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Volume 2, Issue 10

November 2008

Burns and Roe Management Visits Nuclear Power Station in Japan By Bob Nilan Chief Mechanical Engineer During the week of October 3rd, a team of Burns and Roe’s Executive Management, led by Keith Roe, CEO and President, visited the Shika Nuclear facility in Japan during a business trip to Far East Asia. The other members of the team included Bart Roe, Sr. Vice President - Federal Division, Bob Milhiser, Sr. Vice President – Power Division, Al Aliperti, Vice President of Engineering and Design, and Zac Zimmerman, Vice President of Construction Services.

Who are these guys? (See Page 2) The purpose of the Burns and Roe Management visit to the Shika Nuclear facility was to get a better understanding of Hitachi’s ABWR (Advanced Boiling Water Reactor) design and modularization process utilized for Unit #2. Hitachi will be Americanizing the ABWR design and bringing it to the United States.

Special points:

Burns and Roe Holiday Celebration! Page 21 Inside this issue: Burns and Roe Management Visits Nuclear Power Station in Japan


Burns and Roe Sends a Gift of Italian “Ambiance” to a Restaurant in Japan


Hobbs Power Plant Begins Commercial Operation


Burns and Roe Hosts a “College Day” for Seniors from Stevens Institute


Service Award Luncheon


An Illustrated Tour Through a Resource Recovery Plant


NYC Performance Leads to a Trip to Boston


Halloween Costume Contest Results


Open Enrollment


Walk for Wellness


People We Work With


Budh Deora’s Retirement Party - Mt. Laurel Office


Holiday Celebration


Food Drive


Burns and Rollers


Travel Corner


Creamy Cucumber Salad


Drink of the Month


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Volume 2, Issue 10

BREI Team at Shika Unit #1 – Outside Reactor Area Front Row L to R: George Yoshida, Zac Zimmerman, Bart Roe Back Row L to R: Al Aliperti, Bob Milhiser, Keith Roe, Ryukichi Kanai

The Shika Nuclear Units 1 and 2 are owned by the Hokuriku Electric Power Company and are located in Shika, Ishikawa, Japan. Unit #1 is a BWR (Boiling Water Reactor) design that started commercial operation on July 30, 1993. Unit #2 is an ABWR design that started commercial operation on March 15, 2006. The Shika Unit #2 ABWR Nuclear Power Plant is a 1358 MW facility. The main advances in ABWR construction include: 1. Detailed preconstruction engineering utilized to avoid site rework. 2. Features more extensive use of open-top installation techniques. 3. Use of prefabricated modules and floor packaging construction methods to reduce manpower. 4. The use of sophisticated, 3D computer-aided design (CAD) at all engineering stages, with the construction support system interfacing with the CAD system. 5. Application of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to improve the documentation and record-keeping activities.

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Volume 2, Issue 10

The Burns and Roe team visited the Turbine Building area for Shika Unit #2 and an area adjacent to the Reactor area for Shika Unit #1. They were joined by George Yoshida, General Manager of Business Development, Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, and Ryukichi Kanai, General Manger, Shika Site Office, Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy. The Control Rooms for both units were also visited and a general tour of the grounds was provided. The team was very impressed by the plant design and layout. In addition to the tour of the Shika Nuclear facility, Hitachi also provided the Burns and Roe team with a tour of their factory complex for nuclear components in Hitachi City and a demonstration of their CompoCAD 3D software application for nuclear plant design. Hitachi intends to utilize SmartPlant software applications for nuclear plant design in the United States and Burns and Roe has assisted Hitachi in testing these conversions.

