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Bradken and BlueScope forge closer ties

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Distribution Update The new financial year is underway, presenting a new economic climate with many challenges ahead. As Australia’s leading steel distribution company, BlueScope Distribution is committed to working closely with fabricators and end users to meet the demands of the new business environment. By continuing to supply quality Australian-made steel products, in conjunction with outstanding customer service, BlueScope Distribution works to develop the steel supply solution to fit your business.

WELCOME Welcome to The Edge, the newsletter developed for you, focusing on topics of interest to you. We received a positive response to edition one sent in March and look forward to your feedback on edition two. In this edition we have a collection of case studies featuring how BlueScope Distribution has worked closely with its customers to deliver great results. We have case studies ranging from innovative irrigation techniques to a successful construction trainee program and the refurbishment of Melbourne University’s extensive air-conditioning system. We have also included a general interest article, industry developments and an economic update.

During the last few months global steel markets have experienced volatility as the economy continues to gradually recover from the global financial crisis. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing relevant and informative market analysis, we have included in this edition an economic update, with information on the latest trends. Safety is paramount to everything that we do at BlueScope Distribution. We continually work towards our goal of Zero Harm in all aspects of our operations; at all times keeping safety top-of-mind. The staff at each of our sites continues to improve our working environment, implementing simple measures such as holding regular toolbox meetings where they can discuss improvements or highlight achievements. Regular safety audits are also conducted across all levels of our business. At BlueScope Distribution we believe all injuries are preventable. This is integral to our business and consistent with our drive to deliver to you, the customer, on-time, in-full and always safely.

I hope you enjoy this edition of The Edge and encourage you to send your thoughts and feedback on future editions and topics you would like to see more of. Please forward any comments or suggestions to:

Dean Mehmet Dean Mehmet General Manager BlueScope Distribution

We have continued to focus on getting Australian Steel into Australian infrastructure projects, proudly being a part of key projects such as stage one of the Melbourne Market relocation. This key development is being coordinated by leading project management firm Bovis Lend Lease. BlueScope Distribution is proud to be supplying quality steel products into this important infrastructure improvement. A key deciding factor in our involvement in the Melbourne Market redevelopment is the ability of BlueScope Distribution to effectively project manage large steelsupply requirements. If you have a current or upcoming project you would like to discuss, please contact BlueScope Distribution. We can aid in providing technical steel expertise, planning your project and developing a steel supply solution to meet your requirements, giving you The Edge over your competitors. `


MARYSVILLE’S STEELY RESOLVE The tragedy of the Black Saturday bushfires in February 2009 is etched in the hearts and minds of all Australians. The toll of 173 lives and over 2000 houses tells nothing of the effects on individuals and entire communities. Australians were quick to rally ‘round to do what they could and amongst those answering the call was BlueScope Steel, who announced a $1 million Bushfire Recovery Package within days of the disaster. At the time, BlueScope Steel’s Managing Director and CEO, Mr Paul O’Malley, said “The Company will work with the relevant authorities to provide product and construction expertise to rapidly rebuild key community infrastructure in the worst affected regions.” BlueScope Steel’s unique capability in steel building materials, and the design and manufacture of quick-to-install buildings, saw an in-house taskforce mobilised to explore ways to directly assist fire-damaged communities in greatest need by drawing on the expertise of our employees and customers. By the end of June 2009, communities ravaged by the fires had received BlueScope Steel building solutions to the value of approximately $430,000. This included two large community kitchen buildings and three storage buildings installed in temporary housing villages at Kinglake, Marysville and Flowerdale – three of the worst affected areas.

It is quite symbolic the new community centre will feature plenty of steel, given that 11,650 tonnes were recycled from about 3000 properties cleared after the bushfires. “Marysville is coming back to life but it’s important for residents to have facilities like the new Community Centre and also the brand new Rebuilding Advisory Centre, which will later become the local tourist office,” said David Stirling, President of the Marysville and District Chamber of Commerce. “Please let people know we’re open for business and less than two hours drive from the centre of Melbourne. The Community is recovering, we’re even having our first-ever Sparkling Wine Festival from Oct 26 to Nov 2, with entrants from all around the country, and we have good visitor accommodation available in the surrounding area,” “However, there are still about 130 people living in the temporary village. One thing that really helps keep us all going is the overwhelming generosity of people, and companies like BlueScope, who’ve helped out since the fires came through. BlueScope has also helped out with steel bridge girders for the Golf Club and have played a very important role in the local community.” BlueScope Distribution is proud to be part of the reconstruction effort going on in Marysville and other bushfire-devastated communities, and would like to thank staff, contractors and suppliers who have given generously of their time and money to make it all possible.

Fast-forward just over a year and work on the centrepiece of BlueScope’s rebuilding efforts, the Marysville Community Centre, has commenced. A ceremony on July 30th to turn the first sod for the new facility was attended by Victorian Health Minister, Daniel Andrews; the chair of the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund, Pat McNamara; community members, other project donors and students from Marysville Primary School.

