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Sibling Revelry The three Bilbray sisters talk about their passion for helping others while keeping family close


Snell & Wilmer Paint The Town Local art lovers unite to bid on contemporary art and, in turn, raise money to benefit AFAN.

THE Family ISSUE Time To Give Back Winky Designs donates a part of their proceeds to Animal Foundation while keeping their customers’ wrists stylish.

Seeds for Change A community garden program teaches children to plant, harvest and cook their way to a healthier lifestyle.

It’s true – there’s no place like home. It’s where our families live, play, laugh and thrive together. And there’s no place that relies more on water than our communities here in Southern Nevada. That’s why we’re working hard to make sure our supply remains reliable, even during the Colorado River drought. Let’s stay water smart, Southern Nevada. Learn more at The Southern Nevada Water Authority is a not-for-profi t agency.

Our March Baby of the Month. features

Photographer: Meghan Poort

Alekszander’s Story After a long history of miscarriages, Alekszander’s parents decided to seek the assistance of an infertility specialist. They met with Dr. Littman and felt a renewed sense of hope to achieve their dream of becoming parents. Mom’s egg quality was not that great. It took over a year of trying with one failed cycle of injectable IUI, but after their second IUI attempt, they were pregnant. Success finally came with the delivery of Alekszander, our March Baby of the Month. Congratulations to the amazing parents for their strength and beautiful bundle of joy!

Red Rock Fertility Center is Nevada’s 1st and only boutique-style center specializing in personalized physician care and expertise in an intimate, cozy setting. Giving the gift of life all year long.

Now with two convenient locations in Henderson and southwest Las Vegas! Eva Littman,

Mark Severino,

Shannon L. McGrath,

Practice Director, Trained at Duke & Stanford Universities

Medical Director, Board Certified in Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility

Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, Received Master’s Degree in Nursing from Vanderbilt University with the Highest Honors

M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

“Voted 2012, 2013 and 2014 Top Infertility Doctor”

M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

M.S.N., W.H.N.P.-C.

“2012 Compassionate Doctor Award”

6410 Medical Center Street, Suite A • Las Vegas, NV 89148 I Schedule An Appointment Today I 702.832.1798 I Follow us on: 870 Seven Hills Drive, Suite 103 • Henderson, NV 89052

PUBLISHER’S LETTER profiles of the artists on the soon-torelaunch BLVDS website ( Be prepared to be amazed by these beautiful videos produced by Dana Satterwhite and the creative team at Oogoog Productions.

This issue celebrates lots of milestones, including The Discovery Children’s Museum’s first year, and BLVDS Magazine’s eighth year. Family, Kids, and Pets is one of the cornerstones to the BLVDS brand — that of helping to promote community and culture in our big little city. This issue starts out with one of our new series, the “Pioneer” series being initiated by my own mother, Nancy Craddock, who came here to in 1952 with my father to build their family and start a business. My mother, who turned 92 last month, is a regular at the BLVDS House and comes in three times a week to help us with the paperwork. The Bilbray sisters join us in this issue. They are an amazing group of women who are committed to making Las Vegas a better place. The second new series that premiers in this issue is our featured artist. Over the next year, each issue will zero in on a local artist and discuss how they got started and what their passions are. We’re also excited to offer video Copyright 2014 by BLVDS, Inc., all rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without written permission from BLVDS, Inc. Every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of

In Lifestyle, we will visit Winky Designs in the Downtown Container Park who just recently started a line of watches and donates a part of the proceeds back to Las Vegas’s own Animal Foundation. Who remembers Tip Toe Shoes? I think we all had a pair of shoes from there. Monika Pinkus is the owner’s daughter. Check out her book, Message to Badabu. We will also take you to some family-run and family-friendly restaurants, The Rollin’ Smoke story has me heading on over to try their smoked meatloaf sandwich. Let me know who wants to go! We finish this issue off with some old friends, Arte and Kathleen Nathan, who spent most of their lives here and made a huge contributions to the community. After leaving for a few years, they’ve come home to be grandparents and Las Vegans.




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Dana Satterwhite National brand advertising creative for 20 years, Dana currently freelances and runs TastySpace gallery in the Emergency Arts building. He has written for several local magazines and serves on a number of boards. His greatest loves are his wife, daughter, family, words, visuals, racquetball, chess, food, gardening, and freedom.

Stephanie Pierotti is the proprietor of Avondale Shirt Co. and an instructor at The Art Institute of Las Vegas. As a foodie and wine lover, she holds certifications from the Court of Master Sommeliers and the International Wine Guild. A seven year resident of Las Vegas, Stephanie currently lives in Summerlin with her husband Michael.

4 |

Jenessa Kenway has been carving out a nitch covering the arts in Las Vegas blogging on art events, reviewing exhibits and visiting artists in their studios. She holds a Master’s in Fine Art from UNLV and is currently pursuing a Master’s in English. She is also an adjunct faculty member at UNLV. When she not out running down an art story she enjoys desert hikes with her husband and two beagles.

Jillian Plaster is a foodie. She loves to cook, but she loves to eat even more. While attending Le Cordon Bleu in her hometown of Las Vegas, her passion for food lead to writing reviews of local restaurants. Plaster also developed her own line of fresh dog food which she sells at her unique pooch boutique, The Dog House, located at Town Square.

Hektor Esparza is a community activist and nonprofit leader. The father of four is often in some state of quixotic frustration. Each morning, he groans about his life before getting out of bed. Yet, he is loved, respected, and usually gets what he wants though he’s too grumpy to enjoy it when he does. Also, he hates deadlines and loves a good micro-brew.

Alyse Sweeney is creator of Write to Glow – a communal writing workshop aimed at unleashing clarity and creativity through freeflow writing practice. She is the author of over 30 books for kids and teachers and was a publishing executive with Scholastic. She holds a Master’s in education.

Jeanette Schneider loves to write and negotiate with her very busy two year old when not concentrating on her career in finance. Active in the community, she enjoys opportunities to marry her passion for Las Vegas with her love for the art of storytelling. She also blogs and has included “sell manuscript” to her Top Ten Things To Do Before I Die list.

Temple Kinyon moved to Las Vegas 11 years ago after enjoying life in rural Idaho. Embracing the diverse setting Las Vegas offered, she settled into her freelance writing life, pursuing both fiction and non-fiction. When she’s not writing, Temple creates with paper, paint, fabric and ink, and adores adventures with her husband and two ferociously funny bulldogs.

Chris Cutler holds an MFA in creative writing from Murray State University (KY). She believes everyone has a story to tell and founded The Las Vegas Memoir Project to help people write their stories. When she’s not traveling, Chris teaches at IADT and through DEO at UNLV, writes, and tries to keep her Welsh Terrier from updating his Facebook status on her iPad.

I come from that society and there is a common thread, specifically family values - the idea that you do anything for your family, and the unconditional love for one’s children. — Ednita Nazarioh

C O N T E N T S | BLVDS LAS VEGAS | NO. 43 | March - April 2014



Pioneer Series: Women Who Helped Grow Las Vegas A 62-year resident of Las Vegas, Nancy Craddock managed to raise seven children, help her husband grow his business, and help the state standardize practices in medical labs.


Kickflips and High Fives Sport-Social works to empower autistic children and bring relaxation and joy to their lives.


Sibling Revelry The three Bilbray sisters talk about their passion for helping others while keeping family close.


A World of Influence LV Native Nicco Boss launches a sci-fi children’s book series.

C ulture



Horses and Pigs and Dogs—Oh My! Many organizations work to rescue animals throughout the valley.


Time To Give Back Winky Designs donates a part of their proceeds to Animal Foundation while keeping their customers’ wrists stylish.

36 38

Fun Summer Camps for Kids Find a fun place to keep your child involved and learning during summer break.

Wild About Roos-N-More One family’s commitment to help animals is backed by a community that cares.






