: Eco options from Kaelis


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Stainless steel at disposable price LIGHT WEIGHT

Environment-friendly Smart automated production Recycle program available

LIGHTWEIGHT standard collection

Models can be supplied in different size configurations

Stainless Steel 100% Recyclable

Safe the FORREST

Safe The sealife

100% Chemical free

Premium look and feel

www.sola-airlinecutlery.com onboardhospitality.com

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15:42 19 16:36


– saving 16 tonnes of plastic a year. MNH looks for the best ‘end of life’ option too for inflight textiles and amenity kits, diverting from landfill using stringent raw material segregation and recycling.

Kaelis is committed to providing OBS eco-friendly solutions which include products made of recyclable materials; rotatable equipment with high-quality materials; and special materials to replace single-use plastics. Its portfolio includes items from bamboo, PLA/CPLA, wood, palm leaf, rice husk or sugar cane (bagasse).


Linstol has launched a line of biodegradable disposable bamboo napkins made from 100% renewable natural bamboo fibres with a lower carbon footprint than reusable alternatives. More absorbent than standard linen napkins, the range is available in dinner and cocktail sizes and can carry the airline branding. "These complement our growing range of eco-friendly cabin products, such as the Linstol Super Cup,” says Bill Carrejo, Linstol’s director of sales and sustainability.


Malton Inflight

Malton BioD designs and manufactures plantbased compostable foodservice packaging, sourced from renewable, low carbon or recycled materials. Learn more page 67.


MNH Sustainable Cabin Services works with Virgin Atlantic to redesign, reuse and recycle non-catering waste. Headsets are specifically designed for reconditioning and re-use with the sponge padding used to surface equestrian centres; while plastics can be reconstituted to make picnic benches. Headsets are wrapped in Virgin’s charity envelopes

Orvec's Spunbond Polypropylene (SBPP) nonwoven products and Luna range are 100% recyclable. Recycled fills are also available for pillows and RPET fabrics are becoming more common, although expensive. Eco-friendly earth inks are also now available for printing (cutting out oil-based inks and solvents). BCI cotton (Better Cotton Initiative) grown in a way that reduces stress on the local environment and improves local livelihoods is also part of the portfolio.

Below from left: Albea's Salpa collection; and In Air Travel Experience's IN.bowl

RMT Global Partners

RMT reports growing demand for smaller inflight items with eco credentials and has added sustainable bar items to its portfolio including compostable paper drinking straws and sustainably sourced bamboo and birch stir sticks.


Working with airlines worldwide to support sustainable long term solutions across the

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inflight experience. The team implements Life Cycle Analyses and runs stakeholder workshops to identify need and develop new materials to use across the whole value chain as well as designing processes which will foster the circular economy.


for your favourite in Onboard Kids Kit/Service/ Catering onboardhospitality.com


Skysupply exercises as many best practices as it can across its design to delivery model to ensure sustainability and ethnic sourcing are a major focus of its value proposition. It also looks to reduce mileage in the supply chain through efficiency in logistics, and replaces plastics with more recyclable materials as a matter of course. Kits and amenities are also being packaged differently and sourced with greater integrity.

WK Thomas Above from left: SPIRIANT's eco packaging; and Bayart Innovations' Clic Clac closing, cork amenity kit

Over the past six months, WK Thomas has been developing new cutlery and sealing films to address the need for more sustainable pre-packed cutlery onboard. It believes it is the first company in the UK to launch recycled cutlery made from

97% recycled plastic – rPET. The team believes there are strong environmental arguments for using disposables made from recyclable materials even where legislation on food waste makes end of life disposal prohibitive. The lifecycle of a material is the key consideration. It is also using renewable resources such as natural birch ply cutlery and cpla (cornstarch) utensils which can be composted with food waste. These can be paired with a fully compostable paper of film wrapper, condiment kit and a sustainably-sourced napkin.


Made of 100% renewable resources and BPIcertified compostable, VerTerra’s Dinnerware From Fallen Leaves is a sustainable alternative to paper and plastic plates. No felled trees, chemicals, waxes, dyes or additives are used in the production. The company also offers collapsable catering boxes and cheese/charcuterie boards made of balsa wood with a rice paper liner. Michael Dwork, ceo, says: "There is no magical unicorn when it comes to choosing the right sustainable product – that doesn’t exist. We have to have some very frank conversations about eco products and the costs because this is a new market. There are so many intermediaries in the supply chain claiming to go green that airlines are getting very mixed messages about what is best. Take steps to learn what is out there, commit to thoughtful, deliberate change. Companies can go horribly wrong if they just throw everything away and claim great green credentials with something new. Take a step by step, informed approach.” •


v4 - Sustainable Products.indd 40

11/26/19 01:54 PM





+1 (310) 477-4272


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Ocean alert

Cruise companies promote the joy of our oceans as part of their appeal. Jo Austin looks at their onboard initiatives to protect these critical assets


he health of our planet is dependent upon the health of our oceans. In a world where pieces of plastic could one day out number the fish in our seas, it is encouraging to learn of initiatives being undertaken by cruise lines worldwide.

Carnival Corporation

Carnival Corporation claims it is on track to meet its 2020 sustainability goals across its nine cruise line brands. Its key objectives include reducing its carbon footprint, improving ships’ air emissions, reducing waste generation and improving water use efficiency. Some 46% of the company’s fleet is now equipped with capability to use shoreside electric power when docked.

Fred. Olsen

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines was the first cruise line to work with environmental campaigning organisation, City to Sea, as part of its Refill Campaign. Thomas Rennesland, hotel operations director, says: “We make our living out of the sea so we need to do all we can to conserve this precious

environment and safeguard it for marine life and the enjoyment of generations to come. We are making great efforts to eliminate single-use plastics across our fleet, and removing singleuse plastic water bottles is one of the biggest changes we can make. Plastic jam, butter and milk portions have been replaced, and plastic laundry bags are now linen.”


The cruise line is committed to sustainability through a number of initiatives including being a member of the IAATO (International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators) that aims to protect the Antarctic. The company is also involved in the Clean Up Svalbard project around Spitsbergen which collects and carefully disposes of rubbish. All unnecessary plastic has been removed onboard, and in a bid to reduce fuel and energy consumption Hapag-Lloyd is using barges or trains rather than trucks in port.

MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises has been awarded the 2019 ‘Greenest Shipowner of the Year’ Neptune Award at the Global Sustainable Shipping and Ports Forum in Denmark. The award is given every year to a shipping company that has shown excellence


CRUISE ocean feature .indd 42

11/25/19 03:22 PM


in reducing the environmental impact of its fleet’s day-to-day operation. Some 74% of MSC Cruises’ passenger capacity is already covered by innovative hybrid exhaust gas cleaning systems, and it is making a €5 billion investment in five LNG-powered ships that will enter service between 2022 and 2027, and all its cruise ships launched from 2017 onwards can ‘plug in’ to the local power grid at port.


The world’s largest expedition cruise company this year launched the first hybrid-powered cruise ship equipped with battery packs, and has pledged to transform three further expedition vessels with the same ground-breaking green technology and low-emission engines. The Hurtigruten Foundation funds sustainability projects globally, conserving endangered species, fighting marine and plastic pollution, and financially supporting projects at over 200 destinations in more than 30 countries.

Norwegian Cruise Line

In an effort to reduce single-use plastics, NCL has pledged to eliminate the use of 50 million plastic straws each year across its fleet and two island destinations. As a member of Ocean

Conservancy’s Trash Free Seas Alliance, NCL is actively working towards solutions that will mitigate plastic waste.

Royal Caribbean Cruises

The cruise company’s 2020 environmental goals form part of its ‘seastainability’ programme set up in 2017. Its three focus areas are emission reduction, sustainable sourcing and destination stewardship. The company claims that whenever possible the waste on its ships is reused, recycled or converted to energy in its ‘journey to zero waste’. It is buying more sustainable and humane products, like MSC-certified seafood and cagefree eggs, and is working across its supply chain to support a more circular economy.

Regent Seven Seas

As part of its Sail & Sustain environmental programme, the luxury ocean cruise line has pledged to eliminate the use of around two million plastic bottles annually across the fleet by serving Vero still and sparkling water. An onboard purification and filling process will enable the cruise line to serve water in glass bottles. •


for your favourite in Onboard Service Equipment onboardhospitality.com


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Next-gen ambiants Do Food has developed a new range of light-weight, ambiant meals it believes can help transform the airline waste challenge. Julie Baxter discovers more


avid Lau Chi Wai, of Do Food, is a man with a passion. A food scientist with over 25 years experience of inflight catering, he is on a mission to pioneer new, sustainable inflight catering solutions and believes he has just hit gold. In the past two years his business has invested $3 million in R&D, new machinery and techniques, to produce a new meal product which he believes is an industry-first in terms of its sustainability credentials. The new production process freezes meals fast to -40 degrees under vaccum conditions, it then extracts all the water content in a 20-hour process and creates a final ambiant product that will remain fresh on the store shelf for up to three years.

Ambiant advantages

David explains: "Removing all but one per cent of the water content means the meal weighs one third of its original weight - that gives an immediate saving on fuel burn.



retains the ingredients' vibrant colours Airlines and caterers just add water and moist, freshly-cooked quality prior to serving and heat, and they when served. Our aluminium trays only do that to the exact numbers are sealed with clear film so they they require so there is no more look appealing from the moment the estimating or inevitable waste from passenger receives over-loading. The them and even rice is product is dry stored as moist as if cooked so no electricity is This is the new in a home rice required for chilling cooker." or freezing, and in generation of addition it is very ambiants airlines price competitive." have been waiting for Problem solved? Removing all the The new factory can water also means bacteria cannot produce 22,500 meals a day with full grow so the food remains fresh Halal and HACCP certification. David without any added preservatives. adds: "This is the future, especially David believes this is the solution for LCCs, for special meals and to airlines have been waiting for and is address the problems of flight delays. already working with SIA, Lufthansa, This is a new generation of ambiant Qatar and Lion Thai to name a few. meals the airlines have been waiting He says: "We use the best of natural for. It needed time, knowledge and ingredients mostly from our home investment to achieve it but now it will market, Thailand, and find the process solve the problem of food waste." • onboardhospitality.com

Do Food - FO.indd 45

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11/25/19 03:48 PM


Located in Hall A3, surrounded by many first-time exhibitors, networking areas and VIP Buyers Lounge, the 2020 programme will be moderated and designed by former Onboard Hospitality editor, Jo Austin



Eco theme

The 2020 programme will address current and future issues around packaging, supply chain transparency and next-gen eco demands. There will be live demonstrations from top chefs and exclusive presentations from passenger experience professionals and experts in sustainability. More details on the programme will be released in the coming months.

