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Teachers Resources Xxxxx 9 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers

How to Survive Your First Year in Teaching

Jacquie Turnbull

Sue Cowley

A practical and thoughtful guide to personal and professional development for teachers. This new edition has an increased emphasis on helping teachers to understand themselves as learners, additional reflective exercises to enhance continuous professional development and a wealth of new case studies from Jacquie Turnbull’s extensive experience.

So you’ve finished your teacher training and found yourself a job … the hard bit is over right? But, hold on, how do you actually survive your FIRST YEAR in teaching?! A new edition of a bestelling book with an invaulable step-by-step survival guide for getting through their challenging first year of teaching.

July 2013 • 216 x 138mm • Paperback • 9781441169044 • AU$36.99 NZ$45.00 • pgs 256

July 2013 • 216 x 138mm • Paperback • 9781441140913 • AU$39.99 NZ$49.99 • pgs 224

Breaking Through Barriers to Boys’ Achievement Gary Wilson Educators have for many years sought to understand why boys underperform. This book presents the 28 barriers to boys’ learning and what can be done about it. With tried and tested strategies and an emphasis turning out respectable young men who have a ‘caring masculinity’, this revised and updated edition includes new case studies, data and practical tips and advice. July 2013 • 297 x 210mm • Paperback • 9781408193549 • AU$49.99 NZ$59.99 • pgs 184

Why are you shouting at us?

Getting the Buggers to behave

Phil Beadle and John Murphy

Sue Cowley Practical and accessible Behaviour Management advice from the bestselling ‘Buggers’ series. This book also includes a companion website with downloadable resources and useful links. For more books in the ‘buggers’ series, visit Available now • 216 x 138mm • Paperback • 9781441173140 • AU$35.00 NZ$39.99

A structured approach to managing behaviour in even the most challenging schools. These are the humourous and practical Do’s and Don’ts for anyone who refuses to accept students’ backgrounds as an excuse for underachievement. Available now • 216 x 138mm • Paperback • 9781441185150 • AU$35.00 NZ$39.99 • pgs 158

Think Positively!: A course for developing coping skills in adolescents Erica Frydenberg Using photocopiable and electronic resources, Erica Frydenberg provides teachers with strategies that will enable students to combat stress and depression in the classroom. The program Erica has devised is universally applicable and can be taught in any group setting. Available now • 246 x 189mm • Paperback • 9781441124814 • AU$49.99 NZ$59.99 •

Secondary Starters and Plenaries Kate Brown Looking for time saving, creative, ready-to-use activities to kick-start and round up your lessons? Look no further! This highly practical, bestselling book provides busy secondary teachers with 50 tried and tested creative activities to use in the classroom. Concise explanations and crosscurricular examples make this book an accessible and time saving resource for all secondary teachers looking to inject some new life and enthusiasm into their lessons. Can be adapted to use in any subject. Available now • 234 x 156mm • Paperback • 9781408193570 • AU$26.99 NZ$32.99

More Secondary Starters and Plenaries Mike Gershon A new bank of 25 more creative, easy to implement ideas that can be used in any subject. With step by step instructions, teacher’s tips and worksheet examples, ready-touse or easy to adapt for any lesson. This book also comes with online PowerPoint slides and printable resources, giving you everything you need not just for planning your starters and plenaries but also for delivering them to your class. Available now • 234 x 156mm • Paperback • 9781441177186 • AU$26.99 NZ$32.99 • pgs144


Xxxxx Teachers Resources Teaching Thinking Robert Fisher The 4th edition of the highly successful guide explores how to develop children’s thinking, learning and citzenship skills, including the latest trends in philosophy and dialogic teaching. October 2013 • 234 x 156mm • Paperback • 9781780936796 • AU$49.99 NZ$59.99

Offers a unique understanding of teaching and learning, with a range of case studies from diverse cultures, showing how life narratives can be useful and inspiring pedagogical tools. August 2013 • 216 x 138mm • Paperback • 9781623563523 • AU$29.99 NZ$36.99