F l av or


Susanne Forestieri A willingness to change keeps our featured artist passionate and popular.


Shine Understanding how we and others think helps make life just a little brighter.

Snell & Wilmer Paint The Town Local art lovers unite to bid on contemporary art and, in turn, raise money to benefit AFAN.




Seeds for Change A community garden program teaches children to plant, harvest and cook their way to a healthier lifestyle.

Gimme Some Mo Molodi Live gets its audience out of their seats to join in the fun.


Put a Little South in Your Mouth John Holland brings a little bit of Arkansas BBQ to Las Vegas with Rollin’ Smoke.



BLVDS Flavor Menu Add a little flavor to your life by stopping by Double Helix Wine & Whiskey Lounge in Town Square.


IMHO Kathleen & Arte Nathan find that they can, indeed, go home again.

The Family Issue | March - April 2014 | 5

Brilliant, Caring, Respectful Peer Leader Together, We Impact the Future of Our Community!

Sponsor Cami Now! Your generous donation creates growth and gives hope to a child like Cami. White Horse Youth Ranch! Educating minds, inspiring creativity and encouraging integrity in socially challenged youth through positive interaction with out American living legend, the horse.


(702) 644-9177




years a native


NANCY CRADDOCK Written by Chris Cutler

8 |

really don’t have much to write about,” Nancy Craddock insisted when she joined my memoir class last year. “The other people have such interesting stories.”


“Everyone has a story to tell, Nancy,” I replied. I didn’t know her well at the time, but I knew she had moved to Las Vegas when it was still a dusty spot in the desert. “I’m sure you can find a story or two about your move here.” Little did I know. Born and raised in Anaheim, Nancy moved to San Diego as a young bride when her dentist-husband, John, was stationed at a naval base there during World War II. While John took care of sailors’ teeth, Nancy worked in the lab at San Diego’s Rees-Stealy Clinic. In 1952, the Navy sent the John to Nellis Air Base. The only sailor stationed there, John expressed interest in becoming a pilot. The commanding officer didn’t like that. “He told John that the Navy didn’t need more pilots, they needed dentists” Nancy laughed. “Someone had to care for the flyers’ teeth because a pilot couldn’t fly a plane if he had a toothache.” Las Vegas was quite a change for Nancy, John and their first two

children. Used to being able to go to the mountains or the beach or ride her horse over thousands of green acres, Nancy found living in the desert a little more than austere.

were completely unregulated,” Nancy said. “We standardized the training, management, administration, and governance of the labs in the state. We definitely made the labs safer.”

She wrote: “. . . Our governmentissued cinderblock house was located along side the main runway. Our living room window looked out on a mile of tumbleweeds, sagebrush, and a mix of lupine, clover, and desert sunflowers. The sky was bright blue, not a cloud in sight . . . Sunrise Mountain was in the background, stark and unforgiving . . .” In 1955, John and Nancy moved to South Seventh Street. While Charleston Avenue had been paved the year before, South Seventh was still a dirt road. “For our block, there was one telephone pole with a light bulb set in a reflector dish,” Nancy said. “Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Streets were empty except for sagebrush.”

Although she was busy raising seven children, Nancy stayed busy with other interests. John, who had his pilot’s license, asked her to start flying again. Having had a student license since the age of 18, Nancy started flying again and earned her license. Taking turns flying, she and John traveled all over the country to attend conferences or visit friends and family. “I don’t like flying public transportation,” Nancy told me. “It’s too confining.” In the more than 60 years she’s lived in Las Vegas, Nancy has seen Las Vegas change and grow. She liked it better when the city wasn’t as crowded and when her children could ride their horses in wide-open spaces and not worry about safety. She realizes, though, that cities must grow.

Nancy, who eventually gave birth to five more children, tried to find work with a medical lab in Las Vegas, but the town was still rather small, and labs were in their infancy. Eventually, Nancy and 30 other medical technicians, physicians, nurses and others met at the Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah to work out the rules and regulations governing medical labs in the state. “The labs in Nevada

“You know,” she told me, “nothing stays the same. If they don’t build and grow, things will just go downhill. We were fortunate to move here at a time when we could help make Las Vegas and Nevada a better place to live for everyone.”

The Family Issue | March - April 2014 | 9


200 kickflips &

happy students

HIGH FIVES Locally-owned Sport-Social program empowers autistic children.

Written by Hektor Esparza Photography by Talbot Snow

utism spectrum disorders (ASD) present a real and persistent challenge to an afflicted child’s happiness. Adjustments at home, school, and on the playground must be made to build a safe and tolerable life for autistic children and their families. The work that goes into equipping these children with the basic life-skills presents a daunting challenge in itself. What if someone came up with a way to bring stress, relief, and joy to these children while also empowering them socially?


Almost by accident, Andrew Devitt, founder of Sport-Social, developed just such a program. He grew up skateboarding and studied Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). The two skill sets came together when he started teaching kids with autism to skate. “The main deficit for children with autism is their social skills. I saw the advantage of being able to combine teaching sports with teaching social skills.”

10 |

At first Devitt was only providing nonathletic instruction via ABA to kids with autism. He began taking them out for some outdoor fun and, through word of mouth, the handful of students he taught at public parks grew to 30. “We would do yoga in the grass, go skate in the hockey courts, practice our tricks, and meet other people.” No permits. No business plan. After a year, his client numbers outgrew the parks. He saved his money, secured a loan, launched Sport-Social in a modest warehouse, and hired a small staff. A year later, Sport-Social was offering services to over 100 kids a week. Devitt reinvested the revenue into a 10,000 square foot facility and added more programs. Presently, Sport-Social brightens the days and empowers the lives of over 200 students per week.

7055 Windy St, Las Vegas, NV 89119 | 485.5515


lives within every

one of us.

Dawson’s Vision: Our graduates will be ready to achieve their individual potential, savor life and meet the challenges of the world. Experience AMAZING at, or call (702) 949-3600 for a personal tour.

Dr. Stephanie Youngblood CHIROPRACTOR

702.870.8060 500 S. Rancho, Suite E-9 Quail Orient Las Vegas, NV 89106 Near Downtown




SIBLING REVELRY Bilbray sisters trailblaze separate but equally impressive philanthropic paths.

Written by Jeanette Schneider Photography by Talbot Snow

12 |

we all experience, her girls are confident and happy. She smiled proudly as Caroline told me her own career plans as if they were certain, no election needed, “I’m going to be president.”

ilbray sisters Bridget, Erin and Shannon finished each other’s sentences on a Saturday afternoon as children ran around with dye-free cupcakes. Shannon’s daughter, Molly, was celebrating her 7th birthday at JR Pony Parties, and the three sisters juggled their roles as mothers, wives, sisters, politicians, educators, businesswomen, and more. Bridget explained, “It’s like most things in life. You don’t know how much you can do until you do it.”