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AE Smith is a quiet achiever. One of Australia’s top 500 companies, according to the Business Review Weekly, they deliver solutions for air-conditioning and mechanical services, environmental controls and building technologies, sustainability and energy efficiency. Established in 1898 by Albert Edward Smith Senior, today the company is the largest privately owned mechanical services contractor in Australia, with a team of 700-plus organised into four separate but complimentary business units. When Melbourne University needed to upgrade aging air-conditioning in a group of six older buildings it was AE Smith who won the tender and got to work on a comprehensive re-working of the existing system. Powered by a reciprocating chiller set, the old system needed to be replaced and supplemented by a second unit, with new pipe-work required through all the buildings to get the new system running. “AE Smith won the job by tender and I imagine our reputation and experience were significant contributing factors,” said Frank Wechsler, AE Smith’s Project Manager for the job. “It’s a major project, which we began in January this year and expect to finish in November. The replacement air-conditioning system employs one 800kW centrifugal chiller and an 1100kW absorption chiller – both custom-built – to produce cold water to run the system. The absorption chiller is natural-gas powered, too, substantially reducing greenhouse emissions and running costs. It’s 6metres long, 2.5metres wide and 3.8metres tall, so you can imagine the work involved in making room for it, replacing the original chiller, re-piping all six buildings and bringing the system online.” Frank said. BlueScope Pipeline Supplies won the contract to supply AE Smith with all the necessary pipe, Victaulic® fittings and structural steel. “We provide a single point of contact and a one-stop-shop for all their pipe and steel needs on this job,” said Market Development Manager, Brad Dyer. “In particular, our ability as an authorised distributor to provide the full range of Victaulic’s industry-leading pipe joining solutions was a major factor,” “By removing the headache of multiple outsourcing of materials we have streamlined the supply-chain process and simplified AE Smith’s accounting procedures. Just one invoice covers everything, saving everybody time and money,” Brad continued. “This is one of several projects we’ve been working on with AE Smith and I’m sure our track record played a large part in securing the work. We’re a proven, reliable supplier; able to step straight in and meet their needs without fuss or bother. They seem very happy with the range of materials and services we supply and as they are very busy we believe we’ll be looked upon favourably for ongoing work.” Brad concluded. Previous projects BlueScope Pipeline Supplies has worked on with AE Smith include the landmark Crown Casino and impressive WEHI Building – the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. The future looks bright for both AE Smith and BlueScope Pipeline Supplies, and the working partnership already formed is proof of the value of choosing your partners carefully. By providing reliable service and supply, a comprehensive product range and simplified accounting, BlueScope Pipeline Supplies has proven its worth. More than just a pipe dream, you might say. Victaulic® is a registered trade mark of Victaulic Company



R u B i c o n W ater


ation Rubicon Water leads the world in irrig help from h water management technology – wit BlueScope Distribution, Shepparton

operating from Shepparton, Rubicon Water is a world leading business and hardware solutions in rural Victoria. Rubicon’s unique software nels all over the world – reduce water lost in irrigation supply chan the environment. benefiting farmers, urban water users and a large scale by automating The company achieves water savings on tion water from dams irriga the operation of channels that move agement software, man of tion and rivers to farms. A combina munications technology com less wire on, ntati measurement instrume to control water flow and aluminium water control gates are used through irrigation channels. have integrated software The aluminum gates are solar-powered and to be operated remotely them les and wireless connectivity that enab and automatically. -panel construction Each gate is manufactured using a sandwich bond aluminum to sives adhe l stria indu technique. This utilises material, for high strength extrusions and skin plates to a synthetic core with low weight. Rubicon began nearly two BlueScope Distribution’s association with Allen Bath made initial ager Man years ago, when Shepparton Branch r. Well aware BlueScope ome cust ntial pote l contact with a then-sceptica needs, the customer was could provide all Rubicon’s aluminium plate it took Allen and his team reluctant to put all its eggs in one basket and convince them. to case many months and a complex business

Image credits: Michael Kai.

inium plate our relationship “Since allowing us to supply all their alum Allen. “Our ability to supply has gone from strength to strength,” said tantial stock in anticipation from stock and our willingness to carry subs ice from order to delivery. serv less of orders allows us to provide a seam 12 months and have proven We’ve been working together for just over plate, on-time and at the ourselves more than able to reliably supply right price,” r areas of Rubicon’s “Along the way we’ve helped out with othe having crane troubles and operations. We helped out when they were on health and safety them with ly our OH&S guy has worked close to help Rubicon do what can we t wha g doin t management. It’s all abou ends. With Account Manager they do best – and it’s already paying divid begun to secure Rubicon’s Brian Dowling’s help and expertise we have ks to the millimetrethan es, fram extrusion work for stems and gate could not have been h whic of All ide. prov can accurate tolerances we continued. done without Brian’s eye for detail.” Allen is assured of continuity and “It’s a win-win for both companies: Rubicon ased sales and the kudos quality of supply while BlueScope gets incre ing relationships that build t abou from supplying a world leader. It’s all d. work both ways.” He conclude s relationship with Rubicon CEO Bruce Rodgerson said Rubicon’ ess. succ a be to ed prov BlueScope Distribution has ct a lot from our suppliers, “As a customer-focused organisation we expe e has met our Scop because it ultimately affects our clients. Blue r our next phase of growth ente we as and s dard stan ity demanding qual ly needs, too.” supp I am confident they will meet our increased

