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Young team competes at Golden Two-Four ...................................12 The Golden Farmers’ Market is in full swing, and can be found in the CP Rail parking lot across from 7-Eleven on Wednesdays, and in Spirit Square on Saturdays, beginning July 6. There will be a special Canada Day market from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on 9th Avenue N. on July 1. Keri Sculland/Star Photo

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Canada Day July 1, 2019

Celebrate Canada Day with family and friends at The Horse!

Canada Day Trail Race July 1, 2019

5-10k trail races in Crystal Bowl!

Page A2 Thursday, June 27, 2019

Golden Star


Three suggestions made for future of landfill By Keri Sculland

The Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) and property owner Andrea Weissenborn both presented to town council on June 18 regarding the current state of the Golden Landfill. Last year, the CSRD received a letter from the Ministry of Environment (MoE) stating that a number of requirements were out of compliance for the operations there. In addition to design and performance requirements, some of these included unreported leachate surfacing from the landfill property, uncontrolled vectors and litter, wildlife attractants, and more. The CSRD has stated it is making changes to comply with the MoE requirements since then, and will provide notification of any future emergencies to the MoE. In addition to the environmental impacts, neighbouring property owner Andrea Weissenborn has an extra list of complaints against

the CSRD for excessive litter on her property as a direct result from landfill operations, and concerns about groundwater contamination in neighbouring areas. The CSRD presented a report to Town of Golden council outlining the groundwater well testing that was completed, and other operations at the landfill. Town council was advised that some changes might need to be made to the landfill in the coming years, which could potentially include rezoning residential properties in the area, closing the landfill, or creating a transfer station if possible. All of the options would need to be examined carefully, and will begin with well monitoring over the next couple of years. CSRD hydrological assessments were completed at the wells, including the newest well that was drilled this year. It will use these results to determine if another well should be drilled closer to the Town of Golden to monitor possible con-

tamination. The CSRD did discover high levels of chloride and nitrate in one of the Town’s wells, which Western Water hydrologist and the environmental consultant for monitoring systems Bryer Manwell said is likely caused by another source. This spring, the Weissenborn family requested that the CSRD would not continue with its clean up of litter on their property. Instead, they hired a contractor, who discovered that the litter was buried beneath the surface of the soil, and hauled out thousands of pounds of garbage from the property. “There’s layers of litter into the soil. A lot of these pieces of litter are plastic and recyclable,” Weissenborn said. “The crews found these owl pellets, and these pellets have plastic in them… It’s a reflection of what’s going into the ecosystem.” CSRD environmental health services team leader Ben Van Nostrand says that one of the improvements the landfill completed this year was

the installation of a golf-style netting, he says will help keep the litter contained. “We have been trying to keep the litter on our side of the fence,” he added. In the spring of this year, there hasn’t been any offsite migration of surface water, explained Manwell. The most recent well was drilled down around 500 feet, and helps the CSRD assess the groundwater flow direction, determining where any contamination would migrate. One of the stronger suggestions from the CSRD to the Town of Golden is to create a 500-metre buffer between the landfill and sensitive land uses. Within that zone includes residential areas like Pine and Granite Drives, and could include future residential neighbourhoods. “The reason I’m making that recommendation is so there’s no further development,” Manwell said. “We don’t want to create further issues of people being disturbed by landfill

activity.” Manwell says the best thing to do for now is monitor the existing wells, and make a decision about where would be the best location to drill offsite to determine where the groundwater migrates from the landfill. “My suggestion is we continue to monitor at all of these locations for a two-year time prior to establishing a location to monitor offsite,” she said. “If we do establish that offiste leachate is occuring, then there should be consideration to close the site or implement leachate collection and on-site management.” Offiste leachate could also instigate a more aggressive approach to close the existing phase of the landfill and install an engineered phase that would minimize leachate. The CSRD hosted at meeting at the Golden Civic Centre on Tuesday, June 24 to discuss the landfill. More information will be available next week.

Community invited to learn more on invasive weeds Submitted

in their natural habitats, these invasive plants are highly adaptable and difficult to control. Golden’s Community Invasive Plant Program aims at decreasing invasive plant infestations while increasing public awareness about these invaders within the Town of Golden. Removal is done through non-toxic methods like hand-pulling the plants in high-priority areas. The program also offers free invasive plant inventories to private landowners on their land, it educates the public about the Town of Golden’s pesticide bylaw, coordinates community weed pull events, and pro-


DE NL AD Y LI 2 NE D :F A rid YS ay , J LE un FT e 28 ! th

As the summer season begins, so does Golden’s Community Invasive Plant Program. This seasonal program was initiated 10 years ago through Wildsight Golden with support from the Town of Golden as a means of removing invasive plants in the community. Invasive plants (terrestrial and aquatic), are a major threat to biodiversity worldwide. Invasive plants out-compete local Indigenous plants and agricultural crops for water, nutrients, and light. Without the insect predators and plant pathogens that kept them in check

vides expertise on invasive plant identification and removal to the public at the local farmer’s markets. Are you interested in getting involved? Wildsight Golden has two community weed pull events scheduled for this June and July and are accepting participants. Volunteers will leave with a full belly from a free lunch and refreshments, as well as a deeper knowledge in identifying some of Golden’s most prevalent invasive plants. Wildsight Golden invites the community in its effort to control the spread of invasive plants in the area to help protect the ripar-

ian areas – as well as the many native plants and that animals call these areas home. The first community weed pull event will run the morning of Saturday June 29 from 9 to 11:30 a.m., pulling invasive plants along the Kicking Horse River. The meeting location is at Spirit Square by the pedestrian bridge. If you do plan to attend this family friendly event, please contact the community invasive plant coordinator to RVSP, Tesia Hackett at wildsightweedprogram@ gmail.com or call 250344-5530. Hackett will also host an event table

Do you have a 2019 Graduate you would like to congratulate? Congratulations! You did it! We are all so proud. Love Mom & Dad


Each year, Wildsight Golden hosts its annual community weed pull. PhoTo SubmiTTed

at the Wednesday farmer’s market every third week until the beginning of August. Feel free to stop


by and see Hackett if you have any inquiries, would like further information, or are interested in a free

invasive plant survey conducted on your private land within the Town of Golden.



Class of 2019 Souvenir Graduation Supplement

Book your space now by calling or emailing MELISSA 250-344-5251 | classifieds@thegoldenstar.net

Golden Star


Project restores marsh bird habitats at Reflection Lake

Thursday, June 27, 2019 Page A3

Wildlife biologist Rachel Darvill presented the Reflection Lake Restoration Project to town council on June 18. Keri Sculland/STar PhoTo

By Keri Sculland

Cattail in Reflection Lake have been growing rapidly, and are taking over natural birding habitats. These are some of the reasons why Goldeneye Ecological Services biologist Rachel Darvill has asked for the Town of Golden council’s support in the upcoming Reflection Lake Restoration Project, which will involve experimental cattail manipulation to try to reduce the number of the marshy plants. “There has been a notable increase in the amount of cattail present,” Darvill said to council. “Essentially, you have a cattail monoculture that has been created here.” The experimental cattail management involves creating a liner in Reflection Lake to prevent the growth of the cattail, which is similar to pond liners used in the Okanagan to combat the

yellow flag iris. Dr. Catherine Tarasoff, from Thompson Rivers University’s Department of Natural Resource Science, developed the low-cost environmentally friendly method of getting rid of the ornamental yellow flag iris from Vaseux Lake, near Oliver, B.C. Restoration efforts would begin this year, likely starting in October, when the water levels are lower. The cattail will be removed before a mat is put down for one year to prevent them from regrowing, and edging is added to hopefully kill the rhizomes. Darvill plans to deliver the removed cattail to the Akisqnuk First Nation in Windermere to be used for traditional cultural purposes like basket weaving. “Birds won’t use this type of habitat, it is just too dense,” Darvill said, adding that the area is important for marsh bird breeding.

“There’s not really anywhere for birds to forage and move around.” According to the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program, the Reflection Lake Restoration Progect will take three years to return the lake to the hemimarsh conditions to increase bird breeding habitats. Hemi marshes are a type of wetland typically found in deeper water with emergent vegetation and submersed plant life. The best bird breeding habitats are found in wetland areas with equal parts open water and vegetative cover. This project will benefit birds in the area such as the eared grebe, sora, Virginia rail, piedbilled grebe, wood duck, hooded merganser, and more. The Reflection Lake Restoration Project is supported by the Columbia Shuswap Regional District, the Fish and Wildlife Compensa-

tion Program, and the The Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development. Darvill brought the Reflection Lake Resoration

Project presentation to the Town of Golden council to seek their support and educate them about the project, since the lake is close to the municipality.