BREI Team at Hitachi City Factory for Nuclear Components

BREI Team during the Compo-CAD Demonstration at Hitachi City

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Volume 2, Issue 10

Burns and Roe Sends a Gift of Italian “Ambiance” to a Restaurant in Japan By Bob Nilan Chief Mechanical Engineer

At “Trattoria Shigezo” by the Sea of Japan Back Row: Bart Roe, Keith Roe, Bob Milhiser Front Row: George Yoshida, Al Aliperti, Zac Zimmerman

While visiting the Shika Nuclear Station on their recent trip to Japan, the Burns and Roe Executive Management team (Keith Roe, Bart Roe, Bob Milhiser, Al Aliperti, and Zac Zimmerman) was taken to a nearby Italian restaurant, “Trattoria Shigezo,” for lunch by George Yoshida, a Manager for Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy Ltd. The restaurant is located at a very scenic point along the Sea of Japan. Being of solid Italian heritage, Al Aliperti was particularly pleased with the restaurant selection. However, upon their arrival, Al found it somewhat unusual that the background music being played at the restaurant was from Mexico rather than Italy. “You’ve

gotta have Italian music at an Italian restaurant”, Al remarked. The group proceeded to enjoy a wonderfully prepared lunch as the Mexican music continued. However, when a loud version of the “Mexican Hat Dance” began to play, Al had reached the breaking point and decided to risk an international incident. He introduced himself to the restaurant’s manager and asked if there were any Italian musical selections available. The manager explained that it was very difficult to purchase Italian music in Japan and the Mexican music was considered to be a good substitute. The manager was very interested in Al’s first name, Alphonse, and wanted to know if he was related to the famous American gangster, Alphonse

Page 5

Volume 2, Issue 10

Interior view of the restaurant (Courtesy of Trattoria Shigezo website)

Capone. Al assured him he was not related to Alphonse Capone but would arrange to get Italian music for the restaurant. It should be no surprise that for the remainder of the trip, the rest of the Burns and Roe team referred to Al by his new nickname, “Mr. Capone”. True to his word, upon returning to the United States, Al (Mr. Capone) had two CDs of Italian music compiled and sent to Japan as a gift to the Manager

at “Trattoria Shigezo”. The CDs included an album of “Greatest Italian Opera Arias” and a selection of songs by Andrea Bocelli. So if you ever have an opportunity to visit Japan and tour the Shika Nuclear Power Station, make a point to stop at “Trattoria Shigezo”. If Italian arias are playing, tell the manager you’re from Burns and Roe and know Alphonse Aliperti (Mr. Capone). Hopefully, that will assure you of VIP treatment.

View from restaurant terrace (Courtesy of Trattoria Shigezo website)

“You’ve gotta have Italian music at an Italian restaurant.” -Al Aliperti

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Volume 2, Issue 10

Hobbs Power Plant Begins Commercial Operation By Glenn Fontana Project Manager

On September 15, 2008, the 530 MWe Hobbs Generating Station, located in Hobbs, New Mexico, completed its performance tests and was declared commercial. Colorado Energy Management (CEM), the EPC contractor for the Hobbs station, placed a contract for engineering, design, and site engineering support with BREI in November 2006. CEM had previously contracted to purchase the equipment and piping at the incomplete Calpine McAdams facility in McAdams, Mississippi, that was designed by Burns and Roe. However, the gas turbines at McAdams had already been sold, so CEM located and purchased the two simple cycle Mitsubishi M501 gas turbines and auxiliaries that had been installed at the incomplete Greystone, Tennessee, facility. These components were to be disassembled, shipped to the Hobbs project site, integrated, and reassembled into a fully functional 530 MWe combined cycle plant.

In addition, CEM had agreed with the State of New Mexico that the Hobbs facility would be a zero liquid discharge plant, necessitating purchase of a new aircooled condenser and water/wastewater treatment equipment. Burns and Roe’s assignment was to integrate all of these components into a fully functional new facility and to provide site support engineering. The BREI leads (Nitin Motiwala – CSA; George Helverson and Joan Wiley – Mechanical; Scott Krause – Electrical; and Nabil Baraka and Chet Peden – I&C), together with their technical staffs, worked closely with the Burns and Roe Site Engineering team headed by Carlos Pugliese. Through an effective teamwork approach with CEM and the various equipment suppliers and erection contractors, the Burns and Roe project team met a very tight schedule that enabled completion of this complicated project (from contract signing with BREI to commercial operation) in just 22 months.

