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Content Buckets: Create a more effective digital marketing campaign

Nov 4th, 2020 by Issuu

Content buckets, or content categories, are specific topics that discuss various aspects of one’s business. While each is different, they all link to an overarching brand message. Think buckets designated to products/services, editorial, industry news, thought leadership content and more!

Why are they important?

Firstly, by specifically designating content to various themes, it ensures that one’s marketing strategy is well-rounded. By touching on various topics through your content, you can give your audience a full picture of your business. Additionally, content buckets help ensure that one’s marketing content varies in types and forms. Thus, your audience is more likely to be engaged and active with your posts. Most importantly, your varied content will draw in additional followers.

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Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns:

Once you’ve created your designated content buckets, leverage them to compose effective digital marketing campaigns. In essence, your content buckets ensure that you’re hitting on various aspects of your business through your marketing strategy.

First, create content calendars.

Content calendars are marketing schedules that outline when, where, and what will be posted on a brand’s owned channels. They’re an efficient marketing management tool to ensure that you are posting unique and timely content across various platforms. Additionally, content calendars allow for marketers to plan out content that aligns with cultural moments in time.

Take content calendars a step further.

Introducing content buckets to your content calendars will ensure that you highlight various aspects of your business. It’s simple, within your schedule be sure to signify which bucket, or topic, the piece of content falls under. From there, ensure that no one bucket is too cluttered.

Next, create campaigns for each specific bucket.

Your content buckets should align with various aspects of your business. Thus, be sure to create specific marketing campaigns for each bucket. By doing so, not only will you generate fresh new content for each aspect of your brand, but you will also generate awareness.

Use Issuu.

Issuu is the modern marketer’s solution to creating engaging and effective marketing campaigns. We take your PDF, images, and text and transform them using your design and Issuu’s templates to give you a native experience on desktop, mobile web, app, and social.

One of the most common flaws in today’s marketing world is creating content that falls flat. Brands must ensure that their content aligns with the format and purpose of each platform. Thanks to Issuu, it’s easy:

  1. Publish a PDF flip of your content to Issuu

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  3. Reformat your content into sleek, mobile-friendly Issuu Stories

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