Show dates

Taste of Travel is located within WTCE, the leading event for the travel catering, onboard retail and passenger comfort industries. The event will run at the Hamburg Messe from March 31 – April 2 2020, as part of Passenger Experience Week, and aims to be a hotbed of innovation.


Today’s passengers expect the services available to them in the air or on the railways to mirror the standards of any out of home outlet, so innovations towards a greener offering, a connected journey and passenger wellbeing will be top of the agenda for most attending buyers.

See you at...

Taste of Travel MARCH 31 – APRIL 2 HALL A3 Onboard Hospitality is pleased to confirm it will again partner with the organisers of WTCE to present an inspirational Taste of Travel programme in Hamburg for 2020, themed around sustainability

In association with

Co-located with Aircraft Interiors Expo, WTCE will cover Halls A1, A3 and A4 and expects over 350 exhibitors. Among those confirmed to exhibit are amenities specialist AK Services and Skysupply, textiles supplier EuroGOODNIGHT and catering giants LSG Sky Chefs, Do & Co. and dnata.


Among first-time exhibitors will be Bord Bia – Ireland’s dedicated food board – and leading Italian cuisine producer, Barilla, and The Gourmet Center. Cocktail House Swiss will showcase the world’s first ready-to-drink cocktails and For Aisha will bring a unique halalcertified baby food brand to the show.

Greener offer

Among those exhibitors focused on the sustainability topic will be The Humble Co with its bamboo toothbrush and Global-C with compostable cutlery sets and fully recyclable meal kits.

What's new

The What’s New Onboard and Spotlight on Travel Apparel areas will also return, and the free-to-attend Drinks Reception will be sponsored by Heineken on March 31. The Business Meeting Hub will be available to VIP visitors.•


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Green routes

Rail has eco credentials it is only just beginning to fully appreciate. Roger Williams, md Explore Catering, discovers sustainability initiatives on the tracks


or the last decade rail companies have, with one or two exceptions, tinkered around the edges of environmental best practice, wanting to look good but not inclined to spend much. But with new electric high-speed trains becoming the most environmentally-friendly way to travel from centre to centre, it has suddenly dawned on train operating companies (TOCs) that they have an amazing marketing message – trains are greener than both short-haul flights and long-distance road journeys. This message is driving new consumer behaviour and, naturally, TOCs want to maximise their advantage and are looking to their own practice, and that of their catering supply chain, to strengthen their green credentials further.

be awarded a star by the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA). With a second awarded in 2014, it is now reviewing again its entire food and drink operation aiming to achieve a third star by 2020. Fruit and veg is mostly seasonal, LEAF certified (Linking Environment And Farming) and grown in the UK organically. Ingredients are free from genetic modification, sourced from sustainable farmers committed to high environmental standards and Fairtrade or organic if possible. Meat must be indigenous, naturally fed, free range and easily traceable. They never serve white veal or foie gras. Similarly fish must be indigenous and from under-used species of fish, avoiding endangered species altogether. A featured beer or cider of the month is also always sourced locally.

Sustainable food

Sustainability benchmark

Many are focusing hard on responsibly sourcing more sustainable products. Leading the pack is Eurostar whose food sourcing has been at the forefront of sustainable solutions since 2012 when it became the first transport operator to

According to my research, 64% of passengers put sustainability benefits (both social and environmental) in the top three most important factors for choosing rail travel. So suppliers should sense-check their products for functionality and


V3 railsustainability_4.indd 48

11/25/19 03:51 PM


price, closely followed by impact on personal and then collective wellbeing. The more relevant a supplier’s provenance is to a TOC the better. Equally global innovations, like Fairtrade, are welcome too, all forming part of a “sustainability benchmark”.

Waste reductions

The bad publicity around single-use plastics helped spur caterer, RG, working with LNER to remove remove 2.3m plastic tumblers from the supply provenance and rotable style has added a touch chain, reducing single-use plastic to landfill by of luxury to GWR’s Pullman services, with linen around 30 tonnes annually. tablecloths saving on paper cloths and paper RG also reduced the plastic used in LNER’s place mats, and there’s no single-use plastic in sandwich packaging in 2018/19 equivalent to sight as the full silver service uses proper cutlery, another by 676kg. And, by using Harrogate Water crockery and glassware. All products on the menus onboard, all LNER’s water bottles are made from are cooked freshly onboard using local produce, 50% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable, reducing food miles, whether including the label and lid. that’s the Welsh Great Eurostar also moved water Westerner breakfast, with the supplier to Radnor Water whose water bottles are made RG is holding workshops famous Glamorgan sausage and free-range eggs from from 51% recycled plastic. to find new ways rail local farms; or for dinner the Additionally, all meal lids used operators can cut waste, seared West Country fillet are now made from 100% save energy, and increase steak, or spiced apple crumble recycled plastic. sustainability in the with rich Cornish custard. Pushing passengers towards supply chain In Austria OBB is involved in apps, QR codes and smart a special project which strives phone tickets has also cut the to increase the variety of heritage grains available amount of paper used for tickets for Great Western and preserve biodiversity. The resulting produce is Railway (GWR) and Eurostar - 30% down for the used in its signature organic breakfast muesli. latter. Others such as RENFE in Spain have advance online meal selection services – minimising food waste by ensuring no food is over-loaded and Recyclability reducing the need for printed menus, although this Finnish railways (VR) offers restaurant cars that is only really practical where mains have to only serve Finnish food and a takeaway service. be reserved in advance. Using in a paper carrier bag that acts as the Using locally-sourced products with regional collector for recyclable waste it has helped to

VOTE NOW... for your favourite in Wellbeing Onboard



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remove single-use plastic from their food offer and for drinks, glass bottles are used wherever available on a like-for-like product basis. In the UK, Virgin Trains has donated blankets, scarves and dog coats which have been made from old staff uniforms to homeless charities. The upcycled clothes were transformed by prisoners at HM Prison Northumberland at their onsite textiles factory. This initiative follows a partnership with Change Please Coffee which used profits generated from a contract with Virgin Trains to recruit more people who have

Untitled-3 1

V3 railsustainability_4.indd 50


experienced homelessness to be trained as baristas. Other community initiatives have seen London & North Eastern Railway (LNER) join pupils of Weston St Mary School in Lincolnshire and the Carbon Footprint organisation to plant 150 trees within the school grounds, part of a tree planting programme that will add a total of 2,800 native broadleaf trees to locations along the East Coast mainline. More ideas are emerging all the time and RG (previously Rail Gourmet) is pioneering a collaborative approach by holding industry wide CSR Workshops – seminars that bring together RG, train operating companies and leading suppliers. The workshops aim to seek new ways to save the planet by reducing waste, saving energy, increasing sustainability in the supply chain and increasing the use of smart technology. Rail operators are clearly beginning to recognise this is an issue worth investing in. Watch this space for further developments. •

17/10/2019 09:38

11/25/19 03:51 PM


A greener vision A new generation of trailblazers now leads the International Rail Catering Group, committed to developing rail as increasingly inclusive and sustainable in the digital age


eautiful destinations demand our attention and inspire us to protect their environment. And great onboard hospitality should do the same… enthusing the passenger to travel sustainably again and again. This his was the visionary environmental message to rail caterers at IRCG’s General Assembly, held in the inspiring cities of Vienna and Linz, Linz, and hosted hosted by the leading ding Austrian rail caterer, DoN Travel, with a fantastic banquet laid on by DoN’s own catering staff at the Palais Schönburg.

New age leadership

Following an excellent four-year term, which saw IRCG expand its exhibition and membership activities, president Mike La Malfa announced his retirement. A new generation of IRCG leaders stepped forward, with Petr Pospisil, coo of JLV, voted new president and Daniela Corboz, ceo of Elvetino, as new vice-president. Both are driving forces for diversity and youth, and share a vision of sustainable onboard service excellence based firmly in the digital age. Their ‘change’ agenda will bring a new social media strategy, increased networking and advancement of sustainability best practice initiatives.

New members

sustainable train travel. IRCG welcomed four new members. Credit too for joint second place London and North Eastern Railway finalists – DoN Travel for its advanced (LNER) joined as a full member, while crew management IT system three specialist suppliers joined the completely removing paper from supplier category management – ECR Retail processes and JLV’s Systems, Kaelis 'Mr Maurer’s dining Expect to see more table' online booking and Ratcliffe & Brown. All concept showing just social media bring significant engagement by train how inventive IRCG rail industry members really are. caterers experience to Expect to see the group. growing social media engagement by train caterers – focused increasingly on IInnovation leisure as well as business travellers This year’s Most Innovative – with more effort to raise awareness Caterer award went to Elvetino, of great local provenance, packaging led by Daniela Corboz, for ‘going and single-use plastic reductions and the extra mile’ in delivering a really generally promoting a sustainable great concept, maximising local journey experience. • menu provenance and using social media to encourage Picture caption: Belvedere Palace, Vienna onboardhospitality.com

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Putting global food and beverage solutions on board for 30 years

A lot has changed in 30 years. For AMI one thing has not—our enthusiasm for bringing


solutions to our customers in an ever-changing landscape. We take this opportunity to thank you: our customers, suppliers, and team members for your support during the past 30 years. amigrp.com 14584 AMI 30yr ad 2 020419 .indd 1

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Global Solutions 2/4/19 10:49 AM

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11/25/19 04:22 PM

HOW TO... / 53

How to...

be a sustainable supplier Suppliers looking to tick the right boxes on sustainability need to make sure their credentials properly stack up, says Roger Williams MAKE A PLAN

Know where you stand. Have details of your carbon footprint and offsetting in place, along with an up-to-date environmental policy. Show how you manage your environmental impact e.g. waste reductions, energy savings, air quality improvements and avoid habitat destruction. Have data to support how successful you are.