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Volume 2, Issue 10

Burns and Roe Hosts a “College Day” for Seniors from Stevens Institute By Bob Nilan Chief Mechanical Engineer

On Friday, October 17th, Burns and Roe hosted a “College Day” at the Oradell Office for Engineering Seniors from Stevens Institute. The goal of the event was to increase Burns and Roe’s name recognition at Stevens Institute and to give the students an opportunity to see what BREI is really about. The list of students invited to attend the event was based on the contacts made and feedback received during our participation in the recent Career Fair at Stevens Institute. The agenda for the

“College Day” included a presentation about Burns and Roe Engineering, a tour of the office, and a sitdown roundtable discussion, over lunch, between the students and members of our engineering staff about what it’s like to work at BREI. The BREI staff participating included engineers who had graduated from college during the last five years. Roya Ghazizadeh, from the Mechanical Department, is a Stevens grad who helped to organize the event and prepared the presentation with assistance from our

Page 8

Volume 2, Issue 10

Marketing Group. The presentation began with opening remarks from the Vice President of Engineering, Al Aliperti, followed by the Director of Talent Management, Shannon Lombardia, who presented a segment on Employee Benefits, training, and recreational activities at BREI. The corporate overview portion of the presentation was given by Ira Rubin, Chief Electrical Engineer, and Bob Nilan, Chief Mechanical Engineer. The Discipline Engineering portion of the presentation was given by the team of engineers listed below. Roya Ghazizadeh, Mechanical Kerri Madden, Mechanical/Chemical John Giannone, Mechanical Brian Urgo, CSA Mun Lai Wong, CSA Eric Lenge, Electrical Min Oh, Mechanical Stress Analysis Chris Dimaano, I&C Drew Peebles, Nuclear Jonathan Velasquez, Mechanical In addition, Tess Konya provided a 3D modeling demonstration during the lunch period. From the feedback received, the seniors from Stevens Institute enjoyed the presentations about Burns and Roe and the chance to interact one-on-one with our Engineering staff.

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Volume 2, Issue 10

Service Award Luncheon By Jeff Koestner Mechanical Engineer

On November 7th, Burns and Roe held their annual Service Awards Luncheon at the Bacari Grill in Washington Township. Rich Lupi spoke first at the event and related the years of service to Time Magazine covers that were current to the year each group began at Burns and Roe. K. Keith Roe also spoke and discussed many of the changes in the world and our industry over the last forty years and what Burns and Roe was doing during each time period. Another important topic Keith touched on was how he had just returned from a nuclear power related contract signing event in Bangkok, Thailand. He commented that the hard work and intelligence of all the awards recipients over the years are why Burns and Roe continues to win contracts and to be an industry-leading, responsive company. The event celebrated those that have completed: Five Years Stan Kondratowicz Cindy Young Ten Years Sanda Brumaru Michael Bryan Richard Gilmour Angel Jugo Richard Meyer Irene Rosenfeld Henry Saraceni Pamela Sexton Valentino Vila Thadeus Sieradzki Fifteen Years Michael Goodwin George Keller Palmira Moyet Zony Urem Twenty Years Dede Chan Sandra Giordano Dorothy May Beverly Chlebowski Neal Schlendorf

Twenty-Five Years Alan Bloch Thirty Years Alan Dempsey Michael Lennon Jeannette Mittenmaier Hollace Roe Thirty-Five Years Harry Bedford Chander Bijlani Raymond Chuebon Reynaldo DeCastro John Ferrari Barry Forsstrom Prem Gupta Avinash Karkhanis Michael Neu Mansukhla Patel Raymond Podesfinski John Pouletsos Andrew Preisler Morton Rothstein Ira Rubin Richard Squilanti Leon Stanisz