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Water Minister Tim Holdin g visits

BlueScope Water to annou nce

$5 million Rebate Scheme

On Monday 28th of June, Tim Holding MP, Victoria’s Minister for Water, visited BlueScope Water’s Keysborough showroom. The aim of the visit was to announce that from July 1st, The Brumby Government will provide an additional 5000 households with a rebate of up to $1000 for installing a large rainwater tank, after recent demand for the rebates meant water authorities had reached their allocated funding. The announcement is good news for consumers as it comes on the back of reports the cost of water will increase across the country, with water bills set to outpace inflation in Sydney, while Melbourne prices will rise by a yearly average of between 12.2 and 14.7 percent. Minister Holding said rainwater tank rebates were extremely popular, with 40,000 provided in recent years. “Almost three billion litres of water is saved each year from the water saving products households have claimed a rebate for and are using in their homes and gardens today. $1000 is a significant incentive for people to purchase a rainwater tank and have it plumbed for use inside the home, which means it can be used all year round. “Water captured in rainwater tanks is not subject to water restrictions. This means rainwater can be used for washing cars, watering lawns or providing more water for gardens.”

Mr Holding said since water restrictions were eased in Me lbo Stage-3, Melburnians have achieved Target 155 every we urne to ek and are using only 136 litres per-pe rson per-day. “This shows the ongoing wa ter savings that will be achiev ed from things like rainwater tan ks and water efficient showe rheads, regardless of what level of wa ter restrictions are in place. ” During the visit to the Keysbo rough showroom, Minister Hol ding tried his hand at manufacturin g the rainwater tanks availab le to help households across the countr y cut both their water usage and water bills. BlueScope Water is the leading manufacturer of AQ UAPLATE® steel rainwater tanks in Aus tralia, with manufacturing loc ations in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbo urne. For information and conditions about the Water Smart Garden Homes Rebate Scheme, visi t s and ates. For information regarding Blu eScope Water please visit u.


COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel can reduce peak cooling load, which can reduce upfront HVAC equipment costs.

The advantages of COLORBOND® Coolmax™ steel roofing From November 2009 to end of March 2010, BlueScope Steel conducted a thermal performance study based on our new, high solar reflectance roofing material, COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel in the colour Whitehaven™. The test was held in Brisbane and the study focus was to determine the differences in cooling-energy consumption between buildings with roofing made from COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel in Whitehaven™ and other roofing materials that are amongst the leaders in solar reflectance; standard COLORBOND® steel with Thermatech® in Surfmist® and ZINCALUME® steel.

Specifying COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel in Whitehaven™ will either allow the capacity of the cooling equipment to be downsized or will help it cope on hot days. Based on calculated reduced heat flows, specifying COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel in Whitehaven™ over COLORBOND® steel in Surfmist® and ZINCALUME® steel has the potential to save approximately $0.57/m2 and $1.70/m2 of roofing, respectively, on the cost of HVAC cooling equipment. The actual benefit might be greater when air-conditioning ducts run within the roof-space or near the roof as the impact of heat and infiltration on ducting is not taken into account.+ COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel translates to cooler room temperatures. A roof made from COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel reduces the surface temperature of the roof, which translates to a cooler room temperature. During the study it was found the insulated roof made from COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel reduced the internal temperature of the room by up to 2°C when compared to ZINCALUME® steel.

Buildings used in the study The study monitored three nominally identical transportable buildings whose roofs were nominally insulated to the level required by the BCA 2009. Each was modified to minimise heat passing into the building through the walls, windows and floor in order to more accurately measure the loading on air-conditioning due to heat passing through the roof alone. COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel roofing is designed to provide the best thermal performance for the commercial and industrial roofing market; where by the nature of building designs, the financial and environmental benefits are usually valued more than a choice of roofing colour.

A summary of key findings COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel in Whitehaven™ can provide savings on cooling costs of up to 7.5%. Commercial buildings will derive the largest energy savings from COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel as they have high cooling requirements due to predominant daytime occupation and because they are often thermally influenced by a roof that dominates the exterior. For these buildings, specifying a roof made from COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel in Whitehaven™ over COLORBOND® steel in Surfmist® could result in cooling energy savings of up to 7.5%.+

COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel creates a cooler roof. Over the months of monitoring the insulated roof made from COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel was consistently cooler. The external surface temperature of the roof sheet was up to 6.5°C and 18°C cooler compared to the roofs made from COLORBOND® steel in Surfmist® and ZINCALUME® steel.

Key Additional Benefits • COLORBOND® steel is excellent for maintaining its solar reflectance • COLORBOND® steel is more likely to retain its solar reflectance over white post-applied solutions • Specifying COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel over lower solar reflectance roofing materials can help mitigate the impact of Urban Heat Islands • A cool roof can favourably impact the lifespan of roofing materials For more information and test study results on the performance of COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel, see + Savings may vary and depend upon the particular circumstances of your building, including building location, level of insulation, location of air-conditioning ducts, building shape, building function and environmental factors.