If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Companies respect those that apply auditable processes (e.g. ISO 14001) and provide data for continuous improvement.

but remain easy to open and be biodegradable or fully recyclable.



Get certification from relevant authorities for your field. Check how the market views different certifications and if there are minimum standards you need to achieve (e.g. MCS for fish). Leave enough time to qualify.


Full traceability is a priority, and means demonstrating your product’s journey from field to plate. Be prepared for exclusivity demands that might limit your outreach.


Remove excessive outer wrapping to help reduce logistics waste and design out as much consumer packaging as possible. It needs to be robust to withstand handling,

Understand sustainability factors and priorities for operators, look up their CSR vision and values online and find common ground. If supplying a caterer, know theirs too.

FACT FILE Support local causes and show your company makes a difference Invest in your people – that speaks volumes about your business

Be ethical - high standards of governance are essential, as is diversity and safety For further advice contact roger@ thecatering explorer.com


Show how your product helps improve customers’ health. Can it feed a particular trend, help passengers relax or satisfy certain allergen free demographics (allergens are top of every caterer’s agenda at present)?


Use digital technology and other automation to make processes more sustainable and efficient. •


Sustainable Supplier - How to.indd 53

11/26/19 10:59 AM

Join the leading global event for travel catering, onboard retail and passenger comfort Source innovative products and services from over 350 international suppliers. Network with over 4,000 onboard professionals including 800 airline and rail buyers. Be inspired by thought provoking presentations and demonstrations.

SAVE THE DATE 31 March - 2 April 2020 worldtravelcateringexpo.com Co-Located with:

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Organised by:

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WE HAVE TO SHOW AIRLINES HAVE A SUSTAINABLE VISION No-one thinks it's going to be easy but airlines need to focus on the lifecycle impact of their actions, says Jeffrey Goh,, ceo Star Alliance


ustainability is a critical topic. It impacts the customer, employees, investors and the environment. We are looking at how we can drive sustainability and communication around the network. The airline sector has been doing a lot – investing in modern aircraft, efficient engines and new fuels. The conversation is as much about emissions as it’s about efforts to reduce waste, reuse product and recycling. We have to counter the negativity often targeted at our sector and show that airlines have a sustainable vision. We can help airlines identify opportunities for joint procurement and offsets. At airports, for example, we can use a combined voice to push for better airport recycling facilities To achieve 100% sustainability in the aviation sector is going to be a challenge but what is key is to consider the entire lifecycle impact

of actions, and have clear analysis of this rather than seeking quick fixes which may have unintended or less positive consequences. For example, as many local regulations require food associated products to be burnt, changing and investing in recyclable products may be pointless.

Navigating the challenges

All airlines are trying to deliver a better experience. The challenges are price, resource and vision. Innovation is in the DNA of the likes of SIA and Lufthansa but others have had different priorities and all carriers face local rules and regulations, differing labour agreements and cultures. There are nuances that are not always appreciated but which really do impact onboard operations.

Championing best practice

Through the Star Alliance we try to find ways to navigate the individual challenges airlines face by championing the best practice that we see. Our members share their understanding of their home nation’s culture, share expectations and as a result improve the experience for all. Sustainability is another area where sharing innovation in a non-competitive way we can enhance travel for all. And if we use technology to give passengers more control of their journey we can both improve their experience and make operational efficiencies, whether it's through pre-ordering of food, biometrics or digital connectivity that supports smoother journeys. •


V3 Star Alliance - In Convo.indd 55

11/26/19 11:49 AM

NEED SOME HELP WITH YOUR SOURCING? Onboard Finder has what you’re looking for. Check out what’s currently trending...

Sweet treats? SEARCH... RESULT:

JULES DESTROOPER: An artisan bakery range, focused on pure, full flavours and no preservatives or colourings. It uses only the best quality ingredients for a wide portfolio of biscuits from ginger and almond thins to butter crisps, florentines and waffles.

ONBOARD FINDER onboardhospitality.com/finder

Onboard-Finder-ad-75.indd 2

Bespoke solutions? SEARCH... RESULT:

AMI: AMI specialises in conceiving, designing and sourcing bespoke products using its own design studio and the expertise of a global supply base. It features over 3,000 products for bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions in disposables, rotables, comfort, hygiene and janitorial supplies.

Time for tea? SEARCH... RESULT

TWININGS: This company thinks tea is the most exciting thing in the world. With a host of Master Blenders and flavour experts, it prides itself on challenging the status quo of tea, building on a history dating back to 1706. It offers quality teas from Earl Grey and English Breakfast to Chai Lattes and super fruity infusions.

For more information, contact: Sue.Williams@onboardhospitality.com or Craig.McQuinn@onboardhospitality.com

11/26/19 05:35 PM

HOW TO... / 57

How to...

cut waste with tech Airbus is evolving cabin tech to provide digital catering and service solutions that could help cut waste, Julie Baxter discovers more about its connected cabin vision SET THE ARCHITECTURE

Airlines know they need to cut waste and now aircraft manufacturer Airbus is working to provide digital tools embedded across the aircraft that could help. The Airspace connected cabin project aims to develop an Internet of Things platform for the cabin, and Ronald Sweers, product director galleys and lavatories at Airbus, explains: "We are building a backbone architecture, an eco-system for the cabin that can connect all elements of service to the caterer and crew, and empower them with new digital tools with which to do their job."

to connect that cabin service digitally too, to help put personalisation at the heart of service onboard.�


The connected cabin will link galleys, seats, overhead bins, toilets, IFE and more and will include opportunities for the crew to quickly check the status of every element of the service through their devices; receiving alerts and updates when they need to act.


Sweers adds: "We realised that there is no good, real-time data available digitally to the crew, there is a break in the chain, so we built an endto-end data chain working with a caterer to support better loading and service delivery. Gate Group was already committed to enabling a more digitalised personalised experience through its partnership with Black Swan but we recognised that as a manufacturer we needed


FACT FILE This cabin tech could alert crew when toilet rolls run out through weight sensors It could monitor precise trolley temperatures to cut food waste

It could provide welcome messaging at the aircraft door or on bulk heads It could support at seat sales and free crew to engage more directly for sales or service

He predicts a connected cabin will be flying within two years and will support more accurate loadings, inform crew quickly on the contents of every trolley and match preordered products to seat numbers instantly. It will make the logistics of service delivery easier and more efficeint, and with weight and temperature sensors embedded in the trolleys it will ensure meals not served can be proven to have remained within health and safety limits and hence reloaded rather than going to waste.


"It is a relatively simple system but by adding features it will make a big difference," Sweers concludes.•


Airbus How to.indd 57

11/26/19 01:55 PM

Delicious egg specialities ...

y l e t i s i u q . x d e e r a ... prep Gut Springenheide GmbH • Weiner 152 • 48607 Ochtrup • Germany Tel. +49 (0) 25 53/10 22 • Fax 10 25 • E-Mail: info@gutspringenheide.de

Untitled-2 Anzege_onboard_hospitality_OHNE-STOERER-2019_195x258_11-19.indd Untitled-1 1 1

10/11/2019 20:45 11/21/19 05.11.19 08:45 11:36 AM


catering waste

rethink it, now Catering waste is the airline industry's dirty little secret. Marc Warde insists it's time to raise awareness in the campaign for change

With sustainability now firmly on the agenda, it is surely time to tackle catering waste. When you experience this first hand it is utterly shocking and I, like many, have been appalled to see it, and bemused by the legislation that insists on incinerating it all, which doesn't help. We all know there has to be change but what is the solution? Buy-before-you fly and pre-ordering all food for all classes would be revolutionary if it happened. Passengers could either pick up or select at the gate or pre-order so only food certain to be consumed would be loaded. It's already happening on some short-haul and low-cost routes and airports too are offering at-gate Buy-before-you fly and deliveries for their pre-ordering would be outlet sales, so it can be revolutionary if it done.

for the priveleged in premium cabins as for the rest of us so is fine bone china and crystal glass really right any more? More sustainable rotable happened solutions exist and Tell it straight surely every facet Of course in Business needs attention. Clearly if most of the traffic is in the back of the and First this may be a tougher sell. These aircraft it is a sensible place to start but all passengers want choices but do they even areas must be examined. know some choices result in food going in the bin? Controversial as it may seem, raising awareness Make a change of this would There are changes buyers can make. make a switch to Sourcing locally where possible, using pre-order easier. alternative meat proteins and championing If they knew the trustworthy artisan producers helps reality, they could address the issue and gives kudos to your hardly condone menus. Look everywhere from the rubber the waste they on the tyres to the tea and the tea cup. are inadvertently Small things do make a difference and every creating unless little bit helps. Promote everything you're they accepted the doing and ask your customers to invest in change. Special meal your sustainability initiatives too. Look at ordering systems could easily be extended the big and but embrace small changes too. to make this work. It is vital to simply start the journey towards Sustainability is now as much an issue a better way of doing things. • onboardhospitality.com

Marc Ward Opinion.indd 59

11/26/19 10:58 AM


Take back control Anne De Hauw, of In Air Travel believes airlines need to urgently re-evaluate the take-makedispose consumption model. Julie Baxter asks how could this help drive change? Sustainability has become a hot topic. How critical is it that airlines take it seriously and start to behave differently? Environmental sustainability is inevitably becoming an existential topic in the aviation industry. New laws and regulations are forcing action at the same time as passengers are increasingly looking at their own environmental footprint and demanding eco-friendly solutions. BUT WILL MAKING ECO CHANGES REALLY IMPACT AN AIRLINE'S SUCCESS? According to IATA, airlines produced 6.1 million tonnes of waste last year and will produce over 10 million by 2030. A typical airline passenger generates 0.82kg to 2.5kg waste, or 1.43kg on average per flight. 23%

of this waste is untouched food & drinks; 17% is recyclable materials (plastic bottles, newspapers...) but most of that ends up in landfill. To understand the importance of change for the business just imagine the impact on customer experience and satisfaction scores if passengers knew the full story of the waste generated inflight and realised what happens to it post-flight? AIRLINES INSIST THEY ARE MAKING PROGRESS, DON'T YOU AGREE? To compensate their environmental footprint, airlines and airports have been mainly focused on CO2 reduction, carbon footprint off-setting and a less pollutive fleet (fuel savings and biofuel). But with weight being the largest footprint influencer for airlines, an increased focus on waste reduction and better waste management practices are needed.