Albino Ko

Forty Years Stephen Stuhrke

Leon Zuchowski

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Volume 2, Issue 10

An Illustrated Tour Through a Resource Recovery Project By Jayant Vir Sr. Principal CSA Engineer One day, back in 1983, Mort Rothstein dropped a 2-inch thick pile of papers on my desk and said that I was going to Chicago. I looked at the cover, and it was a request for proposal (RFP) for something called a Resource R e c o v e r y Facility (RRF) for Hillsborough County in Tampa, Florida. Several questions came to mind: if the project is in Florida, why are we going to Chicago; and what is an RRF (since there was no Google in those days to do a search)? As events unfolded, it turned out that Ogden-Martin, Inc. (OMI), before the firm changed its name to Covanta, was located in Chicago at the time. They had invited Burns and Roe Industrial Services Company (BRISC) to provide engineering services for this project, and to support their efforts in winning this project. BRISC spent several months with OMI preparing the proposal for this project. The Site Plan was the basis for the proposal and also for the final design. This was prepared by hand by me – there was no CAD in those days. If you have not figured it out by now, an RRF is the same as a waste-to-energy or a garbage-

burning plant. The OMI/BRISC team was successful in getting the award. One of the objectives and strategies used to win the job was to use exterior colors and treatments so that the facility blended into the surroundings, and did not look like a garbageburning plant. A color rendering had been prepared by Roe/Eliseo, the Architect, which was subsequently made part of the Contract. The RFP also required extensive landscaping and an underground sprinkler system for the entire plant – which were unusual requirements for a municipal garbage-burning plant. The stoker (where the garbage is burned) was to be provided by Martin GmbH. Martin had several operating facilities in Europe, but this was to be the first project by OMI in the U.S. Needless to say, this was to be the first RRF project for BRISC. Dennis Iavarone (who just recently retired) was the Project Manager. The project team included: Mike Neu as lead electrical; Steve Stuhrke as lead mechanical, supported by (a young) Bill Richardot, with John Ferrari as mechanical designer; and Mike Murphy as lead purchasing agent. The project was completed on schedule, and is still in operation today after more than 20 years of continuous operation, with

Page 11

a very high reliability factor. The siding manufacturer placed pictures of the completed project on the cover (and on an inside page) of their brochure. The local papers compared it to a fancy hotel, like a Hyatt. In terms of the workings of the plant:

Volume 2, Issue 10

uniform garbage mix to the Stokers. 5. The garbage is burned on the Stokers, or grates, within the furnace portion. During the residence time on the grates, temperatures reach 1100 degrees F. The hot air passes through the Boiler tubes, creating steam in the process.

1. Garbage comes to the plant in trucks, which are weighed full on the truck scales when they enter the facility. Queuing space is provided in front of the truck scales to avoid having trucks wait on the local streets. They are then weighed empty on the return trip, after dumping their load in the pit. The plant operator gets paid a “tipping fee� based on the weight of garbage dropped at the plant.

6. At this stage, the volume of garbage is generally reduced to about 10% of its original volume. There are three principal by-products, as follows:

2. Trucks enter the enclosed Tipping Bay. The boilers’ forced draft (FD) fans keep a negative pressure inside the tipping bay to mitigate the smell of garbage to the outside. This air is used in the combustion process.

7. The steam is piped to the Turbine Building, where it is used for generating electricity via a Steam Turbine Generator. Associated equipment and structures include power cycle equipment, makeup and water treatment systems, Cooling Tower, and electrical switchyard.

3. The trucks unload the garbage into the Refuse Pit. In general, the pit is sized for five to seven days storage of garbage. 4. Overhead cranes, with orange peel grapples running the length of the Refuse Pit, pick up the garbage and dump it in the receiving hopper for the Stokers. An important function of these cranes is to manage the garbage in the pit, and provide a

o o o

Steam Exhaust air, and Remnants of garbage, such as ash, metals, etc.

