Easy Ways to Grow Your Email List

By IssuuApril 8, 2019Last updated on July 1, 2019Content Marketing, Tips

Whether you’re a blogger, content creator, magazine editor or brand manager, your email list is essential. Your email list is the only audience you have 100% ownership over. When you build a following on social media, the following is managed by that platform and its algorithms at the end of the day. Growing your email list is important so you can have full control over your audience communications, and use email as your platform for in-depth marketing. These are quick and easy ways to grow your email list.

Content Access via Email Signup

Give people a reason to subscribe by giving access to content they can only have via email signup. These can be freebies, free content you’re willing to share with your audience in exchange for building out your email list. Freebies could be checklists, special guides, spreadsheets or templates; things that relate to your niche that others want. Reeling them in with free content is a great way to build a connection with your audience before asking them to invest in your content down the line.

Grow Your Email List with Exclusive Offers

If you’re a publisher or content creator, giving sneak peeks or previews of your content is a great way to attract an email audience. These can include content previews or sneak peeks at what’s to come next. It gives your audience a sense of being “in the know”. Let them know that they are the first to see this exclusive content. Having a sense of exclusivity with your mailing list will make others want to join in.

Send Newsletters in Your Niche

Send out a weekly or monthly newsletter pertaining to your niche. This can be an email newsletter featuring your content, or other interesting content related to your niche that you may have recently stumbled across. Promoting others in your newsletter on top of your content is a fun way to get cross-promoted, as well! Let those you’re featuring know that they’re in your weekly newsletter, and they may push it out to their audience as well.

Cross Promote within Your Niche

To add to the above, cross promotion within your niche is a fantastic way to build your email list. Not only that, it’s great for brand awareness. If you want to branch out to grow your email list, collaborate with others. For example, if you’re a food magazine, you can create a cross-promotion with a local restaurant and send out a promotional newsletter to each other’s audiences.

Pop-Up Email Forms

Make sure your audience knows how to sign up for your email list! Adding a pop-up form to your website is an easy way to start collecting emails. It’s a simple pop-up that your viewers can choose to close, but at least some of them are likely to add their email to your list. Make sure your email forms are in more than one spot on your site, too. Give your audience more than one chance to sign up. They might not do it immediately, but they might later!

Host a Webinar to Grow Your Email List

Hosting a webinar is a great way to grow your email list fast. Prepare a quick webinar on a topic in your niche that you are an expert in, and promote your webinar across your channels. Have users sign up for it using their email. These people are already engaged with your content and want more from you. Hosting webinars is an easy solution to growing an engaged email list.

Promote on Social Media

Promote your email list on social media! This might seem obvious, but people don’t always think to go to social media to promote email. Use your existing audience to grow your email list, and give them a multi-platform experience with your content. Not everything that is suitable for email is good for social media, and vice versa.

Create an Email Course

Create an email course with an automated email flow. Prompt users to sign up for this email course that sends them emails in intervals on a topic in your niche. Email courses are another quick way to build not only your email list but create a highly engaged audience as well. There’s no point to growing your email list if they’re not going to engage with your content. Create something they can engage with!

Grow Your Email List Quickly

These are just some of the ways you can grow your email list quickly. We hope you put these actionable items to use in your marketing. Want to see how else Issuu can help you with marketing? Head over to the Issuu Creator Hub to learn more. 

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