The sisters have a strength and a softness that creates outcomes. They were raised on politics and poetry. Their father, former Congressman James Bilbray, and their mother, Michaelene, an intuitive force who read them Kipling’s “If,” told them to do what they were passionate about as if they could do it for free. The sisters became reminiscent as they talked about their brother, Kevin, who passed away from juvenile diabetes at the age of 21. Kevin’s death brought about an immediacy that garnered conversation and action. Their father’s career took off, and shortly thereafter, they did as well. Bridget, a revered educator in Southern Nevada, is the principal of Doral Academy, a school that is modeled on the integration of arts with learning. The school now has a waiting list of 1300, and as Bridget leaned forward to tell me more, Shannon excitedly interrupted, “You won’t meet anyone that has gone to her school or worked for her who doesn’t love her.” Bridget explained that it is passion and

gratitude mixed with the support of her family that allows her to do what she loves and do it well. She refers to her husband as her partner and admits that he may even be better with an iron. Erin’s daughter, Caroline, stood next to her mom as she explained that her campaign for Congress wasn’t a clear path. “I never expected to be the one in front, but I realized that I can do this.” The founder of nonprofit, Emerge, which helps women step into leadership roles in their community, she no longer felt she had a choice as economics and the lack of infrastructure to support families forced the issue. Her daughters are involved in her campaign and, while at times she feels the mom guilt

As Shannon balanced roles as hostess and mom, we caught up between cake and presents. “You have to have passion. Your actions count. You make a difference.” Shannon sits on several boards, one being Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) with the hopes of finding a cure in the memory of her brother. She recently became the Director of International and Government Affairs at BerryBreeze, a startup that has developed oxygen technology to reduce decay in produce and decrease a family’s carbon footprint. “Forty percent of household food goes into landfills. We can change the world,” she said. While she sometimes thinks she should cut back on her community involvement, she says she’s best at fever pitch, “Mom told us if you want something done, you should ask a busy person.” There is a collective spunk about the Bilbray sisters who are at times competitive, but protective of one another. Their body language is expressive and engaged when speaking about their passions. When they talk about family, there is a soulfulness that radiates. Whether it was Kipling or the compassion and soul they credit their mother with, it is clear the generations of Bilbrays will be the busy women who get things done.

The Family Issue | March - April 2014 | 13



is the lucky number


INFLUENCE Vegas native launches sci-fi children’s book series.

Written by Temple Kinyon Photography by Nathan Douglas

Enchanting her young son with thrilling stories of earthlings, aliens, and cosmos beyond was easy for Nicole “Nicco” Boss. “The stories just came to me,” Boss jokes. The exciting adventures always left her son wanting more, so the journey about 13-year-old Julian continued to evolve. Even her son’s interpretation of a talking toy phone’s recording – message to Badabu – helped spark Boss’s brainstorm which has transformed her imagination’s musings into the book Message to Badabu. Growing up in Las Vegas gave her inspiration for Julian’s earthly world setting, and there are “bits and pieces of friends and family” in her characters. It was the umpteenth coaxing to become a writer from her mother, Monika Pinkus, which gave Boss the little nudge she needed. “I have a total of six books mapped out. There’s meaning in names and places and hints dropped along the way in each book,” Boss’s eyes sparkle with excitement. “It’ll all come together in the end. It was a lot of hard work, but I did it. I never gave up.” 14 |

Boss’s stories percolated in her head while she worked for Pinkus, who owned Tiptoe Children’s Shoes for 28 years. Sharing the experience of each losing her father at an early age has made the women incredibly close. “My mom’s a strong woman and gives me so much inspiration. Her influence is why I write strong women characters. My mom, my rock.” With two young sons and Pinkus, her editorial sounding board spanned the generations and helped Boss realize her story resonates with young girls and boys as well as adult readers. On 3/13/13, “because 13 is my lucky number,” Boss’s Message to Badabu became available to earthlings via Amazon. Boss’s family and all their friends agreed that when the book came, they couldn’t put it down. “We’re all so anxious for the next one,” Pinkus giggles.

The Family Issue | March - April 2014 | 15



MAY 4, 2014 Penn & Teller are challenging walkers to raise at least $250, then they will match your fundraising! Join us on UNLV’s campus for the 24th Annual AIDS Walk Las Vegas! Wear your walking shoes and bring a blanket to enjoy a picnic after the walk.












PAINT THE TOWN night only

Local art lovers unite to support AFAN. Written by Jenessa Kenway Photography by Tonya Harvey

Small pigs are painted by artists as a donation to AFAN; this is Sushi Pig by Raven Snow.

or one night out of the year, the sedate offices of Snell & Wilmer transform from law firm into contemporary art gallery for their annual Paint the Town event. Conference tables, rolling chairs, and coffee tables are carted away and replaced by numerous easels and an array of paintings, drawings, photographs, and sculpture works by artists both local and international. As the sun sets upon a spectacular 11th floor view of The Strip twinkling to life, a bidding war for the art begins – all for the worthy cause of Aid for AIDS of Nevada (AFAN).


“Every month there are 25-to-30 new cases of HIV and AIDS infection [in Clark County],” commented AFAN president, Attorney Marek Bute. “The numbers are still there, but there is a lack of awareness and urgency. Part of the mission is trying to bring awareness back to the cause because I think people have gotten very complacent with medical advances.” Initially, Paint the Town rotated causes, AFAN among them. Impressed with the efficient organization and dedication of AFAN, attorney Michael Stein invited them to become the permanent

18 |

beneficiary of the event in 2007. Stein launched the event six years ago to pair a love for the arts with a goal of giving back to the Las Vegas community. “I absolutely love art,” says Stein. I was looking for something to do for our community and match it up with something that I really loved so that I could be passionate about it. I came up with the idea to throw an art show and do something that isn’t really done.” The “something” was making sure artists who enter work into the event benefit financially from participation as well, making it a winwin for both artists and the charity which makes Paint the Town as much about building up the arts in Las Vegas as about assisting AFAN. The mutually beneficial arrangement pulls in talent from all around the country — from the delicate paper wall sculptures forming viral and chemical structures of Tennessee artist Charles Clary to the playfully perverse works of Los Angeleno Gary Basemen. Local art is also prominently featured including the delicious absurdist realism of Jelaine Faunce, the whimsical gritty urban landscape by Joseph Watson, and the buttery abstract impasto works by Susanne

Forestieri, just to name a few. Unique to this year’s event is the inclusion of two works — selected through a juried competition — by art students from the Las Vegas Academy.


When it comes time to begin bidding, a smartphone app turns bidding on the art into a game. Guests meander and mingle, serenely sipping cocktails while slyly outbidding one another in a version of eBay gone live. As if the stellar art roster wasn’t already reason enough, the event features trays of gourmet eats, a unique cocktail specially crafted by mixologists for the event, artisan chocolate panels by Jin Cadwell, and souvenir photo-ops with Tanya Harvey, all accompanied by the musical stylings of the electric string quartet, Phat Strad. Generously supporting the cause, all vendors and entertainers give their time and wares at extremely reduced rates. An event with such a savory and sophisticated lineup makes giving to a great cause as enjoyable as it is gratifying. Didn’t get an invite? Don’t worry you can bid on art pieces from home! Call AFAN Development Director, Irene del Rosario 702.383.8095 for details.




1. Artist Eric Burwell With art patrons Thomas and Shannon Love

2. Artist Jerry Misko With Michael Stein, Snell & Wilmer, Antioco Carrillo, AFAN, and Marek Bute, Snell & Wilmer (left to right)

3. The ladies of PhatStrad 4. Artist Heather Theurer Shown here with oil painting titled “Dragonfly”

The Family Issue | March - April 2014 | 19


PAINT THE PIG Petite white pigs are getting makeovers! A secondary segment of the Paint the Town art auction features ceramic piggy banks that artists adopt and decorate for the event. The pigs are part of “Every Piggy Counts,” an ongoing fundraising program in which supporters of AFAN fill the pudgy porcine banks with coins and volunteer artists paint them. This year, art students of Las Vegas Academy opted to adorn the curved bank sides with views of The Strip and the iconic “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. Vegas tattoo artist Robert Pho adorns his pig with the swirling lines of Asian and tribal motifs. Titled “When Dreams Take Wing,” artist Nancy Good’s glossy gray pig, with winged heart design framing the coin slot, plays off the classic idiom “when pigs fly.” The remade pigs, with humorous-to-edgy designs, puts a new spin on the classic coin bank.

Photo by Nancy Good of her pig titled “When Dreams Take Wing”.

Enter the Mindbender Mansion Traveling Exhibit, a quirky place full of puzzles, brainteasers, and interactive challenges that test the brain power of the most experienced puzzlers.


January 30 – April 27, 2014 Mindbender Mansion was produced and is toured by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Portland, Oregon.

