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Be Mine? Zines About Love

Feb 12th, 2018 by Issuu

Zines about love

It’s finally February, which means we’re getting ready for a month full of Valentine’s day treats, sweets and most importantly — zines! From nostalgic film photography to hand drawn illustrations, we’ve created a list of some of our favorite zines about love. Check out our recommendations below:

Flash Thrive – In Love Alone

Flash Thrive is a zine made by creatives, for creatives, and highlights the theme of love in their first issue, “In Love Alone”. Filled with both heartfelt and heartbreaking stories, creative writing and memoirs about being in love, Flash Thrive illustrates the highs and lows of young love through beautifully designed pages and personal anecdotes about love. Read Flash Thrive for a zine that will surely give you butterflies this Valentine’s day.

Keep This Close

Not only do our publishers write about romantic love, but also different kinds of relationships, friendships and self-love. We’re loving Jordan Randall’s zine titled “Keep This Close”, highlighting adolescence, heartbreak and love through beautiful photography, poetry and creative writing. “Keep This Close” encourages its readers: “Someone is going to fall in love with all of the parts of you that you don’t even notice about yourself.”…and we kind of love that.

Ghosts of Past Lovers

Ghosts of Past Lovers is a zine dedicated to past lovers, and explores relationships and love romanticized by broken hearts. Paired with hand drawn illustrations, unique designs and creative writing about former heartbreak, Ghost of Past Lovers is a beautiful ode to heartbreak and vulnerability with 36 pages of creative poetry and art.

This One Isn’t About You

Fall in love with Emerald Bartolome’s love-themed zine, This One Isn’t About You, which combines art and illustration with works of poetry about love. Exploring relationships, change and the idea of love in every form, This One Isn’t About You combines the perfect amount of visual art with themed writing and makes us reflect on love, relationships and everything in between.

What are your favorite zines about love? Let us know in the comments.