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In a move designed to guarantee supply, quality and price, the world-leading Australian company, Bradken, has formalised a long-standing relationship with BlueScope Distribution. Established nearly a century ago as a steel foundry in Alexandria, NSW, Bradken now supplies an innovative range of differentiated consumables and capital products for the mining, power generation, rail, steelmaking, transport, sugar and cement industries. Not bad for a business founded by two BHP employees on the winnings of a horse race! Today, Bradken is a publically listed company with more than 4200 employees in 16 plants across Australia and 11 in New Zealand, the USA, Canada, China and the UK. It’s a world-class business recognised by SAI Global for its excellence in continuous improvement, based on the International Quality System Standard ISO 9001:2008. BlueScope Distribution has a long history as a major steel supplier to Bradken. However, this relationship moved to a new level in January 2010 when the two companies formalised a supply partnership intended

to add value to both businesses, while recognising the challenges of a competitive marketplace. Strategic Account Manager, Wendy Lyons, said “The cornerstone of the BlueScope/Bradken relationship is trust. The newly formalised agreement sets a framework of expectations and accountability but the glue binding it into a cohesive and mutually beneficial reality is a genuine willingness to work together,” “The long term outcomes intended for Bradken include supply management, competitive pricing, relationship management and simplified administration. Having the resources of Australia’s largest steelmaker at their disposal provides Bradken a high degree of security, reliability and customer service.” She concluded.

In The West Of all Bradken’s Australian operations it’s their facility in Bassendean, WA, which is the largest consumer of BlueScope products. Established in 1956 it is one of the largest and best equipped engineering facilities in Australia and has been at the forefront of implementing cutting edge technology in the manufacture and refurbishment of products for the mining, rail, resources, processing and construction industries.

“The key benefit for us of dealing with BlueScope Distribution is really two-fold. Firstly, we have a good working relationship with Rachel Schnecker, our account manager, who knows us well and is local here in Perth. Secondly, there’s the reduction in our inventory. Basically, BlueScope holds inventory for us rather than us holding large stocks on-site,” said Bradken’s Bassendean Manufacturing Manager, James Dougall. “Service is definitely a big part of it. It’s sometimes possible to buy cheaper material about the place, but we can’t get it as quickly as Rachel can turn something around for us,” “Having a single point-of-contact is also very useful. Rachel handles all our usual orders, but if we need something unusual we go to her and she deals with the appropriate people within BlueScope, letting us know what we can get and when we can get it,” he continued. “There are a number of companies in Western Australia offering slightly cheaper steel but they can’t do for us what BlueScope does, especially in terms of holding stock and the level of service.”

Campbell Anderson, Ra

chel Schnecker and Jam

es Dougall

Rachel Schnecker, BlueScope’s account manager dealing with Bradken’s Bassendean facility said “Our new agreement builds on a well-established relationship and allows us to value-add in a way Bradken can’t do with an importer. There is no minimum order quantity, we process their plates to size – which saves them manufacturing costs – and we store them until required, freeing up valuable warehouse space,” “We also guarantee quality and price – something an importer simply can’t match. I believe we’ve taken a large headache from Bradken, allowing them to get on with their core business and freeing up valuable resources.” She concluded.

Straits Ahead Across Bass Strait, in Launceston, Bradken has two facilities: a foundry that makes steel castings and a machining shop that finishes them. “Bradken’s Tasmanian products are supplied Australia-wide but locally there are a couple of big customers, including Caterpillar and Rio Tinto. Cat makes specialist underground mining equipment down here while Rio operates the Bell Bay aluminium smelter – Australia’s oldest smelter and Tasmanian’s biggest electricity customer.” said John Alexander, BlueScope Distribution’s Manager in the Apple Isle. “We supply maintenance steel to the foundry, while to the machine shop we supply deck plate, which Bradken machines to size, shapes and supplies to Rio Tinto, and others, for furnace refurbishment.” John concluded.

James Dougall and Campbell Anderson

Growing Relationships The basis of this new relationship is the desire of a truly national business – Bradken – to find a supplier of equal standing, and in BlueScope Distribution they’ve found just that. Both are world-class businesses with global perspectives, operations and experience, and both benefit from the synergies arising from close, mutual cooperation to achieve a win-win situation. For BlueScope Distribution it’s an opportunity to be a preferred supplier to one of Australia’s best known and most respected manufacturing businesses. The experience gained working with a client with such diverse locations and operational requirements helps refine procedures and systems, ensuring BlueScope Distribution remains at the forefront of the Australian steel industry.

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L aser w o rl d te c h n o l o g ies

Laser World Technologies – from part time to the big time Syntec Diamond Tools started in Adelaide in 1994 as a supplier of diamond tools for concrete, stone cutting and the mining industry. From the beginning they needed saw-blanks cut, to which diamond segments were laser welded, but had to rely on outside specialists to supply them. After just three years they’d built sufficient business to warrant buying their own laser cutting machine, but with excess capacity available decided to take on outside work – and a whole new business was born. Today, Laser World Technologies is one of the biggest suppliers of contract Laser cutting services in Adelaide, according to Andrew Taintey, BlueScope Steel Sheet Metal Supplies’ local Sales Manager. Following the expansion of Syntec into Western Australia, Laser World has now followed suit – complete with new machines and a genuine can-do attitude. “Laser World is a model client for us,” said Andrew. “We have the products that help get their jobs done more quickly, while minimising the chances of material shortfall or supply disruption,” “Another way we help is via our website, which carries a wealth of information in the form of data sheets and so forth, and they’re able to get a lot of jobspecific information from there for themselves and their customers. Of course, if they have any technical questions they can always come to us directly,” “With their expansion into Perth we set up meetings with our sheet metal supplies people over there so our guys could go out to their new premises, discuss requirements and continue the arrangements we have here in Adelaide.” Andrew concluded.