20 |

Media Sponsor


Start with stepping, add vocal and body percussion, insert gymnastics, slip in Shakespeare and opera, add dashes of comedy, poetry, and jazz, and you have Molodi LIVE. Molodi (like melody, just give it some “mo”) brings together artists to create an experience, “not just a show,” its founders explain. Jason Nious, Antwan Davis, and Khalid Freeman first got together as the Rhythm Cartel when they gathered like family for Soul Food Sundays during college in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Their art form matured when they reunited in Las Vegas in 2007 as part of the Stomp production Checko Salgado starting residence at Planet Hollywood.

Usually performed at intimate venues, Molodi LIVE invites audiences to join with performers to co-create this one-of-akind experience. A typical audience is made up of people “ages one to 92,” says Davis. At the core of the performance is a desire to share. Nious, currently part of the local Cirque company of Zarkana, said his new motto is, “Nothing to prove, only to share,” a motto adopted from Freeman who learned it on tour with Cirque’s Michael Jackson One.

Written by Andi Breesha

discipline and commitment are what we promote while we teach,” explains Nious. Once students have the basics, they can get creative. “We unintentionally teach self-expression,” adds Davis. The group’s willingness to share also helps them keep a youthful, pure essence and energy to create a new and fresh experience on stage. In the group’s spirit of giving, they performed a show to benefit the Project 150’s mission supporting homeless high school students ( on March 13 at the Inspire Theater. Visit the website at to see when you can experience this unique art form in person. Steven Joseph

The group shares its passion for the arts by volunteering to teach their distinctive artistic expression to students in the CCSD Henderson Symphony Orchestra Symphony Wines system as well as adults. “Teamwork,

The Family Issue | March - April 2014 | 21



Jaikowski Studios Suite 115

Amanda Harris Gallery Of Contemporary Art 900 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 769.6036

Jana’s RedRoom Suite 160

Art Square 1017-1025 First Street 808.300.7500 Galleries include: Brett Wesley Gallery Suite 150 | 433.4433 Nevada Humanities Suite 190 Ryan Williams Fine Art Gallery Suite 135 The MODERN CONTEMPORY ART MUSEUM PROJECT Suite 140 Arts Factory 107 East Charleston Blvd. 383.3133 | Galleries include: 8 Martinis Gallery Suite 205 | 303 North Studio Suite 115 | facebook. com/303NorthStudio Cricket Studio Suite 210 |

Joseph Watson Collection Suite 115 PeaceNArt Studio Suite 230 Perception Gallery Suite 110 R Space Suite 125 Sin City Gallery Suite 100 Trifecta Gallery Suite 135 | 366.7001 Blackbird Studios 1551 S. Commerce St. 782.0319 B SIDE GALLERY BLVDS HOUSE 509 S. 7th Street 386.6065 | City of the World Gallery 1229 Casino Center Blvd. 523.5306 |

Happy Panda Toys Suite 105A

Clark County Government Center Rotunda 500 Grand Central Pkwy. 455.7030

Hiptazmic Studio Suite 105C

Clay Arts Vegas 1511 South Main St. 375.4147 |

22 |

Cob4lt Blu3 Studio Gallery 1400 S. 3rd St. 771.0032 | Contemporary Arts Center @ Alios 1217 South Main St. 478.9636 | Cornerstone Art Gallery 201 East Colorado St. 238.5894 Emergency Arts 520 Fremont St. 686.3164 Galleries include: 5th Wall Gallery Suite 162 B AND N PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO Suite 222 Different Strokes Gallery Suite 212 DOBEZ DESIGNZ Lil’ Art Bodega Suite 219 | METRO ARTS COUNCIL OUR LAS VEGAS Suite 222 | 217.7518 SPORADICA DESIGNS TastySpace Gallery Suite 150 | 617.513.7336 The 80’s Kids Suite 180 | theeightieskids

V3 Arts Suite 166 Gainsburg Studio 1533 W. Oakey Blvd 249.3200 THE HIGH POINTS 707 Fremont St. #2240 Left of Center Gallery 2207 West Gowan Rd. 712.1708 | LIL’ ART BODEGA 707 Fremont St. #2230 647.7378 | Michelle C. Quinn Fine Art Advisory 620 South 7th St. 366.9339 | Photo Bang Bang 224 E. Imperial Ave 527.2264 porary Art 900 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 769.6036 Southern Nevada Center for the Arts 1310 South 3rd St. 888.3400 Southern Nevada MUSEUM OF FINE Art 450 Fremont St., Suite 280 382.2926 |

Artist Feature

Susanne Forestieri Full-time artist, UNLV faculty, gallery member, and resident of Las Vegas for nearly 25 years, Susanne Forestieri paints with the passion and abandon of artists half her age. She attributes her success at her craft to staying vibrant and malleable. “I look back and, about every ten years, I try to change technique and colors. It’s like a reboot,” she says. Her work can be seen hanging permanently at City Hall, the Sahara West Library, the Clark County Library, in private homes, and far beyond the confines of southern Nevada.

Before migrating west, she studied at the LaGuardia Music and Arts High School, Cooper Union, and the Art Students League in NYC.

See Susanne’s current work at

Beyond the canvas, she is a proud mother of two, grandmother, avid reader, published writer, and former dancer who occasionally tickles the ivories.

Inside the BLVDS House on

B-Side Gallery 509 South 7th Street Las Vegas NV 89101 Historic 7th Street between Clark and Bonneville

Get a better sense of her on our website and see more work at

The Family Issue | March - April 2014 | 23


wild about


Written by Chris Cutler

One family’s love for animals is backed by a caring community.

During my phone conversation with Dr. Valerie Holt, she had to answer questions from one of her employees a few times. “I’m sorry,” she said to me, “we’re having triplets today, and things are a little hectic.” Contrary to what you might believe, Holt is not an OB/GYN. She is a veterinarian, as is her husband Jay, and the triplets were Patagonian Maras, the newest residents of Roos-N-More Zoo in Moapa.


Valerie was a partner in her husband’s Las Vegas veterinary clinic, and the Holts had two wallabies were looking for more. A diagnosis of lupus sidelined her, and she spent weeks in bed. With no work and growing children that were not quite dependent on her, Valerie was questioning her self-worth. Breeders started to call to let her know that joeys (baby kangaroos and wallabies) were available, and the Holts suddenly had 12 joeys. Jay was working and the kids were at school, so someone had to care for the joeys. Feeding and caring for the babies got Valerie out of bed and feeling better. “They gave me my life back,” Valerie said. “I wanted to give them something.” One thing led to another, and the Holts, their children and 15 assorted kangaroos and wallabies moved to Moapa in 2006 and eventually opened Roos-N-More Zoo.

24 |

Now home to between 350 and 400 animals (if you count all the birds and reptiles), Roos-N-More is more than a place where people can look at animals. At least once a week the zoo takes in an exotic animal that people drop off or abandon when they can no longer handle or care for it. In addition, the zoo staff and volunteers take animals to a variety of schools and events to help educate the public on both the animals and wildlife conservation. It is one of the only place I know of where you can get up-close and hands-on with many of the animals. Where else can you pet an otter, sloth, or kangaroo? On January 10, Clark County officials closed the zoo to the public due to code violations because of inadequate restroom facilities. Before they can reopen, the Holts will need to install a commercial grade septic system and public restrooms. This is a large task for a small, family-run operation. Fundraising efforts are underway, and recently held “Zoo Days” at their downtown headquarters to help raise funds. The community came out in record numbers and donated over $150,000. Zappos has pledged $100,000 on top of that. If you want to help go to

Otters and many other animals create paintings for the fundraiser.

Over 5000 people attended Zoo Day at Zappos headquarters downtown!

Baby kangaroo is ready for the big day.



