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Welcome to BSR Magazine BSR Magazine is back with its 3rd edition! This edition is dedicated to the people who provided us with local support. I would like to give a special thanks to Robert Aydlett of BS2 Photography for providing us with the front cover photo. I would also like to say thanks to Lee McDowell of Image Captured for providing us with the model photo. We will keep providing our market with good material and with every issue that comes out we plan on stepping our game up. Stay tuned in for future issues and subscribe for free at www.bsrmagazine. com. Thanks to all!


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Michael A. Watson Jr. founded BLACK SHEPHERD RECORDS in September 2007. He grew up between Newport News and Smithfield VA and attended both Smithfield public schools while graduating from Woodside High School in 1999. After high school Michael served 8 years in the military. While serving his country, he became very adamant towards starting his own business. In November 2009, BSR Magazine was published under BLACK SHEPHERD RECORDS. BSR Magazine is currently under Watson Publishing LLC. BSR Magazine targets urban hip hop artists, r&b artists, models, writers, graphic designers, and urban businesses within neighboring areas. Locally, BSR magazine is being distributed throughout the seven cities of VA and other states. Michael unlocked the doors to his success by first believing in God and remaining focused. He also believes that with sacrifice, hard work, and determination you can achieve anything. Michael Watson BSR Magazine

You can contact Sanura through her manager Cat Robinson LivLive Ent. 757-353-8737 or at

Interviewed by Sabrina with BSR Magazine

6 - - Summer 2010

Interview with BSR Magazine

Sabrina: The first question I would like to ask you and most people would like to know is where are you from? Sanura: I’m from Virginia Beach. I graduated from Landstown High School Class of 2005.

Beyonce is my favorite.

Sabrina and Sanura: Oh ok (laughing).

Sabrina: So what would you say is one of your favorite songs that you have written? Sanura: “Very Best Friend”, that one came straight from the heart. I don’t know if you heard it but everybody can download it on Its just one of my favorite songs and it came from what I was feeling at that point.

Sabrina: What was your inspiration when you started singing? Sanura: I’ve been singing all my life, but I really just started taking it seriously last year. I guess what inspired me was that I was just tired of doing things everybody else’s way. So I said to myself… let me do what I want to do and make myself happy. So here I am and hopefully there’s a lot more coming in the future. Sabrina: So did you sing in church, at school, where are some other places that you sung? Sanura: I did a lot of singing in my shower at home, (laughing) in my bedroom, in school, and in chorus classes. I took a couple of voice lessons here and there. Sabrina: Ok, so you had voice lessons? Sanura: Yeah!! Sabrina: Ok… very good! When we talk about inspirations from singers, does your mom sing? Are there any family members that sing, or is there an artist that you really like? Sanura: My mom didn’t sing, my grandmother was actually an opera singer. My dad is a drummer. Its like everyone that’s in my family is like…super duper artistic on my dad’s side. On my mom side too but not as much. I grew up on Mariah Carey.

Sabrina: Do you write your own music sometimes or all the time? Sanura: Yes I do- always- all the time, have too!

Sabrina: What were you feeling at the time when you wrote that song? Sanura: Basically, its about my family members, friends that have been there for me through thick and thin, its just a dedication to them and all the people that I love and I thank them for accepting me for who I was and what I wanted to do. So that’s what I was going through at the time. I was completing my first real album and that was the last song that we did. Sabrina: Ok so how many albums have you done so far? Sanura: One (laughing) but I’m working on the next one and I’m so excited! Sabrina: So, what’s your first one called? Sanura: “Ultimate Accessory” Sabrina: Ok, I like that (laughing). Sanura: Yeah (laughing), there’s actually a song up there called, “Ultimate Accessory”. Once again you can download that on www. It was a nice album! It was a mixture of r&b, hip-hop, pop, and all types of genres. From the cover Summer 2010 - - 21

