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Talent spotting Announcing: The Onboard Hospitality Mentoring Network

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Rail catering: Missing a trick? Focus on: Wagon Slovakia Opinion: Simone Groeschl on vegan options inflight In conversation... with Chef Luke Nguyen, APT Cruises Middle Eastern airlines: George Banks on the region's influence Take your pick: Ice cream How to... use alcoholic flavours







APEX review How to... protect your IFE network Focus on: Virtual reality In conversation... with Don Buchman of ViaSat Focus on: SITAONAIR


BEVERAGE 80 83 85

Hot stuff: Warming new options How to... innovate with gin Take your pick: Adult soft drinks

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Packaging talks: Why and how you need to appeal to Millennials Take your pick: Disposable cups In conversation... with Des Thurgood at WK Thomas How to... reinvent your tableware with Qantas Focus on: Gourmet liquorice Focus on: Rocky Mountaineer


WELLBEING 86 89 90 91

Feel good factor: Onboard products to support traveller health Opinion: Annelie Whitfield on collagen for wellbeing Take your pick: Face mists Focus on: Hajj Safe

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Retail tech: making connections In conversation... with Stefan Patermann, ceo Retail inMotion How to... leverage retail data

REGULARS 10 In debate / 13 Industry Update / 38 IFSA review / 93 New arrivals / 94 Galley Gossip / 96 Global Perspective / 98 Events onboardhospitality.com

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Let's talk talent...


Contributing Editors: Steve Hartridge, Andy Hoskins, Jo Austin (For Taste of Travel

itting at the heart of the onboard hospitality industry, bringing buyers and suppliers together through our pages, it never ceases to amaze me how small conversations and fledgling connections grow into massive collaborations and multi-million pound contracts.

enquiries: jo.austin@onboardhospitality.com

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Creative Director: Matt Bonner

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Ours is a 'people' business, a business utterly dependent on making the right connections, meeting the right people and finding ways to navigate complex routes from drawing board to market. It's an exhilarating business which many newcomers want to join and this month we are proud to launch the Onboard Hospitality Mentoring Network to help. This initiative is designed to encourage creative new talent into our industry and give those already well-established the chance to share their knowledge, develop best practice and draw in the best talent. You can read more about the Network on page 6 and we hope you will want to get involved. To show our commitment to reinvesting in our industry's people we are also unveiling two mentoring grants worth £9,000 which will support the Network's activities by sharing a proportion of the fees we generate through the Onboard Hospitality Awards. Check out these grants on page 9, get involved and let's continue those many small conversations that together ensure this industry's long-term success.

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ial potent career


t n e m p o l e v e d l

a n o i s s profe


t connec


ring s



kin r o w t e n

g n i t t o p s t

n e l a t


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We are proud to announce a new collaboration to drive forward our industry’s professional and entrepreneurial development, and actively nurture young talent SPEARHEADED by long-time talent champion, Mike Pooley, and Onboard Hospitality editor Julie Baxter, the Mentoring Network will comprise a panel of volunteer mentors from our industry who will support students from one of the world’s leading hospitality schools - at Oxford Brookes University - through its well-established Bacchus mentoring scheme. The panel will also act as business gurus to selected entrepreneurs and business professionals entering our Onboard Hospitality Awards. In addition to providing the network with regular exposure through our online

and in print issues, Onboard Hospitality will actively encourage the Mentoring Network by supporting two practical business mentoring grants funded by awards entry fees (see page 9). The Onboard Hospitality Mentoring Network will be an on-going initiative building collaborations with other hospitality and catering bodies and identifying professional development opportunities within businesses large and small. To volunteer your involvement please contact Julie.baxter@ onboardhospitality.com in the first instance.

MORE INFO: onboardhospitality.com/mentoring-network

BE A WINNER We're reinvesting in you... New for 2018, we are offering two valuable mentoring grants to be awarded as part of our 2018 Onboard Hospitality Awards: • Break-Through Prize • Leadership Recognition Prize Enter by DECEMBER 1 for your chance to win these mentoring prizes. More details page 9

Mentoring Network Grants


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The Onboard Hospitality team has long championed new talent. Now our Mentoring Network will help you make the right connections JULIE BAXTER, Editor Onboard Hospitality expertise and industry experience with new entrants, entrepreneurs and emerging talent. "For many years my colleague Sue Williams We hope it will become a forum where other and my predecessor Jo Austin have worked mentoring organisations can connect with tirelessly to help buyers and suppliers connect our industry. This is just the beginning." in meaningful ways. Now, we are delighted to give this activity some formal structure and Mentoring support. The Onboard Hospitality Mentoring ANGELA MAHER, Acting Head, Network Oxford School of Hospitality Grants Network aims to champion new talent and Management, Oxford Brookes support aspiring entrants to our industry. The "The School aims to develop future leaders industry has a vast pool of knowledge and for the hospitality industry by combining a rigorous experience to share, and we hope the Network will help connect new innovators with industry leaders and forge education with industry exposure. Our 500 students move on each year to structured graduate programmes, the creative talent of tomorrow. Our role will be to give set up their own business or work for smaller companies the Network the oxygen of publicity in print, online and through our new Mentoring Network Grants (see facing in many roles, from operations and finance to sales, marketing, revenue management or HR. Hotel page). We encourage you to get involved." companies are very proactive recruiters but we are keen to expose our students to new opportunities they may MIKE POOLEY, Managing Director, not be aware of in the onboard hospitality sector. Our Purpose-made Solutions "This Mentoring Network has two clear goals:. Bacchus programme, now in its tenth year, is the ideal way to connect our young talent with your industry's One is to build links between our industry and young opportunities." student talent, initally through the respected Bacchus Mentoring scheme at the Oxford School of Hospitality Management. The other is to encourage some of our seasoned and established business leaders to share their

Read more details of what's involved from Angela and Mike on our Mentoring Network pages online.

FOR MORE INFO: onboardhospitality.com/mentoring-network onboardhospitality.com

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E •N



• S E


t e g o t e Tim



December 1, 2017

April 2018

Closing date for entries

Winners will be announced at our Hamburg Awards event next year!

(to be followed by online voting to find finalists)

New this year

Enter now for your chance to win one of 15 category awards and two valuable new mentoring prizes Break-Through Prize

Leadership Recognition Prize

Any young business (SME trading for at least one year) entering our awards in any category will be offered the chance to win a grant worth over £6000, to include:

• Invitation to join the Onboard Hospitality Mentoring Network

• Extensive advertising and promotion opportunities in

• Consultation with a young talent expert at Oxford Brookes

Onboard Hospitality, Onboard Finder & through our database • Business mentoring from a member of the Onboard Hospitality Mentoring Network panel to help you target onboard sales

Any business entering our awards which is already active in our sector will be offered the chance to win a grant worth over £3000, to include:

Mentoring Network Grants

• Business advice on how to set up an incubator project • Editorial coverage in Onboard Hospitality magazine • The opportunity to run free recruitment advertising

For further details and queries contact: sue.williams@onboardhospitality.com onboardhospitality.com/awards

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in debate

Brexit for better or worse? As the UK begins the long and complex task of leaving the European Union Julie Baxter asks one onboard supplier Adam Sopher of Joe & Seph to share the impact of the Brexit vote



Did you predict the Brexit vote. WERE YOU READY FOR THE RESULT? In the lead up to the referendum, like most of the population in the UK, we didn’t think that the vote would go the way it did and certainly hadn’t thought that the pound would plummet as much as it has. Many economists have said the pound was over valued before, but the fall from €1.30 on June 23 2016 to €1.13 today (November 2017) has been dramatic and not one we could have anticipated How has the result IMPACTED YOUR BUSINESS?

the amount of popcorn we were selling abroad, but this has taken a year to start happening. Overseas customers wanted to be sure the exchange rate was here to stay before factoring in the price reduction and reducing the RRP. Now a rush of export orders is beginning and we have launched Joe & Seph’s into lots more countries in recent months thanks to lower pricing, which is exciting.

The most immediate impact was on our raw materials – we source most of our ingredients in the UK but our corn is grown in France, some packaging comes from China and these products were only contracted ahead for a few months. As soon as these contracts came to an end, our costs went up.


Weren't there benefits. HOW ABOUT EXPORTS?


We expected to see an immediate increase in


Do you use EU workers. WHAT'S THE IMPACT ON STAFF?


The most unsettling impact of the result was on our staff. Like most businesses in the food



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manufacturing sector around a third of our workers come from the EU and immediately they were concerned for their future in the UK. They also had to cope with the fact that they had effectively seen their salaries drop by 15% when they converted it back to Euros.




DO YOU THINK YOU WILL LOSE STAFF BECAUSE OF BREXIT. Will they stay? Many of our team has been with us since we launched in 2010 and have been a big part of our success. We hope they will stay but a recent Food and Drink Federation survey found almost half (47%) of businesses surveyed said that EU nationals were considering leaving the UK due to uncertainty surrounding their future. This poses a big challenge for our sector. SO WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE FUTURE. What will Brexit ultimately mean for your business?




As a business we would much prefer less uncertainty and the status quo, but the change expected with BREXIT does create


DO YOU THINK IT WILL BECOME HARDER TO DO BUSINESS as a British business, particularly in the onboard sector? I believe there will always be a demand for quality, British products so if we keep our focus on making the best tasting popcorn out there, customers all over the world will continue to love what we do. How have your onboard clients responded to the Brexit vote. ARE THERE ANY SPECIFIC IMPLICATIONS FOR ONBOARD?

We haven’t seen an impact yet although we are expecting one. For example, currently all food products sold in Europe comply with the EU FIC regulations which essentially means there is one, common way to label all food products in the EU. Brexit means there is uncertainty as to whether this will stay in place or if the labelling requirements for the UK will become different to the rest of the EU. •

opportunities. Smaller businesses like ours are best placed to thrive and react quickly to change compared to larger businesses, so we are positive despite the significant challenges.


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industry update / 13


Top stories from across the industry

update Top stories from across the industry

Retro style

Delta redefines dining

Kids in space

Skysupply supports retro makeover for TAP's 70th anniversary

Upgraded tableware, menus and onboard comforts roll out in the U.S

A-K Service takes inspiration from space for its kids kits on S7





Singapore lays on the style New cabin designs and onboard products for the A380 fleet

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14 / industry update

14 / industry update

LATAM upgrades Economy with gate

LATAM has introduced a new gastronomic concept for Economy long-haul in collaboration with gategroup. Passengers will receive three options for lunch or dinner - a hot dish, a vegetarian and lighter cold option, plus a drink service and a sweet snack. Portion sizes have been increased and there are two new breakfast choices available in a range of 300 new dishes. New serving trays provide a more convenient dining experience with built-in plates replacing small modular dishes on trays. Anne De Hauw, vp customer experience at gategroup said: "We really believe that this new, innovative concept will transform the way passengers enjoy food on board. gategroup.com

Galileo pioneers eco packs GALILEO Watermark is claiming an onboard industry first with the launch of OCN plastic packaging for inflight amenity toiletries. OCN plastic is a sustainable alternative to standard recycled plastic and to the creation of more virgin material. It uses reclaimed and repurposed plastic from the ocean to create plastic cosmetic packaging – turning ocean plastic from a waste into a resource. Working with a number of partners to collect plastic from around the world, the recycled plastic is completely safe to use and has a number of applications within the sector. To ensure the plastic does not end up back in the ocean Galileo Watermark is also working with its travel hospitality partners to offer a closed-loop solution, to collect, re-recycle and repurpose the plastic, providing it with an infinite life cycle. galileowatermark.com


F s in T to w

T a

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02/08/2017 16:15 11/13/17 05:48 PM


industry update / 15 Top stories from across the industry

Luxury suites and sustainable meals on SIA SINGAPORE Airlines is rolling out new cabin designs and onboard products for its A380 fleet following a four-year development programme. The A380s will feature six new Suites, Business, Premium Economy and Economy cabins designed and installed through a $850 million investment. The Suites and Business offer includes amenity kits and plush bedding sets by French luxury brand, Lalique. Penhaligon’s amenities will also be available and there's a new Disney collaboration for kids. The upgraded culinary experience includes Wedgwood serviceware and Lalique-designed crystal glassware in the Suites, while new menus feature more sustainable ingredients and local fresh produce. Business passengers will see Narumidesigned chinaware. singaporeair.com

Casper gets onboard with American American Airlines has unveiled a new for months to better understand the sleep experience through a suite of challenges of inflight sleep, researched premium bedding created by more than a dozen versions of the innovation specialist Casper. onboard pillow, and tested it with a The products go onboard in December variety of fibres to find the perfect THEseat NEW COOKIE and include a mattress pad,MILLENIAL duvet, balance of support and breathability. pillow, day blanket, lumber support, The duvet has sewn-through seams to pyjamas and slippers. create small, rectangular chambers for a The roll out for First and Business is consistent fill distribution, helping it stay facilitated by WESSCO. Bedding specialist fluffy and in place when onboard. Casper studied the travel environment casper.com; wessco.net

Oat Cookies & Bars

FlyFit has added a new cookie product to its range of products supporting inflight wellbeing. Made with 100% oats, sunflower oil instead of palm oil and using all natural ingredients, with no additives. These wholesome cookies are naturally low in sugar and high in dietary fiber to kickstart your day. FlyFit specialize in products which improve the nutritional wellbeing of people on the move. The FlyFit 100% Oat cookies are available in two sizes (0.25oz minis and 0.5oz bars) and three flavours: cranberry, coconut and dark cacao nibs


100% Oats


FLYFIT_V4.indd 2 V7 Industry update.indd 15

03:56 PM 11/13/17 05:48

16 / industry update

deSter gets closer to its U.S. market

Where great cleaning began Exactly 90 years ago, our founders were overflowing with ideas for better cleanliness and hygiene. Those ideas turned into success. Today, MEIKO is the global expert in clean solutions for professional warewashing, cleaning and disinfection. And the MEIKO story isn‘t over. Be inspired by our spirit and ingenuity. Celebrate with us and discover a new side to your partner, MEIKO. Find out more at www.meiko.info/90-and-now

Untitled-1 1 V7 Industry update.indd 16

Serviceware and packaging specialist deSter is to open a new production facility in Lima, Ohio (U.S.) The Belgian company's expansion in the U.S. is a strategic move and an integral part of the company’s global plan to produce closer to its core markets. Stef Van de Perre, md deSter, said: "Being able to offer products 'Made in the USA' will give additional quality reassurance for local customers and is a great way to give something back to the community. We already have a global supply chain and mature production plants in Belgium and Thailand but producing locally will significantly contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. We profoundly believe that good business should be good for people and gentle on the environment." dester.com

TUI revamps its offer for kids Kids packs specialist, Milk Jnr’s & Kidworks have updated its inflight children’s packs for TUI Group’s airlines. The revamp for packs flying on TUI Nordic, TUI Netherlands, TUI Belgium and TUI UK merges two packs into one and features a passport-style activity book that children can fill out with information about their journey and holiday, along with holiday-themed games and puzzles. It also features a new set of ‘Perfect Pairs’ playing cards which have been designed and formatted to be used as a tray table game. Whilst ‘Jet Set Squares’ – a bingo-style game – encourages interaction and post-flight use. Milk Jnr’s & Kidworks has again incorporated multi-lingual game instructions in the pack and made all the other activities intuitive and language neutral. milk-jnrs.com

31/07/2017 12:31 11/13/17 05:48 PM

industry update / 17 Top stories from across the industry

Delta redefines its inflight dining offer Delta is redefining its international main cabin dining experience with a series of enhancements. From November, the airline is offering experience menu cards which include information on service timings and details of inflight food and beverages. In December the carrier will launch new upgraded cutlery and by mid-2018 it will upgrade meals and add new serviceware on long-haul international flights. The new collection will include newly-designed trays and upgraded rotable serviceware to complement improved meal quality and provide a restaurant-style dining experience. Delta Comfort+ and Main Cabin pillows, sleep kits and blankets are also being enhanced on long haul flights. In response to passenger demand Delta will also roll out the option to pre-select meals from six days prior to boarding on international flights. delta.com


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24/10/2017 09:50 11/13/17 05:48 PM

17 09:50

industry update / 19 Top stories from across the industry

S7 takes inspiration from space AK-Service has collaborated with airline S7 to launch exclusive space-themed travel kits for children aged three to twelve. The sets are united by the theme of space, which is reflected in the unusual silvery backpacks with colourful and unique design prints made with special paints that glow in the dark. The aim was to create a magical atmosphere onboard for kids during night flights when the cabin lights are dimmed. The children’s kits come in different variations and include fun games, colouring books with exciting tasks, quizzes and other items a child might need for a comfortable and interesting trip onboard. AK-Service continues to build its portfolio of onboard brand collaborations ranging from Bvlgari and L'Occitane to Nivea and Colgate ak-service.ru/en

Clip aims to upgrade Economy style CLIP has forged a partnership with Italian lifestyle brand Guzinni to bring functional style to the Economy cabin. Guzzini is a heritage brand which in the 1950s was the first to offer transparent acrylic tableware that was affordable, light, colourful and unbreakable. Its products are synonymous with quality and style. Clip aims to be the first inflight expert to bring a cohesive, relevant and international lifestyles tableware brand to the market for Economy. Guzzini's award-winning

designer, Carlo Colombo, worked on the project to keep all the qualities of the original design while meeting the strict criteria of the airline industry, both in terms of cost, lifecycle and production. Clip director Cindy Lam said: "Nicelooking tableware that conveys the history of a beautiful brand essentially cost the same as dull generic tableware to produce. This is an opportunity to enhance the Economy experience. cliponboard.com

Celebrity chef on Fiji

EVA adds Laszlo

SWISS stays sweet

FIJI AIRWAYS has appointed award-winning Kiwi chef, Robert Oliver as its new celebrity chef and culinary ambassador. The chef, author, and TV presenter will develop menus for Economy, Business and the lounge currently under construction at Fiji’s Nadi International Airport. fijiairways.com

EVA Air has launched a new Premium Economy amenity kit in partnership with Erno Laszlo in a collaboration facilitated by Galileo Watermark. The branded bag is a sleek, monochrome unisex kit which includes a lip balm and face cream from the bespoke skincare company. galileowatermark.com

SWISS has extended its deal with Chocolat Frey, supplier of the popular SWISS chocolates that are distributed on every SWISS flight. Chocolat Frey will continue to provide this much-loved feature of the SWISS inflight product for a further three years. Passengers can choose from classic or lactose-free. swiss.com


V7 Industry update.indd 19

11/13/17 05:48 PM

We care about responsibility A successful aviation career is all about excellence, precision, and know-how. Our work at SKYPRO isn’t that different. We make sure that our clothing and footwear achieve the required precision, high technology and safety. We have the trust of some of the most important companies and professionals. This responsibility sets the bar high: high-quality products for those who deliver high-quality performances. It’s your recognition that makes our mission worthwhile. We’ll keep making sure our responsibility suits you perfectly.