Teaching as the Practice of Wisdom

Edited by Robert Lake & Tricia Kress

David Geoffrey Smith

Available now • 216 x 138mm • Paperback • 9781441195234 • AU$39.99 NZ$49.99

Expanding upon Freire’s ideas, these essays address ways in which teachers can use traditional wisdom to confront contemporary problems in the classroom. A powerful work of educational theory and philosophy that contains useful advice for educators wishing to push back against conformity. September 2013 • 216 x 138mm • Paperback • 9781623564933 • AU$36.99 NZ$45.00 • pgs 160

Education and Disadvantaged Children and Young People

Developing Materials for Language Teaching

Edited by Mitsuko Matsumoto

A updated edition of central critical overview of materials development for language teaching, including electronic learning and advances in IT. A comprehensive resource for developers and users all over the world.

Do street children go to school, and if not, why not? What kind of education can be ‘meaningful’ to young people affected by conflict? Examines educational initiatives and experiences of disadvantaged children in varying contexts, including Vietnam, Ukraine, the UK, the USA, and India. August 2013 • 234 x 156mm • Paperback • 9781441117960 • AU$49.99 NZ$59.99 • pgs 192


Ivor Goodson

Paulo Freire’s Intellectual Roots Paulo Freire’s critical pedagogy has had a profound influence on educators around the globe as they endeavor to rethink education for liberation and the creation of more humane global society. An inspiring compilation of essays written by leading and emerging scholars of critical pedagogy.


Narrative, Learning and Critical Pedagogy

December 2013 • 244 x 169mm • Paperback • 9781441186836 • AU$59.99 NZ$79.99 • pgs 432

School Leadership Xxxxx The A-Z of School Improvement David Woods and Tim Brighouse A comprehensive, dip-in A-Z reference guide to key approaches and language of school improvement by leading practitioners and writers in the field. This is not a book about the school system or how governments can help or hinder schools, it’s about supporting and inspiring leaders and teachers to help schools achieve greater success. Available now • 234 x 156mm • Paperback • 9781441135667 • AU$36.99 NZ$45.00 • pgs 240

The 8 Qualities of Successful School Leaders Jeremy Sutcliffe What are the qualities that truly great school leaders possess and how do they use them to make their schools successful? This is not a book about government-led initiatives, instead it examines the key qualities shared by the most successful and inspirational head teachers. A must-read for school leaders and anyone aspiring to headship. October 2013 • 216 x 138mm • Paperback • 9781441197504 • AU$35.00 NZ$39.99 • pgs 192

Creative Partnerships in Practice David Parker The authoritative practical handbook to instilling creative learning in schools,written by a member of the senior team charged with delivering the largest schools-based creative learning intervention the UK has ever seen. Creative Partnerships have been proven to impact the work of teachers and the learning of young people in powerful and long-lasting ways. This book explains how to embed the key principles underpinning the Creative Partnerships programme within your school. A companion website for the book includes links to videos of case studies as well as further guidance and research.

Achievement for All Sonia Blandford and Catherine Knowles The Achievement for All programme is a whole-school strategy for raising the aspirations, access to learning and achievement of the most disadvantaged learners in any school, including those with special needs and disabilities. A practical guide to setting up and sustaining the program in your school. July 2013 • Other • Paperback • 9781408192542 • AU$49.99 NZ$59.99 • pgs 176

The Reality of School Leadership Richard Parker with David Middlewood School leadership can be both immensely rewarding and deeply challenging. This is a practical guide to the real-life challenges of school leadership and to developing a personal and pragmatic approach, drawing on experiences of successful headteachers and principals, from both primary and secondary schools. July 2013 • 234 x 156mm • Paperback • 9781441190796 • AU$49.99 NZ$49.99 • pgs 200

Exploring the School Leadership Landscape Peter Earley In a rapidly changing educational climate, leadership is more crucial than ever to school performance. Drawing on a wealth of research, this book critically considers how school leadership has evolved over the last decade. November 2013 • 234 x 156mm • Paperback • 9781472506023 • AU$45.00 NZ$55.00 • pgs 176