Sabrina: I know you said your music had a little bit of pop, and r&b, are there any other genres that you pull from when you write and when you sing? Sanura: I like alternative music too. What I’m working on now is more r&b based but the first album was all me kind of experimenting with different sounds, different writing styles and things like that. Sabrina: I read your blog and it seems that it has a lot of growth on it, so I was just wondering what is the biggest thing that you’ve learned so far from your life from finishing high school until now? Sanura: I’ve learned that a lot of things that have happened in your past if you let them get to you too much then you’re never going to grow. Its no way that you can get rid of anything that has already happened, but you do have to embrace the fact that everything that has happened up until now, has brought you to this point…. whether you recognize the forces that are moving in your life or not. You are going to eventually get to where ever you are suppose to be and that’s just what I’m learning…. no human can stop your destiny from happening!! Sabrina: Now, is there a specific experience that you draw from when you say that? Sanura: I was at a football stadium at the age of 17 in front of 1000’s of people and my voice cracked in the middle of singing

8 - - Summer 2010


the National with BSR Magazine Anthem. It was bad and when I got home. I cried and I said I’m never doing this again. I went away to college and my head was not where it needed to be and I was pretty much at the lowest point I’ve ever been in my life. I came back here and I had to regroup. So I always wanted to be a singer and now I’m taking those steps and everything in my past has brought me here and I can’t even hate on myself or my past. Sabrina: So what got you through that? Sanura: It was a matter of getting rid of the people in your life that aren’t going to help you get to where you need to be. Sabrina: It’s working for you now I think you’re doing a really good job!! What was the last event that you did? Sanura: I actually performed at Mango’s in May at the “Day Party for G.E.D”. Shout out to G.E.D Entertainment and Soulful Entertainment! I performed with my old band and it was a very nice turn out. Sabrina: Shout out your band. Who’s in your band? Sanura: OMG! We got Mike, AJ, BJ, A-Driver, Ron, Chris and Kenya. Chris and Kenya are singers, A-Driver’s the rapper, I’m also a singer, and we have two drummers. We just put on a crazy show and we do what’s called Melodic Monday’s every first Monday, at Entourage Night Club, so if you ever want to come through it’s always a very good turn out. Sabrina: As we close out why don’t you sing us something? You can catch Sanura singing on!!

I Got a Man… but What HeGotta Do with


Ladies, have you ever

been out with your girls and all of you were looking extremely good? Then all of a sudden a handsome group of guys walk up and start a conversation. Let’s say the guy who comes to you is either good looking, all right, or not at all your type. You say hello, my name is so and so. He replies, what’s up lil mama. Before he can ask you anything else, you say, I don’t mean to lead you on but I have a man. The man who is not your type leaves you alone. After this statement the other two in the group might say, I don’t care. What he gotta do with me? So, 10 - - Summer 2010

because he’s a nice looking guy, you accept that he’s “JUST” trying to be your friend. Now he’s constantly calling, sending you things, and calling you little nicknames that only your man should be calling you. You confront him about this whole ordeal and he insinuates that your man can’t do it like he can. Now if you have a man who’s not putting 100% into the relationship like you or at least not meeting you half way then maybe he’s right. If you’ve got a king and he’s treating you like a queen then you need to immediately take action. Now let’s say you see an old classmate, he still thinks you’re the hottest thing ever, and you think otherwise. You both start to reminisce on things that happened when you were in school. By the end of your conversation, you exchange numbers so that you both can stay in contact. After a couple of days of talking, he suddenly tries to be more than just old friends. He explains that he really liked you in school and still has strong feelings for you. He admitted that he was immature and only looking for one thing back then. You are so shocked and confused from his comments. Now you have to tell him that you are flattered but you have a man. He feels doubtful because he just spilled his heart and you crushed it. You simply uttered again that you’re sorry if you led him on, but you already have a man. Another situation may be when a man walks over to you and ask, if you’re there alone. You mumbled yes, but you also tell him that you have a man. You’re constantly trying to let him down easily but he insisted on having a seat