8. The boiler exhaust gases, or flue gases, pass through precipitators or scrubbers and finally through bag houses to remove the solid particles. Spray dryers, as part of the scrubber, remove chemicals from the flue gases. Induced draft (ID) fans drive the exhaust gases into the atmosphere via the stack.

Page 12

9. The ash is first screened in a Scalper Building – to remove the large solids and unburnt materials (engine blocks, refrigerators, etc.) that could not be reduced during the combustion process. The left over “bottom� ash is combined with the fly ash from the precipitators, and transported by trucks to a landfill. As noted above, the rendering (which was part of the Contract) had the stack as blue in color (the architect wanted to make it look like the sky - and did not show

Volume 2, Issue 10

it as gray, which is the natural color for concrete). However, during project closeout, the County insisted that the stack be painted blue to match the rendering. This plant probably has the only stack in the country that has a painted exterior. The pictures illustrate several of the processes described above.

Page 13

Volume 2, Issue 10

NYC Performance Leads to a Trip to Boston Tens of thousands from all over the world came to New York City on November 2nd to test the limits of human endurance. Among them was Gretchen Cividini, an eighteen year veteran of Burns and Roe and part of our proposal and marketing staff. This was Gretchen’s second running of the ING New York City Marathon. Her first marathon in 1994 was completed in the very respectable time of 3 hours and 55 minutes. Amazingly enough, her current mark was a full 10 minutes quicker at 3 hours and 45 minutes. “I am a little older so I want to prove to myself that I am still motivated,” Gretchen stated prior to the race. “It’s empowering to run, also.” Not only did Gretchen prove her motivation, she did so after taking over a decade off to raise two children and start a family in Hillsdale, New Jersey.

She placed in the top 1500 of all women entries and managed to beat out over 30,000 other runners on the grueling 26.2 mile course through the five boroughs of New York. She finished 315th in her age group and qualified to run in the Boston Marathon this coming spring. “I guess now I am committed to run Boston,” Gretchen told her coworkers. “After a few weeks off, I’ll start training again.” Gretchen was part of Team Dunkin’, a group of marathon moms who find support in each other balancing family life and a demanding training schedule. This training schedule includes running five to ten miles a day, six days a week. It also included six 20-mile runs on the weekends leading up to the race. Team Dunkin’ also raised over a thousand dollars that was donated to the Ramsey Volunteer Fire Department.

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Volume 2, Issue 10

Open Enrollment By Jen Morris Director, Compensation & Benefits The enrollment period for your 2009 benefits will begin at the end of this month. As noted in last month’s newsletter, you will not receive the same old bulky package you received in prior years – you will only receive a letter to your home address and an email to your email address advising of the enrollment website address and providing your login information. All the brochures that you used to receive in a package will be available through the website to review or print out should you feel the need. Just to summarize what you will find: Due to the wise utilization of the Burns and Roe medical plan by participants, the rates have not increased for 2009. Thank you and keep up the good work! You will note that the allowed amount for “routine physical benefit” has been increased from $300 to being covered in full after any required co-pays. However, you will need to use a Network Provider.

Dental. Lastly, remember to re-enroll for the Flexible Spending Accounts, Medical and/or Dependent Care. You can enroll in a Flexible Spending Account even if you don’t elect the Burns and Roe Medical or Dental coverages. This allows you to put away pre-tax funds to pay for prescription drugs, co-pays, deductibles, items not covered, or certain over the counter items. Even if you had one or both Flex plans in 2008, you will still need to re-elect the plan(s) you want and the dollars to be deducted. The Flex Benefit Cards will cost $10 each, and the cost will be taken from your Flex Account if you elect to receive one or more. You will receive new cards in the mail in late December or early January, so you should discard your current card once your balance has been spent. In no case should you use your 2008 card after December 31, 2008.