What makes this year’s festival extra sweet? An ice cream-eating contest. All-you-can-eat sundaes, ice cream novelties and root beer floats, and cones are the cherry on top. May 24 – 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

DÍA DEL NIño Join us for our fifth annual Día del Niño event to celebrate childhood with hours of fun for children of all ages, including magic, dancing, interactive games and much more!

Put on a grass skirt for a variety of live music, dancing and educational hands-on activities to celebrate Pacific Island culture. May 10 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

April 26 – 12-5 p.m.



Priceless artifacts give you a million-year glance into Nevada’s past, from prehistoric creatures all the way to sequined showgirls.

Kids can run wild at Springs Preserve’s spring break and summer camps, providing fun and educational experiences for Southern Nevada students.

Open Thursday – Monday

Camps offered weekly, April 14 – 18 June 9 – August 22 Open daily 702-822-7700 • U.S. 95 and Valley View Blvd. For our calendar of events and pricing, visit

Fall Art Shows

Fine Art Unique Crafts Free Admission Free Parking

April Anthem Highlands 5 & 6 ArtWalk in Henderson April Boca Park - Fashion Village 25-27 ArtWalk in Las Vegas

www.vegasart 2 702.245.6077 produced by Mark Vranesh Studio

The Junior League invites the public to an open house reception spotlighting some of the Sands Hotel’s glamorous Copa Girls of the 50’s and 60’s at its historic mid-century Morelli House. Visitors will have the opportunity to meet and reminisce with these lovely women who were once the iconic symbols of Las Vegas. The event is free and open to the public, no reservations required. This is the first event of “The Sands Copa Connection Program Series” about the legendary Copa Showroom that is being presented by the Junior League this year and sponsored by a grant from the Commission of the Las Vegas Centennial. For more information, visit or follow us @sandscopaseries on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The Copa Connection Program Series is made possible by a grant from the Commission for the Las Vegas Centennial. Audiences at all programs will enjoy a free commemorative scrapbook while supplies last. Made possible, in part, by Nevada Humanities, a state agency of the National Endowment of the Humanities.


Written by Chris Cutler

Rescuing all creatures great and small throughout the valley. erri Comings first saw the little Chiweenie (DachshundChihuahua mix) during a dog rescue event at a local PetSmart. A few days later, she dragged her husband to see “Bronson,” and Ron, too, was smitten. He suggested that perhaps Bronson should have a sibling, and suddenly the Comings were heading home with two dogs, Bronson and Lucy, a Puggle (Pug-Beagle mix). Rescued by FUPI (Foreclosed Upon Pets, Inc), Lucy and since-renamed Dunkin settled in to life at the Comings and quickly became part of the family.


The dogs — and cats — are the easy rescues, if one considers rescuing, fostering and finding homes for thousands of homeless and abandoned domestic animals easy. But what about the animals that don’t fit on one’s lap or in one’s home? What about the big guys? The horses? The donkeys? In 2002, Sandy VandenBerg and her daughter, Jill Curtis-Weber, founded Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary in Sandy Valley. The two horse lovers built a safe haven for abused, neglected, unwanted, and injured horses on a 40-acre ranch tucked between the mountains 30-miles south of Las Vegas. Shiloh currently has 48 horses on the ranch, according to Curtis-Weber, but over the years, they have rescued more

than 600 and re-homed more than 400. L.E.A.N. (Local Equine Assistance Network) is a unique rescue because it has neither a physical ranch or sanctuary for its rescues. Various animal control agencies of Clark County alert L.E.A.N. to neglected, surrendered, abused horses and donkeys, and the organization takes them into its care once it is legally possible. Co-founder Karin Larrick says volunteers keep the horses on their own properties. L.E.A.N. pays for every aspect of each horse’s care — from food, health care and dental care, to training — and the fosters provide love, care, and exercise to the animals. “It’s amazing,” says Larrick, “to watch how an abused and broken animal will come back to life once it is shown love and caring. Our fosters do amazing work.” Volunteers are the power behind all rescues, especially Shiloh and L.E.A.N. They provide a variety of skills — feeding, petting, washing, exercising, and training. The thing that they all have in common, though, is a love for animals, large as well as small, and a desire to help make the animals’ lives better.

“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”

LOOKING FOR A NEW PET? TRY ONE OF THESE RESCUES FIRST! Dogs and Cats Adopt a Rescue Pet Home 4 Spot Animal Rescue The Animal Foundation Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Foreclosed Upon Pets, Inc. Heaven Can Wait Animal Society Horses, Birds, Pigs, and More Local Equine Assistance Network Roos-N-More Zoo Windy’s Ranch & Rescue Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary The Southern Nevada Parrot Education, Rescue & Rehoming Society | VegasPigpets

— Immanuel Kant

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DIFFERENT Explore the sights and sounds of our great city!

MARCH 2014 VOICE at the Las Vegas CAC March 6 – 28 Contemporary Arts Center

Nicky Watts - Isolation March 6 – 28 Brett Wesley Gallery

“Ain’t I A Woman”

Bishr Hijazi Arab Ensemble

Spring Fling Book Fair

March 15 Charleston Heights Center 229.6383

March 22 Winchester Cultural Center

March 29 Clark County Library 507.3400 |

Nevada Chamber Symphony “Orchestra Furtura” March 16 Clark County Library 507.3459

Thirsty Third Thursday Pub Crawl

Hot Club of San Francisco presents: “The Cameraman’s Revenge” and “The Mascot”

March 20 Hennessey’s Tavern 382.4421

DISCOVERY Children’s Museum 1st Birthday Celebration

March 29 Historic Fifth Street School 229.3515 |

USA Ballroon Dance March 22 Charleston Heights Center 260.0772

March 9

John Legend – The All of Me Tour

One Act Festival March 14 – 16 Back Stage Theatre at CSN 651.5483

Run Away with Cirque du Soleil March 15 Springs Preserve 822.7700

28 |

25th Annual Jruied Show April 3 – 25 Contemporary Arts Center 496.0569

March 27 The Smith Center 749.2012 |

48th Annual Sons & Daughters of Erin St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival March 13 – 16 Henderson Events Plaza 267.2171

APRIL 2014

Life Cube Burns in Las Vegas!

Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka

March 21 at 8:00pm 7th & Fremont St.

Downtown Cultural Series – Aallotar Concert March 21 Lloyd D. George Federal Courthouse Jury Assembly Room 229.3515 |

Good Games / Car Show March 22 Winchester Cultural Center

Edmond by David Mamet March 28 – April 13 Art Square Theatre 818.3422

Bike Swap & Ride March 29 Cornerstone Park 267.4000

April 4 – 5 Henderson Pavillion 267.4849

The Copa Connection April 5 Morelli House Junior League of Las Vegas 822.6536 |

Wine Walk at Town Square April 5 Town Square

Foster the People

MAY 2014

April 18 Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan 698.7000

Spring Harvest Festival April 19 Tivoli Village

Grease May 1 - 11 Judy Bayley Theatre at UNLV 895.2787 |

First Friday May 2 Downtown Las Vegas

Pet Adoptions April 6 Tivoli Village

VIDA Guitar Quartet April 10 Lee & Thomas Bam Music Center at UNLV 895.2787

May 10 Henderson Events Plaza 267.2171

Other Desert Cities May 2 – 18 Las Vegas Little Theatre 362.7996 |

Diana Krall – Glad Rag Doll World Tour April 9 The Smith Center 749.2012

Art Festival of Henderson

Eggstravaganza 2014: A FREE Easter Celebration April 19 Keller Middle School

61st Annual Heritage Parade, Festival & Carnival April 25 – 26 Henderson Events Plaza 267.2171 |

Vegas Uncork’d May 8-11, 2014

Henderson Symphony Orchestra May 9 Henderson Pavilion 267.2171 |

GROUPLOVE April 10 Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan 698.7000

The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess April 15 - 20 The Smith Center 749.2012 |

An Evening of Classic Lily Tomlin May 11 The Smith Center 749.2012

Memorial Weekend Concert New Works Competition

Ohana Festival

April 25 – May 11 Las Vegas Little Theatre 362.7996

May 10 The Springs Preserve 822.7700

May 23 Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall at UNLV 895.2787

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Are you confused about the new health care law? You are not alone! We can help you... Qualify for coverage if you have been previously declined Help you get an affordable plan with good coverage Most individuals who make less than $46k can save substantially while still getting a good benefit at a great price!