V7 Industry 1update.indd 20 Untitled-1

11/13/17 05:48 PM 25/10/2017 11:53

17 11:53

industry update / 21 Top stories from across the industry

Skysupply supports TAP's retro makeover TAP Air Portugal is marking its 70th anniversary with the launch of a holistic 'RETRO' concept supported by Skysupply. Based on the airline's own past, the concept sees aircraft being branded in the TAP Retro design and crew wearing seventies-style uniforms designed by Louis Féraud. The theme is followed from check-in to the entertainment selection and meal service and includes an Executive Class amenity kit by SkySupply. The amenity kit is a retro-style cotton canvas bag with leather applications and contains a number of traditional cosmetic brands and contents from Portugal. Skysupply md, Wolfgang Bücherl, said: "We had to go back in time to create an authentic retro version of an amenity kit, and at the same time satisfy a modern customer. We are very excited about the result." skysupply.de

Rail innovation recognised at IRCG Rail specialists from the Internatinal Rail Caterers Group have gathered in Slovakia for its annual assembly. Attendees included representative of LSG, RG, Newrest, Wagon Slovakia, JLV, MAV-Start, Explore Catering, WARS, Best Partner and DB as well as representatives of Reed Exhibitions. A wide variety of rail catering topics were presented and discussed from complete company re-branding and new contract launches to new lounges and menu developments, logistics

relocations, catering research and highspeed train designs. Delegates debated latest market information and ideas to keep rail catering at the forefront of the travel industry. Guest speaker Jozef Schmidt added insights into Slovakian Railways and Deutsche Bahn was voted Most Innovative Caterer for its new Nuremburg Customer Lounge concept, remodelled and trialled using virtual reality and customer feedback (learn more on page 44). ircg.info

Bangkok catering

Bartenders onboard

United's new concepts

Bangkok Air Catering has opened a new food production plant for a new catering operation to be known as Gourmet Primo. The new business supplies semi-finished and finished products to client requirements, complying fully with HACCP/GMP and Halal rules and regulations. gourmetprimo.com

Virgin Atlantic has a new  ‘Flying Bartender’ programme devised with the Bacardi beverage brand. Selected flights each month will feature the spirits in a travel-inspired cocktail, presented as part of the inflight experience by a renowned bartender. virginatlantic.com

UNITED has upgraded its food, beverage and service options at four United Club locations to trial new concepts. The new offer includes lobster rolls and seafood ceviche, a grilled cheese station, waffles, hash browns and a comfort food bar, plus gourmet charcuterie and extended cheese boards. united.com


V7 Industry update.indd 21

11/13/17 05:48 PM

22 / industry update Top stories from across the industry

People on the move Federico Germani GATEGROUP To: CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER From: LATAM Gategroup has unveiled a new company structure and sharpened its focus on retail and the customer experience with the appointment of Federico Germani. Germani, based in Zurich, will oversee the commercial management team and global customer accounts, and be responsible for retail on board business and a new customer experience function focused on developing end-to-end experiences.

Martin Jelley diversey TO: retirement Martin has worked for Diversey for over 38 years, managing its airline catering, cruise and ferries business since 1994. During this time Diversey has becme the global leader in the supply of hygiene solutions, speciality cleaning chemicals and associated services to the airline catering industry. He was an active board member and vice president of ITCA and attended the IFSA annual expo for more than 25 years, as well as APOT events in Asia. He plans to stay connected to the industry as a part time consultant while primarily spending more time with his wife, children and three grandchildren.

Formia broadens its reach FORMIA has unveiled a series of new projects, turning its focus on kids kits and extending is partnerships with Xiamen Airlines, Austrian Airlines and Qatar Airways. In a push to broaden its offer, FORMIA has formed partnerships with key 'character’ brands, Smiley and Rubik's, and will pair the iconic symbol of 1980s pop culture and the best selling Rubik's cube toy with children's kits designed to be unique and entertaining. FORMIA ceo, Roland Grohmann, said: “This is a hugely exciting and significant endeavour for FORMIA. We aim to become the recognised leader in the younger passenger market by providing children with a unique brand and product experience." The company has also worked with Qatar Airways to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a limited edition pink version of its Bric’s amenity kits for

First and Business passengers. Other developments include projects to offer Acca Kappa White Moss amenity kits in First and Business on Xiamen Airlines; and an Austrian Airlines initiative to introduce an overnight amenity kit for passengers experiencing delays or cancellations. formia.com

LSG Sky Chefs goes green with ANZ LSG Sky Chefs has teamed up with Air New Zealand and the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to tackle inflight waste from Air New Zealand’s international services arriving in Auckland.

please send your appointment news to laura.gelder@onboardhospitality.com

The waste reduction initiative, Project Green, is expected to divert 150 tonnes of waste from landfill annually. It has already enabled 40 Air New Zealand inflight products previously sent to landfill (due to biosecurity controls) to be reclassified so that they can be reused on future flights if removed from aircraft sealed and untouched. Products approved to date include sealed beverages and unopened snacks with further items expected to be added in coming months. LSG Sky Chefs New Zealand general manager Pieter Harting says: “This project has been an exciting journey for us, requiring a big culture shift and getting our people onboard with new ways of working.” lsg-group.com


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11/13/17 05:49 PM

Because a happy crew means happy passengers Space saving, longer lasting, lighter weighing, cost saving ‌ our innovative and award-winning crew and service equipment has wow factor too. Our user-friendly trolleys and inserts are designed to make life simpler while our galley equipment will withstand the toughest operational demands and environments. We always go further to ensure that our equipment is cost-effective and work-efficient for an unrivaled onboard experience that means smiles all round. Discover how we can take your brand to a new level: visit www.spiriant.com

Unbenannt-1 Untitled-6 1 1

15.09.2017 11/7/17 13:10:10 11:56 AM


Packaging talks

Of all the elements that go towards making a product a success, perhaps it is the packaging that has to work hardest. Julie Baxter reports on trends and innovations


t is no longer enough for packaging to just be functional, today it also has to capture the essence of the product within, inspire engagement, and suitably reflect the times, trends and market within which it sits. Success depends not only on the skills of the marketing department and graphic designers but on cutting-edge technologies in printing, engineering and materials innovation too. Chief among trends currently making their mark are those favoured by the Millennials illennials (those born

1980-2000). By 2020 Millennials will represent half the world’s working population so packaging that works for this demographic is increasingly going to matter. Ariane van Mancius, of Now New Next, has teamed up with Millennial consultancy Kult & Ace to develop expertise on this group, and explains: “Millennials are looking for cool, real and unique products that they can identify with and feel happy about buying. They are cost-conscious but will pay for quality. They

Make it personal Make it cool


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11/13/17 05:21 PM


prioritise spending on health and wellbeing. On average they own five screens – TV, phone, laptop, desktop and a gaming device – and they belong to the most visual generation the world has ever seen, so the way things look is critical.” The good news for the onboard hospitality sector is that this demographic is more interested in food and nutrition than any other. Food has usurped fashion as the way they define themselves and their lifestyles, and their focus is on provenance and conviviality. They want to actively engage with the products they buy. Adds van Mancius: “This generation is looking for practical and convenient products that make meal times a social experience. They snack and opt for small bites but they also glamorise dining and are adventurous in what they try. They are looking for authentic products and favour what’s local. They are also increasingly ‘green’ in their outlook.” Some airlines, such as Jetblue and Joon, are already focused on Millennials as a key market and elsewhere too Hermann Lahr, director (Americas) Global C, sees the impact of this generation's being translated onboard. He says: “Airlines are trying to elevate the experience they offer and a big part of that is making what they offer look more attractive. Airlines no longer

want their food to look like traditional airline meals on a tray, they want stylish snack boxes and streetfood-style noodle boxes – food items which offer passengers some interaction and make service a more engaging experience.”

Add interaction A noodle box developed for Qantas, for example, has an innovative shape, can be microwaved and served without any need for a casserole dish or tray. Lahr says: “It looks novel, is functional and easy to use and also offers added interest beyond just the food itself.” Similarly, Monty's Bakehouse has focused on unique ovenable onboard packaging specifically designed to look cool but also to be cool to the touch 45 seconds after baking for easy handling. Its Slider & Fries packaging technology was developed to accommodate the different baking requirements of the various products inside, and its Dippers products speak to the demand for interaction. Global C has also patented the new Connect Box – meal boxes designed to click effortlessly together

Make it eco-friendly

Make it fun


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Above: Galileo Watermark has turned its attention to toiletries with eco OCN plastic Below: Wine tubes paired with truffles by gateretail

so crews can pull consecutive boxes from the trolley. And the team has worked on a range of boxes which use graphics and colours to create a mood and a sense of occasion. Lahr adds: “Upgrading packaging styles and design is a simple way to instantly upgrade an offer and create brand differentiation.”

years. What we use for minutes or even seconds will outlive our great-great grandchildren and beyond. The aviation industry is a significant contributor to plastic waste and our airline partners are working towards more sustainable options across all aspects of their sourcing requirements. We want to support this drive by offering innovative solutions to both waste reduction and sustainable material usage. OCN plastic is a significant leap forward and is testament to our mindset. We believe it is not sufficient to just do things better, we have a responsibility to do better things." The whole lifecycle of packaging needs to be considered, he insists: “We want to ensure the plastic does not end up back in the ocean and are working with our travel hospitality partners to offer a closedloop solution, to collect, re-recycle and repurpose the plastic, providing it with an infinite life cycle. We need to re-think product design and recycling strategies and begin to make some changes. Through OCN, we can offer an alternative to virgin plastic and play a part in the clean up, as well as raising awareness around the world of the issues and challenging those in our industry to think differently. OCN is our contribution to what needs to become a global movement.”

Eco thinking

Food on the go

Packaging innovations are coming thick and fast and not just for food. CanOWater is tackling the growing problem of single-use plastic bottles by packaging water in a sip-and-seal aluminium can. These can be recycled and be back on the shelf within six weeks. Galileo Watermark has put toiletries packaging under the microscope and Millennials will pay found it wanting on environmental more for authentic, grounds too. Its team worked to find eco options a solution and has just launched OCN plastic, a sustainable alternative. In what it claims is a first in our industry, the company uses reclaimed and repurposed plastic collected from the oceans, seas and waterways to create stylish cosmetics packaging. Kenny Harmel, head of aviation at Galileo Watermark, says: "The amount of manufactured plastic has doub doubled in the last 15

At this year’s lunch! exhibition in London a number of exhibitors showcased products designed to break the boundaries of possibility for food on the go. Tri-Star Packaging, now a sister-business to onboard specialist W K Thomas, showcased new options: JARR, Tri-Green and Gourmet 24.7. JARR plays directly to Millennials' love combining the old and the new, evoking feelings of nostalgia through a fun-loving shape that echoes the traditional jam jar. The format works for all manner of drinks and dishes - from cocktails to desserts, it is lightweight and transparent and an effective way to portion control everything from sauces and dips to olives, fruit salads and yoghurt. The company’s Tri-Green stackable deli pot, made of eco-friendly rPET, has proved popular for


V2Packaging feature.indd 26

11/13/17 05:22 PM


salads, desserts and snacks and responds to demand for visually appealing presentation thanks to the pot's clarity, meaning you can see everything inside. Kevin Curran, managing director at Tri-Star, says: “Increasingly people want something of a restaurant experience even with on-the-go purchases and our revolutionary new Gourmet 24.7 range has been designed to meet this multi-functional packaging need. It is an industry-first which enables operators to pack multiple dishes, both wet and dry, hot and cold, into a single container without the different foods mixing. It can be created for different trolley sizes and printing options can personalise or brand it too.” Packnwood specialises in providing eco-friendly and original design food packaging and disposable tableware – like its new retail range, Nature's Party. Koepala also unveiled a new flexible food packaging option, Koepala Aterimo, which conveniently transforms into a bowl or a can. After use it folds back to its flat form, for easy disposal. Cornware UK put its focus on biodegradable products and launched the Rose Red 100% biodegradable Clamshell range of meal boxes which are oil and waterproof, microwavable and freezable. Similarly, Biopac, which offers cups, containers and disposable tableware, highlighted its sugarcane products as supporting the eco trend. Created using renewable plant fibres shaped into anything from bowls and plates to clamshell boxes, the sugarcane material is suitable for microwaving, oven use and even freezing. Once used, they can be thrown away with the food waste and are fully compostable. Schur Star Systems also attracted attention for its

Schur Star Box Bag, a bag (featuring window or zipper) Above from left: Tri-star Packaging's Gourmet 24.7 and with a box-shaped bottom which ensures it can stand Dippers from Monty's completely stable, irrespective of weight and contents. Bakehouse's that encourage interaction with the food Coveris showcased a new Grab Box format which combines the print capabilities and product protection benefits of a sandwich skillet with the premium look and feel of a traditional bagged product. Made from sustainably-sourced FSC board and lined using highclarity, low-gauge film, the goal is to combine product freshness with good visibility. Similarly, Kavis is combining practical packaging options with colourful designs and box windows for product visibility. Even the smallest of products benefit from packaging innovation. Chocolate specialist Varda has refreshed its individual chocolates with a contemporary wrapper and quirky boxes in unexpected shapes,, designed to stand out on the tray;; while Packaging now needs Montezuma's is personalising to help create an its wrappers. interesting onboard And gateretail is using innovative packaging to experience create new experiences. Single-serve wine in tubes for example (pictured left). The slim-line, space-saving glass tubes preserve the qualities of the wine and come boxed with speciallyselected truffles, paired to create a new tasting experience. • onboardhospitality.com

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Creative cups The world of disposable cups is becoming increasingly creative with innovations in design, materials and printing all influencing onboard choices, says Julie Baxter BUTTERFLY CUP This innovative design combines cup and lid into one and can be sipped from the sides while remaining sealed. It is coated with BioPBS which is compostable at ambient temperatures and 100% biogradable. It is made from renewable corn, cassava and sugarcane. mybutterflycup.com

LINSTOL This innovative photo cup uses food grade inks to feature full-colour photography of destinations or promotions. Its range also has eco-friendly PLA-lined cups - single and double-walled, rippled and textured. linstol.com

GLOBAL INFLIGHT PRODUCTS Offers the Baroque easy-grip ripple design cup which can be customised in any colour with any ripple design - waves, horizontal, vertical and diagonal. Available in recycled paper. gipusa.com



Made from certified FSC board lined with a starch material, these cups, and their sip-through lids, are 100% compostable and come in a range of sizes, with single as well as double-wall versions for thermal protection. Bold graphics show eco credentials. biopac.co.uk

A range of polypropylene, polystyrene, recycled polyethylene terephthalate, and cardboard cups includes a new textured disposable option. The textured finish provides the same insulation as a double-walled paper cup and is fully compostable. dester.com

WK THOMAS Offers a wide range of sizes and types (pictured below) from single-walled PE or polyethylene-lined cups to ribbed, insulated cups (where a second corrugated wrap is glued to the cup) or double-walled cups. Its items can come with a compostable PLA (poly lactic acid derived from corn starch) lining. wkthomas.com

THE LEAF CUP Claiming to be the world's first truly recyclable cup, this combines a fully recyclable plastic inner layer with a heatabsorbing fully-recyclable outer paper layer. An easytear strip allows plastic and paper elements to be simply separated for recycling. zeuspackaging.com


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your own inflight experience www.bayart-innovations.com Untitled-2 Untitled-6 1

13/07/2017 10:15 11/7/17 11:57 AM


THE MARKET IS INCREASINGLY SEGMENTED BUT FANTASTICALLY EXCITING WK Thomas, now a division of Bunzl UK, is set to crank up innovation in food packaging solutions. Des Thurgood, sales director, explains how


n the last 12 months we've invested heavily in our in-house design studio with a new team of structural designers. This is critical to innovation and driving the business forward. It allows us to create new products and add flair and flourishes to our existing products. We have strengthened our proposition around retail-style packaging concepts that can be used in many services. This is important, as retail brands are becoming ever more prevalent in the airline sector. It will give us an edge by enabling us to put a continuous stream of ideas and innovation in front of our customers. In a sector that is constantly evolving and changing this is vital. Our core proposition is now stronger than ever as we build on specialist packaging in both complimentary and retail services across the transport sector. The market is increasingly segmented

but fantastically exciting. Every survey indicates passenger numbers are growing, driven in part by millennials with the income and thirst to travel. Low-cost carriers continue to offer an ever-expanding range of food and drink options and we see opportunities to add value in this sector, around pre-ordered meals. Retail products continue to tap into high-street retail brands but there is also an emergence of artisanal brands that are perhaps less well known.

