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Wednesday January 23, 2019

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Fire risk climbs in summer heat Continued from page 1. There have already been two recent incidents: a small bush fire erupted in Endeavour Park off Waikawa Rd, Picton, early on Sunday morning. Helicopters were called in as the area was difficult to access. And on Monday fire crews were called to the Taylor River Reserve, opposite the Beaver Rd entrance, where vegetation was burning on a property with two sheds close by. “We haven’t had much trouble so far this summer,” John says, “but as the hot weather continues we want everyone to be responsible. “If you’re burning off, check that you burn is out properly. A crust can form on the top which will make it look safe, but underneath there may still be stuff burning. “It only takes a bit of wind and one hot ember to start something.” As an example, John says they recently checked a burn that was three weeks old, and found it was still going. “If you’re mowing, try and

avoid the heat of the day. That’s when a spark from a stone can set something off.” John expects the higher fire risk to continue through February and March. He is also advising the many people using the popular Wither Hills walks to avoid the heat of the day. Fire and Emergency recently erected signs at the entrances to the Wither Hills Farm Park cautioning walkers and bikers to avoid the area between 10am and 4pm. “It’s a guide to the public,” John says. “Between those hours, you shouldn’t really be going to the upper reaches of the farm park. “Go out in the morning and evening when it’s cooler,” he advises. “If anything happens, there’s no way out.” John says he was surprised recently to see a group of seven people high up the Mount Vernon track one hot afternoon, and urges people to be more cautious. A few weeks ago a rogue elec-

Fire and Emergency recently erected signs at the entrances to the Wither Hills Farm Park cautioning walkers and bikers to avoid the area between 10am and 4pm.

trical wire sparked a grass fire just south of Blenheim. “If that had happened now it would have just taken off because the grass would have been a lot drier,” John says.. John says recent changes to legislation mean a total fire ban is not as restrictive

as it previously was. “There’s little risk with someone using an enclosed barbecue in an urban area, What we want people to do is check the website,, which will tell you what you can do and where.” Safety Tips:

Check old ash piles Don’t mow in the heat of the day. If you’re doing maintenance, do it on gravel, rather than on the edge of a paddock. Before lighting a fire, check it’s authorised on

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Most popular baby names for 2018 Charlotte and Oliver remain New Zealand’s most popular baby names, taking the top spots once again in 2018. Mia and Nikau are the most loved Maori names, both overseas and here in New Zealand. The full list of top baby names is available on SmartStart, an online tool for new parents. Jeff Montgomery, Registrar-General Births, Deaths and Marriages, says register-

ing your baby is an important step. It ensures your child has an official identity, and can access their legal rights as they grow up. Doing so is now even easier as SmartStart centralises those services in one easy to use site. “The last thing new parents want to be doing is filling out a raft of forms – SmartStart is a free, fast, and efficient way to register your child, obtain an IRD number, and

Open every day till late for coffee, lunch & dinner 1130am – late

even adjust a Ministry of Social Development benefit. You can complete those tasks anytime, on any device,” says Mr Montgomery. “This year, parents can also apply for the weekly BestStart payment at the same time as registering their baby.” A total of 13,668 different first names were given to 59,302 babies in 2018. Charlotte and Oliver have been

consistent in popularity for many years – Oliver has been the most popular boy’s name for six years in a row. Oliver’s female counterpart, Olivia, has been in close competition with Charlotte since 2011, with the two swapping first and second place many times. Jack and Isla were ranked second most popular this year. Here are the top 10 girls’ and boys’ names for 2018. Charlotte, Isla, Olivia, Ame-

lia, Ella, Harper, Isabella, Emily, Mia, Ava. Oliver, Jack, Noah, Leo, Hunter, George, Lucas, James, William, Mason. Here are the top 10 Maori names for 2018. Girls: Mia, Aria, Maia, Ariana, Nina, Kaia, Anahera, Amaia, Manaia, Kora. Boys: Nikau, Ari, Manaia, Mateo, Ihaia, Te Ariki, Mikaere, Manaaki, Kauri, Kai, Ariki.


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