“These two new machines represent a considerable investment and are a real vote of confidence in the future of our business. What we’ve done is install one of the new 5 kW machines in Adelaide, send one 4 kW machine to Perth and install the other new 5 kW machine over there as well. This gives us identical capacity of 4 kW and 5 kW machines in both cities.” “We’re basically a contract jobbing shop. We service a wide range of industries, cutting a wide range of designs to varying specifications. Our stateof-the-art machines allow us to produce precise and repeatable dimensional accuracy – generally to +/- 0.15mm – in a cost-effective manner that makes us highly competitive,” Malcolm continued. “BlueScope has been central to our success; always being there for us with the right products at the right price. In this business, job turnaround time is everything and BlueScope has never let us down,” “A really exciting development for us is the purchase of a dedicated tube laser, complete with a 5-axis cutting head and 360-degree rotating chuck – for cutting RHS, angle, flat bar, channel and tube in lengths of up to 8.5 metres. It’s in a working partnership with an agricultural supply company and within five months we’ll be moving our Adelaide factory to larger premises. This will be the first such machine in South Australia. As far as we know there are only two others in the whole of the country available for contract cutting work,” “It will primarily be employed in cutting for broad-acre spraying equipment, but will also be utilised in general contract work and we expect a sizable increase in our turnover, so it’s all very exciting. And of course, BlueScope will be playing a big part in all of this.” Malcolm concluded.

Malcolm Bell, Laser World Technologies’ General Manager, said one of the drivers to expand into the West was the recent 30 percent investment allowance that allowed the company to purchase two new 5 kW Prima Plantino laser cutting machines. “We’d been thinking of moving into WA for some time as Syntec has had a presence in Perth for more than 10 years and it seemed logical to replicate our business over there,”

tion Manager

Andrew Taintey, Malcom Bell and Gavin Arnold, Produc



M arrara c hristia n c o lle g e

NOTHING BUT THE FACTs Marrara Christian College is trailblazing a school-toworkplace trade certificate course for Northern Territory students that’s proving a runaway success. BlueScope Distribution Darwin is pleased to be playing its part in this award-winning success story. MCC is a pre-school to year 12 college in suburban Darwin that is no stranger to innovation; its boarding students live in suburban homes in what’s considered Australia’s best practice. The College’s Fabrication And Construction Training project (FACT) began in 2006 as a self-funding, commercial but not-for-profit metal fabrication shop, dedicated to student training. Originally occupying a 9metre x 6metre shed with a unique, vertical wall-framing jig, this was soon outgrown; expanding to cover 32 car spaces in the adjoining car park. The programme now produces wall frames, demountable bases, portal frames and roof trusses. “A big problem in Darwin is the timely supply of materials,” said Richard Hart, MCC’s Business Manager for the FACT programme. “We’ve been with BlueScope Darwin from the beginning. No matter what we’ve needed they’ve sourced it from anywhere in Australia within five days, and that’s very important to us,” he continued. “Nothing’s been too much trouble and that’s come from building a relationship from the outset. BlueScope has been there for us from day one and they supply our steel quickly and at the right price. Being a training organisation, price is very important because the learning process often uses more material than is strictly required.” Richard concluded. The FACT programme is open to students from government and private schools alike and has been remarkably successful. Just a year after opening they won the N.T. Training Excellence Award, followed in 2008 by an Engineering Excellence Award, amongst others. This year 50 students have been involved, either to Certificate II standards in Construction, or Certificate II in Engineering, as Vocational Educational Training (VET) in-school trainees or school-based apprentices.

ts and Richard Hart (L) with studen

BlueScope’s Jim McCaul

Indigenous students are particularly welcome and respond well to the nurturing environment because for many, English is not their first language. With extra assistance these students gain a valuable trade qualification that sees them well on the way to a rewarding career. The College has established good relations with several local industries and some have taken students into full-time apprenticeships during, or after, completion of their school-based training. Working alongside encouraging tradesmen, students learn the practical skills that quickly make them productive. The core objective of the training is for students to gain a recognised qualification and real experience on real projects, so they’re prepared for work when they leave school. Trainees are dressed as workers in full safety gear and complete an eight hour day at the project site or workshop. They are paid for all productive training hours (not theory) and gain an understanding of working for a business and their need to be productive in return for remuneration. Students also use current technology machines and equipment as a daily part of their work experience. “BlueScope Distribution has been involved with the programme from its earliest days and it’s a beautiful thing to watch,” said Jim McCaul, BlueScope Distribution Darwin’s Branch Manager. “The FACT project teaches kids real-life skills because it’s a commercial venture. So they get paid and learn the value of money as a reward for effort; they learn to be responsible for it, they deal with real customers and gain job skills that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives,” “We provide most of the steel used, which is great from a business point of view, but what I admire most is it’s a self-supporting programme. The school makes things happen rather than just sitting around waiting for a government handout. It’s a winning formula that makes them masters of their own destiny and BlueScope Distribution is proud to be part of their success. We wish them the very best and look forward to working together for many years to come” Jim concluded.