as if you never told him. His excuse for sitting down was that he wants to get to know you better and he isn’t looking for anything more. Although in return you don’t feel the same way because as you said before, you have a good man at home. Ladies some men come into our lives and quickly leave. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never the same. Don’t ever let another man try to take you away from your king especially if he’s treating you like a queen. If you’re in that relationship where you are giving all the love and not receiving any back, then you need to move on to bigger and better things. Let the new man that comes into your life do all the things that a real man would do. So next time that good looking man ask for your name and number tell him you got a man and that your man got EVERYTHING to do with him.

By: Ashley McNair

The hottest new music of VA, only from BSR!

Artist SOUL SUN Album “SUN DAY” “SUN DAY” is an ear full for the whole family to enjoy. The creative, yet soulfully smooth sound of a lyrically talented artist, gives you an empowering mind frame. So get in the car, pop in “SUNDAY”, relax and enjoy the ride.


Artist RIP AUSTIN Album “DA HOOD LEGEND” “DA HOOD LEGEND” has got to be on your top 10 hardest hood albums in VA. From production to lyrics, “DA HOOD LEGEND” has it all. This album represents the street life and open your mind to situations faced on a daily basis in the hood. Capture the visual as RIP AUSTIN gives you the low down on “DA HOOD LEGEND”. ORDER RIP AUSTIN “DA HOOD LEGEND” @

12 - - Summer 2010

Shattered Mirror While asleep he came into the

Screaming out for help with his

room after he made mama

hands over her mouth


Shattered Mirror

Shattered Mirror Hands tied down and forced to When there was a knock at the

submit to marital acts because

front door after school and

he’s not the father

he said, “your mama told me to

Shattered Mirror

check on you” Shattered Mirror

Shattered Mirror is a reflection of sexual abused individuals

When she was 7 and he was 45

that have been broken into

he climbs in the tub to wash her

pieces of lowliness and

secret place

speaking out is the beginning of

Shattered Mirror

mending those broken pieces.

Johnny, Bobby, Mitch, Ken,

by Queen Divine

and Tom robbed her of her innocence Shattered Mirror Revealing the family’s dirty secret and they called you a liar Shattered Mirror - Summer 2010 - 13

Interview with BSR Magazine

You can email RIP Austin at: or To see why RIP Austin calls himself the “Biggie of Bad News”, check him out on

14 - - Summer 2010

BSR Mag: This is Mike Watson from BSR Magazine. I’m here with RIP Austin. First we would like to know where did you get your name and since you’re from Bad Newz what part of Bad Newz are you reppin? RIP Austin: Yeah what’s good man; this is your boy RIP Austin, with “BSR Magazine”. My grand father named me RIP and over the years it just stuck with me. I’m reppin downtown Newport News… 25th, 24th, 22nd of Oak Ave and Chestnut. All love, all family you know what I mean!

the lab cooking for cats right now. I got the “Biggie of Bad Newz” album coming, which is going to be a double album. I will have a DVD sliding in with that and pretty much just holding it down!! Pretty soon, you all will see the Empire Entertainment Compilation album. I got “Da Hood Legend” that’s in the streets. Executive Produced RIP Austin, Bernie Burns. Shout out to my man Burns!! Pick this album up! Included are 15 bangers… nothing but strictly heat!! That’s what it is!!

BSR Mag: RIP, let us know how long you’ve been out and what inspired you to get into rap? RIP Austin: I’ve been doing it for 18 years. I’ve always looked at hip-hop as the love of my life. As far as my inspirations…cats like Kool G-Rap, Rakim, KRS One, Big Daddy Kane, Grand Puba, Public Enemy, EPMD, A Tribe Called Quest, Leaders of the New School, real hip-hop artist. That’s what attracted me to hip-hop, that’s my life and that’s how I live it.