Notice of Proposed TELUS Telecommunications Facility Description: As part of the public consultation process required by the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), TELUS Communications Inc. is inviting the public to comment on a proposed telecommunications facility consisting of a 45.6 metre self-support tower and ancillary radio equipment in order to provide dependable wireless data and voice communication services to Golden and the surrounding area. Proposed Tower Location: 872 McBeath Road, Golden, BC (PID: 016-533-097) Coordinates: Latitude: N 51.243138°, Longitude: W 116.916749° Location Map For More Information: Tawny Verigin c/o Cypress Land Services Inc. Agents to TELUS Suite 1051, 409 Granville Street Vancouver, BC V6C 1T2 telephone: 1-855-301-1520 e:publicconsultation@cypresslandservices.com The public is welcome to comment on the proposal by the end of the business day on July 29, 2019 with respect to this matter. TELUS Site: BC104129

Proposed Location

Page A4 Thursday, June 27, 2019

Golden Star


First Nations included in Columbia River Treaty talks By Trevor Crawley Black Press

Delegates from Canada, including local Indigenous observers, wrapped up the seventh round of negotiations on the Columbia River Treaty in the United States last week. Canadian representatives met with American negotiators in Washington D.C. and are set to meet for another round of talks in Cranbrook in September, according to a provincial government press release. Katrine Conroy, the minister responsible for the Columbia River Treaty and MLA for Kootenay-West, issued a statement along with joint statements from local Indigenous nations. “This round of negotiations marked a historic moment as representatives of Columbia Basin Indigenous Nations were present as observers for the first time,” said Conroy. “Representatives of the Ktunaxa, Syilx/Okanagan, and Secwepemc Nations had already been collaborating with the governments of British Columbia and Canada on negotiation positions and strategies; but this week, they were present in the negotiating room and participated in breakout discussions with Canada and B.C. during negotiations. “This is a very significant step forward – not just in terms of the Columbia River Treaty, but also in supporting our government’s commitment to reconciliation and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. “During the latest round of negotiations, the American and Canadian delegations took stock of progress of negotiations since the Columbia The Mica Dam is located on the Columbia River near Revelstoke, and controls water levels in Kinbasket Lake near River Treaty modernization process began in May Golden. There are a number of dams located along the Columbia River from its starting point to where it enters 2018. The latest discussions focused on flood-risk the ocean through the United States. management, power and adaptive management.” PhoTo SubmiTTed The Ktunaxa, Syilx/Okanagan, and Secwepemc JOIN US FOR GOLDEN’S 13TH ANNUAL


Saturday, June 29th 9 am - 11:30 am Meet at the Pedestrian Bridge Gloves and bags will be provided

Nations also issued a joint statement following the latest round of talks on the treaty. The federal government announced Indigenous inclusion in the negotiation process two months ago after an outcry from local First Nations advocates. “While a great deal of work remains to be done, we are very pleased with what we have observed and participated in to date,” reads the statement. “This precedent-setting role as observers builds on and enhances our important work with Canada and B.C. over the last two years. We are confident that we can continue to contribute positively to these negotiations and help realize the First Nations’ goals for meaningful outcomes from these negotiations that are of critical importance to our nations and homelands.” The Columbia River Treaty is a water management agreement signed between Canada and the U.S. in 1964. In exchange for providing flood control and downstream power benefits, Canada agreed to build three dams, while the U.S. agreed to build one. While the power generation provides for roughly half of the potential power generation in B.C., the construction of the dams flooded 110,000 hectares of Canadian ecosystems and displaced more than 2,000 residents, heavily impacting First Nations communities and traditional territories. The treaty has been criticized for failing to adequately consult with First Nations and other stakeholders when it was first negotiated. Under the agreement, the U.S. paid Canada $64 million for 60 years of flood control and power generation benefits. The treaty has no end date, but either country can unilaterally terminate the deal by 2024, provided there is a 10-year notice.

Women’s centre honours volunteer Golden Star Staff

The Golden Women’s Resource Centre Society honoured and recognized the work of Ellen Zimmerman at its annual general meeting on June 19.


Zimmerman is a founding member of the organization, and was fundamental in creating the organization’s eco-feminist newspaper The Webspinner in 1984. She has volunteered in many capacities, been on the board of directors, and has been a feminist catalyst in the community. Zimmerman was one of the first women to sit on the board of directors when the golden Women’s Resource Centre Society was formed. At the meeting, another founding member, Peggy Chalmers, said a speech to thank Zimmerman for all of her hard work and dedication to the society. The Golden Women’s Resource Centre began its story in the mid 1980s, and was created to provide a safe, non-judgemental and positive space for women and children. Ellen Zimmerman has been an integral part of the Golden Women’s Resource Centre for many years.

PhoTo SubmiTTed

Golden Star


SAR called to rescue paragliders in incident near top of Mount 7 Golden Star Staff

Golden and District Search and Rescue On Tuesday, June 18, Golden and District Search and Rescue (GADSAR) was tasked to respond to a paragliding incident just below the Mount 7 launch. Three search and rescue technicians landed at the launch with Alpine Helicopters and walked down to the patients. The patients were stabilized, packaged, and flown out in two flights to be treated for their injuries. GADSAR also participated in a cooperative training with Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH) at the Bugaboo Lodge last weekend. GADSAR teamed

up with CMH Heli for some Class D Fixed Line training at the Bugaboos Lodge. With popularity of Via Ferrata courses increasing, this was extremely beneficial practice for evacuating an injured climber off the course. Golden-Field RCMP The Golden-Field RCMP receive 88 new files over the past week, including 18 traffic complaints, nine collisions, six abandoned 911 calls, and five disturbances. On June 19, just after 4 p.m., the Golden-Field RCMP responded to a two-vehicle collision on the Trans-Canada Highway near Hart-

ley Road, west of Golden. “The cause of the collision is still under investigation, however, at this time it is believed that a White pickup truck was passing, in the oncoming lane, when it collided head-on with a blue Toyota,” says Cst. Spencer Lainchbury with the Golden-Field RCMP. Four passengers from the blue Toyota were transported to hospital with minor injuries, while the driver of the white pickup truck was airlifted to Kamloops with serious but non-life threatening injuries. The Golden-Field RCMP and Canadian Pacific Police Service are investigating a number of thefts from construc-

tion sites near Field sometime between June 15 and 17. Police were first advised on June 16 that a vehicle, which was later confirmed to be stolen, had been left abandoned on CP Rail property. Upon further investigation it was determined that a generator and power tools had also been stolen out of a temporary structure located at the site. The following day, police received a separate report that a construction trailer had been broken into at Hoodoo Creek and several pieces of surveying equipment had been stolen. At this time, RCMP believe the two thefts are related, and are looking to speak with anyone who may have seen

anything suspicious in the area, says Lainchbury. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Golden-Field RCMP at 250-344-2221, CP Police Service at 1-800-716-9132, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477. Golden Fire Rescue This week, Golden Fire Rescue responded to several calls to assist the BC Ambulance Service, including calls for cardiac distress, shortness of breath, an overdose, and another assist. Golden Fire Rescue has been working on many areas of training over the past few weeks including driver training, pumps and pumping, and medical response.

Several members have recently received updated certification from training session at the Salmon Arm training centre. Once again, the public will see a lot of activity around the training grounds as Golden Fire Rescue pours concrete pads and finishes up building propane props. Valley Blacktop Ltd. will be paving the driveway into the training grounds next week. Stay tuned to Golden Fire Rescue’s Facebook page for FireSmart tips, wildfire news, and emergency notifications.

Thursday, June 27, 2019 Page A5


Call this number 250-439-9058

Looking for a Place to Make a Difference? Volunteer with the Girl Guides of Canada and help girls empower themselves, explore their world, and be everything they want to be. https://www.girlguides.ca/volunteertoday Check out girlguides.ca/volunteertoday or email kootenayareaPR@gmail.com.

Behind the Wheel Sponsored by:

Johnston Meier

Market arts

Insurance Agencies Ltd. 510B - 9th Avenue N., Golden, B.C. (250) 344-5201

Fraudulent Compliance Markings I am thinking about upgrading the sealed beams on a vintage car to LED headlights. The LED headlights I’m considering are marked “DOT SAE” on the front. Does that mean that they are legal on roadways in B.C.? This is a tough question for someone without special knowledge to answer. I looked carefully at the picture of the light on the web site. Not only did it say DOT and SAE on the lens, it also had the European E marking. I drew on the expertise of Dan Stern, a vehicle lighting expert and Editor in Chief of Driving Vision News. Did this headlight meet standards? His response was No, and it’s not a headlamp, it’s a headlite-shaped trinket, one of a mountain of them. It’s a pathetic knockoff of legitimate headlamps and has fraudulent partial markings specifically designed to falsely assure buyers who cannot reasonably be expected to spot the difference. Unless you have a source that you can trust for proper advice, sometimes it is safer to keep the equipment that your vehicle came with from the factory. To comment or learn more, please visit drivesmartbc.ca.