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CASE STUDY – ARCH ENGINEERING A r c h e n g i n eeri n g

Les Archibald, a blacksmith by trade, took over the family blacksmithing business – Arch Engineering – in the early 1990s, having already wor ked in it for over 10 years. He was involved in expanding the business into steel fabrication and watched the mining and oil boom grip Western Australia; a boom that’s brought steady work and help ed establish the company as a highly respected steel fabri cator. Today, Arch Engineering is a specialist stee l fabricator with the capacity to complete a wide variety of proje cts for the mining, process, oil and gas industries. They prov ide a one-stop-shop solution for their clients, from drafting and fabrication to surface treatment and delivery. Located at Bibra Lake, not far from Fremantle, Arch Engineering employs appr oximately fifty people and has two workshops: one of 3000 sq metres and another covering 1200 sq metres. “We’ve been working with BlueScope Distr ibution for many years and they’ve always been integral to the succ ess of our business,” said Les. “Because of the way our business comes in, we work with them on a project-by-project basis. We get the right products at the right price, with supply usually from stock.” In recent years Arch Engineering has com pleted a number of major mining industry projects for BHP and Rio Tinto via some of their major clients; including ThyssenKrupp Engi neering, Monadelphous, Ausclad, DTMT, Fast JV and Goodline.

Sally Williams is BlueScope Distribution’s Account Manager for Arch Engineering and has being working with them ever since coming into the position. Because the two companies have been associated for so long, both are well in tune with each other’s methods of operation. “Les knows his business inside-out and exactly what he’s after – as do his staff,” said Sally, when asked how it was to take over such a long-running account. “It’s was very much a business-as-usua l transition, with everyone at Arch Engineering knowledgeable and easy to deal with. Because large projects don’t materialise overnigh t we get good warning of what’s needed and work closely with the project engineers to ensure they get the right materials at the right time. For other jobs, we usually have everything in stock and my job is largely one of ensuring supply-chain continuity and ease of administration.” Sally concluded. Despite the uncertainties of the Mining Tax issue and the general economic slowdown, the future still looks very good for Arch Engineering. “We’ve come a long way by offering qual ity, value and strict delivery schedules, along with dealing strai ght with our customers. It’s what’s kept our business continually growing and is a major reason we choose BlueScope.” Les conc luded.

“Not every job we do is a big one, though,” Les said. “We take on work from thousand-dollar jobs to multi-mil lion dollar projects. Usually, we have several major projects unde rway, surrounded by multiple smaller ones,” “Central to what we do is maintain strict internal quality control measures. Our project engineers are high ly experienced and professional in all aspects of project man agement, including drawing interpretation, computer-aided desi gn software, detailing and scheduling. And every step of our oper ation is scrutinised for quality and efficiency.” He said. Sally Williams and Les Archibald inspect a job in progress



A l u mi n i u m M ari n e

ALI CATS Aluminium Marine is arguably one of the longest established custom aluminium boat builders on Australia’s East Coast. Founded in 1986 they have established an enviable reputation for producing high quality aluminium vessels from 10 to 45meters, with more than 90 vessels launched.

Specialising in high speed catamarans for commercial operators, their vessels are renowned for strength and durability. The company has a wealth of experience in aluminium construction and employs a skilled team of experienced tradesmen to execute all work to standards required for commercial operations. They have a modern, fully equipped five-hectare waterfront facility with secure all-weather production halls. Aluminium Marine offers construction standards to meet International Classification and Flag State requirements. “Working in conjunction with world renowned naval architects we offer proven designs for passenger, tourist, patrol, enforcement, fishing and cargo applications,” said Marketing Manager Matt Tynan. “Our ability to understand and recognise a client’s requirements, from the beginning of a project; and to closely liaise through construction to completion ensures each vessel meets and exceeds expectations. We have vessels operating around the world in various roles and are justifiably proud of our reputation,” “We’ve been working with BlueScope Distribution ever since I can remember. Steve Cordinley, our proprietor, deals more directly with the supply side of things and I know he’s more than happy with BlueScope. I spend half my life fending off reps on his behalf and although everyone’s looking under a rock for a margin, BlueScope always comes back with the right numbers, and they offer good trading terms too,” “Really, if I was to say one thing, it would be that BlueScope is always up to the challenge and they deliver on time. It’s a good working relationship that also helps me when pitching for new work. We can assure potential buyers of the best quality materials,

from a quality supplier, and we know that if there was ever any problem, the right help would be just a phone call away.” Matt concluded. Shane Dean is BlueScope Distribution’s Account Manager dealing with Aluminium Marine – a task he’s been performing for about 20 years. Such long-term business relationships are no accident and depend on mutual respect and trust, as well as the right products at the right price, delivered on time. “We supply Aluminium Marine with certified aluminium plate specifically for shipbuilding, which we usually carry in stock. The bulk of it goes through our router bed, which is specifically designated for cutting aluminium. We also supply extrusions that make up much of the hull structure, like stringers and T-bars,” “Steve is one of the best known and highly regarded ship builders in Queensland. Because we’ve been working together for so long our businesses have grown together, and whereas everything he required used to be unusual or a challenge for us, now it’s just par for the course.” Shane said. Aluminium Marine is currently constructing five, 24metre highspeed, low-wash river ferries for commuter operation on the Brisbane River, as well as working on a number of larger, highspeed cats for other commercial operators. BlueScope Distribution is proud to be a part of this Queensland success story and intends remaining Aluminium Marine’s supplier of choice.