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(702) 379-7858

1614 S. Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas NV 89104




percent donation


GIVE BACK Winky Designs gives animal lovers a stylish way to lend a helping hand.

s the first project in a new alliance between locallyowned Winky Designs and The Animal Foundation of Las Vegas, the animal-loving team at Winky Designs has added two new designs to their “Iconic” retro slapband watch line to raise funds to support the shelter.


For their “Dog” Iconic slap watch, a silhouette of a different breed replaces each number, and a bone icon marks high noon. The “Cat” Iconic watch features 11 silhouettes of silly cats in different positions and a ball of yarn in the “12” spot. The watches are water-resistant up to approximately 100 ft and use the Japanese Quartz Movement. Both styles retail for $40 and are available with black or white faces with matching bands. The faces are interchangeable, allowing wearers to purchase different colored bands to mix and match with the watch face. The Animal Foundation has been in Las Vegas for over 35 years. They currently operate an eight-acre Las Vegas campus (655 N. Mojave Road) that houses adoptable pets, a low-cost spay and neuter clinic, and a low-cost vaccine clinic. The Foundation provides a refuge for more than 45,000 lost, unwanted, neglected, and abandoned animals every year. Their adoption fees are

32 |

Written by Stephanie LaBorde-Pierotti Photography by Talbot Snow

reasonable, and the animal is guaranteed to have up-to-date shots, to have been spayed or neutered, and to have passed all behavioral tests with both humans and other animals. “We figured that the best way to help them was to design two brand new watches specifically for The Animal Foundation,” said Winky Designs’ Owner and Designer, Winky Wu. “For every watch sold, we’re going to donate $20 to help support the animals in need.” The funds will be used to care for the animals that TAFLV take in and to fund their many programs. Beginning in mid-March, the watches will available at Winky Designs’ Downtown Container Park store (707 Fremont St #2070) and online at For all of your out-of-town animal-smitten friends, the website offers free domestic shipping and $7.95 international shipping. Winky Designs | 858.77 WINKY (94659) Animal Foundation of Las Vegas | 384.3333

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A 2013-2014 Cox Charities grant recipient, the Children’s Heart Foundation’s Camp Mend-A-Heart gives children with heart conditions the opportunity to experience camp.


We’re the more than 1,300 Cox Communications employees who are making a difference right here in Southern Nevada. And we’re proud to present $168,000 in grants to 28 local nonprofit organizations, recipients of our employee-funded 2013-2014 Cox Charities grants.

After-School All-Stars Las Vegas What’s Cool After-School Andson Foundation Andson Academics Assistance League of Las Vegas, Desert Sage Auxiliary Desert Sage Pocket Books Baby’s Bounty Good Night, Sleep Tight Best Buddies Nevada Ambassadors Program Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada AfterSchool KidzLit Children’s Heart Foundation Camp Mend-A-Heart Communities In Schools Nevada CISN Resource Rooms Discovery Children’s Museum House Calls Program Down Syndrome Organization of Southern Nevada DSOSN Learning Program

Friends of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Foundation Every 15 Minutes Program Horses4Heroes Cox Charities Community Corral Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada Summer Day Camp: Step Into S.T.E.M. Las Vegas Natural History Museum Weekend Science Program Las Vegas Rescue Mission Family Food Pantry Nathan Adelson Hospice Foundation Camp Mariposa National Hemophilia Foundation, Nevada Chapter Camp Independent Firefly Nevada Child Seekers Abduction and Exploitation Prevention Education Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth William Fry Drop-In Center

Olive Crest Project Independence Public Education Foundation Reach Out and Read Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Las Vegas Lunch Is On Us Program Southern Nevada Children First Drop In Center Spread the Word Nevada Kids-to-Kids Steven G. Schorr Elementary School Parent Teacher Association St. Jude’s Ranch for Children, Nevada Region Tutoring Program Street Teens Food Program The Adoption Exchange Las Vegas Heart Gallery

Connecting and Caring For more information or to request a Cox Charities grant, please go to



Crave List 2

1. Fashion-forward Mary Jane flats Melissa Shoes | Mini Melissa + Campana Zig Zag IX Jelly Mary Janes are 100% recyclable, breathable, vegan, with nontoxic jelly web upper and glittered finish. Subtly scented with Melissa Shoes signature tutt-frutti fragrance. Kidville - Tivoli Village, 420 S. Rampart Blvd., Suite 130, 233.9253,

2. Two great gifts


Bracelets for you plus a donation to charity. When you send this special bracelet to a friend or loved one, they will know you care for them and others. ID You & Co.,

3. Putting the pow in Pop Art Local artist Giovanni Morales is know for his deeply layered pop art paintings, this one titled “You Don’t Even Know” is available at Brett Wesley Gallery in Art Square 1025 S. First Street, 433.4433,

4. Monkey Leash for the pooch


Feeling nostalgic? This Red Sock Monkey Lead brings back the memories and turns up the charm! The Dog House, 496.4006

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Make a Difference Nothing says love more than a cold nose and wagging tail. You and your dog can become pet therapy volunteers at Nathan Adelson Hospice. For more information contact Lisa Browder 938-3961 or

The Pet Therapy Program is part of the Bonnie Schreck Memorial Complementary Therapies program at Nathan Adelson Hospice

Want even more Community & Culture? Subscribe at

Have a story idea? Email it to • 702.386.6065



The Girl with the Enamel Eyes Coppélia generously sponsored by the Houssels Family Foundation Coppélia live music generously sponsored by Doris & Theodore Lee

& Everything

Friday, May 9 & Saturday, May 10 7:30pm

In Between

Photo by Alicia Lee

O U R 2 0 1 4 S E A S O N J UN 2 3 – O C T 1 8

(702) 749-2000




Shine by Alyse Sweeney

Sweeter Relationships with The Enneagram. Illustration by Daria Riley

The Enneagram: An ancient Sufi system of human development based on 9 distinct personality types, used by employers, therapists, and spiritual leaders. hen I discovered the Enneagram two years ago, I felt as if I had discovered an owner’s manual of sorts for my husband. We were driving home from my weekend-long depth psychology class at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara. I had just learned about the Enneagram, and while I didn’t have a clear sense yet of my type, I was certain my husband, Kep, was an Eight — The Boss/Leader.


I downloaded the recommended audiobook (See sidebar), and as we drove, we listened to a panel of Eights of various ages, backgrounds, and professions describe how they see the world. For 40 minutes this group of strangers quite accurately described Kep by describing themselves. We looked at the CD player in awe. A few weeks later, I identified myself as a Four — the Tragic Romantic/Artist. So many things suddenly made sense to both of us. Kep’s forcefulness and my sensitivity, for example, described to us objectively, in context to our types! We now had a map of our motivations, gifts, and roadblocks. We could stop blaming the other guy for being annoying, infuriating, or hurtful and begin to understand how each of us naturally moves in the world — both in times of balance and in times of stress.

38 |

The Enneagram is a simple, yet deeply layered psychological and spiritual system.

Imagine how our relationships would improve if we could see the world through the eyes of our family, friends, and co-workers? But be careful. Typing others can be a tricky business. It’s enough to remind yourself that others don’t act or respond as you do in similar situations because they are an entirely different personality type driven by different needs and preferences.

The 9 Enneagram Types No type is better or worse than another, and though we each have aspects of all nine types, one type has been most dominant in us since childhood. Type One: The Perfectionist/Reformer strives to do things right; purpose-driven; critical. Type Two: The Giver/Helper needs to be needed and to help others; compassionate; victim.