The best insurance rates. Have a Home Insurance Owner’s Questions? Kate Smyles and the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy will host a Market Arts Circle at the Golden Farmers’ Market each Wednesday during the summer. The arts circle is an opportunity for children and adults to add to a collaborative arts piece, make puppets, help out with theatre, make masks, art, weave rugs, read and play out stories, and much more. The Market Arts Circle is looking for materials (fabric, sewing needles, embroidery floss, buttons, clean socks, felt, and scraps) and volunteers for the market season. For more information about upcoming arts circle events, or to help out, search for Market Arts Circle on Facebook. Keri Sculland/STar PhoTo

Sherry Seidemann

Give Sherry a call - she knows how to get you the best coverage, for the best price, when it comes to homeowners, tenants, rental dwellings, seasonal dwellings and condos.

Page A6 Thursday, June 27, 2019

Getting ‘hyperlocal’

In Golden, we have businesses that offer a multitude of services. There are groceries, clothing, gifts, nutrition, printing, alterations, restaurants, comic stores, book stores, movie rentals, and more. Pretty much anything you want, there’s a business for it here in Golden. It’s interesting to take a small inventory every now and then and realize how great we have it in our community. Sure, sometimes you might not be able to find exactly what you’re looking for, but we have some amazing people here that will do their best to help you get what you Golden Star Editor want, find an alternative, or special order it for you. Here at the Golden Star, we offer a service as well. We work hard every day to provide the community with factual information that is educational and purposeful. We carefully craft articles that everyone will find interesting, and offer space for businesses to advertise. Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to do this 52 times a year, adding in special supplements like the special grad paper (out next week), Remembrance Day sections, the Golden Wedding Magazine, and the Dining Guide. We take all of these projects on as extra work because we know you will love it, and you will continue to support us. When we support other businesses in town, we are eating their meals, enjoying beverages, catching an evening movie, ordering in our favourite books and comics, renting new releases, and buying new shoes and shirts. Supporting the newspaper includes buying annual subscriptions (which are super affordable) and taking out ads. People sometimes worry when the paper doesn’t carry the same physical weight as it once did. There used to be more pages, and it came in a larger format. Countless times I have heard people say they are worried the newspaper won’t last forever. Well, I’ve already listed a couple ways we can all make sure we continue to have the same great and informative service in town. Aside from that, fear not. The newspaper in Golden is doing pretty well. After the mass cuts in the industry nearly 10 years ago, news transformed into something really interesting. The industry movers and shakers realized that there are already enough outlets for people to receive their provincial, national, and world news. That’s when the light bulb went on. Community. Without it, we have nothing. So, the news industry hacked a bunch of larger papers to save what mattered most to people: the community news. This is why we focus on hyper-local activity. It’s what you want, and what we’re happy to provide. Each week, we enjoy supporting all of these hyper-local businesses, just like you support ours. Thanks for being there for us and for each other, Golden. If you ever feel like writing a letter, buying a subscription, or getting the word out about your personal and business announcements, feel free to come by and say “hi,” or give us a call at 250-344-5251.

Keri Sculland

Golden Star


Letter: Auxiliary purchases new hospital equipment To the editor: Golden Hospital and Durand Manor thank the local Golden Hospital Auxiliary members for their most recent purchases of two weighted blankets for Durand Manor and two medical imaging cassettes. The blankets evenly distribute gentle weight to create a sense of security; much like a hug. One side provides cool comfort in the summer while the other, fleece side, provides warmth in cooler weather.

ful to receive this new equipment, made possible through the ongoing dedication of the local Hospital Auxiliary members’ volunteer efforts. Much of the monies raised are through the Auxiliary’s catering efforts. If you are interested in volunteering or would like to know more about the Golden Hospital Auxiliary, their next Jennifer Schoeler models the weighted blanket ay Durand Manor with hospital meeting is Septemauxiliary members and staff. ber 10 at 1:30 p.m. PHOTO SUBMITTED in the board room at the Columbia Valley The medical im- technician to more takes to perform the Credit Union. aging cassettes are quickly process mul- exam. used for multi-part tiple images thereby Both departments Tammy Perks exams, allowing the reducing the time it are thrilled and grateGolden, B.C.

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No 74%

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We reserve the right to edit all letters for brevity, clarity, length and taste. Please address letters to: editor at editor@thegoldenstar.net.


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Golden Star


Thursday, June 27, 2019 Page A7

Golden point of view

Do you think we should keep daylight savings time?

STARS to Heather and Brad for another wonderful softball season. Too bad we couldn’t get a summer league going, but maybe two days a week is too many. Kyle Hale

Jon Van Haaften

Inge Mitt

“No way, get rid of it. It just makes sense to stay on the same time all year round.�

“Yes, to keep the sunlight in the middle of the day.�

“We should change it like it was before. Leave it all year.�

A cafe full of STINGERS to people who take up great window seating during “peak times� for just themselves to use the free Wi-Fi.

Tips for coping with wildfires then build a family emergency Smoke, evacuations, loss, worry plan. Visit BC Centre for Dis–B.C.’s wildfires affect us all. If ease Control for information on A14 www.thegoldenstar.net you are feeling stressed or anx- wildfire smoke and steps you can ious, you are not alone. take to protectMerchandise your health.for Sale Services Services The fear of having to flee your 2. Take care of the basics. home, leaveHealth possessions behind Stress takes a toll on our Medical Electrical Misc. for physiSale and relocate can cause distress, cal and mental health. Try to eat Aerial Contractors Ltd.PowGET UP TO $50,000 For Sale: fear for of you and your well get enough sleep. Be kind er line systems builtand to BC fromand the anxiety Government Hydro of standards. Give and accept supCanada. you or loved ones.Do Even the prospect to 1-800-661yourself. someone you know Have EC#190806. living with smoky skies during port. Follow your daily routine. 7622 any of these Conditions? wildfire seasonADHD, can cause distress. Take a break from disaster news Merchandise for Saleand from thinking and Arthritis, ItAsthma, isAnxiety, normal to have these types coverage Cancer, COPD, 2017 Commencal ofDepression, feelings when experiencing an talking about disaster events. Diabetes, Supreme DH v4.2 Fox Building Supplies Difficultysituation. Walking, abnormal 3. Ask for help. Edition XL 27.5� 650B Fibromyalgia, Irritable $4000 Mint condition. No one can predict when or BUILDING Whether it’s with family, friends, Bowels, STEEL Regularly maintained. SALE...�MEGA Overweight, Trouble will occur, where a big wildfire a doctor or a counsellor –DH talking Best/ fastest bike I’ve MADNESS SALE - BIG owned. Used only 1 full so Hundreds it’sDressing...and best to think aheadCRAZY aboutDEALS helps. Crisis lines are available ON ALL more. ALL season. Brand new: rear how ages to stay mentally healthyBUILDINGS!�20X21 this to listen and help anytime & Medical shock, linkage, –not front $5,868. 25X27 $6,629. Conditions Qualify. Have wheel People and drive with train. summer, suggests a news release just32X35 during a crisis. 30X31 $8,886. a child under 18 instantly In Calgary but willing $9,286. 35X35 $12,576. from Interior Health. moderate to severe symptoms thatto receive more money. drive to meet serious One End Wall Included. CALL BRITISH joshre1. Prepare yourself and your to four weeks Pioneerlast Steelmore than twobuyer. gan40@gmail.com COLUMBIA BENEFITS 1-855-212-7036. family. should consult a family physician, 1-(800)-211-3550 OR Conveniently call the out Having a clear emergencywww.pioneersteel.ca plan if available. Otherwise, reach Send a Text Message classified department with Your Name and and kit ready for your family, pets to your nearest Mental to place your ad... Health Mailing Address to and livestock ease your mind and Substance Use Centre. Symp(604) 739-5600can For Your while on FREE benefi ts package. and allow you to focus on other toms may include: trouble sleepvacation needs. Visit PreparedBC for re- ing and eating;1.866.865.4460 feeling depressed 4OPÖEMPLOYERS Ö./7Ö()2).' sources to help you understand or hopeless; being and XXXMPDBMXPSLCDDB BC anxious eds.com the hazards in your location and fearful; having recurring thoughts

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

are you...


Help Wanted

Invasive weeds are sure to move in now.

STARS to everyone who donated to Little Mittens at the Golden Softball Association tournament this weekend.

STARS to everyone who came out to enjoy the live music in the rain on Wednesday.

Stinky STINGERS to the herbicide spraying along the airport road. You killed all the wild strawberries and wild flowers.

STINGERS to grumpy cashiers. Don’t slam my eggs down just because you’re in a bad mood. I was being nothing but pleasant.

Email your Stars and Stingers to editor@thegoldenstar.net

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Go home and stare at your computer.