October 2013 • Other • Paperback • 9781441109224 • AU$45.00 NZ$55.00 • pgs 208



Maths Xxxxx Foundations of Mathematics Carole Skinner and Judith Stevens A practical guide to developing children’s early mathematical development which outlines seven strands of practice which underpin successful mathematical development in children aged 3-7. Written by leading early years numeracy experts and packed with multisensory ideas. Available now • 297 x 210mm • Paperback • 9781855394360 • AU$39.99 NZ$49.99 • pgs 136

MasterClass in Mathematics Education Edited by Paul Andrews and Tim Rowland A comprehensive introduction to mathematics education, ensuring a solid foundation for supporting effective learning and teaching. Each chapter is written by an internationally respected authority. December 2013 • 246 x 189mm • Paperback • 9781441179753 • AU$49.99 NZ$59.99 • pgs 352

Brilliant Ideas for Times Tables Practice

Improving Problem Solving Skills

Andrew Brodie

Andrew Brodie

Make times tables learning fun with this bank of puzzles, activities and games!

Practice solving word problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Each book includes a CD Rom with activity sheets for printing or whiteboard display.

Available now • 297 x 210mm • Paperback • AU$35.00 NZ$39.99

August 2013 • Other • Paperback • AU$39.99 NZ$49.99 • pgs 64

Brilliant Ideas for Times Tables Practice 5–7 9781408181300 Brilliant Ideas for Times Tables Practice 7–9 9781408181317 Brilliant Ideas for Times Tables Practice 9–11 9781408181966

Improving Problem Solving Skills for ages 5–7 9781408193822 Improving Problem Solving Skills for ages 7–8 9781408194089 Improving Problem Solving Skills for ages 8–9 9781408194096 Improving Problem Solving Skills for ages 9–10 9781408194102 Improving Problem Solving Skills for ages 10–11 9781408193839

Mental Maths Tests for ages 5–6

More Mental Maths Tests for ages 6–7

Andrew Brodie

Andrew Brodie

Mental Maths Tests for ages 5-6 provides eight photocopiable mental maths tests, a CD and answers. Designed to help teachers prepare for the annual national tests in the UK, this is popular with teachers all over the world. All the teacher needs to do is turn on the CD player!

Following on from the hugely successful Mental Maths Tests, this new series features ten printable mental maths tests, with answers and a CD-Rom. Available now • 297 x 210mm • Paperback • 9781408192436 • AU$39.99 NZ$49.99 • pgs 48

Available now • 297 x 210mm • Paperback • 9781408192429 • AU$39.99 NZ$49.99 • pgs 48 Age Range: 5–6 years



Age Range: 6–7 years

English Xxxxx Foundations of Literacy

The Literacy Leader’s Toolkit

Sue Palmer

Graham Tyrer & Patrick Taylor

Foundations of Literacy outlines seven strands of practice for 3-6 year old children, designed to develop the skills, concepts and knowledge underpinning literacy in the early years. Accompanying each strand are clear explanations of the research and reasoning on which they are based. Practical advice on helping children transfer their learning into their own child-initiated activities, to build a genuine and solid foundation for literacy, is integral to the book. Written by literacy specialist Sue Palmer and early years consultant Ros Bayley with additional material from Lynn Broadbent.

A complete tried-and-tested tool for improving literacy across the curriculum. The winners of the UK’s TES Award for Outstanding Literacy Initiative share the secrets behind raising literacy levels across the curriculum. With 54 practical strategies, the Literacy Leader’s Toolkit is a must read for leaders who want to implement a whole-school programme, and for all teachers who are determined to improve the literacy provision in their classroom. Available now • 234 x 156mm • Paperback • 9781441138835 • AU$45.00 NZ$55.00 • pgs 248

August 2013 • 297 x 210mm • Paperback • 9781408193846 • AU$39.99 NZ$49.99 • pgs 128

Secondary Starters and Plenaries: English

Graphic Encounters: Comics and the Sponsorship of Multimodal Literacy

Johnnie Young This book contains 50 creative and imaginative tried-and-tested starters and plenaries for engaging students in all areas of an English Lesson. Easilyadaptable for the whole ability range of your class, with PowerPoints, task sheets and other time-saving resources online.