To receive Flex Cards, remember to check the appropriate box and indicate which family members should receive them, such as your spouse or your children away at school. If you choose not to take the card, you will need to complete the reimbursement forms, attach receipts, and fax or mail them to Benefit Aetna offers discounts on eye exams and hardware Strategy. (lenses, frames, etc.) through their Vision Discount Program through the Medical Plan; however, there are limitations to their plan. Burns and Roe is now offering a voluntary vision plan through VSP. This plan provides better coverage for vision services. Please take a look at the comparison chart on the website. VSP does require a minimum of 50 eligible employees to elect coverage, so unless 50 employees enroll, the plan will have to be withdrawn. You can enroll in the VSP plan without taking Medical or We have improved the dental program for 2009. Burns and Roe will pay 50% of the current premium cost for dental coverage! This applies to both the DMO and PPO plans, and both single and family coverage.

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Volume 2, Issue 10

Halloween Costume Contest Results By Jeff Koestner Mechanical Engineer



Jean Michel Losier, Jenyffer Lopez, Mun Lai Wong, Hardik Shah, Ming Deng Chin, Teerachai Kawinsakul, Jeffrey Cook, Jin Sun

Page 15


Volume 2, Issue 10


Glenn Fontana



Kerri Madden and Roya Ghazizadeh

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Volume 2, Issue 10

Walk for Wellness By Jennifer Petrino Human Resources Coordinator Human Resources are proud to announce the winners and the top ten walkers for our 2008 Burns and Roe Walk for Wellness. The Walk for Wellness started on March 20, 2008, and ended on September 15, 2008. Employees were encouraged to walk during work days and working hours to improve their health. All who participated were given a Burns and Roe pedometer and a spreadsheet to track the miles they walked. Full-Time Regulars, Part-Time Regulars, and Project Hire As from all the Burns and Roe sites were invited to participate. Top three walkers: 1st place American Express Gift card $150.00 – Prem Gupta, Oradell, NJ 624.9 miles



2nd place American Express Gift card $100.00 – Jerry Ridder, Mt. Laurel, NJ 475.3 miles 3rd place American Express Gift card $50.00 – Goray Mookerjee, Oradell, NJ 294.0 miles Next top ten walkers: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Richard Johnson, Oradell, NJ 283.3 Therese Konya, Oradell, NJ 226.0 Aswin Patel, Mt. Laurel, NJ 223.7 Veronica Whiting, Oradell, NJ 222.1 Joyce Roder, Oradell, NJ 219.3 Rosa Anievas, Oradell, NJ 219.2 Karen Sigua, Oradell, NJ 218.5 James Tengwall, Oradell, NJ 201.7 Brian Urgo, Oradell, NJ 162.4 Cornel Chen, Oradell, NJ 151.7





Many employees showed their interest in the Walk for Wellness. Human Resources would like to thank all who participated. Thank you for your effort to get healthy, stay safe, and for supporting our program!

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Volume 2, Issue 10

People we work with By Daniel Ramirez Mechanical Engineer

Page 19

Volume 2, Issue 10

Budh Deora’s Retirement Party - Mt. Laurel Office

Glenn Fontana sharing some kind words and congratulating Budh for his accomplishments and well earned retirement.

Budh sharing retirement cake with everyone in the Mt. Laurel Office.

By Inor Baraka I&C

Glenn Fontana shaking Budh’s hand. Tom Sedlak and Budh Deora.

Budh holding up his resume!

T.C Yu signing Budh’s retirement memorabilia.

Page 20

Volume 2, Issue 10

Burns and Roe Enterprises, Inc.