Revelstoke shout out

or nightmares about the event; and avoiding activities or places that are reminders of the event. Thursday, June 27, 2019 Golden Star 4. Help others. Check in on older and Merchandise for SalepeopleMerchandise for Sale Rentals Real Estate children. Coping may be more difficult Misc. for older foradults Sale living alone, Misc. Wanted Other Areas Homes for Rent those with mental health chal2 Bedroom house on TIMBER FRAME AND Genuine Coin Collector Wanted lenges, or BUILDING those with few social acreage at Castledale on LOG buying coins,collections, Cash paid for Hwy 95, South of Golden. SUMMER SALE. out to congold & silver coins, + supports. Reaching $850/month plus utilities. Land and Timber Douglas Fir, Chad The Coin Expert nectSeasoned with them can be a big help. No parties, no illegal acdirect to you savings. 1-250-863-3082 or Timber, all species tivities. Long-term, mature, Delivery/assembly Children who have experienced Call: reliable tenants preferred. available. Island School 778-517-5257 or previous wildfire evacuations Good references and damReal Estate of Building Arts. Details: 778-582-1050 or age deposit required. call or www.isba.ca/store adverse healthoreffects due to 250-741-4278 Phone 250-344-6710 250.247.8922 smoky skies may need help Business from for Sale Legal adults who provide care for them. Rentals Wanted Denturist clinic for sale TheMisc. Canadian Mental Health in Burns Lake B.C. Association provides Mental Legal Notices Apt/Condo for Rent (250)-864-3521 business with a Collector Buying Health Tips ForRoyal You andTurnkey Your large clientele. Business Twin Rivers Apts 1 & 2 Canadian Mint coins, CRIMINAL RECORD? Family. has been operating for Bdr apt Looking for mature Why suffer Employment/ collections, old coins, 75 years. I am wiling to responsible tenants. No Licensing loss? Travel/ Visit paperwww.gov.bc.ca/naturaldmoney, pre 1968 Together we create more stay on for a period of parties, N/S. No pets. RefBusiness opportunities? silver coins, bars, world resources isasterhealth for more time for the transition. survivors with the help erences required. 250-344Be embarrassed? Think: collections.+ ANYTHING Call Gerald Eckland 8113. Now accepting rental Criminal Pardon. US to cope with& wildfire from your donations. GOLD SILVER and natural (250) 692-7626 / email: applications. Entry Waiver. Record Toddstress. The Coin Guy disaster Community talks, eaglec@telus.net Purge. File Destruction. hosted(250)-864-3521 by the Canadian Mental Free Consultation WE ARE Able buyer of all your old will also Health Association, 1-800-347-2540. coins, coin collections, BUILT accesslegalmjf.com take placeCOINS, in select communities Collector all silver, TO HEAL The Revelstoke Review cartoonist wished two moose good luck after they were transported gold, rare, common, old throughout Interior Health this ,OOKINGĂ–FORĂ–AĂ–.%7Ă–EMPLOYEE Donate today money, bullion.+ Todd the to Golden for rehabilitation. www.heartandstroke.ca summer, www.bcdisasterat bcchf.ca XXXMPDBMXPSLCDDB Coin Guyvisit (250)-864-3521 BLACK PRESS PHOTO stress.ca for more information.

The Average Canadian Will Spend Their Last Ten Years In Sickness.

Help Wanted


Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted


Page A8 Thursday, June 27, 2019

Golden Star


Canada Day 2019 Lions Club and Golden Fire Rescue pancake breakfast

Whistle Stop Outpost and Municipal Campground

In Spirit Square starting at 9 a.m., by donation.

• 7 p.m. Parson Jazz Cooperative

Golden RCMP

• 8 p.m. Amy Bishop and the Hopeless Sinners

• Law Enforcement Torch Run 5km run/walk • 8:30 a.m. registration at Spirit Square. $20 to register and includes a free t-shirt

https:/ www.facebook.com/events/377303202911424/permalink/377308562910888/

• https://www.facebook.com/events/377303202911424/permalink/377308562910888/ Registration link: specialolympics.bc.ca/LETR or through Golden-Field RCMP Cst. Robyn Diddams at 250-344-2221 www.specialolympics.bc.ca/LETR/ Ext. 2260 or robyn.diddam@rcmp-grc.gc.ca

Golden Museum • 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. – Music by The Pickups, old fashioned games for kids, hot dogs by donation, lemonade and a free Canada Day cake at noon.

• 5 p.m. Rotary BBQ and Little Mittens Beer Garden

https://www.facebook.com/events/339191963420963/ https://www.facebook.com/events/339191963420963/ Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

• 12-3 p.m. – Facepainting, sidewalk art, balloons and more in the Plaza • 12-2 p.m – Canada Day Cake at Eagle’s Eye Restaurant • For more information, visit kickinghorseresort.com/events


GoldenUltra Canada Day Trail Race at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

Package Pick-up - Eagle’s Eye Restaurant (Top of Gondola) (9:00 am - 10:00 am)

The Golden Farmer’s Market

Start - 10:00 am (Top of Gondola)

• 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. downtown Mainstreet from the Post Office to 7eleven alongside the Redline Car Show.

Awards - Awards will be held at the top of the gondola at 12:00 pm.

• Live Music by Broken Brothers.

• Online registration will close at midnight on June 28, 2019. You may register in person on July 1 between 9 am and 10 am but there will be a $10 late registration fee applied to all registrations purchased on July 1.

• Everyone’s favourite food and artisanal vendors.

12th Annual Golden Team Redline Car Show • Noon – 5 p.m. (Registration from 11 a.m. – noon, pre-registration available at goldenteamredline@gmail.com or 250-344-4883 (Lisa) • Location: 9 ave N. Downtown, Golden, B.C. • Firs 50 registrants receive a free t-shirt

Golden Swimming Pool • Canada Day Public Swim from 2 – 5 p.m. • Jump into the pool party with games, a slip n’ slide and more.

• For more information, visit goldenultra.com/canadaday

Fireworks • Beginning at 10:45 p.m., put on by the Town of Golden and Canadian Heritage. The best place for viewing is along the Kicking Horse River near the Golden Municipal Campground. • Thank you to Canadian Heritage for helping make our Canada Day fireworks and celebrations possible! https://www.facebook.com/townofgolden/ For more information visitwww.facebook.com/townofgolden facebook.com/townofgolden

Golden Star


Thursday, June 27, 2019 Page A9

Mbira Renaissance performs party-hearty blend Golden Star Staff

Mbira Renaissance played the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival in 2018, and is coming to perform at Summer Kicks in Spirit Square in Golden on Wednesday, July 3 at 7 p.m. Mbira Renaissance will kick off the evening, and local band The Pickups will play in between sets. Edmonton-based Mbira Renaissance plays a mix of Afro-fusion, reggae, jazz, and rock, and is sure to get everyone up on their feet, dancing to the eclectic and catchy sounds of the mbira instrument, paired with the band’s full-bodied presence. facebook PhoTo

Cousin Harley

Mbira Renaissance is a Zimbabwe-inspired blend of Afro-fusion, reggae, jazz, and rock, coming to Summer Kicks on Wednesday, July 3. Everyone attending the Summer Kicks in Spirit Square will be up and dancing to this party-hearty band’s unique sounds. With seven members, Mbira Renaissance hails from Edmonton, Alta. Driven by the beguiling tones of the mbira – a kalimba-style instrument featuring a wooden board fitted with approximately two dozen metal tines plucked with the thumbs – Mbira Renaissance perform rich polyrhythms of traditional Zimbabwean music.

Town of Golden tips for water conservation

Tip # 1

Aerate! Lawns can become compacted over time. Aerating removes cores of soil and turf from the lawn, allowing water, nutrients and oxygen to penetrate the soil.



me i

Kicking Horse Culture executive director Bill Usher describes the mbira instrument as a “thumb piano,” because it is played with the thumbs and one finger. The mbira is traditionally played in a big band.

“It’s dance music,” he said. “I’m looking forward to seeing them.” Mbira Renaissance takes up the stage at 7 p.m., and will be accompanied by local band The Pickups as the half time performers. The entire show

should have everyone up on their feet dancing, enjoying the musical talent from Mbira Renaissance and the four-part harmonies by The Pickups, Usher said. The music starts in Spirit Square at 7 p.m.

wishing everyone a

hAppy CAnADA DAy!

Doug CloveChok, MlA

Columbia River-Revelstoke 1-844-432-2300 doug.clovechok.mla@leg.bc.ca

Lace up for the Law Enforcement Torch Run and support Special Olympics BC! Join us and be inspired as Special Olympics athletes run/walk with law enforcement members in the Golden Torch Run! This LETR event is fun for all and raises funds and awareness for Special Olympics BC. DATE Monday, July 1, 2019 START 8:30 a.m. registration at Spirit Square, 8th Avenue North, Golden ROUTE 5 km run/walk COST $20 registration, includes dri-fit T-shirt Register at www.specialolympics.ba.ca/LETR or through Golden-Field RCMP Cst Robyn Diddams at 250-344-2221 Ext: 2260 or robyn.diddams@rcmp-grc.gc.ca www.specialolympics.bc.ca/letr Twitter @BCLETR

Despite the rain, Cousin Harley had people dancing at Summer Kicks in Spirit Square on Wednesday, June 19. keri Sculland/STar PhoTo

The Town of Golden encourages you to help reduce water use this spring and summer!