Dale Jacobs

Available now • 234 x 156mm • Paperback • 9781441199782 • AU$29.99 NZ$36.99 • pgs 152

This book examines the multiple ways comics are used to teach and enhance literacy skills. It also moves beyond using comics as simplified word-based literacy and argues for comics as multimodal texts in which meaning is created through linguistic, visual, audio, gestural, and spatial realms to achieve meanings that would not be possible in either a strictly print or strictly visual text. November 2013 • 216 x 138mm • Paperback • 9781441126412 • AU$39.99 NZ$49.99

Improved Spelling

Improving Punctuation

Improving Vocabulary

Andrew Brodie

Andrew Brodie

Andrew Brodie

A complete spelling programme based on Letters and Sounds. Clear and easy to use with pdfs on accompanying CD.

A photocopiable series covering all aspects of punctuation and sentence structure. With 3 differentiated worksheet levels, lower, mid-range and higher ability students.

Photocopiable books with sets of illustration cards and matching word cards. Designed to extend vocabulary and as a stimulus for speaking and listening activities.

Available now • 297 x 210mm • Paperback • AU$45.00 NZ$55.00 • pgs 96

Available now • 297 x 210mm • Paperback • AU$39.99 NZ$49.99

Available now • 297 x 210mm • Paperback • AU$39.99 NZ$49.99

Improving Spelling 5–6 9781408151372

Improving Punctuation 5–7 9781408173978

Improving Vocabulary 5–6 9781408174029

Improving Spelling 7–8 9781408151396

Improving Punctuation 7–8 9781408173985

Improving Vocabulary 6–7 9781408174036

Improving Punctuation 8–9 9781408173992

Improving Vocabulary 7–8 9781408174043

Improving Punctuation 9–10 9781408174005

Improving Vocabulary 8–9 9781408174050

Improving Punctuation 10-11 9781408174012

Improving Vocabulary 10–11 9781408174074

Improving Spelling 8–9 9781408151341 Improving Spelling 10–11 9781408151402



Xxxxx Needs Special Autism Including Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders in the Foundation Stage Clare Beswick The aim of the Including Children with... series is to equip practitioners and carers with the basic information they require in order to understand particular special needs and respond appropriately to the child and his or her parents, as well as tried and tested teaching tips. For more titles in this series visit

Teaching Young Children with Autism Clarissa Willis This straight forward easy to use guide explains the major characteristics associated with autism and helps teachers understand the ways children with autism relate to the world. Each chapter offers specific strategies for teachers to use, including setting up a proactive pre-school environment, managing behaviour and working with families. Available now • 246 x 170mm • Paperback • 9781408139721 • AU$39.99 NZ$49.99 • pgs 48

Available now • 297 x 210mm • Paperback • 9781408195031 • AU$35.99 NZ$39.99 • pgs 48

Dyslexia Words get Knotted Pippa Sweeney This charming, beautifully designed book aims to empower children with dyslexia to recognise and understand their own difficulties and by sharing it with friends and family help them to understand too. It is a picture book designed for an adult to share with a young child but the use of the visual metaphor (wool and knitting being compared to words and writing) minimizes the need for words and adds to its appeal.

100+ Ideas for Supporting Children with Dyslexia Gavin Reid This practical guide offers strategies for supporting children with dyslexia in everything from improving literacy and numeracy to ideas for differentiation in a busy classroom. Available now • 198 X 129 mm • Paperback • 9780826434166 • AU$26.99 NZ$32.99 • pgs 48

September 2013 • 210 x 210mm • Paperback • 9781408181881 • AU$15.99 NZ$19.99 • pgs 32




The Dyscalculia Assessment

The Dyscalculia Solution

Jane Emerson

Jane Emerson, & Patricia Babtie

Dyscalculia is a specific learning disability involving difficulty in acquiring numeracy skills. This book contains everything you need to pinpoint a child’s difficulties with numeracy, with clear, step-bystep instructions and photocopiable assessment sheets. The results can be used to draw up a personalised teaching plan. It is ideal for use with primary school children, but can easily be adapted for older students.