How does personal transformation happen? Interestingly, it’s not so much changing unhelpful behaviors and attitudes that’s that’s so hard. It’s being aware of them in the first place that’s hard! The main purpose of the Enneagram is to help us notice our motivation and habits without judgment: “Hmmm…I was really controlling in the meeting.” “There I go seeking her approval.” “Oh, I compared myself to him just then.” In time, as our inner observer develops, we see that we can make different choices. True freedom!

The Three: Performer/Motivator needs to be seen as successful; image-oriented; efficient. The Four: Tragic Romantic/Artist is drawn to beauty, authenticity, and exploring new depths; sensitive; longing. The Five: Observer/Thinker seeks knowledge; keen intellect; emotionally distant and reserved. The Six: Devil’s Advocate/Loyalist needs to feel safe, secure, and prepared; dutiful; loyal to the cause.

Local Class: Taking a class where you learn from others is the best way to learn Enneagram types. The beginner and advanced classes taught at Stillpoint: Center for Spiritual Development are excellent, 243.4040,

The Seven: Epicure/Generalist seeks pleasure and avoids pain; spontaneous; joyful; noncommittal.

Book: Enneagram: Understanding Yourself and the Others in Your Life by Helen Palmer. (The audiobook I listened to.)

The Eight: Boss/Leader seeks to be powerful and protective; brave; needs to be in control.

Online: For a self-assessment test, visit

The Nine: Mediator/Peacemaker is driven by peace and harmony; ambivalent; laid back.

Combating the many faces of resistance; self-sabotage, procrastination, and self-doubt.

A Powerful Tool for Transformation The Enneagram helps us strengthen relationships of all types. And for personal transformation — a genuine desire to embrace one’s natural gifts and release self-made limitations — this tool is invaluable.

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Fun Summer Camps for Kids Acting Up! Summer Camp Las Vegas Shakespeare Company 527.6800 |

ID Tech Camp @ UNLV 1-888-709-TECH (8324)

Art Classes For Kids 678.6777

Kinder Prep Academy 656.3737 |

Boys and Girls Club of Las Vegas 9 locations - Camp Invention 800.968.4332 City of Las Vegas Summer Camp and Learn to Swim 2014 229-6297 DISCOVERY Children’s Museum 382.KIDS Fencing Academy of Las Vegas 838.3320 Girls Camp at Rock the Tea 207.GIRL Hollywood Bound Acting Camp 583.4997

Las Vegas Community Centers 18 locations - Martial Arts Camp @ LV Kung Fu Academy 336.1095 | Sky Camp 560.5900 |

Little artists at Art Classes for Kids summer art camp.

Springs Preserve Summer Adventure Camps 822.7700 | Star Power Academy 360.4080 Summer Cheer/Stunt/Dance/ Tumbling Camps NIKE Basketball Camp 1.800.645.3226 Nevada School of the Arts Summer String Camp June 9 - 13 YMCA 4 locations -

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demanding jobs

Community garden programs guide students to a healthy future.

Written by Temple Kinyon Photography by Talbot Snow

hen Candace Maddin’s imagination sparked her to start the non-profit organization, Create A Change Now (CACN), she knew she’d found the perfect recipe for change. She was convinced having edible gardens in valley elementary schools would provide the platform needed to address increasing obesity rates in children and empower them to make healthy food choices. “Obesity rates are off the charts,” Maddin laments. “We have to start caring. Our kids are the future leaders of our state.”


CACN establishes the fertile-soil gardens at the schools where the Garden Club, made up of students, parents, and community volunteers, is responsible for seeding in the spring and fall, tending the seedlings, and harvesting upon ripening. “Getting their fingers dirty and watching seeds grow gives kids a sense of pride and self-esteem,” Maddin explains. “It also develops a respect for what they put in their body.” This process provides a springboard to teach science, biology, nutrition, food origin, patience, and teamwork. CACN also pairs elementary schools with local chefs who teach students techniques to create delicious meals using the garden’s healthy bounty while making it engaging and fun. Students sample

44 |

each nutritious dish and go home with recipe cards to recreate the healthy meal with family. Parents have provided Maddin with a plethora of positive feedback for CACN’s full-circle approach of planting, nurturing, preparing and eating healthy foods. CACN adopts schools with the intention of a long-term commitment and with the goal of sustaining the gardens for many years to come. “It’s about generations tending the same garden and learning to make the right food choices for a lifetime.” Excitement for the program has generated requests from restaurants (like Fire Fly and Rachels’ Kitchen) and businesses wanting to volunteer and to adopt gardens. Mayor Carolyn Goodman has even committed to attending ribbon-cutting ceremonies for the gardens. To help plant seeds of change, visit



1. Chef Darnell Harness doing Create A Change Now Chef demo at Will Bracken Elementary 2. Girls from Ollie Detwiler Elementary School on planting day in their garden


3. Founder of Create a Change Now, Candace Maddin gives children the opportunity they need to make healthier food choices 4. The JT McWilliams Elementary School at the ribbon cutting ceremony for their new garden


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p il m a t a C ox F







age + C = Cour



x Ch dence

Preview Week April 14-18

solar oven s’mores

pendulum pa inting

What outdoor adventures will you have this year?

Visit to fine open space and trail experiences in your community and learn more about how you can be involved with the outdoors.

MAKE THE LAND YOUR OWN Get Outdoors Nevada is the hub for outdoor volunteerism and events in Southern Nevada. Our new website will connect you with all available volunteer opportunities to help you engage with public lands and care for your favorite special places both urban and rural.


ttery build a ba

Register at *Per week. Includes extended care 7-9 a.m. and 4-6 p.m. Girl Scout membership is an additional $30 and valid through September 30, 2014.


shop. dine. unwind. south strip : las vegas blvd & sunset rd

Come to town square

Las Vegas for shopping, dining

and entertainment – all in an inviting open-air destination. Spend an hour for lunch, take in a day of leisurely shopping, or enjoy a romantic evening on the town.

100+ brands and boutiques 20+ dining destinations 18-screen aMC theatre 9,000 sq. ft. Children’s Park

Now opeN

6605 South Las Vegas Boulevard | Las Vegas, NV 89119 | 702-269-5000

Fleming’s Prime steakhouse & Wine bar



hour smoked brisket

Written by Jillian Plaster

beneath the 15 at Highland and Desert Inn. Rollin’ Smoke had a place to call home.

Photography by Lucky Wenzel

John’s affable brother, Dusty, moved out to help John and his dad open the restaurant, and for the first four months, it was just the three of them. Knowing that most restaurants fail during their crucial first year, John cautiously kept his casino job. His fears dissipated as the accolades started flowing in, and the restaurant quickly earned national recognition as one of’s top 20 barbecue restaurants of 2013.


SOUTH IN YOUR MOUTH Arkansas brothers move to Vegas to build their BBQ dream.

o cuisine is more American than barbecue, and no barbecue restaurant in Las Vegas embodies the American dream more than Rollin’ Smoke. Chef John Holland’s story begins in his birthplace of Magnolia, Arkansas where he worked in wholesale construction for the better part of his life. His passion for cooking, as well as his desire to be near his dad, fueled his decision to ditch his hometown gig as pitmaster of the company picnics and head to Sin City.