The law enforcement Torch Run is an innovative initiative powered by dedicated law enforcement members around the world who want to help Special Olympics athletes experience acceptance, achievement, and admiration through sport.

Pets welcome to come for a run with you but they must be on leash.

Page A10 Thursday, June 27, 2019


OF GOLDEN Meetings Thursdays at noon in the Ramada Meeting Room Please join us!

Golden Church Services Catholic Church of Sacred Heart Tuesday - 7pm •Wednesday - 9am Thursday - 9am • Friday - 9am Saturday - 7pm • Sunday - 10am Father Joseph 808 - 11th Street • 250-344-6328 Golden Baptist Church Sunday - 10:30am Pastor Richard Campeau 1343 Pine Drive • 250-344-7676 Golden Pentecostal Tabernacle Sunday - 10:30am Pastor Devon Martinsen 717-10th Street S • 250-344-2459 Rocky Mountain Alliance Church Sunday - 10:30am Pastor Tom Fehr 712 - 10th Street • 250-344-2456 Trinity Lutheran Church Sunday - 10:30am 909 - 9th Street • 250-344-2935 Golden Seventh Day Adventist Church 917 - 11th Street St. Andrew's United Church Sunday - 10:30am 901 - 11th Street • 250-344-6117 St. Paul’s Anglican Church 913 - 9th Street S • 250-344-6113 Columbia Valley Bible fellowship Sunday - 11:00am Ralph Kirchhofer Parson Community Hall • 250-348-2059 Golden Sikh Cultural Society Sunday - 11am Upstairs at the Sikh Temple cover heads • no shoes Lunch After Prayer by Donation The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 1529 LaFontaine Road 1st, 3rd, 4th & 5th Sundays - 10am 2nd Sunday of each month in Fairmont

Golden Star


Events & Entertainment Calendar Golden Cinema presents: Toy Story 4 Friday, June 21 @ 7:00pm. Weekend matinees @ 3pm. MIB International Friday, June 28- July 1 @ 7:10pm. Weekend matinees @ 3pm Spiderman: Far From Home July 2 daily @7:10pm.

This Week

Bargain Basement Thrift Store St. Andrew’s United Church & Centre for Peace open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 11am-3pm and Thursdays 1-3pm. FREE Settlement Services to help newcomers to Canada with English language training, citizenship, community resources, banking, housing, and more! Fridays from 9-11am and Tuesdays from 1-3pm. Art Gallery of Golden presents Caitlyn Antaloczy Watercolours May 24 to July 2. 5-7pm.ery.

Thurs, June 27

Bridge Club every Thursday at the Senior’s Centre 1-4pm. 250-344-5448. A.A. Meetings Thursdays, at the Family Centre, 421 9th Ave N. All meetings are open and start at 8pm. 250-4263876 Women’s-Only A.A. Meeting at the United Church 901 11th Ave S. at 7:15pm. Golden Toastmasters Thursdays, 7pm at College of the Rockies. English Language Classes, free! Tue. & Thur. 10am-12pm. 250-344-8392 to register. Senior’s Centre: Cribbage on Thursdays 1-3pm. Everyone welcome. Rotary Club of Golden lunch meetings every Thursday @ noon in the Ramada meeting room. Everyone welcome. Mountain Magic Quilters Guild Thursdays from 7-9pm at the Seniors Centre. New members/guests of all ages welcome. Open Mic every Thursday at

the Rockwater, 6pm start. Metis Nation CRS drop in every Tuesday and Thursday from 10am-2pm. 250-3445508 or 250-344-6981 for more info. Creative Thursdays at the Golden Women’s Resource Centre. Every Thursday in April from 1-3pm Golden Community Cemetery Tour Thursday, June 27 from 6:30 to 8pm, $10. Meet at Golden Cemetery.

Fri, June 28

A.A. Meetings Fridays at the Lutheran Church basement 909 - 9th St. S. All meetings are open and start at 8pm. 250-426-3876. Golden Youth Centre drop-in every Wednesday and Friday from 3-6pm. Special Olympics “FUNdamentals” youth program Fri. 9-10am at APES. For children 7-12 years with intellectual disabilities. Call 250-919-0757 for info. Meat Draw and 50/50 at the Golden Legion every Friday at 5:30pm and Saturday at 5:00pm. Soup Day at The Seniors Centre. Friday, June 28, 11:30am-1pm. $7 includes soup, coffee or tea, and dessert. Everyone Welcome!

Sat, June 29

A.A Meetings Sat. at the Golden Museum. All meetings are open and start at 8pm. 250-426-3876 Meat Draw and 50/50 at the Golden Legion every Friday at 5:30pm and Saturday at 5:00pm. Men’s Meeting at Rocky Mountain Alliance Church. Free continental breakfast. 9am, last Saturday of the month. All men welcome! Wildsight Golden Community Weed Pull Saturday, June 29 from 9am-11:30am. Meet at the pedestrian bridge at 9am. Families welcome! Golden Walk a 90 minute his-

• For more information... go to www.thegoldenstar.net

torical tour of downtown and south of the Kicking Horse led by Glen Ewan. Saturday, June 29 & July 6 @10:30am, meet at the stairs at Spirit Square.

Sun, June 30

Sunday Howl open mic at the Wolf’s Den Sundays 6-10pm.

Mon, July 1

Art Guild Painting at the Seniors Centre ever y Monday from 10:30am-3pm. Everyone welcome to attend. Nicholson Parent & Tot Mondays from 9-11am at Nicholson School. Al-Anon Group meets Mondays at the Women’s Centre from 6-7pm. 250-3446492 for more info. Golden’s Seniors; Navigator has appointment slots every Monday at the Senior Centre. Call Mickey at 250-3446866. Canada Day 5 & 10 K Race Monday, July 1 at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. Visit goldenultra.com to register. Canada Day Celebration Family Free Event Monday, July 1 at the Golden Municipal Campground. 5pm Rotary BBQ & Little Mittens Beer Garden. 7pm Parson Jazz Cooperative. 8pm Amy Bishop and The Hopeless Sinners. Canada Day Celebration at the Legion July 1 from 12-5pm. BBQ, Harry Potter’s Butterbeer, face painting, and cupcakes. Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run Monday, July 1 @ 8:30am at Spirit Square. Golden Farmers’ Market downtown on 9th Avenue N. from 11am to 4pm.

Tues, July 2

A.A Meetings Tues. at the Lutheran Church Basement 909-9st. S. All meetings are open and start at 8pm. 250426-3876.

Did you know that Stars & Stingers and Letters to the Editor are free?! If there’s something on your mind feel free to call, email, mail, or pop by the office with your thoughts.

English Language Classes, free! Tue. & Thur. 10am-12pm. 250-344-8392 to register. Metis Nation CRS drop in every Tuesday and Thursday from 10-2pm. 250-344-5508 or 250-344-6981 for more info.

Wed, July 3

Young Gunz for youth 10-17 who want to help in the community, learn leadership, and have fun. Group meets at the Legion Wednesdays 4-5pm. 3066 Cadet Corps. meet every Wed. from 5:458:15pm in APES gym. Contact 3066rcacc@gmail.com. Golden Youth Centre drop-in every Wednesday & Friday from 3-6pm. Drop-in Counselling Clinic Wednesdays from 9am-5pm at the Golden Family Center (421 9th Ave. N. upstairs). No appointment necessary, no fee, confidential. For info www.goldenfamilycenter. bc.ca Golden Farmers Market Wednesday from 12 to 5pm at the CP Parking Lot. Kicking Horse Culture presents Mbira Renaissance Wednesday, July 3 @7pm at Spirit Square.

Upcoming Events

Community Columbia Paddle from Nicholson to Confluence Park Tuesday, July 9. Meet at Confluence Park at 4:30pm for providGet the word out! ed shuttle or at Nicholson bridge at 5:30pm to paddle. For more info call Wildsight at 250-344-5530. Kicking Horse Culture presents Holly Hyatt Band Wednesday, July 10 @7pm at Spirit Square.

Do you have a community event coming up? Let us know and we’ll put it in our Community Events Calendar. 250-344-5251.

Golden THE

editor@thegoldenstar.net 250-344-5251 413A 9th Ave North PO Box 149 Golden BC V0A 1H0

Golden Star


Thursday, June 27, 2019 Page A11

Online similar to newspaper from 100 years ago I was looking through the Golden Star from 100 years ago and thought to myself that the “Local and General Column” from then would be a lot like the Golden Community/ Golden Classifieds and Cheers N Sneers Facebook pages of today. These bits are from June 1919. -Keep July 1 an open date for the Great War Veterans and the Ladies Auxiliary, when your support will be asked on their behalf. -Pte. J. Connor returned to Golden during the week from overseas. He went over with the 225th Battalion and transferred to the 54th, with which battalion he returned. -Mr. Robert McKeeman cane into town on the Kootenay Central on Friday to have his eyes attended to by Dr. Stevenson. We are glad to hear his eyes are much better. -Wanted – Medium sized Safe at moderate price. Write: Safe, Post Office. -An animal in quest of blood visited the chicken house of R. Crosby on Monday night and killed about 50 chickens. -When residents of Golden were leaving church on Sunday evening last, boys were observed to be throw-

Happy travellers gather on the platform at the Golden CP Rail station. PhoTo SubmiTTed

55+ bc games


55+ Games For Life, Sport and Friends

SEPTEMBER 10-14, 2019 Kelowna

READY to come play with us?