V3 - In Debtate - Issue 81.indd 60

11/26/19 03:05 PM


WHAT ARE THE OBSTACLES TO CHANGE? This call to action is unlikely to come from airline’s current providers because their business models are often built around volume selling. Hence, airlines need to get back in the driving seat and urgently re-evaluate the take-make-dispose consumption model. They need to drive the change. WHAT SHOULD BE THE GOAL? It is clear that industry practices require transformation into a circular economy: a closed-loop sustainable model to reduce, recover and recycle waste. Shifting the system into a circular model though requires a collaborative way of working and involves everyone in the value chain: airlines, airports, governments, products and service providers, kitchens, waste management companies, recycling plants; even the passenger! WHAT IS THE SOLUTION? Combining forces and controlling the narrative creates multiple opportunities for a unified approach on procurement

Anne De Hauw, of IN Air Travel Experience, is a customer experience curator and active advocate for sustainable change

and recovery. It would allow us to see how waste can be regenerated together; and help evaluate the cost and find operational savings by sourcing commonly used items together. Such a collaborative approach would create real opportunities for airlines and airports to close the gaps in waste recovery, which would add both economic value to the industry’s bottomline and sustainability value to passengers. ARE THERE ANY QUICK FIXES? Yes, if airlines want to start making a difference, simplifying service can quickly help save money, improve the inflight customer experience AND make for a more sustainable operation. If they want to drive change, a pre-emptive, systematic and multistakeholder strategy will support them to leverage the industry's closed and controlled ecosystem AND satisfy passenger, regulatory, community and governing board demands. •


V3 - In Debtate - Issue 81.indd 61

11/26/19 03:06 PM



without waste Qatar Airways last month completed the roll out of its new Economy experience – QUISINE – designed with quality and sustainability at its heart. Julie Baxter looks behind the processes to launch


olling out any airline change takes time and careful planning, and changes across the Economy cabin bring even greater pressures on the pre-launch decision-making process. As Qatar Airways looked to make its Economy class the best in the business, and an active competitor against other airlines’ Premium Economy cabins, Genevieve Rosario, senior manager product development & service design, knew the team had to get it right. Genevieve says: “Economy service is not one you change every day. There is a lot of investment required and you have to get it right first time. We undertook a lot of R&D, benchmarked our competitors, conducted multiple trials and took

input from crew and passengers. We decided on a very bespoke branding – QUISINE – offering passengers a better experience while at the same time addressing the need for long-term, sustainable inflight solutions.”

Size and quality matters

At the heart of the offer was a decision to standardise the meal offering and switch from trays of varying size to a half size, but at the same time offer larger food portion sizes of improved quality – all presented in a style more familiar in retail. Appetiser size was increased 20%, main courses 25%, desserts doubled in size, a 250ml personal bottle of water was offered on every meal tray, and beverage choice was refreshed. Genevieve says: “It seems counter intuitive. If you cut the tray size you assume you must be cutting the offer, but actually we increased the portion size of every element we offer. We focused on cutting inventory but increasing quality and the impact was exciting.”

Eye-catching equipment

The serviceware was specifically designed to add interest and vibrancy in the cabin. Trays in four colours were to be randomly loaded with retail style fully transparent, largely rotable onboardhospitality.com

v2 - Qatar mini feature.indd 62

11/26/19 11:53 AM


equipment, topped with clear, recyclable lids to enhance first impressions. The airlaid napkin has the look and feel of linen, and improved quality stainless steel cutlery makes the setting feel robust and purposeful in a way not often experienced in Economy. A wine glass in sustainable material was introduced to complement the airline's wine selection, which now includes spakling wine. Manuel Guerrero, manager product development, adds: “We eat with our eyes before we even begin to dine so it is important food looks good. We wanted every item served to look colourful and enticing. We wanted to add a touch of sophistication with sparkling wines and cocktail snacks, as well as regional mezze flavours and Arabic breads for regional flights. Working primarily with Qatar Airways Catering Services and Qatar Aircraft Catering Company, the team upgraded the meal quality not just by requiring larger portion sizes but by specifically detailing ‘vibrant, colourful and healthy ingredients in appetisers’, ‘layered and home-made desserts’, ‘chunkier fruit pieces’ and ‘natural yoghurts with compote’, and warm 'individually-packed butter croissants' and 'flavoured focaccia' breads.

Cut the clutter

To further manage waste, butter and chocolates were removed from the tray and offered separately: butter is offered on demand and chocolates with the hot beverage service. Genevieve explains: “In the past airlines typically loaded all these components onto the tray and expected passengers to eat it all by the time we

returned to collect the tray. People don’t really want to eat like that, they want a well-balanced meal and then the opportunity to snack later, so that's now what we do. It cuts waste and better reflects what passengers actually want.” The team conducted analysis which indicated warm snacks on late night departures were often wasted as many passengers fell asleep. So now a freshly-prepared sandwich is offered straight after take-off to be eaten whenever desired – almost a dine-any-time option in Economy. Genevieve adds: “We have become very smart with waste; assessing the popularity of items and making responsible changes as required. Our collaborative relationship with our catering partners means we can monitor and evolve what we offer to truly match demand.”

Clockwise from above: The QUISINE brand by Qatar Airways for Economy class cuts clutter on the tray and provides greater portion sizes and new snacking opportunities

A revamped experience

So passengers can plan their time, a time-line on the menu card explains the services and snacking opportunities. This is complemented by a 360° service with the crew visible between services and offering water/juice every 30-40 minutes. Drinks and snacks on longer flights are also available in the galleys.

Thinking green

Genevieve adds: “Our big focus is to achieve a sustainable cabin, with the objective to reduce weight and waste, and replace single-use plastics with rotable, compostable or recyclable alternatives. With QUISINE we believe we are now well on our way on this journey. • onboardhospitality.com

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11/26/19 11:53 AM

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11/26/19 05:56 PM


Creative comforts Purpose-designed inflight bedding can now come with recycling credentials through a new collaboration between WESSCO and Vanema. Julie Baxter learns more


nflight supplier WESSCO International has forged a new partnership with mattress specialist Vanema to pioneer new opportunities for onboard comfort using Octaspring Aerospace technology. Inspired by the experiences of Vanema's ceo as a frequent flyer, the Octaspring team has drawn on its 15 years experience of mattress innovation to create new premium products for Business and First class cabins inflight. The Octaspring brand focuses on comfort by combining the comfort of foam with the support and structure of spring technology. Its patented foam springs are embedded in the mattresses to ensure a breathable pad, that adjusts to support each individual's pressure points. The company worked with Airbus to fully understand the challenges of inflight seating and sleeping, and in 2017 won the Crystal Cabin Award for Innovation.

Inflight sleep design

into an Octacell comfort layer which has 10,000 diamond shaped cells that Boris Ribicic, Vanema’s R&D director, bring more comfort says: "WESSCO - encased into the International mattress toppers.” specialises in The result is said supporting the luxury Our facilities to be eight times bedding experience worldwide allow us more breathable and and amenities inflight to take back and three degrees cooler, and understands recycle the bedding which in turn is said the specific product to help users fall requirements of asleep faster and to sleep for longer. airlines and their logistics. Working “Temperature is key to good sleep with them we have seen the so we hope the collection will bring limitations of space and wellbeing benefits to passengers but weight and the crew it is also lighter and neater to stow practicalities so we and fully recyclable. We have our own created a line of production facilities worldwide and seat toppers and are able to use these to take back pillows with the spring the bedding at the end of its airline technology we specialise in life and put it into another stream that would work inflight. We then creating, for example, products such went one step further and reimagined as flooring underlay." • the Octaspring technology evolving it onboardhospitality.com

v2 Octa - Wesco Fo.indd 65

11/25/19 01:00 PM

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30/04/2019 10:13 11/21/19 08:45 AM


COST IS NO LONGER THE ISSUE. AIRLINES CAN LEAD THE WAY Look to new manufacturers in China and airlines can find affordable eco options available now, insists Malton Inflight's ceo Gordon Oakley


e have reached a tipping point on ecofriendly materials which means the issue of cost can no longer be an excuse or a barrier. Prices are falling and if airlines don't move towards eco products now, they're not really trying. From my base in Shanghai I see it clearly. Big investors are now supporting environmental change by developing the products and materials needed fast. I am personally working on a big development for an industrial park which will have 15-20 factories just outside Shanghai, all focused on producing sustainable materials and products for the aviation sector. The ultimate goal is for 50 such manufacturers across China.

Chinese momentum

The Chinese see what is coming and want to move away from plastics to eco products fast. They are supporting technical colleges and R&D in materials because they understand the future. It is simply false to say the Chinese

are backwards with regards eco products, they are in transition but it is happening fast. Once the Chinese government commits to something it does happen fast and it has committed to this so it really is now happening at every level.

In 2003, Malton Inflight started a Back to Earth range. No one cared much, it was four or five times more expensive and airlines just said forget it. Now there is the will, consumer pressure and the business models to make it happen.

Aviation led

Just make a start

Aviation products are being given a priority in this development because the government and the investors see that airlines are the shop window on to the world of eco products, they are a way into worldwide markets. As a result critical mass is building to get the products flying, and the first 10-15 airlines to move this way while Chinese investors are actively supporting growth will get superb prices.

Airlines can play a very positive role in showing what is possible and what is out there. They just have to start, that's the important thing. Turkish Airlines recently switched to using biodegradable bags for earphones. It sounds a small thing but that cut 70-80 million pieces of single-use plastic out of the supply chain. That feels good to everyone. Make a start and things can change and that is truly heartwarming. •


Malton Gordon Oakley - In Convo.indd 67

11/25/19 04:00 PM

68 / HOW TO...