BSR Mag: I had a chance to check that out!! It’s hot!! Probably, one of the best albums in Va. Big ups to RIP Austin, and the whole Empire Entertainment Crew!! Who are some of the people that you came up with…you know like some of the heavy weight guys, locally? RIP Austin: I grew up with Cats like Kevin Swiller, my man Q, Quaz, Lotto, Twan Richardson, Double XL and Hershey. I can’t forget a lot of those Cats. Shout out to Sick Mike, Ambassador Rick, and the list goes on!!

BSR Mag: So you call yourself the “Biggie of Bad Newz”. I’ve been sitting here thinking about “Biggie”, that’s a big name to carry!! One of the greatest of all time!! Let us know who gave you that title or how did you come up with that title for yourself? RIP Austin: The way I came up with that title… just like “Big” did it in the streets of New York. I did it in the streets of Bad Newz. Never lost a battle. Battling on all corners of all neighborhoods…never lost. “Biggie”, never lost so “Biggie” was the big man in New York and I’m the big man in Bad Newz… until otherwise proven!! BSR Mag: Tell us about any up and coming projects you have out? RIP Austin: Yeah, right now I’m working on the “Biggie of Bad Newz”, mix-tape volume 1. My man Bernie Burns and I got that in

Summer 2010 - - 21

(A perfect image hair salon)

Katrina Ammons

Make up artist

Lee McDowell 757-871-2035

Photographer for booking:

A.K.A (Natural Beauty)



Turning Back The “Earlier that day” The morning before it had happened Ricky was having a good day. He ate breakfast, laughed with his girlfriend, and watched the time slip away. It was Friday, and since he didn’t have to work he decided to go out to the club. Flirt a little bit, share a couple of drinks, and then fetch a little grub. He arrived about 10:00pm in hopes to have two hours of fun. He sat down at the bar checking his pockets making sure he brought his gun. The guy that was sitting beside him already had a lot to drink. He appeared to be loud and obnoxious…. to drunk to even think. Intentionally, the guy hit Ricky and injured his nose. This was the life-changing event, the moment that he opposed. 18 - - Summer 2010

He stumbled terribly and shoved the guy up against the door. Violently striking him as he kicked the guy repeatedly on the floor. Even though the fight seemed to be over, Ricky knew that this wasn’t it. The guy rose up shouting, “ I can’t believe you I got to round up my click”. Ricky headed home with sweat dripping from his face. A dropping of blood here and there as his heart began to race. He glanced in the mirror as he began to get out of his truck. Ricky stepped out slowly, amazed by his weird luck. The guy that he had beaten was standing right there in front of him. He had his boys with him so Ricky knew he couldn’t tackle all of them.

e Hands Of Time Not knowing that he had to use his gun and where his gunshots would end up. He noticed across the street a father was crying as his son fell by his Transformers cup. Ricky wanted to run but he simply couldn’t do that. How would he have felt leaving a father crying about something he truly did regret? Looking around he noticed that all of the guys had already left. Ricky couldn’t fathom the pain that the little boy’s father had felt.

“The Next Day” Ricky visualized himself after last night’s nightmare. Picturing the victim laying there lifeless dying in fragile despair. His mind raced as he thought about what he had did. He had no idea that a single

gunshot wound would kill a sevenyear old kid. “Dedicated to all the Father’s And Mother’s that has lost A child, due to gun violence”. By: Anita Watson