John immediately funneled his friendly Arkansas spirit into block parties where he and his father invited the whole neighborhood to come out and enjoy their barbecue specialties. He decided to

48 |

further his culinary education by enrolling at Le Cordon Bleu, and shortly after he graduated, one of his block party guests invited John to sell his soulful creations outside the man’s hardware store on Valley View and Russell. On the first day, John sold three sandwiches in four hours, but within two weeks he was selling 75 sandwiches in two hours. John continued cooking on the side of the street six days a week for three years with help from his pop, who tended to the barbecue while John was working swing shift in the kitchens of Station Casinos. He soon ran out of cooking space to expand any further, so he decided to move the operation from his garage to small strip mall tucked

John attributes his success to following his passion to cook the food he loves and his strong desire to put smiles on the faces of all who eat it. Arkansas barbecue isn’t part of the four main regional styles of barbecue, but John calls what he creates his own version of Arkansas BBQ, or simply a combination of all the kinds of barbecue he likes. The ever-praising Dusty considers his brother to be a pioneer in the kitchen, modernizing soul food with twists like the Outlaw Burger, the BBQ Parfait, and the family’s personal favorite, Smoked Meatloaf. The meatloaf is made by combining his mom’s recipe for the retro dish with pulled pork that has been smoked for 15 hours, brisket that has been smoked for 18 hours, and then smoking that concoction for another six. It is doubtful this much time and thought has been into any other meatloaf ever prepared. For the purists, Rollin’ Smoke’s baby back ribs are tender as can be without falling off the bone, and the sauce is something special, to say the least. It’s light and tangy with the optimal mix of heat and sweet, and so delicious you’ll want to order an extra side or two if taking food to go. Don’t miss out on a side of “Kicken” Beans, which are spicy and slow-baked with hot links and pulled pork.

John and his family have embraced Vegas as home and love that people from nearly every continent have come to try their “‘cue.” You can feel the love and Southern hospitality from the moment you smell the smokers outside, an experience that sticks with you as you leave with a full belly and happy heart. The whole crew down to John’s four- and eight-year-old daughters help create this for you, so get your dose of family and phenomenal barbecue at Rollin‘ Smoke, and follow Dusty’s order to “put a little South in your mouth.”







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Aliante Spa & Salon MEN'S HAIRSTYLES

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TasTe The Modern side of Mexican cuisine

Sip the finest margarita Taste guacamole made fresh at your table Savor fresh seafood and steaks

Tivoli village

430 south rampart Blvd follow on facebook 509 S. 7th Street Las Vegas, NV 89101




Double Helix Wine & Whiskey Lounge HAPPY HOUR Every Day From 3:30-7:30pm ½ Price Select Wines, Whiskeys + Small Plates MONDAYS 9-11pm ½ Off Select Bottles of Wine CALLING ALL MOVIE FANS! Bring your ticket stub from AMC Town Square 18 + get any Double Helix Wine for ½ Off Raymond Nisi, Owner | Doug Vega, Executive Chef

New Gluten-Free Menu Tapas-Style Sharable Plates Grilled Bosch Pear Salad Grilled pears, burrata alla panna, candied walnuts, baby arugula with a champagne vanilla vinaigrette Caprese Salad Heirloom tomato, burrata alla panna, arugula pesto & balsamic Four Bean Salad String beans, fava beans, pinto beans, mung beans, manchego cheese, spinach & romaine hearts, with a pink peppercorn vinaigrette Anaheim Cobb Salad Romaine lettuce, roasted red peppers, roasted corn, corn tortilla strips, cheddar cheese, with a chipotle lime dressing Lucky’s Steak Salad Asian marinated fillet mignon, mixed greens, shaved red onions, tomatoes, with a balsamic-citrus vinaigrette Veggie Bowl Heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, carrots, crispy yucca, roasted poblano peppers, mashed chickpeas, with a zesty red wine vinaigrette Served with taro chips on the side Hail Caesar All natural grilled chicken breast, classic caesar dressing, avocado, with parmesan crisps

52 |

Blackened Salmon Fresh Atlantic salmon served over a caesar salad Steak Frites Grilled Angus steak, with chimichurri butter & served with french fries Seared Yellowfin Tuna Marinated English cucumber, garlic aioli, jalapeno & unagi sauce on taro chips Southern Shrimp & Grits Bacon, green onion, cheddar cheese, mushrooms & tomato gravy Flourless Chocolate Cake Glazed with dark chocolate ganache, served with maraschino cherries & crushed dry meringues

More about Double Helix Wine & Whisky Lounge This 2,800-square-foot space features a full bar that offers over 30 unique wines by the glass, 50 whiskeys, sampler flights, and Double Helix’s signature “winetails”. Chef Doug Vega, whose previous experience includes Daniel Boulud’s DB Brasserie, has created a wine and spiritfriendly small-plates tasting menu. Guests are treated to shareable, melt-in-yourmouth dishes that satisfy any craving for $15 or less. Their diverse menu includes charcuterie and cheese boards, flatbreads, and a range of gourmet comfort food dishes like shrimp and grits. The pet-friendly and cigar-friendly patio features a fire pit, cooling mister system and ultra-comfortable lounge-style furniture. The patio is also be available for private tastings and special events.

Double Helix Wine & Whisky Lounge Located in Town Square 6599 Las Vegas Blvd S #150B Las Vegas Nevada 89119 735.WINE (9463) Share your experience... #lasvegasflavor #blvdsflavormenu

The Family Issue | March - April 2014 | 53

I n M y H u m b l e O p i n io n Written by

Kathleen & Arte Nathan We lived the first half of our lives in the Northeast, and this second half here in Nevada. And during that first half we had no inkling what the second would be. Moving from the east coast to here in August was a real shock: the summer heat was quite an introduction to our new surroundings. We quickly found a very welcoming and interesting community where we were each able to get involved in things that interested us. Kathleen focused on her passion for art and enrolled in the first MFA class at UNLV. After graduation she collaborated with friends and colleagues to build the Contemporary Arts Collective (CAC) into the beginnings of the local arts scene. She became a gallery owner (Smallworks) with her partner, longtime collaborator and friend Jim Stanford. As one of the recently recognized founders of the downtown 18B arts community, she is proud of how much the local art scene has grown. I still can’t believe I was lucky enough to be part of the opening of the Mirage and the subsequent 20-year’s worth of building and hiring booms. I had a degree in Human Resource Management, but never could have anticipated all that I would be a part of during my career here. People often ask what it was like working with Steve (Wynn): it was the best job an

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“Home is where the heart is.” — Pliny the Elder

HR guy could ever have, because he gave us everything we needed to build a world class organization. And as I reflect back on my career here, I marvel at all that’s been build and the many wonderful men and women I’ve been fortunate enough to work with. After the openings of the Wynn Hotels in Las Vegas and Macau, Kathleen and I decided to stop and smell the coffee (as she likes to say). Like so many Las Vegans, we decamped to Laguna Beach and spent six wonderful years between there and our summer home in the Adirondack Mountains (in upstate New York), with time out for an incredible adventure living in Brooklyn. But we never forgot this quote: “Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave but not our hearts.” (Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.) And then the pull of family ties began in earnest. Becky and her husband Jeff made us grandparents - we quickly learned how great that is. My 90+ year old mother is here and going strong, but as she often tells me, she’s not getting any younger. My older brother Ed and his wife Sandi also live here, and that’s a real bonus for all of us. So it came down to this: Laguna Beach and the ocean, or family? It wasn’t even close! We’ve got family, friends and ties throughout the Las Vegas community, and

Photography by Spencer Burton

we love the downtown area where we now make our home. We’re back in the thick of things in our respective careers. Kathleen returned to the downtown arts’ scene with a new studio in the Emergency Arts building, a collaboration with longtime friend and colleague Ginger Bruner. I am doing stuff with the hospitality industry, albeit on the flip side: I’m on the faculty of the William F. Harrah Hotel School at UNLV, teaching future industry leaders about the art, the science, and the business of hospitality. It’s been a long journey from where we started and we’ve absolutely enjoyed living and working in Las Vegas for the past 28 years. We’ve seen some amazing things, met many great friends, and been a part of Las Vegas’ incredible growth. And when asked how we like being back, we smile and give a contented nod. Because we now know that you can go home again.

The Family Issue | March - April 2014 | 55

Land Rover Las Vegas

5255 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89146 702.579.0400

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