Future gazing Looking ahead, we are working on ideas for the long-haul sector where at the point of buying your ticket you can upgrade the experience by purchasing things like comfort kits or blankets. We

are also working with train operators on the way products are presented. All-inclusive concepts from the likes of TUI, Thomas Cook and Jet2, look set to remain strong, especially with families, and all projections for railway and shipping sectors show demand growing. The onboard packaging market will continue to evolve, change and grow. Our services will evolve and grow too, meeting increasing demands. We expect the sector to become even more dynamic as customers seek to differentiate their services and products from competitors. One area with a lot of potential as yet untapped is ferries – I often travel this way to Europe with my family and in my view there is huge scope for innovation in this sector. •


InConvo-WK Thomas.indd 31

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personal branding concepts


All of Sola’s cutlery designs can be PVD coated in several colors. All colors are available in both mirror- and satin finish. This high quality coating will not chip, fade, corrode and most importantly is food safe.



Sola Airline Cutlery B.V. Van Reenenweg 155 3702 SJ Zeist The Netherlands


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10/25/2017 1:42:40 PMPM 11/7/17 12:07

how to... / 33

How to...

…reinvent your tableware Qantas has unveiled new tableware including crockery by Noritake. David Caon, lead designer of the Qantas 787 Dreamliner interiors, talks us through its creation Make a plan Working in collaboration with Qantas creative director of food, beverage & service, Neil Perry, Caon was briefed to design new tableware that was modern, lightweight and practical for First, Business and Premium Economy, and in the Qantas lounges. Set objectives Caon’s objective was to combine minimal, classic elegance with quality and functionality. “There is a fine balance between finding ingenious ways of making a product lighter and compromising its utility or quality,” he explains. Aside from aesthetics and functionality, he was also tasked with minimising the airline’s carbon footprint, cutting tableware weight by 11%. Get inspired Caon took his design cues from the 787 interiors, creating a 16-piece crockery set crafted from fine bone china, a five-piece brush-finished stainless steel cutlery set and a collection of modern glassware. “Straight lines were minimised in the design with the same 800mm curve applied to each object in a way to soften and humanise. This organically geometric aesthetic lends continuity across the range and to the aircraft,” he says. Trial it Once he was happy with the look, the set was tested. Caon explains: “Over many months we sought feedback from crew, customers and Neil's team

around the functionality inflight. The crockery allows the culinary team to be more creative with the inflight menus and gives crew more opportunities to interact with customers. It modernises the dining experience for travellers too."

Fact file The launch of the 787 Dreamliner was used as an opportunity to redesign the entire Qantas onboard travel experience The new Noritake range for Qantas goes onboard from December 15, 2017

It will first feature on the 787 Dreamliner service from Melbourne to Los Angeles The 11% weight saving will result in an annual saving of up to 535,000 kilograms in fuel

Draw on experience Caon founded his studio in Sydney in 2009, having worked in Milan and Paris where he designed alongside fellow Australian Marc Newson for clients including Dom Pérignon and Samsonite. He was also part of the team which created the interiors of the airline’s Airbus A380 and was previously responsible for the refurbishment of the airline’s Boeing 717s and Boeing 737s, as well as the design of Qantas’ international lounges in Hong Kong and Singapore. He partnered with Noritake for the project as the crockery specialist has been making inflight tableware for Qantas since 1962. •


HowTo...Qantas.indd 33

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11/7/17 12:09 PM

focus on / 35

Gourmet liquorice Swedish company Haupt Lakrits is reinventing liquorice as a gourmet treat for grown-ups with discerning tastes. Laura Gelder finds out how


t was a trip to Iceland that inspired Haupt Lakrit’s founder Christian Haupt to start making liquorice, because he loved how Icelanders mixed it with chocolate. His goal was clear - to create the best liquorice in the world: sweet and salty, different to those already on the market and combined with high-quality chocolate. The methods used by Lakrits are very traditional, explains ceo, Rasmus Ragnarsson: “There is only liquorice in our liquorice! This sounds obvious but liquorice is an expensive ingredient and most other makers use just a little bit mixed with other ingredients like fennel.” At the company’s factory in Kista, just north of Stockholm, the liquorice is boiled for 10 hours and then matured for up to eight weeks to develop a deeper, more complex flavour. Lakrits' first products, Chok and Krisp, were both chocolate-coated liquorice one with a crispy sugar crust and the other one rolled in Asian liquorice powder. Now the range includes sweet and salty pure liquorice, chocolate-coated liquorice and liquorice products for cooking such

as powder and granules. Local and believe that many people will pay more international-inspired flavours have been attention to the origins of the ingredients, added including the astringently salty manufacturing methods and what Salmiakki flavour favoured by northern additives are used". Europeans, and Citron - salty liquorice Check out the Lakrits website and you’ll with white chocolate, lemon, lime, see grown-up tasting notes accompanying bergamot and yuzu. each product – telling For those who have you to pair the Citron gone through their with a sweet reisling; lives hating liquorice and the Fika (espresso Lakrits' grown-up (like me), Lakrits is and coconut-flavoured tasting notes pair surprisingly subtle and liquorice), with coffee. liquorice with the addition of the Lakrits has developed reisling or coffee chocolate makes it far some limited edition more palatable. flavours too, including Lakrits’ founder, some festive editions Christian Haupt, believes liquorice is using traditional Christmas spices and changing and says: “Most people are lingonberry flavours and the romancesurprised by how intense and 'grown-up' themed Karlek, combining dried rose our liquorice can taste. Many people only petals, rose oil, strawberries, raspberries, discovered dark, high-quality chocolate vanilla and chocolate - now flying with after eating milk chocolate. We’re sure the SAS. Lakrits can also be found on Finnair same will happen with liquorice and we and with travel retailer Dufry. •


Liquorice.indd 35

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Rocky Mountaineer Rocky Mountaineer is rolling out new GoldLeaf carriages, designed to enhance the onboard experience for both passengers and staff. Benjamin Coren discovers more


ocky Mountaineer invited its partners out to Stadler’s factory in Berlin to showcase innovations being made for its latest GoldLeaf dome coaches. Ten new bespoke bi-level coaches are being manufactured for the Canadian rail operator's fleet, with new deliveries expected to commence in 2018. The onboard enhancements may not necessarily be obvious to passenger but are designed to enable staff to provide a more consistent onboard experience. They include more efficient toilets and dishwashers, better ovens that can steam and control moisture, enhanced air conditioning and electrically darkening panoramic windows on the upper decks controlled by staff. The technical upgrades aim to enhance the journey for both passengers and staff onboard, enabling crew to spend more time focused on providing a quality experience for customers. Rocky Mountaineer is one of the first companies to add window tinting, previously seen on aircraft, to trains. It will be trialled on the new carriages and rolled out on older carriages if successful. Scott Dearin, director asset development for Rocky Mountaineer, said: “Our goal is

to ensure we offer a consistent service When the carriages are shipped, they are across the entire fleet. The layout of the carried in climate-controlled containers to new carriages is the same but there protect them from the sea elements. is more modern technology onboard. The testing process for the new carriages For example, Stadler designed a new takes around three months. Dearin water system from scratch which is more added: “Trains go to Dresden where efficient, uses less water and is more they are tested to ensure they meet reliable.” the requirements of The new carriages the U.S. certification will be added to the process. We have to service (as opposed meet Canadian and Our goal is to ensure American requirements to replacing current ones) bringing the total we offer a consistent along with the service across our number of GoldLeaf requirements of the entire the fleet service carriages up railways we operate to 26. on.” Stadler and Rocky The carriages are Mountaineer have manufactured in Berlin, and the factory been working very closely for the last operates as an assembly line. The glass three years to meet and exceed these comes from France and the trucks are requirements. built in Switzerland. The carriages are then All the new coaches are expected to shipped to Tacoma in the U.S. where a be in service by 2020, hugely increasing special train transports them to Canada. GoldLeaf service capacity. •


FocusOn_Rocky_M.indd 36

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11/13/17 12:16 PM



Stronger together


s the doors closed on this year’s IFSA Expo, Julie Baxter, talked to IFSA presidents Jane Bernier-Tran (out-going) and Paul Platamone. The mood was buoyant at IFSA Expo 2017 following a range of initiatives to make the event stronger. Jane Bernier-Tran, president during the event, explained: “The show went well and feedback has been good. Investment in the hard shell build for the stands gave the show a more professional feel and the layout worked well. The show is not too large, or overwhelming and that means buyers have a chance to visit all booths and have meaningful conversations. It is now sizable enough to justify attendance, with a good variety of suppliers but manageable enough that delegates can get around to see everyone they need to, easily. We had a record-breaking number of booths, conference registrations were up and IFSA member numbers are also up. The number of airlines attending has also increased. Our Compass Awards excited people and provided a nice evening to kick off the event and our networking social was also very well attended, and great fun.” Both Jane and in-coming president, Paul Platamone, praised the on-going collaboration and co-location of the IFSA, APEX and AIX expos and Paul said: "We are hyper-focused on making this annual event a collaboration of the three entities. APEX Association has been a not-for-profit association for its sector for 40 years and IFSA is in is 52nd year. We have shared space with the AIX exhibitors in the past too and bringing all three together is clearly an excellent development that we will continue to build on. “It is no coincidence that APEX and IFSA now have a common ceo in Joe

We are absolutely stronger together as an industry, it's what our members want us to do, and it will enable ties to grow. It strengthens us all PAUL PLATAMONE IN-COMING IFSA PRESIDENT

We had a recordbreaking number of booths, conference registrations were up and IFSA member numbers are also up JANE BERNIER-TRAN


IFSA Review intro.indd 38

10/11/2017 15:17


ely r as what nt us ll w. It all

It is clear, airlines are hungry to better the passenger experience, with billions of dollars being invested annually JOE LEADER JOINT CEO IFSA & APEX

Leader and we intend this collaboration to continue across much of what we do. We now have a structure in place to transcend any given board of directors, it is a foundational structure that will maintain the current agreement to schedule our activities in tandem. This is a big deal, we are all going to come together in mutually agreed locations for a number of years to come and that will be to the benefit of us all. We are absolutely stronger together as an industry, it’s what our members want us to do, and it will enable ties to grow. It strengthens us all. “Beyond the Expos we are going to continue a huge focus on government activities, on the regulatory environment in which we all work. Regulations on both sides of the pond have become increasingly complex and potentially unmanageable and aggressive. We have taken a long-standing position on these issues through our GACT committee and work to retain our industry’s reputation in the market. We have retained resources in Brussels with an EU taskforce that ensures we are tuned into the regulatory channels there and can try and help our industry navigate that sphere. This has been especially important since the void emerged with the decline of ITCA.” •


IFSA Review intro.indd 39

10/11/2017 15:17


American dreams The IFSA Expo halls were brimming with optimism this year, showcasing a wide range of on-trend products keen to enhance the onboard experience. Julie Baxter reports 1


“Airlines are looking for new and innovative ideas that are on-trend and combine new surprises with familiar brands”


Delyse showcased a wide range of snacks and meal products from Belgian Boys waffles and Brandini Toffee popcorn to fresh wraps and salads. It reports strong interest in its new collaboration to offer fresh foods treated with HPP to ensure they stay fresh for 55 days. Airlines have focused on the reduced waste, improved food safety and cost effective nature of the process which can be used to preserve freshness. delyse.com 2. DFMI

This year celebrating its 30th year in the business, Dfmi partners range from Lantmännen Unibake artisan bakery to

Beemster (Dutch) and Somerdale (British) quality cheeses. Its Grassland butters are becoming the natural choice for distinguished chefs and La Colombe, the first-ever draft latte, drew attention for its new convenient can format. For snacks, Graze is turning heads with its pumpkin seeds, almond and real fruit combinations. dfminc.biz 3. PRETZEL PERFECTION

Pretzel Perfection is evolving the traditional twice-baked pretzel snack into new sweet and savoury options including olive oil and sea salt twice-baked pretzel sticks, now on Delta, and chocolate coated pretzels Twists in Lemon Cheesecake,

English Toffee and Raspberry Truffle flavours. pretzelperfection.com 4. LA CROIX

Sparkling water brand La Croix claims to be the fastest growing beverage brand in the U.S. and is already flying on Delta. The waters are flavoured with fruit and come in 13 flavours. The product is clean label with no sweetners, sugars, calories or sodium. lacroixwater.com 5. GLOBAL INFLIGHT PRODUCTS

Using magnesium-enriched porcelain for its onboard tableware range has allowed GIP to cut weights by 30-50%. While the cost is increased, the benefits of


V3 IFSA Review.indd 40

11/13/17 02:34 PM


4 3



6 4

this material are being increasingly well recognised as providing a high-quality, less expensive alternative to bone china. It is promoted as an ideal option for First service. The company also showcased biodegradable napkins with a quality feel, made of recycled sugar cane fibre, and an easy-open sick bag (pictured) which reduces seat back snagging, cuts space required for storage and is sealed to such a standard that it can also be used to put boiling water in to heat a baby's feed. gipusa.com 6. RAYZEN

Premium wine grape raisin specialist RayZen is now supplying its antioxidant


rich raisins in bulk to caterers. It has also added a range of chocolate-coated raisins which are being promoted for service in First. The raisins include the dried pip in the middle to give added crunch and bring additional health benefits as they have been shown to support red blood cells. rayzen.com 7. HACO

The Harvey Alpert stand was buzzing with brands and onboard options. Big name beverage brands including Coca Cola's Minute Maid, SmartWater, Vitamin Water and Odwalla and coffees from the likes of Maxwell House, Gevalia Kaffe and Folgers are part of the portfolio. While in the

snacks range FlyFit, Belvita and Campbell's V8 bars are among the offer as well as Hershey's, Swedish Fish and Toblerone in the confectionery selection. The King Nut connection ensures a customised nut offer for airlines while the Goldfish brand serves up cheddar, whole grains, pretzels and puffs. haco.us.com 8. NATIONAL FOOD GROUP

Well established in the schools and hospitals sector, National Food Group is now targeting the airline sector with a portfolio of products suitable for onboard including Zee Zee dried fruit mixes, dips and sauces, and frozen meals. nationalfoodgroup.com


V3 IFSA Review.indd 41

11/13/17 02:34 PM








“Calvetti's culinary team now combines expertise in sous vide and butchery to support onboard service quality� 9. HAIL MERRY

Fresh snacking products are on-trend onboard according to the Hail Merry brand. Already flying on Virgin America, the brand offers a range of vegan-friendly, gluten-free, kosher and non-GMO tarts, bites and cups. Newest are single-serve cups made fresh with coconut oil and nuts and filled with almond butter or ganache. hailmerry.com 10. FIELD TRIP

Meat snack specialist Field Trip is targeting onboard sales with its range of highprotein, low-carbohydrate, low-sugar meat sticks and jerky. Gluten- and additivefree, the sticks are made from grass-fed

meat produced without antibiotics or steroids. Flavours include beef, pork and turkey. Fieldtripjerky.com 11. AIRLINE EMPORIUM

Making its mark at the entrance to the hall, AirlineEmporium showcased a vast range of partner products from gummy sweets and cashew nuts to breakfast bars and chocolate treats. airlinemporium.com 12. CALVETTI CULINARY CREATION

Building on a long-established meat supply business, Calvetti has now broadened its focus to collaborate closely

with airline chefs to supply sous vide menu options. Following significant investment in a new plant and the appointment of a strong culinary team, the company combines traditional meat supply skills with customised onboard recipes. American Airlines is its biggest customer. jcmeats.com 13. REAL TORINO

Specialists in all-natural biscuits for cheese for the past 35 years, Reral Torino has a range of seven flavours and biscuit styles including sesame, garlic and herb, rosemary, and chilli pepper. Newest are mini baguettes and mini ciabatti style biscuits offered in individual serving packs


V3 IFSA Review.indd 42

11/13/17 02:34 PM




AIX Expo... • FORMIA has opened a new office in New York and has its sights set on significant growth in the U.S. market. Niklas Sandor, formerly of the LSGGroup, is overseeing this regional push with a team of two. FORMIA has compiled a strong portfolio of U.S. brand collaborations with a wide array of U.S. luxury, fashion, cosmetics, lifestyle and wellbeing labels. • Freshorize, well known for its range of hand sanitisers, is working on new projects for launch in 2018.

