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the newest Gmo Food - part 1 Family chiropractic Dr. Warren Gage I always follow a number of websites that keep tabs on the big agriculture companies like Monsanto and Dow. I like to know what these companies are up to because they play such a large role in the health of literally billions of people in the world and if you have been following my articles for any time, you will know I’m definitely not one of their fans. Once again these companies have caught my attention with probably the most frightening product to date. Reports are showing they recently

quietly received approval by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a new GMO technology called RNA interference technology. Let me explain why this new technology is so dangerous. Everyone has some understanding that DNA is the part of every living cell that holds the information on how cells and organism grow and function. RNA’s role is to help DNA make proteins (the structures of the body), but it also has recently been found to carry out biochemical reactions and most im-

portantly, they have been found to have control of complex cell functions. In other words, they control how cells behave and help make sure cells don’t misbehave like forming cancer cells etc. The newest research has even discovered that there are special RNA molecules in much of the food we eat called “non-coding small RNA”, whose job is to inhibit gene expression. While that is a lot of technical jargon, basically non-coding small RNA are designed to silence certain genes, or turn them off. That discovery alone is massive when it comes to health and wellness because what this means is that the food we eat controls how our genes function and express themselves.

The old saying “you are what you eat” comes to mind because food dictates the health of the body through directly controlling your genes. The other significance of this discovery is that it gives us an even greater idea of how inter-connected every cell, plant and animal is on the planet when non-coding small RNA found in a vegetable can dictate how human genes function in a body. The take-away message from this week’s article is how truly important these non-coding small RNA are in regards to health and wellness. They control how your body develops, functions, grows and uses the food that is consumed. This week’s article hopefully reminds everyone of

how complex our world is around us. Every organism is connected to every other organism in a way with which humankind should not be messing around. It’s why I’m on my soapbox about growing an organic garden and feeding your family as much organic as possible . Mother Nature is intelligent, she doesn’t need science interfering. Our chemical laden GMO food is creating an unhealthy society. It’s not a coincidence that Cancer and other autonomic nervous system disease is on the rise. Remember, you are what you eat........ Dr. Warren Gage is a family wellness Chiropractor who can be reached at Harbourfront Family Chiropractic at (250) 803-0224.

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how to get your children to love their glasses Be persistent and consistent. If your child is too young to understand a voice of reason, incorporate their new glasses into their regular daily activities. Wearing their glasses should be as routine as buckling up your child in a car seat, brushing your child’s teeth or feeding and changing them. For a child old enough to understand, explain to them why it

is important for them to wear their glasses. This may need to be repeated many times until it becomes a habit. Try not to get discouraged. Sunglasses are a great way to help a young child adjust to a new pair of prescription glasses. Introducing sunglasses to your child at a young age is an excellent opportunity to get a child accustomed to wearing

glasses. Also, it is a great way to protect their eyes from UV rays. Did you know that UV damage is cumulative, and almost 100% of UV damage to your eyes is done before the age of 18? If you notice, after several days, that your child is still resisting wearing their new glasses, ask them why they won’t wear them. It’s important to listen and take

your child seriously. If they say their glasses are hurting their eyes or their vision isn’t sharp bring them back to your Optometrist office and an Optical Assistant will assess the concerns of your child. It could be as simple as a minor adjustment which will make all the difference in the world. Once your child notices that they can see every-

thing clearly with their glasses you will notice less resistance to wearing them. Give your child positive reinforcement. If they put their glasses on without being asked, praise them. Little rewards go a long way too! Parents, give yourself a pat on the back, you are doing a great job! Submitted by Shuswap Optometric, Salmon Arm

We offer some great programs & packages for children! The EyeM-Growing Kids Program is made for the demands of Childhood. Come in and talk to one of our lab techs for more information.

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