To: Budh Deora From: I. Rubin Date: October 30, 2008

Budh, It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to congratulate you as your career at Burns and Roe comes to a well-earned conclusion. I wish you well as you enjoy your leisure time, with continued health and prosperity for you and your family. Impart your wisdom to your grandchildren, and help them choose their professions wisely, knowing that engineering is a path to job satisfaction and advancement of the public welfare. (Don’t mention the bumps in this path…) We have shared many experiences over the past 35 years: Three Mile Island; Susquehanna; Con Edison (the original!); Breeder; APT; NMSSUP, to name a few. You have traveled the world, survived harrowing events, and ultimately settled in our Mt. Laurel office, finally avoiding the Garden State Parkway toll booths. You can relax knowing that your contributions to the successes of Burns and Roe have been recognized and are sincerely appreciated. Now you can focus your energy on all those goals that you have contemplated since 1974. Your friends and colleagues at Burns and Roe will remember you as we move through the future hurdles of engineering. Congratulations, health, happiness and success! Ira

Budh’s Electrical Team, from Left to Right: Janet Palmer, Kalpesh Patel, Scott Tasso, Budh Deora, Kai-Yun Tan, Asish Dhar, Tom Weaver and Yonas Beraki.

Page 21

Volume 2, Issue 10

Page 22

Volume 2, Issue 10

Page 23

Volume 2, Issue 10

NEW LEAGUE STARTS DECEMBER 15 2008 Join the Burns and Rollers At Brunswick Fair Lawn Lanes New Leag ue Sta rts Decembe r 15, 2008

Monday Nights 8:30PM Start Time Each Team Bowls 3 Games (Play Time usually runs about 1 ! Hours)

Teams consist of 3 Players 10-Week League No Experience Necessary Bowling Instruction Available No Charge for Employees The Fair Lawn Bowls Eye League is open to all. Spouses, Friends, & Family (21 and over) are welcome to join at their own expense. Teams will be arranged accordingly! FREE CUSTOMIZED BALL TO ALL LEAGUE PARTICIPANTS

-Upon Completion of Season-

Contact Erin Steiginga at EXT 4451 to participate If you want to play but canÕ t commit, consider being an on-call substitute

Contact Erin Steiginga at x4451 to join

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Volume 2, Issue 10

CaliforniaCorner l e v ra


Presented by American Express Vacations

Only with American Express Vacations... American Express Vacations Plan-Ahead Services* The following activities can be pre-booked at no extra charge to you: Spa treatments • Golf tee times • Private transfers • Private tours • Dinner reservations • Entertainment and more

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Volume 2, Issue 10


To book any of these great packages or to arrange for vacation travel, Burns and Roe employees should contact: Directravel Leisure Department


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Volume 2, Issue 10 ¥

Stay 7+ Nights Get a $500 Rebate or Stay 3-6 Nights Get a $250 Rebate Visit for more info. ItÕ s easy. Just book an air inclusive vacation to Nassau Paradise Island between October 12, 2008 and November 30, 2008, for travel through February 28, 2009. Download the rebate form and when you return from your trip, just complete and mail the rebate form with the required documentation attached, and wait for your check to arrive! Here's all you need to do: ¥


Download and complete the Cash Back Rebate Form, and send it within 30 days of your return, along with the following required documentation: o Copy of the air/hotel reservation confirmation, showing a booking date between October 12, 2008 and November 30, 2008. Please note: Air and hotel must be booked together as a package. o Copy of the hotel checkout folio/receipt from the participating hotel, showing a stay originating no earlier than October 12, 2008, ending no later than February 28, 2009, and not including the blackout dates of November 23-30, 2008, and December 20, 2008January 4, 2009. In 6-8 weeks, youÕ ll receive a $250 or $500 Cash Back Rebate Check.

The Fine Print: ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥

Bookings must be made October 12, 2008 through November 30, 2008. Travel must take place October 12, 2008 through February 28, 2009. Please note: This offer is not available for stays during the following dates: November 23-30, 2008 and December 20, 2008-January 4, 2009. $250 rebate requires a minimum stay of 3-6 consecutive nights. $500 rebate requires a minimum stay of 7 or more consecutive nights. Rebate valid for new air-inclusive vacation packages. Travel must originate from the United States. Limit ONE rebate per household. Not valid for group bookings. This offer is only available for stays at the participating hotels listed below.