How to...

make kits sustainable 'Goodie bags' in more ways than one, April Waterston finds out how Virgin Atlantic created its new sustainable amenity kits SET A GOAL

Virgin Atlantic wanted to create amenity kits that were good for both the customer and the environment. “Our customers have high expectations and it was important for us to address the growing concerns surrounding sustainability,” says Daniel Kerzner, vice president customer experience at Virgin Atlantic. “Small changes really do make a huge difference, and our efforts will save 945 tonnes of plastic per year.”



The new 'goodie bags' created by Galileo Watermark are made of fullyrecyclable FSC kraft paper, which is both durable and water resistant, and designed to be reused post flight. Inside the bag, the comfort items have also been designed to ensure as little plastic is used as possible. Plastic toothbrushes have been replaced with 100% bamboo @BambuuBrush toothbrushes and the earplugs are wrapped in paper.


It was important to Virgin Atlantic that the amenity kits were good for passenger wellbeing, too. Galileo Watermark and Virgin Atlantic worked together to develop a lightblocking eye-mask featuring a satin front and soft suedette material against the skin. The mask features a design along its base that cuts out all unwanted light, making it ideal for long flights.

Working with BUZZ, Virgin has introduced REN Clean Skincare into its amenity kits. REN products feature recycled and recyclable packaging, made from Ocean Plastic, and as a company aims to become a zero waste business by 2021. The products themselves also use natural ingredients always taken from sustainable sources.

FACT FILE Virgin Atlantic expects to save a massive 945 tonnes of plastic per year The bamboo toothbrushes from @BambuuBrush are entirely compostable

Galileo Watermark designed all items to feature a tamper evident seal in order to help ground services quickly identify unused product so they can be redirected into future kits


Virgin Atlantic has a continuing relationship with MNH recycling services. Katerina Orfanidi, product manager customer experience at Virgin Atlantic, says: “We hope other airlines are inspired by our innovation and together we can invest in greener products and adopt stances on driving single use plastics off flights.” virginatlantic.com; buzzproducts.com; galileowatermark.com. •


Virgin Buzz - How to.indd 68

11/26/19 11:56 AM


A 360 approach The design team at deSter is spearheading a circular economy for aviation food packaging and equipment. Jo Austin discovers more


or the last three years deSter’s ‘deStudio’ has been fully focused on developing sustainable products. Its 360-degree approach is designed to optimise every product's entire lifecycle recognising that every decision carries consequences, and that some well-meaning changes may have unintended impacts.

Circular thinking

The company has focused on the Circular Economy Guidelines created by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and its sustainability mission is to ensure that by 2025 its whole portfolio is solely comprised of products that fit the circular economy. This approaches focuses on two key areas: plastic-free solutions such as fibre-based products and those made from compostable materials; and closed loop recycling processes. To underscore its commitment, deSter has developed an ECD (Environmentally Conscious Design) philosophy which is applied across the design process from start to finish. Having its own in-house manufacturing facilities worldwide helps it control the complete process.


A fully closedloop rotable solution is already

in operation for one large EU carrier product's carbon footprint. where used products are recycled to A 100% bio-based version of the be re-manufactured into the same SAS Cube is now onboard using a products again. The redesigned tray FSC certified cardboard solution and provides 830 tonnes of weight savings bio-based cutlery. It will achieve an a year and removes overall yearly weight the need for traymats reduction of 9.7 hence creating a tonnes and 15% CO2 further 47 tonnes reduction per year. An environmentally weight saving. And deSter also conscious design claims to have philosophy is Fibrepulp onboarded the applied across the One key industry’s first plasticdevelopment has free paper cup, for design process come through Transavia, with no a new partnership with Pulpac, plastic liner on the inside. a Swedish R&D company. deSter Next up will be the launch of natural is developing and manufacturing cutlery onboard. deSter's new product fibrepulp based single use will be soil and marine biodegradable, products and is committed to degrading faster than wood and using local sourcing of FSC-certified material which does not affect the taste. wood fibres. Production in-house, It is set to be the first onboard that in global locations close to each fully complies with the SUP directive. customer, further reduces the environmentallyconsciousdesign.com • onboardhospitality.com

v2 deSter - FO.indd 69

11/26/19 11:32 AM


Surfing to success *N


A passion for surfing and a background in design inspired Cornish brothers Sam and Will Boex to come up with an innovative, sustainable paper packaging solution Everyone loves a success story and at Onboard Hospitality we have been excited to see just how successful specialist companies can be once they get onboard. We’re on the look out for newcomers to the industry, be they young people, young companies or young products: those that may be the faces of the onboard sector tomorrow. One such spotted recently is Flexi-Hex packaging. “Flexi-Hex was originally created for the surf industry,” explains Sam Boex, "as we were concerned with the amount of single use plastics used in surfboard packaging and the amount of damage boards sustained in transit. We wanted to use our design skill set to create a product which was entirely biodegradable, cost effective and more reliable than plastic alternatives”. The success of the Flexi-Hex system for surf boards soon made Will and Sam realise the potential for packaging solutions across other industries. Will Boex explains: “We conducted market research and found the drinks industry was seeking reliable plastic-free packaging solutions. We developed the design and product tested it against current bottle packaging materials with some very positive results.”

Flexi-Hex honeycomb packaging is set to transform delivery transport for the global drinks industry

No more broken bottles

The result is a biodegradable packaging solution that prevents damage to glass bottles in transit and is set to transform delivery for the global drinks industry. The Flexi-Hex honeycomb sleeve can fit a range of different-sized bottles and also offers strong protection, easy storage, fast packaging time, reduced materials and less breakage. It has been a roller-coaster surf ride for the two brothers but Flexi-Hex now develops sustainable packaging solutions across a wide range of commercial and industrial sectors and is now looking forward to the potential opportunity to work with M&S to further develop its innovations. flexi-hex.com •



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12/11/2019 21:31

11/21/19 08:49 AM

72 / review: Onboard Hospitality Forum Asia 2019

Forum festivities...


he second Onboard Hospitality Forum - Asia brought leading hospitality speakers and suppliers together with airline buyers and decision-makers in Singapore. Staged within the FTE-APEX Asia EXPO, the Forum included free educational conference sessions designed to inspire and inform the airline audience and share best practice. Topics were as diverse as how to become a five-star airline to disability IFE, customer experience innovation to sustainable supply chains. A unique 'Street Food Festival' supported by SATS, Monty's Bakehouse, Beemster, Tubes, Skinny Genie and APOT cooked up a storm each lunch time, and drew the delegate crowds for a taste of Asia.

This EXPO is going from strength to strength. The partnership with Onboard tion Hospitality is a fantastic evolu JOE LEADER, ceo, IFSA

It’s always a boost to be amongst industry friends in Asia – so much energy and commitment to the very best products & service MIKE POOLEY

Be a part of this event in 2020: craig.mcquinn@onboardhospitality.com

v2 - FTE Event Review.indd 72

11/26/19 01:58 PM

review: OnbOard HOspitality FOrum asia 2019/ 73

The Onboard Hospitality Zone looked just great and reminded everyone that FTE can also mean Food Taste Experience! JEREMY CLARK CEO APOT

BE A PART OF THIS EVENT IN 2020: craig.mcquinn@onboardhospitality.com

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Be a part of this event next year!

More info in our dedicated show guide: onboardhospitality.com/emag or: craig.mcquinn@onboardhospitality.com


Around the conference sessions in Singapore


They said it...

irlines, suppliers and futurescoping experts from around the globe took to the stages at the Onboard Hospitality Forum Asia and FTE-APEX Asia EXPO last month in Singapore. Julie Baxter shares a few speaker highlights



"To achieve five-star status your CEO must be locked into a BHAG - a bold, hairy, audacious goal. And he (or she) must be publically committed to that goal and upfront about it. That is the way to mobilise managers, break down silos and inspire the START! whole organisation's motivation. We have "The critical success to move from a service mindset to a factors for hyperhospitality mindset. The real value of the relevance are rich customer five-star status is as a differentiator and data; analytic capabilities; as a signpost to experiential luxury." central decisioning; speed and KEITH YATES, YATES + PARTNERS scale. It's important to just start: build a data eco-system and break down the silos." MIKE TANSEY ACCENTURE

"The more we worked on our initiative to create accessible IFE, the more passionate we became about the project and the more we realised we had a lot to learn from this community. It took time and valuable input from those living with real challenges to properly trial and evolve every feature. Now we are keen to share our learnings and encourage others to support accessible travel for all." CORINNE STREICHERT, UNITED


"We talk about a can-do culture and that is an important backbone but as we aim higher with our MOVE BEYOND strategy, this also means experiment, try, adapt, adjust and move on - that is the way to achieve very strong personalisation and curation end to end." VIVIENNE LO, CATHAY PACIFIC

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11/26/19 12:01 PM



"We've consciously walked away from tech jargon that alienates people. For technological change to really work you need at least 10% of your employees to be involved in some kind of tech project bringing ideas from across the business and following them through to delivery. Do that and the tech enables them to shine." JEROME THIL, SINGAPORE AIRWAYS


"Full connectivity is still expensive so you have to build up the rationale for it. Yes, guests want it but it must have value in operations, service, data and retail too. LCCs can teach us something here. As we loose yield we have to build up ancilliary revenue just as they have done." KARAM CHAND, ROYAL BRUNEI AIRWAYS


"Let the data speak. We must learn from consumer behaviour. Every business decision must be driven by data, the data can tell you what to do" DEREK WANG, ALIBABA


"I used to be a musician and digital innovation is a very similar field. You have to be able to perform reliably and you have to be able to show that your art is beautiful. You have to engage your audience whether you are a musician or a 100-year-old airline. We decided to do digital differently, we realised we needed to be a software company with an air operating licence, not an airline that just strapped tech onto its aircraft." DAAN DEBIE, KLM


In the consumer market, design is the number one influencer for purchasing and so it is with aircraft cabins too. It is design that can connect all elements of the cabin and allow personalisation of the passenger experience to really happen, as well as adding comfort and innovation. INGO WUGGETZER AIRBUS


"Airlines need to find ways to be among the staple apps in a consumer's app portfolio; to be a part of the passengers' life beyond the flight. They need to think like retailers." APPLE IGNACIO, CEBU PACIFIC AIR


FTE APEX news.indd 75

11/26/19 12:01 PM

as been Half the fleet h remodelled


atin America’s largest airline is the unofficial flag carrier for an entire continent so it had a lot of ground to cover when it decided to bring its destination onboard. From soothing blue and tan tones reflecting the Brazilian coastline to tightlywoven textiles referencing the fabrics of Peru’s Cusco Valley, the cabin interiors are now a subtle tribute to the airline’s diverse Latin roots, and are part of a £500 million investment. The Business and Economy cabins of more T than half of the airline’s international fleet have now been completely remodelled and LATAM’s corporate communications manager David Harry says: "Latin American designs, wines and food all combine now to bring the destination onboard.”