16 18

• Egret showcased its range of onboard trolley innovations for foodservice and retail in air and rail. • Castello Monte Vibiano and MV Food & Services shared the FORMIA stand, showcasing olive oils, wine food and toiletries for onboard.

already flying on United, American Airlines, Delta and Emirates. appetizers.com 14. OUR LITTLE REBELLION

Aiming to shake up the savoury snack sector, the Our Little Rebellion brand is focused on bean-based snacks including Bean Crisps, Pop Corners and Protein Crisps in a multitude of flavours. ourlittlerebellion.com 15. GOURMET FOODS

Focused on clean ingredients free from colourings or additives, sustainably sourced and of a consistently good quality. It uses only cage-free eggs, humanelyraised pork and wild-caught sustainable

salmon and has expanded its range of gluten-free and vegan appetisers and pasta dishes. Jack fruit is used to mimic crab cakes with the same mouth-feel and acidity. Dim sum wraps have also been added to the mix. gourmetfoodsinc.com


Malton continues to win plaudits for its robust Ministro 1.5l thermos flask in a wide range of finishes including colour coatings which do not smear or mark as polished and brushed finishes do. Six fit a standard galley unit. maltoninflight.com


This cheese specialist has added new flavours to its well-established all-natural range. Widely used onboard, the cheeses are offered in combination with fruit, crackers and sometimes chocolate for an more engaging passenger experience or a perfect sharing platter. The naturally-aged cheddars now include a smoked black pepper with white cheddar. tillamook.com

18. SOLA

Focused on custom-made cutlery for airlines with strong attention to design, Sola offers hollowed ranges which allows them to cut onboard weight without compromising on style. Clever techniques allow it to offer two-tone cutlery for a premium and distinctive finish. sola.nl •


V3 IFSA Review.indd 43

11/13/17 02:34 PM


Missing a trick?

Roger Williams discovers opportunities missed and game-changers set to transform onboard hospitality on the rails


Missing trick_4.indd 44

11/13/17 12:18 PM



ne onboard caterer recently spent considerable time and resources researching which avocado dish was best for its new menu – after all, trends showed a significant rise in demand for this superfood, so adding it had to be right (right?). Reading this, I couldn’t help wondering just how much one avocado dish compared to another might influence anyone to travel by rail? That’s not because great menus and trends aren’t important to rail travellers but surely spending a disproportionate amount of time on minutiae risks missing the strategic game-changers – factors proven over time to really influence and grow customer loyalty and volumes, in travel and on the high street.

Onboard retail


And then there is the retail proposition. ‘Buy before you board’ is now a given for most rail customers and many onboard operators are yet to copy the methods station retailers use to drive revenue. Unlike stations, there are virtually no retail brands operating onboard rail in Europe. Additionally, very little ‘great coffee’ is offered (especially on trolleys), bar counters still act as a barrier to browsing, and many caterers still use old-style paper menus and have low levels of connectivity with their customers. Whilst there is some focus on pre-purchase, locallydeveloped ‘buy at seat’ retailing app roll-outs are slow and some of the systems used unproven. The most successful app trials, as run by JLV in the Czech Republic, are only delivering single figure growth. Premier Lounges Conversely, on stations, instantly recognisable Let's start with lounges. Most intercity rail operators brands such as Starbucks or Leon and Segafredo offer recognise this customer need but seldom are theirs as customers great coffee, and a range of freshly-made good as at airports. Dwell times are obviously less but food to go. With highly visible signage, digital menus recent research on one intercity route showed that and glass counter-front displays, they encourage over 50% of the First customers questioned didn’t increased footfall and invariably get a higher average think some lounges added much transaction value than onboard. value. Refreshments, amenities In Europe only Sweden’s X2000, and spaces were poorly organised Finland’s Duetto, Eurostar’s e320 and and they got better value most Virgin’s Pendolino have effective There are said from branded coffee shops product displays – that leaves around virtually no retail 20 train companies still needing help. on the concourse. brands onboard Surely this is a lost opportunity There are also options for full rail to provide an important brand engagement across the whole service differentiator. Deutsche onboard retailing spectrum – trolley Bahn certainly thinks so. It ran a passenger designs, in-seat services, ordering app, click and ‘ideas competition’ while planning its new collect, reward schemes, offers, home delivery – the Nuremburg lounge and having drawn up list goes on. designs based on those ideas, used VR headsets For interested brands and product suppliers, to virtually walk customers through the options and there are three main routes to market: via the train give feedback. Using this cutting-edge research the designers at inception, via train operators who choose team determined the real needs and behaviours of the spec and, via the onboard caterers. customers and was able to shape the lounge layout For train operators, working with companies such and service offer to match. as RG, which already has access to franchise brands Key points identified were around quiet spaces, through its parent group SSP, is a sensible starting different seating for work and relaxation, separate point. Benefits from procurement strength also ensure refreshment areas, types of refreshment by time of the best value and consistent delivery standards. day, charging facilities at seat for laptops and phones, However, a way needs to be found to cut through the improved sight lines for information screens and TVs, railway design red tape to enable branded solutions and improved family areas. They are now using this to work onboard. project to assist in future refurbishments across the DB Onboard restaurants lounge estate. For some customers, the romance of dining in an Such an innovative approach puts customers at the onboard restaurant makes a journey special. So this heart of the decision-making, and won DB the IRCG’s can be quite an emotive subject for rail operators to 2017 Most Innovative Caterer Award. onboardhospitality.com

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Above L-R: Deutsche Bahn's new Nuremburg lounge and Eurostar's stylish lounge in Paris

manage and literally splits Europe from east to west. One of the best providers of this service is Eurostar, Onboard dining really took off 90 years ago in the which has been a trailblazer in modular catering since golden age of steam, with famous names such as the its inception in 1994, growing to over two million Flying Scotsman, Côte d’Azur Pullman and Orient Express Standard Premier and Business Premier customers considered truly stylish ways to dine out. per year. This growth has been sustainable thanks to With no airline competition and strong rivalry flexibile logistics suppliers and the clever onboard between train companies, investments were made in designs of their new e320s. glamorous trains and bigger kitchens. Even though Double Michelin star chef Raymond Blanc develops onboard catering was loss making, it was all about Business Premier menus which include a hot or being ‘the best’ to attract more customers. continental breakfast, a three-course lunch and dinner Sound familiar? Certainly some of today’s train with a choice of hot or cold main. These are served companies still want to be the best in food, but on a personal tray with a branded liner, stainless high-speed train designs mean a move away from steel cutlery in quality napkin wraps, proper glasses dedicated restaurant cars in about 50% of Europe. for drinks, and china crockery. Menus also include In Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Poland, afternoon tea and a light meal in Standard Premier. Czech Republic, Slovakia and beyond Some operators, such as SJ in to the east, most intercity routes Sweden, offer a retail option of a hot retain some form of restaurant car meal that can be pre-ordered via the What matters but the French, Norwegian, Swedish, web, whilst most offer pre-selection most is strategic of special meals such as gluten-free, Spanish, cross-border operations change in rail such as Eurostar and Thalys, and most kosher, and halal. Spanish operator hospitality of the UK intercity routes have all RENFE goes further, offering prebecome modular. ordered dishes you can tailor to your This is for three key reasons. Firstly, rising costs. tastes rather than just a set menu. Maintaining ageing kitchens and providing expensive Not everyone has followed this line, mainly due chef resources, as well as an increased demand to a lack of new train investment, but also because in seats has driven intercity operators to look for of decisions to retain restaurant services for cultural alternative catering methods. reasons, as in Germany, Switzerland and Finland. Secondly, high-speed train designers, influenced by DB has introduced recipes from social media ‘food airlines, saw modularisation as a logical step, especially bloggers’ to promote specially-selected dishes on as journeys got quicker. their menus, and this has attracted higher numbers of Thirdly, shifts in culture. Quick service food trends, young travellers to use the restaurants. coupled with the incredible growth of station catering, Retrospectively, some rail operators may feel they mean falling revenues onboard and have exposed the underestimated the back of house costs and facilities diminishing demand for restaurants. This supported required for a modular system. Old stations aren’t best the case for change and put the focus on improving suited to housing the necessary facilities, which often the value of First, with food included in the ticket price. have to be split over multiple sites. Consequently, onboardhospitality.com

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long-suffering logistics contractors have had to make costly compromises on space, process and innovation, slowing the pace of change.

Future foods I believe European high-speed railways will continue to expand the provision of complimentary food for First and Business customers using modular systems. It potentially allows for higher ratios of onboard staff at table side and so offers the capability for a further leap ahead in customer satisfaction and loyalty. For example, East Coast in the UK saw a rise of over 20% in First ticket revenues with this model. It also creates new opportunities for caterers. With new IEP trains and a new railway (HS2) on the horizon, UK rail caterer RG is in a great position to support change. Its new purpose-built production and logistics centre opens in West London, in January. Beat Ehlers, RG ceo says: “RG’s new centre will deliver a 'one stop shop solution' for our clients. It provides for vertical integration of all the main service components of product development, food production, ware washing, tray assembly, packing, storage, and logistics resource management. Coupled with the potential benefit of parent group SSP’s dynamic leading brand portfolio and strong procurement relationships, it is a game-changer that can take the UK food travel market forward to a new level of quality and customer service.”

Roger Williams is chairman of the International Rail Catering or help and advice on the Group. For issues discussed here contact him at roger@thecateringexplorer.com


In my opinion, brands must come onboard in Europe if café bar and at-seat services are to maximise their retail potential but there are other innovations that should be considered too. Decent draught beer, for example. The technology exists for this but it is really only seen on a handful


Future sales

Above L-R Thalys' onboard of European routes in countries such as the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany and Finland. There's a restaurant and Swedish Rail's Bistro selection great opportunity here brewers could support. It is time to look again at trolleys too. These are often seen as a low-cost catering option but here the game-changer will be branded trolleys carrying and promoting a more exciting offer. Offering variant trolley styles to suit the time of day (e.g. a for coffee / beer / hot food / cold food) would further enhance the services and expand capabilities. In respect of onboard sales technology and customer connectivity, outside of EPOS and basic access to menu information via the web, advancements have been slow. It seems many train companies and caterers alike are apprehensive that costs may outweigh the margin improvements, but with the rail industry embracing digitalisation for ticketing this could change. Whether the lead is through software developers, train companies or caterers will depend on company politics and corporate IT resources. In conclusion, we know that consumers want new, niche, on-trend products, but before you and your company spend hours deliberating over which avocado dish to put in your next menu remember to put it in context. Play your strategic cards right and you'll benefit from significantly more customers using and enjoying your onboard hospitality! •


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Wagon Slovakia Onboard caterer Wagon Slovakia hosted the International Rail Catering Group for its 2017 General Assembly. Roger Williams used the opportunity to review its onboard offer


small country with a five million population, Slovakia is like a central European crossroads, land-locked between Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Ukraine. Economically junior to its larger neighbours it offers history and mountains and its capital Bratislava is a great place to start. The main station, Bratislava Hlavná Stanica, was built in 1850 and had a most unusual feature - a 'vínovod' (wine transport system) with gravity flow tubing connecting freight trains to the empty (soon to be full) barrels in the nearby aristocratic Palugyay family’s wine cellars. Alas, it's no more, but perhaps something our wine suppliers could try to reinvent! Transformed by a 1960s eclectic refurbishment, today’s station welcomes passengers with an unusual mix of austerity and warmth, with buzzing cafés and shops set amid its sombre socialist murals and booking office windows. There is an hourly service to Vienna and a number of international trains operate to neighbouring countries and onward into Germany, as well as a seasonal service to Serbia and Croatia. Following a pause in services in 2016, Intercity trains are operating again, provided by ZSS (Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko). The route across the country takes in

the main stops of Žilina, Poprad – Tatry liver dumplings, followed by chicken and Košice, where Wagon Slovakia Košice, stroganoff, pork cutlet or pork schnitzel has its catering logistics centre. for about €6 or salmon steak under €10. The journey takes about four and a half Salads were also offered, but my hours and Wagon Slovakia’s onboard favourite was the delicately named 'flour teams provide sit-down restaurant meals, meal' of traditional Slovak patties filled café bar takeaway snacks and trolley with Bryndza cheese with bacon and services throughout. sour cream, followed The kitchen and café by wonderfully light bar is located in a Marlenka honey coach towards the The menus offered a dessert. French back of the train, large choice, much of pancakes, drizzled with seating for the with chocolate with it Slovak cuisine and restaurant facing whipped cream came at exceptional value a very tempting towards First Class and the less formal café second. Locallyseating facing Second Class. produced wine or beer were also served The restaurant and café menus offer a – my choice was Zlatý Bažant, a golden large choice, much of it Slovak cuisine beer also available in dark, light and nonand at exceptional value. Hot breakfast alcoholic versions. It is the most widely was baked ham with scrambled eggs exported Slovak beer and known as and onions or omelette for only €3.60 Golden Pheasant in the US and Canada. Lunches started with beef broth and The perfect way to end our journey. •


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Plant-based living

Vegan inflight Veganism is one of the fastest growing lifestyle choices worldwide. Simone Groeschl, ProVeg International's corporate outreach & services manager, reports on a recent survey of airlines to see which are best at responding to this demand

ProVeg is the world's first international organisation dedicated to promoting plantbased living. Its mission is to reduce global consumption of animal products by 50% by the year 2040. ProVeg originates from the German Vegetarian Union (VEBU) and is currently present in Great Britain, Spain, Poland and Germany

The number of vegans has grown by 360% in the last decade in the UK alone, with around a third of the population now reducing meat consumption for health, animal welfare and the environment. These ‘reducetarians’ are helping to drive demand for plant-based meals not just onland but in the air, too. Our first ever survey ranking of the vegfriendliness of the world’s 50 largest airlines evaluated the number of suitable options onboard (standard and special meals as well as among the snacks offered); customer friendliness (in terms of the availability of online information about veggie options and the ease of ordering veggie); as well as onboard retailing. working with Haus Hiltl in Zurich, the oldest It also assessed airlines’ future plans. vegetarian restaurant in the world, for We only considered Economy and did not inspiration ex-Zurich. Vegetarian meals are evaluate quality. Inevitably not all airlines available by default on every flight and several responded but of those which did the results new vegan meals and snacks have been were as follows. introduced to the offer in Top was Scandinavian the past year. Airlines which works with Alitalia was also good, For LSG Sky Chefs, vegan offering vegan and chefs who specialise in meals and lacto-ovo plant-based food. It offers vegetarian options vegetarian meals are the among its standard meals vegan and vegetarian most popular choices options among standard onboard on specific snacks on every flight and among passengers who flights/destinations. Free has added new vegan vegetarian snacks are order special meals dishes, and reduced meat available as a standard. portion sizes while at the same time increasing Air India should be recognised for only plant-based ingredients within its dishes. In offering vegetarian and vegan meals on its the future the airline plans to offer more milk domestic flights and it's encouraging to see that alternatives and vegan options too. vegetarian buy-on-board options on easyJet Swiss International Airlines also did well, significantly outnumber non-veggie options. For airlines looking to become more vegfriendly, I'd recommend working with veggie chefs to develop menu items; replace dairy products such as milk, cream and butter with a plant-based alternatives in all vegetarian dishes; and always offer at least one plant-based milk. Simplified catering codes and standardised labelling would also increase transparency. •


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BRINGING THE TASTE OF VIETNAM ON BOARD Vietnamese-Australian chef, Luke Nguyen, is an ambassador for APT cruises in Asia where he is creating exclusive culinary experiences being served on the Mekong and Irrawaddy


y passion for Asian food began almost from the moment my family arrived in Australia. My mother is Vietnamese/ Chinese and I was born in Thailand and raised in the family restaurant in Cabramatta, New South Wales. At 23 I opened my own restaurant, the Red Lantern in the Surry Hills district of Sydney, but at the busiest time of the year, between Christmas and New Year, I travelled to Vietnam to learn more about the cuisine that is my heritage. My regular customers began to ask if they could come with me on my culinary ventures and this has now become a reality by working as an ambassador for river cruise specialist, APT. Food is a really important expression of the Vietnamese culture. It tells a story of the land and of the history of the Vietnamese people, and my role helps ensure that passengers sample a true taste of Asia.

I like to add unforgettable experiences during my tours of Ho Chi Minh City and encourage visitors to sample the street food made from recipes that have been passed on from generation to generation. Visiting the areas where my parents were raised gives guests the chance to meet the people I know and love while seeing the way families bond over food and gaining an understanding for the way the local community interacts. At the same time, it is sometimes good to get away from the bustle of the city so it can be a welcome relief to set sail down the Mekong. When cooking onboard I like to include some of my favourite dishes such as tiger prawns served with young green rice cakes or alternatively roast pork belly with crackling.

Vietnamese food takes on Chinese, French and Thai influences so what you taste is a unique balance on the palate alongside lots of colour and tradition. Next year I am excited to offer APT guests who visit Ho Chi Minh City as part of their river cruise, exclusive access to my new restaurant, Vietnam House, to sample a special tasting menu designed to showcase dishes from across the country. The restaurant is in a restored colonial building that once housed the famed Café L’Imperial in the early 1900s and the building retains many of the original features which add character. Vietnamese food is a stunning combination that always surprises and delights and that’s what keeps people coming back for more. •


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Eastern promise

The Middle East has always been an exciting, volatile and competitive area for airlines with carriers there fighting for the crown marking them out as ‘the biggest and the best’. George Banks assesses the global impact of their endeavours


v3 Middles East Promise.indd 54

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mirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways – the big three of the Middle East – have forced large legacy carriers all over the world to review, revise and reinvent their products and inflight service standards. They have become the giants of the skies, challenging the traditional ways things are done and making others re-think. The region actually had fierce competition long before these three - airlines such as Gulf Air, MEA, United Arab Airlines and Iraqi Airways all have histories going back as far as 1945 and operated impressively despite the hardships of civil war. MEA was the best during the golden years of the 1960s and early 70s. It had the sophistication of multi-lingual hostesses, French and Arabic food served on china with silver cutlery (in both premium and Economy cabins) and offering the finest French Champagne. Its base in Beirut was known then as the Paris of the Middle East and offered daily Boeing jet connections through what was then a pioneering ‘hub and spoke’ network. It was well on the way to becoming the Emirates of today, even ordering Concorde supersonic aircraft.