From the cover

with BSR Magazine

20 - - Summer 2010

BSR MAG: We are here with Soul Sun MC out in Portsmouth VA. We are going to see what Soul Sun has going on. First off, we would like to start off this interview by asking Soul Sun about his name. Like where did it come from? Soul Sun: Basically, my name came from a joke, for real for real, because I always had quite a taste for soul music. I always listened to a lot of Common where I’m from. A lot of people were not on that. I was always on some soulful stuff, so like I said it came as a little joke so I just used it. BSR MAG: Ok, so getting to the roots of your name, you were talking about Common so let us know a little bit about other artists that inspire you? Soul Sun: First, God and all those who paved the way you know like Common, KRS One, The Roots, Talib, Mos Def, people like that. You know, the people that are actually saying something. Like, somebody with substance and natural skills. BSR MAG: Right, I can feel that. So Soul Sun, I see that you hang out in Suffolk a lot. I see you around in different areas

performing in different places so where are you really from? Soul Sun: Man, I was born in Suffolk VA but I grew up in Chesapeake VA. I’ve been staying in Portsmouth since I’ve been about 14 or 16 years old. BSR MAG: When do you perform and where are some of the places that we can catch you performing at? Soul Sun: You can catch me at “Time Lounge”, on Wednesday night’s, you can catch me every last Thursday at “Club Crush”, off of Washington St. Whew…you know stay tuned! BSR MAG: Stay tuned that’s what we are definitely going to do. Are you still a part of the group “Lyricist Project” because I know that you all had a couple of things going on. I use to listen to some of your music that you and the group did together. I’ve been seeing some of the group members around performing like “Non-Friction.” What happened because from what I heard, the group hasn’t been working together lately? Soul Sun: Umm… not really man it just kind

Summer 2010 - - 21

From the cover of faded out. Nothing really bad happened. I mean we still get together. We rocked together a few months ago at an event. You never know you might catch us rocking together again maybe later in the future but like I said before it just kind of faded out. Everybody is on there own path. BSR MAG: How do you feel about the support process that goes on behind the scene with helping an artist growth around here? Soul Sun: Well, you know its kind of difficult, especially being a lyricist around here. It’s not a lot of that, but you know it’s actually some supporters if you look hard enough. Big Up’s to “Chasity”, www. It’s a lot of avenues so you definitely have to multi-task.

22 - - Summer 2010

BSR MAG: Are you working on any new projects? Soul Sun: I dropped a mixed tape like a couple of months ago called, “Sunday”. You might be able to find one on www.thatpiff. com. Basically, you know I still do hand-tohand deals. Umm… whatever live show you can catch me at you better believe that I’m going to have some CD’s on me. That’s basically how I’m running that. BSR MAG: Now with that first album, do you have any features on it? Soul Sun: Oh Yeah!! Quite a few features one of my producers from overseas. Umm… “Valotsky”, I got “A-Driver” on that joint, I got “Tech Flow”, and I got my man “Details”, which is one of my partners I’m running with. “Am/Pm”, you see us

Interview with BSR Magazine

You can email Soul Sun at:

together a lot he’s on that song called, “Look Up” check for that. BSR MAG: Let us know what are some of the major obstacles you face as an artist in the area? Soul Sun: It’s a lot of hater’s. A lot of people don’t want to see you make it but, for the most part you are just getting yourself out there by staying consistent just working a little harder. It will eventually come. BSR MAG: So what do you think about the radio support? Soul Sun: You have

88.1 they have been supporting a lot with playing the CD. It’s not a lot of support and it’s a lot of red tape with that as far as the radio support is concerned. BSR MAG: In ending, leave us with something that everybody reading would like to know about you? Soul Sun: I’m trying to inspire people. I want kids to hear something with substance. I’m trying to bring something positive to the table. Along with the real essence of hip-hop and bringing it back to where it started. I’m just trying to do things in the right way.

Each edition of BSR Magazine is designed and organized to keep all of our readers entertained on individual talent in our area. If you are one of the individuals that would like for your work to appear inside of BSR Magazine please submit your work to


BSR magazine selects its featured artists by their work. We pick from sound, performances, and originality. We ask that all artists present a media kit to us before being placed in the magazine. We will view your work and we will contact you by email or phone if you are selected to be one of our featured artists. Yes this does include bands, jazz, blues, r&b, hip hop, funk, old school, new school, etc.

