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Wednesday July 3, 2019

KIWI CAN CHAMPIONS – RESILIENCE Kiwi Can is the transformational programme reaching over 50% of Marlborough children every week during their years at primary school.

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Positive Relationships Resilience Integrity Respect

This action-packed programme, run by the Graeme Dingle Foundation Marlborough, teaches important values like resilience, integrity, positive relationships, and respect.

In Kiwi Can in schools this term it’s been all about resilience! This concept of resilience is explained to children as: “coping with challenges and bouncing back”. Along the way the children have been learning to set goals for the future, identifying things that might stand in the way of them reaching their goals, and practising strategies to help with problems they may face. They’ve also learned about perseverance, bouncing back from failure, and patience! Recognising resilience Each of the Kiwi Can Schools has nominated a “Kiwi Can Champion” – a student who has come to their notice, exemplifying resilience in some way. These children are role modelling values we want to encourage and see more of in our community. Our challenge is to think about how we can all include these values in our everyday lives and make them a topic of conversation around our dinner tables and in workplaces everywhere in Marlborough! Here are the nominations and their stories.

Resilience Means coping with challenges and bouncing back.

Kiwi Can has a history of making a big difference. The proof is in the research, and it shows Kiwi Can: • engages students; • improves listening and communication skills; • helps children play cooperatively and resolve behavioural issues more easily; • builds confidence; and • reduces bullying in schools. Kiwi Can is about transforming young lives forever and enhancing the communities we live in.

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