Turning Back the Pages

We have something for everyone at the 55+ BC Games.

seT for your sport? gO!

Colleen Palumbo

to www.55plusBCgames.org to find out how you can be a part of the Games.

ing stones at the rink building. When remonstrated with they directed their mischievous efforts to a small residence in the rear of the Henderson’s factory. Boys are boys and boyish pranks can be expected of them in any community. A number of Golden’s youngsters, however, at the present time, appear to have a total disregard for the difference between right and wrong and it would be in the best interests of both the boys and the town if they were taken to task. -Forest fires did considerable damage in this district during the week, no less than seven distinct conflagrations being reported. Four of these are said to be under control, one is regarded as safe, but two, in the limits of the Columbia River company, are still

“For Life, Sport and Friends” Choose your Sport:

causing considerable concern. The fires reported were at Donald, Moberly, Parson, 11Mile, Canyon Creek, and two in the limits of Columbia River company. Considerable damage has been done at headquarters and No. 12 camps. -J. Braisher was a visitor to Golden on Tuesday from the McMurdo benches. -For Sale – Sixroomed House. Four lots and outbuildings, three milch cows each with calf, three heifers. R. Huibregtse, near school. -Charlie Johnson and Jack Moore motored down on Thursday from Nelson Creek. -W. McCreary, man-

ager of the sawmill at Six Mile Creek, was a visitor to town on Tuesday. -The body of Martin F. Powell, who was caught in a snowslide last November at the Lead Queen mine, Brisco, was found last Saturday. Constable Mills is having the body brought to Golden and James Henderson left here on Tuesday for that purpose. -The Dominion government appropriations provide for the extension of the telephone line from Windermere to Fairmont Springs during the present season. -Mrs. H.J. Starforth has gone to Salmon Arm accompanied by her grandson, Owen

Bradley, who will join his father there. -Headquarters for household furniture in beds, springs, mattresses, pillows, bureaus and commodes, chairs, tables an crockery – H.H. Parson, Limited. -An enjoyable dance was held in the Columbia hall on Saturday evening last, at which the music was furnished by the Zingari Mandolin and Guitar club. There was a good attendance. A few crates of preserving cherries and raspberries arriving this week and next. Leave your orders if you want to secure any – H.G. Parson, Limited. -One of the most enjoyable and suc-

cessful “going away” stag parties was held at the residence of Mr. Blyham on Wednesday evening last in honour of Mr. Shakes. When it became too dark to locate the exact whereabouts of the tobacco-box on the golf course, the guests assembled in the drawing-room where the remainder of the evening was spent at bridge. Refreshments were served during the intermission, tea being gracefully poured by Mr. Woodlock and passed around with charming sang-froid by Mr. Slaymore. Everybody had a good time and the verdict of Judge Sponthom was satisfactory to all concerned.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

8-Ball Archery Badminton Bocce Bridge Carpet Bowling Cribbage Cycling Darts Dragon Boat Racing Equestrian Fast-Pitch Five-Pin Bowling Floor Curling Golf Hockey

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Horseshoes Ice Curling Lawn Bowling Mountain Biking Pickleball Slo-Pitch Snooker Soccer Squash Sturling Swimming Table Tennis Tennis Track & Field Triathlon Whist

How to register 1

Choose your Sport


Choose your Zone Sport Coordinator


Submit registration forms and submit fee

For registration dates and more information visit our website www.55plusBCgames.org


Too Many Zooz


We all have a story to tell and no matter who you are – a mother, a son, a best friend – cancer will change your life forever. But with research, we can change the story and help Canadians affected by cancer to live their lives to the fullest.

ERIC McCORMACK Stand Up To Cancer Canada Ambassador

Join Stand Up To Cancer Canada and the Canadian Cancer Society to learn more about the groundbreaking research and clinical trials that translate into life-saving treatments that may help you or your loved ones.

TOGETHER, WE CAN CHANGE THE FACE OF CANCER. Visit StandUpToCancer.ca/CCS to learn more.

The band who made a name for themselves by playing in subway stations in New York, Too Many Zooz, performed to a lively crowd at the Rockwater on Tuesday, June 18. Keri Sculland/STar PhoTo


Stand Up To Cancer Canada is a Canadian Registered Charity (Reg. # 80550 6730 RR0001). Stand Up To Cancer and the design trademarks are trademarks of the Entertainment Industry Foundation, used under license.

Page A12 Thursday, June 27, 2019

Golden Star


Youngest Golden Two-Four team enjoys race

(Top left photo) All of the riders at the Golden Two-Four gathered for a photo. (Top right photo, left to right) Ben Gadd, Iain Frazer, Ethan Allenbach, and Odin Sinclair enjoy some down time at the Golden Two-Four race. PhoToS SubmiTTed

By Keri Sculland

The youngest team in the Golden Two-Four this year was made up of four boys, with a combined age of 60 years. Ben Gadd (17), Iain Frazer (now 15), Ethan Allenbach, and Odin Sinclair (both 14) teamed up to compete in their first Golden Two-Four, an all day and all night trail riding mountain bike race here in Golden. Over the course of 24 hours of nearly nonstop biking, the young athletes barely had time to sleep

more than an hour at a time. The lack of sleep provided an interesting challenge, but they were also faced with riding terrain lit by mobile lamps along the way, and a few bumps here and there. In the middle of the night, it is easy to lose track of what time it is, Gadd said. Gadd kicked off the first lap for the team. Just after he started out down the trail, he crashed, busting his brakes and dropper post. He wasn’t able to finish the lap before getting some repairs done, which set

the boys back in time. Despite a few hiccups along the way, the team still came in first place in their age category. The race is split up according to age category, and these athletes on the Derailed team were the only ones that young to compete. Participating in the race came as a suggestion from one of their high school teachers, Ron Ainsley. The four young athletes began to train for the event a few months before it was set to take place, and

spent their time riding the trails in and around the Mountain Shadows area. “This was our first time, so it’s really a learning experience,” Gadd said. “Barring mechanical problems, next year will go a lot better.” Staff from Derailed attended to race to watch the team compete, and were on hand to help with bike repairs when they were necessary. Not long after their first run, Gadd experienced three flat tires in one lap, so it was good to have a team

of mechanics around to help out. Next year, Allenbach plans on being the technician for the team. As an employee at Derailed, he is getting a lot of experience repairing bike problems, and will be a huge asset to the team. While the team was working hard to do their best on the trails, they were also celebrating Frazer’s birthday. He turned 15 on the day of the race, and was happy to spend the day with his friends doing what he loves.

Softball winners


TO WIN! Go to Hawaii.com to start submitting contest entries. Earn more points on Hawaii. com for more chances to win.


Round-trip air travel for two to Kauai, Hawaii

GRAND HYATT KAUAI RESORT & SPA 3 nights run-of-house accommodations


Two (2) gift cards for Kauai ATV Waterfall Tour

KUKUI GROVE $200 gift card

KAUAI COFFEE COMPANY Two (2) tickets for new tram tour

ENTERPRISE RENT-A-CAR 4-day car rental

Your complete source for island travel.

No purchase necessary. Must be 21+ years old to enter. Entries accepted at Hawaii.com until August 12, 2019, 11:59pm Multiple participants are not permitted to share the same email address. Any use of robotic, repetitive, automatic, programmed or similar entry methods or agents will void all entries by you. Employees (and their immediate families) of Oahu Publications, Inc. (Hawaii.com) and all participating sponsors are not eligible. Winner will be responsible for all taxes applicable to the total value of the prize(s) received. Prize(s) are non-transferable, not redeemable for cash and must not be used for re–sale. Prize(s) are for travel, accommodations and vouchers during specified dates only. Prize(s) expire approximately one year from the entry deadline. Winner will refer to the prize vouchers for complete details, terms and restrictions. If the winner has any issue with the prize or is not able to redeem the prize(s) as specified they must forfeit the prize and another winner will be drawn. Changes or extensions will not be made by Hawaii.com. Winner authorizes OPI to use their name and likeness for promotion at no additional compensation. Winner will be contacted. No phone calls please.

