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January 2019

The Life of a Three Sport Varsity Athlete Columnist Ben Sachs ‘19


ractice for two hours a day, two to three translates to many aspects of life outside of athgames or matches a week- seem like a lot? letics. In any team-oriented situation, it is essenNow imagine that for every day of the school year. tial that the team is able to work together as a unit That is the life of a three-sport varsity athlete. and after spending so much time with teammates From the soccer fields to the basketball courts to I have established a strong skill set for working the golf courses, it never stops. Although I still with others. have my final two seasons of basketball and golf I have also learned the importance of knowing left, I have enjoyed every bit of it. your role on a team. For instance, although team From freshman year to senior year, I have sports like soccer and basketball seem very simbeen fortunate enough to have spent evilar, I have had two very different experiences. ery day of the school year with a sporting As a senior on the soccer team, I did not play event after school. Whether it be on very much. Although I knew I was the JV or Varsity level, I have denot going to make a large impact voted a ton of time and effort to on the field, I did all I could to the Blind Brook athletics prohelp the team win. It was imgram. I was able to be a part portant that every single day of the soccer, basketball and I worked to make everyone golf teams, representing else a better overall player. the Trojans. In addition, I knew it was In my years of competimportant to cheer on my ing, the two highlights of peers on the field and promy high school career have vide energy from the sidebeen the section final runs I lines. On the other hand, this have been a part of. The two year I have a fairly large role special runs were when I was a on the basketball team. After junior on the basketball team and experiencing not playing much senior on the soccer team. Both of in soccer I realized just how importhese journeys resulted in sectant every single player on the Photo Courtesy of Ben Sachs tion final loses where we upset team is to overall success. Even a higher seed in the semi-final though it may not seem like evround. Although we were never victorious, the in- eryone contributes, the things that take place betensity and emotion of playing on a neutral site to hind the scenes go a long way. win the section were the two most special sport- Lastly, I have learned the importance of time ing events I have ever been a part of and I will management. Although I am considered a studentnever forget those special performances. As I am athlete, academics always come first. With a large in the midst of my senior year on the basketball amount of time committed to sports every single team, I cherish my time playing varsity sports. day, I had to effectively manage my school work There are a lot of positives I have taken out of with sports in order to be successful. Although this experience. First off, I have learned valuable this was a struggle sometimes, I am grateful for life lessons that have not only helped me grow as learning how to cope with obstacles and make the an athlete but also an overall person. For example, most of my time. the importance of working together with others. I have learned a lot from being apart of a Trojan In my opinion, the biggest factor of a successful sporting team every season of high school that high school sports team is everyone on the team has helped me grow as an overall person. I am having each other’s back and working together extremely thankful for all the valuable lessons the for one common goal. The game becomes very games of soccer, basketball and golf have taught fun when everyone on the team generates positive me. I recommend that everyone makes an attempt energy, and I am fortunate to have been a part of to become apart of some sort of team in their teams that were built that way. Although this may time at Blind Brook because I can assure you that only seem important towards sports, I believe this it will take you a long way. 31 19

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