Benchmarks set MEA's renowned ‘Cedar jet ‘ service set a bench mark many have followed, with small details such as Champagne before take-off, multi-lingual menus, personalised matches (with the passenger's name on) and Lebanese gifts presented before landing. The long, drawn-out civil war (1975-1990) left its development dreams shattered, but MEA has survived and its resilience must be admired, as against all the odds it celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2015 and continues to offer Lebanese hospitality and fresh flavours onboard including local speciality, Beirut Knafé. United Arab Airlines, today named Egyptair, also had a huge network radiating from Cairo to 70 destinations. It offered a ‘Pharaoh Service' advertised as ‘service with a smile’ by hostesses who ‘dance attendance from take-off to touch down’. It served alcohol on international flights until 1972, with a well-stocked bar and Egyptian wine offered with the food service. Gulf Aviation was a small but pioneering regional airline through the 1950s operating DC-3s, Herons, and later Fokker F-27s until the in r ee on 1970 when it leased a BOAC VC-10 to fly pi a was G ulf Av iation s rd da from Bahrain to Beirut and London. It n a st h g hig

re gion, se tt in


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Above: MEA's Cedar Jet service set the benchmark in the 60s and early 1970s; UAA had a huge network flying to 70 destinations with its Pharaoh Service; Gulf Aviation's BAC 1-11 was the airline's first jet

gain impetus when the ruling Maktoum family of Dubai backed the formation of Emirates as Dubai’s own airline in 1985, quickly followed by the launch of Qatar Airways in Doha, and Etihad in Abu Dhabi. Emirates has continually pushed the boundaries of service, giving us beautiful private suites in First with shuttered doors, à la carte dining, exclusive Royal Doulton china, and Robert Welch cutlery. It has featured Bvlgari toiletries and showcased that exclusive First Class shower/spa. It has also added service details such as linen cocktail napkins served with drinks and hot or cold canapés, finest by Dom Perignon Champagne and caviar, coffee a smileʻ gi ve n ‘Ser vice w it h freshly made to order, freshly-squeezed orange ce an nd te at ‘dance juice, and a range of international cocktails. Even hostes se s who nʻ to touch do w an exclusive bar (for First and Business) on the from take-off A380. Perhaps the following simple example best became Gulf shows Emirates’ passion for detail. Each flight, large Air in 1974 and built up starched white tablecloths are loaded onboard and a great reputation for its hung up. They are never folded and this is done to 'Golden Falcon' service, avoid creasing, so that the passenger’s table is pristine first on these aircraft when the place setting is presented. and later with ‘Five-star Etihad is considered to be on a par with Emirates. Tristars'. With eight-abreast seating, it offered free Its exclusive 'The Residence' apartment on the A380s, drinks and wine in the Economy cabin, generous and larger First class suites, along with the ‘Lobby Bar’, meals, including baskets of fresh fruit, proper hot differentiate it from its rivals, but it’s the addition of towels, and chocolates at the end of the service. a butler (A380 only), a chef and onboard food and In First, it was pioneering and years ahead of its beverage managers which provide the additional rivals in offering a genuine premium inflight service. highlights most designed to impress. Its 40-seat First cabin featured swivel seats and Qatar Airways has concentrated on providing a tables where four could dine together, plus a library, ‘top notch’ Business cabin, (First is only offered on the a boutique and bar along with gold leather seats in A380) with fully-flat beds, à la carte dining throughout a quiet area. the flight, exclusive sleep amenities from The White The expectation that Gulf Air (originally owned Company and organic toiletries from Castello Monte jointly by the governments of Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Vibiano. A beautiful bar on the Dreamliner and A350 Oman and Qatar) would develop into a major worldhas been much praised, as has the cabin décor. class carrier for the region turned The idea of having chefs onboard out to be wrong. Its came first from the Australian airline network stretched Ansett, but was soon an adopted practise in the Middle East too. Gulf from New York to Air offered these first in the region, Sydney, for a time, but and still does, and Etihad added not unable to compete with only chefs but a butler too, for its aggressive pricing and Residency in First, as well as food growth from others, and beverage managers. it settled for being a smaller regional carrier. All three airlines have excellent on-the-ground lounges too, with Driving innovation the Emirates ones all coordinated te ring ca e ne The quest for onboard in style, and offering full dining ai tr as Ge orge Bank s flight n io at innovation really began to and bar options. vi A f ul ng a G

man ager mee



v3 Middles East Promise.indd 56

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Global impact While often objecting strongly to the apparent hidden on the passenger’s menu cards, a subsidies of these Middle Eastern carriers, the big recognition which goes back to three U.S. airlines: United, American Airlines and Delta, the United Chefs postcard menus have been increasingly forced to compete with the featured on its ‘Mainliner’ flights in enormous expansion of the Gulf carriers, and match the 1950s. the services they offer. The tough competition from It has taken time for them to catch up, but all the Middle Eastern airlines as three have certainly revitalised and renovated their well as carriers such as Singapore premium inflight products with many improvements, Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and Lufthansa, much of which were long overdue. all with lavish onboard products, has definitely American Airlines has revamped its Flagship influenced the U.S. airlines, inspiring them to ‘up their lounges, adding à la carte restaurants at certain game’, and compete, while other legacy carriers such destinations, and inflight now features lie-flat beds for as British Airways have also had to refine and upgrade Business, ‘reserve a meal in advance’ options, and even themselves too. a First cabin for pets (U.S. only). Today the Gulf airlines are facing a new wave of Delta introduced its ‘Delta One Suite’ competition from low-cost, long-haul in Business and won the 2017 Crystal airlines such as Norwegian Air Shuttle Cabin Award for its new Airbus A350 and Scoot, challenging them with product offering: a 1-2-1 configuration cheap fares on some routes between The Gulf region Europe, the U.S. and Asia. Some are with convertible fully-flat bed suites continues to featuring sliding door privacy. Beautiful adapting their business models with innovate and Italian designer tableware, by Alessi, new alliances and attempts to develop re-invent itself additional ancilliary revenue streams, complements a meal service which features seasonal menus and dishes and perhaps we are entering a new designed by signature, named chefs. era of the hybrid offer. Certainly the region continues United Airlines has launched it ‘Polaris’ Business to innovate and re-invent itself. Currently, technology cabin with enhanced lounges with premium buffets. seems to be at the heart of developments, with While inflight, a 6ft 6 inch fully-flat bed, with Saks Fifth touchscreen systems and wifi, apps and pre-ordering Avenue bed linen, pyjamas and Cowshed toiletries options all battling it out to make the difference. add to the onboard comforts. New regional menus The cycle of innovation goes on and the prime with named chefs and even wine tasting events are geographic location of the Gulf carriers ensure they'll also now available on evening flights. continue to be at the heart of global growth. Clearly all While U.S. carriers have not put chefs onboard, they developments have their place but it is surely smiling have made collaborations with Michelin star chefs to flight attendants and human touches which ultimately support meal quality and profile the culinary team make the biggest impact. •

Above: Emirates' spa showers and bars on the A380s were a true innovation; Qatar First class dining on the A380 mirrors restaurant dining; Etihad's Residence bettered the state rooms of the 1950s Stratocruisers


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Ice is nice From Amazonian sorbets to Finnish pine ice cream, frozen treats are a hot way to help passengers keep their cool onboard, says Maria Martinez-Ugartechea HÄAGEN-DAZS


This ice cream has been made with 100% real milk and cream since 1961. The 100ml tubs of Caramel Biscuit & Cream and Belgian Chocolate are available to buy onboard low-cost airline Scoot, based in Singapore. haagendazs.com

This colourful brand is selling well all over India. Flavours include Mad King Alphonso; Manic Monkey; Knight in Armor and Double Chocolate Therapy. Tubs are available onboard Air Asia’s Indiabound flights. hokeypokey.in

GLACIO A maker of ice cream, sorbets and ice desserts, Glacio offers finger food specialities. Products like Temptations and Raffas are ice cream truffles coated with chocolate to create an iced dessert with a twist suitable for onboard service. glacio.com



Created by British entrepreneurs Anna Boletta and Natasha Dowse, Minioti ice creams are made with no added sugar and 100% Jersey milk and cream. Jersey milk is naturally lower in fat and has up to 20% more protein and calcium than milk from other breeds. Minioti has three classic flavours: Creamy Vanilla, Creamy Strawberry and Creamy Chocolate and the 125ml pots are ideal for onboard. minioti.com

This Finnish company, based in the small town of Aura, makes organic gluten-free ice cream and two of its flavours are also vegan (Two Berries and Mint Chocolate). Finnair is serving the pine flavoured Jymy 1917 to its Business passengers, a flavour developed to celebrate 100 years of Finland´s independence and said to taste like “pure Finnish nature”. jymy.fi

FROOTY Frooty makes refreshing sorbets using real fruit. Acai and Pitaya (dragon fruit) are its top flavours, the former is served onboard Brazilian airline GOL. Other flavours include granola. frooty.com.br


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Delicious egg specialities ...

... exquisitely prepared.

Gut Springenheide GmbH • Weiner 152 • 48607 Ochtrup • Germany Tel. +49 (0) 25 53/10 22 • fax 10 25 • E-Mail: info@gutspringenheide.de

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how to... / 61

How to...

…add a dash of alcohol Alcohol flavours are being added to recipes and snacks at every turn. Marc Warde discovers some interesting combinations and creative innovations which could be onboard soon Savoury flavours Wine sauces are a reliable staple onboard but what about looking to use produce already infused with alcoholic flavours? Check out infused salmon by The Pished Fish (thepishedfish.com) which has created some fantastic flavours (pictured below). Cheeses, too, often come either with booze as an ingredient or soaked in alcohol. Worth a look are Cahills Irish porter cheese, Snowdonia Amber Mist with whisky and Snowdonia Ruby Mist with port and brandy. Cool treats Guinness is famed for its creamy flavour and now has an ice cream range alongside its beverage portfolio. For a classic grown up jelly and ice cream pair it up with vodka, gin, whisky, cassis or grenadine jelly. Jelly’s setting property allows for some playful servings perhaps set within hollowed out strawberries or other fruits. Sweet treats For afternoon tea or snack service forget the good old-fashioned rum cake or a brandy-laced fruit cake, now there are chocolate cakes shaped like a beer can or pint mug! And cupcakes can go hardcore with a bourbon butterscotch filling or a Limoncello and white chocolate topping. Artisan bakers are soaking berries in wine before stirring them into the mix or reinventing amaretto, almond or tiramisu creations. And at The Doughnut Project (thedoughnutproject.com) in NYC they are spiking doughnuts with G&T, beer and cocktail flavours (pictured above).

Fact file Like salt, alcohol brings out the flavour in food and makes flavours more intense Alcohol molecules are volatile, meaning they evaporate rapidly swiftly carrying subtle aromas to your nose

Alcohol bonds with fat and water to bridge the gap between our aroma receptors and food Contrary to popular belief, alcohol doesn't all burn off during cooking - a good portion remains

Adult pleasures For those who really won’t grow up, chocolates, sweets or candies all come with alcoholic add-ons and while liqueur chocolates seem out of favour, check out Hotel Chocolat’s great kirsch cherries or tuck into some prosecco gummies. And then there is popcorn! Joe and Seph's gin and tonic popcorn has been going down a storm and now they have a prosecco caramel sauce for drizzling too. Reverse flavouring While foodies are embedding alcohol flavours into foods, alcohol producers are embedding food flavours into spirits. Toffee vodka isn’t new but now there is marshmallow vodka and tea-tinted as well as coffee-flavoured spirits. The techni-coloured look of many spirits means passengers really can taste the rainbow and a vibrant splash of interest can be easily added. •


HowTo-InnovateWithAlcohol_V4.indd 61

11/13/17 12:44 PM

L E T ’ S BR IN G E N T E R TA INME N T F R O M T HE C O U C H T O T HE C A B IN. sports while texting to streaming their favorite shows while working, Gogo 2Ku delivers the same connected, multi-device experience your passengers expect on the ground. Learn more at gogoair.com

©2017 Gogo LLC. All trademarks are the property of the respective owners. ©2017 Gogo LLC. All trademarks are the property of the respective owners. Untitled-6 1

11/7/17 12:10 PM

Want more tech talk?

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Reimagining the future

PEX Association ceo, Joe Leader, reported a record 2600 delegates at this year’s Expo in Long Beach, California, and with 141 exhibitors and the co-location of AIX and IFSA expos, a total of 5000-plus attendees were drawn to the event. The Education Day kicked things off with a welcome from APEX president Brian Richardson before Sir Tim Clark, president Emirates, spoke about Emirates’ development into a leading brand. He insisted it was vital to be courageous, saying: "Enhancement to the passenger product, in technology areas and in the cabin, must be done. Be ready and brave enough to take those decisions." Emirates today has 82,000 staff flying 50-70 million passengers to 157 destinations. Looking ahead, Clark imagined moves towards windowless planes that could fly higher, faster and more efficiently, with virtual windows showing anything, from the outside view, to destination previews, to IFE. He predicted future airports will have check-in and security done by biometrics. Spencer Wang, vp finance and investor

relations at Netflix, gave delegates another view of the future. Netflix Inflight, currently flying with Virgin, Aeromexico and Qantas, makes the huge Netflix catalogue available to passengers on their own devices at no extra cost to subscribers. It is attractive to airlines as it is free to airlines, is a well-liked brand and enables a significant saving in bandwidth. Netflix claims to be the number one favourite brand in the UK and Brazil, and third favourite in the U.S. Wang said Virgin America boosted bookings 33% in Economy and 58% in Business by adding the service. "It's great news for

airlines. As they improve their connectivity, they can partner with us, use the new encodes, and improve the offer without having to do anything else." Robin Hayes, president and ceo JetBlue, talked about the evolution of the airline’s Mint premium product revolutionising the transcontinental U.S. route. From Jetblue’s origins as a one-class airline through to ancillary charging for extended legroom, then priority boarding, he explained how Mint became so profitable and popular that they had to double the frequency of the busiest flights. •


3 5000+




V2 APEX Expo intro.indd 63


APEX 2018 will be held in Boston on September 24-27

EXHIBITORS onboardhospitality.com

Be ready and brave enough to

take those ecisions decisions SIR TIM CLARK, PRESIDENT EMIRATES

11/13/17 12:46 PM

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Onboard Entertainment & Connectivity

Putting passengers first


ichard Williams toured the APEX Expo stands and reports in full online. Check out his coverage on our regularly updated Onboard Tech News pages at onboardhospitality.com and catch the headlines here...



Gogo has launched a new solution called Gogo Vision Touch which eliminates the need for seatback screens. This new solution sees a commercialgrade tablet mounted in the back of the seat using Gogo’s existing onboard wireless network to stream content to the tablet, in addition to a customer’s personal device. Gogo has partnered with Delta Air Lines to launch the new solution. It will be installed by Bombardier with Gogo’s 2Ku connectivity technology on Bombardier CS100 aircraft. Gil West, Delta’s coo, commented: “The new system from Gogo that our Delta Flight Products team played a key role in designing will feature all free in-flight entertainment via Delta Studio, wirelessly.” gogoair.com

Panasonic Avionics has a new strategic partnership with Tascent, a biometrics and identity innovation company, with a view to bringing biometric passenger identification to every stage of the passenger journey. The aim is to combine identity devices and software with Panasonic’s IFEC systems to provide identity recognition before, during and post-flight. This should further the trend towards smart airports and the connected passenger journey, aid personalisation and inflight biometric payments. panasonic.aero


SkyLights has revealed its second generation immersiveIFE solution which combines the new AlloSky headset with new content partnerships with Warner Brothers, National Geographic, Lionsgate and BBC. Launch partners include Air France and its new airline Joon, gategroup, AccorHotels, Corsair and Jetfly. The headset was co-created with immersive headset producer Allomind and brings full HD resolution, a 60% weight reduction to the previous version, and dioptric correction to suit all eyesight. skylights.aero


APEX-Expo-NEWS.indd 64

11/13/17 03:46 PM


Connectivity brings profits

Inmarsat research carried out with the London School of Economics has estimated BoardConnect rolls out inflight broadband will be worth $130bn Lufthansa Systems has announced that its BoardConnect within 20 years. Ancillary revenue, of Portable is being installed on Air Europa together with which connectivity charges formed the Power & Safe solution developed in conjunction a part, was shown to be a with Lufthansa Technik. The new IFE solution significant contributor to will be rolled out across the fleet of 15 Boeing first wifi airline profitability. The 737s and 11 Embraer 195s starting in early AR market has doubled fleet in Europe 2018. Jan-Peter Gaense, director project since 2010, and will Virgin Atlantic has become the first & certification at Lufthansa Systems, double again by 2020. airline in Europe to offer wifi across its said: “Airlines are finding out who can The research is the entire fleet – ensuring customers can deliver and who cannot. Our systems first comprehensive remain connected across flights to and are ideal for the short and medium-haul from the U.S., Caribbean, Africa, Asia independent study into markets and come in three flavours: and the Middle East. Passengers can connectivity's impact on BoardConnect Portable, BoardConnect, now email, browse and socialise at airline profitability. and BoardConnect Plus, with connectivity.” 35,000ft from as little as £2.99. inmarsataviation.com lhsystems.com virginatlantic.com

AirFi deploys further

Portable wifi platform specialist AirFi has now secured over 40 airline clients. It has a new premium content management service and its latest generation AirFi Box has 24 hours of operational battery life, 1TB data storage and up-rated hardware and software. The onboard unit weighs under 2kg. airfi.aero

Air Time platform

EasyJet is partnering with Immfly to launch a wireless IFE service called Air Time. The platform will feature content from Fox Non-Theatrical and Euronews, including popular TV shows. It will also enable passengers to stream audio books, eBooks, interactive maps, language tutorials and retail catalogues on their own smartphones and tablets. Content will be available in multiple European languages. immfly.com


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66 / HOW TO...