The Marlins took on the Upper Deckers in the top of the softball league finals on Sunday, June 23. The Marlins took home a first place win in the A League for their team this year. One Track Minds won against the Screwballs in the B League. The final tournament wraps up the season for the Golden Softball Association. Keri Sculland/STar PhoTo

Golden Star


Golden Star Thursday, June 27, 2019


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In Memoriam

In Memoriam

In loving memory of Evelyne Zdanovich, Our dear sweet Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother who passed away July 1, 2018 Loving memories keep you near. No longer in our lives to share but in our hearts, you are always there. No verse, no flowers, no tears can say how much we miss you every day. Sadly missed and forever loved by her family. Sharlene, Len & Lincoln, Lawney & Diane, Kevin & Bert, Vicki, Jamie & Mike, Maria, Kaitlyn, Marcie & Al, Reid, Kendra.

Spotlight your business with our business builder packages Call today to reserve your spot, space is limited!

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THRIFT SHOP COORDINATOR Do you have the skills to run a thrift shop? Can you organize volunteers and donations? Support the philosophy for our community outreach? St. Andrew’s United Church is currently seeking a Coordinator for our bargain basement thrift shop; open 14 hrs/wk Wednesday-Saturday. The Coordinator is a 30 hr/wk paid position. Please submit resume to st.andrews_uc@persona.ca mail P.O. Box 1290, Golden, BC V0A 1H0. Closing date July 5, 2019

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Career Opportunities Exciting leadership opportunities with Weyerhaeuser! We are currently looking for an experienced Human Resources Manager and Sawmill Team Leaders to join our Grande Prairie Lumber mill. For more information please visit www.wy.com/careers

Education/Trade Schools APPLY NOW: A $2,500 Penny Wise scholarship is available for a woman entering the Journalism Certificate Program at Langara College in Vancouver. Application deadline June 30, 2019 Send applications to fbula@langara.ca. Details at https:// langara.ca/ programs-and-courses/ programs/journalism/ scholarships.html

Help Wanted Bella Coola/OfďŹ ce Manager Required at Bella Coola Grizzly Tours and Adventure Resort Inc. On site accommodations provided at Resort and fair wages. www. bcgrizzlytours.com Country living at its finest. Office Manager is responsible for answering e-mails, telephone, bookings & reservations, processing CC payments, meeting and greeting Guests, keeping office area tidy and some housekeeping. Excellent computer skills required. Position available immediately. Please send cover letter and resume by e mail att: Leonard Ellis / Owner info@bcgrizzlytours.com

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Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Land Act: Notice of Application for a Disposition of Crown Land Take notice that the Town of Golden has applied to the British Columbia Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development (FLNRORD), Kootenay Boundary Region, for a Community/Institutional Land Act tenure for the Upland Portion of the Town of Golden’s Dikes Improvement Project situated on Provincial Crown Land located upland of the North bank of the Kicking Horse River and South of private properties along 9th Avenue North. FLNRORD invites comments on this application and associated utility applications. The Town of Golden’s Land File is 4406026. Applications associated with the Upland portion of the Project are Files: • 4406026 (Town of Golden – Upland Project Area) • 4406007 (BC Hydro – Electric Powerline) • 0259032 (TELUS – Amendment to the location of a Telecommunication Line) • 0274741 (TELUS – Amendment to the location of a Telecommunication Line) • 4406029 (Superior Propane – Gas Line) Written comments concerning these applications should be directed to: Authorization Specialist, FLNRORD, Kootenay Boundary Region, at 1902 Theatre Road, Cranbrook, BC V1C 7G1. Comments will be received by FLNRORD up to July 20, 2019. FLNRORD may not be able to consider comments received after this date. Please visit the website at http://comment.nrs.gov.bc.ca/ for more information. Be advised that any response to this advertisement will be considered part of the public record. Access to these records requires the submission of a Freedom of Information (FOI) request. Visit http://www.gov.bc.ca/freedomofinformation to learn more about FOI submissions.

Casual Registered Nurses Needed for in home 1:1 pediatric respite care for medically fragile children in your area. Offering union wages, paid training and full support. For full details and to apply visit: www.resourceability.ca

General Labourers

Help Wanted

Required for 6 weeks full-time work with an established roofing company for the Golden Arena project. Must be physically fit and able to follow directions. All training provided.

Planerman Planerman required for

Call Trevor at Laing RooďŹ ng 250.317.6438

North Okanagan Sawmill. We offer competitive wages and benefit package as well as the opportunity to live in one of BC’s most beautiful areas. Please email resume: netimber@junction.net

Help Wanted


Ponderosa Motor Inn requires Housekeepers and night shift Front Desk Staff. Positions avail. immediately. Exp. preferred, but will train. Apply in person with resume 1206 Trans Canada Hwy.

Financial Services



Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877-987-1420 www.pioneerwest.com

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Golden Star

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Thursday, June 27, 2019 Golden Star



Merchandise for Sale

Merchandise for Sale

Merchandise for Sale

Real Estate


Medical Health


Misc. for Sale

Misc. for Sale

Misc. Wanted

Other Areas

Homes for Rent

GET UP TO $50,000 from the Government of Canada. Do you or someone you know Have any of these Conditions? ADHD, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Cancer, COPD, Depression, Diabetes, Difficulty Walking, Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowels, Overweight, Trouble Dressing...and Hundreds more. ALL ages & Medical Conditions Qualify. Have a child under 18 instantly receive more money. CALL BRITISH COLUMBIA BENEFITS 1-(800)-211-3550 OR Send a Text Message with Your Name and Mailing Address to (604) 739-5600 For Your FREE benefits package.

Aerial Contractors Ltd.Power line systems built to BC Hydro standards. EC#190806. 1-800-6617622

For Sale:

TIMBER FRAME AND LOG BUILDING SUMMER SALE. Seasoned Douglas Fir, direct to you savings. Delivery/assembly available. Island School of Building Arts. Details: www.isba.ca/store or call 250.247.8922

Genuine Coin Collector buying coins,collections, gold & silver coins, + Chad The Coin Expert 1-250-863-3082


778-517-5257 or 778-582-1050 or 250-741-4278

2 Bedroom house on acreage at Castledale on Hwy 95, South of Golden. $850/month plus utilities. No parties, no illegal activities. Long-term, mature, reliable tenants preferred. Good references and damage deposit required. Phone 250-344-6710



Apt/Condo for Rent

Legal Notices

Twin Rivers Apts 1 & 2 Bdr apt Looking for mature responsible tenants. No parties, N/S. No pets. References required. 250-3448113. Now accepting rental applications.


Merchandise for Sale Building Supplies STEEL BUILDING SALE...�MEGA MADNESS SALE - BIG CRAZY DEALS ON ALL BUILDINGS!�20X21 $5,868. 25X27 $6,629. 30X31 $8,886. 32X35 $9,286. 35X35 $12,576. One End Wall Included. Pioneer Steel 1-855-212-7036. www.pioneersteel.ca

Conveniently call the classified department to place your ad...

while on vacation


Help Wanted

2017 Commencal Supreme DH v4.2 Fox Edition XL 27.5� 650B $4000 Mint condition. Regularly maintained. Best/ fastest DH bike I’ve owned. Used only 1 full season. Brand new: rear shock, linkage, front wheel and drive train. In Calgary but willing to drive to meet serious buyer. joshregan40@gmail.com

Help Wanted

are you...




Misc. Wanted (250)-864-3521 Collector Buying Royal Canadian Mint coins, collections, old coins, paper money, pre 1968 silver coins, bars, world collections.+ ANYTHING

GOLD & SILVER Todd The Coin Guy (250)-864-3521

1.866.865.4460 BC eds.com

Able buyer of all your old coins, coin collections, Collector COINS, all silver, gold, rare, common, old money, bullion.+ Todd the Coin Guy (250)-864-3521

Help Wanted

Help Wanted


Real Estate Business for Sale Denturist clinic for sale in Burns Lake B.C. Turnkey business with a large clientele. Business has been operating for 75 years. I am wiling to stay on for a period of time for the transition. Call Gerald Eckland (250) 692-7626 / email: eaglec@telus.net

Cash paid for Land and Timber or Timber, all species Call:

WE ARE BUILT TO HEAL Donate today at bcchf.ca

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Why suffer Employment/ Licensing loss? Travel/ Business opportunities? Be embarrassed? Think: Criminal Pardon. US Entry Waiver. Record Purge. File Destruction. Free Consultation 1-800-347-2540. accesslegalmjf.com

The Average Canadian Will Spend Their Last Ten Years In Sickness.

Together we create more survivors with the help from your donations.