Participating hotels include: ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥


Atlantis, Paradise Island Best Western Bay View Suites Comfort Suites Paradise Island The Cove Atlantis Graycliff Hotel Harborside Resort at Atlantis Marley Resort & Spa Nassau Palm Hotel One & Only Ocean Club

¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥

Paradise Harbour Club & Marina Paradise Island Beach Club Paradise Island Harbour Resort All Inclusive Red Carpet Inn The Reef Atlantis Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort Wyndham Nassau Resort

Page 27

Volume 2, Issue 10

Creamy Cucumber Salad By Tom Names Mechanical Engineer This recipe makes a quick, inexpensive covered side dish for at least four and is particularly refreshing in the doldrums of summer, when the garden is in bloom and no one has much of an appetite, especially for hot food. Ingredients: 2 large, straight eight type cucumbers 1 large, sweet onion 2 eight oz. packages cream cheese 1/2 cup sugar One fresh bunch, mint or cilantro Directions: 1. Open cream cheese packets and set out to slightly soften. 2. Wash cucumbers and peel. Skin stripes may be left on for color. Slice into round sections, 3/8 inch thick and discard ends. 3. Peel onion and cut into slices approximately one inch long with grain by ¼ inch wide across grain. 4. Wash and mince the herb. 5. Combine all ingredients including half of the sugar and mix moderately in a serving bowl. 6. Stir in additional sugar, a little at a time, to taste. 7. Refrigerate and serve with a large spoon. Notes: The sweet Vadalia and Texas type onions that are seasonal in the summer are very effective. My favorite choices for the herb are mint and cilantro, but you may want to experiment with others. Don’t overlook this dominant flavor. The salad should not be prepared too far in advance of serving. The mixture becomes watery the more the ingredients are mixed and the longer the wait before serving. If it is expected that the salad will sit out for a long period of time, a bath of ice water is recommended under the serving bowl. Added too much sugar? Throw some ground graham crackers in the bottom of a spring pan, pour in the recipe, bake and voila! Cucumber Cheese Cake, served for dessert! – just kidding.


Page 28

Volume 2, Issue 10

Drink of the Month

By Ivan Yung Mechanical Engineer

800 Kinderkamack Road Burns and Roe Oradell, NJw 07649 ww

Hot Toddy Editorial Committee

When it starts getting cold, a hot toddy is a good way to warm up!

Inor Baraka Jeannie Chan Bill Fish Jenny He Jeff Koestner Richard Johnson Erin Steiginga Abraham Mohammad Bob Nilan Nathan Obermiller Daniel Ramirez Jesse Urban Ivan Yung

Makes 6 servings. 4 cups cider 1 cup cranberry juice cocktail ½ cup tequila ¼ cup triple sec Heat cider and cranberry juice cocktail, but do not boil. Remove from heat. Add tequila and triple sec. Serve in mugs, garnished with either a slice of lime or orange.








Sat 1









SmartPlant P&ID Training Ð Computer Training Room 12-2pm Invitation Only


Orientation Ð Quality Assurance (QA) Host: Surendra Tiwari CR 6S, 12 noon Lunch is provided








Vendor Ð Schrieber Ð Compressible Media Filters CR 6S, 12 noon Lunch will be provided














ETS Ð Cooling Towers Host: J. Strum CR 6S, 12 noon Lunch will be provided

Orientation Ð Power Project Execution Host: Sanda Brumaru CR 6S, 12 noon Lunch is provided

23/ 30

ETS Ð Feedwater, Condensate & Heater Drains Systems OV Host: Al Cesnavicius CR 6S, 12 noon Pizza will be provided




The Blueprints - V2I10 November 2008  

Burns and Roe Company Newsletter, The Blueprints - V2I10 November 2008

The Blueprints - V2I10 November 2008  

Burns and Roe Company Newsletter, The Blueprints - V2I10 November 2008