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YOUR WORKDAY NOW! Feeling pushed, frenzied, harried and crazed? You’re not alone. Project management expert Michael Linenberger is keen to help by applying his logical engineering background to examine how the typical workday actually functions. In his book Master Your Workday Now! he offers a multilayered method for getting a better handle on your day by organising your tasks, activities and goals more efficiently. His clear goal is to help people engage in productive self-discovery so they can achieve work-life balance and career satisfaction.

Control Your Workday Now Is your work out of control? The Workday Now holistic method helps set priorities to get a handle on your work and life. This philosophical approach to managing your job, ambitions and career path uses a task-list that covers a specific length of time: the present plus about a week in the future. This is your Power Period or Workday Now Horizon. Manage it efficiently to enhance your productivity and personal satisfaction.

Uniting Your Work and Your Purpose Besides controlling your workday you want to connect to your job meaningfully, so it satisfies. Picture two circles. You are one and the other your career. For most, these circles do not correlate. Your goal is to connect them in a rewarding way by learning to feel positive about what you do. To achieve this ask yourself some pivotal questions – such as why you work and what you enjoy about it. Form a picture of your job in the context of your career and strive to be happy in it rather than fantasising about happiness in some imaginary future role. Being content now does not preclude having better jobs in the future; it enables you to attain them, because happy workers are the ones who advance. There is much more to this book than just the points mentioned, but by using the lists suggested and uniting your work and purpose you’ll be well on the way to a calmer, simpler and more rewarding life. We all have to work, why not integrate it in a meaningful and rewarding way so it becomes part of your whole life experience – not just the thing between weekends?


Create Priority Lists

• Most people have too many tasks and not enough time to do them

Write a to-do list of your most pressing tasks and responsibilities labelled Now Tasks. Arrange these in two sections: Critical Now (today only) and Opportunity Now (work to complete this week or next).

• Organise your work and list your most pressing chores as Now Tasks

Review your Now Tasks daily to stay on top of your priorities. Don’t overload the Critical Now section. Save it for today’s work only, the chores you would stay late at the office to complete. List your Opportunity Now tasks with deadlines if applicable but keep it to no more than 20 items. Put lower-priority tasks on a second page labelled Over the Horizon. Review weekly, putting its tasks out of mind for the present.

• Split this list into Critical Now jobs that need attention today, and no more than 20 Opportunity Now tasks to complete over the next 10 days or so • Catalogue lesser or longer-term priorities on a second list labelled Over the Horizon • To avoid interruptions, check your e-mail sparingly during the day • Try to find happiness in your current role. Happy workers advance! • Your job will satisfy you more if you are engaged in your life’s work or your ideal professional activity – at least for now

GLOBAL Economic Update construction activity. As the has supplemented the lack of industrial n, it is expected Australia’s economic stimulus is gradually withdraw ltant downturn and resu the r strong housing industry will buffe to historical levels ove impr ually grad business confidence will (Access Economics, September 2010). l economic conditions, increase in In the backdrop of these global and loca ually grad to cted expe s price see will m The short-ter es for the Australian steel industry, rically low steel-making there have been unique challeng histo and s, price ity mod com er high l markets. In recent with line which is intrinsically linked to global stee steel related products for inventory levels. and dem ths there has been volatile mon seasonal downturns economic growth as the in China and the US, which is reflective of In Australia, we continue to see modest re seve domestic demand has very from the in construction activity. Further, Chinese global economy continues its gradual reco in rema s ition nt months, reflected in cond rece omic apparently increased after dropping in downturn of the global financial crisis. Econ and ulus stim nt rnme gove of firmer domestic steel prices. resilient despite the gradual withdrawal 8 percent in the cautious private business sentiment. In August, steel scrap prices rose more than s to increase (Steel ndar inue cale 0 cont 201 ity the activ of ng ent n region where purchasi Asia Globally, similar to the commencem n g indicator of upward price ed with a slowdow Business Briefing, Sep 10). Another stron year, the 2010/2011 financial year has start erns over the in the mature markets e conc pressure is the fact steel inventory levels in business activity. There have been som , debt ce redu age for the season, after ds aver ehol w hous and the Asian region are again belo fundamentals of consumer spending as ion truct quarter of this financial nd cons seco ese the Chin of the e restocking at the start som a government initiated slowdown in et addition, world steel debt (The Wall Stre year (Steel Business Briefing, Sep 10). In sector and uncertainty regarding sovereign ) (IMF Fund less than it was in May Monetary production in June was six million tonnes Journal, Sept. 9, 2010). The International is omy ent. econ d perc worl five the 2010, a decrease of approximately indicates that despite existing challenges ntly outperforming its recovering moderately. In summary, the Australian economy is curre However, some ly . main ntals “are ame they fund g rted international peers due to stron Delegates in a recent G20 meeting repo . ally… glob rway unde very confident there is a moderate reco but things seem to be Scrap Steel Index - HMS East Asia obviously there are risks and challenges, ness, Busi (ABC ast,” forec our with line in less moving more or Furthermore, the elements September 5, 2010, Yoo and Armstrong). cyclical downturns and g durin of demand that drive the economy dy at very low levels alrea are nt, stme inve upturns, such as private strong corporate profits, relative to GDP. That factor, combined with er in coming months furth indicates investment is unlikely to weaken is expected (The very reco et mark and a continuation in the global 0). 201 9, . Wall Street Journal, Sept