A highly succesful intervention method which was developed at Emerson House School. Now available to mainstream schools in a format that can be taught easily. This systematic, mulit-sensory way of teaching was developed to train children to become flexible thinkers who can recognise, generate and use numbers to solve problems. Accompanying materials include lesson plans and worksheets.

November • 297 x 210mm • Paperback • 9781408193716 • AU$79.99 NZ$99.99 • pgs 208

November • 297 x 210mm • Paperback • 9781441129512 • AU$69.99 NZ$85.00 • pgs 208

EarlyXxxxx Years Teaching Speaking and Listening

Stimulating creativity and enquiry

Sustaining Shared Thinking

Ann Locke

Amy Arnold

Jenni Clarke

A complete, flexible programme for building spoken language skills from the age of two onwards. Can be used alongside any curriculum. Includes online resources.

This new book in the Key Issues series looks at how, through questioning, practitioners can promote a more personalised learning led curriculum which is driven and led by learner’s interests and thoughts, packed with practical examples.

What are thinking skills, how do they develop, where do they ‘fit’ in the curriculum and what should adults do to help children acquire them? This book brings together theories and ideas related to thinking skills and is full of practical advice, examples and suggestions.

November 2013 • 210 x 210mm • Paperback • 9781408195024 • AU$24.99 NZ$29.99 • pgs 72

November 2013 • 210 x 210mm • Paperback • 9781408195093 • AU$24.99 NZ$29.99 • pgs 88

October 2013 • 297 x 210mm • Paperback • 9781441139801 • AU$69.99 NZ$85.00 • pgs 192

EAL EAL in the Early Years Anita Soni & Sue Bristow

50 Fantastic Ideas Alistair Bryce-Clegg The 50 Fantastic Things series is a no nonsense, ideas bank frills, just 50 examples of great ideas already in practice! Ideal for the busy practitioner they offer a ‘dip in’ approach to accessing ideas that they may not have thought of. Simple inspiring ideas is just what they need to reignite their enthusiasm.

This book provides practical suggestions and guidance on supporting young children learning English as an additional language. It concludes with a tool for selfreflection and evaluation. November 2013 • 297 x 210mm • Paperback • 9781408159873 • AU$39.99 NZ$49.99 • pgs 64

July 2013 • 170 X 245mm • Paperback • 9781408186770 • AU$22.99 NZ$28.99 • pgs 64

July 2013 • 170 X 245mm • Paperback • 9781408186787 • AU$22.99 NZ$28.99 • pgs 64

Little Books The Little Book of Storybuilding Cler Lewis and Victoria Millward The Little Book of Storybuilding is packed full of activities which use Storybuilding - a cooperative story making technique which can be used to develop young children’s communication skills in a fun and imaginative way. August 2013 • 210 x 148mm • Paperback • 9781408194164 • AU$22.99 NZ$28.99 • pgs 72

The Little Book of Stories from around the World Marianne Sargent Stories are powerful medium that engage and envelop young children, helping them to enter unfamiliar worlds and begin to empathise with characters from different backgrounds. This book provides a range of stories through which young children can explore and learn about other cultures.

The Little Book of RolePlay Windows Melanie Roan and Marion Taylor The Little Book of RolePlay Windows provides a wide range of early years role-play activities incorporating a window or booth – from a post office or hotel check-in to a food kiosk or a lost property office. October 2013 • 210 x 148mm • Paperback • 9781408195062 • AU$22.99 NZ$28.99 • pgs 56

October 2013 • Other • Paperback • 9781472903495 • AU$22.99 NZ$28.99 • pgs 72 9


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