Help Wanted

Help Wanted


ASTROGRAPH by Eugenia Last Time is on your side. Observe what others are doing to maintain the upper hand. How you position yourself will determine whether you end up being controlled or calling the shots. There is plenty of time for a change, so wait for the perfect moment to strike. CANCER (June 21-July 22) - Offer suggestions but don’t take charge, or you will end up doing all the work while someone else takes the credit. Make it clear what you want, and don’t undervalue your skills. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) - Don’t be too quick to get involved in an idea that sounds lucrative but risky. Put your energy toward a practical deal or a lifestyle change that will bring longterm benefits. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) - Spend time with someone who enjoys the same things you do. Whether at work or play, you’ll accomplish far more by surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded people. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) - Keep the momentum going until you reach your goal. Refuse to let someone’s negativity or criticism cause you to give up. Follow your intuition, and trust and believe in yourself. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) - Take care of small but essential details. If someone needs help, offer it without being judgmental. Anger won’t help you solve a problem, while understanding and patience will. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) - Spend time with someone you enjoy being around. An adventure will take your mind off some of the tedious jobs that have been weighing you down. Make plans with a loved one. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) - Nothing will go according to plan. Oversee everything that someone else is handling. If you look out for your interests, you will save money and time. An emotional matter will require patience. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) - Participate in something that sounds like fun. Getting out with friends or reconnecting with someone from your past will help you put your life and goals in perspective. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) - With a little effort, you can tie up loose ends and feel good about what you’ve accomplished. Consider getting rid of old items and possessions that you no longer use. ARIES (March 21-April 19) - Review your life. A robust set of ethics and morals will see you through any dilemma you face. Change can be useful if you take your time and think matters through. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) - Evaluate your eating and exercise habits, and make adjustments. Check out organizations in your community that can help you achieve your goals. Feeling good will improve your attitude and personal life. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) - Make a subtle change. Research the possibilities and consider what you can afford. Don’t buy into a scam. Good results come with hard work and discipline.

Golden Star


Golden Business Directory

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Michele LaPointe or Melissa Lavoie 250-344-5251 - advertising@thegoldenstar.net * PER INSERTION WITH 12 WEEK COMMITMENT

Security Services

Residential - Commercial - Construction sites - Resorts

• On-site Security Guards • Mobile Patrols • Alarm Response

• Key Holding Services • Interior & Exterior Property Checks

One Call Does It All! “Largest plumbing and heating inventory in the area”

Licenced & Insured • 250-688-4295

• renovations • new construction • service • septic systems • • pumps • water softeners •

Protecting the Columbia Valley since 2005




10% Seniors Discount – parts only

CONCRETE SERVICES Concrete Finishing ICF Foundations Excavation Services

•Sales •Service •Construction •Maintenance •Renovations

local company for 15 years

All Your Electrical Needs 1135 10th Ave N (250) 344-2530 Fax 344-2584 Reg. #22652

Cell: (250) 344-0720 1032 Flemstrom road Golden

Showroom @ 805-9th St. N

Columbia Valley Cabinets


Danny Orr (250) 344-5692 Brandon Orr Kitchens Bathrooms Counter tops Wood finishing Est. 1992

ContraCting Ltd. Box 599, golden, BC. V0a 1H0

Providing local businesses with bookkeeping services, including payroll. We also prepare and e-file corporate, small business and personal tax returns year round.

Numbers & Letters is now wheel chair accessible.

250-344-4742 | 1115 9th street south www.numbersandlettersgolden.com

Call Shaun at 250-344-2215 Gravel Trucks, End Dumps, Log Haul, Loader, Skid Steer, Snow Sand, UnitsRemoval, Loader and SkidGravel Steer and Rentals Sand, Gravel and Landscape Landscape Materials available. Materials available

Melissa lavoie

Advertising Sales 250-344-5251 classifieds@thegoldenstar.net Advertising deadline is Monday at 5pm

Physical, emotional, informational birth services By Keri Sculland

Maicah Habana offers a unique service that helps empower families while they bring their children into the world. The birth doula owns and operates Apired Mama Birth Services, providing physical, emotional, informational, and spiritual support throughout pregnancy, labour, birth, and portpartum. Based on individual needs, she is able to prepare mothers and their loved ones as they go through pregnancy and child birth. Habana was inspired to help mothers through their journey after she met a doula for the birth of her now five-year-old. She felt that having a doula by her side helped put her mind at ease, and informed her about all of the changes that were going to happen to her physically and spiritually during pregnancy and birth. After the birth of her own child, Habana had many conversations with friends, family, and parenting

groups. She kept hearing that mothers and parents didn’t feel supported, and generally had bad experiences during their childbirth. “I just wanted to assist other families who needed support,” Habana said, adding that she first started out with assisting young mothers, single mothers, and low income families. After training in Red Deer and working as a doula there, she considered the move to Golden for similar reasons so many other young people move here. With an interest in outdoor activities, she began her research to see if she could offer her doula services in town. What she found out convinced her to make the move. There are around 100 pregnancies in Golden annually, and the doula who lived here previously had recently moved. She contacted the hospital, and had discussions with a few nurses, who helped her realize there was a high interest in doula services.

So far, she has assisted two mothers with their childbirth, and expects there will be many more to come. “You’re helping families in a very vulnerable time in their lives,” she said. “Having them more educated makes them feel more supported.” From the beginning, Habana meets with the families to see if they will all be a good fit. Then, depending on the services they want, she will visit with them during pregnancy, help them understand the childbirth process, and see what they envision for their big day. She can offer labour support, birth support, postpartum visits, and many spiritual supports. Overall, Habana wants women and their loved ones to have the most supportive birth in the way they want it. To find out more about what she does, visit www.facebook. com/aspiredmama, e-mail aspired- Doula Maicah Habana is Apired Mama Birth Services, a new service to town supporting mama@gmail.com, or give her a women and their loved ones through pregnancy and childbirth. call at 403-352-5206. PhoTo SubmiTTed

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2.3539 in


Golden Star


| remaxgolden.com | (250) 344-7663 of Golden RE/MAXRE/MAX of Golden 250-344-7663

Garry Oddy (250) 344-7234

Dayna Pickup (250) 290-0101

Garry Oddy (250) 344-8114


$629,900 1437 Granite Drive

4 bedrooms

Flec Demmon (250) 344-8451


3 baths


Marlon Chambers (250) 344-0735


2810 Beaverfoot Road

2 bdrms 1 bath 1,200sqft

$474,900 518 - 11th Street

5 bedrooms

3 baths



1425 Granite Drive

3 bedrooms

3 baths

$940,000 4895 Arnold Road

6bdrms 5 baths 4,632sqft

32 acres

494 Lafontaine Road

3bdrms 3 baths 1,560sqft 20.51 acres



#414, 1545 Kicking Horse Trail

3 bedrooms

3 baths




1615 Gareb Road

4 bedrooms

$479,900 2042 Blaeberry Road

3bdrms 3 baths 1,708sqft 2.12 acres

6 bedrooms

6.5 baths


3 baths


4 bedrooms

3bdrms 2 baths 1,976sqft 160 acres

3 bedrooms

2 baths



$675,000 3 bedrooms

3 baths


$145,000 #7, 2122 Highway 95

2 bedrooms

$399,900 #211 1420 Palliser Trail

3 baths

1396 Pine Drive

$342,000 $1,270,000

1690 Oberg Johnson Road Forde1,200sqft Station Road 3bdrms2590 2 baths 3.03 acres

$1,695,000 1590 Columbia Valley View

$759,000 1405 Deer Ridge Road


$150,000 .47 of an acre

Bob Tegart (250) 272-4321

$199,000 20.02 acres

1409 Granite Drive

Dan Veselic (250) 344-1435

Eddie Leigan (250) 344-0143

1660 Highway #95, South

Business and Land


Bob Tegart (250) 272-4321

Norma Crandall (250) 344-0275

747 Nicholson Road


$1,150,000 4 baths


Dan Veselic (250) 344-1435


1600 Golden Avenue

3 bedrooms

9.76 acres

Marlon Chambers (250) 344-0735

420D 9th Avenue North Golden, BC, V0A 1H0

1 bath


$1,300,000 1638 Dogtooth Close

6 bedrooms

6 baths


SOLD $420,000


520 8th Ave North

1000 Kicking Horse Drive

Land & Business

8.7 acres

$126,500 #33, 1040 9th Avenue North

5 bedrooms

2 baths


Lot 7, 1360 Pine Drive..................... .28 of an acre ............... ......................$148,500 Spruce Drive................................... 2 lots available.........EACH LISTED AT $139,900 $274,600 719 - 13th Street............................... 150’ x 130’.......................................$325,000 464Drive................................. Champagne Road Granite 3 lots available........EACH LISTED AT $199,600 2.18 acres

We are looking for Listings as we have Buyers looking for Properties. Call Your Re/Max Agent Today!

Land & Building

$199,000 220 Fisher Road

2 bedrooms       1 bath     1,200sqft



3bdrms 1 bath 1,284sqft

$899,900 901 - 10th Avenue

3094 Peterson Road.............................. 13.1 acres........................................$196,500 Parcel A Canyon Creek Road............... 44.64acres........................................$450,000 LS7 Nicholson Creek Road..................... 34 acres.......................................$169,000 1414 Black Bear Drive.......................... 2.07 acres.......................................$119,900


RE/MAX agents have the Experience to get the job done in today’s Market

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Golden Star, June 27, 2019  

June 27, 2019 edition of the Golden Star

Golden Star, June 27, 2019  

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