24 - - Summer 2010

WRITERS: All stories and poems must be original. Sto-

ries and poems will not be entered if there is any use of vulgar language. If you are a writer under the age of 18 we must have a signed consent form from a parent or legal guardian.

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The hottest new music of VA, only from BSR!

Artist BERNIE BURNS Album “THE GILDED AGE” THE GILDED AGE was a term used from Mark Twain and Charles Dudley during the post Civil War era between 1865-1901. It was a term used to define how things can be glittery on the surface but corrupt underneath as a description of the late 19th century government and businesses. So listen as Bernie Burns entice your mind with the knowledge and understanding of the modern day Gilded Age. ORDER BERNIE BURNS “THE GILDED AGE” @

Artist BRANDEESH Album “BASED ON ATRUE STORY” BASED ON A TRUE STORY is a true classic VA album. Come journey with Hip Hop artist Brandeesh as he take you on a thrilling ride through his lyrical encounters of his life experiences. ORDER BRANDEESH “BASED ON A TRUE STORY” @ - Summer 2010 - 27

In the United States sex education is still a very complicated debate. The reason that this issue is such a controversy is because some school staffs don’t want to blanket teens with sexual information because it may be detrimental to them. Most conservative groups want to increase support for abstinence. They believe that striving to instill in teens that you shouldn’t be having sex until they are married will help teens more so than having a sex education program in school. In general, conservatives want to spend hard earned tax money to support programs that teaches teenagers to practice abstinence. Researchers have been looking into this issue and they have found that “abstinence only programs” are not proven to be effective in preventing teens from having sex. Although studies show that sex education might help reduce teen pregnancy, many parents and school educators have debated over whether teens should just say “no”, or receive instructions on contraception’s. While teen pregnancy is on the rise, parents and staff members wonder which options will be most appropriate to help slow down teen pregnancies. A study done by Kohler and colleagues found that teens that receive sex education were sixty percent less likely to become pregnant than teens that don’t receive any kind of sex education. Finally, the real question is still growing among many people and that is, does sex education work for our teens and if it does how can we do a better job at providing it in our schools?

Studies by: Kholer and Colleagues/ HealthDay News Molly Mays MSNBC Story by: Anita Watson 28 - - Summer 2010

BSR Magazine Exposes VA Artists around the seven cities that want a chance to be seen and heard Contact: Mike Watson of BSR Magazine Email: Website:

Newport News, VA Are you an artist and feel as though your talents are not being recognized? Every music artist would like to utilize their talents to show a larger audience. Most, younger audiences like music that will make them dance, recite lyrics, or maybe even relax. With these special editions that are issued out quarterly from BSR Magazine (, it will take artists and their music to an entirely new level. Different-Consistently GrowingLocal Urban Music Magazine “What makes BSR Magazine so unique is that artists in Virginia will finally start getting the right media exposure. This type of exposure focuses solely on the artist and their opinions. Imagine being a music artist and finally being able to be placed in a popular magazine. Imagine the joy and excitement! They would continue to experience great photography, and graphic work that is designed by our experienced graphic artists. Our magazine is distributed through the local mail system, to our subscribers, and also at random events”, states Mike Watson, CEO of BSR Magazine. 30 - - Summer 2010

Mike Watson further explains, “Making the artist known is our job, real conversations helps us to distinguish that. They are….committed to their craft, and they are constantly putting their best into there work which determines whether or not they are going to get something out of it”. While the difficulty of being heard and seen usually surrounds the media center in Virginia, artists that work with BSR Magazine will establish a partnership bond that they can trust. Fully Interactive Online Magazine Even if subscribers haven’t had a chance to look at the hard copy of BSR Magazine, it is available online. BSR Magazine offers the ability to listen to new artist music by visiting our website at www.bsrmagazine. com. There, you would also be able to flip through pages just as if you had the magazine in your hands.

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