Designs drew on the patterns in nature

Image overhaul

From distinctive design to fine wine, LATAM’s new cabin concept is all about bringing the destination onboard says Sasha Wood

Inside LATAM’s new Premium Business cabin, passengers find a carefully thought-out configuration that’s been tailored for the brand by Thompson. Unique seats in a generous 1-2-1 layout all have direct-aisle access, which is something LATAM’s customers said they wanted. “We have two different kinds of seats in the cabin,” says cabin product senior manager Jaime Cornejo Swett. “It’s kind of an in-joke that we call them the divorce and honeymoon seats. For privacy the divorce seats are positioned quite far apart. The honeymoon seats are paired together with a divider in case you want to separate in the middle of the trip!” The seats recline 180 degrees into a fully-flat bed and feature the latest generation inflight entertainment with an 18” Panasonic personal screen. Premium pillows, comforters and duvets along with temperature-regulating and pressurepoint technology are designed to maximise comfort. Each passenger is given a sleek amenity kit that includes L’Occitane beauty products. For the interiors, the airline worked with Londonbased design agency PriestmanGoode, whose reputation for innovative onboard products is currently being showcased as a vision for sustainable air travel at the Design Museum. “Attention is in every detail,” says Cornejo Swett. “The choice of marble-effect granite for the cocktail


LATAM - Cabin Concept V2.indd 76

11/25/19 04:11 PM


table, for instance, visually references the beautiful veining seen in aerial photographs of the Andes mountains.” The airline has also revamped its Economy cabin, adding more space, USB charging points, dedicated overhead bins and the option for premium services that include seats with extra legroom and special headrests.

Making it personal

Aside from the look and feel of the cabin, client experience was the main focus. "We want to offer comfort, flexibility, practicality and a personalised service so travellers can choose how to travel," says LATAM’s vp of customer experience Paulo Miranda. This is exemplified by the choice of seats and the new tailored cabin service. The airline even chose to source its cutlery from Sola because “it doesn’t cause so much noise on the aircraft” according to Miranda. “The design of the new catering service is also meant to minimise passenger disturbances,” says Miranda. “We ask if they want to be woken for a full breakfast, for example, or if they would prefer to sleep until shortly before landing. Also if you want to have dinner in a short period of time because you need to work, we can accommodate that.”

The cabins aim to bring the destination on board

Good taste

Then there’s the food. LATAM’s inflight meals now feature a delicious mix of flavours from South America’s most celebrated culinary destinations, and menus change according to the flight’s home hub – be it Santiago, Lima or Sao Paulo. Designed by Chilean and Brazilian chefs Pamela Fidalgo and Aninha from popular South American TV show Top Chef,, the F&B offers gives the concept creative cohesion. Courses are accompanied by some of the region’s best wines, including those chosen by master sommelier Hector Vergara. All-in-all, from the seat design to the meal service, passengers in LATAM’s new cabins should be feeling the Latin vibe long before they’ve touched down in their destination. •

Inspiration for the interiors came from aeri al views of the Andes mounta ins


LATAM - Cabin Concept V2.indd 77

11/25/19 04:11 PM


Attention seekers... Airlines and suppliers gathered in L.A. for this year's IFSA Expo, Julie Baxter reviews products and innovations that grabbed some of the attention...




1. John Horsfall

Product designers and textile engineers at John Horsfall are turning their attention to reducing and removing packaging. They're also focusing on added-value design detail to ensure onboard textiles have a longer life. johnhorsfall.com

2. Dietz & Watson

Charcuterie and snacking specialist, Dietz and Watson, has responded to the trend towards protein snacking with a new range of snacks. Options include Dietz Nuts which are proteinpacked, savoury sausage bites for

service with drinks or in an onboard food box. It is also offering Dietz & Dats, a new snack pack combining meat, cheese and crackers. dietzandwatson.com

3. Rip Van Wafels

Rip Van Wafels is a start-up on a mission to disrupt the US cookie category with a healthier twist on traditional sugar-rich caramel waffles. The wafels use clean ingredients and are non-GMO. They come in four flavours – Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Honey & Oats, Toasted Coconut, Vanilla, Strawberry and Cookies & Cream. ripvan.com

4. CLIF bar & Company

California-based Clif Bar & Company is evolving its portfolio of organic food and drinks in response to the growing demand for free-from products. Made using all natural, no sugar, dairyfree and gluten-free ingredients, the company’s flagship product, the CLIF Bar, now sits alongside a Whole Lotta healthy snack bar, Clif Minis (now on American Airlines) and whey protein bars (provided in United’s pilot box crew packs). clifbar.com

5. AirlineMporium

Food and beverage broker AirlineMporium has redesigned its


final ifsa-preview-V3.indd 78

11/26/19 01:57 PM






website to make it more user-friendly for airline buyers searching new onboard products. The completely revamped site features a simplified design, improved functionality, and clear and concise product descriptions. It claims to be the first interactive broker's website giving access to product information 24/7, with enhanced search tools, live chat option and the ability to request product samples. Buyers can request product pricing, develop wish lists, review nutritional information and view product images. Menus and sub-menus highlight a full range of product attributes and new

products and portfolio developments can be communicated to buyers instantly worldwide. airlinemporium.com

6. BoBo

BoBo oat bars, baked in Colorado, have evolved from a meal-replacement option to become a popular bitesized snacking treat in a range of flavours. The dense oat-based snacks don’t freeze or melt so will retain their shape in a variety of inflight environments. Not yet onboard, they come in Chocolate Chip, Apple Pie, Coconut and Strawberry flavours. The company

is represented by AirlineMporium. eatbobos.com

7. Roonies

Macaroons specialist, Roons, has launched a new bite-sized product Lil ROONIES – mini coconut macaroons, coated in a thin layer of Guittard chocolate. Flavours include Original, Chocolate Espresso, Lemon and Orange. The snacks are packaged in 4oz, resealable bags with a six-month shelf life at room temperature or frozen. The company is represented by Maguire Associates. eatroons.com


final ifsa-preview-V3.indd 79

11/26/19 01:57 PM





8. Tea India

Specialist tea producer Tea India is promoting a range of individual serve Chai Moments as a comforting alternative to traditional hot beverages for those on the move. The range of chai lattes are made with real milk, tea and spices and are free from artificial flavours or preservatives. Available in Masala, Caradamom, Ginger and Milk Tea varieties. Each single serving just requires hot water and a stir. teaindia.com; matgci.com

9. DFMi

DFMi has added to its range of healthy biscuit snacks through a collaboration


with the Biscotti Brothers of western Pennsylvania, specialists in biscotti baking. Made to a traditional Italian recipe, the individually-wrapped biscotti come in a range of flavours including Almond, Chocolate Dipped Almond, Cranberry Pistachio, and Vanilla. The company also creates Biscottini, Granotti and Pizzelle cookies. biscottibrothers.com

10. Rayzyns

Wine raisin snacking specialist RayZyn has added a new flavour to its range, coating its wine grapes with greek yoghurt. The company offers three varietals of wine raisins: CabernayZyn,

ChardonayZyn and MerlayZyn in individual serving packs. It has also added a dark chocolate CabernayZyn truffle. rayzyn.com

11. Creative Snacks

Creative Snacks is on a mission to change America’s snacking habits for the better with a range of handmade products created from clean ingredients. Leading the charge are the award-winning Coconut Snacks and Almond Clusters, and a range of trail mixes. Based in North Carolina the company is already flying on Alaska Airlines. creativesnacks.com; airlinemporium.com


final ifsa-preview-V3.indd 80

11/26/19 01:57 PM





12. Made Good


Canadian company, MadeGood, is offering its healthy granola bars made in a facility free from the most common allergens; peanut, tree nut, soy, dairy, egg, fish, shellfish, gluten, and sesame. There are four flavours of the vegan bars including Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Chip and Mixed Berry. The company also offers granola minis, cereal, and crispy squares. madegoodfoods.com

by DFMi. The broker highlighted the classic individually wrapped madelines (25g) and a new French Doonuts product created from the madeline batter but shaped like a doughnut. The Doonuts are created without frying and are also individually served. The all-butter madeleines are supplied frozen and come in four flavours. They are cooked when supplied but are best warmed. The company also offers a gallet biscuit range. dfminc.biz

13. St Michel

14. Yes Peas

French bakery specialist, St Michel, is now being represented to airlines

Baked crisps manufacturer PopChips has launched a new Yes Peas snacking

choice made from whole peas. The goal is to offer a wholesome snack which comes with six grams of protein and three grams of fibre. The company also offers potato snacks and has a new line of Nutter Puffs, puffed snacks made with peanut butter. popchips.co.uk

15. The Snack Brigade

Available in flavours like Saucillion Pizza, Sizzlin' Siracha, Cheesy Cheddar and Cinnamon Apple Pie, IncrediPuffs by The Snack Brigade offer a healthy plant-based and baked alternative to fried crisps or nuts. thesnackbrigade.com


final ifsa-preview-V3.indd 81

11/26/19 01:57 PM




16. 180 SNACKS

180 Snacks has focused its innovation on kosher, gluten-free, non-GMO, dairy-free and peanut-free products, developed using nuts, seeds, fruit and rice. Now selling over a million Skinny Rice Bars a month, the company also promotes bite-sized gourmet squares available in half ounce packs. 180snacks.com

17. Albanese

Albanese has launched an all-natural version of its popular Gummi Bears confectionary range. Available in eight flavours, the traditional bears have already featured on United Airlines



and Alaska Airlines. The all-natural formula has been developed to maintain it colours of the range for up to a year and does not compromise on flavour. albanesecandy.com