How to...

...protect your IFE network Richard Williams spoke to Markus Gilges at VT Miltope about the airline security solution it has developed with RazorSecure to comply with an upcoming EU regulation FACE FACTS The EU’s Network Information Security directive requires active monitoring and anomaly detection for IT systems in transport infrastructure. Firewalls and encryption are no longer enough. FIND SOLUTIONS RazorSecure specialises in cyber-security for transport systems, and uses machine learning to provide advanced intrusion protection. Robert Brown, executive chairman, explains: “Our system is active in seeking out anomalies in usage that typically precede an attack.” It is being applied exclusively to VT Miltope’s WAPs to protect IFE systems from nuisance or malicious damage. “The problem in the future is less likely to be the hoodie, but more likely to come from international sabotage,” said Brown. KNOW YOUR GDPR AND NIS The new EU regulation comprises General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Network and Information Security directive (NIS). GDPR reforms data protection law in Europe, shifting the balance of power towards the citizen who owns the personal data, away from organisations that collect, analyse and use it. The complementary NIS directive focuses on the protection of systems and breach reporting. Data breaches must be reported within 72 hours and Privacy Impact Assessments and a new 'right to be forgotten' must be respected. Brown says the NIS has received less attention but means operators

of 'essential services', including their digital service providers, will have to take 'appropriate security measures' and report serious incidents to the national authority. This includes air, rail, road and water transport.

FACT FILE New GDPR and NIS directives come into force from May 2018 throughout the EU EU

Penalties for noncompliance are 20 million euros or four per cent of turnover, whichever is the higher

The new regulations will apply to all businesses with transport operations in Europe VT Miltope’s cyber security WAP MAP3 with RazorSecure software is available from Q2 2018

AVOID THE FINES Markus Gilges, business development director of VT Miltope, says: “Airlines seem somewhat unaware of their responsibilities under these new rules. The penalties for non-compliance are €20 million or four per cent of turnover.” By integrating RazorSecure’s active cybersecurity software into their WAPs, Gilges expects to comply with the regulations and solve an imminent headache for airline and rail operators. “Our MAP3 access point can offer a secure, personalised experience for the next generation of connectivity. The RazorSecure technology is exclusive to VT Miltope access points.” •


How to IFE network.indd 66

11/13/17 12:49 PM

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Virtual insights Is virtual reality set to make an impact across the passenger journey? Benjamin Coren takes a look while touring the Aviation Festival, London



irtual reality technology is increasingly making its mark in the gaming, medical and military training arenas and now seems set to move in on the travel industry, onboard and in sales. Digital innovation company 3Spin is an industry frontrunner, and co-owner Thomas Hoger told this year’s Aviation Festival in London just how effective a VR tool can be. He said: “We first began working with virtual reality at the ITB travel trade show. There were almost 10,000 companies there promoting travel experiences yet almost none of them could really show first-hand how their product would be experienced. We worked with German carrier, Lufthansa, to give visitors the chance to actually experience the onboard product using VR. With the headsets on they could take a virtual tour of the aircraft.” Lufthansa has since used VR as a sales tool, with representatives making use of it at the gate to sell customers upgrades. Hoger added: “Using this technology, Lufthansa has made 50% more sales of last-minute upgrades at the gate.” At a recent American Airlines media launch of new airport lounges, visitors could similarly pull on a headset to take a look around the new airport facilities. And Air Canada is using VR to simulate the

experience of flying on its 787 Dreamliner. best with mobile devices. They enhance The fully immersive, interactive experience, the experience and built-in sensors can takes users to all three cabins and includes detect what the user is looking at. a virtual meal with wine in a Business 3Spin has developed a prototype for a cabin executive pod. virtual reality moving map and created For inflight entertainment, VR still has one for the Frankfurt to Dubai route which some challenges to enables passengers to overcome. Firstly, effectively see where the question of why they are in the journey passengers would Using VR technology and discover more even want it onboard about the destinations Lufthansa has made has to be addressed. below them. 50% more sales of That means finding Working with last-minute upgrades Lufthansa Systems via ways to make it a unique selling point BoardConnect, the team and an integrated, easy-to-use part of the has also been able to create BoardConnect whole IFE experience. VR via Lufthansa’s 360 mobile app. Google Cardboard has potential here as It’s still early days for VR onboard perhaps a quick and temporary solution and further challenges include issues as it enables passengers' personal around content, 3D and 2D films and, devices to be connected to a VR of course, how to deal with inevitable headset. But Samsung's Gear VR inflight turbulence. But the technology is mobile headsets seem to work the evolving fast so watch this virtual space. •


FocusOn_VirtualReality.indd 67

11/13/17 12:48 PM

Untitled-2 1

30/08/2017 09:32

72 Johnnycake Hill Road . Middletown, RI 02842 USA 1 - 8 8 8 - 5 7 5 - AV I D s a l e s @ AV I D p r o d u c t s . c o m w w w . A V I D p r o d u c t s . c o m Untitled-5 1

half page template.indd 1

12/10/2017 16:56

11/13/17 02:37 PM

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THE ONBOARD MARKET IS GOING TOWARDS FAST AND FREE Don Buchman, vp and gm commerical mobility at ViaSat, talks free streaming, network capacity and new tech roll-outs


ur free streaming service has really changed the market. Passengers want to watch video, just as at home and now everyone’s trying to follow us. We know the onboard market is going towards fast and free, just as in hotels and cafes. Passengers use the airlines’ app or a web browser to watch movies and TV shows on their own devices on a pay-per-view basis and a growing number of aircraft are equipped to offer this option. Tigerair Australia has chosen our wireless IFE system for around 20 aircraft on its domestic flights and during APEX the airline, 20th Century Fox Film Corporation and Fox Networks Group announced an IFE partnership that will give customers additional paid access to recently-released movies and TV titles onboard. Qantas, American Airlines, El Al, JetBlue and United Airlines also have our solution.

A Netflix future Spencer Wang of Netflix has claimed that all airlines need is Netflix and I broadly agree with him, because everything

comes from the cloud nowadays. We have more than 600,000 home subscribers so we know what they do with the service, and how they want to use it. We have 140Gbps in orbit now and we launched the ViaSat-2 satellite earlier this year. Next year it will be in service, delivering 300Gbps, with wide coverage including North and Central America, the Caribbean and a part of South America, as well as the main aeronautical and maritime routes across the Atlantic Ocean. Icelandair and El Al will be using this connectivity on their fleets.

Speed and flexibility The ViaSat-3 class of Ka-band satellites will begin service in about three years, and is expected to provide even more speed and flexibility. The first two

ViaSat-3 class satellites will focus on the Americas and on Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), respectively, with a third satellite planned for the Asia Pacific region, completing ViaSat’s global service coverage. Each ViaSat-3 class satellite is expected to deliver more than 1-Terabit per second of network capacity, and will dynamically direct capacity to where demand is needed. ViaSat believes that by developing the European Aviation Network, Inmarsat has violated the pan-European government authority and tried to re-write its original licence to effectively gain an unfair monopoly. We challenge this and call on government and industry to preserve equal competition to foster the innovation engine. We want to see the spectrum retendered. •


In Convo Don Buchman.indd 69

11/13/17 05:18 PM

InflightDirect 7991 Valentina Ct.

Naples, FL 34114 USA Tel: +401-714-4190 www.InflightDirect.com


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07/07/2016 09:18 11/13/17 12:52 PM

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Open platforms SITAONAIR recently won an APEX Award for its personalised inflight connectivity project with Emirates. Richard Williams finds out more


ITAONAIR has worked with Emirates to harmonise its onboard wifi hub, Internet ONAIR, with the Emirates' loyalty programme, Skywards. The result is fleet-wide member benefits including complimentary 20mb of data, plus a tailored wifi package, based on membership tier and class of travel. Dominique El Bez, SITAONAIR vp of strategy, explains: “We have met a real digital harmonisation challenge – integrating a pre-existing frequent flier programme within the Internet ONAIR wifi user experience to achieve a seamless experience across the airline's varied satellite connectivity systems.” It is a problem many airlines face as they use suppliers with different systems and standards. Half have invested in two or more connectivity service providers, and the figure is 66% for non-U.S. airlines. That diversity of platforms, systems and vendors has resulted in inconsistent inflight connectivity services and understandable frustration as passengers question why portals, costs and log-ins vary between flights with the same carrier. Multiple technologies make it hard for airlines to integrate and manage their IT infrastructure; having to duplicate efforts to integrate into their frequent flier programmes, or apps, for example. SITAONAIR’s open platform vision seeks to address

provided consistently on every frequency this problem by creating a harmonious band across an open digital architecture, onboard connectivity experience for both enabling airlines to integrate any digital passengers and airlines, unhampered by systems and deliver consistent, costpast, present or future technology choices, effective connectivity services across or changes triggered by a particular satellite links and technology platforms, supplier’s product refresh cycle. irrespective of fleet Said El Bez: “Currently diversity and location. a lot of attention is being He said: “Some years given to bandwidth or ago you could only new satellite options. Open system We believe the next real development will check-in or buy tickets online if you were flying innovation challenge facilitate the next from certain airports, is to achieve a richer, IFC revolution destinations or routes. open platform approach Now they’re the norm. to inflight connectivity. We envisage this same harmonisation Just as Google’s Android generated an across airline fleets for IFC. The next explosion of cross-platform developments IFC revolution is therefore not about which transformed the mobile phone connectivity and bandwidth – it is about market, open system development will delivering its promises to passengers.” facilitate the next IFC revolution.” sitaonair.aero • He added that IFC services should be


Focus On-OpenPlatform.indd 71

11/13/17 12:52 PM




Benjamin Coren finds out how airlines can make use of technology to increase inflight sales


s airlines seek to monetise each step of the passenger journey it is the 'black hole' period of time when passengers are in the air which has become the key focus for change. Onboard technology is increasingly seen as the solution. Airlines can easily miss out on ancillary revenue if they have inefficient inventory management, fail to personalise the offer or neglect flight crew issues. Attendants today have limited time to wait on passengers with fully booked flights and safety obligations, so onboard retail technology needs to work hard to enhance the inflight retail experience.

Mike Boote, md for flightPOS, defines the challenge: “Retail onboard is about bringing together a set of parameters. The airline must get the correct inventory in front of a passenger who wants to buy, at a time when they want it, and they must present it in a way that the passenger can relate to. Then selection, payment and fulfilment processes have to be both seamless and pain-free experiences.� Focused on the use of retail systems to support new revenue streams, FlightPOS has developed technology which better supports airlines in selecting and stocking products and gets them in front of the passenger via a mobile app. Boote adds: "Currently


v 2 Retail tech.indd 72

11/13/17 12:53 PM


there is a regular inventory provided by the caterer but the technology means we can expand that to include entertainment, destination attractions, even white-labelled online gambling options on some routes. The potential is huge." Guestlogix has been evolving its onboard retail solutions too to open up new revenue streams and transform the sales process. It will release a new platform in early 2018 which it debuted at APEX in California this year, showing a mobile app designed to support crew to deliver a better inflight experience, increase sales and streamline operations. Crew sign into its airline commerce platform through the app to open and close orders and monitor inventory. Built-in learning algorithms mean the airline can stock inventory intelligently, converting customer data

into business intelligence - hence more sales. Mike Abramsky, ceo, Guestlogix says: “We think retail in airlines is about to change and have been engaging with clients to create a solution.� The solution uses intuitive software to elevate the passenger retail experience, making it easy to shop, order and pay via multiple payment options. It can also use customer data to support sales, marketing and loyalty campaigns. Abramsky adds: “There are three components. One is the trade area which helps make flight attendants more


v 2 Retail tech.indd 73

11/13/17 12:53 PM


efficient through better software and point of sale processes. Secondly, via the airline app, the platform can engage with passengers and provide a consistent experience with virtual and physical ancillaries. By taking purchasing habits data we can make relevant recommendations. Thirdly, we offer a set of tools giving airlines insights they can use to promote relevant products and services, something new for the UK air industry. "The entire platform is designed to be easy to use and reliable and our mission is offer personalisation in that current gap - the time the customer is in the air."

The Future Abramsky believes personalisation improves the passenger retail experience by using tools already onboard and apps that mirror those they know through brands like Amazon and Starbucks, offering a quick, simple and positive experience. Certainly, personalisation appears to be at the centre of most plans to grow inflight sales. Likely developments include more coherent integration with chat-bot technology in user apps such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. After ordering a meal, suggestions of a suitable wine or the offer of a discounted dessert could be made without crew intervention. Carriers could also build passenger profiles and use spending habits data to target specific sales. They will also be able to automate loading decisions to optimise trolley contents by route and time of day, bringing sales revenue benefits and reducing waste. Stefan Patermann, ceo Retail inMotion, has worked on retail tech solutions for over 40 airlines. He says: "While most major forecasts show the onboard

retail industry continuing to grow, the 'how' of that growth is very intriguing. We are developing a truly comprehensive digital platform for airlines that touches each and every customer touchpoint. However, there is much more to it than that. Airlines need a solution that maximises the efficiencies of their onboard retail programme through one system, controlling supply chain management, monitoring product mixes, increasing the intersections along the passenger journey where purchases can be made, and providing apps that enable crew to run the entire process. The power comes in connecting all these things in an all-inclusive digital retail platform. That will be exciting."

IFE connections Lufthansa Systems has also been developing opportunites to monetise the 'black hole' of the travel chain through its BoardConnect software. These developments focus on IFE provision through personal devices. The new BoardConnect 5.0 features a refreshed user interface that can be themed and optimised. There is also a new content management system, enabling the airline to make any content changes quickly. Lufthansa System’s head of passenger experience products and solutions, Jan-Peter Gänse, says: “We are moving to make use of smart interfaces. Our server has data on aircraft positioning and you can use other data too, to enhance the travel experience. Opening up the digital space on the aircraft is the next big thing that will happen. All aircraft will be connected in the future.” •

Pictured: Intuitive technology is helping to support onboard sales and inventory management


v 2 Retail tech.indd 74

11/13/17 12:53 PM

10 - 12 April 2018 • Stand 1G10 • World Travel Catering & Onboard Services • Hamburg

tray dishwashers

waste handling

flight type dishwashers

trolley washers

cart lifts and more ...

Warewashing systems for up to 50 000 trays/day Diskomat is your supplier of customized and professional flight catering solutions. Together with our partner Wexiödisk we supply the flight catering industry with Swedish high quality products. Contact us for more information, www.diskomat.se

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Don’t miss

Attend the leading global event for travel catering, onboard retail and passenger comfort… Don’t miss the opportunity to source the latest products and services from over 350 international suppliers. Network with 3,700 onboard professionals including 800 airline and rail buyers and be inspired by thought provoking presentations and demonstrations.

Register in advance to save €50 worldtravelcateringexpo.com/register

Co-Located with:

Passenger Technology Solutions

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Organised by:

10–12 April 2018 Hamburg Messe, Germany

11/7/17 12:11 PM

in conversation / 77

Our mission is to solve problems in creative ways Stefan Patermann, ceo Retail inMotion, looks to the future as he tells us how his team designs retail and tech solutions for over 40 airlines


etail inMotion has seen tremendous growth as a 360° onboard retail provider in the past two years. We are a young, agile company full of creative, ambitious, problem solvers striving to change how this industry works. We manage fully-outsourced onboard retail programmes for some of the world's largest airlines. We are especially strong in Europe, where we work with over 50% of the continent’s airlines, but we're moving into the Americas and Asia too. In the short-term, we’re focused on rolling out our software solutions and aim to stay ahead of the curve by creating game-changing technology, products and services which drive ancillary revenue. One of our biggest challenges has been scaling up to meet the growth in onboard retail. Five years ago, we had only one customer, today, we’re working with airlines on five continents. Our integration

into the LSG Group has certainly helped. Our key goal is to anticipate and meet the needs of the industry by combining strong, reliable solutions with agile and innovative software. We aim to solve problems in creative ways. While there will always be a strong market for airline catering and culinary excellence for long-haul operations, we see a clear trend towards significant and steady growth in onboard retail in midand long-haul operation. In Europe, 67% of all air travellers receive an onboard retail service. Other markets globally are moving in this direction too, especially Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. We focus on technology and product solutions that give airlines complete control over their ancillary scheme and reach passengers when and where they

want to be reached. I firmly believe that the way airlines interact with customers will fundamentally change in the next decade. That’s why we have started to deliver our end-to-end retail platform, connecting passengers throughout the entire travel chain to ancillary services. We have also developed solutions like mobile payments, IFE/retail integration, comprehensive pre-ordering and reliable data collection that take the guesswork out of product selection. It’s impossible to deny the financial benefits of a well-developed, wellfunctioning onboard retail programme and I think that across the travel retail market, managers see that. Add in the personalisation and choice these programmes bring passengers and it’s a win-win all round. •


v2 In Convo RiM.indd 77

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Personal Travel Comfort


+44 (0)1422 372237 www.johnhorsfall.com

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How to... / 79

How to...