e volatility Global steel markets have seen som e increases pric l over the last few months with stee ents during the stabilising following modest movem June quarter.

Global GDP Growth, IMF

Source: Steel Business Brief, Sep-10

International Monetary Fund, Sep-10

with key indicators In Australia, the economy remains robust and GDP growth such as unemployment, consumer spending of the 2010/2011 ter quar all remaining positive during the first Furthermore, 0). 201 er emb Sept financial year (BIS Shrapnel, g. Despite these ratin it cred AAA al glob its Australia has retained in tility recent months, strong fundamentals there has been vola construction industry. the in particularly in the share markets and interest rates have ed’ load t ‘fron ’s The Reserve Bank of Australia Government stimulus been effective at curtailing inflation, while

recovery from a severe of the issues associated with the gradual This creates challenging downturn remain, both locally and globally. l markets, and stee al business conditions particularly for glob ng. Furthermore, prici l stee term volatility with regards to mediumprice increases in Asia over there are expectations of seasonal steel conditions, BlueScope the coming months. Regardless of trading to ensure that you Distribution is committed to working with supported to take ly uate adeq and your business is well informed ties. rtuni oppo ness busi and th advantage of future grow

iance basis. While le to you on a strictly confidential and non-rel Disclaimer: This document is made availab BlueScope Distribution Pty Ltd does not tion, informa the of cy accura the every care has been taken to ensure You should verify and y or fitness for purpose of the information. warrant the accuracy, completeness, currenc ed in this document for any ty and suitability of the information contain reliabili teness, comple cy, accura the check be excluded or limited, to the extent to which liability may not lawfully use to which you intend to put it. Except be liable to you or any third party for not will te corpora bodies related its BlueScope Distribution Pty Ltd and on, breach of contract, e however caused (including, without limitati any direct, indirect or special loss or damag tion. d or incurred in connection with the informa suffere be may which ), statute of negligence and breach

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S N O I T S E U EQ L I F O R P F F STA Paul Day

13 72 82

BSD State Manager- Victoria / Tasmania Location: Westall , Melbourne Time in Position: 14 months


Time with BlueScope? I joined Union Steel in November 1994 and survived several acquisitions, including the most recent from BlueScope in August 2007. Responsibilities? Provide employee leadership across 19 Branches in Vic/Tas and generate a return for shareholders, whilst balancing employee welfare, customer service and our safety and community responsibilities.

1300 661 156

What satisfies you most about your work? It sounds clichéd but my greatest satisfaction comes from the growth, development and promotion of our employees.

1300 306 204 THE EDGE newsletter has been prepared for information purposes only. BlueScope Steel makes no representation or warranty as to the completeness or accuracy of the information contained in the newsletter. You must make your own assessment of the information contained in the newsletter and rely on it wholly at your own risk. Published by BlueScope Steel Limited. ® are registered trade marks of BlueScope Steel Limited. ™ are trade marks of BlueScope Steel Limited. © 2010 BlueScope Steel Limited ABN 16 000 011 058

What are the key emerging trends you see in the steel industry? I see ‘short termism’– demanding immediate results with little appetite for long-term strategies and direction as a real problem, because of the volatility it creates in all areas. What are the biggest challenges you see ahead for the industry and our business? Remaining competitive against imported fabricated products. How do you relax? Spending time with my young family and grabbing a game of golf when I can! What are you reading right now? The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.



Based on 2006/07 workers compensa tion data obtained from the Wo rkCover Authority of NSW, serious injury claim s in the construction industry accounted for 10% of all serious claim s. This equates to 39 claim s per day or 22 claim s per 1000 employees – involv ing one or more we eks off work.

STATE OFFICE CONTACT DETAILS VICTORIA / TASMANIA Westall Ph: 03 8543 3666 NEW SOUTH WALES Auburn Ph: 02 9714 8000 QUEENSLAND Northgate Ph: 07 3622 9222 SOUTH AUSTRALIA / NORTHERN TERRITORY Ottoway Ph: 08 8245 3801 WESTERN AUSTRALIA Kewdale Ph: 08 6250 1000

Muscular stress wh ile lifting, carrying or placing objects wa s the most common claim in this industry , accounting for 17%. Other common causes were musc le stress while handlin g objects, other tha n lifting, carrying or pla cing (12%), falls on the same level (12 %) and falls from a height (12%). The moral of the story? THINK and PLAN wh at you are doing an d avoid becoming a sta tistic.

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