18. Milton’s Craft Bakers

Milton’s Craft Bakers has extended its range of gluten-free crackers to include new on-trend flavours within its portfolio of organic crackers and craft breads. Specialists in glutenfree, organic and non-GMO products, the company has added gluten-free crackers with olive oil and sea salt, and gluten-free crackers with fire

roasted vegetables. The company also offers a range of gourmet crackers with signature blends of whole grains, seeds, herbs and spices. The range is among the convenience products and snacks being offered through Evertaste. miltonscraftbakers.com

19. Sola Cutlery

Sola has turned its spotlight onto a new range of light stainless steel cutlery that can be effectively used as a replacement to single-use plastic cutlery. Designed to look good it can help meet the growing demand for sustainable alternatives. sola-airlinecutlery.com


final ifsa-preview-V3.indd 82

11/26/19 01:57 PM






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20. SlantShack

SlantShack jerky offers a low-calorie, low-fat, low-sugar, high-protein snack crafted using organic spices and nonGMO, preservative-free marinades. The beef is 100% grass-fed and antibiotic and hormone free, and the company has a strong sustainability mindset, seeking out the highest standards for animal welfare and sustainable agricultural practices. Available in Classic, Spicy RedRub and Maple Garlic flavours, the beef jerky comes served in a 2oz resealable bag. Each serving contains 90 calories and around 14g of protein. slantshack.com

final ifsa-preview-V3.indd 83

21. Lady Walton's

This range of gourmet snacks includes bite-sized cookies offered in 4.5oz packs. Flavours include Chocolate and Almond, Dark Chocolate & Peppermint, Maple Pecan and Sea Salt, Milk Chocolate & Toffee, and Milk Chocolate and Coconut. ladywaltons.com

a red pepper hummus, and an olives pouch offering individual serving sizes suitable for onboard snack boxes. Spinning Wheel Brands also works with HOPE & Sesame a new brand creating milk alternatives from organic sesame seeds. spinningwheelbrands.com; airlinemporium.com

22. Spinning Wheel Brands

23. From the ground up

Spinning Wheel Brands has turned its focus onto shelf-stable snacking options in a collaboration with F&B start-up, Copious Brands. The Veggiecopia range includes shelfstable hummus, a black bean dip and

On a mission to create balanced plantbased snacks, the range includes pretzels, tortillas, sticks and crackers. Newest to the mix are Cauliflower and Butternut Squash crackers. fromthegroundupsnacks.com •

11/26/19 01:57 PM

84 / IFSA/apex review

Passengers will pay a premium for a better product Delta Air Lines is upping its game on the international market. Ed Bastian, ceo, explains how and why


elta Air Lines has a huge home market in the U.S. and has been very focused on that but now we are building on home successes to develop internationally. Of course there are different priorities and different costs but we will follow the same strategy we used domestically and that revolves around investing in infrastructure and then giving our people better tools to bring the onboard service experience more in line with the best there is out there. In the U.S. we had to decide are we in the commodity, volume game or do we want to differentiate our offer and ensure passengers have something they are really willing to pay a premium for, in which case we could reinvest what they pay into further product development. We chose to make it about the product. We went for reliability and infrastructure first and built our network and reputation, now expectations have risen and passengers pay up to 20% premium to travel on Delta. It’s a strategy that is working.

Product investment

Internationally it is a bigger challenge, it's more expensive to implement change and more unpredictable but we have invested in hard goods such as new seats in Delta One and our Premium Select products, and the latest thing is the redesign of the cabin experience to create a true restaurant experience for the Main cabin. People in this cabin are as important to us as those in Delta One. From the welcome drink and extended menu choice to building in more opportunities for our crew to engage with the passengers, we have spent a lot of time creating this product. It is not a top down offer, the product service team worked closely with the cabin crew

to reimage the experience, test it and make adjustments based on feedback.

Customer experience

Entertainment has been enhanced too with connectivity increased and our goal to get free connectivity to all eventually. Meal pre-ordering will also come in time. It is a competitive market, especially on the transatlantic routes but we have a great partnership with Virgin Atlantic in the UK and satisfaction levels are good. Competition sparks creativity and innovation and new ways to reach the market. The customer experience is what it is all about. We’re on a journey, spending millions of dollars and are confident we can inspire new people to get onboard and enjoy the offer. •


V2 In Convo Ed Bastian.indd 84

11/26/19 11:31 AM

IFSA/apex review / 85

How to...

justify charging for wifi Travellers are increasingly willing to pay to stay connected on flights, says BBC Global News head of research, Dr. Hamish McPharlin speaking at APEX L.A. keep them connected

Frequent flyers now have a substantial interest in staying connected and are prepared to pay more for onboard wifi, according to research by BBC Global News – the BBC’s commercial, international news arm. Research lead Dr. Hamish McPharlin explains: “The global appetite for inflight connectivity is strong with 63% of regular travellers rating access to wifi important when booking a flight, and 69% saying it would significantly improve their inflight experience. Once passengers have inflight connectivity, the opportunities that follow for airlines are immense.”



Connectivity brings obvious commercial benefits for airlines, according to the research, as wifi gives passengers a better inflight experience and it improves a carrier’s reputation in terms of being seen as innovative and modern.


Over half of passengers surveyed said they were happy to pay 5% on top of their standard fare for wifi; a third would pay 20% more. McPharlin adds: ”This research shows airlines need to change the payment model. Demanding payment onboard is charging too late, but we can see there is really positive wiggle room to get revenue for wifi at the point of ticket sale.”

Fact file A third of frequent travellers would pay 20% more for flights with live TV Two-thirds of First passengers would be more likely to choose an airline that offered BBC World News

Almost two-thirds of frequent flyers consider access to wifi when booking flights A third of passengers would be willing to pay an extra 20% on top of their airfare for wifi

Some 62% of respondents said they would be more likely to choose an airline offering live TV. This rose to 78% of Business travellers and 89% of those in First. McPharlin notes: “We assume connectivity is being driven by techy millennials but actually it is Business travellers we need to think about most. They need and want to stay informed as they travel for and they are prepared to pay for it.”


McPharlin believes connectivity also brings benefits to airlines via the data it provides. “Knowing how your passengers behave inflight, what they view, allows you to serve them better in the longer term," he adds. "It also opens up a whole new frontier around personalised advertising." •


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THE DESTINATION FOR THE AIRCRAFT INTERIORS INDUSTRY. Aircraft Interiors Expo 2020 31 March - 2 April 2020, Hamburg Messe, Germany Aircraft Interiors Expo is the world’s leading event where airlines and the supply chain can source the latest innovations, technologies and products for cabin interiors, inflight entertainment, connectivity and passenger comfort. See how you can join us at www.aircraftinteriorsexpo.com


16,000 INDUSTRY ATTENDEES Organised by:

31 MARCH APRIL 2 2020

245 AIRLINES REPRESENTED In co-operation with:

Supported by:

31 MARCH 2020

Co-located with:


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IT'S SO IMPORTANT TO FOCUS ON THE PASSENGER EXPERIENCE Panasonic Avionic’s chief technology officer, David Bartlett, explains his role and vision for a better passenger experience


am in charge of our digital transformation. To me, this is a mission to create the next generation of inflight experience. It’s a critical time because we’ve quickly grown to 4 billion people flying every year and this number is forecast to double to 8 billion. Imagine doubling the amount of people on planes and in airports, and doubling the number of planes to over 40,000 in the next 20 years. It’s so important to now focus on the passenger experience – how can we remove anxiety? How can we remove the friction or stress points? Digital technologies really give us the tools to do that.

Pushing the boundaries

What are the three things that keep you awake on a plane when you’re trying to sleep? It’s the light, the sound and the smells. We have technologies

that can remove smell from the air – it’s a nanotechnology that atomises water down to the nano level and ionises it so that it’s electrically charged. Not only does this limit odours, it also disables bacteria and pathogens. We’ve also developed the ability to do noise cancellation without headphones. Sound is a sine wave, so we have made speakers that surround you in the seat and emit the reverse sine waves to remove the harsh sounds. Every airplane has a different sound signature (a 737 has a different sound signature to a 777), so we tune the speakers to each aircraft.

To the future

In the far future, I imagine each person

will have a ‘digital twin’ that they carry on a personal device. This will know everything about a person, but it's all locked so you control how to share it. Imagine if when you entered the plane, the crew could harness your data to give you a better experience. You wouldn’t have to explain what your preferred food, drink or type of service is, they would just immediately understand you. That’s how you offer a passenger a real “wow” experience. You either look at a flight as a time you have to endure, or you can think of it as ‘me time’ without all the interruptions that you get normally in life, from family, work, or even from your dog. This is 'me time' where I can focus on what I love to do. •


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The Onboard Hospitality team champions new talent and professional development. Our Mentoring Network will help you make all the right connections


Hospitality Awards are the leading awards in s part of our ongoing support our sector, set up to recognise excellence and for industry mentoring, Onboard champion innovation. They encourage and Hospitality is pleased to reinvest reward forward thinking and help emerging in you... offering two valuable talent and new ideas in the sector. The mentoring grants each year as part of Hayward Partnership is similarly our Onboard Hospitality Awards. Supporting keen to support the next This year the grants are new business generation of entrepreneurs and offered in collaboration with talent... Breakbusiness leaders and pleased The Hayward Partnership, a Through Grant to sponsor the Onboard consortium of industry experts Acknowledging Hospitality Mentoring Grants with a wealth of hands-on industry leaders as an opportunity to champion business experience across Leadership new talent and support the the travel catering, retail and Recognition dynamic exchange of best hospitality sectors, and beyond. Grant practice. We wish all entrants good The Partnership works to luck in the process.� promote knowledge transfer and is Any business entering our annual Onboard actively involved in the mentoring and support Hospitality Awards has a chance to win one of of a wide range of businesses of all sizes, 15 category awards plus one of two valuable and aspiring individuals within them. Lance mentoring prizes. Hayward, managing director, said: “The Onboard

Encouraging new talent and creative innovators to enter the onboard hospitality sector is key if the industry is to remain fresh and vibrant in the long term MIKE POOLEY, NETWORK CHAIR

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In partnership with:



Talent spotting in Asia

recent trip to Singapore for the Onboard Hospitality Forum - Asia only served to remind me of the opportunities and challenges for this industry's professionals in Asia Pacific. The area’s Mike dense populations Pooley worked and rising disposable for gategroup in incomes, married to Asia for five years. aspirational lifestyles Now supporting talent and increased recruitment, he discusses consumption, all the challenges and create a dynamic arena opportunites of for career development.