…leverage retail data Iberia Express works with gategroup to maximise passenger satisfaction scores and sales through its onboard retail programme. Julie Baxter discovers how Know yourself Trevor Martin, cco at Iberia Express (IE) works with gategroup to optimise the retail offer and starts with insights from passenger data. He says: “As a low-cost airline we are something of a hybrid with both point-to-point business and customers connecting to the Iberia network. This brings a mix of business and leisure passengers, some are frequent fliers who enjoy benefits like VIP lounges and priority passes, and others are more price-seekers. The retail offer has to suit them all.” Seek advice Retail selections respond to past sales and satisfaction levels. Sunil Melwani, head of category management & purchasing at gategroup, explains: ”We add in big data gleaned from our wide market experience and global trends. We also supply market predictions so the selection reflects coming trends.” Add value Onboard retail is an important part of the ancilliary revenue low-cost carriers need but a retail programme is not just about revenue, says Martin. “We have to offer products which define our brand and reflect our personality as an airline too. We are low cost but high quality so we need a mix of affordably priced products and well known brands like Pringles and M&Ms but we also need to innovate with things like premium brand G&T and vegetarian ranges. We have invested heavily in our retail offer and the data shows people like it.”

Be agile Technology is part of the mix too. IE offers a free IFE platform which has become another touchpoint for retail. Martin adds: “Our crew noticed passengers often forget their headphones, so collaborating with gategroup we quickly added an earbud for retail which offers additional flexibility to our customers." Fact file Iberia Express assesses its retail success through detailed passenger satisfaction surveys Crews are valued

in the retail programme and their feedback is acted upon gategroup’s global experience feeds specific big data insights into the stats

Respond to change Melwani believes the collaboration works well because IE is open to brainstorming and allows itself to be a lab for innovation. “Gate's teams constantly monitor trends and seek new product from worldwide sources. Working in a true partnership ensures airlines identify and offer an optimium mix.” •


How to... Iberia.indd 79

11/13/17 04:09 PM


Hot stuff

Bored with the tea, coffee, milk or sugar routine? Julie Baxter discovers a few hot beverage alternatives


he winter season doesn't bring much joy except, perhaps, the burgeoning range of warming comforts offered by the hot beverage market. SSeasonal easonal flavourings are now as much an indicator of the time of year as falling leaves and tree lights, with the likes of gingerbread, pumpkin and eggnog lattes now staples on the high street and mulled wine or cider-scented hostelries and festive markets the world over. The range of alternative hot beverage optons is increasingly easy to

offer onboard as suppliers adapt their formats to suit the on-the-go market. Herbal and fruit teas have been in the mix for a while but now there are some new evolutions.

Get fresh TEA REX is the world’s first fresh fruit and root infusion range. It offers a 100% fresh single-serve fruit and root tea which is brewed using an over-the-cup filter. Delivering flavour and the nutritional benefits of raw ingredients, it is gathering popularity in health and wellness sectors and among those looking for innovative food experiences. Created using HPP (High Pressure Processing), a unique formulation and packaging, the infusions come in two blends. Wakey Wakey Rise & Rawr is a colourful yellow beverage zinging with lemon, earthy turmeric, ginger and lemongrass; and A Rip Rawring Berry Time is a fruity tea of blackberries, blueberries and raspberries mixed with warming ginger root and balanced with lemon. Andrew Walker, TEA REX founder, says: “In a rapidly-


V2 hot beverages.indd 80

11/13/17 04:10 PM


growing fruit and herbal tea market, with an increased consumer demand for natural products, there is a game-changing opportunity to create a new category in fresh infusions.” Hot British Drinks (hotbritishdrinks.co.uk) has sought to reinvent the fruit tea too, with a cordial formula designed to be served hot. Created from fruit and vegetable juices, it comes in two flavours: Appey Original with apples, beetroot and pears, and Appey with Honey which combines Appey Original with honey. It is quick and easy to serve, just diluted with hot water. The team says: “Sticking the kettle on just got a whole lot more exciting.” Positive publicity for the health merits of turmeric has also spawned a number of beverages based on the distinctive yellow spice. New brand Turmerlicious makes this option easy on the move with instant, turmeric lattes of coconut, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and a hint of black pepper. Just add hot water and stir. apple, avocado and mint, and Golden, comprised of Turmerlicious (turmerlicious.com) has been turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and black pepper. They are formulated to help the body absorb curcumin, the high in fibre and contain no refined sugar, additives active ingredient said to support wellbeing. It is dairyor fillers. Founder Kate Prince says: “All our blends are and largely caffeine-free, and has nutrient- dense and would be no artificial additives. It comes in wonderful on a long flight with key Vanilla, Ginger, Choco and Chilli anti-inflammatory and antioxidant Choc flavours. Sticking on the kettle properties. Also great for sleep.” New powdered drinks brand just got a whole lot Sweet dreams Noble (madebynoble.earth) offers more exciting And if your onboard priority is plant-based powders which added encouraging passengers to take a to hot water, milk or mylk (plantdoze, check out a new milk drink specifically designed derived milks) create healthy alternatives to coffee to make the consumer relax and sleep. Made from lattes, hot chocolate or matcha tea. They have Vegan Jersey milk, valerian and honey, Sleep Well was Society and organic certification and come in five conceived during a sleepless flight between LA and flavours, including Wild Green which mixes matcha, London and can be drunk hot or cold. It is said to contain the perfect blend of fructose and glucose to support sleep and is high in antioxidants. Valerian root has been used to induce sleep for centuries.There are vanilla and chocolate flavours and they come ready-mixed in 200ml sip and sleep cartons. Sam Watts, founder, says: “ I am a fearful flier and was inspired to create Sleep Well on a flight from the U.S. I bought a bottle of something that claimed to help you sleep but it contained all sorts of synthetic ingredients and made me wonder if we could create a natural drink that would help you relax and sleep. Valerian root became our magic ingredient.” •

Above: True innovation from TEA REX Below: Plant powders from Noble and sleep in a cup from Sleep Well Facing page: Fruit flavours from Appey


V2 hot beverages.indd 81

11/13/17 04:10 PM


9 2018 APRIL


A ls

o a t te n d

Immerse yourself in new ideas, innovative solutions and the next steps in the evolution of passenger experiences, onboard environments and services.


passengerexperinceconference.com/register Part of:

Hosted by:

Organised by:

9 - 12 APRIL 2018

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...innovate with gin Silent Pool is a small, bespoke UK gin brand which is fast going global. Julie Baxter discovered how its team is reinventing this onboard beverage classic TAP A TREND Gin is experiencing a resurgence in popularity and one boutique distiller experiencing particularly meteoric success, is Silent Pool Distillery in Surrey. It launched in 2016 with a plan to produce just 7,000 bottles but is now served in 24 countries and will this year produce 250,000 bottles. It has collaborated with British Airways and Eurostar and has imaginative plans for further growth. BELIEVE IN YOUR PRODUCT Distillery manager Tom Hutchings (pictured) explains that the gin's creation has been a labour of love for the team working with founder Ian McCulloch who after retiring from a career in TV thought creating a new bespoke gin might ‘just be a bit of fun’. Some 600 small trial distillations and 30 full-size still runs later, the signature gin was ready for launch and a bunch of new product ideas were in the pipeline. GET INSPIRED The gin is created using 24 botanicals and has been inspired by a natural, spring-fed pool (Silent Pool) in the heart of the Albury Estate, owned by the Duke of Northumberland. The company lease buildings from the estate – paying part of their rent in gin – and have drawn on ancient local myths for the brand's look. The scenic pool is said to be haunted by a young maiden who drowned here after rebuffing the advances of a young King John in the 1200s. This historic tale is depicted on the intricate bottle design

in copper on blue glass to reflect the copper still and the pool’s clear water.

FACT FILE Each distillation takes four hours The distillery's steam boiler is woodfed every 20 minutes

Silent Pool will debut an English whisky next year All bottling is done on site to ensure high standards

REVERE YOUR RECIPE Some 100,000 litres a day can be drawn off the pool and used to create the alcoholic blank canvas into which the botanicals are added. Tom explains: “Our aim was to create a world-class gin you can sip neat. We go to great lengths to source the best of junipers – currently from Bosnia and Macedonia – and then add botanicals found around Silent Pool such as lavender, elder, linden, angelica, orris and chamomile. We pre-soak some in masceration tanks and use an infusion of others to balance the flavours. We’ve had a lot of fun creating it and are excited it has been so well received. •


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Travel with Comfort

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Soft drinks FENTIMANS

Non-alcoholic options onboard are often sickly sweet and unimaginatively mass market, but there are adult-friendly and trend-setting alternatives out there, says Laura Gelder

Actually designed as a mixer, the new dry and crisp pink grapefruit tonic water is made with ruby red grapefruit and quinine. Fentimans has a range of traditonal soft drinks like sparkling elderflower and dandelion and burdock, and offers travel-sized cans for some flavours. fentimans.com

LUSCOMBE Devon-based, this company can trace its orchards back to the Doomsday Book! Its range includes ginger beers, juices (apple and apple with pear or ginger), fruit crushes (sparkling juices in berry flavours), bubblies (elderflower, rose and vanilla), and a new range of tonics. luscombe.co.uk



This range harnesses the acidity of kombucha, a naturally effervescent fermented tea full of friendly bacteria. The drinks consist of 80% green tea and 20% black tea and have less than a quarter of the caffeine than an average cup of coffee. The other ingredients are sugar, fruit and botanicals. The range comes in lemongrass, ginger, and strawberry and black pepper. Each 300ml bottle contains 60 calories. labrewery.co.uk

The founder hails from the craft beer world and it shows in the quirky adult-pitched packaging, with each flavour depicting a character, (real everyday heroes like a community football coach). The range includes canned cream soda and root beer and bottled flavours like apple, grape and a dry juniper. sodafolk.com

SHRB This prohibition-inspired brand gets its name from ‘shrub’, a drink made with the vinegar left-over from preserving fruits and herbs and used during the era as an alcohol substitute with a characteristic 'kick'. Shrb comes in four flavours: original (fennel orange, lemon and botanticals), lime juniper, apple cinnamon and orange ginger. It has a low sugar content and is made by steeping ingredients in apple cider vinegar and adding spring water and a slight fizz. shrbdrinks.com


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Factor Feel good

The consumer quest for wellbeing products is making its mark in the air. Jo Austin discovers how the onboard offer can support traveller health


lying isn’t always easy. Jetting in and out of time zones, messing with the sleep-wake cycle and confusing our body clocks inevitably impacts on an individual’s wellbeing. But if your airline is looking to show it cares, there is an increasingly strong portfolio of onboard products designed to help. Perhaps the biggest concern for many passengers

is jetlag. “Jetlag is the condition characterised by various physiological and psychological effects (such as irritability and fatigue), which results from a disruption of the natural circadian rhythm (or body clock)” explains naturopath and sleep expert, Dave Gibson. He claims what your passengers need most is glucose to give them an energy boost without the nasties of caffeine or energy drinks which can play


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havoc with their natural systems and disrupt sleep. Giving passengers control over their sleep/eat schedule, as many airlines now do in premium cabins, can really help, he says. Passengers are advised to eat and sleep for the destination they are heading to, adjusting to the new time zone before they arrive. They should be sleeping earlier than they would normally do if they are going East (and eating earlier too). Shifting everything later if going West. On a night flight, if it’s morning in the final destination, they should be eating breakfast-type foods to help reset the stomach as well as the brain. Gibson works with glucose-based travel brand Gluco (gogluco.co.uk) which offers tablets and juices that can help passengers adjust to different time zones and reduce the feelings of jet lag.

Swedish-born Olle Markoo, began experimenting with different jetlag cures Power up the vitamins after suffering its effects first-hand. His goal One of the best-known suppliers of anti-jetlag was to arrive in better condition and also products is Netherlands-based FlyFit (flyfit.com). It strengthen his immune system. “Basically, has energetically targeted the onboard market and it’s about maintaining fluid balance in the offers endless research on suitable products. air cabin’s extremely dry air,” says Olle, the FlyFit managing director, Boudewijn Van Eeghen, founder of Uppy! (uppyflyer.com) a travel says: “Beyond the challenges of confused body recovery drink that rehydrates through a clocks, jetlag can be caused by solution that contains electrolytes, dehydration, lack of sleep and stress. minerals, ginger and vitamins. Beyond drinking plenty of water on Designed in the form of an Functional foods effervescent tablet which is dissolved a long flight, we also recommend will be worth up in water, Uppy! has been evaluated increasing the intake of minerals and to $255 billion by Emirates crew who admit: ”Like vitamins. Our Q4 formula contains by 2024 B-vitamins and specific minerals most people, we drink a lot of coffee (micro-nutrients) which work to and water on long-haul flights but reduce tiredness, help maintain a proper brain find that Uppy! has helped to reduce tiredness and function and protect our cells from oxidative stress”. stress”. The product is currently being offered to The lack of vitamin B can compromise an entire passengers in First on Emirates. sequence of biochemical reactions necessary for Serve foods with function transforming food into energy, and antioxidants Onboard offerings that support wellbeing play into such as vitamin C and E and the minerals zinc, a global consumer trend for ‘functional foods’ which manganese and selenium all help cut fatigue. Grand View Research estimates will be worth up to FlyFit’s apt slogan is ‘Travel healthy, arrive fit’ and $255 billion by 2024. These are foods that support the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), has digestive and cognitive health, anti-inflammation, scientifically evaluated FlyFit’s direct-to- mouth immunity, cardiovascular health and mineral vitamin and mineral shots to authorise the fortification – all particularly key during travel. company’s claims that its formula does just that. Such foods include probiotics Airline crew are now taking the shots regularly and and prebiotics – largely offered W-Hotels and Hilton stock it in their minibars. Trials in yoghurts but increasingly in are currently underway with the U.S. Army and U.S. drinks, confectionary, baked travel retail giant, Hudson News. goods and even wine and Cabin pressure corresponds to an altitude of beers. Often a niche product, 2500m and combined with the desert-like dry fermented drinks made with environment of the aircraft, long-haul passengers probiotic kombucha are are bound to feel tired and dehydrated.

Above: The Protein Ball Co. products cut hunger and boost metabolism fitness Below: Glucose in Gluco gives passengers an energy boost


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Above: FlyFit's range is expanding and Uppy! and VitStix support hydration

now part of PepsiCo’s remit with the debut of drink concentrate, Squashtix: “Our new formula is Tropicana Essentials Probiotics and the purchase designed to fight fatigue and boost energy, maklng of probiotics beverage manufacturer KeVita by its it perfectly pitched for weary travellers”. Vit Stix Naked Emerging Brands. comes in single-serve sachets in tropical and berry Herbal and botanical extracts are also increasingly flavours packed with vitamins B, C and D. Adds Tom: viewed as supporting wellness with beverages that “Vitamin B helps to energise without a crash while include cranberry extracts, tea polyphenols and vitamins C and D boost the immune systems that turmeric topping the ‘must haves’. These are being are weakened on long-haul flights”. added to vegetable drinks made with alfalfa and And, then there is chocolate! It has now been green leafy vegetables or to berry blends, pea and scientifically proven that dark chocolate can help other vegetable protein blends. jetsetters to avoid jetlag. The darker the chocolate Perhaps the most common functional ingredient (60% cacao and upwards) the better, while at is protein, best known in meat, eggs and tofu but the same time it contains less sugar. Says James increasingly finding its way into snacks and drinks. Duff of Lily O’Brien’s (lilyobriens.ie) in Ireland, a A year in development, Go Faster Food's new Go leading chocolate supplier to the airline industry: Bites are little energy balls made “We are seeing an increased from 100% natural ingredients to demand for dark chocolate and deliver energy at the right time. there are a myriad of reasons that Says Go Faster Food’s company make this treat nearly guilt-free Dark chocolate nutritionist, Sophie Heath: “Jetlag can help jetsetters (in moderation, of course). It is can play havoc on your naturally healthier than its white avoid jetlag circadian rhythms and and milk varieties because it has your internal body clock. more cocoa, it has less added sugar, Thankfully our internal organ clocks can be plus, it is chock-full of antioxidants and flavanols, adapted to different time zones, mainly via vitamins and nutrients. All dark chocolate can the consumption of food. Go Bites Refuel reduce levels of cortisol and catecholamine stress contains apricots for a slower release of hormones which are related to jetlag. On the back energy, and plenty of seeds which are a of this, we have introduced new dark chocolate great source of magnesium. Research recipes including yuzu and basil, spicy coconut and suggests magnesium could help with turmeric and the use of sea buckthorn, which is also adjusting to new time zones and an antioxidant, to our inflight range”. can also help with the reduction of Personally, I go straight for a Bloody Mary which, tiredness and fatigue”. strangely enough, I do not even think about Another new product on the market drinking anywhere else but on a plane. But just a that claims to have benefits for fliers little bit of research has reassured me that all is not is Vit Stix (vitstix.com). Says Tom lost on me as tomatoes, if nothing else, taste better Anderson-Dixon, founder of fruit in the air! • onboardhospitality.com

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A wellbeing

power house Looking for onboard wellbeing products that actually work? Naturopathic nutritionist Annelie Whitfield explains why collagen is the ingredient to watch out for


Annelie Whitfield ND Dip.Herb CFMP works with ancientandbrave. earth (launching soon) to offer TRUE COLLAGEN high performance wellbeing products available from January.

