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12 Tips to Increase Ebook Sales

Apr 4th, 2019 by Issuu

You’ve got your Ebook finished and you’re ready to start selling. But… where do you even start? There’s much more that goes into the success of an Ebook than just writing and hitting publish. Ebook marketing is absolutely crucial to independent publishing success. We’ve put together a list of ways to boost your Ebook sales so you can start earning from all your hard work. These are the best tips to increase Ebook sales.

Boost Ebook Sales with Issuu

Market Your Ebook Early

One of the key elements to launching your Ebook is to start your marketing campaign early. Make sure that your audience knows what you’re selling and when it will be available. Use social media to promote your Ebook with posts to build a bit of anticipation. Engage with your audience and pull them in so that when you’re ready to start selling, they’ll be there.

Use Your Email List to Increase Ebook Sales

Building out your email list is important, as email lists are the only audience you have 100% control over. When you build an audience on a social media platform, your audience belongs to the platform and its algorithms at the end of the day. When you use email marketing, however, your email list is completely yours to engage with and build a relationship with on your watch.

Use your email audience to give previews of your Ebook, share exclusive content to entice new subscribers, and most importantly: sell your Ebook to your list. A great way to get them interested and feeling like its worth their while is providing early access to your Ebook for subscribers only; exclusive content is appealing to many potential customers.

Update Your SEO To Boost Ebook Sales

Create a landing page on your site for customers to access before the launch, and start building out your SEO for it. This can also include an email signup page where you can build your email marketing list by offering exclusive content. They could be the first to know when your Ebook launches, or the first to preview it.

Keeping a blog is another great way to optimize your site’s SEO to attract more viewers, who may convert to customers. Write posts that link back to and relate to your Ebook to increase the traffic directed to your Ebook.

When your book launches, you can embed your Ebook onto the page with Issuu’s customizable embed reader. Create a branded experience for your Ebook so your customers feel right at home when they reach your Ebook’s landing page. If they trust your brand, creating a tailored brand experience with your Ebook can help increase Ebook sales.

Update your Issuu SEO as well to introduce your brand and your Ebook to Issuu’s global audience. Allow Issuu’s international readership to easily find you with our easy tips to update your Issuu SEO.

Issuu Ebook Publisher Josephine Desgrand
Josephine markets her meal planner Ebook on social media.

Market Your Ebook on Social Media

Share, share, share your Ebook on social media. The best way to attract a digital customer is to market to them digitally. Change your social media bio links to your Ebook’s landing page, link out in your social stories, and entice your audience with posts. Don’t just write simple captions of “Buy my Ebook!”, but consciously write captions that convert based on what your audience is most responsive to. Tell them a story: share your experience creating the Ebook, or tell them why you created it. Motivate them to feel as passionately about your content as you do.

One important note: Don’t stop pushing after your initial Ebook launch. If you want to boost Ebook sales, you can’t let people forget about it after it’s out there. Perhaps when they first saw it they weren’t ready to purchase, but they are now. Promote your Ebook to your audience and find new audiences to share it to! Your Ebook content should last long enough that you can continuously market it with your content.

Ask your customers to share your Ebook once they buy it. Are they loving it? Tell them you want to know! Have them share in their posts and stories about their experience with your Ebook.

Advertise Your Ebook Online

If you have the budget for it, put some dollars behind online advertising. There is a lot of opportunity behind paid social promotion and paid search engine promotion. Go beyond your organic reach and target new audiences who would love to see your Ebook content. Issuu also offers advertising opportunities to publishers to drive more potential customers to their content.

Create Some Hype with a Contest or Giveaway

Want to get people hyped for your Ebook? Create a contest or giveaway to get your audience even more invested in your content. These kinds of freebies can also introduce your brand to new audiences who may be intrigued by the opportunity. Allow for however many lucky winners to receive a free copy of your Ebook. Then you can ask these winners to promote your Ebook in return or write you a review. Issuu offers free access codes to allow for marketing opportunities like this. For those that don’t win a free copy, you know that they’re still interested in your Ebook. Target them to promote your Ebook to, and boost Ebook sales from there.

Get Feedback and Reviews from Readers

Reviews are an important element to increase Ebook sales. Ask your customers to give feedback and gather reviews. Post your Ebook reviews on your site, blog, and social media and let potential customers know that people are reading. You can also offer freebies in exchange for a review of your Ebook to entice people to take the time. A good review goes a long way!

Attract Customers with Good Design

Let’s be honest, we’ve all judged a book by its cover. It’s just how things go sometimes! Having good design for your Ebook is a huge factor in whether or not a customer may buy the product. If you’re stuck on Ebook design, Issuu offers free templates for Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word to get you started.

Give Readers an Ebook Preview

Selling your Ebook on Issuu allows you the opportunity to customize your sales experience. Boost Ebook sales with Digital Sales previews on Issuu, so your customers can get a taste of your content. Hook them with small tidbits from the Ebook so they know your content is high quality.

Another great way to share Ebook previews seamlessly across devices is with Issuu Stories. Segment out sections of your Ebook to share with Issuu’s clean, mobile-optimized Stories format. You can share snippets of your Ebook seamlessly across devices, with desktop readers finding your Ebook in flipbook format and mobile readers viewing a scrollable, mobile-optimized version.

Sell More Than One Ebook

One important part of any product is testing. Your first Ebook may not fly off the digital shelves, but the beauty of digital publishing is that you can keep on trying. Test until something works and resonates with your audience. Sell an Ebook subscription with Issuu if you hope to publish in multiple parts.

Another great way to increase Ebook sales is to sell mini Ebooks or guides. Publishing regularly in small doses may be the key to sales with your audience. Get them used to purchasing more than one product from you, but remember to keep communicating the value to your customers.

“Regular content is king.” Issuu Ebook seller Anna Lozynski shares her tips to sell more Ebooks online with the Issuu Blog – read more.

Create More Content to Increase Ebook Sales

We mentioned earlier that blog posts are great for SEO and linking back to your Ebook. Creating content that links back to your Ebook is a great way to get more viewers and introduce new customers to your content. Freebies through email, web downloads, and free access Issuu documents are another great way to provide a free service to your customers while reminding them of the value of your paid content. Podcasts are another great way to both connect to your audience and promote your paid content. Any content you can provide additional to your Ebook that links the audience back to your Ebook can increase Ebook sales.

Hold a Flash Sale

Lower the price of your Ebook for a short period of time and sell, sell, sell! Let your audience know you’ll be having a flash sale of your Ebook for 24 hours (or however long) and allow them to purchase your book for % off for a short period of time. Creating this kind of limited supply hype may draw in customers who had been wary to spend X amount on an Ebook.

Increase Ebook Sales with Issuu

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