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Naming Your Business Comprehensive Worksheet for Brainstorming

Kick-off the process with the following easy steps below: #Step1 – Brand Summary Before proceeding to the naming process, you have to first identify the personality of your brand, objectives and corresponding goals. This worksheet will help you determine the answers by answering the following questions. Ultimately, the goal of this worksheet is for you to profoundly understand the context of your business and brand alike.

#Step2 – Name Categories Here goes the mind-mapping! In this step, we will use a spectrum of ‘words’ to identify your business name goals. These words will serve as your building block and associate adjectives that embody your brand personality. With this, you can conspire endless insights and possibilities on what to name on the business.

#Step3 – Evaluate Instead of thinking of this as a comparison exercise, this page will provide you with a series of branding questions to help you evaluate your business name contenders. Also, you can provide this sheet to the people you hold dear to guide you holistically.

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Brand Summary GOAL


What is the vision of your company, your values and long-term goal?

What are your products or services?





What market/niche are your company services or products in?

Who are your competitors? Why do you think people buy to their products or services?






What is the trademark design for your brand? Your brand name and concepts?

Who are buying your products/services?


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Name Categories I A good business name communicates a business strategy and a brand. This also means free publicity which nurtures the company and its people alike. Formulating your ideal business name is done through understanding the business, holistic brainstorming and sound decision making, respectively. Now that you’ve identified the essential details surrounding your business by answering the questions above, this worksheet will help you identify the words that describe your business in a nutshell. You will also get many ideas as much as possible before culmination.

What are your brand’s personality traits? In this one, I want you to personify your brand. Identifying your brand’s personality that helps you identify your core values and audience.

Alluring Affectionate Adorable Adventurous Amusing Ambitious Artistic Attractive Athletic Blissful Bold Bright Casual Cheerful Chic Classic Colorful Confident Cool Creative Cryptic Cute Dazzling Decisive Delicate Delightful Detailed Dramatic Dynamic Eccentric Elegant

Energetic Enchanting Encouraging Enthusiastic Fabulous Fancy Fashionable Fearless Festive Flirty Formal Fresh Friendly Futuristic Generous Gentle Glamorous Glorious Graceful Harmonious Hip Historic Honorable Intelligent Innovative Inspiring Intense Inviting Jazzy Jolly

Knowledgeable Knightly Laid-back Lavish Lively Lovely Lush Magnificent Modern Musical Natural Naughty Nifty Noble Old Optimistic Outstanding Playful Plausible Pleasant Powerful Professional Proud Psychedelic Quaint Quirky Radiant Reliable Retro Revolutionary Romantic

Royal Rustic Scholarly Sensitive Shrewd Silly Sleek Sophisticated Soothing Stimulating Stylish Tasteful Tranquil Trustworthy Urban Versatile Vigorous Vintage Whimsical Wild Witty Youthful Zealous

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Name Categories II In this sheet, I want you to be more specific. Try to fill out words as many as you can base on the personality traits you compiled from the previous sheet. However, you have to take into considerations each categories and identify which match the best for your business name.











Names that redefines the norm.

Occurrence of same letter at the start of word/s.

Made up vocabulary to innovate.

Explicit description for vivid imagery.

Initial letters from words to create stand-alone word.

Point of something begins or derived.

Words inspired from pop culture to derive meaning.

Words derive from modern or jargon words.

Unsystematic word/s to create purpose.

Combination of two words to formulate new idea.

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Generally, all business names can be strong or weak in various categories. Rank each of your name candidate using the questions below and use a ranking score of 1 to 5 (or yes or no). After you identify the answers gather the total score and decide the winner/verdict.

Business Name Candidates






Does the name give a strong first impression? Is it good sounding or looking? Is it related to primary benefits of the company or service? Can you use it in multiple sentences? Will it feel right? Can quick associations be positive? Can it be read or pronounced easily? Is it credible sounding? Will it have a story appeal? Will it work globally? Can it be registered and protected? Can it be recalled it easily? Will it relate to who you are or to your positioning? TOTAL SCORE:

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Š Copyright 2019 Blueprint Business Solutions. All Rights Reserved.

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