The word ‘collagen’ comes from a Greek word ‘Kolla’ meaning glue, asserting the fundamental role it plays in holding us together. It is our most abundant protein and has become widely regarded in the beauty world as a magic bullet for creating youthful, smootherappearing skin and strengthened hair. It's a key ingredient in expensive face creams and serums but the evidence now shows that if you really want to support your passengers' wellbeing, you should be offering them ways to take it internally as this is what really improves the skin, cuts bodily inflammation and improves which works alongside glycine to help produce health, delivering improvements in both mental creatine, which increases physical performance and physical wellbeing. and supports the tendons Modern lifestyles mean and ligaments. we rarely access collagen’s Other key amino acids in benefits from food as collagen include proline Flag up your we do not typically use and hydroxyproline, commitment to the bone marrow, which passenger wellbeing in a which assist the body’s holds the collagen. new and innovative way own collagen production However collagen and are recognised - with collagen supplements are packed as enhancing skin with amino acids, most complexions. importantly glycine, which help build healthy Choose carefully DNA and RNA strands (our genetic building One dose may not transform a user's life but blocks) and which can increase prefrontal cortex offering a collagen option can flag up your serotonin, reducing stress and anxiety. Glycine commitment to passenger wellbeing in a new can also affect neurotransmitters in a way and innovative way. Look for pasture raised or that promotes better quality sleep and grass-fed bovine collagen, or wild caught marine reduces fatigue the following day. It sources which are superior, and they should be also supports a healthier hydrolysed for greater absorbability. Hydrolysed digestive system collagen is mostly odourless and tasteless so due its soothing it can easily be added to hot and cold drinks. properties A dosage between three to ten grams a day and ability has shown to have clinical results – therefore to regulate choosing a collagen in powder form makes it stomach acid easier to achieve a higher dosage. production. For ethical sourcing, look for sustainability Collagen credentials with no artificial ingredients or fillers also contains added to the collagen. • arginine,


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Fresh-faced A simple but highly-valued hydrating addition to an amenity kit, a facial misting spray can rejuvenate the whole passenger experience, says Hannah Wallis CLARINS This Fix Make-up Spray by Clarins is a fine mist that helps set make up and prolongs hold, while moisturising and refreshing the skin. It is a classic cosmetics combination that helps passengers look and feel fresh and it is now featured onboard Air France in its Business class kits. clarins.com

SCARAMOUCHE AND FANDANGO Featured on Etihad Airways, this mist fights signs of fatigue with a formula of calendula extract and witch hazel water. scaramoucheandfandango. com

KIEHL'S Kiehl's Cactus Flower and Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating Mist is a cooling, refreshing spray that is said to increase skin-cell respiration to help maintain moisture. Currently offered on Delta One. kiehls.co.uk

TEMPLE SPA This Essential Mist Tonic Toner restores the natural PH balance of the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties. It carries a light Mediterranean fragrance which evokes the scents of sunnier climes ahead of arrival. Currently included in the SpAA In Flight amenity kit offered on selected American Airlines flights. templespa.com



This Hydrating Facial Mist from the olive oil company is currently onboard Qatar Airways in their First and Business kits. montevibiano.com

The White Tea Facial Mist is full of antioxidants to fight the free radicals that come with air travel. It's flying onboard ANA in its Business kits. nealsyardremedies.com


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Hajj Safe Like any journey, the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca can put travellers at risk of robbery. Laura Gelder meets a man who designed a solution which airlines snapped up


t was during his first year as a design and technology teacher that Brit Kamal Ali got a flash of inspiration for a unique product designed to help Muslim pilgrims taking their most important journey. “I received a phone call from a good friend whose relative had his bag cut and stolen while performing Umrah,” says Ali. “My friend was aware of my design background and asked me if I could find a solution to this sadly common problem. After weeks of research it occurred to me that reinforcing the strap could make it theft-proof.” It would take 50 prototypes and two years to create the Hajj Safe anti-theft waist bag, which has unique features including a metal wire around the waist strap making it difficult to cut and steal, water resistant material and secure zipped pockets. In 2010 Ali was able to trial it himself on the Hajj and on his return had 1,000 units made which sold within two weeks.

It was after this that onboard amenity into a larger bag designed for storing specialist FORMIA heard about the new shoes when visiting the haram or other product and approached him to work mosques while on pilgrimage. on a kit for Turkish Airlines. The onboard Ali’s original kit is currently sold in version was released in 2013 and while it nearly 50 cities in 16 different countries is less heavy duty, it was the first amenity but Ali’s vision for Hajj Safe is to have his kit specifically for products in every city Umrah and Hajj and worldwide. “We have designed for travellers a long way to go,” he to use on the ground, It took 50 prototypes says. “Another area I with pilgrimage would like to develop and two years to essentials like a prayer create the first Hajj would be exposure in mat as well as a dental Safe anti-theft bag the duty free market.” kit, socks and eye-mask. Did you know? Ali also worked with Both Umrah and Hajj are Muslim FORMIA to provide an amenity kit for pilgrimages. The former is known as a Qatar Airways which was first handed minor pilgrimage and is not compulsory. out to pilgrims travelling on its Jeddah The Hajj is a major pilgrimage and is and Madinah flights during Hajj season obligatory for Muslims who are well and in September 2015. have the means. Umrah takes place any This version also included a prayer time of year while Hajj is a specific time counter and prayer beads and the small stone-coloured bag could convert set by the Islamic lunar calendar. •


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ONBOARD FINDER The new way to search for the hottest onboard products and services


onboardhospitality.com/finder Get your product into Onboard Finder, contact sue.williams@onboardhospitality.com

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Str-eats *N


Traditional pastries are getting an injection of street cred thanks to new company Str-eats and its pre-packaged range full of exotic flavours Everyone loves a success story and at Onboard Hospitality we are excited to see just how successful specialist companies can be once they get onboard. We’re on the look out for newcomers to the industry, be they young people, young companies or young products: those that may be the faces of the onboard sector tomorrow. So if you're making your way into the onboard market, get in touch and we’ll spread the word and watch your business head sky high or get on track!

International inspiration Str-eats is an idea born from travel. Founder Paul Whyte has tasted his way around the world, sampling cuisine from local restaurants, food trucks, hawker centres and street market stalls from Asia to Africa and South America. When he got back to the UK he was struck by the boring range of flavours on offer in on-the-go products like sandwiches and pasties and had his lightblub moment for Str-eats - a range of on-the-go pastry products stuffed with street food flavours. Paul started selling his handmade products at markets and festivals with sell-out success, before contacting a manufacturer to work out how to produce large volumes. His range includes Mumbai bhaji, Vietnamese chicken, Brazilian beef barbeque with lime salsa, Creole vegetable jambalaya and magical Moroccan lamb. Each pastry is packaged in a trolleyfriendly, ovenable box, containing two or three portions designed for complimentary or buy-on-board respectively. Each portion is under 100

Each pastry is packaged in a trolleyfriendly, ovenable box and each portion is under 100 calories

calories. Str-eats are low in sugar and are the first bite-sized pastry snacks made with boiled crust pastry for a crisp texture.

Helping street kids This year Paul has exhibited at shows like The Speciality and Fine Food Fair and Innoveat, where his company won Most Innovative Product for the Mumbai bhaji. Str-eats has put ‘giving back’ at the heart of its brand values and 5% of profits from each pastry are donated to the charity Street Kids. Str-eats plans to set up its own charity to control how funds are directed. str-eats.com •


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Designer labels George Banks won our 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award following a long career in inflight service. Here he recalls the changing face of luggage labels and ticket wallets


e all love to label things: literally, with a description, or more abstractly, with a detail or a design. Many products now sell simply because of the prestige around their label, or because their labelling attracts the product whatever it may be. eye and sells the product, Marketeers call it branding and this rather over-used word is certainly important in selling. Changing the design or colours of a well-loved look can be a major undertaking requiring much research, graphic and font consideration and new-look trialling.


Airlines today align with many well-known brands and labels to help attract the customer but perhaps put less effort into placing their own brand throughout the customer journey. As I look back on my own airline career I recall many skilfully designed airline luggage labels which passengers were proud to display, as well as beautifully-designed ticket covers and folders which all helped advertise the airline’s brand and added to the customer experience. Here are a few colourful examples, unquestionably all so much more stylish than today’s ghastly, impersonal baggage tags and e-tickets!


TRANS WORLD AIRLINES TWA has a long and exciting history and was a major American airline from 1924-2001. It was taken over by American Airlines. This label in soft red and orange dates back to the days of the DC-2 and DC-3 operations when Charles Lindberg, the famous aviator, supported the airline and the catch line ‘THE LINDBERG LINE, ’ gave kudos to this famous US carrier.

AIR INDIA INTERNATIONAL This airline became Air India with the introduction of its Rolls Royce Boeing 707s in 1962 but this label promoted its destination using the famous ‘mascot’ - the Maharajah greeting an English businessman. The design emphasised colonial ties and the importance of the London route. The airline started flying to London from India in 1948.

Northwest, founded in 1926, was one of the oldest American carriers until it merged with Delta in 2008. This tricoloured label in red, white and blue with simple graphics encouraged the passenger to connect with Northwest Orient Airlines, and was a twist on the airline's standard branding, designed to highlight that Northwest had a large number of flights to the Far East.


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B.O.A.C [BRITISH OVERSEAS AIRWAYS CORPORATION] This label in blue, white and gold, carried the airline’s coat of arms on a white background in a simple design conveying a message of historic grandeur and upmarket quality. The dots between BOAC were dropped in 1965. The airline was merged with BEA to become British Airways in 1973. The coat of arms is still used by the airline to this day.

MIDDLE EAST AIRLINES This MEA card ticket wallet was beautifully made, featuring a MEA hostess in her Chanel-inspired uniform with beaded scarf on the cover, and highlighting their service with the slogan: ‘Attentively Yours’. The ticket inside was white, red and green and featured the cedar tree logo, also seen on the ticket wallet.

VARIG Brazil's first airline (running 19272006) was famous for the quality and standard of its inflight service. Its label was simple but impactful and was issued to introduce the airline’s Caravelle jet service. Composed of four circles, it featured the airline’s well known Icarus logo drawn from the famous Greek myth about the man whose wings melted when he flew too near the sun (an unfortunate choice perhaps?)

MALAYSIA-SINGAPORE AIRLINES This MSA paper ticket had colourful graphics on a yellow floral batik design with the airline’s Boeing 707 tail fin logo of a ‘flying tiger’. The colourful globe, superimposed with a Boeing 707 showed the airline flew worldwide.

'53 '57


In 1953 Delta Airlines took over an airline called Chicago and Southern, which used colourful luggage labels to advertise its destinations. Miami was promoted as a perfect escape from the cold winter months. The art deco styling reflects the skyline of Miami beach. The slogan‘ Nothing Faster Nothing Finer ’ pushed the carrier’s USP


SAS pioneered ‘Over the Pole ’ flights to Tokyo via Anchorage in 1957 and this elegant label in the shape of a Japanese fan showcased the destination’s top attractions: Mount Fuji, with snow on a blue background; cherry blossom flowers; and the traditionally-dressed locals.

1980s TUNISAIR This somewhat complicated label used French, Arabic and English to get its message across. The ’Je Préfère’ TUNISAIR message encouraged a connection between the carrier and the passenger and a sense of recommendation, while the design included the airline’s desert gazelle logo – shown running fast to reflect airline efficiency.


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The world view We're going global every day by going social. Meet us in the virtual world via Twitter and Linkedin. Here's just some of digital chat you may have missed... Follow us for more: @OBHMagazine and Linkedin.com

Is that seat free? Pop star Adele is the passenger British holidaymakers would most like to sit beside on a plane, ahead of Jodie Whittaker – the new Doctor Who – who came in second place and Kit Harington, aka heart-throb Jon Snow in hit TV show Game of Thrones. Politicians were further down the ideal companion rankings, with UK Prime Minister Theresa May winning 10% of the vote, and U.S. president Donald Trump 7%. Both, however, were ahead of Canadian singer Justin Bieber, who scored 4%. @WTM_London

Beer o'clock Contactless travel Singapore's Changi Airport has opened a new five-storey terminal the size of 27 football fields and including an indoor rainforest and the world's largest indoor waterfall. It is so automated, passengers can pass through it without any contact with another human being. Check-in kiosks, security screening and biometric immigration checkpoints sit alongside cleaning robots and mechanised baggage systems. @ChangiAirport

Lufthansa has launched an online beer map which allows passengers to suss out the best beer spots in Europe before they've even left the ground. Type in a city on the Lufthansa network and a direct link will appear to a list of pubs, bars and beverages recommended by locals. The interactive map also provides an additional link to Lufthansa's official Travel Guide which offers local travel tips, top sights and general knowledge about the destination. @lufthansaNews

Are we there yet? A study by Emirates has revealed that boredom sets in for the under 12s just 49 minutes into their long-haul flight. Some 41% of parents admitted to bribing their children to behave and 33% resorted to electronic devices to keep kids happy. In a bid to help, the airline has teamed up with Dr Sandi Mann to launch the Child Boredom Quotient, which helps parents mix a perfect blend of active, passive, interactive, creative and sensory activities to catch boredom before it sets in. @EmiratesIDUAE


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Champagne service

Fear not

Onboard hospitality planners will be paying even greater attention to detail following a Canadian passenger's threat to sue airline Sunwing after his complimentary glass of Champagne turned out to be sparkling wine. The traveller claims the company marketing led him to believe that his complimentary onboard beverage would be Champagne. The airline argues its reference to a "Champagne service" denoted its high-level offering rather than being a description of a precise inflight beverage. @SunwingVacay

European travellers are less concerned about their safety and security abroad than other world travellers according research by Carlson Wagonlit Travel. Just 37% of European travellers worry about safety compared to 47% of Americans and 56% of travellers from the Asia Pacific region. Perhaps surprisingly, Europeans were less worried about terror attacks (35%), than forgetting something for work (40%), losing something important (38%), being robbed or attacked (37%) and the weather conditions (37%). @CarlsonWagonlit

No runway flights Indian budget carrier SpiceJet is looking to target billions of Indians who have never flown before - because they don't live near an airport. The carrier plans to do it by investing in amphibious Kodiak planes that can land anywhere, including on water, gravel or in an open field. India’s airlines handled 100 million domestic passengers last year, making it the world's third largest market behind China and the U.S. To handle growth, India will need at least 2,100 new planes in the next 20 years. @flyspicejet

Functional paper Multi-sensory, functional paper could soon allow menus, travel brochures and guides to include sounds, scents, 360-degree images and even an internet connection. A project at the University of Surrey is creating a new form of interactive paper in collaboration with Emirates Holidays. The next-generation paper will be interactive and will allow brands to track customer responses too. @Emirates


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98 / events

See you in Germany... What: WTCE Where: Hamburg Messe, Germany When: April 10-12, 2018

Onboard Hospitality is proud to once again collaborate with the organisers of the World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo (WTCE) to put together a programme of chef demonstrations, insights, debates and vibrant special events at the Taste of Travel Theatre. Building on the success of last year's event our former editor Jo Austin will put together 11 exciting sessions including celebrity chefs and tastings, with inspirational speakers giving insights into the future of onboard hospitality. WTCE is the leading event for travel catering, retail and passenger comfort, showcasing the latest products and services from over 350 suppliers and attracting over 800 buyers. New for 2018 will be the launch of the Passenger Technology Solution (PTS), co-located within the Taste of Travel Theatre hall alongside a new Business Meeting Hub. PTS will put the focus on all elements of the connected journey from AI and data to apps and emerging new ways of using connectivity onboard. WTCE is co-located with the Aircraft Interiors

Expo (AIX), which showcases innovations, technologies and products for cabin interiors, inflight entertainment and passenger comfort. Both events are preceded by the Passenger Experience Conference, which has three streams: convergence & mobility; sustainability & flexibility; and personalising the journey. worldtravelcateringexpo.com

Asia focus

Inside M.E

What: Aviation Show MENASA Where: RitzCarlton DIFC, Dubai When: November 28-29, 2017

What: AIME Where: Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE When: January 23-24, 2018

Part of the incredibly successful global Aviation Festival series, the Aviation Show MENASA shows the industry how to pioneer in this super-regional, dynamic market. It incorporates five shows: the Low Cost Airlines Congress, Aviation Marketing, Xairxperience, Aviation IT Show and Airport T.EX (technology and experience for modern airports). There will be keynote speakers from Pegasus, Emirates and Dubai Airports, amongst others. terrapinn.com

Aircraft Interiors Middle East is a twoday exhibition providing a platform for interiors suppliers, providers and buyers to network and establish new relationships in this trend-setting region. It is co-located with MRO Middle East (an annual show which covers the world of commercial aircraft maintenance). This year's show featured 300 exhibitors and 4,761 attendees - including 735 airline attendees - from 76 countries. aime.aero

CALENDAR The best of the rest... DECEMBER 12-14, 2017 SIAL Middle East will take place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, featuring products new to the region and providing a networking and sourcing arena for buyers and suppliers. sialme.com ------MARCH 20-21, 2018 Asia Pacific Rail 2018 is held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre and will explore major issues affecting this industry. terrapinn.com ------JUne 7-8, 2018 Dublin-based Future Travel Experience Europe is a platform for air transport and travel industry stakeholders to prepare for tomorrow's technologies and trends. futuretravel experience.com


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activating TO


Untitled-3 Untitled-6 1 170500_OBH_FYV_Print AD_201x264_RZ.indd 1

When traveling often, FlyYourVeda® is a unique choice to support your body’s demands according to your needs FlyYourVeda is a new inflight meal concept that accurately responds to the body’s demands during a flight. Adapted to onboard conditions, the menus are based on easily digestible, nutritious, high quality foods. The concept was created by the LSG Group Culinary Excellence team and translated into LSG Sky Chefs’ “activating” or “relaxing” menus. FlyYourVeda allows you to pursue a healthy lifestyle even during long-haul flights and supports your wellbeing on board in the best possible way. Find out more about the FlyYourVeda concept and menus:

25/10/2017 16:12 11/7/17 12:14 PM 25.10.17 14:42

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