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What to Include in Your Pitch Deck (with Examples)

May 22nd, 2024 by Alina Ionescu

If you're in the business world, you know the importance of a killer pitch deck. Whether you want to woo investors or close that game-changing partnership, your pitch deck is your secret weapon. But more than that, it's your story, your vision, and the chance to change your life.

But let’s be real: creating a pitch deck that truly dazzles is no walk in the park. We've all been there, staring at a blank slide, wondering how to make a pitch deck that captures the essence of our big idea in just a few minutes and lines. The good news? You’re not alone, and we’ve got your back.

In this blog, we’re diving deep into the art of crafting a pitch deck that grabs attention and drives results. We'll cover the essentials, sprinkle in tips on how to do it with Issuu’s pitch deck creator, and share pitch deck examples from businesses who’ve nailed it. So, grab your coffee, get comfortable, and let’s turn your big idea into a compelling presentation your audience can't resist.

Why Should You Create a Pitch Deck?

The main purpose of a business pitch deck is to communicate your vision in a way that gets people excited. Whether you're pitching to investors, potential partners, employees, or maybe future sponsors, your deck should do three key things:

Tell Your Story: Paint a vivid picture of your business’ journey, mission, and the problem you’re solving. Make it relatable and compelling.

Showcase Your Potential: Highlight your unique value proposition, market opportunity, and growth potential. This is where you sell your dream and demonstrate why it’s worth backing.

Drive Action: Inspire your audience to take the next step—whether that’s scheduling a follow-up meeting, investing funds, or partnering with you. Your pitch deck should be a call to action, motivating your audience to join you on your journey.

What to Include in Your Pitch Deck

If you're wondering what to include in a pitch deck, take a look at the eight key components that make up your pitch deck outline. Make sure to use bold fonts and compelling visuals, and structure your pitch deck like a story with a problem, solution, and ideal outcome. 

1. Company Introduction

Start with a bang. A corporate pitch deck is a business plan presentation that should set the stage with an engaging story or a powerful opening statement that captures the essence of what you do. This is your chance to make a strong first impression, so make it memorable. Include contact Links in multiple spots so partners know exactly how to get in touch. First impressions matter, so make it count!

2. Problem Statement

Clearly articulate the problem you’re addressing, as this section is one of the most critical components of your pitch deck. Make it relatable and urgent, showing the pain points your target market is experiencing. The goal is to make your audience feel the weight of the issue and see the need for a solution. This might include rising shipping and logistics costs for manufacturers or shoppers increasingly turning to social media to make purchases. Humanize and drive your point home with photos and Videos, a persona, or even customer testimonials.

3. Solution

This is where you showcase your unique approach and explain why it's the best option available. Highlight the key features and benefits of your product or service, and demonstrate how it effectively addresses the problem you’ve outlined. Make sure your solution stands out and captures the imagination of your audience.

4. Market Opportunity

Provide data and research to show the size of the market and its growth potential. Highlight trends and insights in a detailed, Fullscreen view that underscores the demand for your solution. This section should convince your audience there is a significant opportunity that your business is positioned to capitalize on. Investors want to put money into fast-growing, large markets and know their potential returns.

5. Business Model

One of the most important components of a business plan presentation is your marketing and sales strategy. Explain clearly how you strategize to make money. Outline your revenue streams, pricing strategy, and any other relevant details that show you have a viable plan for generating revenue and achieving profitability. This section should instill confidence that your business can sustain itself and grow.

6. Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis establishes key competitors within the industry landscape and highlights their strengths and weaknesses. You'll also want to identify the market gap your company fills. Show how your product is a better solution than competitors and stands to capture significant market share.

7. Traction and Milestones

Whether it’s user growth, revenue figures, partnerships, or product development milestones, provide evidence that you're gaining momentum. This builds credibility and demonstrates your track record of execution and success.

8. Team Members

Highlight the expertise and experience of your key players, showing why you have the right people to execute your vision. Include relevant backgrounds, accomplishments, and what each team member brings to the table. A strong team can be a significant factor in convincing your audience that your business is worth investing in.

See Pitch Deck Examples on Issuu

Looking for some inspiration? Check out the standout pitch deck examples on Issuu! From businesses that have raised millions to innovative startups breaking new ground, these decks showcase the art of storytelling, design, and strategy at its finest. Dive into these real-world examples to see what works, spark your creativity, and get ideas for making your own pitch deck truly unforgettable:

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Impress Anyone Using Issuu's Pitch Deck Creator

That’s a wrap on mastering pitch decks! You’re now armed with valuable insights on utilizing Issuu’s all-in-one digital publishing platform to drive action with your big idea. Your pitch deck is the key to unlocking new opportunities—make it count. Dive in, be bold, and let your vision lead the way to success.

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