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Planning a visit to Block 37 soon ? Scan through the Little Block Book to view all that the Chicago shopping destination has to offer . From fashion , beauty , dining & entertainment , Block 37 is your ultimate guide to where life & style intersect in the heart of the Loop . The Windy City Blogger Collective bloggers behind Sed Bona , The Golden Girl , Isn ' t That Charming & Lake Shore Lady selected their favorite product picks and hot spots in and around Block 37 to give you the best of the best upon your next visit . So , what are you waiting for ? It ' s time to experience Block 37 ! @BLOCKTHIRTYSEVEN @WINDYCITYBLOGCO #LITTLEBLOCKBOOK




Shortly after waking up around 6:30AM, Ashley brews her coffee and starts typing away at blog posts for the day. From taking her two pugs, Apollo and Johnny, on a walk to North Avenue Beach to meetings for various projects and out on location shooting outfits or restaurant dishes, she is quite a busy lady! Find out what Ashley loves most in and around Block 37.

I love Ceres, the bar in the Board of Trade building! It's where my husband and I met and studied for our Series 7 exams together when I worked in finance.

I'm a huge chilaquiles lover & where else in Chicago can you get chilaquiles AND sushi AND mimosas in one place other than Latinicity? I always remember to stop by the Jarritos soda display on my way out for a delicious Grapefruit soda, too!

Season after season, Zara* reinvents the classics and remixes them with trendy pieces for such an edgy edit! Magnolia Bakery is another favorite... because banana cream pudding obsessions are a lifestyle choice, right?

Sephora is where I first fell in love with my favorite YSL 'Tint-in-Oil.’ I also love how friendly the staff are when giving recommendations.

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Zara to reopen bigger and better in fall of 2016



Bright and early at 6:30AM, Jess grabs her coffee and makes her to-do list of the three most pressing items to accomplish each day. After checking her morning emails, she typically sneaks out to a yoga class over her lunch break to feel refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the afternoon. This spring or summer, you can catch Jess winding down with a home cooked meal and glass of wine on her balcony. Find out what Jess loves most in and around Block 37.

Reckless Records is one of my favorites. My boyfriend Neal and I have a record player and have loved building our collection of vinyl over the years. I love that Block 37 has great clothing stores, beauty shops, and awesome restaurants all in one place in the city. I have a serious love for Ray Bans, and Sunglass Hut has a huge selection. Plus, the sunglasses are unisex, so my boyfriend and I often swap pairs.

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Something about Magnolia Bakery's sweets alway leave me wanting more! I'll often stop in for a quick coffee but have also enjoyed taking a cake decorating class at the shop with girlfriends. I've become a big fan of the Sephora brand products lately you get so much bang for your buck! They also carry all of my favorite brands, including many you can't find at department stores.



After making a smoothie bowl for breakfast, Lauren gets to work and makes sure to check her emails first thing. Like Jess, Lauren can be found heading to yoga class to re-energize and stay productive throughout the day. Lauren works a full-time job in addition to maintaining her blog, so grabbing dinner with friends is a fun way to wrap up a long day's work. Find out what Lauren loves most in and around Block 37.

The Chicago Theatre is one of my favorite concert venues in the city. The interior is stunning, and the Chicago sign outside is so iconic.

Latinicity is such an awesome addition to the Loop, let alone Block 37! Who doesn't like killer guacamole and tacos?!

I love shopping at Zara, but I also love Anthropologie, especially since they carry petite sizes, too.

I visited the south of France last year, so every time I stop by L'Occitane en Provence, I think of my trip! Plus, it's the BEST place for gifts - mom, sister, aunt, best friend - you can't go wrong!

The AMC Dine-In Theatres is a game changer. Their food is seriously delicious with tons of fresh and healthy options. Plus, you can order wine by the bottle!

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Emily's daily alarm clock is her baby daughter, Gracie, who is up and ready to go around 6:00AM. After getting her ready for the day and sharing a few morning cuddles, Emily heads to work with a big cup of coffee in hand. She loves spending as much time with her family as possible, including taking time to go around town on a walk or a little date night with her husband. Find out what Emily loves most in and around Block 37.

The fact that the Museum of Science and Industry was one of the original buildings from the World's Fair is fascinating to me. I love the whole museum area and have been known to spend hours exploring!

Magnolia Bakery's cupcakes are delicious and some of the best in the city! I recently had a lemon frosted lemon cupcake and am still drooling while thinking about it.

Sephora has the widest range of options. I use a product called 'BioOil' that I've only been able to find at Sephora. I swear by it - it's totally transformed my skin! I love the Disney Store, especially when shopping for my daughter, Gracie, or for my nieces/nephews. It has options that every age group loves. I'm always very popular around Christmastime! :) Anthropologie is my go-to retailer. It always has the best pieces for classic style with a lot of personality infused.

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Little Block Book  

Block 37 and the Windy City Blogger Collective partnered together to create your digital guide to the shopping center including top dining,...

Little Block Book  

Block 37 and the Windy City Blogger Collective partnered together to create your digital guide to the shopping center including top dining,...

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