Skills set

the region

The recruitment process in Asia is robust enough but with demand for manpower high, it is an optimal level of skills, personal flexibility and resilience that employers in our sector are prioritising. Retention is a constant challenge and keeping new recruits motivated is paramount to building successful teams. Transfers, trouble shooting and interim roles across the region can help both the business and the individual as they build their experience. And hiring senior managers from outside the region with skills and experience to pass on also makes sense. Having more generalists on the payroll can also really help when retention and succession planning fail to match the pace of change. Josephine Chan, an HR lead for The Hyatt Group, for example, says they focus on identifying 'adaptors', those with mobility and strong personalities, who adjust well to long hours and the pressures of the work. This is particularly key in places like

Singapore where government quotas stringently control movement, and options for expat employees are capped (currently at no more than 40% of the hospitality workforce).


In sourcing the best, my colleague Edwin Lim, based in Singapore, uses the term 'cultural comprehension' to describe the importance of getting candidates of the right fit into new roles in the region. Yes, language and technical skills are a bonus but demonstrating an acute level of understanding and intuition is perhaps even more vital. Experience of

working with the different nationalities and cultures that make up the APAC region is a real career enhancer, and I know from my own personal experience at gategroup the importance of getting to know as much as you can about your teams and their diverse backgrounds. Asia offers a dynamic workplace. There are challenges around permissions and work permits that need patience and resourcefulness but if you're looking for change, working in the APAC region is certainly an adventure. • For further advice on recruiting or job hunting in Asia contact: mike@thehaywardpartnership.com


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Fan-tastic During a long career in inflight service George Banks gathered a lifetime’s collection of aviation memorabilia. Here he looks back at the cooling influence of fans


he term ‘fan jet’ became common in the late 1960s to describe jet engines with a fan driven by a turbine. They were the start of the modern jet era providing extra air to the burner and giving extra thrust at the critical time of take off. Airlines often introduced their Boeing 707s as ‘fan jets’, giving extra cachet to the new aircraft, and one often heard inflight announcements on boarding referring to fan jets. But it was the more traditional fan that passengers really valued in the days before efficient air-conditioning. Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Malaysia Singapore, China Airlines and Thai International all offered fans as gifts to passengers, as did Iberia, BOAC, Swissair, East African Airways and many others. They are a gift with a long history. Their origins stretch back to the Egyptians although the folding fan, given onboard, is widely recognised as having been invented in Japan and China. In Japan, the fan is said to be modelled on the folding wings of a bat; while the Chinese believe the sight of a woman fanning her face mask at a festival led to its creation. Fans came to Europe in the 1500s by way of trade routes and travellers, and became an exotic and stylish symbol of wealth and class. It became a normal item for travellers to take on long tiring journeys and airlines, particularly in the Far East, started to offer them to waiting passengers onboard and at airports in the days when there was no air-conditioning and often no ceiling fans. Today the efficiency of air-conditioning has removed the necessity of fans but here are a few rare examples of those offered to passengers in the fifties and sixties. •



BOAC offered paper and wood fans to its passengers on the Constellation, Britannia, Comet 4, Boeing 707 and VC10s. As a pioneer of Far East, African and Australian routes BOAC's paper fans eased the journey and cooled the passenger in the sometimes turbulent and tropical climates.



Iberia offered these attractive fan-shaped booklets in addition to cooling fans onboard its aircraft. Fans had a long tradition as a Spanish lady's accessory in the heat of summer – used to hide their faces as well as to cool themselves in the warm climate.


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EAST AFRICAN AIRWAYS EAA with hubs in Entebbe, Dar es Salaam and Nairobi, started offering these paper and wood fans on their Comet 4 Jetliners, promoting the message “Jet there at 8 miles a minute”. EAA operated from tropical destinations so the fans were essential for cooling passengers on boarding and at transit stops.




Swissair presented passengers on its long multistop flights to the Far East with an elegant black and silver fan with silk tassle. Operating as far away as Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila and Tokyo these flights offered beautiful meals on china equipment even in Economy.


Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong’s flag carrier, was formed in 1946 and has become one of the world’s most renown airlines. The airline offered a paper and wood fan decorated with dragons and oriental characters in the generous seat packs given out to passengers.


Thai International commenced services in 1960 and operated in a joint venture with SAS Scandinavian Airlines System. Charming hostesses offered every passenger an orchid on boarding and these silver, orchid pink and deep purple fans with a silk tassle promoting the airline's Royal Orchid Service.


A new era of aviation related fans came with the new 'fan jet' aircraft - a type of airbreathing jet engine as introduced by Malaysia Singapore Airlines in 1968. Operated by Boeing 707s, these aircraft were now fully pressurised.


1968 onboardhospitality.com

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The world view We're going global every day by going social. Meet us in the virtual world via Twitter and LinkedIn. Here's just some of digital chat you may have missed... Follow us for more: @OBHMagazine and linkedin.com

Stress points

Airport lounge specialists, Priority Pass, has revealed research which shows almost half of travellers surveyed find baggage collection the most stressful part of the journey, closely followed by security. One in three said the flight itself made them anxious, while 35% said they found landing the most worrying time. The research also found that 61% of passengers worried about their luggage getting lost in transit, and nearly two in ten (19%) admitted they have nearly missed a flight. @prioritypasscom

Be kind inflight

Southwest Airlines has joined forces with Leon Legothetis, known as 'The Kindness Guy', to create a series of IFE programmes in celebration of World Kindess Day. The five-part series follows Leon as he travels with Southwest to cities across the U.S., using his welcoming man-on-thestreet style to meet people and learn about their travels. The series will be available to Southwest customers through the airline's IFE portal on wifi-enabled flights throughout 2020. @southwestair

One small step...

Paying tribute to the UAE's first space mission and celebrating the nation's ambitions to become a hub for space exploration and research, Emirates' flagship A380 has been adorned with an image of an astronaut in front of earth and the International Space Station. The 'UAE in Space' branded aircraft will fly across the Emirates A380 network of more than 50 destinations throughout 2020. @emirates

It's all in the detail SWISS is setting loose a number of mildly infuriating films designed to grind the gears of those who share the brand’s detail-oriented mindset. From a cake being cut in counter-intuitive wedges to a power socket annoyingly unaligned on a wall, the imperfections are designed to catch the attention of perfectionists in the airline's latest sales promotion. @SWISS


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News junior

To celebrate KLM's 100th anniversary, the airline has worked with Hearst Create and the popular science magazine Quest to create an inflight magazine solely for its younger passengers. The Holland Herald Junior was distributed to children aged 8-14, and contained a report on flamingo Bob from Curacao; the most interesting facts and must-knows about a KLM plane; a robot quiz and an interview with a serving pilot. @KLM

Paws to manual

When British Airways heard that ex-US Secret Service dog, Hurricane, had been awarded a PDSA Order of Merit, the airline pulled out all the stops to fly him in style to the awards ceremony at The House of Lords in London. Cane and his owner were surprised to recieve Club World seats for their journey to London, as well as a number of other special touches such as a personalised bed and dog bowl onboard. @British_Airways

Come Flea with Me

To celebrate Virgin Atlantic’s inaugural flight to Tel Aviv, founder Sir Richard Branson surprised locals in the city’s Jaffa Market by offering them the chance to barter with him for flights to London. Locals went toe-to-toe with Branson at his ‘Come Flea with Me’ travel agency as they tried to get the best deal. As well as offering flights, the stall was decked out with Virgin Atlantic merchandise including Vivienne Westwood crew bags and Virgin Atlantic’s iconic red shoes. @VirginAtlantic

VOTE NOW... for your favourite in Not yet Onboard



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94 / events

Catering innovation in focus The Hotel, Restaurant & Catering show (HRC) returns to the ExCeL London next year from March 3-5, 2020. Running since 1935, HRC (formerly Hotelympia) is the largest event for the foodservice and hospitality sectors in the UK with an audience of over 21,000 industry professionals in attendance. The four shows that form HRC include The Foodservice Show, The Interiors and Tabletop Show, The Professional Kitchen Show and The Hospitality Tech Show. There will be multiple educational stages throughout the show including the 2020 Vision Stage and The Great British Drinks Movement – a new experiential feature which allows visitors to taste and learn about the latest British beverage innovations new to the market. HRC will play host to 650 suppliers, offering a platform to showcase their products to visitors looking to taste, test

What: Hotel, Restaurant & Catering (HRC) Where: London When: March 3-5 2020

and source new products to drive their business forward. Amongst the 2020 suppliers are Ferrero, Tevalis, Franke Coffee, Denby Pottery, Rational UK, Smeg and Major. Registration opens Novmber 2019. hrc.co.uk

On track

Tech talk

The Middle East Rail exhibition claims to be the place where testing, rail networking and product interaction happens. Leading rail solution providers will showcase what’s new and offer rail buyers the chance to ask questions and compare supplier offerings. There's expected to be over 300 sponsors and exhibitors, 200 speakers, and 5,500 attendees. The show is free to attend. terrapinn.com

APEX TECH aims to provide the industry and its members with analysis, information, guidance, and trend reporting on technology issues critical to the aviation industry. Attendees can expect to hear thought-leading presentations from within and outside the airline industry on new technologies that could enhance the passenger experience. tech.apex.aero

What: Middle East Rail Where: Dubai When: February 25-26 2020

What: APEX TECH Where: L.A. When: January 29-30 2020

CALENDAR January 29-30 2020 APEX Tech tech.apex.aero ------February 25-26 2020 Middle East Rail terrapinn.com ------March 3-5 2020 Hotel, Restaurant & Catering hrc.co.uk ------March 11-12 2020 Asia Pacific Rail terrapinn.com ------March 26-28 2020 Marine Hotel Association 35th Annual Conference & Trade Show mhaweb.org ------June 3-4 2020 FTE APEX EMEA futuretravelexperience. com


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