Blooming Minds Mental Health & Wellbeing April 16 Issue 3 Workplace Edition

Page 18



How growing your cultural intelligence can increase mental health According to Ang & van Dyne Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the capability to function effectively across national, ethnic and organisational cultures. This can include how we interact with different genders or across different generations. Sounds like common sense? You may not be as culturally intelligent as you think! Are you well-travelled? Do you speak more than one language? Do you have heaps of technical expertise or book knowledge? Do you have high Emotional Intelligence (EQ)? It is a myth that ANY of these would make you more culturally intelligent. (Livermore, 2014)

High EQ enables you to read and react appropriately to different emotions, but EQ is culturally bound. You could have a great understanding of appropriate behaviour in a particular cultural setting, but this may be exactly the opposite in another cultural setting. Higher CQ will decrease burnout in the workplace, increase your cross-cultural adaptability and increase your bottom line in the long run (Livermore, 2014). It will also increase your situational awareness and ultimately enable you to build better, stronger relations. By being able to form stronger relations you’ll not only be able to improve your own mental health, but those around you will feel more included and less isolated.

Contributor Writer Tanya Finnie